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THE BEIRUT MASSACRE!--Its Happy Ending!       9/82       DFO 1284

       1. THAT WAS BIG & IMPORTANT NEWS LAST NIGHT!--The fulfillment of what I've been predicting all the time!

       2. I TOLD YOU THE ISRAELIS WERE JUST WAITING FOR A CHANCE TO GO IN THERE & SLAUGHTER THE PALESTINIANS! Extermination is their plan!--And of course they did it very slyly[DELETED]: They brought up Haddad & his forces--who were supposed to be down on the Israeli border 50 miles away--dressed in Israeli-issued uniforms with Israeli weapons & the works!--And also used Gemayel's Phalangists. The Israelis simply cleared the way & let the murderers in!--All according to plan, of course.

       3. THEY DENY THEY EXPECTED ANYTHING LIKE THAT TO HAPPEN! Well, what was Haddad doing up there, anyway? It was a very well-organised, planned massacre! They moved up street by street with bulldozers behind them to deliberately dig huge holes for mass graves to cover them up so they wouldn't be found!--But obviously they slaughtered thousands faster than they could bury them!

       4. THIS IS JUST WHAT WAS EXPECTED TO HAPPEN & WHAT THE PLO WARNED WHEN THEY GOT OUT, & why the international troops were supposed to be there to prevent it, & why Israel was forbidden to enter West Beirut by the agreement! The only protection those poor Palestinians had were the Leftist Lebanese militiamen who were still there & who promised to protect the Palestinians in the absence of the PLO.

       5. BUT ISRAEL WENT IN & JUST SIMPLY CLEARED OUT THE MOSLEM MILITIA & got rid of them & their tanks & their weapons & their bazookas to make it impossible for them to defend the Palestinians!--And then Israel permitted this massacre in a well-planned operation.

       6. I WONDER HOW THE CHURCHES OF AMERICA FEEL ABOUT THE SO-CALLED "CHRISTIAN" FORCES NOW whom they've been supporting & praising & calling Christians? Those people aren't Christians, they're monsters! I'm sure the [DELETED] press loves to call those people Christians! The [EDITED: "Israelis"] love to support Christians like that! They've been arming, uniforming, feeding & paying the army of Haddad in Southern Lebanon for years to slaughter their own countrymen & the PLO & Palestinians & anybody else that came anywhere near Israel!--To defend the [EDITED: "Israelis"].

       7. IMAGINE BRINGING HADDAD & HIS FORCES ALL THE WAY UP FROM SOUTHERN LEBANON! You know good & well that was a planned operation, they couldn't possibly have just happened to be there & happened to come up to celebrate Israel's victory over West Beirut.

       8. THOSE GUYS DON'T DO A THING BUT WHAT THE ISRAELIS TELL'M TO DO! Haddad is simply a part of the Israeli army & Israeli forces. Gemayel & his forces have been working with the Israeli army for years! Israel has not only been supporting the so-called "Christian" forces of the renegade rebel Haddad--whom even the Lebanese have disowned because he & his forces in Southern Lebanon are just part of the Israeli army--but Israel now also controls the so-called "Christian" Phalangist Fascists under the Gemayels, plus the Lebanese army!

       9. ISRAEL WAS TOTALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE WHOLE THING, OF COURSE, & helped them plan it to make sure that their process of extermination continues. I told you that extermination was the name of the game! The Israelis are out to exterminate the Palestinians!--And the Lebanese too for that matter, if they get in the way! They're all Arabs!

       10. --SUCH AS THE LEBANESE MILITIAMEN WHO WERE SUPPOSED TO PROTECT THE PALESTINIANS & WERE LEFT THERE FOR THAT PURPOSE!--To whom the poor PLO turned over their guns & their arms & their ammunition, hoping they'd be able to protect their loved ones that were left behind--their old men, their fathers, their women & their children who were found slaughtered in the streets & beheaded & apparently even sliced with swords & knives & strangled in the demonic fury of the so-called "Christians"!

       11. NO WONDER THE WORLD IS FED UP WITH "CHRISTIANS"! My God, how many millions of people have been slaughtered in the name of Christianity, both by Catholics & Protestants?--And now Arabs!

       12. THE ISRAELIS ARE DENYING IT & SAYING, "WE'RE AMAZED! WE'RE SHOCKED! BLAH BLAH!" I'm sure they planned the whole works! It's exactly what Sharon's been trying to do & wanting to do all the time, & Begin too! It was a well-planned operation: The forces of Haddad moved out of the South clear up to the North there, his gangs of murderers, along with the forces of Amin Gemayel. Bashir was a pretty good name for his younger brother who was about to be President & was murdered, undoubtedly by the Israelis!

       13. ALL THE LEBANESE AGREE, BOTH CHRISTIANS & MUSLIMS, THAT ONLY THE ISRAELIS COULD HAVE BLOWN UP THE HEADQUARTERS OF THE PHALANGISTS--along with Bashir Gemayel who had just been elected president, & 60 of his top officers who were having a meeting there at the time. Nobody else could possibly have gotten through Israeli lines carrying a 450-pound bomb & put it in the basement of their building so that the whole entire building would collapse on top of Gemayel & 60 top leaders while they were having a party!

       14. DO YOU KNOW HOW BIG 450 POUNDS IS?--That's over 200 kilos! That's the weight of some automobiles! Can you imagine some little Arab or some little PLO--as the Israelis blame it on the PLO--carrying the weight of an automobile in his arms?--And to get into the building under Israeli & Lebanese guards?

       15. THE LEBANESE AGREE THAT NOBODY COULD HAVE DONE IT BUT THE ISRAELIS!--That is, as many of them that dare to let it be known! They hardly dare open their mouths with the Israelis there, who are now in total control of the country except the Northern & Eastern parts where the Syrians & the PLO still are. It was expert planning that only the dear Israelis could have thought up & engineered, got the men there, made sure they were ready, sealed off the area & let these guys in to do their dirty work!

