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TIME TRAVEL!--You Can Do It Now!       8/8/82       DFO1278

       1. I WAS JUST WAKING UP FROM MY NAP WHEN THAT QUESTION THAT WAS ASKED IN "ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS #1" (GN 1) CAME BACK TO ME: When we get to Heaven or in the Millennial Kingdom, will we be able to time-travel back into the past or forward into the future? Why I should have even thought of it again I don't know, except it must've been the Holy Spirit!

       2. BECAUSE I IMMEDIATELY GOT AN ANSWER THAT REALLY STRUCK ME, IT WAS SO IMPRESSIVE! It nearly woke me up because it was so sort of shocking, almost like I could hear with my ears in the spirit: "Well, of course! You can time-travel now!" And I can prove it to you!

       3. CAN YOU REMEMBER WHEN I FIRST MET YOU? (Alf: Yes.) When I ask you that question what do you get? (Alf: I went back & thought of it.) You just thought of it, or did you see a picture? (Alf: I saw a picture.)

       4. YOU CAN TIME-TRAVEL RIGHT NOW IN YOUR MEMORY!--I believe that is how we're going to time-travel! You time-travel in the spirit. I'm not so sure you're going to be able to time-travel in the flesh, in the physical, maybe so in some ways, but not now.

       5. THE LORD IS ABLE TO PROJECT US INTO THE FUTURE, as He did the time I saw Techi there & I heard her talk & everything, but I was in the spirit. And when I was sick that time I could feel her touch, but I was in the spirit. So in the spirit all things are possible & with God nothing shall be impossible, so obviously you can time-travel!

       6. I TOLD THE BOY WHO ASKED THE QUESTION: "WHY SURE, OF COURSE WE CAN!" But the Lord must have wanted this added to the answer: You can do it now in the spirit--in memory, in dreams, in revelations, in visions! In the spirit you can already time-travel!

       7. I'LL NEVER FORGET THAT TIME IN THE "GREEN SHIRT" DREAM (No.629) when I said, "What's this?" I didn't even mean what's the date, that wasn't the question. I just meant, "What does this mean?" But the angel apparently figured that was the answer that I needed & said: "This is 2125 A.D.!" I said, "Well, that's impossible! That hasn't even happened yet!" And he said, "Well, it has now!" It reminded me of Faithy's answer to that [EDITED: "Muslim"] when he said, "God never had any children!" "Well," she said, "He has now!"--Ha!

       8. YOU CAN TIME TRAVEL BACKWARD IN MEMORY ALREADY! Maybe I got that thought somehow during the "Green Shirt" & it didn't really sink in till now. You time-travel in memory. You go back & you think of things. And what do you do? Are you just seeing words?--No, you're seeing pictures!

       9. THIS IS HOW I'M SURE THE RECORDING ANGEL MUST DO IT--the Being of Light or whoever it is, that first angel that everybody faces in all these death experiences--when he opens the Book of Life they travel back through all those scenes of their life in memory. I think it's all recorded right in your head & all he has to do is activate it & it all just unreels like a movie right in your own head! That's where the record is, right?

       10. HOW COULD THE LORD EXPLAIN THAT IN AGES GONE BY, that it's all recorded in your head & there was going to be a way to dump it out like a computer whenever He wanted it shown to you? So He just had to talk about the Book of Life in all these revelations & how nearly all these people see their whole past, review their whole life. Think of it!--It's all in the Book!

       11. SO YOU CAN TIME-TRAVEL RIGHT NOW IN MEMORY! YOU CAN TIME-TRAVEL IN THE SPIRIT! It's easily mentally possible, & science doesn't seem to consider that supernatural at all to be able to travel back in time in memory; they accept that, right? But they can't believe that you can time-travel into the future! "No, no! There's no such thing. Nobody knows the future, that's impossible."

       12. WELL, IF IT WORKS ONE WAY, WHY CAN'T IT WORK THE OTHER WAY? (Maria: They did mention something on TV about that last night. They said, "You'd better be careful, under hypnosis you might even see your death!") Yes, they did believe that & brought out that you may do that.

