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THE LANDS OF THE RISING SUN!--World of Tomorrow!       29/8/82       DFO 1283

       1. WHERE DID WE HEAR THAT ASIA IS NOT A PART OF THE INTERNATIONAL COPYRIGHT UNION? (James: Well, with the Apple Computers they say all the fake ones in Hong Kong outsell the real ones by ten to one, & Apple says it's not even worth going to court in Asia because they're very slack about the whole idea of copyrights & copying.) That's how most of these countries got where they're at, is by copying American technology!

       2. THAT'S HOW JAPAN GOT ITS START & TAIWAN TOO, MOSTLY FROM AMERICAN FIRMS who right after the war moved in there to gobble up all that cheap smart labour to put their components together, labourers clever with their hands. The Chinese & the Japanese are some of the most clever labourers with small parts! When I was a kid they used to carve all these little balls within balls & intricate castles out of ivory, carving things inside of other things, so they really know how to handle all that small electronic stuff!

       3. THE AMERICAN FIRMS FIGURED, "OH, WE'RE GOING TO MAKE MILLIONS!"--And they did for awhile!--Till finally the Japanese knew how to do it & just started edging the American firms out & taking it over themselves! So did Taiwan, although there're still more American firms in Taiwan than Japan, & I imagine Singapore did the same thing.

       4. DID YOU NOTICE THAT ARTICLE IN THE PAPER THE OTHER DAY ABOUT THE FOUR "NEW JAPANS"? They call them the four new Japans because they're following in Japan's footsteps of technological development & manufacturing of all kinds of smart electronic equipment, etc. They say it's going to be a hopeless case for the United States before long because all these countries will be manufacturing all these same things in copies much cheaper & better!--Just like they're doing with the Japanese cars, etc., & the U.S. is howling!

       5. CAN ANYBODY MAKE A GOOD EDUCATED GUESS WHAT THE FOUR NEW JAPANS ARE? (James: Singapore would be one.) Yes. (James: Taiwan.) (Peter: Hong Kong.) Yes, & Alfred? (Alfred: South Korea.) Very good! Look at this smart boy over here, he's getting to be one of our bright boys!

       6. THEY'RE ALL SHORT ON MANUAL LABOUR & STRONG ON BRAINS, so instead of going into the massive cheap labour market of just manual labour type of products, they're going into the brain products like computers, electronics, etc., things that take really good training & smart experts & technicians & are high-priced & which they can make on a very small scale on small premises.

       7. IT JUST THRILLED ME TO READ THAT ARTICLE BECAUSE IT SHOWS WHY THE LORD IS LEADING US THIS DIRECTION, really, if the World just lasts a little longer! The guy in the article said World technology is moving to the East, & given a little more time, these nations of the East, including Japan--the five total Japans & possibly China--will be the World's leaders in technological development, technological equipment, experts, technicians, the works!

       8. THEY KEPT HINTING THAT IT WAS A THREAT TO THE UNITED STATES because they were probably going to bypass or out-produce the U.S.! And of course the U.S. is already screaming about Japanese products, especially Japanese cars, TVs, computers, etc.

       9. SO WE ARE IN THE MOST DEVELOPING PART OF THE WORLD! In spite of the World recession, this part of the World, compared to the rest of the World, has been actually booming & has had a much lower rate of recession than the big industrialised nations of the North, such as Europe & the United States.

       10. EUROPE & THE UNITED STATES HAVE HAD A MUCH LOWER GNP GROWTH RATE, IN FACT, ALMOST NEGATIVE! It came to almost zero in the U.S. last year or close to zero growth rate! Even at present it has only gotten up to something like 2 or 3% as I recall the article, whereas these countries are at a steady 6 to 9%!

       11. IN OTHER WORDS, THESE COUNTRIES ARE GROWING & DEVELOPING MUCH MORE RAPIDLY, industrially & electronically, etc., & enjoying the resultant prosperity. We sure saw it in Singapore! Everything looked just like the U.S.: The highways, the cars--except they're a little smarter to have smaller cars--& the MacDonalds & the A&W Root Beer & the Kentucky Fried Chicken & the works! Right? You wouldn't have known you weren't in the United States except you kept bumping into Asians! You were almost shocked to see all those Chinese, Malays & Indians! And we saw very few Westerners except in those typical Western joints.

       12. SO THEY'RE SAYING THAT THIS IS THE AREA OF THE FUTURE! Here is the World of the Future! Oh, I wish you could read that article, it's terrific! (GN 5, pg.34). It should encourage your faith to realise why the Lord has sent us, of all people, the most important people in the Family, to this area of all places, & told us, when I was all prepared & had bought our tickets to go to Latin America, that that was going backwards!

       13. I WOULD HAVE THOUGHT, "WELL GOODNIGHT, LATIN AMERICA, THAT'S NEW TO AMERICANS!" Well, it's not! It's old hat. The Lord literally called that the Old World, when that's what used to be called the New World!

       14. BUT HE CALLED THIS THE NEW WORLD, THE LAND OF THE FUTURE! And I said, "Well, why, Lord?" And He said, "You're going back to the old instead of forward to the new! You're to go Eastward, not Westward!"

       15. I HAD TO GET AN ANSWER & I HAD TO KNOW IT QUICK, so I got desperate in prayer, & the Lord just gave'm right down the line! First of all I had to go quick & tell Peter without even knowing why! I said, "Why Lord?" He said, "Stop Peter & stop the reservations, you're just going the wrong direction, period!"

       16. AND YET THAT'S THE DIRECTION WE HAD PLANNED TO GO ALL THE TIME!--Not once, but several times! We had our tickets & visas bought for South America to go to Montevideo, remember? Then the big joke was we wound up in Portugal on the Camino Montevideo!--Ha! Then we had our visas & tickets bought all the way to Lima, Peru & the Lord stopped us!--Crazy except to the Lord! Aren't you glad we came this way? (Family: Amen!)

       17. ISN'T THAT AMAZING HOW THE LORD CAN GIVE SUCH CLEAR ANSWERS WHEN YOU REALLY GET DESPERATE?--And I was desperate!--We had to either go or stay, one or the other! Here we had everything planned to go back to Latin America, because that's where most of the Family would be, why not? At that time about two-thirds of the Family were in the Western Hemisphere!

       18. BY THE WAY, ACCORDING TO THE LATEST STATS, TWO-THIRDS OF THE FAMILY ARE NOW IN THE SOUTH, whereas it's only been a year or so since two-thirds of the Family were in the North! They have really been leaving! And did you know what the U.S. Department of State or Immigration or whatever it is that issues passports says? They've had the biggest flood of applications for passports this past year of any year in their history, several times normal!

       19. THEY SAID THAT NORMALLY IN ONE OFFICE THEY HAD A BACKLOG OF ABOUT 4000 PASSPORTS, which would usually take them about two weeks to process, but they have a backlog of 20,000 passports now & the guy said, "I could close up my office right now, never take another application & be busy for 2 or 3 months!"

       20. REMEMBER WHAT WE TOLD THE FAMILY?: YOU'D BETTER GET YOUR PASSPORT & BE READY TO GO OR IT'S GOING TO BE TOO LATE! It's taking months now to get a passport in the U.S.A.! You used to be able to walk into the Washington or New York office & get one in two days, even that day in Washington! Or if you went to Washington & applied they'd mail it to you the next day!

       21. WE WENT TO WASHINGTON WHEN WE WERE ON OUR FIRST TRIP TO EUROPE, applied for a passport, gave them a New York General Post Office address & picked up our passports there when we got to New York! Now it takes months to get a U.S. passport! It looks to me like the U.S. is deliberately dragging its feet & trying to keep its people from an exodus!

       22. I BELIEVE OUR MESSAGE HAS HAD SOME EFFECT, BELOVED, AS WELL AS THE THREAT OF ATOMIC WAR & A LOT OF OTHER THINGS!--As well as excessive taxation which they're trying to escape, & the horrors of crime they're trying to escape, & the atomic war they're trying to escape & the judgments of God they're trying to escape!

       23. WE'RE NOT THE ONLY PEOPLE IN THE WORLD THAT KNOW THE U.S. IS A DANGEROUS PLACE TO BE! A lot of people are trying to leave! And even in spite of their new computerised passport system, they've found that bugs in the computer in Chicago have fritzed up the works & they say they could be getting out the passports faster by hand! Those computers are really subject to demonic tampering, literally! Those little tiny electric impulses are so small that demons can interfere! So they're really having a tough time getting out of the United States now. The tunnel is closing for the people that dragged their feet & waited till the last minute!

       24. THERE WERE SEVEN WAYS THE LORD SHOWED US THAT WE WERE TO GO TO THE EAST: (Tongues!) Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! "Hear the Words that I speak unto thy Father & believe the words that I have said unto him, that thou mightest have faith in the message that I have given unto thy father David!" Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! I'm a very poor interpreter, Lord forgive me. TYJ! PTL! Hallelujah! It's better than that, it's more wonderful! I don't do very good in public, Lord forgive me, I'm too conscious of people. Sometimes the Lord punches through anyhow!

       25. I OUTLINED SEVEN SPECIFIC THINGS THAT DAY IN PORTUGAL THAT THE LORD HAD SHOWN ME & IT WAS A VERY DRASTIC & DRAMATIC CHANGE IN OUR PLANS FOR POOR PETER! It was about the second time it happened, & the third time was in Singapore when we were again on our way to Lima, this time across the South Pacific, in case you didn't know it! We were going to pass through Tahiti, Easter Island & all those exotic places, land in Santiago, Chile, then go on North to Peru.