       16. CAN YOU IMAGINE? THE ISRAELIS SUPPOSEDLY WENT INTO WEST BEIRUT TO ENSURE THE PEACE, RESTORE ORDER & PROTECT THE PEOPLE! That's what they said! Can you imagine forces that large going in & massacring thousands of people, followed by bulldozers to bury them in 30-foot holes, & the Israelis the next morning saying, "We didn't know it was happening, we know nothing about it!"--A war going on, a massacre going on right there under their noses with bulldozers roaring through the streets burying thousands of people & they just didn't even know it happened!--Ha!

       17. ALL THE ISRAELI REPRESENTATIVE COULD DO IN THE U.N. after he was being attacked by virtually the entire UN & the U.S. too, was just sit there & say: "Liars, liars, liars!" He looked like the Devil, didn't he? That's typical of the Devil, to accuse the other side of exactly what he's doing & been doing all the time!

       18. SO IT'S REALLY NO NEWS TO US! We hoped for better, that maybe with the Israelis being in there now, that at least there wouldn't be more civil war amongst the factions, even after they took away the weapons of the Leftists left them by the PLO.

       19. WE HOPED THAT MAYBE THE ISRAELIS HAD A LITTLE DECENCY & at little humanity & were civilised enough that maybe they were really going to keep the peace! Maybe they really weren't going to do what you just knew they were itching to do, & what Sharon & Begin had been itching to do!--And which even the Israelis in Israel are horrified & shocked at!

       20. EVEN THE "VOICE OF ISRAEL" COMMENTATOR BILL SIEMENS WAS SHOCKED, the guy who always gives you the official Israeli television version right straight from Jerusalem, even he was apparently shocked & said: "The minority of Israelis who have protested the war now may be a majority!" Even the Israelis themselves are horrified! After all, there are a few [DELETED] in Israel who don't like what's going on & haven been protesting it.

       21. BUT OF COURSE PERES, THE LEADER OF THE OPPOSITION HAD TO GET ON & DENY THAT ISRAEL HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT, the government had nothing to do with it, they knew nothing about it! I'm sure Begin & Sharon & Eitan, the general on the scene, probably had it all planned & knew all about it! It couldn't possibly have happened without the Israeli army & government permission & knowledge, any more than the blowing up of the Phalangist building!

       22. BUT WE WERE HOPING MAYBE THE ISRAELIS WERE CIVILISED ENOUGH & maybe even concerned about World opinion or U.S. opinion enough--although they don't seem to be--that surely they wouldn't dare do what they did!--But they did!--Just what I told you that they were itching to do & wanting to do! The only reason they didn't dare, is because they weren't able before to get in & do it!

       23. WHEN THE SO-CALLED U.S., FRENCH & ITALIAN "PEACEKEEPING" FORCES WERE WITHDRAWN, THE PLO WARNED THEM THEN: Don't go! You're leaving too soon! Tens of thousands, nearly a third of a million Palestinians are still in that city--unprotected old men, women & children! Don't leave!"

       24. BUT THE ISRAELIS PROMISED NOT TO GO INTO WEST BEIRUT, & therefore the PLO & the Palestinians felt fairly safe because they knew the Leftist Muslim militiamen had plenty of arms & ammunition tanks & guns & bazookas, etc., to protect the Palestinians & themselves as long as West Beirut was left alone. But just as soon as the peacekeeping forces were out of the way & Israel had it all ready, she just went in & took over West Beirut anyhow!

       25. THEY LITERALLY REMOVED THE GUARDIANS OF THE POOR PALESTINIANS WHO WERE LEFT THERE, & the operation which was planned beautifully, just horribly, began at night & lasted from Thursday to Saturday! They just combed the place & slaughtered the people! They even tried to bury them to hide the evidence, but they killed too many to bury!--Harmless old men in their 80s & 90s! Children! Beheaded babies! Women!


       27. THEY JUST CLEARED THE WAY & PLANNED THE WHOLE OPERATION--knowing what the Christian forces would do--& probably told them exactly what to do & how to do it!--Followed by bulldozers digging holes to bury the dead! But they killed too many & the bulldozers couldn't dig holes fast enough, so they blew up whole houses to try to bury them in the rubble! The Israelis are civilised? The Christians of Lebanon are civilised? You call that civilisation? You call that Christian? [DELETED]

       28. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE PREACHERS ARE PROBABLY GOING TO BE PREACHING NEXT SUNDAY IN THE CHRISTIAN CHURCHES OF AMERICA? What do you suppose they're going to do? Are they going to apologise for supporting Israel? Are they going to apologise for supporting the "Christian" forces of Lebanon & lauding them & praising them & even helping them financially & lobbying for them in America right along with the Jews?

       29. ARE THEY GOING TO SAY, "SORRY, WE MADE A MISTAKE, WE PICKED THE WRONG HORSE! WE SHOULD NEVER HAVE PICKED THE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"]! We should never have backed those so-called Christians of Lebanon! We didn't dream what monsters & fiends they were, what diabolical massacrers they were! We didn't know it!" Do you think that's what they're going to be doing? Ask Maria! She & I agreed on what they'll be preaching next Sunday morning in the churches, & probably this Wednesday night. What do you suppose they'll be preaching? (Maria: Well, like they always do, that the Jews had to kill their enemies to defend themselves.) And the Christians too, of course.

       30. I'M SURE THEY'LL BE PREACHING ON PASSAGES OUT OF THE OLD TESTAMENT--because they can't very well preach that kind of slaughter out of the New Testament! But they can sure as Hell preach it out of the Old Testament. [DELETED] They'll probably be preaching the passages out of the Old Testament where the Lord told them to slaughter their enemies & rid themselves of these pagans & heathen, etc.

