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ISRAEL'S RIGHTS!       DO1277       30/8/82
--The Historical Background & Israel's Intentions.

       1. THE ISRAELIS AREN'T SAYING MUCH RIGHT NOW, THEY'RE WAITING TILL THE AIR SORT OF CLEARS & they get their way in Beirut & everything's going their way. The whole World's expecting them to politely pull cut of Lebanon, but I can just tell by little things they're saying here & there that they're not about to begin to pull out!

       2. ISRAEL SAID, "WHEN GEMAYEL'S GOT A VERY WELL-ORGANISED, WELL-TRAINED ARMY, trained by us, capable of taking care of Lebanon, then we will go!" Well, do you realise how many years that could take?--How many years of fighting the Syrians & the PLO?--Ha! (Peter: Didn't they say tonight on the news that Israel said they won't leave until all of the Syrian troops are out?) (James: Sharon said that.) Yes. (LNF: Gamayel is dead!)

       3. THEY SAID THEY'RE NOT GOING TO LEAVE UNTIL ALL THE PLO, THE FOREIGNERS & THE MILITANT MUSLIM TERRORISTS ARE OUT!--And they're even Lebanese! I think maybe they're not going to leave until all the Lebanese are out so they can move in the [EDITED: "Israelis"]! (James: That's what they did in Palestine.) Sure! If they've done it one place, they'll do it in others!

       4. WELL, YOU KNOW, THAT'S CONSIDERED A PART OF "ERETZ ISRAEL," GREATER ISRAEL, THE KINGDOM OF DAVID & SOLOMON. They've even said a few times that this is one of the things that Begin believes. But the stupid dumb Americans [DELETED]like dear Reagan, they don't know what he means by that! He already called the West Bank Judea & Samaria, which means he considers it a part of Israel, & Sharon came out flat & said, "We're not going to give up the West Bank or Jerusalem, period!"

       5. AND THEY'VE GOT THIS NEW EXCUSE, DID YOU HEAR IT? They said, "Why should they have a second Palestinian country when they've already got one--Jordan!" The people of Jordan are the direct descendants of Lot, did you know that?--The two sons of Lot by his daughters, Moab & Ammon. In fact, the capital is still named Ammon--Amman--& it is certainly not Palestinian!

       6. SO JORDAN IS ANYTHING BUT PHILISTINE OR PALESTINE, WHICH IS WHERE THE WORD PALESTINE CAME FROM. Actually, the Philistines were not what is today the Palestinians, today's Palestinians are Arabs who moved in later. The Philistines were more closely related to what used to be the Lebanese, which were the Phoenicians, the to be the Lebanese, which were the Phoenicians, the ancient Phoenician Empire of traders, & they were actually more closely related to Hiram, King of Tyre, & some of them, although Hiram was more of a friend of Israel at that time, the time of David.

       7. SO THE PHILISTINES & THEIR FIVE FAMOUS CITIES USED TO OCCUPY THE COASTAL PLAIN OF ISRAEL. Gaza was one of the major cities--the Arabs still live there--& of course Israel has now incorporated the Gaza Strip into Israel. It's now a part of the occupied territories, & they've just stolen away the whole country!

       8. AND DEAR BEGIN IS QUOTING AS HIS AUTHORITY THE BIBLE, OF ALL THINGS!--Ha! But according to God's Word, both Old & New Testament, having disobeyed God & rejected Jesus, they don't deserve one square inch of Israel, much less a square inch or all of Lebanon! All that country was under David & Solomon, from the River Euphrates to the River of Egypt, & from sea to sea, & this is what dear Begin has his eye on: "Eretz Israel!"


       10. PALESTINE GOT ITS NAME FROM PALESTINE. It was called Palestine by the Romans, in Latin, & came from "Philistia," which was the name of the country way back under the Philistines. It was the name of the country for thousands of years till the Jews came along & took it over & kicked out the Canaanites & tried to run out the Philistines, but they never quite fully succeeded in that.

       11. THE LORD TOLD THEM TO GET RID OF THE CANAANITES, that was the Blacks [EDITED: "descendents of Canaan, the youngest son of Ham, see "The Un-Cursed Sons of Ham!", ML #2928."], & said if they didn't they'd be nothing but troublemakers for the rest of their history, & they were! They brought in all kinds of idolatry & licentiousness & demon worship. [DELETED] But the Jews didn't run them all out & they even mixed a little bit, which is one reason the people of that area are a little bit of a darker shade!--Like the Italians & the Nubians!

       12. DIDN'T YOU HEAR ME TELL THE STORY ABOUT HOW THE ROMANS IMPORTED THOUSANDS OF NUBIAN AFRICAN SLAVES IN THE DAYS OF ROME? After about 400 years there were no more Blacks in all Italy, everybody was just a little darker shade!--Ha! And that's about what happened in the Middle East. Those who didn't just go to Africa with the straight-out Blacks, they mixed so much that a lot of them just got to be a little bit of a darker shade! Did you notice on TV a lot of those Arabs were just as light & white as most Whites?--And others quite dark!--Although, I'm getting to be quite a bit darker shade myself from being out in this Tropical sunshine! PTL!

       13. WELL, THE PHILISTINES WERE QUITE A HIGH FORM OF CIVILISATION LIKE THE PHOENICIANS. In fact, there's some disagreement as to whether they themselves were actually Phoenicians, but I'm pretty convinced that the Phoenicians came down from Lebanon. You've probably heard of Phoenicia when you studied history. Lebanon was Phoenicia & its capital was Tyre for a long time. Hiram was its most famous king, a friend of David & Solomon, & as you recall, & he helped Solomon build the Temple by sending him cedars of Lebanon. (1ki.5:8-10.)