       26. WE HAD OUR TICKETS BOUGHT FOR THE WHOLE WAY & POOR PETER HAD TO GO DOWN & TELL THE GIRL WE WEREN'T GOING THAT WAY & could she please transfer the tickets to head this way instead, & could he please have the money back. In most cases like that they're not about to give you all the money back, & some even give you a 10% penalty for changing your plans! But you never lost a penny, did you? (Peter: No. They gave it all back.)
* * *

       (The following is Dad's talk to his staff in Portugal on January 19th in which he relates his experiences of the night before:)

       27. THE LORD IS SURE FULL OF SURPRISES, ISN'T HE? I was telling Maria & Peter this morning, I wonder if it's part of His security system that He suddenly switches signals at the last minute, like He did when we were in South Africa? It sure must confuse the Devil, because I know it confuses me! It's kind of embarrassing sometimes too, I must admit.

       28. I TOLD MARIA THIS MORNING, I DON'T THINK THE LORD UNDERSTANDS RESERVATIONS & that man has to have a lot of notice & plans in advance, because He often switches them at the last minute! Well, I must say, I was already feeling this way yesterday. Like the old lady said: "I may not know what it am, but I sure knows when it ain't!" And just like when we were in South Africa, the closer the time got, the more I felt like it ain't!

       29. IT STARTED FIRST THING YESTERDAY MORNING WHEN I OPENED MY DIARY, & guess what it said on the page for the 18th when I was already worrying about it?--It said, "When in doubt, don't! I said, "But Lord, we've got all these plans & poor Mordy & Juan need our help, surely we've got to go!" I really had a battle all day yesterday & all night!

       30. WELL, AS IT SAYS ON THE FIRST REVOLUTIONARY APPLICATION SHEET, there's one thing you can be sure of in the Family, & that's constant change! (See No.S.) "Because they have no changes, therefore they fear not God!" (Ps.55:19.) I guess that's why we're so afraid of the Lord! We fear the Lord because we know we're really dependent on Him & things are apt to change any minute!

       31. THE LORD DOESN'T USUALLY BOX YOU IN COMPLETELY, HE GIVES YOU CHOICES & ALTERNATIVES. We could have gone ahead if we'd insisted on it, in fact, I was arguing with the Lord even while I was talking to Juan on the phone, carrying on a two-way conversation! It just was coming to me so strongly then: "No, you're not going there!"

       32. WHILE I WAS TELLING HIM, "WE'LL BE THERE & BE SURE TO MEET US," etc., I was thinking, "Well, if we go there & it doesn't work out we can always come back!" But I got to thinking later during the night: "That's one hell of a long detour! It would make the trip three times as long!"

       33. SO I ARGUED WITH THE LORD LAST NIGHT & SAID: "BUT LORD, I THOUGHT THAT'S THE PLACE FOR A PDQ TO BE!" AND HE SAID, "YES, BUT NOT YOU!" The Lord said, "You're going the wrong direction!"

       34. THEN I SAID, "BUT LORD, NEARLY ALL OF US SPEAK SPANISH! We don't speak that language!" And the Lord said, "Yes, but they speak yours!" Don't worry, we're not going back to the U.S. or England.--Ha! I'll tell you, I really fought a battle last night, but man, a decision is such a relief!

       35. AND DEAR MARIA, SHE HAS A LOT OF FAITH IN ME! No matter how crazy I am, her dear old Don Quixote, she is my little Sancho Panza & she trots right along behind me on her little donkey, her poor little donkey Peter who has to go whichever way she goes!--And with our dear Dulcineas & our whole retinue of knights in armour & ladies!

       36. THEN I SAID, "BUT LORD, THAT'S SO FAR!" And in the morning I got up & measured it on the World map, & it's almost exactly the same distance! I'd already folded up my inflatable globe--I had deflated the whole World & it was really suffering from deflation--so I got it out to prepare for a great inflation!--Blowing it up!

       37. I'D LIKE TO TEST YOU GUYS SOMETIMES & SEE IF YOU'RE AS WINDY AS I AM! I can inflate that globe in three blows! I always used to win all the blowing games when I was a kid. Did you ever play that game of blowing a ping pong ball across the table? I could win hands down! I was the biggest blow there was! I guess the Lord was preparing me for today, I'm still pretty windy! The poor typists, they ought to know!

       38. ANYWAY, I THOUGHT, "WELL, I'M GOING TO PROVE IT'S REALLY TOO FAR TO GO! I had the inflatable globe all folded up & it came to me just as I started to open it up, "Wouldn't it be something if I just happened to open this thing to the place we're going?" I had no idea what was all folded up inside, I just took it, opened it up quick, & inside all those folds my eyes fell right on the place we're going!

       39. I KEPT ASKING THE LORD FOR LITTLE CONFIRMATIONS. They seem like silly little things, but those little things are really encouraging when you're wondering how come the Lord switched plans on you!

       40. THE LORD SAID, "YOU'RE NOT TO GO TOWARD THE LAND OF THE SETTING SUN & THE PAST, BUT TOWARD THE LAND OF THE RISING SUN & THE FUTURE!" (Tongues.) PYL! "Thank You Lord for how Thou hast revealed these things & relieved the heart of your father." TYJ!

       41. I HAD HAD NO REAL BIG REVELATION OR MESSAGE FROM THE LORD TO GO TO SOUTH AMERICA, it just seemed like the logical practical thing to do, that's all! The Lord doesn't always have to give you revelations of what to do. He doesn't have to tell you to get up in the morning & wash your face & eat your breakfast, it's obvious what you have to do! It just seemed obvious that that was of course where we had to go.--But it apparently wasn't obvious to the Lord!

       42. BUT WHY DID HE HAVE TO WAIT TILL THE LAST MINUTE TO TELL ME THAT? Sometimes I think He really likes to play jokes & tricks on us just to show He's the One that's in control. As Bobby Burns said: "The best laid plans of mice & men often gang aglae!"--Meaning they often go astray.

       43. I SAID, "IF THAT'S THE TRUTH, LORD, THEN FOR GOD'S SAKE, LET ME SEE A LITTLE SUNSHINE TODAY after all this rain! Let me see the sunrise!"--And bloop, up came the sun! I said, "How can I go toward the rising sun when I haven't even seen it for the last few days?"--And first things this morning, sun!

       44. IT WAS ALMOST LIKE SOMEBODY SHOUTING IN MY HEAD" "YOU'RE GOING THE WRONG DIRECTION!"--And I couldn't get that out of my head all night! It nearly popped out of my mouth & it was about all I could do to keep my mouth shut & not tell Maria or even wake her up: "We're going the wrong direction!"

       45. DO YOU REALISE THE LORD HAS STOPPED US AT LEAST THREE OR FOUR TIMES FROM GOING THAT DIRECTION? First we were going to go to Puerto Rico, then we were going to go to Uruguay, then we decided to go to the West Indies, & finally to Peru! That's at least four different places that we were going to go, & the Lord stopped us every time!

       46. BUT I WAS DETERMINED TO GO THIS TIME! I was sure that of course that must be the place we were supposed to be! I mean, it's logical, it's reasonable, sensible! Of course that's the logical place for us! Well, apparently the Lord doesn't always necessarily think in logical reasonable natural terms! As my Mother used to say, "God often works contrary to natural expectation!"--Not always, but often.

       47. WHAT ELSE DID I TELL YOU?--OH, THE SKY WAS CRYING! I was practically crying inside all day yesterday because I just had a funny feeling. And then when you've just recently done the same thing, you hate to admit it again! I said, "Peter is going to absolutely know that I'm either drunk or crazy! He'll never have any confidence in me again. He's working for an absolute nut that always changes his mind at the last minute!" Well, I didn't change my mind at all, the Lord changed it! So, PTL!

       48. IT WAS ALMOST LIKE THE LORD WAS AMUSED & LIKE HE REALLY ENJOYS THE SITUATION! He almost enjoys my embarrassment because it really helps make me humble, to show that He is the boss & not me!--That where I want to go really isn't important, it's where He wants me to go that's important!

       49. THEN IT CAME TO ME, "WELL, THERE'S ONE THING MORE, IT CERTAINLY IS GOOD SECURITY! You sure do surprise people, Lord, You even surprise me!" If I don't even know where we're going, certainly nobody else knows either!"--Ha! Maybe the Lord is trying to really confuse the Devil & our friends & enemies, & especially the Family! I mean, with friends like the Family, who needs enemies? They're the biggest security leaks there are!--Ha!

       50. AND AS MARIA SAID, FROM ALL THESE DIFFERENT DREAMS & REVELATIONS I'VE HAD, THEY'RE GOING TO BE EXPECTING US TO POP UP ALMOST ANYWHERE!--South America, South Africa, anywhere! I've had revelations & dreams about all of them, & we are going to all of them, the Family is!--But the Lord said, "Not you!"

       51. WELL, I REALLY REALLY HAD AN ARGUMENT WITH THE LORD, & JUST AS CLEAR AS ANYTHING HE JUST SAID: "SORRY, WRONG DIRECTION!" Actually, I've never been so relieved as I have been today after I finally confessed to you guys & told you the score! It's such a relief & I have been happy ever since! I was able to lie down & take a good 3-hour nap & not worry about it anymore. So PTL!

       52. AND ANOTHER MIRACLE WAS THAT WE JUST GOT A PHONE CALL TODAY telling us that a certain very important party whom we trust a great deal to act on our behalf to find us a house is already in that very country, that very Eastern city, & we didn't even know it! Isn't that amazing?

       53. THERE USED TO BE AN OLD SAYING: "ALL DRESSED UP WITH NO PLACE TO GO!" Well, now we're all packed up & rather than no place to go, we've really got someplace to go!--And it's wonderful! Peter found out they've got terrific flights there on the airline he loves best, & we've learned a lot of other good news about the place since then.

       54. THE LORD EVEN REMINDED ME: "ONCE I TOLD YOU TO GO TO THE LAND OF THE SETTING SUN & there it would be told you what you're to do." I had said, "But Lord, where do I go from there? What are we going to do? Where am I going to go?" He said, "You don't have to know. When you get there it will be told you what to do." We don't have to know the rest of our itinerary or how far we're going to go or where we're going to go from there the Lord'll show us when the time comes.

