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THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.

GOOD NEWS FLASHES!--No.2       DO 1269       9/82

       1. WELL PRAISE THE LORD! HOW ARE YOU ALL? GREETINGS AGAIN IN JESUS' NAME! HALLELUJAH! TYJ! PTL! AMEN! And I hope you're all still doing just as well as we read about you in this huge big monstrous voluminous tome Book-of-the-Month #2 of about 1100 pages which we just received & maybe you just recently received too, we hope. It sure had lots of good news in it about you & lots of interesting articles, most of them by you. PTL!--And we just got the ML Volume #12 also, with 50 mostly brand new Letters that you never saw before!
       2. SO YOU'RE REALLY STOCKED UP FOR AWHILE with a lot of provisions for your spiritual welfare that's going to take you quite awhile to absorb! PTL! So, you say, "What in the world are you sending us more now for?--We can hardly get time to read what we've got!"
       3. WELL, LIKE I SAID BEFORE, YOU DON'T HAVE TO READ THEM ALL, just scan them & read what you're interested in, except for the MLs--you'd better read all of them, that's more or less required reading.--And if you don't, you'll be sorry!--You'll miss something important you should have read! But as far as the news & other articles, etc., & Family News & World News & all of that, I'm sure you'll want to read it all or most of it.
       4. BUT IF YOU DON'T HAVE TIME, JUST MOSEY ALONG & READ THE THINGS YOU'RE MOST INTERESTED IN FIRST time around, then go back when you have more time & read a few more that catch your fancy, etc., till before you know it you'll have read them all! PG! Hallelujah!--Amen? And reading only about a little over 30 pages a day you could have read this whole big BOTM 2 in a little over a month or so--the whole works, every page! The new ML 12 you could read through every single page & every word at only about 20 pages a day & read it all through in about a month!
       5. SO THERE YOU ARE!: YOU COULD READ THEM BOTH CLEAR THROUGH IN ONLY ONE MONTH AT ONLY ABOUT 50 PAGES A DAY!--That's not a very long reading schedule! Lots of people read a 15-page newspaper every day & a magazine & watch TV 3 or 4 hours a night! Then some people read their Bibles too & some people also read FNs, WNs & MLs, so God bless you! And if you can't read it all in one month, try two!--And if you can't make it in two, well they are delicious & juicy enough & fascinating & interesting enough to keep you thrilled all year long! Hallelujah! TYJ!--Even if you never got another one!
       6. SO DON'T GROAN WHEN YOU SEE ONE OF THESE BIG BOOKS COMING THROUGH THE MAILS, but rejoice & praise the Lord, Hallelujah, & thank Him that you don't have to read it all in one month, you can save a little for next month & maybe next year when we may not be able to send you so much anymore.--Who knows? So cheer up, things could get better & we hope they will, PTL!
       7. AND IF YOU THINK THESE TWO ARE A LOT, JUST WAIT TILL YOU GET THE NEXT FOUR KOMIX VOLUMES of about 385 pages each, Numbers 6,7,8 & 9 which are being printed right now! Hallelujah! And not only these but the next BOTM is coming out soon, D.V., along with your new 1983 Diary & a brand new Songbook you've never seen before with a lot of new songs & songs both new & old, as well as a beautiful new 1983 Colour Calendar, D.V., plus an all-colour all-Flannelgraph Book for a Christmas present we hope! Praise God! I'm sure you're going to be shouting hallelujah all over the place at all these goodies coming to you for Christmas, D.V., to you & your kids! They'll love'm!
       8. SPEAKING OF KIDS, WE'VE GOT SOME NEW KIDz MAGAZINES COMING OUT SOON TOO, both the regular ones & a special for Christmas, plus some LINs too of course, for all of our friends & yours out yonder. Don't forget to use them with your friends & contacts & provisioning contacts, Kings, Queens, supporters, etc., that's what they're designed for. Hallelujah!
       9. THE LIN IS YOUR LITTLE PR MAGAZINE TO SHOW YOUR OUTSIDE FRIENDS what we're all about & all the good we do & all the fun we have! Well, we can't tell them quite all the fun we have, it might shock them too much! But anyway, praise God. It's sort of our sifted news & slightly watered down for the weak-stomached milk-&-honey babes, but real good & important for their use & to use with them as a little something inspirational for them to read that will encourage them that you're OK & we're OK too.--We sure are! We're doing great, TTL!
       10. AND THAT'S NOT ALL!--AT THE PRINTERS ARE ML VOLUMES 9 & 10, which you may think you missed just because we kind of skipped around on the Numbers, also about to be printed right now & you should receive them, D.V. we hope, by Christmas, & certainly not long after.
       11. AND SOMETIME EARLY NEXT YEAR YOU OUGHT TO BE GETTING OUR BRAND NEW BEAUTIFUL LITTLE BOOK OF ML CONDENSATIONS, shorts for longs, that will make beautiful translations, Komix, PR reprints, etc.--short & sweet! Our Family loves them for review, like the little old Quotebook we used to publish. By the way, whatever happened to your Quotebooks anyhow? We thought they were great! How come you didn't use them more? We finally had to give them to you because you wouldn't order them or pay for them! Well, we give away everything now, so hallelujah!
       12. I GUESS YOU THINK THOSE OLD LETTERS ARE JUST TOO OLD to pay any attention to, that they're out of date, passe & no good today. Well, you're mistaken! You'll find most of the old Letters are just as good today as they ever were because they are on the basic principles of our faith & Family, & if nothing else, they're extremely interestingly historical, & you can see what kind of foundation we were founded on & how we grew & we developed & how we matured, & maybe that's what you need to grow on & develop on & mature on too, just like the rest of us did!--Amen?
       13. (NOTE FOR TYPIST: I HOPE YOU CAN STILL HEAR ME on the first part of this tape because I forgot to pick up my mike! I'm not used to using a tape recorder that has to have an external mike, but the little SONY M-80s do not have a built-in mike, so you must use an extra external mike for live recording. They are perfect for playing micros & stereos & recording FM Stereo Radio, as they've got their own little built-in radios, beautiful! But they do lack that one little thing, & that's a built-in mike which I'm accustomed to for dictation.
       14. I HAD MY MIKE ALL RIGGED UP HERE BUT I LEFT IT LYING ON THE TABLE ACCIDENTALLY, forgetting I had to have it, as I've got the tape recorder in one hand & my notes in the other. But I ran it back a little bit & I noticed you can hear it pretty well anyhow! Now I've got my mike stuck in my belt now, so I hope you can hear me now!--Even though it's tickling my u-kno-what, & I'd sure like to tickle yours too! GBY, ILY! XXX!
       15. THERE'S HARDLY ANYBODY IN THIS WORLD I LOVE MORE THAN SECRETARIES, & I'm married to half a dozen of'm!--Oh, I'm married to more than that! I'm married to all of you secretaries all over the World! You're all my secretaries!--In fact, all of you women are my wives in the Lord! Hallelujah? Amen! We're all one in Christ Jesus, & if that doesn't make you wives I don't know what would! And I love you boys too, PTL! If we can all be the Bride of Christ, then you're all my Bride too! Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! ILY all! Amen! We're all married to each other in the Lord! PTL? Hallelujah! TYJ! Amen! ILY!
       16. AND LAST, BUT NOT BY ANY MEANS LEAST--IN FACT IT'S THE VERY HOTTEST!--THE RED-HOT FF TK VOLUME! We're holding it until the very end of our PDQ's sojourn in its present location, then he's going to hand it to the printer & run!--& move somewhere else before that one goes out! But don't get scared, that'll be quite awhile yet. But when we do send it to you, after all, that's not your fault, they can't blame you for it even if the Postmaster does open it up & take a look at it.--He may like it! In fact we're afraid he might steal it, take it home with him, & if so, well, I'm sorry for you, but look how much good it's doing him!
       17. I FIGURE ALL THESE BOOKS & TAPES THEY'RE STEALING, THEY'RE TAKING THE KINGDOM OF GOD BY FORCE (Mat.11:12.) & it's doing them good & "All things work together for good" if they need the Lord & love our tapes & Letters that much! Amen? PG! So don't feel too sad about all those we lose--maybe somebody's getting saved through them or made happy through them! I'm sure they must not have stolen them unless they liked them or wanted them. PTL? And if you didn't get yours, well let's hope you got a replacement, & of course a lot of these you've already had, like the FF Letters, even if you don't get the FF TK Volume.
       18. DON'T BE SELFISH!--"HE THAT SCATTERETH IT ABROAD IT INCREASETH." (Pro.11:24.)--And you already had more than your share! So why shouldn't you let the thieves & the robbers even take a little bit by force?--That's what Jesus said!: "And from the days of John the Baptist until now the Kingdom of Heaven suffereth violence, & the violent taketh it by force!" (Mat.11:12.) And maybe you just didn't pray hard enough for it or hard enough for us & the Book, that it would get to you safely. We hope all these other Books are getting to you safe & sound & within a reasonable length of time, but if not, please fill out that little Mailing Condition Slip or Lost Mail Report Blank.
       19. MY GOODNESS!--NOW YOU TELL ME, MARIA!--THAT WE ONLY HAD ONE PAGE FOR THESE LNFs & here I've gone 'way over & above that, I'm sure! I'm just enthused & inspired & I just roll on & I don't even realise how the time flies!--Tempus fugit! Hallelujah! Well, I'm fugiting too, & fidgeting to tell you all this good news! Hallelujah! I just can't keep my mouth shut! My heart's full of it & I'm bubbling over with all the good things the Lord's giving us & doing for us & giving to you! TYJ!
