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ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS!--NO.2       DO 1270       9/82


       Is there a guideline for how much home support we would need in India?--Myself a single mom with 3 small children?--Roberta; Canada.

       ANSWER: According to the information we received in the "Volstats" from the Homes in October 1981, the average cost of living for a family of 4-6 in India is $483 U.S. The range of cost would be between $150-800. (Taken from Volstats in Mag 49, pg.269.)

       2. QUESTION: IF YOU HAVE A JOB ON A FOREIGN FIELD (China), DO YOU NEED SUPPORT?--Joab & Leah Sprinter; Canada.

       ANSWER: I presume you mean "Home Support." Well, that of course depends on how good a job it is & how much it pays.--If it's enough to get along without Home Support, you may get by. But you'll miss the blessing of living by Faith & the prayers & encouragement of loved ones who want to help you, as well as the blessings of fellowship & communication with them not to speak of the blessings they'll miss by not getting your glowing thrilling Prayer Letters! I'd sooner trust the Lord any day than a System job! Jobs & salaries fail, but Jesus never fails!--Amen? I'd say the only excuse for a System job on the field is for a cover needed in a closed country or for visas needed where immigration is difficult.--Or because of your little faith & unwillingness to work hard at your Mail Ministry!

       3. QUESTION: ONE OF OUR BIGGEST PROBLEMS IS WHEN WE'RE BUSKING, OUR OLDEST GIRL, CORRINA, DOESN'T SEEM TO WANT TO YIELD TO THE SPIRIT & SMILE AT PEOPLE & FLOW. She acts like she'd rather be somewhere else. She's also very lazy & doesn't like to help around the house. we really try to let her have treats & extra privileges, but she doesn't seem to reciprocate, showing her appreciation, bending over to help. Instead it seems like the more she gets, the more she expects, but doesn't want to do anything extra, though she's 10 1/2 years old & will be 11 this July.
       SO FAR AT ALMOST EVERY BUSKING, SHE'S THE SAME WAY. She doesn't like to look people in the eyes when she sings, either, but instead will look down or away. When Mary tries to push her to smile or sing, Corrina will give her dirty looks & refuse to cooperate. She really brings the show down by doing this, & she sometimes influences the other 2 girls, Elizah, 8 & Will, 6. Then they all get out of it right in front of people while they're supposed to be trying to be a good sample. Many times some people have heard the girls singing when they were at a distance & have come closer to see their faces, but when they do get closer they see Corrina's unsmiling face & they just keep on going the other way.
       IT'S AS THOUGH SHE'S TRYING TO HIDE THE FACT THAT SHE'S REALLY A CHRISTIAN, like she's saying, "I'm singing with these people but I'm not really a part of this, I don't really go along with this" Or maybe people think the other 2 girls are cute, "But that big girl acts like she's being made to sing against her will. You can tell she doesn't really want to do this." We've had problems before with Corrina about being ashamed of being square or having people laugh at her because she's a Christian. She's really self-conscious about her faith.--lsrael Cana; USA.

       ANSWER: Well, it's pretty hard to be an on-fire Christian witness in dead & dying U.S.A.!--There's not much inspiration in it when they're so hard & cold & critical & unresponsive & skeptical & Gospel-hardened! You feel like, "What's the use! They've had it so much it means nothing to'm!--They sneer & jeer & walk away!" Your dear daughter's also probably a bit cynical about her parent's religion if they won't obey God & go to the Mission Field! Try the foreign field!--That's where the inspiration, blessing, power & thrilling results are! I'll bet that'd change'r!--& you too!


       ANSWER: (Yes, of course!--Every Page!)


       ANSWER: Ha! It's the folk at home who usually ask such questions!--The missionaries know better!, They don't have time for foolishness! Their kids' hands are full of lit--not guns!

       [EDITED: "..."]

       7. QUESTION: MY SON MICHAEL HAS A PROBLEM: WHENEVER HE GETS HURT OR MAD--HE HOLDS HIS BREATH. Somebody told me that he does that to just get my sympathy, so I won't [EDITED: "discipline"] him. So I told Michael that he will still get [EDITED: "in trouble"], even though he holds his breath & passes out. I took him to a doctor who told me he couldn't find anything wrong. I want to know if you know anything about this kind of cure because I really don't know what to do. My husband & I have had desperate prayer for him & the home has too, but it seems like the people in the last Home we were in think Michael is doing it to get away without spankings. I got 1Pet.5:8.--Joy, Philippines.