       55. MAYBE I HAVE TO MAKE A DECISION OF SOME KIND EVEN IF IT'S THE WRONG ONE, TO SORT OF FORCE THE LORD'S CARDS! If I play mine, then He's gotta play His to keep me from doing what I'm going to do.--Even if He has to stop me in the last minute! TYL! I laid all my cards on the table & the Lord laid His on the table & He won!--And I'm glad, very happy!

       56. EVERYTHING SEEMED TO FIT TOGETHER & EVERY OBJECTION I MADE, THE LORD ANSWERED IT! I said, "But Lord, what are we going to do there that far away from Mordy & everybody?" He said, "Just what you've always been doing!" I said, "What about Mordy?" "Well, he can keep right on doing what he's always been doing!"

       57. I SAID, "BUT WHAT ABOUT AFTER THE WAR if we get separated that far away & all that?" "Well, Mordy can keep on taking care of that part of the World, & you can keep on taking care of your part of the World!" Besides, they've got Faithy, the next most powerful personality besides us, already in that part of the World, & she's able to very easily lead that whole mob of Americans & new missionaries!

       58. ANOTHER THING THAT CAME TO ME WAS: "WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE BACK THERE WITH ALL THOSE BACKSLIDERS & PEOPLE WHO DON'T EVEN WANT TO GO THERE, many only going there because they have to, to get out of the war? They're not really willing missionaries, they didn't decide to leave the U.S. till you told them they were going to get killed if they didn't!"

       59. WHAT A BUNCH OF MISSIONARIES TO HAVE TO WORK WITH! GOD HELP US! Thank God for those who were already there & really wanted to go! There are going to be an awful lot of problem cases with all those backsliders & people who just moved out because they were forced to move on account of the war.

       60. I THINK I WROTE SOMETHING A LONG TIME AGO ON HOW THE MIGRATION OF CHRISTIANITY USED TO BE WESTWARD & how it finally began to run into each other in the Western Hemisphere, but that our first Great Escape & migration began in the opposite direction, Eastward, & it seems like that's the way we've always gone.

       61. WE MADE ONE LITTLE SIDE-TRIP TO SOUTH AFRICA, BUT THAT WAS NEITHER EAST NOR WEST!--And I'm glad we went! It certainly was interesting & now we know what we can do now in South Africa. It's not just a closed field & a closed door, there's lots that can be done down there. You can't pass out lit on the streets, but you can sure FF up a storm!

       62. IT JUST KEPT COMING SO STRONG & I WAS LIKE A SINNER UNDER CONVICTION because the Lord has spoken of the direction we were supposed to go for years now, actually years & years, always a little more Eastward all the time. Even Madame M spoke of it (See No.268: 15,28,48,57,72), Abrahim has spoken of it, & we've had revelations & dreams about it! Only recently were we willing to release the real full text of one of the Letters we got a long time ago about that, "The Song of India!" (No.1096.)

       63. I'M SURE THAT BETWEEN FAITHY & MORDY & THAT WHOLE BUNCH THEY'LL BE WELL ABLE TO TAKE CARE OF SOUTH AMERICA when the leadership crunch comes, but there's another part of the World where we're going to be needed. There are only 300 million people living in South America, whereas there are 1500 million people living in the part of the World that the Lord is leading us to.--Five times as many people & really very little evangelised.

       64. MARIA & I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THE PIONEERS! Wherever we went, we've almost always gone there first & helped to pioneer & lead the Family there. The Lord has always pushed us into pioneering & pushing that part of the world & being in that part of the World where He wanted us to go.

       65. WE STARTED IN THE U.S. IN ORDER TO GET US ROLLING, because that's where I was & that's where the leadership was, & then He pushed us to Europe. We went first & saw the potential & wrote about it & encouraged folks to go & sent the first team.

       66. I'VE GOTTEN GOD KNOWS HOW MANY THINGS ON THE EAST, BUT I ALWAYS THOUGHT IT WAS FOR THE FUTURE: "Some day maybe, yeah yeah yeah! Madame M was right, but that's maybe in the Millennium or something!" But PTL! The future is here!--And honestly, I'm excited! I'm thrilled! Because I must admit that although I wanted to go back & help Mordy & Faithy & all that, I had that feeling like I was going back in time, back to the old, as though that is yesterday, in a way.

       67. NOW I DON'T MEAN THAT WE'RE BY ANY MEANS FINISHED IN SOUTH AMERICA, I THINK WE'RE JUST BEGINNING to get our stride there & we've yet to reach our peak! I think South America with the MCV programs & all is going to absolutely explode, I think it's going to boom!--Just the way I think that India & the Far East are going to explode now with the Hindi program & Simon going there & all that!

       68. BUT MY GOODNESS, WE'VE GOT SO MUCH LEADERSHIP IN SOUTH AMERICA, IT'S ALMOST UNBELIEVABLE! And with high-powered personalities like Faithy & Juan & Mordy & Damaris, they've got everything & everybody that they need & more to handle South America. We've already got about 2500 people in South America & our population explosion there is booming!

       69. AND I WAS SURPRISED, THE PERCENTAGE OR PROPORTION OF OUR POPULATION IN THE EAST HAS GROWN MORE IN PERCENT THAN ANY OTHER SOUTHERN FIELD! And of course I already wrote in one Letter, "Song of India," we've only got about one person in India to every 7 million people, whereas we already have one Family member in South America to every 100,000 people! Boy, the way our Family witnesses & litnesses up a storm & gets around, one member of our Family could go through 100,000 people in nothing flat!--Radio, television, litnessing, whatever!

       70. SO THAT'S THE STORY & THAT'S WHY WE'RE STILL HERE TONIGHT! TYL! I don't know what the Lord's going to do next time! At least He gave me a week's notice last time, this time it was only one day's notice, hardly that!--12 hours before we were supposed to get on the plane. I hope we don't have to back out of the airport next time!--Ha! Well, maybe once we get headed in the right direction we won't have such a problem!

       71. SO ALL I KNOW IS, THE LORD SAID, "YOU'RE GOING THE WRONG DIRECTION! You're to go toward the Rising Sun not the Setting Sun. That's the Land of the Past, this is the Land of the Future!" Isn't that amazing how the Lord can tell you a thing like that? What a miracle! God's little miracles! There were so many of them today & last night & even yesterday. Amen! PTL! TYL! (End of Dad's 19/1/82 talk.)
* * *

       72. WELL, JUST TO GIVE YOU AN IDEA WE'VE COME THE RIGHT DIRECTION, I'LL READ YOU LITTLE OF THIS ARTICLE: "Although the attention of the Western World has largely been attracted by the unarguable success of Japan, first in basic industries & increasingly in high technology..."--Now don't misunderstand me, we're not just coming here for the industrial or commercial purposes, but the fact that this is the coming World of Tomorrow, & one of the few parts of the World that's going to escape the war, that's one reason.

       73. WHEN AMERICA IS GONE & A GOOD DEAL OF EUROPE, who's going to have to be producing all these Apple computers, etc., that we're going to need? We're going to be right here in the thick of it where they'll be making the only ones still made! How about that? (Continues reading article:)

       74. "EAST ASIAN EXPERTS WARN THAT JAPAN IS SIMPLY THE LEADING EDGE OF A FAR BROADER ECONOMIC CHALLENGE ON THE EASTERN HORIZON. That challenge centers on the growing economic might of the four new Japans--Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong & Singapore--all of which are moving out of such labour-intensive industries as textiles, footwear & mundane electronics items into higher-technology industries. These states have modeled their industrial development policies after those of Japan. As Lee, Prime Minister of Singapore, put it: The Japanese have got it right!"

       75. IN OTHER WORDS, THE U.S.A. IS A DECLINING INDUSTRIAL POWER, that's why it's fighting desperately for survival & already in trade sanctions, trade war, tariff war to try to keep down competition in the United States itself, much less abroad. And of course they always wind up in a shooting war, which they will. It goes on:

       76. "THE INHERENT STRENGTHS OF THE FIVE NATIONS COMBINED have led one of the believers in the area's future, Mike Mansfield, the U.S. Ambassador to Japan"--he's one of the few progressive U.S. Senators--"to predict that the World is entering the century of the Pacific,' with far-reaching economic & strategic implications for the United States." Then it goes on explaining why there's a big threat to U.S. industry, blah blah.

       77. "IN TIME WE MAY COME TO THINK OF OURSELVES"--the U.S.A.--"as the agricultural hinterland to the East Asian industrial centers." The U.S. may go back to agriculture, especially after the war. When the industry is gone, that's about all they'll have left, if they can grow anything then.

       78. "THE U.S.A. IS A MERE APPENDAGE TO THE WORLD ECONOMIC HEARTLAND AS IT SHIFTS WESTWARD ACROSS THE PACIFIC BASIN"--Well, it's shifted Westward & Eastward both, across the Pacific & the other way, the way we came--"said Roy M. Hofheinz Jr. [DELETED] a former Harvard professor who is now a consultant, & Kent E. Calder, an instructor at Harvard, in a new book called The East Asia Edge.--In other words, they have an edge on the old Western World.

       79. "IF CURRENT TRENDS ACCELERATE, IT IS FEARED..."--Asian dominance is feared, in other words. Well, it almost succeeded in the last war. It's amazing how far the Japanese got, & it's amazing how long it took the United States to get it back, but now it's losing it economically. What the Japs couldn't do militarily--or did but then had it taken away from them--they're now doing economically & industrially. "If current trends accelerate, it is feared, East Asian exporters will further penetrate the American market & dictate the terms of competition Worldwide.