       20. WHICH REMINDS ME THAT YOUR GIVING IS UP TOO! God bless you! You're doing better, not as well as you used to but thanks to the Lord, it's at least up about 5% above what it was last month!--But it's still 10% below what our expenses are, so keep'm comin'! GBY! Keep those tithes & gifts coming, & up'm a little bit more if you can, because otherwise we'll have to cut down on some of our pubs & World Services, & I'd sure hate to cut down on some of our poor missionaries, & we sure can't get all these Books printed for you for nothing!
       21. WE JUST COUNTED UP HOW MANY BOOKS WE'VE SENT YOU IN THE LAST THREE YEARS, not even quite three years now, actually only two years & about nine months, & we've already sent you about 70 Books!--And that's an average of over two Books a month! So this is not just a Book-of-the-Month Club but it's two Books-of-the-Month! You've been getting about two Books every month over the last three years! PG!--Besides all the other publications we've sent you, like Calendars, Posters, etc.
       22. WELL, I GUESS THAT'S ENOUGH ABOUT BOOKS! OH, NO, IT ISN'T!--I've got one more item to tell you!--Good news! We've discovered how to save tens of thousands of dollars by sending you these Books in some areas Surface Mail instead of that expensive Airmail, which usually costs us more than the Book itself! When I looked at BOTM 2 I said,
       23. "WE GOTTA DO SOMETHING ABOUT THESE HEAVY BOOK MAILINGS!" We thought about this a long time ago when we were trying to economise right after the RNR, & we said, "Well, we're just going to have to do something about all these heavy Books, the heavies that cost so much Airmail! We're going to have to start sending them Surface, & then just send out the Letters & the Urgent News in an extra Special Rush Mailing in a small Airmail envelope like a letter." But we sort of got away from that because you were so good to us, & the Lord was so good to us & you kept giving so well we were still able to send you the Books Airmail. But as they've kept getting bigger & bigger & more & more of'm we have finally decided, especially in this present economy drive due to your drop in giving, we have to do something about these heavy Books in the mail.
       24. SO ONE OF THE SOLUTIONS HAS BEEN TO SEND YOU THE "HOTS" IN THE SRM--SPECIAL RUSH MAILINGS--OF THE GN, THE "GOOD NEWS!"--The latest most Urgent Letters & news & GNFs & LMNs in these almost weekly mailings of our new little Good Newspaper, in which it's nearly all good news & very little bad news!--In fact about the only bad news is the WNs & that's the World News & we can't help that, for you need to know what's going on in the World anyhow & see what the Devil's up to so you can be prepared accordingly. Amen? We're not to be ignorant of his devices! (2Cor.2:11.)
       25. WE HAVE DECIDED THAT THE SOLUTION IS THIS LITTLE GOOD NEWSPAPER that we're sending out to you right now, & have already sent you three copies in August & September & are about to send you these two more brand new ones of 36 pages each, two in each mailing!--That's 72 pages of Red Hot News & brand new Letters & announcements, World News & all the latest Hot Urgent stuff that you need to get right away, coming out in the Good News! I hope you've received all of yours safe & sound by this time.
       26. JUST IN CASE YOU'RE WONDERING WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT & you haven't been getting all of them, remember the first one was that exciting one about "Halfway to Heaven," & the next two were "Count Your Blessings" & "God Loves China," & now "Hail Queen Maria!" & "Keep On Believing!"--Five whole issues of the Good News, hot but not heavy, in Airmail envelopes winging their way quickly to you in time to let you know what's happening right now & not months ago!
       27. MEANWHILE WE'RE GOING TO TRY SENDING SOME OF YOU YOUR HEAVY BOOKS SURFACE MAIL where this is feasible & not too slow, not on some slow boat to China that takes six months, for in fact the boats to China are now faster than the boats from Europe to the Americas, which do take about six months! But we are going to try sending you some of the heavy Volumes Surface mail where it will not take too long, perhaps only a week or two or at the very most a month or two. Since they all contain very fascinating, interesting & still-useful & instructive information & Family News, they will still be very timely & appropriate no matter how old, just as long as you do get them. So please don't forget to send us in at least a two-month's notice of your change of address so you won't miss these Heavies from now on!
       28. WE HAVE ALREADY STARTED THIS PROGRAMME OF SURFACE MAILINGS OF THE HEAVIES IN EUROPE & Volume BOTM 2 was sent out in this way, which means they will come to you in Europe from Spain by train or bus or truck & be in your hands within not more than a week or two, D.V., & certainly not more than a month. And next we're going to try Surface mailings even where they've got to go part way by boat, to the PARO area of the Orient, & this may take a month or two, so be patient.
       29. IT'S GOING TO SAVE THOUSANDS OF YOUR DOLLARS SO WE CAN USE THEM MORE PROFITABLY FOR YOU THAN ON POSTAGE! Postage doesn't do you much good, you can't read it or eat it, but the Books you can! PG! And they'll get to you soon enough to still be very interesting Family News & helpful, useful articles of all kinds & Books of all kinds!--The ML Books; the Komix Books; the BOTMs full of Family News up-to-the-brim, from bottom-to-brim; Childcare Books; Flannelgraph Books; ML Books; Songbooks; Diaries; all kinds of heavy Books we're going to send to you Surface if we can. So be patient, this will take a little longer than usual, but it will save tens of thousands of dollars which we can invest in more Books & more tapes too! PTL!
       30. YOU'LL SOON BE GETTING MORE OF THOSE GORGEOUS TAPES FROM MWM, MCV & NOW A WHOLE LOT OF OTHER MWM MUSIC UNITS AROUND THE WORLD in which we are making Radio Shows in 11 languages now! Hallelujah! So if you're living in one of those language areas, be sure you get your sample tape of the Radio Shows in that language to try to book on your local Stations.--Amen?
       31. THEY'RE REALLY ROLLING NOW, THOSE MUSICAL UNITS! GOD BLESS YOU ALL! You're doing a great job & we love those samples! Keep'm comin! Even if we can't understand all the languages, we sure get a kick out of hearing them & your beautiful music in your own distinctive native languages, which gives us such a thrill to realise the Message of His Love is going out to all your people in that area in their own language! Thank God! Isn't that wonderful? PTL?
       32. SO PLEASE KEEP ON HELPING & SUPPORTING THOSE DEAR MUSICAL UNITS, THEY'RE DOING A TREMENDOUS JOB! Many of them are already on the air, some of them by the hundreds of Stations & getting thousands of responses! Others are still preparing to go on the air shortly, & still others are just about to go on the air, so please pray for them & help them all you can! GBY!
       33. THANKS ALSO FOR ALL OF YOU FOLKS WHO SEND IN YOUR PRAYER LETTERS & YOUR LOCAL NEWS PRINT-READY, photo-ready for the BOTM, or if it's hot urgent news it'll be put right in the GN & sent Airmail, believe it or not!--Including the WAs, the Want Ads! I know some of you got discouraged about sending in Want Ads because it took months before they got in the BOTM, but now every single Want Ad that you send in is going to go in the GN, believe it or not, sent out immediately Airmail! So, from the time you send it to us to the time you'll get it back & the whole World will get a copy, shouldn't be more than about a couple of weeks or a month altogether, D.V.
       34. SO SEND IN THOSE WANT ADS AGAIN NOW & WE'LL TRY TO SPEED THEM OUT FASTER THAN EVER BEFORE RIGHT IN MY OWN LITTLE PERSONAL GOOD NEWS MAGAZINE WITH MY MOST URGENT LETTERS! GBY! Now don't forget to include that little dollar or some bill that's close to that equivalent in your currency. This little Gift with your Want Ad will help to pay for the cost of handling & preparing it & printing it, etc., because those usually have to be retyped & reformed & it does take quite a bit of extra work, not to speak of the space in this valuable red-hot weekly newspaper, the Good Newspaper, not those bad ones that you've been reading, but the one really Good Newspaper in the whole World! It's the only newspaper in the whole World that I know of that specialises in good news! Hallelujah! TYJ!--Amen? PTL!
       35. OK!--NOW WHAT? Maria is afraid I'm going to take up the whole Newspaper with these GNFs if I don't hurry, so I've got to push on. Well, another thing I've got to tell you is we got a bit screwed up on our numbering of our publications because somebody wanted to just continue numbering the GNs according to the old Mag & Book numbers, but we're going to return to the old numbering for the Books according to the old Mag numbers.
       36. WE WENT FROM A MAGAZINE TO A BOOK FOR ABOUT THREE ISSUES, & I think the first BOTM was published in Peru & was called #50. Then the next two we decided to give them their own special numbering since it was a different name, instead of FN they're now BOTMs, & so we named them BOTM 1 & BOTM 2. But now we've decided that they're all virtually the same type of publications, the old FN Magazines have become the new BOTM Books & both were & still are loaded with mostly Family News & interesting helpful articles, World News, etc.
       37. SO WE'RE GOING TO CONTINUE CALLING THEM THE BOTMS OR BOOKS-OF-THE-MONTH, the descendant of the old Family News Magazine, but we're going to number those BOTMs according to the old Family News numbering system. So actually then, your BOTMs 1, 2 & 3 should be numbered 51, 52 & 53. Now that shouldn't be hard to remember, since we got out 50 Magazines & the last one really was a Book, a lot of them are books!