       13. BUT GOD HAS SOMEHOW PUT A BARRIER THERE SO THAT YOU CAN'T JUST DO IT OF YOUR OWN VOLITION, YOU HAVE TO HAVE SPIRITUAL HELP TO SEE THE FUTURE. Every prophet of God who saw the future got it in a vision or with a spiritual guide who took him into the future, led him by the hand or in the spirit & took him through that hole "Halfway to Heaven" (No.1252) & showed him those scenes of the future!

       14. GOD DOESN'T PERMIT OR TRUST JUST ANYBODY TO SEE THE FUTURE! Imagine if some of the Devil's people could really see the future! That's why I'm a little bit sceptical about some of these modern worldly prophets who've purported to have seen the future--unless they have a genuine good spirit from God & are predicting the same things we're predicting.

       15. THEY DON'T CALL THEM PROPHETS NOWADAYS, OF COURSE, THAT'S A BAD WORD! Ahem! That's something religious. They call them clairvoyants, seers, psychics, mediums, telepathic experts & ESP people, anything to make it sound more scientific & according to man's wisdom & knowledge. It's got to be understandable by man. According to Science there's no supernatural, no spiritual, no God, so it's got to be something man is master of.

       16. BUT ONLY GOD CAN SHOW YOU THE FUTURE! I don't think you can give me an example in the whole Bible of where the Devil revealed the future to anybody that I can remember. When the Witch of Endor raised the spirit of Samuel, that was a prophet of God, prophesying by the wisdom & knowledge of God & the revelation of God what was going to happen to king Saul when he told him he & his three sons were going to die in the battle. Only God knew that & only God could reveal it. (1Sa.28:7-20.) He could let the Devil himself reveal it, I suppose, if He wanted to.

       17. LIKE THE GIRL THAT FOLLOWED PAUL & SILAS AROUND WITH THE FAMILIAR SPIRIT. You notice it didn't say an unclean spirit but it said a spirit of divination. (Acts 16:16.) The Old Testament was pretty hard on familiar spirits, maybe because in those days people didn't have the Holy Spirit to be able to discern the difference between the good ones & the bad ones.

       18. BUT NOW THAT WE HAVE THE HOLY SPIRIT, GOD'S WORD EXHORTS US TO DISCERN THE DIFFERENCE & TRY THE SPIRITS. (1Jn.4:1.) If we're not supposed to have anything to do with spirits at all, how are we going to try them, huh? And yet that's what the churches teach today: "Oh spiritism! That's of the Devil! It's all of the Devil & it's all demonic & it's all devils & blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!" Well, then why did John caution us to try the spirits? What is the rest of that verse?

       19. (SARA: "TRY THE SPIRITS WHETHER THEY ARE OF GOD.") Whether, what? (Sara: Whether they are of God.) (James: They!) Good! You caught the point-they! The churches don't tell you that it's possible to have plural spirits in the good realm as well as in the unholy realm, & of course they immediately misinterpret that "they" means just devils; that all the other spirits besides the Holy Spirit are devils.

       20. WELL, I DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY THINK EVER HAPPENED TO ALL THE ANGELS OF GOD & ALL OF THE DEPARTED SPIRITS OF THE SAINTS! What in the World do they think happened to them anyhow? They say, "Oh well, of course they're not allowed to have contact blah, blah!" Well, there're plenty of examples right in the Bible where people who were not angels of God but were former prophets & men of God had contact with saints of God, right? So PTL! Hallelujah? (Family: Amen!) (1Sam.28:7-20; Dan.8:13-17)

       21. SO THOSE ARE SOME THOUGHTS FOR YOU ON TIME-TRAVEL! Isn't that a shocking thought to you? Your own memory proves that you can time-travel backwards, & the prophecies of God & the visions of the prophets of God prove you can time-travel into the future! Man can't travel into the future except by spiritual help of God or His agencies, but everybody can time-travel into the past with the help of your own memory.

       22. YOU CAN CONJURE UP PICTURES & SCENES OF THE PAST, & SOMETIMES WHEN YOU'RE DREAMING THEY'RE JUST AS REAL AS REAL LIFE! You go back to things that happened & you think you're there again & it's just as real as sitting here!--At least that's the way it seems to you in the dream, right? And in dreams, boy, you sure travel! At least I sure travel in my dreams! Wow! I don't know if anybody in this World ever had such funny dreams as I have! I mean, they're amazing! I don't even understand them myself sometimes!