       80. "AS AKIO MIKUNI, A FINANCIAL CONSULTANT TO MANY JAPANESE COMPANIES, OBSERVED, 'JAPAN IS NOW THE GLOBAL PRICE-SETTER in autos, electronics & some semiconductor products; this is an epoch-making change that reflects the shift of competitive advantage toward Japan.'"--And the four other Japans! (Continues reading:)

       81. "DURING THE 1970'S, THE ECONOMIES OF RAPIDLY INDUSTRIALISING TAIWAN, SOUTH KOREA, HONG KONG & SINGAPORE GREW AT AN AVERAGE ANNUAL RATE OF MORE THAN 9%"--here's some of these stats--"while Japan posted a yearly growth rate of 6%" The four new Japan's growth rate was 9%, Japan's 6%, whereas the rate in the United States was only 3%! That's double the U.S. percentage of growth in Japan, & triple the U.S. percentage growth in the four new Japans! (Reads on:)

       82. "THEY PREDICT THAT IN THE 1980'S, TAIWAN, SOUTH KOREA, HONG KONG & SINGAPORE WILL INCREASE THE SIZE OF THEIR ECONOMIES BY 7% TO 9% A YEAR"--more, in other words--"while Japan's more mature economy shows annual gains of 4% Over the next couple of decades you will probably see more economic growth in this region than in the whole rest of the World."

       83. NOW THOSE ARE SOME PRETTY STRONG STATEMENTS! Do you want me to read the three or four paragraphs of why? Just this short little column: "Each of the four industrialising areas of East Asia has its own mix of economic policies, shaped by different historical, political & geographical forces. Each, too, has its own elements of uncertainty. However, there are common features in the political economies of these nations, plus Japan"--now they're going to tell you what all these countries have in common which bode so good for them:

       84. "GOVERNMENT POLICIES THAT PROMOTE SAVINGS & INVESTMENT, RATHER THAN CONSUMPTION." In other words, the people are not just spending all their money, they're putting it to use, investing it in their industries & their growth & all the rest.--And not in places where the inflation rate's so bad that it beats the profits & the interest. Not too many things beat the prophets, but inflation has beaten the profits: P-R-O-F-I-T, kids!

       85. "CONTROL OF ECONOMIC POLICY-MAKING BY AN ELITE CORPS OF BUREAUCRATS." In other words, the government has tight control on developments. I mean, the U.S. doesn't have any goals, it hasn't got any ideology, it has no idealism, it has no plan for the future, it has no plan for where they want to go, they've already arrived! They just want to keep what they've got, as I've said before, & they're having a hell of a time trying to figure out how to keep it!

       86. THESE COUNTRIES WANT TO GO SOMEPLACE & THEY'VE GOT PLANS OF HOW TO GET THERE! In other words, you're now in the most progressive part of the World of today! The West is old hat! Europe is old hat, it's part of the Western World. This is the World of Tomorrow, right here in the East!

       87. NOW BELOVED, MAYBE YOU THINK I'M A LITTLE BIT CRAZY, maybe I am, but I'm crazy enough to believe God that we're going to have to know enough about this World that when the Millennium comes, we're going to have to learn how to run it! And this is one of the most important parts of the World with its largest population! Two-thirds of the World's population live in this area, & only one-third in the West. And what God calls riches is souls!

       88. HERE'S ANOTHER COMMON THING THEY HAVE: "RELATIVELY EQUITABLE DISTRIBUTION OF INCOME AMONG THE POPULATION." In other words, they're all quite prosperous countries where everybody's got cars & TV's & nice homes, etc., right? If Singapore was any sample of what the rest of them are like, we sure saw it!--Which is probably why the Lord let us go there, to get a good sample of what the prosperous countries of the Orient are like.

       89. IT WAS JUST AS PROSPEROUS AS ANYTHING I EVER SAW IN THE U.S., & yet with really a more general equal level of a sort of a middle class prosperity.--Not just a vast almost innumerable number of poor & a few very very very rich like the Latin American countries!

       90. SOME COUNTRIES COUNT THEMSELVES AS RICH JUST BECAUSE THERE ARE A FEW FEUDAL LANDLORDS WHO OWN EVERY THING & ARE VERY RICH, so they say the country's rich, when most of the people are mere serfs, slaves, peons & peasants on the land, like South America! But he's saying here that there is more of a middle class, more of a spread of the prosperity in these countries.

       91. ANOTHER THING THEY HAVE IN COMMON: "CONTROL OF SOME KEY SECTORS OF THE ECONOMY BY LARGE CORPORATIONS OR INDUSTRIAL GROUPS THAT ARE UNFETTERED BY AMERICAN STYLE ANTI-TRUST LAWS." Now to interpret that into your language: Industrial dictatorships, unlimited & unfettered by government. And what have I always said is the most efficient, effective, economical form of government?--A dictatorship! And of course if you've got a smart benign dictator, a guy who knows what he's doing, he can run it better than a lot of people who don't!

       92. THEY'VE GOT HUGE GIGANTIC FAMILY CORPORATIONS LIKE MITSUBISHI & SONY & all the rest of them of Japan, as well as some of these other firms that have been in families for generations & which they still control, & they're virtually bigger than the government!--So the government can't very well get in their way & try to chop it up & pass it out to some other jealous, envious, covetous rich people who want a hunk of all that!

       93. THEY'VE LEARNED HOW TO DO IT, & DO IT WELL, & DO IT PROFITABLY & EFFICIENTLY & EFFECTIVELY & KEEP THEIR LABOUR FORCES HAPPY! So why not? Nothing succeeds like success! Whereas in the U.S., other corporations & other rich people have been jealous & envious & covetous & been after the big ones all the time trying to bust up the ones that made it! Well, I'll admit sometimes maybe they need it!

       94. ON THE OTHER HAND, THE EAST HAS PROVED THAT THIS IS THE MOST EFFICIENT EFFECTIVE WAY TO DO IT, by gigantic dictatorial corporations, believe it or not, but the kind who keep their labour force happy & make them feel like part of a family! That's what they say about the Japanese corporations:

       95. WHY DON'T THEY HAVE ANY LABOUR TROUBLES? Why don't they have all the strikes & troubles the Western World & every place else in the West has?--Because they feel like they're part of a family, like they have a share in the corporation, & they do! They even give them shares in the corporation & keep them happy, give them a lot of things that even a salary won't do.

       96. THEY KNOW THEY ARE HIRED FOR LIFE, THINK OF IT! Where can you ever be sure of a job for life in the United States, even with the biggest corporation? I mean, they even fire some of their presidents, like the head of Ford who got fired & went over to General Motors. I mean you can't be sure of a job in the United States even if the government guarantees it.

       97. BUT IN EASTERN CORPORATIONS THEY KNOW THEY'RE GOING TO TAKE CARE OF THEM & THEIR FAMILIES FOR LIFE. They have total absolute social security! Well, they say, it would never go over in the United States because there's not enough freedom! Well, you can't have absolute security & absolute freedom at the same time, I told you that lots of times.

       98. WHAT PEOPLE IN THE UNITED STATES IN THE DAYS GONE BY HAD THE GREATEST SECURITY & were taken care of from the cradle to the grave & could always be sure of roof over their heads & something to eat & a job & that their old folks would be taken care of, & their children would be taken care of, & their children would be taken care of, & they'd be taken care of when they were sick, total 100% social security from the cradle to the grave?--The slaves! In other words, we're hinting at the fact that although the labour in the East is a little bit more like slave labour, at least they can count on being taken care of from the cradle to the grave!

       99. ANOTHER THING THEY HAVE IN COMMON: "AN EMPHASIS ON EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS TO TRAIN SKILLED WORKERS." Boy, we sure saw that in Singapore, didn't we?--All kinds of educational programs to train skilled workers, not just common labourers. The U.S. loves to go in & gobble up the common cheap manual labour, pay'm a few cents a day & that sort of thing, which does the labour force no good at all! They already knew how to cut the cane & plant rice & harvest & chop down trees, that didn't teach'm anything! The Americans just move in & use what cheap labour they've got to do what they already know!

       100. BUT THESE COUNTRIES ARE TRAINING THEIR PEOPLE, their poor, their labourers, to be skilled smart educated trained labourers in highly technological industries such as electronics & computers & all the rest, to where they can compete & are already competing with the highly industrialised technological countries such as the U.S. & Europe. Savvy?

       101. IN OTHER WORDS, THEY'RE GIVING THEIR PEOPLE A CHANCE TO BE ON EQUAL FOOTING WITH THE REST OF THE WORDS & to be a little more even in the number of points in their training & their development so they can give competition to the rest of the World--& they're doing it! And now the U.S.A. is scared & shaking in its boots over how fast they're being passed up by these smart people over here!

       102. I READ SOMEWHERE HOW MUCH SMARTER THE JAPANESE ARE & how much better they do in school & how much faster they learn than even Americans in certain types of training, etc., especially highly technical skills like electronics, etc., that they do it quicker & faster than the Americans.

       103. WELL, IF MOST OF THE AMERICANS WHO WERE MY HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS WHEN I WAS A TEACHER, are now the Labour force of the U.S.A.--I can understand why the U.S. is slipping! They couldn't even read or write! It got to be a national scandal in the United States years ago that American students got to college & couldn't read & write! They've probably covered it up since then, I haven't heard much about it--of course I haven't been there either--that about 50% of them didn't know how to read better than a grade school kid, if that, much less write! Some of my high school kids' writing was almost absolutely unintelligible, I couldn't even tell what they were trying to spell! It was horrible!

       104. SO THEY'RE PUTTING AN EMPHASIS ON AN EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM TO TRAIN SKILLED WORKERS, & THE PEOPLE OF THIS AREA APPRECIATE IT! They want to learn! But Americans? Those hoodlums? Those high school & college hoodlums want to learn anything?--Nuts! They've got it all, why should they want to learn anything? Their parents are rich, they've got it! They've got cars, television, their own apartment, dope, girls, they've got everything. Where do they want to go? Why should they learn anything? They don't care!