       31. THAT'S BECAUSE THE CHRISTIANS OF AMERICA ARE NO LONGER CHRISTIANS OF THE NEW TESTAMENT! They are no longer New Testament Christians! In backing the Israelis [DELETED] & cooperating with that kind of Christians--the Lebanese Christians who slaughter & massacre women & children & old men--they have gone back to the Old Testament Mosaic Law form of religion: "An eye for an eye & a tooth for a tooth! Kill your enemies! Slaughter'm! Wipe'm out! Old men, women, children! Dash'm to pieces!"--Though half the Palestinians are Christians!

       32. THAT'S WHAT THE CHRISTIAN CHURCHES OF AMERICA ARE GOING TO BE PREACHING to excuse the Israelis & the so-called Lebanese "Christians." This Wednesday night at prayer meeting they're probably still going to be [DELETED] still praying for the Israelis, still praying for the poor Lebanese Christians "who at last are getting control of their country from those horrible pagans, those terrible Muslim Lebanese & Palestinians! Thank God, they're wiping them out! They're slaughtering them, massacring the enemies of God!" That's what they'll preach! (Maria: Their Bibles say the Jews are the chosen people & they can't do wrong!) That's what they'll say! They'll preach from the Old Testament & excuse the whole works!

       33. YOU CAN'T FIND ANYTHING LIKE THAT IN THE NEW TESTAMENT! You can't find anything like that in anything that Jesus preached! He said, "Love your enemies, do good to them that despitefully use you, bless them that curse you!" (Mt.5:44.) Well, I must admit, I have a little difficulty in doing that with the [EDITED: "Israelis"], & it's a little hard for me to love them after they've allowed the so-called "Christian" Lebanese to go in & slaughter thousands!

       34. THIS IS WHAT EVEN THE INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE REPORTERS & SOME OF THE MOST RESPECTED REPORTERS HAVE SAID! One of the most respected journalists of The Washington Post [DELETED] went & saw the slaughter afterwards & said there were thousands!

       35. BUT THE CHRISTIANS OF AMERICA WILL BE PRAYING WEDNESDAY NIGHT FOR THE CHRISTIANS OF LEBANON & THE JEWS OF ISRAEL, & they will be damning the poor Palestinians who are being slaughtered! They will be damning the Lebanese Muslims who are being slaughtered & saying, "Good! That's what they deserve! Clean'm out! Get rid of'm, & then Lebanon won't have any more problems with all of us Christians & us [EDITED: "Israelis"] running it!"

       36. WELL, I'LL TELL YOU WHO THE WORLD IS REALLY BLAMING, & WHO THE U.N. TODAY WAS BLAMING!--Not just the Israelis & the so-called Lebanese Christians whom they expected it of & who had already been threatening it! The almost-president Gemayel said he was going to do it as soon as they had a chance! He said, "I'm going to go in there & hang every one of those war criminals, kill'm all!" That was his promise! We watched him say it on television before the Jews got rid of him.

       37. WHAT A CLEVER THING FOR THE ISRAELIS TO DO! Maybe Gemayel wouldn't do it just exactly the way the Israelis told him to do it, & that's probably the main reason they blew him & his officers up!--To not only get rid of some troublemakers, but to so infuriate the rest of the so-called "Christians" of Lebanon that they would be ready to go in & murder & slaughter & massacre in revenge! It gave the Israelis their excuse for taking over West Beirut, & the so-called "Christians" their excuse for slaughtering & massacring the Muslims & the Palestinians!


       39. WELL, YOU'RE NOW GOING TO READ IT & SEE IT, & THE WHOLE WORLD IS GOING TO KNOW! We thought what Israel had already done was bad enough! We knew that the war was going to go on, & of course they would try to kill all the Palestinians they could, but who would have thought they would even dare to outright break their word & promises to not enter West Beirut!

       40. THAT'S THE CONDITION ON WHICH THE PLO LEFT! They said, "We do not want to leave our families, our women, children, old men, fathers, here with no protection!" So the U.S. made Israel promise they would not enter West Beirut!

       41. THE SO-CALLED INTERNATIONAL PEACEKEEPING FORCES SURE DIDN'T KEEP PEACE VERY LONG!--All they did was help Israel get rid of the PLO, so Israel would have the far superior forces to just march in & clean out the rest of them!--And then let the Christians march in & slaughter & massacre the poor defenceless civilians whom the Israelis & the so-called Lebanese Christians want to exterminate completely!

       42. [DELETED] [EDITED: "Y"]ou can see, Beloved, what you have to expect from them when they get their way & can do whatever they want to do! You can look forward to slaughter, massacre & extermination of their enemies!

       43. NO WONDER THE LORD SAID THE TIME OF THE TRIBULATION IS GOING TO BE THE GREATEST TIME OF TROUBLE THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN BEFORE, & there will never be another time of trouble like that, because God Himself will have to put a stop to it! (Mt.24:21.) The Antichrist's reign [DELETED] is going to turn back on'm & they're going to suffer for it too, & God's going to let it. (Da.12; Rev.17:16)

       44. WHEN I WAS INFURIATED LAST TIME OVER SOME OF THE THINGS THEY DID & I GOT MAD AT GOD FOR IT, He said, "Their cup of iniquity is not yet full!" Well, we can see now what it's taking to fill it! My God, it must be taking a lot to fill it by what they're doing now! God only knows what else they're going to do, but you can expect the worst. [DELETED]

       45. THEIR WORD MEANS NOTHING, THEY ARE LIARS! Their so-called civilisation means nothing! [DELETED]


       48. DID YOU SEE THOSE INQUISITORS ON THE U.S. "MEET THE PRESS" as they persecuted, reviled, vilified & crucified President Marcos of the Philippines to his face?--Including the supposed moderator of the show, who's supposed to be the neutral in-between, but he joined their all-out attack! Did you see their faces? Did you see the demons rise up [DELETED] as they tried to beat down the simple little Christian who was sitting there? Here was an Oriental Christian, much more Christian & polite, the guest of a supposed Christian nation! Now you know what to expect of the Christians of the USA! [DELETED]


       50. AND DO YOU KNOW WHO'S BEING BLAMED MOST OF ALL BY THE WHOLE WORLD? Who did they say was to blame in the UN, & who are all the Arabs blaming? (James: The United States.) The United States! It'll take something just about like this to get the World infuriated enough against the USA, & it would be almost a good time for Russia to press the red button! I thin the whole World would heave a sigh of relief when the U.S. is wiped out & say, "Good riddance of bad rubbish! Thank God!"--Or thank the Devil, whoever they worship, whoever they may be who is left & survives!

