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THE SCANDINAVIAN/MORMON CHURCH DREAM--Pt.2       10/11/74       DFO1274_2

       8. I DREAMED THAT THE MORMONS' LEADERS HAD DIED, & I saw these two dead bodies lying there, one a little bit bigger than the other, like they were lying on display or in state at a funeral. I think it was in some kind of big building. I thought, "Wow, they've lost their leaders, poor people.--I wonder what they're going to do."--Then

       9. I WAS SITTING IN THE LIVING ROOM OF THIS HOUSE, THIS BIG OLD TWO-STORY HOUSE, real old-fashioned house, seemed like it had a veranda, I can see it yet, & suddenly we were surprised by the visit of these two men, some other leaders of the Mormon Church.

       10. THEY TALKED ABOUT HOW THEY NEEDED LEADERSHIP, & that I'd done such a good job in leading so many thousands of young people that they thought maybe I'd make a good leader for them because they were concerned about leading their young people & they were desperate for somebody to lead them.

       11. I ASKED, "HOW DID YOU EVER FIND ME?" & they said, "Oh, it was easy, everybody seems to know where you are. We just described you & they told us where you were. They said, 'Oh, that must be the old man with the beard that looks like a prophet.' Lots of people know where you are." There was more to it but I can't remember now. But anyhow, they wanted me to lead their church.

       12. SO IT SEEMS LIKE I WENT WITH THEM TO SOME KIND OF MEETING WHERE THEY WERE GOING TO INTRODUCE ME TO THE LEADERS & THE PEOPLE. And it's funny, this dream is like a continuation of the other I just told you. They were going to try to persuade the other people & leaders to have me because some of them liked me & some of them didn't. But I remember the last part that woke me up. In fact, both dreams had bad endings where I was yelling for help.

       13. THE NEXT THING I REMEMBER NOW, ALTHOUGH THERE MUST HAVE BEEN SOME MORE TO IT, SUDDENLY I WAS WALKING ALONG OUT ON A PIER WITH A BLOND BOY. It was at night in the dark. Both times the dreams ended at night in the dark. Suddenly I realised he was no friend but he was luring me out there. And all of a sudden when we got out there & I was wondering where we were going, he drew a knife on me. I thought, "My Lord, this guy was no friend but he was treacherous!"

       14. SO I LOOKED AROUND FOR SOMETHING TO DEFEND MYSELF WITH & SAW THIS LITTLE PIECE OF THIN HALF-INCH PIPE about ten feet long. But a piece of pipe like that is pretty dangerous so it seemed like I was just trying to hold him at bay. I didn't really want to whack him with it 'cause I really could have killed him, but I was trapped out on the pier & I started screaming for help.

       15. THOSE CHURCH PEOPLE WHO INVITED ME MUST HAVE HEARD ME & RESCUED ME or something from those guys who were going to beat me up, & they said, "You see, you better stay with us or you're going to get in trouble. We'd better take you out of here." It was like they were just being polite because they'd invited us, trying to rescue us & get us out. Then it seemed like I was going home. The whole mission was in vain because the people didn't accept me. All these young people had taken over their building.

       16. ALL AROUND THEIR HUGE BIG CHURCH WAS THIS GREAT BIG CEMETERY AS BIG AS A PARK. We started driving through it trying to find our way out. It was real difficult because is seemed like everybody else was running trying to get away & it was dark, at night again, too & I was driving for some reason, & they said, "Oh, you must not go this way--this isn't the way!" But I said, "This is the only way we can go!--We've got to get out of here!"

       17. I WAS DRIVING ACROSS THE GRAVES & THROUGH LITTLE NARROW PLACES BETWEEN THE MONUMENTS, then I tried to squeeze through this hole in the fence & we were driving in this big Land Rover, sort of like a big station wagon on big high wheels, & they didn't like it because I was making big tire tracks all over their graves, leaving big trails through the cemetery. I was bumping into things & scraping things, & they didn't like it. I said,

       18. "WE'VE GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE SOMEHOW & AWAY FROM THOSE COMMUNISTS WHO ARE TAKING OVER! We can't worry about the dead, we've got to try to stay alive ourselves!" I thought, "It's so silly to worry about a few tire marks over your graves when your lives are at stake!" It was kind of like I was ruining their traditions, desecrating their holy places. I said rather annoyed, "They're dead & it can't hurt them. The main thing is for us to escape & stay alive, so we can't worry about pretty lawns & decorations now, & fences & a few gravestones, we've got to get out of here & away from here!" Of course, that could all be interpreted very symbolically.

       19. I REMEMBER I CAME TO THIS VERY NARROW & TIGHT PLACE where if we squeezed through we'd scrape the sides of the tires & the truck on the fence. And they said, "Oh, you can't go through here." But I said, "We have to. We can't back up. It's so dark it's hard enough to see where we're going, but we can't see at all behind us to back up. If we back up we're bound to knock over some gravestones & do more damage than if we keep on going. So if we scratch the sides of the bus a little bit at least we'll get out & know where we're going." So, over their protests I kept on going, although we were messing up things a little bit, we were at least getting out of there. I said, "We've got to keep going ahead, we can't go back!"