       38. SO WE'RE GOING TO GO BACK TO THE OLD NUMBERING, & get full credit for how many we have actually published. In fact that doesn't even go back beyond the Mags to some of the Books we've published before, including all of the ML Volumes & the Komix & all that! But this is just the numbering system for what was the Family News Magazine & now is the Family News Book or Book-of-the-Month. So please when we refer to BOTMs from now on, remember that what used to be the Family News Magazine is now called the Book-of-the-Month but still goes by the old Family News Mag numbering. So your first & latest Books-of-the-Month should be numbered 51, 52 & 53, right on from the last one before that, which was #50.
       39. THEREFORE, PLEASE DISREGARD THE 1ST GN NUMBERING that we put on the Good Newspaper to continue that previous numbering system on this our Good Newspaper instead of just the BOTMs. It was for a fairly good reason, but it's getting kind of confusing! So there fore we're going to eliminate those numbers from the Good Newspaper--those old numbers in the 50s--& we're numbering the GNs now from the very first one: "Halfway To Heaven" #1, "Count Your Blessings" #2, "God Loves China" #3, "Hail Queen Maria" #4, & "Keep On Believing" #5.
       40. SO FROM NOW ON YOUR "HOTS" WITH THE RED-HOT NEWS, THE GOOD NEWSPAPER, WILL BE NUMBERED ACCORDING TO ITS ACTUAL ISSUES. Whereas the BOTMs with all the heavy news that come in Book-form will be numbered according to the original Magazine & Book numbering system. PTL! OK? I hope you're not as confused as I was when we first got mixed up on these numbers, but that ought to straighten you out, I hope. It sure has made it easier for us to keep them separated & keep them straight & not confuse the two.
       41. SO FOLKS, PLEASE KEEP SENDING IN YOUR RED-HOT NEWS & INTERESTING ARTICLES & INFORMATION & BACKGROUND NEWS, etc., even very interesting news clippings, along with your TRF to your RO, & they will mail the hottest ones straight to us for immediate publication in the GN, along with your Want Ads! But they will send the heavier ones which are not too urgent to the PDQs of your area where they will be published in the heavies, or the BOTMs, & probably sent Surface mail.
       42. WE'RE ALSO INSTRUCTING THE LATIN AMERICAN PDQs TO SEND THEIR HEAVIES SURFACE MAIL ON A CONTINENTAL BASIS, so they may take a little longer than they used to, but they'll still be just as good & interesting as ever when you get them. So please keep us apprised of your changes of address so you won't miss any! If you can't give us two month's notice, then please leave your forwarding address with your former Home or the people there or the Postmaster so that he will be sure to forward to your new address any copies which may still come through before we get your new address or before you got your Book.
       43. AND PLEASE SEND THAT NEWS, PRAYER LETTER, ETC., PHOTO-READY IN PRINT-READY COPY! Please continue to follow the instructions & rules which have been given before on the format to use. But generally speaking, it simply is either a full normal letter sheet such as the 8-1/2 x 11-inch normal typing page or the 8-1/2 x 14-inch legal size typing page. But in order to fit our new formats we suggest you make the 8 1/2 x 14's a little four-pager folded in the middle with the print running the other way like we do this GN, as these will fit our present format better & look better with more readable type. Thanks! Get'm in quick if you want to get'm out soon!
       44. SO PRAISE THE LORD! THAT'S IT! That's about all the Late News we have for you for this issue! And if we can't squeeze it all in this one, we'll put it in the next one! PG! GBAKYACTMYAGB wherever you are around the World! Hallelujah!--Around the World in 80 countries!--That's us! With over 10,000 missionaries young & old in over 2,000 Mission Stations, your Homes, winning a half-a-million souls a year, distributing about 50 million pieces of Gospel lit a year with about 200 million pages, & preaching the Gospel in over 40 languages to the billions via personal witness, literature, periodicals, radio, television, telephone & tela-woman, ha!
       45. THAT'S AN OLD JOKE THEY USED TO HAVE: They used to ask you, "You know the fastest way to get out the news? Telephone, telegram, television & tela-woman!" Ha! Now it's Telex too, but I don't know who "X" is, that's the unknown quantity, & God knows how many of those are spreading the Gospel too! TYJ!
       46. SO WE ARE REALLY GETTING THE JOB DONE! We are really getting it out & gettin' it off so God can get it on! On with the show & the End! All this & Heaven too! Hallelujah? Amen! TYJ! GBY all! WLY! Keep on keeping on! Keep on looking up! Keep on believing! And keep on going for God! In Jesus' name! Amen!
       47. AND PLEASE KEEP ON TITHING & GIVING THE VERY BEST YOU POSSIBLY CAN IN ORDER FOR US TO KEEP ON GIVING YOU ALL OF THESE WONDERFUL PUBLICATIONS & HELP TO MISSIONARIES & MISSIONARY PROJECTS AROUND THE WORLD! Don't forget that it is your faithful tithing & sacrificial giving which makes it all possible! Thank you! GBY! And we know He will in Jesus' name! Amen!
       48. P.S. OH! I FORGOT TO TELL YOU!--That the only reason we're sending you only one copy of the Good Newspaper per Home is for the same reason you only subscribe to one copy of your local Paper, & your whole Family reads the same paper as we do! Because we just can't afford to send out multiple copies of this fast expensive Airmail newspaper! We feel that one copy per Home is enough for this Urgent Late News, & you can pass it around.
       49. YOU WILL STILL GET COPIES OF BOOKS ACCORDING TO THE OLD FORMULA, THE OP2D, ONE PER EVERY TWO ADULTS in your Home, who we presume & hope share the same room & can therefore share the same copies of the Books & the BOTMs & the Heavies, & which we know you'll want to keep. And you can put the Good Newspaper in your Home Library for everybody to share, & eventually you'll get your own personal copies of the MLs in the ML Books.
       50. AS FOR THE FRONT COVER POSTER, since you're only going to get one of them, why don't you either hang that one in the living room for all to enjoy, including your visitors & friends, or if you want one in every single room, every one of you wants his own copy, just trot right down to the little photocopy machine on the corner & run off a few, one for each of your family if you want to. It doesn't cost all that much. Amen? So there's a solution.
       51. AND EVEN IF YOU WANT MULTIPLE COPIES OF THE WHOLE NEWSPAPER, YOU CAN XEROX THEM TOO! Sorry, but we just can't afford to send copies for everybody. You are only going to get one Good News per Home just like you get any newspaper. OK? Thanks! For sending only one copy per Home is one way that makes this little weekly Newspaper possible. Otherwise we just couldn't afford it, sorry. But we think this one is enough for your family. Either read it aloud at the table or pass it around or both, like we do.
       52. INCLUDE IT IN YOUR DAILY ML DEVOTIONAL READING AT YOUR DAILY FAMILY DEVOTIONS. That way everybody will get to share it right away, & then pass it around during the day. Just be sure your Librarian keeps track of the copy so it doesn't either disappear or stay in too few hands too long. Keep'm moving, folks! It's a red-hot little number that's too hot to handle too long or to be selfish with! So please share it in order to make it possible. Thanks! GBY for all your sharing, including with us & with others & the Gospel with the World, IJN! Amen!
       53. P.P.S. I'M SURE YOU WERE THRILLED TO HEAR THAT 2/3rds OF OUR FAMILY HAVE MOVED SOUTH & only 1/3 is still in the dangerous Nuclear North, while nearly 1/2 the Family is already in the East! PG! In fact, well over 1/2 of the 2/3rds who are in the South are already in the East! However, while over 1/2 the Family are still in the West, you give less than half of Family funds for the support of World Services, while the East is giving over 1/2, more than their share from less than half of the Family!
       54. SO COME ON, WEST! WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH YOU? You in those well-established old Home fields & rich fields are giving less than those in the new vibrant thoroughly Mission Fields of the even poorer East! That just goes to show you, the missionaries appreciate giving the most & therefore give the most, the real missionaries in real Mission Fields in the neediest fields of all, the Orient, the least Christian fields of the World! It also proves what my Mother used to say, "It's the poor who support the Kingdom of God!"
       55. SO AREN'T YOU WESTERNERS ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES?--At least those of you who haven't been giving enough, or what your share ought to be. God help you & have mercy on you & convict you to repent before it's too late & He has to send you cursings instead of blessings for your selfishness & failures & withholding more than is meet! "Scatter it abroad & it will increase!" (Pro.11:24-26.) Hallelujah! TYJ! The more you give the more He'll give you, & you'll never outgive God! (Lu.6:38.) Amen? So give it now! Tomorrow will be too late! God help you to give as you should, in Jesus' name, amen.
       56. SO THAT'S THE LAST LNF, dear typist, ILY, thanks a lot! This little system worked pretty good on my little M-80 even on battery, no juice!
       57. OK, HONEY! GET THIS OUT RIGHT AWAY PLEASE, SO WE CAN GET'R IN THE RED-HOT GN5 AS QUICK AS POSSIBLE! This is the last thing we're waiting on!--So push it! ILY! Keep pushin! If we both keep pushin' together, we'll have lots of fun! Hallelujah! Keep on pushin' & pullin' together, & we'll have that good ol' push/pull motion that really makes you explode! TYJ! Amen! Bye now! Hope to get this back right away!
       58. SORRY IT WAS SO LONG, never intended it to be so long, but that's just the way I have to speak, out of the fulness of my heart, & just explode the way I feel when I'm inspired! I don't know any other way to do it. GBY, I hope this does the trick! One whole hour, oh my, that's five pages I think, so I don't know what we're going to do with the rest of the stuff! ILY! TY! GBY IJN! Amen! Bye bye!--'Till next week!--Ha! THE END!--I hope!--Ha!--Oh no! Here come Maria & James' GNFs!--"Sited sub!--Blub, blub!" GHUs!--ILY!--D.