       51. THE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"] & THE U.S. ARE MAKING THEMSELVES TO STINK IN THE EYES & THE EARS & THE NOSTRILS OF THE WHOLE WORLD! Lebanon, West Beirut massacre? Beloved, that's only the beginning! You've seen nothing yet of what not only they but the entire U.S. backing them, will do if they get a chance[DELETED]! They don't want to just slaughter the Lebanese & the mere West Beirut Palestinians, they want to slaughter all the Arabs & all their enemies!


       53. THE TINY LITTLE MASSACRE OF EIGHT THOUSAND IN WEST BEIRUT IS A MERE INFINITESIMAL SAMPLE OF WHAT THEY WANT TO DO [DELETED], & what they are going to do according to God's Word & according to the whole picture of prophecy!--In a slaughter that will involve not just a few thousand in West Beirut & tens of thousands in Lebanon, but what they want to do is slaughter the [DELETED] Arabs & [EDITED: "others"] who oppose them. And they think they've got the support of the USA with enough nuclear weapons to do it! Except that we know, because of God's Word, what's really going to happen! God's going to get fed up eventually, & get someone else to stop'm!

       54. THE WHOLE WORLD IS GOING TO SEE WHAT THE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"] ARE REALLY LIKE, & what the so-called Christians are really like!--Including the so-called Christians of the U.S.A. who are backing this kind of slaughter & who are backing this kind of so-called Christians massacre! They deserve to be slaughtered & they deserve to be massacred, & that's what they're gonna get when God's finally had it up to here & lets loose the legions of the Antichrist forces of the World & lets the Russians push the button to wipe'm out!

       55. THE WORLD IS BEING PREPARED FOR IT RIGHT NOW! The World is getting fed up with the [EDITED: "Israelis"] & fed up with the Americans! I think if Russia had decided to press the button tonight, the World that survived would be thankful! God is letting it happen.

       56. CAN YOU SEE GOD'S WISDOM IN LETTING THE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"] & THE AMERICANS EXPOSE THEIR SATANIC DIABOLICAL FIENDISH MONSTROUS HORRIBLE NATURE[DELETED]? Imagine the U.S. calling themselves Christians! They're as [EDITED: "bad"] as the [EDITED: "Israelis"]! They're supporting the [EDITED: "Israelis"], of course! How could they call themselves Christians & support that kind of slaughter & massacre & diabolical devils like that? It's only the beginning, Beloved, I'm sorry to tell you. It's just the beginning of sorrows, as Jesus Himself said. (Mt.24:8.)

       57. IT'S HAPPENED BEFORE THROUGHOUT HISTORY LIKE THIS, & EVEN BIGGER MASSACRES THAN THIS! When Southern Germany refused to obey the orders of the Pope & the Catholics were being converted by the millions, the Pope just sent an army into Bavaria, Southern Germany, is still thoroughly Catholic today. He wiped out one Million Protestants! Christians killing Christians!

       58. WELL, IF THEY CAN EXCUSE THAT SORT OF SLAUGHTER & MURDER, the [EDITED: "Israelis"] can certainly justify killing the Muslims & the Palestinians & the PLO!--Whether they slice off the heads of their old men & their women & their babies or whatever they do, they'll justify it!

       59. THE WORLD IS HORRIFIED! REAGAN IS INFURIATED! But after a 75-minute conference with [DELETED] Weinberger [EDITED: "and"] Shultz [DELETED], & his so-called Crisis Cabinet, what happened? What did they decide to do? Cut off Israel's aid immediately like they should? Huh? Send in the Marines like they should? Huh? Do you know what they persuaded him to do? [DELETED]

       60. REAGAN DOESN'T DARE DO ANYTHING! [DELETED] Look at how they ran that "Meet the Press" that time with Marcos. I was glad it happened though, he handled it well. Did you notice they didn't even want to give him time for the answers? They weren't a bit interested in his answers, all they wanted to do was promote their anti-Marcos propaganda! They knew the whole World would be watching & they wanted to get their points across & all their condemnations & all their accusations, just like the Scribes & the Pharisees & the Chief Priests!--And the Inquisitors of the Catholic Church, don't forget about them!

       61. [DELETED] There are good Jews & bad Jews, don't forget. Some of us are good Jews. We're talking about the bad Jews right now. [DELETED]

       62. THEY HAD A 75-MINUTE CRISIS CABINET MEETING & NO DECISION! Why? Why? Reagan's furious, he's supposed to be the executive! He's supposed to be the President! What did he do?--Nothing! [DELETED]

       63. THAT'S [EDITED: "THEIR"] MAIN IDEA: "JUST KEEP REAGAN FROM DOING ANYTHING! Just stall, talk, deliberate, argue, warn him, caution him: You can't do anything about it because after all, Israel's our friend! Israel's our greatest hope & bet on conquering the Mideast & all those damn Arabs who won't give us that oil cheap! They run the Christians, they run the Lebanese! Don't blame it on the Israelis, they're our friends! We've gotta keep'm. They're our only hopes of conquering the Arabs & the Mideast & the oil! Don't do anything!" We'll see what he does. (A token gesture: "Send the Marines!")

       64. WHAT GOOD DOES IT DO TO DO ANYTHING NOW, THE DAMAGE IS DONE! THE SLAUGHTER IS OVER! Of course, it could probably continue night after night. The Israelis were doing their best to cover it up, sending in the bulldozers. I'm sure no bulldozers are in operation without Israeli approval to try to bury the dead & cover them up. They even said that they stamped down the earth over it to make sure that it was well-hidden & they were well-buried. The bulldozers ran over it & packed it down!