       20. I WONDER WHY THEY WERE SCANDINAVIANS? Seems like these two dreams go together. They're all very, very symbolic. I remember when this Communist speaker started ranting & raving I said to the people, "Don't worry, they won't go his way." And I said to them all, "This is not the way to go." But boy, did he get mad!

       21. IT'S FUNNY, FIRST OF ALL THE CHURCH PEOPLE CARRIED ME OUT, & THEN THE COMMUNISTS WERE CARRYING ME OUT! It's really funny, it's so symbolic. Seemed like nobody wanted me but the kids. They were so happy & singing & dancing, thousands of them!

       22. I GUESS THE BUILDING WAS SYMBOLIC OF THE CHURCH OR CHURCH SYSTEM. It was a beautiful building, but it didn't have many people in it. I remember it was supposed to hold 7,000 but it had all these tombs around it. I think that's where I saw the two Mormon leaders, lying on top of the two tombs in a beautiful, beautiful big building, but the back part was full of big huge marble tombs, big rectangular marble boxes full of dead people--almost the whole back half of the church. It was so full of dead people there was hardly any room for the living!

       23. AND THE PREACHER WAS WAY UP IN FRONT & YOU COULD HARDLY HEAR HIM & his voice echoed back & forth & the people would keep looking at the preacher then they'd look back at me to see what I thought, & they didn't know what to do. Apparently he was one of the few leaders they had left & he was telling them not to worry, if they'd just pray & hold on, God would lead them & bring the people in--the usual preacher's line, you know.

       24. AT LEAST MY HOSTS TRIED TO GET ME OUT OF THERE TO RESCUE ME FROM THE COMMUNISTS & THE CHURCH PEOPLE BOTH, but we sure had a helluva time trying to get through that cemetery, like an obstacle race, there were so many dead people, there was hardly room for the living! At least both times I was getting away & they weren't getting me. I wonder what that big long pipe was?

       25. A PIPE IS LIKE A CHANNEL FOR THE WORD. I was really whacking him with it but I didn't want to stab him with it 'cause it might have gone right through him & killed him & I didn't want to do that. I think it was like the Word of God, like it was a channel. It can carry water for the thirsty but it can also be used as a weapon.

       26. THAT PREACHER WAS SO SINCERE & I FELT SO SORRY FOR HIM, BUT HE SURE GOT MAD AT ME! He said, "Look what kind of a man you are! How can you expect to help us when you're so bad!" The people were caught between the two, they felt sorry for the preacher & they felt sorry for me & they didn't know who to believe. So at least they were trying to get me out of there. It was so hard to get out because of all those graves & tombstones & hedges & fences.

       27. THEY WERE REALLY FENCED IN BY THEIR DEAD CUSTOMS & TRADITIONS, so much dead stuff in the way. This big Land Rover, it set up real high & they're used in Africa & the bush country & they can just roll over everything! The others were afraid to drive it so I had to. It was really a good car. It could roll right over everything in the way, & they were horrified about all the damage it was doing to the lawn & the tombstones & the fences! I said, "It's more important to save the living than the dead!"

       28. IT'S LIKE I BROUGHT IN ALL THESE YOUNG PEOPLE TO FILL UP THE CHURCH, BUT THE COMMUNISTS WERE TRYING TO CAPTURE THEM. But neither the Communists nor the church people appreciated me. They had such a pretty church full of sepulchres & a pretty graveyard of beautiful tombs & they got so angry when they thought I was desecrating them, they were screaming & yelling at me & saying I was ruining their pretty cemetery. They said, "You've already brought all those funny kids into our church & now you're ruining our cemetery, & besides, you're scraping up our bus!"

       29. BUT I SAID, "WE'VE GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE TO SAVE OUR LIVES! What in the hell does it matter if we make a few tracks & a few scrapes? We've got to save our lives!" (I've lost the key to the other dream.
       Lord Jesus, forgive me! Maybe it was just to encourage us to have pity on the Mormons & love & help'm. They're wonderful folks! Do you love Mormons? GBY!)


       "The Mormons were pretty wild to begin with, but they finally got out to Utah & settled down. They were no longer wild & woolly teenagers they'd become young couples--yes, & triples & quadruples too! Smith was the wild-eyed, bushy-haired, revolutionary prophet who said, "Quit everything!--Have a new family, new wives, husbands & marriages!" But Brigham Young was the practical sensible business head who saw they were going to have to settle down someplace & feed them. At first they lived like we did!--On forsake--alls! Then they began to get severe persecution, I mean, massacred & slaughtered! They camped out & lived with the Indians (like our first hippies!) & they were fighting together against the Feds like us against the System! Did you know a U.S. Federal law was passed against bigamy just to get rid of the Mormons?! Federal troops surrounded the city & threatened to blow'm to bits if they didn't stop polygamy! So wisely their prophets & heads went into the Temple & prayed & came out with a revelation from the Angel Moroni that the Mormon Church would no longer practise polygamy. Of course the rebel fundamentalist Mormons still do! So they have very large families & large homes & they worked hard & God blessed them!" (From No.770:44-64.)

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