       59. A few evenings ago Dad shared with us about the various merits & disadvantages of the 3 major Bible Concordances available in English.
       60. "TO GET THE FINE SHADES OF MEANING OF THE LANGUAGE, to get the original word & look it up & how it's used, etc., then you have to have a concordance that has the original language in it, & Young's & Strong's are the only ones. Young's is much better & easier to use in every way & is fundamental, believing, whereas Strong's is modernistic, higher criticism, & throws in doubts every chance it gets! I wrote you guys years ago from Israel telling you what books were worth getting, & I said don't ever use Strong's. If you want a big one, get Young's, but you don't know any Greek or Hebrew anyhow, so you wouldn't know the difference, so what good would it do you?
       61. "FOR THE ORDINARY FAMILY MEMBER I WOULD SAY THAT CRUDEN'S IS SUFFICIENT, because you don't have to get into the language. Cruden's is sufficient for most people. It's not an exhaustive concordance, it hasn't got every single word & sometimes you have to look up cross-references of other words in the Scriptures in order to find the one you're looking for, but it's good enough for most people.
       62. "NOW FOR ME WHEN I WANT TO FIND A SHADE OF EXACT MEANING, I NEED THE ORIGINAL LANGUAGE to look up & see what the Greek word was or the Hebrew word was. Do you understand? But you don't really need that, you're not that much students of the Bible, you're too busy doing other things right now. It's kind of like me, my Bible study days are almost past: I had my chance to study the Bible, & I know more Bible than probably you'll ever know & I'll have time to teach you, so why worry about it now? You'll have the whole Millennium for it, so praise God! I'm just telling you the parts that you need to know.