       ANSWER: I agree with the verse you got! Children are very sensitive in the spirit to spiritual influences, sometimes evil, particularly spirits of defiance & stubbornness. One of our own first children had this problem & we rebuked it in Jesus' name & he was delivered! TYJ! [DELETED]

       8. QUESTION: STILL AFTER 4 MONTHS HERE IN INDIA WE HAVEN'T FOUND THE ADAPTABLE HOUSE. We're still living in hotels & no support has been arriving yet through the mail. We find it very strange that our friends & supporters are not writing. We are now sending out our 2 Prayer Letters from here.--Peter & Sonia; India. (The Scandinavian newspapers where they're from have a big drive on telling everyone not to send support of any kind to COG/FOL missionaries, & spewing forth all kinds of vicious lies. What do people like this, who have been promised adequate Home Support before even leaving for their field, do now that it's been cut off?--Ed.)

       ANSWER: "My sheep hear My voice & they follow Me, & a stranger they will not follow"!--(John 10:4,5,27.) If you were truly faithful in winning true friends at home with your genuine sample beyond doubt before leaving, they won't listen to the lies of the Devil & they'll continue to support you all the more! But if you failed to convince'm at Home, a mere trip to a foreign country won't do it!--Besides, where God guides He provides!--Are you in the right place for you?--And maybe you didn't send those Prayer Letters soon enough!

       9. QUESTION: OUR AREA HAS NO FELLOWSHIP DAY ANYMORE. I know we're not supposed to stay in the U.S. but until we get out, shouldn't we have fellowship?--Barnabas Faithful; USA.

       ANSWER: That's up to you! Seek, Knock & ask & you'll find, hearts will open & you'll receive! (Matt.7:7,8.) Are you blaming it on others? If you want love, give it, & you'll get it!--Love begets love! We have such good fellowship in our own selah Home, we hardly need more! As said before, it's the U.S. stragglers who are having the most problems!--Sorry! Try the field!--You'll love the fellowship there!

       10. QUESTION: SINCE MALARIA IS A VERY COMMON DISEASE HERE IN INDIA, WE WOULD LIKE TO KNOW IF ANYONE KNOWS ANYTHING IN DETAIL ABOUT CHOROQUINE or any other substance used as preventing it. From what "The Devil's Pests" says on pg.96-98, you don't seem to be against it, but again, we would like to know about any eventual collateral effects of the medicine. Can anybody help? Thanks!--Boaz & Marina; India.

       ANSWER: Sorry, but I've lived in mosquito-infested Tropix most of my life & never took medicine for it!--We just always trusted the Lord & He never failed!--As we do now--& He's still faithful!--In a malaria-ridden country! TYJ! So you'll have to ask someone else about the medicine!--Sorry.--Anyone know?

       11. QUESTION: ALSO, I'M PERSONALLY INTERESTED IN FINDING OUT WHAT YOU CONSIDER "ESSENTIAL" OR NOT IN A HOME BUDGET. We've been reading "Owe No Man" & "The Tithe" to get a clear vision about our finances as here in India we feel more than ever we need to be faithful in the managing of our funds; so I thought I would like to know what goes on in your home, so that we could have a standard. I' m speaking about food (particularly snacks, coffee, etc.) & toiletries, etc. I'm particularly curious about your eating habits. I think it would help finding out if you have a weekly meal schedule & what is it about? Tks.--Boaz & Marina India.