       14. THAT WAS A MONUMENTAL FEAT OF ANCIENT ENGINEERING! You talk about the pyramids of Egypt! The ancient cedars of Lebanon were about six to eight feet in diameter! In fact, I'm convinced that they probably were giant redwoods or sequoias, because every indication is that they were huge giant trees. The ones they used in the Temple woodwork & all that were about six-eight feet in diameter according to the records, & the reason I'm convinced that they were probably sequoias is that they were nearly 100 feet long! They were tail!

       15. DID YOU NOTICE THAT THE LEBANESE FLAG STILL HAS THE CEDAR ON IT? It's the symbol of Lebanon!--Only they nearly all got chopped down & the mountains today are almost as bare a bone! I've forgotten whether it was during the days of the Arab or Turkish dictators that a man's wealth was known by the number of trees he had on his property, & they started taxing them for each tree! So tax evasion is an ancient sport--they just chopped down all their trees to avoid the taxes!

       16. BUT BEFORE THAT TO BUILD THE TEMPLE, THEY CHOPPED DOWN THOSE HUGE GIANT TREES FROM WAY UP IN THE MOUNTAINS, ARE HIGH, BROTHER!--And they were up in the top of the mountains 50 miles from the coast! Then they somehow managed to get them down from the mountains to the Port of Tyre & floated them clear down the Mediterranean coast to the ports of Israel!

       17. THEY FLOATED THEM DOWN, TOWED THEM 100 MILES DOWN TO JAFFA & PULLED THEM OUT ON THE LAND CLEAR UP TO THE TOP OF THE MOUNTAINS OF JUDEA, ANOTHER 50 MILES! It's still not too clear just how they did it. I think maybe in the Bible in Pictures there are some pictures showing how they put four big wheels under each log, two in front & two in back on an axle, & rolled them, pulled them by teams of horses. I mean, that was quite a feat with those giant logs wider than this table & several times as long! It was really something!

       18. DEAR HIRAM KING OF TYRE SURE MUST'VE WANTED TO BE FRIENDS WITH SOLOMON TO GO TO ALL THAT TROUBLE! That's when Israel was so great that all of its neighbours were afraid of it & they were all trying to make peace with it like they are today. But anyway, that's how it got to be called Palestine, from the Philistines: Philistia, Philistina, Palestine, Palestine--get it?

       19. BUT IN LATER YEARS THE PHOENICIANS FINALLY DISAPPEARED. There's probably some of their blood still in those Arabs there, because the Arabs came in & took over the whole area during the big Arab Muslim explosion of the 600s A.D. after Mohammed, & of course they took over all the Arabian Peninsula, the whole Mideast clear over to India. They didn't go too far to the North, I guess they didn't like the cold weather, or maybe they didn't like the Russians! Those Northerners were pretty rough characters in those days!

       20. SO PTL! YOU DON'T HAVE TO SIT HERE & LISTEN TO THIS, YOU KNOW, IT'S NOT REQUIRED! I'm just still eating my supper! It takes me a long time to eat so I might as well amuse myself while I'm eating! When I find so many people who don't know much about history, all of you sitting around with your hungry mouths open is like saying "sic'm" to a dog! Well, it's interesting to think back on some of that background.

       21. THE LORD ONLY GAVE THE COUNTRY TO THE JEWS ON CERTAIN CONDITIONS--you can read all about them, principally in Leviticus & Deuteronomy--& that was, if they loved Him & obeyed His prophets & His kings, etc.--which they seldom ever did--so He took it away from them a lot of times because of disobedience!

       22. HE TOOK IT AWAY FROM THE CANAANITES BECAUSE OF THEIR WICKEDNESS & their abominable sodomy & idolatry & disobediences. That's why He didn't have any compunction about having the Jews throw them out, He even told'm to slaughter all of them! If they didn't get rid of all them, He said they'd be "thorns in your sides & pricks in your eyes & like hornets in the land"--& that's what they were! They were always a trouble. (Nu.33:55.)

       23. SO GOD DOESN'T OWE THE JEWS ERETZ ISRAEL AT ALL! He doesn't even owe them one square inch of it! They don't deserve it! But they've come back on the strength of all those promises--well, I shouldn't say actually the strength of them, but just as excuses Begin is making that therefore it's Biblical & they should have it.

       24. AND THE CHRISTIANS ARE BACKING THEM UP! Not just the Christians of Lebanon & Israel, but the Christians of the World!--Particularly the Evangelical Fundamentalist Christians who follow the Scofield rot--[DELETED] who convinced virtually the whole Church that the Jews were still the chosen people & Israel was still the Promised Land & God was still going to give it back to them & they were still going to give it back to them & they were still gonna deserve to inherit it!

       25. BUT ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE, THEY DON'T DESERVE ONE INCH, & you can read as far back as Leviticus & Deuteronomy what God said about it! He said, "If you don't obey, I'll cast you out like rotten fruit until there is not one of you left in the land!"--And He did it several times! But they keep coming back[DELETED]!

       26. HE DID PREDICT THAT THEY WOULD COME BACK, THAT'S THERE FOR SURE--& they obviously have--but not necessarily because of any promises of God! It just was a prediction of the prophets that that was what was going to happen: they'd come back. But in the same prophecies He predicted how the Russians were going to come down & virtually wipe'm out!

