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DISCLAIMER: The sole purpose of this page is to document the existence of a publication produced by The Family International a.k.a. The Family, Family of Love, Children of God and various pseudonyms (hereon referred to as TFI). It is provided for the record, for educational and research purposes, with the principal aim of promoting accountability by the TFI for its teachings and statements, which have proven detrimental to the lives of many. By replicating this material, exFamily.org neither endorses the views expressed in this publication nor justifies the existence of this publication and its statements. Reader discretion is advised. The material on this page may be unsuitable for minors and may contain disturbing words of racism, hate mongering, directives to unhealthy lifestyles and/or criminal activity, and/or contain plagiarized works.
THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.


1. THE ISRAELIS HAVE PROMISED NOT TO GET OUT OF LEBANON UNTIL THE OTHER GUYS GET OUT, & that's a pretty foolproof system! They almost always win. As Begin said, "We don't bow the knee to anybody but God!"--& most of the time they don't bow the knee to Him until He beats'm over the head!

2. SO PRAY FOR THE POOR SYRIANS! I don't know whether they deserve the prayers or not, but anyway, we can feel sorry for the poor civilians & villagers & all that really suffer, because they're always in the way & everything they've got is destroyed while the big armies are trying to reach their destinations. They plough under the peons & the peasants.

3. (JAMES: IN ONE NEWSPAPER ARTICLE IT MENTIONED THAT THE ISRAELIS DESTROYED MORE OF BEIRUT IN TWO MONTHS THAN IN THE YEAR-&-A-HALF OF THE CIVIL WAR THAT WAS THERE.) Yes, well factions in the little civil war strife were mostly shooting at each other with small arms & sometimes a few rockets, very seldom cannon or missiles or bombs, & they weren't trying to absolutely blow the guts out of Beirut! They weren't bombing it with planes like the Israelis did & using huge 20-cm cannons! That's a pretty big shell.

4. THEY WEREN'T TRYING TO DESTROY BEIRUT, BECAUSE IT'S THEIR CITY! They were each just trying to get a little piece of it for themselves! Each were just trying to gobble up little blocks & territories & keep their particular dominion over their particular area.

5. BUT THE ISRAELIS, THEY WERE OUT TO DESTROY IT, & if they had to, everybody in it as far as they were concerned! To them, every Arab killed, PLO or not, is one less Arab in the World. As far as they're concerned, every Arab is an enemy, even the babies & the women & the children & the old men.

6. WELL, THEY'RE GOING TO GET THEIRS ONE OF THESE DAYS! It might be quite awhile yet, but they'll get it. "They that live by the sword shall die by the sword"--that's a law of God. (Mt.26:52; Rev.13:10.) "And with what measure ye mete it out, it shall be meted unto you again." (Lk.6:38.) "And whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." (Gal.6:7.)

7. SO THEY ARE GOING TO GET BACK EVERYTHING THEY DISHED OUT, & quite often the Lord multiplies it like He did under the Law of Moses where they had to repay four times as much as they stole or robbed or cheated. (Ex.22:1.) The Lord has promised several times in curses in the Bible that they will receive many fold, many times over what they did as their punishment. (Lev.26:18,21,24,28.)

8. IF IT WAS ONLY JUST AN EYE FOR AN EYE & A TOOTH FOR A TOOTH, that might be kind of fair. But the Israelis were not just taking an eye for an eye & a tooth for a tooth when they marched into Lebanon! They were destroying whole bodies & whole cities & families & everything for a few little attacks the PLO had made on'm!

9. BUT GOD'S GOING TO DISH IT OUT ONE OF THESE DAYS & WE CAN REST ASSURED HE KNOWS HOW TO DO IT effectively & efficiently & with such power that they will not only bow their knee, they'll bow their heads & their whole bodies & they will grovel in the dust! God's Word says so! [DELETED] (Mal.4:3; Isa.49:23; 60:14; Rev.3:9.)

10. SO I QUIT WORRYING ABOUT IT! I'm just following the war with a sympathy & a prayer for the poor people, & with a pretty hard cold heart toward the Israelis, just waiting for God to take care of them. God knows how to take care of people! He takes good care of you & me, & I'll tell you, He'll take real bad care of them some of these days!

11. THE ISRAELIS ARE ALREADY SUFFERING LIKE ANYTHING! I mean, their economy's in mess! If the United States were not supporting Israel, Israel would have been gone long ago! It would have been swept out by the Arabs for one thing, & if not the Arabs, their own economic stupidity.