       ANSWER: Our Letters tell how we eat! However, here's our ideal 14-day meal schedule with suggested menus that are very reasonable, easy-to-fix & don't repeat a dish in the whole two weeks!--OK?--GBY! As you'll see, nearly every meal is a meat--stretcher by making casseroles or saucey dishes. Crockpots save so much time! In some houses there were microwave ovens which we used as timesavers as casserole dishes require baking. We don't use other ovens as a general rule due to the heat & waste of fuel.
       SUNDAY: Varieties of soups w/leftovers or beans, etc.
       MONDAY: A BEEF NIGHT--real one-pot meal night with: Stroganoff (simple white sauce & can of mushrooms) w/potatoes & fresh vegetable such as carrots or string beans. Or stew w/potatoes & carrots. Or Beef in a Chinese sweet/sour sauce with carrots, pineapple pieces, celery & sprouts w/rice or barley. Or Beef in brown sauce served w/chapatis, avocado & a ground or blended chick pea spread. Or Beef pot pie (crust baked in micro) w/canned peas.
       TUESDAY: Chicken, since it's fairly expensive in most countries we've been in, we do either: Chicken in tomato sauce over rice or bread w/vegie. or Creamed chicken (small bite-size pieces in a basic thick white sauce) over potatoes or toast w/canned peas or beans. Or Chicken Chinese style as above in BEEF.
       WEDNESDAY: Ground beef/hamburger night in Shepherd's pie w/mashed potatoes & peas--it doesn't need cooking in the oven. Or Mexican tacos w/fresh vegetables that have been soaked in salt water for a half an hour, peeled diced tomatoes, w/taco shells or homemade pancakes & canned baked beans. Or Hamburgers American style w/bread or buns & fresh vegie & canned baked beans. Or Chili w/beans & cornbread (done in microwave oven). Or Meatballs in gravy w/rice or potatoes & carrots. (Generally we use inexpensive vegetables that are in season like squash, avocado, corn, string beans or carrots; otherwise we use canned.)
       THURSDAY: Chicken Liver--we fry these & serve alternately w/potatoes or rice & corn on the cob or canned vegie & some sort of gravy or tomato sauce.
       FRIDAY: Creamed Tuna: (A white sauce made w/flour or cornflour, &/or juice from canned vegie & milk, or soup mix.), Served w/toast, canned peas. Or Tuna salad served on toast or crackers, fresh raw peeled carrots or Tuna patties w/potatoes & carrots or corn. Or Tuna loaf (baked in microwave oven).
       SATURDAY: Egg or cheese or bean dish: Omelettes--up to the cook's imagination! Or Cheese & macaroni served with wheat germ (when possible!). Or Lentil or soybean or black-eyed peas dish or stew. So there's a 2 or 3 weeks' menu without a repeat!--Like it! We love it!


       ANSWER: It's the lowest form of prostitution! When I was in the World I never picked up a street walker! I prefer to get to know a woman first & really love her before I go to bed with her! There are many forms of respectable FFing & ESing that can help you meet & know nice men without strolling the gutters with curb crawlers!--Your beast doesn't have to be a pest!

       13. QUESTION: I'M GLAD FOR THE LETTER "DRESS UP"! It puts me off brothers when I have to share with them & I come into a room & the first thing that hits me is their smelly socks because they don't have a vision for their own well-being or take pride in themselves despite encouraging remarks. (Still even after the new letter!) it really puts me OFF!--Sonia; England.

       ANSWER: Amen! Preach it, Sister!

       14. QUESTION: HOW ABOUT COUNTING COPIES OF TAPES DISTRIBUTED towards the worldwide tape stats, as we usually copy appropriate tapes for sheep we minister to. The tapes we received this month we were able to share with some church friends we have who really liked them.--Jakim & Star; Great Britain.

       ANSWER: Amen! GBY! Great idea!--Send us your Stats & we'll add'm!--Thanks!

       15. QUESTION: WHY IS THERE NO NEW DISCIPLE BOX ON THE (TRF) FORM?--Ethan Pressman; Luxembourg.

       ANSWER: New disciples are now classified as New Members, & you' re to list them in the Membership List provided on your TRF. GBY for winning'm!--Don't worry!--We still believe in soul-winning & win them at the rate of about half-a-million a year!--And our Membership has doubled in only 5 years! TYJ!--& GBY for winning'm WLY!

       16. QUESTION: THE RECOMMENDATION LETTERS ARE A REAL PROBLEM! Both GAS's have promised to write one for us but have not yet, since 4 weeks.--I think they don't know how & what to write!?--Matthew; BRD.

       (NOTE: We received similar comments from other countries in Europe. The FR structure is so broken down with many of the former GAS's & DAS's having left, that people have a hard time finding the right people to recommend them for clearance. Is there any solution?--ED.)