       105. BUT THESE POOR PEOPLE IN THIS PART OF THE WORLD KNOW THEY'VE GOT TO LEARN SOMETHING IN ORDER TO GET ANYWHERE, or to get what the Western World already has! They don't know it doesn't satisfy yet, they're still trying to get there. And another thing they have in common:

       106. "POLITICAL CONTROL BY A SINGLE PARTY, WHICH PROVIDES STABILITY FOR LONG-TERM ECONOMIC PLANNING & INVESTMENTS." Strong almost dictatorial governments. What did we find about Singapore? It's a dictatorship!--And that's what the [EDITED: "ACs"] & the [EDITED: "AC"] press all accuse them of. It's amazing how the [EDITED: "ACs"] in all their media accuse little places like Singapore of being dictatorships! Every place where they don't control things is a dictatorship! Of course, when they finally get in control [DELETED] that's also a dictatorship! But they don't criticise that one!

       107. NOW THIS IS A SHOCKER: "IN ADDITION, OBSERVERS CITE THE SHARED CONFUCIAN TRADITION OF EAST ASIA with its emphasis on industriousness, thrift & knowing one's place, as a force that ensures social discipline." And I'll tell you about that in a minute! I'll finish the last paragraph first. "'It may not fit into any econometric model', said Erick W. Hayden, chief economist of the Ban of America's Asia division, 'but the Confucian ethic gives these governments an enormous advantage.'"

       108. ALTHOUGH THE CONFUCIAN RELIGION ITSELF IS NOT THE LARGEST, all five of those countries' religions have a very strong Confucian influence. And do you have any idea what Confucianism is? Dear Lee was promoting it when we left Singapore. Well, it is one of the most ethical moral types of philosophies. It's not really a religion, or it wasn't to begin with, just like Buddhism was not really a religion. They made it a religion. Buddha wasn't worshipped to begin with. At first they were just teachers that taught good things & by & by they started to worship them!

       109. FOR GOD'S SAKE, NEVER WORSHIP ME! We're already a religion, praise God! We already have Somebody to worship, thank the Lord, so we don't have to worry about that! We're not just a philosophy. This is not just a system of thought, in other words, not just an ethical system, but we are a religion. We're all those other things too.

       110. CONFUCIANISM AROSE AROUND THE 5TH-6TH CENTURY B.C. & I have always had the feeling that Confucianism was in a sense the Devil's own preparation for the coming teachings of Jesus, because Confucianism is the nearest Oriental counterfeit to Christianity there is in this part of the World! It taught brotherly love & was sort of a reflective negative antidote--how shall I say it?--A reactionary antiphonal type of religion in which it was sort of little Sir Echo, but just the opposite; almost meaning the same thing but from a negative standpoint. (Jn.10:8.)

       111. NOW I'LL GIVE YOU A SAMPLE & THEN YOU'LL NOW WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT IN ALL THOSE BIG WORDS! I'm not sure I know what they mean either! That's the trouble with going to college, you learn a lot of words nobody else understands! Then you can go around parading off your knowledge by using big words nobody understands so you can't even communicate any more!

       112. BUT JUST TO GIVE YOU ONE SAMPLE OF CONFUCIAN PHILOSOPHY, I'll never forget when my homeroom teacher in 7th grade wrote a Confucian quote on the blackboard. She was greatly fond of Confucius & it was very popular in those days when I was young. Have you ever heard the expression: "Confucius say so-&-so"? Confucian quotations--confusion quotations, that's pretty close--were very popular & school teachers wrote'm on the board, etc., in those days. So here's a sample that just about sums up the philosophy of Confucius:

       113. "DON'T DO UNTO OTHERS WHAT YOU DON'T WANT THEM TO DO TO YOU!" Does that sound familiar? Jesus came along a few centuries later & taught what? "Do unto others what you would have others do unto you."--A positive religion!

       114. CONFUCIANISM IS MORE OF A NEGATIVE RELIGION. It has this opposite pole, antiphonal, kind of an opposite echo of almost every one of the basic moral truths that Jesus taught. It meant close to the same thing, but not quite; it was from a negative standpoint.

       115. IF YOU DON'T DO TO OTHER PEOPLE WHAT YOU DON'T WANT THEM TO DO TO YOU, well, that's not too bad, right? But it's all negative; it's not positive. It doesn't imply positive action to help people, it just says don't go around killing everybody, don't hurt'm. Jesus says to help them & to "love your neighbour." Confucius said, "Don't hurt your neighbour."

       116. I BELIEVE IT WAS COOKED UP BY THE DEVIL HIMSELF TO BE AN ADVANCE ANTIDOTE TO CHRISTIANITY. Confucianism, as my mother used to say, was the closest thing she ever studied in philosophy to Christianity, but it was always from a rather opposite negative standpoint. I've never studied it so I don't really know anything about it except a little of what I've read here & there.

       117. MY MOTHER, HOWEVER, WAS A STUDENT OF PHILOSOPHY. After she abandoned Christianity & God, she was seeking something, she wanted some moral code of ethics to live by, & she said Confucianism was the closest to Christianity she'd seen, plus some of the Greek philosophers.

       118. BUT AFTER HER COURSE WAS OVER SHE HAD TO FINALLY ADMIT THAT CHRIST WAS THE GREATEST TEACHER OF ALL THE PHILOSOPHERS SHE EVER STUDIED, had the highest code of morals, & the only philosopher she ever studied whose Words were just as good today as they were when He spoke'm! All the others were passe & much of their philosophy was no longer up-to-date & wouldn't work in a modern World.

       119. BUT JESUS' WORDS & HIS MORALISTIC TEACHINGS WERE THE BEST PHILOSOPHY SHE'D EVER STUDIED, she had to come to that conclusion, although she'd abandoned Him as the Son of God & as anything supernatural, miraculous or a Saviour. She merely accepted Him as a great Teacher, just like the Modernists do, & a great Rabbi like some of the Modernistic Reform Jews do.

       120. THEY BELIEVE JESUS WAS ONE OF THE GREATEST RABBIS, BELIEVE IT OR NOT, & they even believe that the Scribes & the Pharisees made a big mistake in crucifying Him, that they should have left Him alone! They even preach His sermons, Sermons on the Mount, & they preach His "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" Golden Rule. You'll find that quoted in Reform synagogues, which is as close as they ever came to believing in Jesus!

       121. I'M TALKING ABOUT THE REFORM SYNAGOGUE, THE MODERNISTIC JEWS who are usually the richest, most modern & most American Jews, Western Jews. They're the ones whose synagogues look just American churches & are arranged just like American churches. You wouldn't hardly know the difference between an American church & a synagogue when you go in, except everybody's wearing a beanie, a yarmulke. Well, not even all of them do that.

       122. AND BEHIND THAT BEAUTIFUL ORNATE PULPIT, THAT GORGEOUS BACKGROUND OPENS UP & IT'S A CASE FOR THE BEAUTIFUL TORAH, the five books of Moses encased in gold & silver & diamonds & jewels & worth a fortune, often worth a million or several million dollars!--Some of the few preserved scrolls, huge scrolls five feet long encased in this gorgeous woven gold & silver & jewel-encrusted case!

       123. ONLY ON THE HOLIEST OF DAYS DO THEY OPEN THE CASE & usually they never even take it out! Then they pick it up & carry it around the congregation & everybody kisses it or reaches out & touches it, just like an idol! They're not supposed to believe in idols or images, but they worship the Torah. Not what it says, but just the Torah itself! [DELETED]

       124. ANYWAY, ALTHOUGH MY MOTHER DIDN'T BELIEVE IN JESUS ANY LONGER AS GOD OR THE SON OF GOD, SHE SAID THAT NEVERTHELESS HE CERTAINLY HAD THE MOST MODERN & UP-TO-DATE PHILOSOPHY & the greatest code of ethics--the right thing to do, in other words--of any philosopher or teacher she ever studied!--And she studied'm all! There was already a craze for Buddhism & all that stuff even in those days.

       125. BUT AT THAT TIME THE GREEK PHILOSOPHERS WERE PREDOMINANT. When Christian nations, Christendom, abandoned Christianity, true Christian faith, they searched around for something else, and when I was young, and my Mother was young, they were going hog-wild, gung-ho for the great Greek philosophers. They could quote you Greek philosophers by the yard! They were tremendous philosophers, & theirs was a refinement of things like Confucianism.

       126. THE DEVIL WAS REALLY PREPARING TO MEET THE CHALLENGE OF CHRISTIANITY with Greek philosophy, which was a refinement of the religions of the World in the past, bringing religion & ethics up-to-date. If you read some of the Greek philosophers, it sounds almost like Christian ethics & Christianity & the teachings of Christ!

       127. THE DEVIL WAS GETTING READY TO GIVE JESUS SOME COMPETITION BEFORE HE WAS EVEN BORN! Then when they heard many of the things Christ said, they said, "So what? Our philosophers have said the same thing! We believe the same kind of philosophy. He's a great Teacher, He's teaching the same things we've taught for centuries, but He's not the Son of God."

       128. BESIDES THEIR IDOLATRY & THEIR ANCIENT ANIMISM & THEIR GREEK GODS & ALL THAT STUFF, THEY DID HAVE UP-TO-DATE MODERN PHILOSOPHIES VERY SIMILAR TO TODAY. In fact, most modern philosophy is based on Greek philosophy! Guess what I was in college?--A philosophy major!--Ha! I tried to get psychology & they said, "No, that's full, you'll have to take something else." And, the closest I could come to studying something that wasn't just plain religion was philosophy. He said, "I recommend with your background you should take philosophy, so you be a philosophy major." Well, obviously I didn't last long enough to get into it too deep, TTL!

       129. BUT, BACK TO THE ORIENT: Confucianism teaches much the similar basic ethics of Christian ethics or Christian philosophy. Now don't misunderstand me, it's nothing at all about Christ or Christianity as far as Christ is concerned, but do you know what I'm talking about when I'm talking about a system of ethics?--A moral code, a sense of what's right & wrong.