12. [DELETED] Because if it weren't for the U.S. financing them to the tune of billions, & hundreds of millions by Jews all over the World, Israel would have gone down the drain a long time ago! Their economy's bankrupt, the government's bankrupt, the whole thing is bankrupt except for the fact that they're being supported by World Jewry & the U.S. That's the only reason that Israel still exists.

13. AND EVEN AT THAT THEIR ECONOMY'S A MESS! They have an inflation rate of nearly 100% a year, think of that! Prices double nearly every year. There're some other places in the World that are just as bad & a few times have been worse. I think one year Brazil ran 300%, & right now Mexico's in a mess financially. [DELETED]


15. SO ANYHOW, POOR ISRAEL, THEY'RE A PITIFUL BUNCH! The only way they can ever really stick together is if they're fighting the outside World or [DELETED] the Gentiles, the Arabs or somebody else. That's what has helped to drive them together all these years. [DELETED]

16. [DELETED] If they weren't fighting the rest of the World they'd be fighting with themselves! So poor folks, they're a pretty miserable lot. They're miserable, bankrupt, unsaved, lost & unhappy. They haven't got anything like we have.

17. WE'RE RICHER THAN ALL [DELETED] THE WORLD PUT TOGETHER! We have the Lord! We have Love! We have happiness, satisfaction, life, liberty & freedom in the Lord, in the Spirit. [DELETED]


21. OUT OF THE FIRST 300 NEW SETTLEMENTS THE JEWS MADE IN PALESTINE when they were first emigrating there, only six of them had any kind of Jewish place of worship. Most of them are totally apostate & irreligious, atheistic, sceptical, ignoramuses--excuse me, I mean agnostics, I used the wrong language, Latin instead of Greek--so that most of them are not religious at all & have no religion.


23. AND REMEMBER HOW I TOLD YOU THIS WAR WOULD CREATE A WAVE OF ANTI-SEMITISM across the World & that all the people who hate them are going to feel justified to rise up & attack'm wherever they are anywhere in the World?--That's exactly what's happening!

24. NOW AS SMART AS THEY ARE, THAT SHOWS YOU HOW DUMB THEY ARE, because they don't have the wisdom of God! Some of them are even admitting it & almost tearing their hair & rending their clothes like the old days, about Begin & some of his cohorts like Sharon, & realising that those rascals over there are causin' them trouble over here & all over the World, making the World hate them!--As that verse that you folks couldn't find in the Bible indicates:

25. IT WAS ACTUALLY DEAR JACOB HIMSELF WHO SAID IT FIRST: "YOU CAUSE ME TO STINK AMONGST THE INHABITANTS." He was talking about the 12 tribes of Israel. (Ge.34:30.) In other places the Lord said similar words, He used the word "reproach" which virtually means the same thing: "I will make thee a reproach among the nations," meaning something that's very unsavoury & stinks. (Ez.5:14.)


34. IF THEY HAD SPLIT PALESTINE & DIVIDED IT BETWEEN THE JEWS & THE ARABS like the UN partition plan proposed, & each had been willing to live peacefully within its own boundaries, they'd both still have something. But no, the Jews wanted it all. Of course originally the Palestinians already had it all & they didn't want to give the Jews any, so that's kind of an insoluble problem when they both want it all. Well, the Jews had the U.S. to back'm up so they got it all, & the poor Palestinians got run out.


48. HAVE YOU NOTICED THE TREMENDOUS VARIATION IN THE FILM REPORTS OF THE WAR? Both the Israeli & the American-originated reports are totally pro-Israel, & it used to be the same with the BBC reports, which is the other major source of such news clips. I guess nowadays they're little cassettes or something that they shoot off everyday or get'm somehow, maybe recorded from satellite. They used to shoot'm by plane so you got'm the same day, at least, on the stations. But now they can get'm right from the heavens! "God has spoken!"--Their god, the satellite!

49. BUT I NOTICE THAT BBC HAS SOMEWHAT RELENTED ON ITS STRONG PRO-[EDITED: "ISRAELI"] STANCE & they've been giving more & more time to a fellow by the name of David Smith who we saw on TV the other night. He's just as Jewish as he can be, but it just shows you how there are some good Jews in the World, folks, believe it or not, who are smart enough to wake up & realise all the trouble that Israel & bullheads like Begin & Sharon are causing'm & just gonna cause them more trouble wherever they live. There are Jews even in the U.S. now who are screaming against Begin & Sharon & Israel & all the trouble they're causing--not many, but a few--even a few rabbis speaking out against Israel's atrocities & havoc!