       64. RECENTLY DAD & MARIA RECEIVED A GOOD CLASS FROM CORNY & NEKODA which shared good tips on how they organise their follow-up of MWM radio show contacts.
       65. MARIA THOUGHT THAT THIS WAS A VERY GOOD IDEA, & HAS ASKED IF ALL OTHER SUCH MINSTRELS COULD TAKE SOME TIME TO WRITE A SHORT "HOW TO" TESTIMONY, EXPLAINING HOW YOU DO IT. She would appreciate all practical advice, lessons, tips, ideas; anything on the subject that you think would help others trying to do the same thing.
       66. A PARTICULARLY IMPORTANT AREA TO COVER IS HOW YOU GO ABOUT ORGANISING SUCH EVENTS AS MWM & POOR BOY CLUB PARTIES. Could you explain in detail how you organise each phase of such events; including before hand preparations; how you set up; the duration of the meeting; what your schedule is & how you decide on it; how you handle the guest book; how you keep everybody happy; how you follow it up, etc. There are so many details involved as it is such a big job, so please be sure to cover each phase in detail; everything that you can think of. Lots of new MWM shows are starting in various languages, so all that you have learned on the subject can be a great help to the minstrels of these pioneer fields.
       67. AS ALWAYS, PLEASE TRY TO SEND YOUR CONTRIBUTION IN IN FINALIZED FORM, using a print page format of 13.5 cm x 19.5 cm or similar proportions, so that it can be printed as soon as possible. As soon as it is completed, send it to your RO with "MINSTREL TESTIMONY," on the inside envelope, & they'll forward it on. Thank you so much, & we pray that your experiences along this line will be a blessing to many!