       27. THIS IS KIND OF AN ANCIENT HISTORY OF THE COUNTRY. I've briefed you up on the modern history [DELETED], but this is sort of a background. [DELETED] If you want to talk about a book that condemns [EDITED: "them"] & their waywardness & their wickedness & their disobedience, & promises them the most horrible horrendous harsh judgement if they didn't follow the Lord, it's the Bible!--And they seldom ever followed Him, so they really got it!

       28. SO ALL THE GLORIOUS PROMISES THAT HE PROMISES THEM--how He would give them the land from the River Euphrates to the River of Egypt & sea to sea & all that--that was made to an obedient people if they were obedient! Well, for a little while some of them were, like David & Solomon, & even they weren't too good examples at that! But He was good to them & they did possess the whole land from the River of Egypt to the Euphrates & sea to sea.

       29. BUT HE NEVER GAVE THEM JORDAN!--EVER! That was not their country & they were not supposed to have it, it was Moab & Ammon. He did give them the land of the Edomites because of their wickedness & their opposition to Israel. The Edomites were Canaanites mixed with Esau, & that was down South of the Dead Sea in what is now, by the way, the Sinai. He gave them Edom because Edom became so wicked & so horribly Idolatrous & defiant!

       30. EDOM'S CAPITAL, BY THE WAY, THE ROCK CITY OF PETRA--which you've seen in the Bible in Pictures--& that's where the Lord said: "O thou that dwellest in the tops of the mountains, though thou build thy nests like the eagles, thou shalt be brought down from thence," etc. (Jer.49:16.)

       31. IT WAS A VIRTUALLY IMPREGNABLE CITY that only had one little narrow passage about six feet wide & through which you could only get about two or three soldiers abreast, so the inhabitants would just drop rocks on them from a thousand feet above to keep invaders out!

       32. IT WAS VIRTUALLY IMPENETRABLE, IMPREGNABLE, UNTIL THE LORD FINALLY TOOK CARE OF IT & sent a big earthquake that just destroyed the whole works! That's what's wrong with all those buildings they carved out of the mountains, they're full of rocks, etc., because the Lord just wiped'm out with earthquakes!

       33. SO HE DID GIVE THEM EDOM because of the wickedness of the Edomites against the Israelites. And once in awhile He gave them victories over the Moabites & the Ammonites because of their wickedness & opposing Israel, but He never promised to give them the lands of the Ammonites & the Moabites, which is Jordan.

       34. ALTHOUGH DAVID & SOLOMON REIGNED OVER ALL THE REST OF THE COUNTRY AROUND THERE in the best part of their reign, Moab & Ammon simply remained as a friendly neighbouring country. It was called "across Jordan." In the Bible it's always speaking of the land across the Jordan. Now there was some land North of Moab & Ammon which was given to Israel, to I think Reuben & the half-tribe of Manasseh. I never was too good at remembering all those names! But that was up North where King Og lived, the giant with the big iron bedstead nine feet long! (Deut.3:11.) Today it's Jordan too.

       35. THE LORD DEFINITELY TOLD THEM TO TRY TO STAY AT PEACE WITH MOAB & AMMON, they were... (A glass shelf crashes to the floor!) The Devil must be mad at what I'm telling you! I didn't know it was that important! Well, maybe I should tell you! GBAKYA! Thank You, Lord, that no one was hurt & the children weren't near there!

       36. THE LORD DID GIVE SOME OF THE KINGS LAND TO THE NORTH THERE, which today, by the way, is Syria, the Golan Heights & all that territory up there--but that, of course, was only under the conditions that they were obedient & loved the Lord & obeyed Him & kept His commandments, etc.

       37. THEY WERE TO LOSE EVERYTHING IF THEY DIDN'T OBEY!--They certainly haven't obeyed [EDITED: "even"] crucifying Christ, their own Messiah & the One Who should've been their King! So they don't deserve thing, not thing! [DELETED]

       38. [DELETED] They are not Israel, we are Israel, believe it or not! We are the children of Abraham by faith, we heirs to the promise! (Ga.3:7,26,29.) Paul goes into it in great detail throughout the whole New Testament in all his letters. All of those promises to the Jews & the Israelites are virtually abrogated because of their disobedience, etc., but Paul was still hoping all the time somehow God would still accept the Jews, poor guy!

       39. I'M GOING ONE BY ONE AROUND THE LANDS THAT BEGIN IS LITERALLY CLAIMING EVERY TIME HE SAYS "ERETZ ISRAEL"--really meaning "The Greater Land of Israel"--showing you how he has no right to claim them at all! Most of them were not even under the original promises, certainly not Jordan!--And certainly not Lebanon, of all things!

       40. LEBANON WAS NEVER PROMISED TO THE JEWS, because the Lebanese were friends of Israel. Hiram was a very dear friend of David & furnished all that lumber for the Temple buildings, so, being friends, that country of Lebanon was always a distinct country to this very day! Think of it, for thousands of years now that little country has been a distinct country recognised by the Bible & by the Lord, & as I recall, it was never ever given to Israel!

       41. ONE THING I KNOW PRETTY WELL IS THE HISTORY OF ISRAEL! I studied it carefully because in order to know whether prophecies have been fulfilled or not or whether they're yet to be fulfilled, you've got to know the past history & what has happened already. And not in any of those prophecies do I remember God ever promising them Lebanon!--Because Lebanon, like Moab & Ammon, was most of the time a friendly country & the Jews were to live at peace with their neighbours.