50. [DELETED] THERE ARE [DELETED] GOOD JEWS WHO FINALLY GET INFURIATED & ANGRY WITH THE REST OF'M, especially the worst ones, the bad ones who are bringing reproach & trouble on all of them, really, & eventually not only anti-Semitism but downright persecution! [DELETED]

51. SO THERE ARE [DELETED] WISE JEWS WHO REALISE THAT THE JEWS ARE THEIR OWN WORST ENEMY & they're bringing most of this all down upon themselves, as God's Word says of the foolish woman: "The wise woman buildeth her house, but the foolish woman plucketh it down with her own hands!"--And that's what the Jews are doing! (Pr.14:1.)

53. [DELETED] Even the deeply religious Jews that I have known in synagogues & even rabbis, what have they got? They claim to believe in God & claim to worship God, but apparently the Sadducees won out in the great controversy between the Sadducees & the Pharisees, as I have yet to see a Jew that I have witnessed to & talked to who believed in the hereafter.

54. THEIR FAVOURITE SAYING IS, WHEN YOU DIE YOU ARE DEAD LIKE A DOG--THE 3 D'S! When you die you are dead like a dog! Well, I'll tell you, even the dogs are not as dead as they're going to be! That's true! They're going to have eternal death & damnation, or at least for a long time. That's a favourite Jewish slogan.

55. WELL, WHAT HAVE THEY GOT? They have no hope in the hereafter, no hope of Heaven, & it's obvious they have no fear of Hell the way the Israelis are acting, no fear of punishment or retribution hereafter: "If our boys get killed they're not going to suffer for it hereafter! If they slaughter the old men & the women & the children & burn'm with phosphorus bombs, they can die completely scot-free, just annihilation. Back to the dust & dead like a dog!"--That's their religion!

56. THE YOUTH OF THE WORLD ARE BEING TAUGHT TODAY NOT TO BELIEVE IN GOD--BELIEVE IN EVOLUTION!--This jerks the rug out from any authority of God & any authority of law, any authority of moral law, any authority of reason, any authority whatsoever!--Authority of government, authority of police, authority of anything!

57. THE AVERAGE YOUNG PERSON TODAY SAYS, "WELL, IF THERE'S NO GOD, THERE'S NO MORAL LAW, there's no right or wrong, there should be nobody telling me what to do at all, so I'm going to do as I please!"--And they're filling the jails & the prisons & the docks of the courts & all the rest! [DELETED]


63. [EDITED: "BUT"] IT'S A VERY UNUSUAL EXCEPTION WHEN RICH PEOPLE GO TO JAIL, usually only when other rich people gang up on them & want to get rid of them because they're mad at them & were cheated by them. So they gang up on'm & turn'm over to the authorities because they made a little too much money off of'm. So it's very seldom rich people go to jail. They gain their wealth & riches the so-called "legal" way, the System way. Fortunes, businesses, homes, governments & whole countries have been stolen legally, just by cheating & chicanery & gypping & jewing!


73. THAT "BIRTHDAY PROPHECY" KIND OF SCARED ME FOR AWHILE! (No.215.) I thought maybe it meant that what time I had left I was going to live it up in half the time because I was going to burn the candle at both ends!--Work twice as hard & live half as long like Pandita. (No.215:114.) So I must admit, I was really a little bit relieved & happy when I figured back to the "Birthday Prophecy" & that I had lived beyond the first 3-1/2 years. Then I thought, "Well, maybe then it meant the seven years!"--And I have lived beyond the seven years! So that isn't exactly what it meant.

74. BUT WE HAVE CERTAINLY BURNED THE MIDNIGHT & NOONDAY OIL & worked hard & accomplished a lot, & the Lord instead has blessed me to live twice as long! Maybe I did work twice as hard, but the Lord didn't let it kill me & He didn't let the Devil kill me. Instead, He blessed me with twice as long. And if I live another seven years, then that will be four times as long, TTL!--That is if that interpretation or that indication I got from the Lord that night is the right interpretation! Well, so far it is. I'm still here, TTL!