       68. MARIA RECENTLY TALKED ABOUT THE NEED FOR A PICTORIAL FAMILY PUBLIC RELATIONS BROCHURE that would explain & show, largely in photos, the many activities that the Family is engaged in around the world. Such a brochure should be a great help in using to explain ourselves in system terms to friends, fish, kings, provisioning contacts, parents & loved ones, etc.
       69. WORK HAS ALREADY BEGUN ON THIS, BUT TO TRULY DEPICT OUR WORLDWIDE WORK, PHOTOS ARE NEEDED OF YOU, BY YOU, SHOWING WHAT YOU'RE DOING IN YOUR PART OF THE WORLD! So we're making a special request for black & white, close-up, clear contrast action shots that clearly illustrate a specific activity or ministry. She mentioned that you could even "stage" your photos if necessary, to make sure that the message is clearly portrayed, as sometimes it is difficult to get the "right" action shot in real life.
       70. THE BROCHURE WILL NOT IDENTIFY THE FAMILY BY ANY NAME, so avoid anything in the photos that might identify us as such, such as the titles on pieces of it, well known Family faces, MWM logos, etc. The idea is to present us as a worldwide Christian non-denominational group, helping others. This way Family members can use it as it suits their particular situation.
       71. FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO WOULD LIKE TO HELP IN THIS PROJECT, THESE ARE SOME OF THE MINISTRIES THAT MARIA WOULD LIKE TO SEE PICTORIALLY REPRESENTED;--Helping lonely people, young & old,(a major part of our job); mothers teaching their children; children singing in orphanages, prisons, old folks homes, etc.; singing on stage at festivals, churches, etc.; photos of our radio ministry, perhaps showing DJs, etc.; our church visitation ministry; presenting flannelgraphs; examples of childcare lit in various languages; presentation of puppet & slide shows in schools & elsewhere; skits, dramas & plays before live audiences; travelling minstrels; witnessing at pop festivals; how we provide Godly music in place of worldly disco, etc.; video ministry; how we collect materials in wealthy countries to help missionaries in poor fields; provisioning; pic of someone witnessing with Bible; teaching Endtime class; Family member performing in night club nicely dressed; Family member teaching childbirth class; Family member teaching adult education in 3rd World country; DTD witnessing.
       72. THOSE ARE A FEW IDEAS, YOU'LL PROBABLY HAVE MORE! So if you want your field represented, send in your photos, new & old, today! With your help, the result should be a top quality witnessing tool for the entire Family; because it will be almost entirely photos & captions, easy to translate & reproduce in the local languages!
       73. PLEASE SEND YOUR PHOTOS TO YOUR RO WITH "PR BROCHURE" on the inside envelope, & they will forward them on. Don't forget to include suggested captions for each photo, as well as the credits. We would also like to know who is in each pic, although we won't use names in the brochure. We love you very much & are looking forward to seeing much more of you--in your photos!