       130. CONFUCIUS WAS VERY DEFINITE & SPECIFIC ABOUT HIS MORAL CODE OF ETHICS OF WHAT IS RIGHT & WHAT IS WRONG, & that little quotation is a sample: "Don't do to other people things you don't want'm to do to you"--which is very close to Christ's...what shall I say? There's a word I'm searching for! What good is your education when you forget it? It's a criterion of the Golden Rule which even the Jews will confess is a great thing.

       131. MOSES' TEACHING WAS A LITTLE BIT MORE ON THE CONFUCIAN NEGATIVE STANDPOINT: "Don't do unto others what you don't want'm to do to you, & if they do do it anyhow, do it to them!" An eye for an eye & a tooth for a tooth was their idea! Justice! Righteousness! Chop chop!

       132. GOD TRIED TO TEACH THEM BUT THEY DIDN'T QUITE GET THE POINT. There wasn't an awful lot of self-sacrificial love & trying to help your brother in Judaism, just don't hurt him, unless he hurts you! Ha! Judaism in that respect bears a strong resemblance to Confucianism.

       133. BUT HE'S SAYING HERE IN THIS ARTICLE THAT CONFUCIANISM IS A STRENGTH OF THE ORIENT because it is a solid firm foundation of ethics & moral conduct & a standard to live by, something to hang onto to govern their conduct & their morals--which the West has completely lost by abandoning God & Christianity & the Bible, & now they have nothing left to hang onto, nothing to govern their conduct, nothing to instill a sense of responsibility toward each other.

       134. IT'S LIKE THE GUY THAT WROTE THE BOOK, "ME FIRST!": "What the Hell should I care about anybody else for? I should take care of me first! Let the guy drown, me first! Let him go to Hell, me first!" That's the latest philosophy & religion of the West!

       135. LET'S FACE IT, THE COUNTRIES OF FORMER CHRISTIANITY, SO--CALLED CHRISTENDOM, HAVE ABANDONED IT FOR THE TEACHING OF EVOLUTION! That is the basic educational system which replaced Christianity, & in evolution it is the survival of the fittest, dog-eat-dog & might is right! So what's happened to the former Christian faith?--It's out the window, even out the window of most churches.

       136. THEY NO LONGER TEACH REAL FAITH IN GOD & THE BIBLE & CHRIST & SALVATION, they teach a code of ethics & moral philosophy similar to Buddhism or Confucianism--you could hardly tell one religion from another! Well, you might say it's better to have that than nothing, & so it is with the Orientals. At least they have some kind of religious basis & foundation to control their moral behaviour, so everybody, as the article says, knows his place and what he's supposed to do, what he's supposed to believe, & it is a good strong integrated society.

       137. YOU CANNOT HAVE ANY KIND OF ORDER WITHOUT SOME KIND OF MORAL BASIS, a code of conduct, a sense of right & wrong, of good & evil, what's right to do & what you shouldn't do, & this is what the Oriental religions give them--a strong sense of responsibility & moral conduct, believe it or not, the Devil's own substitute. And what kind of religion is that?

       138. I HAVE CLASSIFIED THESE RELIGIONS BEFORE, & THERE ARE ONLY TWO KINDS OF RELIGIONS: The religion of God, which is a religion of faith & grace--& all the religions of the Devil which are religions of works! What kind of works?--Self works! Self-righteousness! Self-salvation. And this will be the religion of the Antichrist & the Antichrist System.

       139. PROBABLY THIS PART OF THE WORLD IS BETTER PREPARED FOR THE ANTICHRIST SYSTEM THAN THE REST OF THE WORLD, because it will be a government & a religion of self-righteousness. It will be very similar to Communism: "From each according to his ability, unto each according to his need. Everybody cooperate, have a social consciousness, a feeling of responsibility for others."

       140. THE COMMUNISTS DON'T TEACH LOVE, RIGHT? They avoid that word "love" because that's too much like God & Christ & Christianity & religion. But they have a religion to replace it: Social consciousness, social concern, which literally means concern for the other members of the community & their welfare. Well, that's a close counterfeit, isn't it?

       141. COMMUNISM IS A VERY CLOSE COUNTERFEIT & SUBSTITUTE FOR CHRISTIANITY. It is the Devil's own counterfeit of Christianity. Well, why not? They say Christianity failed? But as George Bernard Shaw, the great playwright & humourist, said: "The only trouble with Christianity is that so few people ever tried it!" He's really terrific! [DELETED]

       142. HE WAS A CRITIC OF CHRISTIANITY, ESPECIALLY FORMAL CHURCHIANITY, but nevertheless he had a lot of good things to say, & a lot of his criticism of the church was justified. I think that was a pretty strong statement to say that the trouble with Christianity is that so few people ever tried it. It's almost a testimony in its behalf & a slam at the churches!

       143. WELL, THESE RELIGIONS OF THE ORIENT OBVIOUSLY HAVE KEPT A STRONG STABLE MORAL BASIS TO THEIR SOCIETY that has created a stable society rather than total anarchy & chaos which is resulting from the West's abandonment of God, the Bible & Christianity, & leaving nothing in its place except the animalistic cannibalistic religion of evolution:

       144. "A MONKEY IS YOUR GOD & YOU MIGHT AS WELL HAVE YOUR FUN & DO AS YOU PLEASE & kill & rob or do whatever you want to do! It doesn't matter! Nothing's right! Nothing's wrong! It's merely relative & blah blah blah blah!" No wonder they're coming out of school today little savages! Total savages! Back to the jungle!--The asphalt jungle! "Me first, & to Hell with the rest of you!"

       145. WELL, THAT'S NOT THE BASIS OF THE ORIENTAL RELIGIONS. They have kept their moral philosophy & their basic moral codes of ethics of their religions, which has kept a fairly stable society & a fairly controlled society--controlled spiritually & ethically by their very strong religious beliefs & traditions--& you saw some of it in Singapore.

       146. THAT KING OF RELIGION HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS, it's just like an old habit! They've never gotten out of it & probably never will till Jesus comes. It'll probably be part of our job to get them out of it after that. It's part of our job right now, in fact it's our whole job!

       147. WELL ANYWAY, THAT'S WHAT THIS ARTICLE IS TALKING ABOUT & I didn't intend to teach another sermon on it! But here you are right in the thick of it, in the World of Tomorrow!--One part that's probably going to be left tomorrow & which will be a part of the base of the New World Government & its brains & highly technological training & industries & all the rest.

       148. THE OLD WESTERN DOMINATION WILL BE WIPED OUT & THERE WILL BE A NEW STRANGE MIXTURE--of which Russia is already being accused--of a Communistic Capitalism, a socially conscious Capitalism, a blending of Communism & Capitalism. This is what they say Russia has really gotten into finally, & why the radicals of China used to accuse the Communists of revisionism, being Revisionists. In a way that may be true.

       149. THEY MODERATED & TEMPERED THEIR COMMUNISM & realised it had to have a certain amount of independence & a certain amount of private enterprise, a certain amount of liberty, a certain amount of individualistic capitalism, & the Russians by so doing--taking the best of capitalism & the best of communism & having blended the two--are still here!--And China too!

       150. THEY'RE STILL WITH US IN SPITE OF THE DIRE PREDICTIONS WHEN I WAS YOUNG THAT IT WOULDN'T LAST, it was going to collapse any time because Communism wouldn't work. Well, the only reason it worked is because they took the best of both & wove'm together & made it work. The people are fairly content, fairly satisfied with the things of this Earth, fairly well-supplied with their needs & goods, etc., & it is apparently one of the fairly affluent societies of the World.

       151. THE WEST IS ALWAYS BRAGGING: "THEY'RE NOT NEARLY AS RICH AS US & they've got a very low standard of living compared to us!" Well, they've got a very got a very high standard compared to the rest of the World outside of the West, so this part of the World still looks up to them as being one of the superior powers & Superpower & more prosperous richer nations of the World--the rich North!

       152. THIS IS WHY I SAY THAT COMMUNISM, IF NOT ACTUALLY THE ANTICHRIST GOVERNMENT, CERTAINLY SOUNDS LIKE IT, looks like it & has all the earmarks of it!--It's the Devil's substitute for Christianity, in which everybody is supposed to be concerned about his brother. Only don't dare call them brothers, that's a religious term, call them comrade, a new term!

       153. WELL, THAT WORD WAS IN EXISTENCE A LONG TIME BEFORE, but they had to find something else rather than call each other brother or sister, because that sounded like church people, some church people. I've been in some churches where they didn't even call them that, & they weren't!

       154. I TOLD YOU THIS BEFORE: COMMUNISM IS THE DEVIL'S COUNTERFEIT OF CHRISTIANITY--Christianity without God & without Christ & without Salvation & without Love. In fact, it's a little bit sort of like the religion of hate, like the negative religion of Judaism. You don't have to love your brother, but you've got to hate your enemies! Not one of the TEN commandments say "Love!"

       155. SO THIS IS THE PERFECT PREPARATION FOR THE ANTICHRIST GOVERNMENT! I would say that because of their kind of philosophy, religions, moral code & ethical standards, these Oriental religions & the Orient are ripe for a self-righteous form of Antichrist Government, including Judaism!

       156. OF COURSE THE JEWS HAVE HAD THIS FOR CENTURIES, THOUSANDS OF YEARS, that kind of a self-righteous tough moralistic justice code of the Mosaic Law & that "don't" religion, but there's not too much positive about it. Jesus came along & just smashed the whole thing to bits with His simple little doctrine of Love! And how can you really be socially conscious & socially concerned about others unless you really love them?