78. "SHALOM ALECHEM" MEANS "PEACE BE UNTO YOU"--WHAT A MISNOMER! This is where Jerusalem got its name: Jerusalem, city of peace, but it's seldom had any peace in its history. Isn't that just like Begin? He's calling his great "peace operation"! My God, if this is peace, I'd hate to see war!


85. I AM EXPECTING THE DAY WHEN SOMEBODY'S GOING TO CHARGE IN COURT THAT THE BIBLE IS, NUMBER ONE, ANTI-SEMITIC, particularly the New Testament. Number two, obscene. The only reason they don't call it pornographic is because most Bibles I've ever seen, except mine, don't have any pornography in'm! They just have it pretty well described.

86. I USED TO USE PRETTY PICTURES OF GIRLS AS BIBLE MARKERS, but when I decided I was going to have to go through customs & immigration I didn't want any customs official shaking out my Bible! He might wonder why I looked like such an innocent old man! So I kind of got rid of'm. Well, I haven't got the heart to destroy'm, so I give'm to somebody else.

87. IT'S KIND OF LIKE I TOLD YOU ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE THE OTHER DAY, IN A LETTER: "I refuse to change it, but if you want to change it, that's on your conscience & it's up to you!"--Ha! I was abstaining, you might say. Well, I was actually voting against it. Maria doesn't mind taking the rap when she feels like she has a responsibility for my security & she figures it's not good for me; she doesn't mind crossing me in those things to save me.

88. THAT'S ONE AREA WHERE MARIA IS, YOU MIGHT SAY, SUPREME! She's my caretaker & she feels the responsibility, therefore she tries not to let me do anything that would be harmful to me or dangerous or breach my security. I probably would have done a lot of stupid things just because I'm that crazy & bold & flat-out & honest! [DELETED] So thank God for Maria!


101. [DELETED] THAT'S WHAT I WAS TRYING TO DO MOST OF MY LIFE! I was in love with the Jews & always trying to save the Jews. I've known other Jews that got converted & won to the Lord by other people, but I can't think of one single Jew that[DELETED]ah, thank You Lord! The Lord just reminded me of one Jewess that I won to the Lord, I think it was because she fell in love with me! I met her at the door when she was about to commit suicide & was going to go back to Israel to try to find her sister whom she'd been parted from in Germany under Hitler. She lost her whole family, saw them slaughtered right before her eyes in the horrors that occurred!

102. LET ME TELL YOU, THERE WERE SOME HORRORS THAT OCCURRED IN GERMANY, DON'T EXCUSE'M! And don't excuse Hitler either, I'm sure he's gone to his reward & I doubt if it's up Above! I'm pretty sure it's down below! I haven't excused Hitler. [DELETED]

103. BUT THIS ONE DEAR GIRL I MET WHEN I WAS IN THE SOUL CLINIC & we went by her house & knocked at her door. She came to the door & the house was empty, no furniture, no rugs, no nothing & we were so surprised! She apologised she couldn't invite us in to sit down & she said, "I just sold all my furniture, I'm going to Israel!"



106. BUT ANYWAY, BOYLE HEIGHTS IS A JEWISH SECTION OF LOS ANGELES & she was crying when she opened the door, tears in her eyes. She said, "I think my sister's been killed!" She only had one relative that she knew of that was still alive, her sister, & she said, "I just got word from Israel they can't find her & they think maybe she never made it!"

107. SHE'D HAD AN AGREEMENT WITH HER SISTER WHEN THEY GOT SEPARATED in a concentration camp or somewhere that if they ever got out they'd try to meet in Israel. So she said, "Well, I got word that they've given up all hopes for trying to find my sister & I've decided I'm going to go back there & try to find her myself, & if I can't find her, then I'm going to kill myself!"


109. BUT ANYHOW, WITH THE LOVE OF THE LORD & A LITTLE UNDERSTANDING OF JEWS, WE FINALLY WON HER TO THE LORD! There's something about that, you know, you never quite get over your background & you owe something to it & your culture & your parents, you owe them some honour, etc. You have a vestige of that culture that will probably live with you for all of your life, & let's trust you've retained the best part of it, TTL!


I never knew a night so black
Light failed to follow on its track.
I never knew a storm so gray
It failed to have its clearing day.