       23. CAN YOU IMAGINE HAVING A DREAM LIKE "HALFWAY TO HEAVEN"? (No.1252.) I hadn't the faintest idea what that meant when I was having the dream, & it was not until I was faithful & obeyed the Lord & began to relate the dream that the Lord revealed the meaning. After waking up I think back over it & ask the Lord to show me what it means & the Lord interprets it.

       24. BUT SOMETIMES I'M ALMOST AFRAID TO EVEN TELL THE DREAM OR THINK ABOUT IT, IT SOUNDS SO CRAZY & RIDICULOUS & doesn't seem to have any meaning at all! You know some of these dreams I've had! But if it's of the Lord, He always brings out some lesson & meaning.

       25. THIS LITTLE GAL TECHI TIME-TRAVELS! She came back in time from the age of five when I first met her, when I first really knew who she was. Because I think I had met her in dreams several times before: the baby in the bus in the "Registration" Dream (No.333C), & the little girl in the "Aura Jones" Dream (No.381), & in different ones people have pointed out in some of the old Letters where she was there & I wondered at the time who this little girl was.

       26. I NEVER DID KNOW WHO SHE WAS OR WHAT SHE WAS FOR, SHE WAS JUST THERE! Must be one of my little guardian angels, GBH! How about that? She came back from somewhere around the age of nine when I was in Spain where I had that experience with the little girl calling to me from outside on the terrace through the window in Spanish. (See No.760.)

       27. (TECHI: MOMMY CAME OUT ON THE BALCONY & SHE DIDN'T SEE ME!) Yes, you had vanished into thin air! That was a high balcony too & there was no way down! Ha! It was so real I was sure that the gardener's little girl must be out there on the balcony & I wondered how in the World she knew my name!

       28. SHE EVEN CALLED TO ME IN SPANISH: "BIENVENIDO, DAVID!" Now why the Lord had her speaking Spanish then, I don't know, except I had just arrived in Spain & it was sort of a Spanish welcome! Ha! (Techi: I remember I patted you when you were sick.) Yes, when I was very sick you patted me later in Switzerland.

       29. ISN'T THAT AMAZING HOW THE LORD HAS ALLOWED HER TO TRAVEL BACK IN TIME FROM FUTURE AGES? Somewhere, some-place she's already five, or was then. Somewhere, some-place she was already nine. Somewhere, someplace she is already a grown woman, a beautiful stewardess, & then she suddenly turned into a baby! She was a grown woman at first, a beautiful blonde girl in the "Registration" Dream.

       30. ISN'T THE SPIRIT WONDERFUL? I mean, the Spirit World is just so exciting & thrilling when you think about all the things that are going to be possible & are possible already & already happening! Think of that! Isn't that wonderful?

       31. SO LOOK HOW FAR BACK SHE TRAVELLED IN TIME & was willing to come clear back & in a way have to live it now from the beginning! That shows a lot of love--love of the Lord & the love of that person as well, because it's sort of voluntary thing of your own volition & you have a certain amount of choice about it.

       32. I DON'T BELIEVE IN REINCARNATION THE SAME WAY THE BRAHMINS & BUDDHISTS & ORIENTAL RELIGIONS BELIEVE IN IT, but that developed out of the reality & out of the truth. Now they've got it into such a rigmarole it's ridiculous: "Don't kill that fly, it might be your genuine aunt! Don't kill that fly, it might be your uncle! Don't swat that mosquito, it might be your grandmother" & all that kind of ridiculous junk! Well, maybe so, I don't know!--Ha! Well, I'll wait & see, I haven't had anything like that anyhow!--Ha! But with people, real people, it certainly happens. PTL?

       33. HAVE YOU "TIME-TRAVELLED" LATELY?--C'mon! Take a trip in the spirit! It's wonderful!--You can go anywhere with Jesus! HALLELUJAH! TYJ! GBY! ILY! IJNA!

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