       65. BABIES DECAPITATED! OLD MEN SLAUGHTERED! WOMEN STREWN IN THE STREETS!--The families & loved ones of the men that the U.S.A. persuaded to leave Beirut & promised to be sure they would be protected, & promised the Israelis wouldn't come in. Now has happened exactly what the dear poor PLO was afraid would happen. How do you think the PLO feels tonight?--Their families slain!

       66. I MEAN, EVERYBODY HAS CONDEMNED IT!--EVERYBODY!--EVEN THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL THEMSELVES! But they're responsible--they stole Arab homes, they stole their lands, they allowed it, they're living in their houses right now! We had beautiful homes pointed out to us by the dear Arab Christians of Israel pointed out to us by the dear Arab Christians of Israel while we were in Israel. They said, "We used to live here, we used to live there, we had all these homes!" Who's living in them now?--Top Israeli officials, [EDITED: "Israelis"]! Beautiful villas & home on Mt. Carmel, beautiful lands & farms out there in Israel taken over by the [EDITED: "Israelis"].

       67. THEY ARE OUT TO EXTERMINATE THE PALESTINIANS UNDER THE AUTHORITY OF THE SCRIPTURES, THE OLD TESTAMENT THAT BEGIN ALWAYS QUOTES: "Judaea & Samaria are ours! Jerusalem is ours!" What he's really saying is, "By the authority of the Old Testament admonitions & law, we're to slaughter our enemies"--& that's what they're up to!

       68. SO NOW AT LEAST THE WORLD IS FINDING OUT WHAT WE HAVE KNOWN ABOUT THE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"] ALL THE TIME! God is letting them expose themselves. He's giving them enough rope so that one of these days He's going to yank the other end & their head's going to be in the noose, & that will be the end! And that noose, according to the Bible, is Russia. And Germany too, by the way, Gomer. And Togarmah, Turkey. (Ez.38:6.) Iran, Ethiopia, Libya & Jordan!

       69. [DELETED] LOOK WHAT THEY DID TO THE SOVIET EMBASSY IN BEIRUT! The Israeli government completely denied that they had occupied the Soviet Embassy, but the soldiers themselves said, "We spent the night there! Forty of us slept in the room!" And you could see with your own eyes on television the place was demolished!

       70. THEY SAID THEY TOOK ARMOURED PERSONNEL CARRIERS & TANKS, crashed down the gates & entered the place violently! And when the poor Soviet representative begged them to go away, they said to him, "Go away! This is war!" You know good & well [EDITED: "they"] picked out the Soviet Embassy for spite & revenge because they hate Russia!

       71. I'M BEGINNING TO THINK RUSSIA'S ALMOST MORE RIGHTEOUS THAN ALL THE REST OF THEM PUT TOGETHER! She hasn't done anything yet because she apparently is not quite ready. I presume when she feels threatened enough herself that it looks like the U.S. is really going to sock it to her, that's what it's going to take to get Russia to finally retaliate in a last-ditch stand to save herself & the rest of the World.

       72. BUT IN THE MEANTIME, GOD IS ALLOWING THE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"] TO EXPOSE THEMSELVES, & THE U.S. TO EXPOSE ITSELF!--How they moved out & let those helpless civilians there with no protection at all, & allowed the Israelis to barge right in & crush their protection, their guards!--Certainly knowing that the [EDITED: "Israelis"] would allow the so-called Christians to barge in & slaughter & massacre them by the thousands in an expertly planned operation!

       73. THEY SAID BY EIGHT O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING THEY ALL CLEARED OUT & in the whole area of those Palestinian camps there wasn't an Israeli soldier nor a Lebanese Christian to be seen, they'd all vanished! Why weren't the Israeli soldiers there? They were supposed to be protecting the people, keeping the peace. Why weren't they there? Why did General Eitan say, "Well, that's none of our affair, that's the Lebanese' affair!"

       74. BUT THEY CLAIM THEY'RE THE KEEPERS OF THE PEACE! They claim that's why they invaded Lebanon, to keep the peace. They claim that's why they invaded East Beirut, to keep the peace. They claim that's why they invaded West Beirut, to keep the peace! The whole operation is called "Peace for Galilee"!--And Galilee's about the only place that has any peace!

       75. WELL, THE LORD IS LETTING [EDITED: "THEM"] EXPOSE THEMSELVES, & the so-called Lebanese Christians expose themselves, & the so-called American Christians to expose themselves!--Because they let the [EDITED: "Israelis"] & the so-called Lebanese Christians get away with this kind of massacre, murder, demonic possession & fiendish atrocities!

       76. THOSE NICE LITTLE AMERICAN CHURCH PEOPLE THAT YOU REMEMBER BACK IN THE U.S.A. ARE JUST AS GUILTY AS THOSE [DELETED] [EDITED: "RESPONSIBLE FOR THESE THINGS"] IN ISRAEL & LEBANON! They deserve exactly what the poor Palestinians of Lebanon are getting right now! They deserve exactly what the poor Moslems of Lebanon are getting right now!--And they're gonna get it! I promise you they're gonna get it! God's Word describes it!

       77. HE SAYS THEY'LL BE BURNED WITH FIRE! THEY'LL BE SLAUGHTERED UNTIL THERE'S ALMOST NONE LEFT--talking about the forces of Israel & the forces of Antichrist [DELETED], & all of them eventually. But first of all, according to God's Word, the forces of Antichrist are finally going to sock it to the Jews, led by Russia. It's in the Bible! You've heard it, you've studied it, we've seen it & we know it!