       42. NOW THE GAZA STRIP & PHILISTIA, WHICH WAS THEN OCCUPIED BY EITHER THE PHOENICIANS OR A BRANCH OF THAT FAMILY WHO WERE ENEMIES OF ISRAEL, that part was promised to the original Israelis along with the other blessing, if they kept His commandments! So that's one reason Begin is claiming the Gaza Strip, the West Bank & the works, because he claims it's promised by God in the Bible. He's very religious & pious about it & they even reported it in the Herald Tribune! So they're all getting the point that he's laying claim to the whole works!--Israel & all the countries around it!

       43. AND DID YOU NOTICE THE LATEST THING SHARON SAID FLAT-OUT RIGHT ON TELEVISION?: "They will never get the West Bank or Gaza Strip, ever!" When they gave Sinai back to Egypt, Begin said, "No one else is ever going to get one more square inch of Israel!" [DELETED] When they promise themselves something, you can believe it! [DELETED]

       44. BUT THEY DON'T DESERVE ANY OF IT BECAUSE THEY HAVE DEPARTED FROM THE LORD, crucified their Messiah, rejected God! Jesus said, "If you reject Me, you reject the Father!" (Mt.10:33.) [DELETED]

       45. THE MOMENT THEY REJECTED JESUS CHRIST--& GOD PREDICTED THAT THEY WOULD [EDITED: "PSA.22; ISA.53, etc."]--THEY REJECTED GOD!--THAT WAS THE FINISH! Never again would any Jew have a right to [DELETED] an inch of Israel, much less an inch of Lebanon--which they never had any right to--as long as they reject Jesus Christ their Saviour & Messiah!

       46. BUT IF THEY RECEIVE JESUS, THEN THEY'VE GOT EVERY RIGHT TO EVERYTHING WE'VE GOT A RIGHT TO--including not only Palestine, not only the Mideast, but the whole World!--And we're going to run it someday!--The true of God by faith! The people of God by promise, yes, by faith, but not by flesh-&-blood Israel! "Flesh & blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God!" (1Co.15:50.)

       47. GOD'S WORD SAYS, "YE SHALL SIT DOWN AT THE TABLE WITH ABRAHAM & ISAAC & JACOB, BUT THE CHILDREN OF THE KINGDOM [DELETED] WILL BE CAST OUT[DELETED]!" (Mt.8:11,12.) Jesus said it time & again, Paul said it time & again, every writer in the New Testament said it. [DELETED]

       48. PAUL TRIED TO DRESS IT UP A LITTLE BIT & said, "Well, does that mean God really is through with the Jews?" And he goes on to say, "Well, not necessarily." And he goes on explaining, "If they receive Jesus, He's not through with them. There's a promise that a remnant shall be saved." (Isa.10:22; Ro.9:27.) He was still trying to encourage himself all the time that Israel was going to get saved, some Jews were going to get saved.

       49. BUT THOSE ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO GET ANY MORE PROMISES FROM GOD AT ALL, THOSE WHO RECEIVE JESUS! PERIOD! Otherwise He doesn't owe'm one [DELETED] thing!--Nothing but [DELETED] judgements[DELETED]! Particularly after they've meted such horrors out on other poor innocent people--civilians, women & children, old men! Horrible!--Even the young men who are fighting for their country which the Jews literally stole!--Palestine!

       50. BUT HE NEVER GAVE THEM JORDAN IN THE FIRST PLACE! Can you imagine Sharon getting up on television saying: "They've already got a Palestinian country, why should they have a second one?" King Hussein right away came back & said, "What are you talking about? Jordan is not a Palestinian country!" Can you imagine the gall & the never in trying to get by with that kind of an excuse? [DELETED]

       51. IT REMINDS ME OF WHAT HITLER SAID IN MEIN KAMPF! I don't know whether it really is there, but so they say, & I've quoted it before[DELETED]: "If you tell a lie, be sure & tell a big one, because people won't believe that you'd have the never to tell such a big lie if it wasn't the truth! The bigger the lie the more apt they are to believe it!" [DELETED]

       52. [DELETED]--Saying something that every Jew knows is not so, that Jordan is a Palestinian country. It's ridiculous! They're not even related to the Palestinians except for the Arab invasion which filled all those countries with Arabs.

       53. THERE'S NO WAY BY ANY WILD STRETCH OF THE IMAGINATION OR SCRIPTURE that he could possibly claim Jordan was a Palestinian country or that Israel had any right to Lebanon! Well, he doesn't claim that now: "We're not coveting one square inch, no." [DELETED] They're coveting the whole thing, & they're probably going to keep the whole thing too!

       54. EVEN IF THEY JUST SIMPLY USE GEMAYEL & THE LEBANESE AS THEIR STOOGES, it's obvious from now on that Lebanon is going to be under the power of Israel, & the Lebanese will run their country the way Israel wants them to run it, & Israel will dictate who they want to run it, & how they want it run!

       55. THE LEBANESE HAVE SEEN THEIR LAST DAYS OF ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM OF FREEDOM AS A SEPARATE INDEPENDENT COUNTRY, in spite of everything the [EDITED: "Israelis"] claim! Lebanon will now be a dependent client state, virtually an Israeli colony, & if Israel doesn't fill it up with [EDITED: "Israelis"] I'll be surprised! They've already filled it up with [EDITED: "Israelis"], about 100,000 of'm!--85,000 soldiers & God knows how many others! So poor Lebanon is no longer free!

       56. GOD NEVER PROMISED LEBANON TO THE JEWS, BUT HE DID PROMISE LEBANON A LOT OF TROUBLE FOR HER SINS, there's plenty of that in the Bible. He particularly promised that in the areas around Sidon there would always be fighting & trouble, always war, & Sidon has had war ever since, for the last 2500 years, one conqueror after another, one war after another. It's just been devastated so many times but always rebuilt. (Ez.28:23.)

