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ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS!--No.3/GN7       9/82       DFO1280

       1. QUESTION: THIS SITUATION OF POSSIBLE SPREADING OF VARIOUS SICKNESSES OR AFFLICTIONS AT BIG MEETINGS has come up in a few different areas. Perhaps Homes & leadership need to be more on the attack with proper preventative measures & real desperate prayer before & during such DAFMs, etc.--as it is a real opportunity for the enemy to attack when all our "eggs are in one basket" so to speak. We saw Seek's testimony of their prayer for protection at the Mexico NAFM & perhaps it's a good reminder to all. Perhaps those sick should be more in quarantine, or not attend these meetings until clear?--Isaac.

       ANSWER: ISOLATION OF CONTAGIOUS DISEASES HAS LONG BEEN OUR POLICY, EVEN WITHIN ONE HOME!--Even the common "cold" In our own personal family we insist that any member with a cold or other disease remain in their bedroom--(& perhaps in bed!)--even for meals until almost completely recovered, or past the feverish, chilling, sniffy, sneezing, coughing, spitting, congested contagious stage. Have a heart! Diseases are one thing we shouldn't share!--And of course, if you shouldn't spread it even within your own Home, for God's sake don't share it with others at a Meeting of any kind. Sorry--stay home!

       2. QUESTION: RECENTLY ONE OF THE HOMES HERE IN JAPAN HAS HAD WHOOPING COUGH--our area agreed that no one would visit the Home--but some people did visit: The one mother who did say that she "had the faith for it" & "If God wants other kids to get it, He'll let them, & it must be for a reason"--I think this is a terrible attitude & a total lack of love!--What do you think?--Habakkuk & Ellie; Japan.

              ANSWER: AMEN! (Lu.6:31; Jn.13:17; 1Th.3:12; 1Jn.4:7; Heb.13:1; "New Models," #882, "Why Is Your Child Sick?" #1135.)

       3. QUESTION: IS IT AGAINST MO FOR ME TO SEE MY CHILDREN WHICH THE LORD BLESSED US WITH? I've been treated like an enemy by my wife & her new husband. Such love I can live without! My wife has left me now for 6 months with another brother & won't even let me see our children. I'm not going to kidnap them & I didn't want to separate them from their parents. Why can't I see my own kids? I love & miss them!--Adin; U.S.A.

       ANSWER: AMEN! I AGREE!--& IT'S STRICTLY AGAINST MO THAT YOU DON'T GET TO SEE OR SHARE THEM IF YOU'RE STILL IN THE FAMILY! I have always said for years that any parents of children separating must agree on the custody, splitting, sharing or visiting of the kids! ("Divorce" #359, "Marriage Problems" #314B.) "What God hath joined together, let not man put asunder!" (Matt.19:6.) "For the Lord, the God of Israel, saith that He hateth putting (or taking) away." (Mal.2:16.) It is absolutely against our rules, & if the guilty one persists in this violation of the Scriptures & Christian love, they don't belong in our Family! "A man that is an heretic after the first & second admonition reject!" (Tit.3:10.)--Or they're worthy of excommunication!


       ANSWER: I've given my views on these already. ("Solaris" #271, "Apocalpyse Now" #865, "Porno Movies" #935, "Medusa Touch" #955, "Brother Sun" #225, "Prayer To The King of Kings" #1140, 2nd Encounter with the 1st Kind" #1130.) Some have very deep spiritual significance, parallels or analogies or are preparing the World for coming events!--Others are just plain trash & noise & senseless violence! You must learn to "choose the good & eschew the evil." (1Pe.3:11.) "Whatsoever ye do in word or in deed, do all to the glory of God!" (1Co.10:31.) Does it glorify God?

       5. QUESTIONS: DOES DAD CONSIDER BEING ON WELFARE AS LIVING BY FAITH? He has already said that it's OK as long as it doesn't compromise your testimony. We think it's not totally by faith. Could you write a response?--Isaac Nobody; U.S.A.

       ANSWER: IF UNEMPLOYED, DISABLED OR A PARENT OF CHILDREN OR A CHILD WITHOUT SUPPORT, PUBLIC WELFARE FUNDS ARE YOUR RIGHT, to expect aid from your community agencies or Government funds as a member of that public community, county, province, state or nation if justifiable & eligible! "Use It"! ("Use It" #27.) That's what such funds & their taxes or gifts are for!--Maybe God's way of supplying your need! Mt.9:29!

       6. QUESTION: WHEN WE SING "COME INTO MY HEART LORD JESUS" WITH A CROWD, DO WE COUNT ALL THAT SING WITH US ON OUR STATS? Perhaps some were already saved.--Paul Praymore & Ruth Kiss; Canada.

       ANSWER: In most crowds, it's unlikely in some areas, so I'd sure count most of'm! You'll have to "guesstimate" roughly according to the situation & your own conscience & the Lord's leading.--Mt.9:29! GBY! Many stats can only be rough "guesstimates," especially "mass" stats, & we accept them as such--& I'm sure the Lord & Family understand!--I do!

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