I never knew such bleak despair
That there was not a rift, somewhere.
I never knew an hour so drear
Love could not fill it full of cheer!
--John Kedrick Bangs, 1862-1922


110. I WAS GOING TO TELL YOU I COULDN'T THINK OF A JEW I'D LED TO THE LORD, & THE LORD INSTANTLY REMINDED ME OF HER! I saw her face just like that, that radiant smiling face! And we led her to the Lord in tears that afternoon, the first time we met!

111. I HAD ANOTHER GIRL WITH ME, an older woman, but that Jewish girl was practically falling into my arms before we left & threw her arms around me & kissed me & hugged me & clung to me like she didn't even want to let me go!

112. I'D GIVEN HER THE FIRST REAL HOPE SHE'D EVER HAD IN LIFE--JESUS! All I did was just stay with her & reason with her & have her read the Scriptures right out of her own Bible about Jesus, it was so clear to a simple little one like her. Well, it was a beautiful experience, I'll tell you, & she really got the real thing!

113. SHE'D ALREADY NOTIFIED HER BOSS THAT SHE WAS GOING TO QUIT HER JOB & HE'D BEGGED HER NOT TO GO. He said, "I'll do anything, I'll raise your salary! What can I do? I don't want you to leave, you're a good secretary!" She was a secretary, smart girl!

114. WELL ANYHOW, THE JEWS CAN GET SAVED, AS EVIDENCED BY A LOT OF OUR FAMILY & my own family for generations back! You have to go about 3 or 4 generations back before you find the Jews who are not Christians, back to Stuttgart, Germany, & I've told you about that.

115. BUT THIS GIRL DID GET WONDERFULLY SAVED & the next time we visited her, to our amazement the house was all completely furnished! She said, "The boss was so glad that I was going to stay, he paid for furnishing the house himself!" Because after she'd found out that she could be happy & not worry about her sister, she'd decided to stay!

116. I TOLD HER, "WELL, WHETHER SHE'S DEAD OR ALIVE THE LORD CAN ANSWER PRAYER! He can either bring her back to you & you don't have to go to Israel, or if she's gone, that's in the Lord's hands too, so don't worry about it! There's no use giving up everything, your job & your home & your sweetheart"--I have a feeling it was her boss--"& eventually your life, as you threatened to do--when the Lord Himself can take care of all that!"--And she believed it & received the Lord!

117. THE WOMAN WITH ME COULD HARDLY BELIEVE HER EYES, IT WAS SUCH A MIRACLE! She was just ripe & ready & just fell into our laps, almost literally! And when we went back the house was all furnished & she said, "My boss bought the furniture & gave me a raise & I'm happy in Jesus & I'm not worrying about my sister anymore!" Isn't that wonderful? So I'm sure she's still in the Lord's hands wherever she is.

118. SHE WAS YOUNG & BLONDE & BEAUTIFUL, SHE COULD HAVE BEEN A MOVIE ACTRESS SHE WAS SO BEAUTIFUL! She looked more German than Jewish, but she was very Jewish, & claimed to be, & lived in a Jewish neighbourhood, etc., supposedly devout. I will say that for her, she believed in God & supposedly believed in the Bible, so we had something to begin on. [DELETED]

119. ALL SHE HAD TO DO WAS TO BE SHOWN SCRIPTURES, & SHE BELIEVED & RECEIVED! TTL! She was desperate, of course, & under great duress emotionally, lonely & sad & had come to the end of her rope--& that's about the only time the Jews ever turn to God! If Begin ever does, he'll probably be on his knees begging for mercy, if ever.


129. SO WHY ANTI-SEMITISM? Well, as I say, all the Jews are Shemites but not all Shemites are Jews. We used to ask Jews a [DELETED] question: "Who was the first Jew?" And do you know what they would invariably say?--"Abraham, of course!" They swear by "Abraham, Isaac & Jacob our fathers," that is their worship!

130. THE FACT OF THE MATTER IS, ABRAHAM WAS NOT A JEW AT ALL! In fact, Abraham was not even an Israelite, he was a Hebrew! Not even Isaac was a Jew, neither was he an Israelite, he also was a Hebrew. Boy, this shocks the Jews when you tell them that. I've had them get so mad they chased me out the door! They refuse to believe it! I say, "Here, you can read it right in your Old Testament Scriptures, it says Abraham the Hebrew!" (Ge.14:13.)

131. JACOB WAS THE FIRST ONE WHOSE NAME WAS CHANGED & MADE ISRAEL. (Gen.32:28.) He & his children were the first Israelites, the 12 tribes of Israel. So how could Isaac or Abraham have been Israelites? Well, when they're faced with the black-&-white of it, it's obvious, but sometimes it just makes them mad & they start screaming!