       57. THE ANCIENT CITY OF TYRE WAS NEVER REBUILT! He promised it would be utterly destroyed & never rebuilt & it never has been. (Ezekiel 26.) The modern city of Tyre that you read about in the paper all the time is the island city, which you remember from the Letters was built off the coast there. (See "Satan--King of Empires!", No.961:1-11.)

       58. ALEXANDER'S THE ONE WHO BUILT THE CAUSEWAY OUT THERE WHICH IS NOW CONSIDERED A PART OF THE MAINLAND. It's like a little peninsula, a little isthmus, & that's the modern capital city of Tyre. It used to be the capital of Lebanon until the modern city of Beirut sprang up with a better port. A lot of times ports made the difference as to whether these cities were flourishing commercial centres or not in this commercial age, so Beirut became the capital.

       59. BUT POOR LITTLE LEBANON! IT WAS NEVER PROMISED TO THE JEWS, THEY JUST TOOK IT, THAT'S ALL! They've got no Scriptural Biblical right at all--by even the wildest stretch of the blessings--to Lebanon, nor to Jordan, nor to all of Syria! And the portion they call the Levant which is just North of Lebanon along the seacoast, that was never promised to Israel. Only the interior portion of Syria which is between them & the Euphrates was in ancient days promised to David & Solomon for their righteousness & their obedience, etc., but from the time that Solomon began to stray away from the Lord, God began to take it away from them.

       60. IF ISRAEL WERE GODLY & RIGHTEOUS & HAD RECEIVED THEIR MESSIAH [DELETED], if they were Christians, maybe they might have some justifiable claim to all that country around them, but never to Jordan nor Lebanon! They were always recognised by the Lord as separate independent countries & they're mentioned in the Bible as well. Even Syria was never given to the Jews, except for one part of Syria that the Syrians have now occupied which was once a part of Eretz Israel under Solomon.

       61. SO THERE ARE AT LEAST ONE, TWO, THREE COUNTRIES, INCLUDING AT LEAST MOST OF EGYPT, THAT WERE NEVER PROMISED TO THE JEWS under the wildest stretch of your imagination or by the blessings of God, dependent upon their obedience & their righteousness even to get that! None of those places were ever promised them, but that's what Begin's after!

       62. BEGIN IS AFTER ERETZ ISRAEL & THE WORKS, THE REST OF THE SURROUNDING COUNTRIES, ALL OF THEM! I can tell just by reading between the lines in the newspaper that's exactly what he's already saying. And Sharon is so blunt, he's like a big ol' blundering bear! He just blurts it out right on television! What do you bet he'll probably be the next head of Israel?

       63. AND IN SPITE OF THE HORRORS THAT ISRAEL PERPETRATED IN LEBANON, they say that now that the war is over everybody's praising Begin & his popularity has skyrocketed phenomenally--Sharon's too, whom they were hailing "King of Israel!" I don't suppose Begin liked that, but he's about on his last legs. He's got one foot in the grave already, & maybe Lebanon was his banana peel--I hope!

       64. DO YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN BY THAT, DAVID, IF A GUY'S GOT ONE FOOT IN HIS GRAVE & THE OTHER ONE'S ON A BANANA PEEL? Did you ever step on a banana peel? (David: No.) You've never had that experience. Well, that's because you're such a careful, prayerful little boy & we always pray the Lord will keep us. But I have read in the newspapers about several people throughout history who stepped on a banana peel & slipped & fell & killed themselves, because banana peelings are very slippery!

       65. IF A BANANA PEEL LANDS WITH THE SLIPPERY INSIDE PART DOWN ON THE FLOOR & YOU STEP ON THE OUTSIDE, WHHIST!--Out your foot goes from underneath you just like that! So if a guy has one foot in his grave & the other one on a banana peel, what's going to happen to the foot on the banana peel? It's going to go, whhist out from under him, & he's going to fall right into his grave! Right? Well, the old expression simply means he's about ready to die, he's ready to kick the bucket!--And if he doesn't, somebody's going to kick it for him!

       66. BUT IT LOOKS LIKE IT'S GOING TO BE OUT OF THE FRYING PAN & INTO THE FIRE IF THEY GET SHARON! He's just the kind who is ready to take on the whole Mideast! I think he's gone power-mad! This victory has gone to his head! And with U.S.-backing & arms, they've got the power to do it--if nobody else stops them & the U.S. keeps backing them--& I'm sure they will, because the U.S. wants the Mideast too, & with their little Israeli stooges they're going right ahead & trying to take it over!

       67. ISRAEL KEEPS PROMISING IN THE U.N. & THE PAPERS: "WE DON'T COVET ONE SQUARE INCH OF LEBANON! We will evacuate & we will get out"--but there's always a condition: --"As soon as all of the Syrians are out," & now they're adding the PLO again & the Muslim "terrorists"! They call'm terrorists, but they looked just like anybody else's army to me, didn't they to you? But because they don't have a country to stick up for'm, everybody calls them terrorists!

       68. WHAT BEGIN & SHARON WERE DOING IN LEBANON DURING THE LAST DAYS OF THE WAR WAS ABOUT THE WORST KIND OF TERROR THAT I EVER HEARD OF & I EVER SAW!--And showing it right on television! Talk about horror & terrorism, that was the worst kind! That's just what Godahfi said about a lot of these countries that are always so self-righteously proclaiming that they are legitimate governments & armies, but all these other little guys are a bunch of terrorists!