       ANSWER: Yes, we're working on a Recommendation Form that all they'll have to do is sign!--& if you even get one AS signature I'm sure it'll do.--If not, get one from someone!--Even a friend or supporter! Surely somebody believes in you!-- If not, you'll have a tough time on the field!--If you can't convince them at Home, how are you going to do it on the field?

       17. QUESTION: HEARTCRY FROM A MOTHER OF 5 REGARDING HER SMOKING & DRINKING HUSBAND, which is affecting her children, especially the older boys (5 & 6 years old for the worse. He also lets then see lots of violent TV programs, which is causing them to be wild, disrespectful & also violent with each other. She's concerned that she does the Lord's will & wonders if she should leave him, as her husband wants to concentrate on his Salvation Posters, which he has sent in to you previously, & than get a refuge in Canada, as he doesn't have the faith to be a missionary, sing with the children, or anything.
       SHE'S BEEN SEPARATED FROM HIM FOR A WEEK at which time she really sought the lord & got the testimony by Beth & Beriah at Wildwind, in which they share they schtuck, tho' thru hard times, & wonders if this was from the Lord. The incident that triggered this letter was when her husband John left their two sons alone in someone's house to go out for a drink, & the 6-year-old shot off a gun, which except for the Lord's mercy, could have had fatal results. She says, "John hasn't left the boys alone since Josiah shot off the gun. Also I didn't mean I'd be justified to leave him, but rather is it God's Will for us to separate?" John took "The Doorknob's too High" mainly as an excuse for his weaknesses, yet she wishes a life of service for her kids.--Linda; USA.

       ANSWER: Another sad story from the U.S.!--The way of the transgressor is hard!" (Pro.13:15)--Yes, Beth & Beriah schtuck, but on the field in fulltime service for Jesus! Your husband even refused to do {\ul \i TKs} for us which we requested! How can he do Salvation Posters when he's such a mess himself? GHU!--I surely wouldn't want My kids under such an influence!

       18. QUESTION: SOMEONE HAS WRITTEN IN & WONDERED ABOUT THEIR CITIZENSHIP, married a mate who was a citizen of another country than their own, & others have lived so long in some countries that they have wondered if they should apply for citizenship in that country or the citizenship of their mate to make both their citizenships the same, but wondered if they should give up their old citizenship or keep it, if dual-citizenship is permitted by their new country?

       ANSWER: WELL, I'D SAY THE MORE CITIZENSHIPS YOU HAVE & THE MORE DIFFERENT KIND OF PASSPORTS YOU HAVE THE BETTER, so you'll feel at home in that many more countries in case you have to flee from one to the other or otherwise! Therefore, dual-citizenship or multiple citizenship can be a great advantage in some cases in which case you can use whichever passport you think is the most acceptable in going to a new country. So the more the merrier! PG!
       AND DON'T THINK YOU'VE GOT TO GIVE UP YOUR OLD CITIZENSHIP OR YOUR OLD PASSPORT no matter what they tell you, unless, required by the nation of your new passport. We know that U.S. authorities try persuade you to give up your U.S. passports if you become the citizen of another country, but you do not have to. [DELETED]
       THIS STILL DOES NOT PREVENT YOU FROM CARRYING A U.S. PASSPORT if you have one, & using it where it is advantageous, & there is nothing the U.S. Government can do to make you give it up if you have already become the citizen of another country, unless your new country requires you to give it up in order to get your new citizenship & new passport. So hang on to'm all, folks! Be a world citizen in the eyes of man, but a citizen of our Heavenly Kingdom in the eyes of God! Hallelujah!
       WE ARE CERTAINLY NOT CITIZENS OF THIS WORLD! We are merely strangers here passing through.
       "This world is not my home,
       I'm just a passing through,
       My treasures are laid up
       Somewhere beyond the blue!
       The angels beckon me
       Through Heaven's open door
       And I can't feel at home
       In this World any more!"