       78. BUT GOD HAD TO EXPOSE THE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"] SO THE WORLD WOULD SEE HOW DEVILISH THEY ARE, how diabolically fiendish & Satanically monstrous they are! They're not men, they're not human, they're devils!--Demon-possessed! [DELETED]



       81. HOW MANY OF THE JEWS BELIEVED DEAR JEREMIAH WHEN HE WARNED THEM TO GET OUT & to stop resisting the judgements of God, the forces of Babylon as the weapon of God to punish Israel for her sin? How many of them believed it & got out? How many of them joined the forces of Babylon to save themselves?--Almost none! Jeremiah got thrown in jail, in a dungeon, in mud & filth & dung up to his armpits, & it remained for a dear coloured man named Ebed to rescue him! (Jer.38.)

       82. WELL, AT LEAST THE POOR PEOPLE WHO WERE SLAUGHTERED ARE OUT OF THEIR MISERY. I'm sure God's taking care of them in the Spirit World now & their troubles are over. You don't have to pray for them, but you'd better pray for the survivors, because there will probably be more nightly massacres sponsored by the Israelis & carried out by their "Christian" stooges!

       83. THEY'RE NOT FINISHED YET!--NOT UNLESS SOMEBODY STOPS THEM BY FORCE!--And the only one that can do that is the U.S.A., & they haven't even been able to do it! They don't pay any more attention to Reagan than the wind, because that's about all he's got, he's windy! He spouts off, he rages, he's furious, be bawls them out & it goes in one ear & out the other! As long as he doesn't stop them by force, they will go right ahead & do as they please, & are doing so, & that's exactly what to expect of the [EDITED: "Israelis"].

       84. THE ONLY THING THE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"] UNDERSTAND IS FORCE! They will go ahead [DELETED] as long as nobody uses force to stop them. So far, God is just letting them have their way & letting them take it. He's not using the force yet because He's letting them expose themselves to the whole World. Then when God finally does send Russia down to wipe'm out, the whole World will understand & sympathise.

       85. ANYBODY WHO SIDES WITH ISRAEL & THE U.S.A. IN THE BATTLE THAT'S COMING IS GOING TO BE SORRY, BECAUSE ACCORDING TO GOD'S WORD, THEIR ENEMIES ARE GOING TO WIN! It's described in detail in the Bible, the Russians are going to win!--Along with a little help from their friends--Germany, Turkey, Libya & quite a few others that are named specifically in the Bible. (Ez.38:1-6.) Maybe that's for their encouragement. Maybe that was to tell'm what to do! Because Russia & the hordes of the Reds from the North are going to be the judgements of God upon Israel & the U.S.A. for the slaughter & the massacres they themselves have performed upon the poor.

       86. TENS OF THOUSANDS OF LEBANESE IN LEBANON? A few thousand poor Palestinians in West Beirut?--That's nothing compared to the millions upon millions that the U.S.A. has slaughtered already!--Not only in two World wars, but Korea, Vietnam & my God, how many others! There are Central American wars going on right now. The U.S.A. is one of the biggest slaughterers in the World today, and their kind of Christianity is a slaughterhouse religion that backs this sort of thing!

       87. DO YOU THINK THE U.S. IS GOING TO BE SHOCKED? Do you think the Christians of the U.S. are going to protest & demand something to be done about it? They didn't demand anything to be done about it when the U.S. was slaughtering millions of people in both wars & in Vietnam & Korea & all the rest. Who protested?--Nobody but the hippies, the poor little young people, & Nixon saw to it that that rebellion was crushed. Then he got smart & saw that he wasn't going to make it if he didn't stop the war & clear out, but he did it too late. It didn't save his dirty neck with all of his dirty tricks!

       88. "MASSACRE IN BEIRUT!"--HEADLINES IN THE [DELETED] NEWSPAPER! How about that! When even [EDITED: "they"] get a little bit shocked at the horrors [DELETED], it must be pretty bad! Of course, they also put in all their defences too, & all of Israel's excuses!

       89. YOU THINK THAT'S TERRIBLE? THAT'S NOTHING! I mean, that is one little drop in the bucket, almost in the ocean compared to what the United States has already done to the world! If Israel needs to get wiped out for this kind of thing, if the so-called Christians of Lebanon need to get wiped out for this kind of murder, the U.S.A. deserves it more than anybody!--And God's going to use Russia & the forces of Antichrist to do it!

       90. THE FORCES OF ANTICHRIST LED BY THE ACs RIGHT NOW ARE DOING IT, but once the Antichrist has used them & gotten what he wants out of them, & the Devil has gotten what he needs out of the Whore too--the Whorish Church of America & the fiendish [EDITED: "ACs"]--then he's going to turn around & destroy them & prove that he can be even more fiendish than they are!

       91. SO IT'S NOT GOING TO BE ANY BETTER IN THE LONG RUN, ALTHOUGH IT MIGHT BE FOR AWHILE & might even take the heat off of us when he starts destroying them. But he'll try to destroy everybody who doesn't worship him & take his Mark, so that's not going to help us very much! But it's going to judge & punish & slaughter the ones who have been slaughtering the World!

       92. SO JUST BE PATIENT, BELOVED, GOD IS STILL ON THE THRONE! But no amount of prayer is going to change what He's going to do to those [EDITED: "Israelis"], & those God-damned Christians for backing them, because that is settled! His Word & His promises of judgement on them are settled forever, O Lord, in Heaven, & it's all in the Bible. (Ps.119:89.)

       93. SO JUST BE PATIENT, IT'S COMING & THEY'RE GOING TO GET THEIRS! God is just allowing their cup of iniquity to be filled, allowing them to expose themselves to the whole World, how horrible they really are, both [EDITED: "Israelis"] & so-called Christians.--And the so-called Christians of the USA who backed the diabolical forces of the U.S. government to slaughter not only a few thousand in West Beirut or Lebanon, but millions in Europe & in Southeast Asia & everywhere that they have fought--Korea, Vietnam & all the rest!