       69. HE JUST FLAT OUT TELLS THEM TO THEIR FACES: "WHAT ABOUT YOUR BIG ARMIES? What about this terrorist U.S. Navy out here that keeps terrorising my country with their gunboats & their bombers & atomic missiles? What do you call that but terror? They're terrorising us!" But because they're recognised nations with recognised forces of terror called armies & navies & air forces, of course they're not called terrorists!

       70. SO YOU CAN JUST BEGIN TO SEE THEY'RE ALREADY PREPARING THE WAY & THE GROUND TO DO EXACTLY WHAT I TOLD YOU THEY WERE GOING TO DO! They're going to go right on & take the rest of Lebanon, & I will be surprised & shocked if they don't!--Because they've got every excuse, unless Syria just backs out completely. As long as they think they've got any chance to fight, they might, although Damascus is already under Israel guns so the Syrians might chicken out & make some kind of a shakey peace just to keep from getting wiped out!

       71. BUT THAT STILL DOESN'T SOLVE THE PROBLEM OF THE REST OF THE PLO & THE OTHER "TERRORISTS" OF THE NORTH, & it won't solve Syria's problems either, because if Israel invaded Lebanon to chase out the PLO, why wouldn't she also invade Syria to chase'm out from where they've gone there in Syria?

       72. IF THAT WAS A GOOD EXCUSE FOR INVADING LEBANON & NEARLY WIPING OUT BEIRUT, WHAT HINDERS HER FROM INVADING DAMASCUS TO WIPE IT OUT?--IF IT CONTINUES TO HOUSE THE PLO! That'll probably be next on their agenda, next on their list, even if the Syrians back out! They'll say, "Okay, now get rid of the PLO there or we're going to come in!" That's the way it will grow, I believe it, & knowing the [EDITED: "Israelis"] as I do, I'll be shocked if it doesn't!

       73. THE DEVIL, YOU SEE, IS TRYING TO ABSOLUTELY CONTRADICT THE WORD OF GOD! Like he did in the early days of Egypt & Moses & all, he is trying to contravene God's plan by letting these [DELETED] Jews take over all that country that God called His Own!

       74. DO YOU KNOW WHO ISRAEL BELONGS TO?--It doesn't belong to Begin, that's for sure, & it certainly doesn't belong to the Jews! It doesn't even belong to the Jews! It doesn't even belong to the Palestinians! It just belongs to God & to whoever He wants to give it, & He's even said as much in the Bible. "I give it to whom I choose!"--And when the Jews disobeyed Him, He certainly doesn't have to give it to them! (2Chr.7:20; Jer.2:7; 16:18; Ps.24:1; Deut.10:14.)

       75. HE CAN GIVE IT TO THE PALESTINIANS, OR HE CAN GIVE IT TO THE ARABS--& He's given it to them several times--He gave it to the Turks for awhile & He gave it to the British. And right now, I'm sure not only the Israelis covet it, but the Americans! And so many of those Israelis are Americans, it's pitiful! They talk with a New York accent! They're about as Israeli as I am!

       76. THEIR CLAIMS TO "ERETZ ISRAEL" ARE TOTALLY ABROGATED BY THE LORD! They have absolutely no right Scripturally or otherwise, based on any promise of God, to any of that part of the World at all!--Not even Israel! Not even half of Israel! Not even the half that the U.N. promised them! They haven't got any right to any of it at all, much less some of those surrounding lands which they've now got their greedy eyes on!

       77. IF IT WAS NECESSARY TO CONQUER LEBANON TO SECURE ISRAEL'S NORTHERN BORDER--which is one of the excuses she's giving--& to get the PLO out, then it's also going to be necessary to conquer Syria & Jordan to secure her Eastern border & to get the PLO out! Then it's going to be necessary to conquer Egypt & her Southern border to secure that border & get the PLO out! I mean, what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander!

       78. IF THAT KIND OF AN EXCUSE IS GOING TO BE ACCEPTED BY THE WORLD to allow Israel to go ahead conquering all of the countries around her on all of her borders to secure all of her borders & to get all the PLO out, then they're just going to let her keep on marching! Do you get the point?

       79. IF THAT IS A JUSTIFIABLE EXCUSE FOR INVASION OF LEBANON, it will also justify her invading Syria & Jordan & Egypt & Arabia! Don't forget Arabia! Did you know that Arabia borders on Israel? A big long hunk of Arabian border is only ten miles from Israel, right down on the Gulf of Aqaba. Then she'll have to conquer Saudia Arabia to secure that part of her border!

       80. AND LET ME TELL YOU WHAT I BELIEVE WITH ALL MY HEART & SOUL: THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT SHE INTENDS TO DO & what she is now in the process of doing with American backing! And any of those Arabs nations that are chickening out & not helping the poor little PLO when they needed help, you know what God's going to do to them?--Give them the same!

       81. THOSE RICH COUNTRIES AROUND HER DIDN'T COME TO THE HELP OF THE POOR WHEN THEY NEEDED IT, so one of the these days they are going to be overrun by Israel if they keep going the way they're going now, if nobody stops the [EDITED: "Israelis"]! And certainly the United States is not going to stop them!