       157. COMMUNISM IN ITS MOST HIGHLY TOUTED FORMS & IN ITS PUREST ETHICS CAN'T EVEN BEGIN TO HOLD A CANDLE TO CHRISTIANITY BECAUSE IT HAS NO LOVE! Communism, as I used to tell my classes way back in Miami, will never work because there's no love in it. I used to use this illustration to show the difference between the Communist idea of share the wealth & the Christian idea of share the wealth:

       158. THE COMMUNIST SAYS: "I WANT WHAT YOU'VE GOT & I'M GOING TO TAKE IT AWAY FROM YOU AT THE POINT OF A GUN! Share the wealth! What you've got is mine & I'm going to take it away from you!" The Christian says, "All that I have is yours & you can have any of it that you need."

       159. THAT'S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE RELIGION OF HATE & THE RELIGION OF LOVE, the religion of covetousness vs. sharing. Of course, the Capitalists have the same religion & they practice it all the time with guns too!--Only they're not terrorists, they are legitimate nations with armies!--Ha!

       160. WHEN I WAS WATCHING THOSE TERRORISTS LEAVE BEIRUT, THEY LOOKED LIKE ANYBODY ELSE'S ARMY TO ME! You couldn't tell the difference between them & any other army! They all had on uniforms & guns just like all other armies. But just because they're a dispossessed people & a discontinued country, they call them terrorists!

       161. WELL, THAT SHOULD BE CONFIRMATION ENOUGH TO SHOW YOU WHY GOD HAS BROUGHT US HERE! God is not about to begin to let the Devil steal the show & have all the souls & get all the benefits from this part of the World where the Devil & his forces are strong & where they are concentrating now to take over, because they know this is the part of the World that's going to survive! Thank God there are a few other Christians around too, & the Lord's not going to begin to let the Devil have it all! He's running him some strong competition!--Including us!

       162. DO YOU KNOW WHAT REALLY MADE THESE "FIVE JAPANS" TO BEGIN WITH? What made them so prosperous & highly technological & so progressive & advanced? (James: The Chinese?) Well, Japan & South Korea are Japanese, but Hong Kong, Taiwan & Singapore are Chinese, that's true. They're basically a very industrious people, very skillful. One of my Grandfather's favourite sayings was: "Darn clever these Chinese!"--Because of the things they made even in those days by hand.

       163. BUT AFTER WW2, THE U.S. INDUSTRIALISTS, THE BIG MONEY BOYS, SAW THEIR OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE A MINT by establishing huge electronics firms & American industries in all of these countries, these five Japans, & they got'm started. They knew, they were smart people who could be quickly trained to high technology & clever with their fingers & hands & minds & the works & that they could get all this cheap labour & quickly make it skilled labour. Savvy? And they did!

       164. THE U.S. POURED BILLIONS INTO JAPAN! They established big industries there with the same names of all the American industries--until Japan began to make'm change'm after she got a little more freedom! The big American industries had to change their names or it sounded a little bit too much like they were making Japan an American colony!--Which they were! Which it was!

       165. BUT AFTER THE AMERICANS HAD POURED IN ALL THAT MONEY & ALL THAT KNOW-HOW, these five Japans have taken over those industries & that know-how & are now beating the Americans at their own game! It's the Americans who showed them how to do it & started financing them doing it--thinking to do it for their own selfish interests & to get the profits--but in most of those countries now they have thrown out the Americans & insisted that their own people take over those industries & do the job. Once the Americans taught'm how to do it & financed it, they had it made!

       166. SO THERE YOU HAVE IT: WHY THE FIVE JAPANS & WHY THIS IS THE MOST PROGRESSIVE PART OF THE WHOLE WORLD TODAY, & one of the smartest parts of the whole World outside of the West!--The best part of the World that's going to remain, it's that smart! Not even Latin America begins to hold a candle to these nations out here as far as progressive development's concerned. All you have to do is take a little trip through Cuba or Mexico or a few other of those countries to see that they're nothing like Singapore or Japan!

       167. OF COURSE IN HONG KONG IT WASN'T THE AMERICANS, IT WAS THE BRITISH, SO WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? There you have the same high intelligence & technology & Western know-how & financing, & so Hong Kong has boomed! And it's right smack dab in the middle of the Orient, the communication & financial center of this part of the World! And as someone has said, it has become the international capital of the Orient where big business & finances & banks & communications prosper, at which the British were experts.

       168. AND BECAUSE OF THE AMERICANS & THE BRITISH THAT CAME INTO THESE "FIVE JAPANS," WHAT BASIC UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE DO ALL THESE COUNTRIES NOW SPEAK BESIDES THEIR LOCAL LANGUAGES?--ENGLISH!--The international language of the World of business, industry, technology, electronics, computers & all the rest. You say, "There aren't too many people in Japan who speak English!" Well, of the common herd, maybe not. But every educated Japanese & industrialist & businessman & technician learns English, because it's the language that you need. It has become the international language.

       169. I DON'T EVEN THINK THE RUSSIANS ARE EVER GOING TO BE ABLE TO PUT RUSSIAN ACROSS! They're probably just going to use the local language, the language they have to use. In fact, when the presidents of the United States sit down & chat with Gromyko & Khruschev & all the rest of those Russian Ambassadors to the United States, like Dobrynin [DELETED] Russian Ambassador to the United States--what language do you suppose they chat in?--Russian? Ha!

       170. CAN'T YOU JUST IMAGINE PRESIDENT REAGAN SPEAKING IN RUSSIAN? He can hardly speak English! He's an old Westerner, a cowboy! They all speak English, the language of universal culture, business, money, industry, technology, the works! And all these five Japans speak English, at least enough to get by.

       171. THAT'S WHY THERE'RE SOME HOPES FOR THE PHILIPPINES if that country can ever pull out of the doldrums & out of the economic mess they're in! I'd say that the Marcoses are doing the best they can & about all that can be done without any money & with the U.S.A. [EDITED: "ACs"] fighting them tooth & tong & toenail, & the [EDITED: "ACs"] trying their best to destabilise its government & destroy Marcos! With that poor little having one of the biggest enemies in the World, I wouldn't blame them if they did go to Russia for help, & they have!

       172. I'LL TELL YOU, REAGAN IS JUST A PUPPET WHO DOES WHAT HE'S TOLD! I mean, he knows he doesn't know anything about government or business or international relations, so what can he do? He just does what his advisors tell him to do, that's all, & most of his advisors, just take a look at them, are as [EDITED: "AC"] as they can be! So therefore he does what the [EDITED: "ACs"] tell him to do. [DELETED]

       173. SO WHAT CAN POOR REAGAN DO AGAINST ALL THAT? Obviously he's just doing whatever they tell him to do! Even when he gets mad once in awhile & yells at Begin over the telephone, what good does it do? Well, maybe it did help to stop it, thus far & no further, & I think a lot of that was the result of our prayers. We were praying, "For God's sake, Lord, stop it!" And that's what I'm going to have to do right now! Maybe that's what you've been praying: For God's sake, Lord, stop Dad! (Family: No!)

       174. WELL ANYHOW, THAT'S A LITTLE BASIC COURSE IN TRYING TO PROVE TO YOU WHY GOD SENT US EAST! Maybe that would be a good title for this whole lecture: "Why the East?" I don't think we've had that title yet, have we? We've have "Go East!", but this is "Why the East?" Well, there're some pretty good reasons!

       175. AND AFTER ALL, AFTER THE WEST IS DESTROYED, WHAT IS THE ANTICHRIST GOING TO HAVE, TO TRY TO REBUILD THE WORLD? If America's wiped & Europe is wiped out, where's his technology going to come from? Where're his brains going to come from? Where's his skilled labour going to come from with the U.S. & most of Europe wiped out & even some of Russia, who knows? Let's hope China escapes, but maybe even some of China. Most of his brains & skill & manpower & leadership & all the rest is going to come from the East!

       176. APPARENTLY THE LORD DOESN'T HAVE TOO MUCH HOPES EVEN FOR LATIN AMERICA. After all, they have had Western & Christian culture for nearly 600 years! Where's it got'm? They're almost as far behind as some Eastern & these poor Third World countries! In fact, most people classify South America with the Third World. Why?

       177. AFTER 600 YEARS OF WESTERNISM & CHRISTIANITY, WHY ARE THEY SO FAR BEHIND? Well, apparently they just haven't got it like the Easterners, for some reason, sad to say.--Maybe because their rulers didn't let'm have it! There are hardly any countries in the World where you will find so many very very very poor & so few very very very rich who virtually own the whole country & all the land & have all the money, whereas most of the people have nothing. At least in this part of the World their rulers have largely shared the wealth & the prosperity with their people.

       178. YOU LATIN AMERICANS MAY NOT LIKE THIS, but it looks like the Lord is not necessarily going to look to Latin America for World leadership, nor the Antichrist. The Lord didn't tell us to go back there, in fact He told us not to go back there! He said, "That's the old!--The Land of the Setting Sun."

       179. IN OTHER WORDS, APPARENTLY THEIR DAY IS PASSED. And because they've depended so much on America, they'll probably partly go down the drain with them! They won't be the target of atom bombs, but their economies & their trade & culture & everything else have been intertwined with America's, so they're going to be in a tough spot when the U.S. is gone. They still look at the U.S. as the epitome & the peak of everything they want & would like to be, & that's one reason some of '63 them hate her!

       180. BUT WHERE IS THE AC GOING TO LOOK FOR LEADERSHIP & KNOW-HOW & skill & brains & cleverness & a solid well-ordered society, controlled ethics & religion? They haven't even got that in South America! Ask anybody who knows about South American politics: Bolivia has had more governments than it has years in existence! I mean, the little banana republic revolutions & overthrows & coups were so common when I was young, & they're still so common, that nobody thinks anything of them! That's what you expect down there, constant changes of government, constant coups, constant revolution, constant overthrows. If there's anything you can be sure of in Latin America, it's change!

       181. BUT LOOK AT THE ORIENT! LOOK AT A COUNTRY LIKE CHINA! If there's anything you can be sure of in the Orient, it's virtual lack of change for thousands of years! This part of the World has remained virtually the same religiously, ethically, morally, even in some ways governmentally--although they have changed some. China's not much different than it has been for the last five thousand years, & a lot of these other countries too like Japan--they only change leaders!