       94. THEY SLAUGHTERED POOR INNOCENT PEASANTS WORKING IN THE FIELDS--women, children, babies, old men--in the biggest saturation bombing the World has ever known! And two whole cities with atomic bombs--men, women, children, old men, everybody! The bombs were not discriminate, they just killed them all & sickened the rest to a slow death. Can you imagine a country that would have dropped such bombs on whole civilian populations such as Nagasaki & Hiroshima & killed hundreds of thousands of people, & made millions sick unto death? Think of it! [DELETED]


       96. SO THE TIME IS COMING, BELOVED, JUST BE PATIENT! What did the souls under the altar in Heaven say? "How long, O Lord, how long until You avenge our blood upon our enemies?" (Re.6:10.) And the Lord said, "Just wait a little awhile, just a little while, don't worry!"--And then you begin to read about some of the most horrible horrific things that ever happened on Earth when God starts pouring out His judgements upon His enemies on the Earth. [DELETED]


       99. BUT JUST WAIT, FOLKS, DON'T WORRY!--THE LORD'S GOING TO TAKE IT OVER ONE OF THESE DAYS! But first of all, both the Antichrist forces of Communism & the Antichrist forces of Capital[EDITED: "ism"] [DELETED] are going to slaughter each other. They deserve each other! They deserve what they're going to do to each other, right?

       100. AND THE JESUS & WE, HIS CHILDREN, HIS FORCES, ARE GOING TO TAKE OVER THIS WORLD! They're going to kill us first--thinking they've gotten rid of us--but that just sets us free & we'll have more power in the other World than they ever began to think about! We're going to come back then in force & wipe'm out, slaughter them, until the Lord Himself calls the fowls of the air, the eagles, the buzzards & all voracious carrion-eating, dead-eating fowls of the World to "come & gather!"--And guess where He calls them to?--The Battle of Armageddon!--To what He in His Word calls "a great feast"! (Rev.16:14-21; 19:17-21.)

       101. THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON IS FOLLOWED BY THE FEAST OF ARMAGEDDON--a feast of the fowls upon the foul bodies of the dead whom the Lord is going to have slaughter each other! Right over there in Israel! Right at the center of all the trouble! [DELETED]

       102. JERUSALEM IS ALREADY THE CAPITAL OF THE CAPITALIST WORLD [DELETED] & it's going to be the capital of the Antichrist World, most likely of the Communists. I don't see how it could be anybody else. And then eventually they're going to slaughter each other, just what they deserve.

       103. GOD'S GOING TO ALLOW THE RUSSIANS & THE COMMUNISTS TO MOVE IN & DO THE DIRTYWORK FOR HIM--just like the Israelis did in Beirut & Lebanon! Only this time the people who deserve it are going to get it! Maybe the Lord allowed that massacre just to deliver the poor Palestinians from the horrors! They say they also don't know how many thousands of the men who were there were led away by the forces into captivity. Although they weren't slaughtered, they were taken away, no doubt to be tortured for information, etc.

       104. SO IT'S COMING! THE LORD'S GOING TO TAKE CARE OF THEM! Just wait. We have to be patient like the souls under the altar. The time is coming when they're going to get just what they're dishing out right now & even worse, because they deserve it!--Not only the Jews, not only the so-called Christians, but the Americans, & Capitalist Europe which has stood by & done little or nothing. And even the Arabs who have done virtually nothing. They're all guilty! The whole World is guilty! But at least the Russians, the tools of God's judgements according to God's Word, are going to move in & do something & somewhat redeem the situation.

       105. WE'RE LIVING IN DANGEROUS TIMES, BELOVED! [DELETED] [EDITED: "T"]he people need to be told the truth & be warned. Look how many good sweet American Christians have been propagandised, deceived, lied to & misled by false shepherds for so many years who didn't tell them the truth & have persuaded them to back [DELETED] the Israelis & the Lebanese Christians & their big denominations & persecute people [EDITED: "who told the truth"]. Well, they're all going to get their just desserts--& I don't think it's going to be very long! I don't see how the Lord can let it go on much longer he way things are going.

       106. IT'S SHOWING THE WORLD NOT ONLY THE SINS OF THE JEWS & THE CHRISTIANS, BUT IT'S GOING TO SHOW THE WORLD ITS OWN SINS FOR NOT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT! So they're all guilty! "There is none righteous, no, not one. All have sinned & come short of the glory of God!" (Rom.3:10,23) They're all going to be judged accordingly in the final judgements of God, the Wrath of God.

       107. EVEN THE TRIBULATION WILL BE A PART OF THE JUDGEMENTS OF GOD UPON THE WICKED! It makes it very clear that all those monsters & things you read about in the Tribulation are not slaughtering us, they're slaughtering the wicked! All the plagues are falling on the wicked, not us! Just like in the times of Israel in Egypt, the plagues didn't affect the Jews--who were then obviously closer to God & deserved protection, a small persecuted enslaved minority. [DELETED]

       108. SO THE TIME IS COMING! THE JUDGEMENTS ARE COMING! If you think man has let loose horrors upon this World, man couldn't hold a candle to what God is going to do to them one of these days! If you want to read about it, just read the Book of Revelation!--What He's going to do to these wicked & these murderers & these diabolical devilish fiends who have been destroying the poor & destroying the Earth! Just wait & see what God's going to do to them!

       109. AN OLD JOKE IS TOLD ABOUT HITLER, that while he was launching one of his tirades in one of his speeches against the Jews, this little Jew was sitting right down in front of him in the front row just grinning, & kept grinning. No matter how much he blasted the Jews, this little Jew was sitting there grinning. Finally he stopped his speech--according to the story--& angrily said,

       110. "WHAT'S THE BIG IDEA! Why are you smiling & grinning like that when I'm telling Germany what horrible people you are & what we're going to do to you!" The Jew said, "You know, we eat a little horny cake over Haman who tried to massacre us once upon a time, & I vas yust thinking, I vonder vot kind of cake ve're going to eat over you!" (Feast of Purim--Esther 9:28.)