132. I HAD THE TOUGH JOB OF TRYING TO WITNESS TO JEWS FOR MANY YEARS & you really begin to know them pretty well! Even when they're confronted with the facts, incontrovertible absolutely undeniable facts, they're like the guy that said: "My mind is made up! Don't confuse me with the facts!" They've been taught all their lives that Abraham was an Israelite, a Jew, & there it is plain as day, he couldn't have been, because the first Israelite was Israel!

133. AND WHO WAS THE FIRST JEW?--JUDAH! Not even Israel the father of the Israelites was a Jew! The first Jew was Judah, because that's where the term Jew came from! [DELETED]


143. [DELETED] [EDITED: "T"]here are quite a number of good Jews--not only in our own Family but outside of our Family--righteous Jews who are trying to do right & have a little sense of goodness & rightness & mercy & are horrified by what Israel & other Jews are doing. So there are good Jews in the World & I've met quite a few of them when I was witnessing. [DELETED]


149. [DELETED] You know what the average Jew says today? Their excuse is that they are not Jews! "Only those who participate in the Judaistic religion & who believe in Judaism are Jews today." Of the vast majority of the Jews today, about 99% of them claim that they are not Jews, & only the 1% who are Judaistic or supposedly believe in the religion of Judaism are supposed to be Jews.

150. THEY'RE TRYING TO SAY THEY'RE NOT JEWS ANYMORE, TO GET OUT FROM UNDER THE STIGMA OF THE TERM "JEW." You'll find Israelis in Israel who will deny up & down that they are Jews: "I am not a Jew, I don't go to synagogue, I don't believe in that damn religion of God & Judaism!" You'll find most of the Israelis that way. The vast majority of Israelis are not religious at all & they care nothing at all for Judaism or God, & they'll tell you so! They're not ashamed to say so. I've met plenty of them in the United States.

151. IN FACT, THE ISRAELIS ARE SOME OF THE WORST, because they're the most pugnacious, aggressive, proud, insolent & defiant of all!--I haven't hardly got the vocabulary to describe them! They say, "We at last are Israel & we have made ourselves a nation!--Not God! Ha! We won the wars, we did!" And not religious: "We have no God but Israel!" That's about what it amounts to. [DELETED]


174. THERE HAVE BEEN A PARTICULARLY LARGE PERCENTAGE OF JEWS TURNING TO CHRISTIANITY WITHIN THE LAST FEW YEARS, believe it or not, as they have seen everything else & they're fed up with their own religion & their own people even now, now even fed up with their own country! What do you bet it's going to cause more Jews to finally maybe give up & give in & turn to the Lord? I hope so, don't you? I'd love to see'm saved! I would!

175. I'VE KNOWN LOTS OF GOOD JEWS. [DELETED] I've even known lots of young Jews who were admirable in some ways, & I'd like to see'm saved. I've seen a lot of them saved already! Most of you sitting around this table look Jewish to me, although you may not know it, because your parents may never have told you!

176. THIS IS A COMMON THING WITH AMERICAN JEWS TODAY, TO NEVER LET THEIR CHILDREN KNOW THAT THEY'RE OF JEWISH BACKGROUND. My mother who is a Christian never even told me that secret until I was a grown man, that there were Jews in my lineage. Most modern Jews in America today don't want their children to know they're Jews so they won't come under the persecution & the suffering.


179. WELL, THERE'S BEEN A LITTLE RESURGENCE OF PRIDE IN JUDAISM & pride in Israel since Israel came into being, but not too much. Most people are still fed up--even Jews--fed up with Israel, fed up with Judaism, fed up with their lives & some are willing to forsake it all to turn to the one true Saviour Jesus Christ as their own Messiah--as manifest by many of you right here sitting at this table!

180. MAYBE YOU WEREN'T JEWS IN RELIGION, JUDAISM, BUT YOU SURE LOOK LIKE YOU HAD'M BACK THERE! We've got lots of young Jews in the Family who were Orthodox & Judaistic Jews who were in Judaism up to the hilt, up to their Bar Mitzvah or further!--Real Jews who have turned to the Lord & accepted Jesus as their Messiah & are part of our precious Christian family where there's no longer any Jew nor Gentile, male or female, Roman or Greek or whatever, amen? Colour doesn't even make any difference any more.