       82. POOR LITTLE BEGIN, HE WAS WOUNDED, HE WAS DEEPLY HURT! He's not sure he'll ever get over what Reagan said to him on the telephone, that he had to stop that holocaust in Beirut! He said, "Reagan should know I'm the one who really knows what a holocaust is like!" He picked up a picture of the sufferers in the concentration camps of Germany & Poland, etc., & said, "Here was the real holocaust!" [DELETED]


       87. NOW THAT THE U.S. IS GIVING THE ISRAELIS A FREE HAND TO GO AHEAD & HAVE THEIR WAY, I expect the whole works to go [EDITED: "Israeli"]! [DELETED]

       88. THEY RUSH IN WHERE ANGELS FEAR TO TREAD! [DELETED] They will contradict even themselves if it suits their purpose, & now they're claiming things that are absolutely totally ridiculous! [DELETED]

       89. EVEN HUSSEIN ALMOST HAD TO LAUGH AT THEM CLAIMING JORDAN IS A PALESTINIAN COUNTRY!--Just because he was generous & hospitable to the poor Palestinian refugees & let so many of them come into his country. So Sharon says, "They've already got a Palestinian country! Let'm have Jordan!" In other words, "We've got to finish off Lebanon, & then we've got to take care of Syria, & then by that time we'll be able to take care of Jordan! In the meantime, let'm have Jordan!"

       90. SO HE'S GOING TO TAKE OVER THE WHOLE WORKS IF HE LIVES LONG ENOUGH & IF THE LORD ALLOWS HIM, which may be possible. It's surprising how fast they can move when they want to. Hitler called it "Blitzkrieg," lightning war! When he started marching on Europe, they couldn't believe how fast he took over those countries! They were all pushovers, one right after the other. He walked into most of them peacefully while they were hailing him as a hero & a liberator--Czechoslovakia, Austria, Sudetenland & all the rest.

       91. POLAND [DELETED] WAS THE ONLY ONE THAT HAD THE GUTS & THE NERVE & THE GALL & THE STUBBORNNESS NOT TO RECEIVE HIM WITH WELCOME ARMS! They fought, of course, along with Britain & the U.S.A. [DELETED] So that's the way it is, & that's the way it'll go, & that's the way the Lord will let it go as long as it suits His purpose.

       92. [DELETED] They may be Jews, descendants of Judah, but that doesn't mean a damn thing to God! [DELETED] [EDITED: "T"]hey are usurpers of lands which do not belong to them & which God promised them only if they were obedient, & other lands which He never promised them for any reason!

       93. [DELETED] They're usurping other people's property & other people's countries. They've already done it to the Palestinians, now they're doing it to the Lebanese, & what do you want to bet next will be the Syrians?--And after that the Jordanians & the Saudi Arabians & the Egyptians!

       94. THEY'LL PROBABLY LEAVE THE EGYPTIANS TILL LAST because they're the biggest & most powerful. But Egypt has weakened itself by compromising with the Devil to gain peace on its border with Israel & to get back the Sinai & billions in American money & help, & has lost all of its Arab friends as a result!--Bought off!


       96. THESE SELF-RIGHTEOUS SCRIBES, PHARISEES, HYPOCRITES! Jesus said they were whited sepulchres full of dead men's bones, who cleanse the outside of the platter & the inside is filthy! (Mt.23:25-27.) [DELETED] [EDITED: "The Devil is"] deceiving the whole World into believing it with the help of the deluded, deceived, blind Christian church!--Christians!

       97. THEY'RE GONNA WAKE UP ONE OF THESE DAYS & FIND OUT WHAT A BIG MISTAKE THEY MADE IN GIVING [EDITED: "AWAY"] THE MIDEAST[DELETED]!--in giving their country to the Jews, including the U.S.A., Britain & a few others. [DELETED] [EDITED: "M"]aybe some of the Christians in the church are going to wake up to the fact that they were betting on the wrong horse & that they made a big mistake in backing the [EDITED: "wrong side, those who promote"] the Antichrist himself!

       98. I DON'T KNOW HOW WE'RE GOING TO BE ABLE TO COOPERATE WITH THE ANTICHRIST. [DELETED] [EDITED: "I"]t's a little hard for me to understand! [DELETED] I don't know, I'll have to go back & read some of those prophecies & see. But is some ways, maybe we will be a help. Maybe we're already a help by predicting what's going to happen.

       99. THE BABYLONIANS THOUGHT JEREMIAH WAS ONE OF THEIR MEN & THAT HE WAS ROOTIN' FOR THEM just because he gave them the Word of God & predicted what was gonna happen, that they were gonna win! I wouldn't be a bit surprised they may think we're on their side too! And I wouldn't mind for some of them to think so at the moment & leave us alone. [DELETED]

       100. THEY'RE ALL ANTI-CHRIST, SO WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? We have trouble with all of them! We try to live at peace with them & not cross them if we can help it, & we cooperate with them & we obey them because God's Word says to obey the powers. (Ro.13:1.) He didn't make any difference between powers, whether they were Capitalist or Communist, right? So we will have to obey regardless, whoever the power is!--That is, until they tell us to deny Christ, stop witnessing & accept the Mark of the Beast! That'll be the end of our tęte-ŕ-tęte, whatever it may be!

       101. SO THERE'S A LITTLE BIT OF THE HISTORY, & it was prompted by some of these cracks that Begin & Sharon have been making, these false ridiculous claims! You can see right through the whole works, exactly what they're up to & what they intend to do, just what I've already told you. So expect it!

       102. THERE'S ONLY ONE THAT CAN STOP THEM, & THAT'S GOD!--But He won't!--Because He's going to let them have their free will & their right to do as they please, just like He did Adam & Eve, until they have gone over the brink, off the deep end!