       182. THEY HAVE STAYED THE SAME FOR CENTURIES & THEY'RE STILL HERE, STILL STRONG, STILL SMART, STILL HAVE STABLE GOVERNMENTS, although a little more modern, a little bit of improvements, a little more so-called & civilisation. They've taken the best of Western culture & civilisation & adapted it to theirs & kept their own. I'd say they're pretty smart! Darn clever these Chinese! And you're right about that, all but actually two of those five Japans--Japan & Korea--are Chinese!--Taiwan, Hong Kong & Singapore. They're very smart people. And of course the other half are Japanese, so how can you beat that? Between the Japs & the Chinks, they've got it!

       183. THAT'S WHAT THEY USED TO SAY ABOUT EUROPE: Between the Germans & the French & the British, they just about had Europe. Well, the British are fading out of the picture & it looks like it's between the Germans & the French now, they've got it. But even they're going to fade out when the bombs start to fall, sad to say. That's the land of the past, the Land of the Setting Sun.

       184. WE ARE IN THE LAND OF THE RISING SUN!--THE LAND OF THE EAST! And do you know what the nickname of Japan is?--The Land of the Rising Sun! And do you know what their flag shows?--A rising sun! The Land of the Rising Sun! Now obviously that name was not given to Japan by a Westerner, because whoever said that was facing East & was already there & wasn't in California! If you're in California looking toward Japan, it's the Land of the Setting Sun! So it must have been an Easterner, already there, looking toward Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun!

       185. THESE ARE ALL THE LANDS OF THE RISING SUN, THE LANDS OF THE FUTURE, THE WORLD OF THE FUTURE, THE HEADS OF THE WORLD OF TOMORROW! And if there's anything left of it, in order to show himself to be metropolitan & Worldly-wise & a World ruler, the Antichrist is going to set his capital & his palaces somewhat in-between the two Worlds, & where is that?--Jerusalem! [DELETED] (Dan.11:45; Mat.24:15; Rev.11.)

       186. AMEN, FOLKS, IS THAT ENOUGH? DID I CONVINCE YOU THAT THIS IS THE LAND OF THE FUTURE? THE WORLD OF TOMORROW? (Joseph: In "Dreams of Jeremiah 40" it says you saw Russians & Orientals.) Oh definitely the Chinese! (See No.163:20.) Jeane Dixon also saw the Chinese taking over the Western United States. She saw the Chinese taking over the West & the Blacks taking over the East.

       187. WELL, THAT PART'S ALREADY HAPPENED--THE BLACKS HAVE ALREADY TAKEN OVER EASTERN UNITED STATES & IT JUST REMAINS FOR THE CHINESE TO TAKE OVER THE WEST! Probably some of those she thought were Chinese were Japanese, because they look a lot alike. They were obviously Orientals anyway. Who knows? They may decide to divide it up between them. Maybe Russia will say: "I'll take the Eastern half of the United States, & China, you can have the Western half!"

       188. DID YOU KNOW LONG AGO IN THE EARLY DAYS OF COMMUNISM, in the '20s & '30s, Lenin promised the Negros the U.S. South if they'd join the Communist Party & the Revolution? Russia said, "We're going to give you the South!" Well, Communism never really got there. [DELETED]

       189. [DELETED] After years of enslavement I guess they [EDITED: "the Negroes"] deserve it. [DELETED]

       190. ANYWAY, THAT'S WHAT I THINK ABOUT THE EAST! That would be a good title: "The Land of the Rising Sun!" I'm not talking only about Japan, but I'm talking about the whole East, the Lands of the Rising Sun! I never saw the likes of the liveliness of these children when the poor adults are fighting sleep! Forgive me for keeping you up so late. Anybody who can pray a short prayer, will you please lead us in prayer?

       191. (JOSEPH: THANK YOU LORD FOR YOUR TREMENDOUS GUIDANCE & PREVISION IN BRINGING US HERE, for Thy salvation which is better than gold & silver, Lord, & for Your Love. TYL! Continue to give us safekeeping tonight, Lord, & continued good health, continued guidance. Thank You for the blessings of Your Word.)--And

       192. THANK YOU, LORD, FOR BRINGING US HERE! We know if You brought us, You're going to keep us, in Jesus' name! And Lord forgive us for not bringing out that point that Joseph has really reminded us of, which is the crux of the whole matter & the point that I was driving at, Lord, & You're driving at:

       193. WE'RE NOT AFTER THE COMMERCIAL WEALTH & THE INDUSTRIAL WEALTH OF THIS PART OF THE WORLD, BUT THE SOUL WEALTH!--The wealth of humanity, the richness of the great mass of billions of souls that are out here, Lord! That's the riches that You're after & that we're after, the greatest riches in the World!

       194. WE'RE HERE, LORD, THAT'S TRUE, TO GARNER & REAP RICHES, THE GREATEST RICHES IN THE WORLD, THE SOULS OF MEN, & to take them away from the Devil like we did in Singapore, & to reap'm for Thy Kingdom! So help our folks out here to do the job & get as many as we can out of the Devil's clutches before You come, so they can help us run this part of the World when You do come, in Jesus' name. Amen! PTL! That's the whole point!

       195. OF COURSE I PRESUME THAT'S UNDERSTOOD, YOU KNOW THAT'S WHAT WE'RE HERE FOR! We're not here for the technology or the industrialisation or any of the rest of it, we're here for the people! There are twice as many people in this part of the World as there are in the West, so I'm sure that's one reason God sent so many of us here. And another encouraging stat: Not only is 2/3 of the Family out of the North into the South, but nearly half the Southern Family is now in the East! God bless you all!--And help us to make God's Son to rise in the East! TYJ! HAL!--In Jesus' name, amen.--C'mon & rise with us! GBY!

       --AND HERE'S SOME OLD QUOTES ON THE EAST found by Joseph Reader, showing God's been leading us East for years!:

       BUT ONCE AGAIN THE WINDS OF CHANGE ARE BLOWING EAST-WARD AGAIN: The poor of Russia & China have overthrown their former rich rulers & become the new ruling super powers of the East leading many smaller poorer "Third World" nations to do the same in their wake, including many former European & American colonies of the vastly poorer continents of Southern Asia, Africa, South America & Australia. This new "Third World" of the poor is rising from the ruins of the Colonial Empires of the North & West which oppressed & exploited them for centuries.--321:66-67 (11/74)

       FIRST IT WAS AMERICA FOR AMERICAN LEADERSHIP; THEN EUROPE FOR THE WISDOM & knowledge & international skill in linguistics. Now it will no doubt be a mighty wave of witnessing & harvesting throughout Latin America to provide the dynamic & explosive leadership of these volatile Latins in the two languages of the World spoken in more countries than any others, Spanish & Portuguese!

       FOLLOWING CLOSE BEHIND THEM IS COMING OUR FINAL GREAT PACIFIC, ASIATIC & AFRICAN PUSH WHICH WILL COMPLETE OUR FULFILLMENT OF THE LORD'S COMMISSION TO GO INTO ALL THE WORLD & PREACH THE GOSPEL UNTO EVERY CREATURE so He can come again & reap the great harvest of souls saved from every country on Earth to gather us all to that greatest of all feasts & festivals, the Marriage Supper of the Lamp in Heaven while His wrath is being poured out upon our enemies upon the Earth, 'ere we return with Him to rule the World!--330A:18, '75

       WE FLED UP THE HILL TO THE RIGHT, SO WE FLED EAST--Eastward--away from the West toward the East! So symbolically that means we're fleeing from the Western World toward the Orient, the Ancient East!--339:41, '75

       I HAD ANOTHER DREAM THE OTHER NIGHT that we were going further & further South & further & further East & further & further Left, because that's the only way we can possibly survive because the center of the new World government is going to be further South & East--Southern & Eastern nations--like the Orientals, Arabs & Africa--and further Left! No longer is the North & West going to rule, but the South & the East are going t rule & it's going to be toward the Left.--350:141, '75

       THIS MEANS WE WERE FLEEING SOUTHWARD & EASTWARD, which is exactly what we're doing today! We're leaving the Northern & Western rich industrialised countries & we're rapidly moving southward into Latin America, the West Indies, Southern Europe, Africa, Mediterranean & Eastward. We've already crossed the ocean & moved East-ward from America into Europe, & now we're moving Eastward from Europe into the Mideast, Asia & the Orient, Southeast Asia, the East Indies & Australia & the Pacific. So the move is already on & we've already switched sides of the highway from the right to the left & are moving Southward & Eastward as fast as we can!--372:56-57 (1/76)

       WHY NOT MOVE FURTHER SOUTHWARD & EASTWARD NOW WHERE IT IS SO MUCH WARMER & FRIENDLIER & CHEAPER TO LIVE & HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS MORE ARE WAITING TO HEAR HIS WORDS OF LOVE! The doors are open by the thousands & you'd be so much happier obeying His & our commands to go into all the World! We know it's hard to move--we do it frequently--but it's worth it!--A fresh new field, new friends, new scenes, new fruits & new horizons!

       WHAT A LIFE!--THE KIND YOU ALWAYS DREAMED OF IN THE TROPICAL CLIMATES YOU ALWAYS LONGED FOR IN THE MOST EXOTIC PLACES YOU COULD POSSIBLY IMAGINE WITH THE SIMPLEST, FRIENDLIEST PEOPLE YOU'LL EVER WANT TO MEET! You can't beat it! There's nothing like obeying!--"Go ye into all the World" & these are some of the most neglected parts of the World who have been begging for your help for years!--382:19,21 (1/76)

       --AMEN! PTL! GBY! GO EAST, YOUNG FOLKS, go East & grow with the Lands of His Rising Sun!--Jesus! Hal! TYJ!--In Jesus' name, Amen!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family