       74. IN THE NEAR FUTURE ALL TRF FAMILY MEMBERS WILL BE RECEIVING A COPY OF AN UPDATED CONFIDENTIAL QUESTIONNAIRE FROM WS, which you will have to complete & return if you wish to continue to receive WS mailings. Along with this CQ you will need to send in a good recent close-up picture of yourself & each member of your family.
       75. IN ORDER TO AVOID A LAST MINUTE RUSH, WS WOULD LIKE TO REQUEST THAT ALL FAMILY MEMBERS START WORKING NOW ON GETTING SUITABLE PHOTOS, so that when the CQs arrive, you will simply have to fill them out & mail them, along with your photos (& TRF) to your RO.
       76. WE WOULD LIKE YOU TO TRY TO SEND GOOD RECENT SEPARATE, CLOSE-UP PHOTOS OF EACH MEMBER OF YOUR FAMILY, that accurately portrays your present appearance. Try to avoid photos from photo machines, except as a last resort. Good passport photos are ok, as long as they are recent. (If you are ever having passport quality photos taken, be sure to order several extra copies to use for visas, etc.)
       77. SO TO AVOID A LAST MINUTE RUSH OF HAVING TO FILL OUT THE LENGTHY CQ, YOUR MONTHLY TRF, & GET TOGETHER PHOTOS, (& possibly miss a mailing), get your photos taken care of now! (DO NOT mail in your photos until you have received & completed the CQ. Exact instructions will be sent with the CQ forms.) Thanks once more for all your help in these details! WLY!


       78. GBY! WE TRUST THAT BY THE TIME YOU ARE READING THIS YOU WILL HAVE RECEIVED 3 MAILINGS CONTAINING 5 ISSUES OF THE RED-HOT GN! Please pray for them, as Dad is very concerned that you get the important timely 'rush' news that it contains with a minimum of delay. As in any pioneer venture, there is a lot of experimenting needed to see what will work & what won't, & this is particularly true concerning the actual mailing of the GNs.
       79. DAD & MARIA ARE VERY ANXIOUS TO HEAR IF YOU ARE HAVING ANY PROBLEMS ALONG THIS LINE, if your mailings are getting lost, or arriving damaged. If so, could you please be sure to include this on your monthly TRF, specifying exactly which mailing it was? (A GN, or a BOTM, a Komic Book, etc.) If there is not enough room on your TRF, please note the details on a separate sheet & staple it to your TRF. As you will have noticed, the mailings are arriving in a variety of different envelopes as WS is testing different kinds to see which work best.
       80. SO, IF YOU'RE HAVING ANY PROBLEMS RECEIVING ANY WS MAILINGS, PLEASE LET THEM KNOW ON YOUR TRF, WITH ALL THE DETAILS. They want to serve you better, but need your help in this vitally important area! (If you are getting the mailings ok, then you needn't mention anything.) Thanks so much, & we hope that you are enjoying & benefiting from the publications!


       81. IF YOU DON'T HAVE A PRINT READY ORIGINAL OF YOUR PRAYER LETTER TO SEND IN FOR USE IN THE BOTM, we'd like to ask each one of you to at least send in a copy of one of your latest prayer letters with your next TRF, so that we can study & analyse them, & try to help you improve them in areas where they might be weak.
       82. SO, PLEASE HELP US TO HELP YOU HELP THE WORLD BY SENDING IN AT LEAST A COPY OF ONE OF YOUR LATEST PRAYER LETTERS along with your next TRF! Thanks so much, & GBY with good, inspiring, fruitful prayer letters!


       83. DAD & MARIA RECENTLY RECEIVED A TESTIMONY FROM A FAMILY MEMBER EXPLAINING HOW HE WRITES FOR A WEEKLY ENGLISH TOURIST PAPER published in his field. Maria would very much like to receive similar 'how to' testimonies from others who likewise support themselves, as she agrees that such a job can be a very good potential supporter while at the same time witnessing to many, as some of you have already discovered.
       84. SO IF THIS MEANS YOU, COULD YOU WRITE A SHORT, CONCISE, FACTUAL TO-THE-POINT TESTIMONY HOW YOU DID, OR ARE DOING IT? How did you get your job? What qualifications did you need? How do you incorporate a witness? What do you write about? Can you include samples? What are the pitfalls? What kind of country are you in? Try to include everything on the subject that would be a help to others who are just starting.
       85. PLEASE TRY TO SEND YOUR ARTICLE IN IN READY-TO-PRINT FORM, using a print page format of 13.5cm. x 19.5cm., or similar proportions. As soon as you have finished, send it to your RO with 'Drop-in testimony', on the inside envelope, & they will forward it on. GBY, and thank you for taking the time to 'put it on paper', for others to benefit from!


       86. WE'RE VERY INTERESTED IN HEARING FROM ANY FAMILY MEMBERS WHO HAVE BEEN ABLE TO MAKE THEIR VIDEO EQUIPMENT 'PAY', IN ANY WAY. A recent article in a video review mentioned how owners of equipment could advertise their services of being able to video weddings, baptisms, birthday parties & other important events & functions for a nominal fee. Real estate companies might even be interested in having you video houses or properties that they are trying to sell, so that they can show them to prospective customers before actually going to see the property. There are lots of possibilities. Is anyone doing this?
       87. IF YOU ARE, COULD YOU SEND IN A CLEAR, COMPLETE, CONCISE, FACTUAL, TO-THE-POINT 'HOW TO' TESTIMONY, explaining how you do it? It could be a very potential means of support on the field, & your testimony might help others get started. Try to send your article in in ready to print form, using a print page format of 13.5cm. x 19.5cm. or similar proportions. As soon as it is completed could you send it to your RO with 'Drop-in Testimony', on the inside envelope, & they'll forward it on. Thanks so much for all your help, & we pray that your testimony will be a blessing to many!