       103. SO I HOPE YOU GOT THE POINT: ISRAEL IS A THIEF & A ROBBER NOT COMING IN BY THE DOOR. (Jn.10:1.) It's claim to the promises of God in the Bible are false claims & she has no rights whatsoever according to the promises of God. She has no rights according to the Scripture.

       104. IN FACT, SHE WAS ANYTHING BUT RIGHTS! [DELETED] She has a right to the judgements of God! She has a right to the same kind of horrors she's meted out on others, that's what Israel has a right to! [DELETED]


       106. I THINK IT'S JUST AS WE HAVE SAID, THAT THE COMMUNIST SYSTEM IS VERY SIMILAR TO THE ANTICHRIST SYSTEM. [DELETED] The Antichrist's fathers had a god, because in Daniel it says that "he worshipped not the god of his fathers," etc. (Dan.11:38). So his fathers did have a god once upon a time, but they no longer have one.

       107. SO IT'S ALL A TRICK OF THE DEVIL!--THE WHOLE WORKS! It's a delusion of Satan & he's deceiving the nations & deceiving the Christians, & sometimes I think it looks to me like we're the only ones who know what's happening!--Ha!--Although there have been a few other people who [EDITED: "also know"].


       109. GOD'S GOING TO USE SOME GREAT POWER AS A TOOL ONE OF THESE DAYS TO [DELETED] STOP'M[DELETED]!--According to the Bible it's going to be the Russians--with the help of the Germans! It's right there plain as day, Gomer is going to be one of his bands when he takes over the Mideast! Germany is going to help him. Togarmah, Turkey, is going to help'm, & all those other countries named there. (Ez.38:6.) There are plenty of them who are going to help him. Only Tarshish & the young lions thereof are going to question the invasion & do nothing about it.--That's Britain & the U.S. & the Commonwealth, etc. (Ez.38:13.)

       110. I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'D TITLE THIS ONE: "THE RIGHTS OF ISRAEL"?--"ISRAEL'S RIGHTS--NONE!"--Nil, zero, negative! She's so deep in debt to God she'll never get out! She has no right's, God owes her nothing but trouble & judgement & Hell on Earth like she's given everybody else & giving the poor little weak countries right now like Lebanon & Syria, & will give the rest of them if she's given time. [DELETED]


       112. [DELETED] God has to tell the Truth! God has to have prophets to tell the Truth & expose them, & they've killed every one of them! [DELETED]

       115. AMEN. PTL! DID I MAKE MY POINT? DO YOU THINK THAT'S ENOUGH? Do you think that's the conclusion? The Rights of Israel?--None!--In fact, the only thing she has a right to is punishment, & she'll get it, & God will probably use the Russians to do it, according to the Bible. That's the truth! And if they don't like it, I can't help it, because it's the truth, & I hope you don't mind hearing the truth!


       117. ([EDITED: "FAM"] PRAYS: HELP THE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"] TO BE GOOD & CHANGE [DELETED], IN JESUS' NAME, AMEN.) Amen! Now wasn't that a sweet loving prayer? GBH! She has love [DELETED] to pray for them that they [DELETED] become good. I do too! Let's hope that somehow some can find the Lord.

       118. BUT THE ONLY WAY THEY EVERY TURNED TO GOD WAS IN [DELETED] JUDGEMENT[DELETED]! That's the only way they ever turned to the Lord [DELETED] as they will in the Last Days of the horrors of the Tribulation & the judgements of God! [DELETED] (Rev.9:20,21; 16:9,11.)

       119. [DELETED] That was a sweet little prayer. Thank you, Honey. Shall we pray our little goodnight prayer together? (Prays "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep" & Ps.19:14.)

       120. IN JESUS' NAME, GIVE US A GOOD NIGHT'S REST & SAFEKEEPING [DELETED], & THANK YOU FOR HOW YOU HAVE, LORD! Thank You for the beautiful life You've given us & the beautiful home & loved ones & work & health & strength & all Thy blessings, Lord. You're so good to us, Lord, You're just extra good to us! Have Thy children everywhere. Protect & provide & keep them, Lord, & keep them, Lord, & keep making them a blessing, in Jesus' name, amen.

       121. THANK YOU ARE YOUR PATIENCE, BELOVED! It seems like we're going over a lot of the same ground, but we're sort of working around in concentric circles & attacking the problem from various aspects. Tonight we dealt with the ancient history & denying all of Israel's highly-touted "rights," which is now the thing that they're promoting, that they have a right to it.

       122. GBYA! THANKS FOR LISTENING & LEARNING!--And remember, while you're being so good & patient to listen, you're teaching the whole Family! You're making it possible for them to learn too. PTL! Well it's anything but perfect but at least it's the Truth! TYJ! GBAKYAMYAB!--Even to the Jews!--In Jesus' name, amen!

       123. P.S. GEMAYEL IS DEAD!--Along with 60 of his top Phalangist Party leaders!--& many others wounded by 450-pound bomb which destroyed their HQ Building! With top leaders of Israel's puppets all wiped out, Israel used it as an excuse to take over Beirut completely, wiping out all remaining anti-Israel Lebanese forces & spitefully wrecking Russian Embassy!--And blaming PLO!

       124. NEARLY ALL LEBANESE BLAME ISRAEL, both Christians & Moslems, saying only Israel's forces controlled area of Gemayel's HQ & it was impossible for others to penetrate it!--Lebanese believe Phalangists were getting too hot to handle, so Israelis wiped'm out!--It also gave Israelis needed excuse to take all Beirut!--Another [EDITED: "Israeli"] promise broken! (Nos.1266, 1272.)


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