Hallelujah! So of course your most important citizenship is in our own country of Heaven & the Heavenly Kingdom of God! That's really our own country & our citizenship forever! HAL! TYJ!
       AND THAT MAY BE A GOOD ANSWER TOO FOR SOME OF THOSE NOSEY PEOPLE WHO ARE ALWAYS ASKING YOU WHAT COUNTRY YOU'RE FROM or what nation you are a citizen of. Try telling them, "Oh, I'm a citizen of Heaven! I belong to the Kingdom of God! I'm a Heavenly citizen of Outer Space, of a Heavenly City!" I often tell people who get too nosey asking me where I'm from, I tell them
       "OH, I'M FROM SPACE CITY!" OR "I'M FROM OUTER SPACE, I'M A SPACE MAN!" Some of them laugh & think I'm joking, some of them look downright scared & act like they're face-to-face with an angel or a nut, but I get a kick out of it! Hallelujah! Try it! You might like it!--They might even like it too!--Most of them do! Most of the time when I come around again they give me a big grin & greet me happily & say,
       "OH YOU'RE THE GUY FROM OUTER SPACE!--HA! HOW DO YOU LIKE EARTH NOW?" I tell them, "Oh, it's pretty much a mess! I'm sure glad I'm not from here!" Some of them even ask, "Well, how long have you been here & how did you learn our language so well?" I tell them, "Well, I've lived here quite awhile now learning your language in order to be able to talk to you about God's wonders of the Universe, especially his Love & Salvation!"--See?
       SO IT MAKES A GOOD OPENER FOR WITNESSING TOO! GBY! Ha! Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! "All things work together for good to them that love the Lord!" (Ro.8:28.)--Including being a citizen of another World, the Spirit World of the Kingdom of Heaven! I'm sure glad we are going to be able to escape from this one soon into that Heavenly Sphere!--Aren't you? TYJ! GBY all & may that Greatest Escape be coming very soon! TYJ! PTL! IJN! Amen!--That'll be the Greatest escape of all!--And the harder you work & give to get the job done, the sooner we can go!--Amen? Praise God! Hallelujah! TYJ!--IJN! Amen!--Let's go!

       19. QUESTION: ARE YOU GOING TO GET CREDIT FOR YOUR GOOD WORKS VERSUS YOUR BAD ONES, or in other words, could your good works balance out your bad works?

       ANSWER: Eph.2:8 & 9 says: "For by grace are ye saved through faith; & that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works lest any man should boast." Also "Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, & renewing of the Holy Ghost," (Tit.3:5.) "For all have sinned & come short of the glory of God." (Ro.3:23.) "As it is written, There is none righteous, no not one!" (Ro.3:10.) So no works can save you, good or bad.
       YOUR GOOD WORKS CAN'T SAVE YOU & YOUR BAD WORKS CAN'T DAMN YOU! "For by grace are ye saved through faith & that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast." (Eph.2:8&9.) "He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God." (Jn.3:18.) So we're saved purely by faith in Jesus, the gift of God, by His grace.
       NEVERTHELESS, WHETHER IN HEAVEN OR HELL, YOU WILL BE JUDGED ACCORDING TO YOUR WORKS & have to give an account for the deeds done in the flesh & every idle word whether good or bad. (Matt.12:36; Ro.2:6; Rev.20:13.) Some of the saved shall shine as the stars, they that turn many to righteousness shall shine as the stars." (Dan.12:3.) Others will be everlasting shame & contempt even though in Heaven; & in Hell those that knew the Lord's will but didn't do it shall be beaten with many stripes, whereas those that knew not the Master's will shall be beaten with few stripes. (Lu.12:47 & 48.)
       SO THERE ARE BOTH DEGREES OF PUNISHMENT & DEGREES OF REWARD, ACCORDING TO YOUR WORKS, whether good or evil, & how bad or how good. But neither can save nor damn you--only faith in Jesus can save you, & only rejection of Jesus can damn you! The worst sinner can go to Heaven by faith, & the best person can go to Hell because of unbelief! Heaven is full of sinners!--Saved by grace through faith! Hell is full of the self-righteous religionists damned by unbelief in Christ! Which are you?
       SO EVEN IN HELL YOU WILL BE PUNISHED ACCORDING TO THE SEVERITY OF YOUR EVIL DEEDS, but both few & many stripes seem to come to an end at some time, & having suffered your punishment & been purged or purified through such a purgatory, you are evidently eventually released from that Prison (1Pe.3:19) & apparently enjoy some kind of eventual reconciliation, though not the same Salvation as the saved who walk the streets of that Golden City (Rev.21:24), whereas the others will be on the New Earth outside the city (Rev.21:24-27; 22:2,15).

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Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family