       REQUESTS FROM DAD & MARIA--by J. Penn

       88. DAD AND MARIA HAD A FEW REQUESTS AND REMINDERS that they wanted to pass on to the Family:
       89. a) ON ALL REPORTS, LETTERS, ETC., TO THEM & OTHER WS OFFICERS, please put YOUR name (from...), the DATE, & the SUBJECT of your report at the TOP of the 1st page.
       90. b) IF YOU ARE FINDING THE PRINT OF SOME OF THE ARTICLES IN THE GN, BOTM, ETC., HARD TO READ, they suggest that you use a magnifying glass. They also want to remind everyone to ALWAYS READ IN GOOD LIGHT.
       91. FOR THOSE OF YOU WITH OFFICE JOBS, & ALL OF YOU WITH SO MUCH TO READ, this is extra important. The proper way, as Dad has shown us several times, is to position your desk so that the daylight comes over the shoulder of the arm that you do not use to write. If you are right-handed, then it should come over your left shoulder, & vice versa. Try to use as much natural light as possible, so position your desk by the window. Dad has often said that our eyes are our most priceless possessions, so do your best to look after them!
       92. c) BE SURE TO READ THE LNFs TOGETHER, so that you won't miss last-minute news & views from Dad & Maria! Otherwise you might find yourself going on yesterday's battle plans! GBY! WLY!


       93. GBY! WLY & WANTED TO WRITE THIS NOTE OF ENCOURAGEMENT TO YOU! Here at MWM we are now in the process of organising, categorizing & classifying all of the material that you have previously sent to us. This will enable us to have a better view of what we have on-hand, & most of all, how & where they can be used, as well as what we need.
       94. THE REASONS FOR THE DELAY IN USING SOME OF THE MATERIAL that we have received is due to the fact that having reached show 50, we stopped producing MWM shows, & while in Greece, were very busy recording visiting artists, & now, since we have moved to the safer south, we have been focusing more on special assigned projects, such as the Communion Tape, M&M Favourite Choruses, all the songs of Aaron, & many more which you will be receiving soon, D.V.--including dramas!
       95. NOW WITH THE REORGANISATION OF THE NON-RESIDENT MUSICIAN TAPES, we will be able to have a better idea of what exactly we have on-hand in order to plan more prospective projects. In some cases it has been difficult to use your material, as tapes often were without song titles, song description & sometimes unclear lyrics.
       1) Adult--GP (love, personal testimony, Gospel, etc.)
       2) Adult--Family (forsake-all, trusting, faith, etc.)
       3) Children--GP (for witnessing.)
       4) Children--Family
       5) Toddler Songs
       6) Bible verses
       7) Songs for Dramas
       8) MO Quote songs
       97. WHEN SENDING YOUR TAPES, CAN YOU PLEASE NOTE HOW YOU WOULD LIKE THE SONGS USED--which category it comes under, label the tape & the box with the song titles, Bible references, & as much description about the song as possible so that we will know what is on the tape at a glance. Also, it would be a tremendous help if you could make a separate list of all this information, along with the words & the chords of the songs. This would save so much work on our part, since this preliminary work has to be done before we can even work on or use your songs. If you have this information of past tapes which you have sent in, please send it in, as it may not be too late.
       98. IN USING YOUR MATERIAL, MANY SONGS WILL NEED TO BE RE-RECORDED, ARRANGED, OR EVEN TOUCHED UP. WLY & we'll try to process the songs you have sent with prayer & concern, as composers can sometimes be sensitive (!) about their material.
       99. WE PRAY THAT THIS IS AN ENCOURAGEMENT TO YOU AS YOU KEEP ON DOING "THE GREATEST JOB WE HAVE TO DO, THE GREATEST WORK IN THE WORLD--TO FEED HIS SHEEP, to witness the Words of God, to preach the Gospel, to tell people about God's love, to show them the love of Jesus! ... So keep on loving Jesus & His dear little sheep & continue to search them out & love them into His fold, till the Great Shepherd returns for His Own on that Great Day! Hallelujah!" (DM41)
       100. WE DO APPRECIATE EVERY TAPE THAT YOU HAVE SENT & we PTL that He is pouring out on you as you faithfully pour out! We are very, very sorry for this delay in getting your songs out to the world, but with His help & yours, & in God's perfect timing, they will be shared with everyone! Please continue to send us your heavenly inspirations from Him!
       101. MAY HE CONTINUE TO USE YOU TO THE FULLEST, for His glory, with love & prayers, IJN, from everyone here at MWMI,--Windy.

       CQ FOR ADIN!--by J. Penn

       102. DEAR ADIN (AMERICAN, WHO WORKED IN ITALIAN & FRENCH PUBS); WS would like to hear from you! If you read this, could you write Postfach 241, 8021 ZURICH, Switzerland, giving your present address. Please put 'Attention Peter A.', on the inside envelope. Thanks so much! GBY! WLY!

       RECOMMENDED: THE SONY M-80 MICRO!-- by J. Penn

       103. DAD & MARIA WOULD LIKE TO RECOMMEND THE SONY M-80 MICROCASSETTE RECORDER to any Family members buying a micro. Dad has spent several hours testing it, as well as other makes & models, & feels that it is the best on the market. It is the latest model that Sony has put out & has a number of advantages over the Sony M-1000, not the least being that it has a very good built-in AM-FM radio, which makes it possible to make good recordings off FM stations, as Dad has done.
       104. AMONGST OTHER THINGS, WE FOUND THAT THE SONY M-1000 TENDS TO HAVE A SLIGHT HISS, both when recording & playing, & that 1 of the stereo channels tends to be weak. Dad & his staff have successfully used the M-80 for a variety of duplicating & micronising projects, & have found that it makes very good quality recordings, & that even the tiny built-in speaker has remarkably good quality.--It's a real workhorse!
       105. OF COURSE, PRICES WILL VERY DEPENDING ON WHERE YOU BUY IT, but if you are going to invest in one, this is the model that Dad recommends! Happy micronising! (Its only lack--a built-in mike! )

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family