181. I THINK WE MUST BE ONE OF THE MOST INTEGRATED FAMILIES IN THE WORLD! You ought to see how mixed we are, especially in the Orient, mixed with everything & everybody! Thank God! It doesn't mean anything to them once they know the Lord. Once they both love Jesus, what difference does the colour of their skin make, or even their culture? We're all one in Christ Jesus, amen? Even the Jews! (Ga.3:28.)

182. THE JEWS CAN BE WHAT GOD WANTED THEM TO BE, THE BEST PEOPLE ON EARTH, IF THEY WOULD JUST TURN TO JESUS!--AND THEY ARE, & THEY HAVE! They have turned to Jesus & they have become the best people on Earth, you & me! Praise God? Hallelujah!

183. THANK YOU LORD FOR THE SAVED JEWS, converted Jews, us & other Christian Jews throughout the World, Lord, who have finally found out that You're the only way, the only joy, the only happiness, the Way, the Truth & the Life, that no man cometh unto the Father buy by Thee! There's only one Mediator between God & man, the Man Christ Jesus! (Jn.14:6; 1Tim.2:5.) TYJ! PTL! Hallelujah! TYL! Amen, amen. Is that enough? [DELETED] Pray for the Jews too, that God'll save them.

184. [DELETED] Sholem alechem! (Family: Alechem Sholem!)

185. ICH BIN A YIDDISHER MAHN MIT A YIDDISHER HARTZ, UND A GLAIBER IN DER YIDDISHER MESHIACH--YESHUA HA MESHIACH!--I'm a Jewish man, with a Jewish heart & a believer in the Jewish Messiah--Jesus Christ!--Amen? PTL! GBY!--And God bless the Jews with Jesus' salvation!--Only then will Anti-Semitism end!

187. [DELETED] So let's hope they get saved, as many as possible, & lots of them are, TTL! [DELETED]

188. YOU WOULDN'T HAVE HEARD THE WHOLE STORY IF YOU HADN'T HEARD THIS. Let's say that's the happy ending, because that's the only happy ending that can ever possibly be for the Jews, & that's for them to accept the greatest Jew of all--Jesus!

"Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray Thee, Lord, my soul to keep.
If I should die before I wake,
I pray Thee, Lord, my soul to take!"

"May the words of our mouths & the meditations of our hearts be acceptable in Thy sight, O Lord, my Strength & my Redeemer." (Ps.19:14.)

190. AND TO GIVE YOU A GOOD JEWISH BLESSING BESIDES THAT JEWISH PRAYER: "The Lord bless thee, & keep thee: The Lord make His face to shine upon thee, & be gracious unto thee: The Lord lift up His countenance upon thee, & give thee peace!" (Nu.6:24-25.) Shalom alechem!--In Jesus' name only, amen! That's the only way it can happen.

191. THAT'S THE ONLY WAY THEY'LL EVER HAVE PEACE & the only way they'll ever get out from under anti-Semitism, by no longer being a Semite or a Jew but being just a Christian, a child of God & a member of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ! Then anti-Jewism & anti-Semitism & all that will end.

192. THAT'S THE ONLY WAY THEY CAN GET OUT FROM UNDER THE CURSE--THROUGH JESUS[DELETED]! He's the only One that can save them. Sad, isn't it? It's pitiful that they've been so insulated & so prejudiced against Jesus from the time they're little babies. That's why it's very hard for them to accept Christ. They've been told all kinds of lies about Him & about Christians &, sad to say, they've also been told all kinds of truths about how mean the Christians have been to them down through the centuries, so-called Christians, Catholics, Gentiles & others.

193. ONLY THE LOVE OF GOD CAN SAVE'M & ONLY THE LOVE OF JESUS CAN DELIVER THEM! So let's pray for the salvation of Jerusalem, & it may only come through its destruction. [DELETED] In Jesus' name, amen. GBY! I never intended to do this & I told you I wasn't going to talk tonight. Maybe I'd better keep my mouth shut, because every time I open it, He fills it! But I'll have to give the Lord the credit or the blame for it, whatever. You can either give Him the credit or the blame, whichever way you feel about it.

194. I DO THINK MAYBE YOU NEEDED TO SEE THAT SIDE OF THE PICTURE so you can remember to pray for them, love them, be charitable & hope for their salvation[DELETED]!

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