       111. WELL, NOW THE TABLES ARE TURNED! Now we're seeing the horrors that the [EDITED: "Israelis"] are perpetrating & [DELETED] America, slaughtering millions & millions of the World's poor in countries almost all over the World. [DELETED]

       112. SO, PTL! JUST WAIT! If the Jews ate a little horny cake over Haman, & today the celebrate over Hitler & his destruction, wait'll the day comes when we're going to celebrate over [EDITED: "the wicked"] at the Wedding Supper of the Lamb! There's going to be more rejoicing than [DELETED] ever[DELETED]!--After the Battle of Armageddon & the Wrath of God & the destruction of the forces of Antichrist--whether they be Capitalist or Communist. [DELETED]

       113. WE HAVE GOING TO HAVE ONE GREAT FEAST OF CELEBRATION IN HEAVEN, while the birds are having a great feast on Earth on the dead carcasses of our enemies! The vultures are going to be feasting on the carcasses of the dead [DELETED] Antichrist forces of the World. [DELETED]

       114. I'M SURE THAT BEGIN & SHARON ARE CELEBRATING, & Eitan is celebrating, & Shamir looked happy & grinning[DELETED]! [DELETED] This is Jewish Holy Week! This is Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, beginning the holiest week of the year, ending with Yom Kippur!

       115. SO PRAY FOR THE POOR, PRAY FOR THE SUFFERING! But don't only weep for them, pray for yourselves. [DELETED]


       117. BUT THE DAY IS COMING, THANK THE LORD, WHEN IT WILL ALL BE OVER & it will all be in our hands & the Lord's! Then we'll be the bosses & have all the problems of running the World!--Ha! So just be patient, work your eight hours a day & don't worry! Some day you'll be governors, princes, kings, presidents & rulers of whole countries & have all the worry! But, thank God, you'll have all the help too, & all the power & all the glory & all the victory & be able to do it, & do it right! It will be a Heaven on Earth, thank the Lord, run God's way by God's people under God Himself!

       118. IT'LL BE GOD'S WORLD OF PEACE & PLENTY! "Righteousness shall cover the Earth as the waters cover the seas, & nothing shall hurt nor destroy in all My Holy Government!" (Is.11:9.) Praise God! That's why I'm pretty sure there won't be any more automobiles, & probably no more planes. God's people won't need planes to fly!--And we don't want the rest of them flying around! God's children won't need automobiles to get there!--And we sure don't want the rest of them slaughtering us or each other with their cars Of course, we'll be out of reach then, they won't be able to touch us!

       119. THE MINUTE YOU DIE, BELOVED, THAT IS YOUR PROMOTION! The minute you get rid of this old body, you're untouchable! We'll be the untouchables! They won't be able to do a thing to us after that. "Fear not them which merely kill the body & after that have no more that they can do. But rather fear Him that can cast both soul & body into Hell!" (Lk.12:4,5.)

       120. [DELETED] That's what the whole ungodly wicked World better be worrying about!--A God who's not only going to kill their bodies one of these days, but cast their damnable spirits into the fires of Hell where they belong!--Those that deserve it, that is, because there are some differences as we have taught you.

       121. BUT PRAISE GOD, THINGS ARE GOING TO BE DIFFERENT ONE OF THESE DAYS! Cheer up, things could be worse!--Ha! But we'll still be cheered up, amen? The worse they get, the happier we'll be, because we'll know the End is nigh! It'll soon all be over, PTL? The worse things get, the sooner the End is going to be! The worse things get, the better it's going to be pretty soon! PTL!

       122. AND IT DOESN'T MATTER EVEN IF THEY KILL YOUR BODY, THAT'S YOUR RELEASE & you go to be with the Lord in Heavenly spheres that they can't even begin to touch! They don't even understand it, they don't even comprehend it, they don't even believe in it! You'll leave all the Flatlanders behind! You're not only going to leave the Flatlanders behind, you're going to leave the three-dimensionalists & the four-dimensionalists behind!

       123. YOU'RE GOING TO BE IN THE FIFTH DIMENSION! In fact, you're probably going to be in the fifth & the sixth & the seventh! Paul said he got caught up to the third Heaven (2Co.12:2), & some people talk about "I was in seventh Heaven too! We will be in places they cannot conceive of, they cannot even believe & their minds can't grasp, because they rejected the truth here & refused to believe now. And we will be in those Heavenly places. (lCor.2:9.)

       124. SO DON'T FEAR DEATH, BELOVED! Don't worry about dying or persecution or anything like that, it'll be your final testimony, your final witness & your graduation, your release! Hallelujah! TYL! You'll enter into your reward & the Lord will prepare you to come back as conquerors & victors to wipe out your enemies, the enemies of the Lord, & to take over the World & make it what it ought to be for at least a thousand years!

       125. --UNTIL WE ALL SEE THAT IT CAN'T REALLY BE MADE OVER OR REMADE OR REALLY COMPLETELY PURIFIED & we're all convinced that the Lord's got to really destroy the whole works!--Which is when He has to burn it up & create a New Earth & a New Heaven wherein dwelleth righteousness! PTL! Nothing but righteousness! (Is.65:17; 2Pe.3:13; Re.21:1.)

       126. EVEN IN THE MILLENNIUM THERE'S STILL GOING TO BE SOME POLLUTION, there're still going to be wicked around over whom we're ruling, there're still going to be problems, we're still going to have people rebelling & have to exercise the judgements of God & the iron rod of God to correct them. There're still going to be famines & pestilences in some places where they reject the laws of God & your rulership. (Zech.14:17,18.) There's still going to be a lot of lessons to learn during the Millennium!


       128. AND EVEN IN THE MILLENNIUM WITH THE VISIBLE PERSONAL RULE OF THE KING OF KINGS & the kings of the King & the Government of God, they will still not learn righteousness neither repent of their sins!--Which has to be shown yet in the coming age to vindicate & justify, God for wiping out the whole World completely, burning up the whole Earth & everybody in it!

       129. IT WILL APPARENTLY TAKE A THOUSAND YEARS TO CONVINCE SOME PEOPLE! Maybe it's the Christians & the churches He's still going to have to try to convince that it just can't be done--they can't reform it, they can't make it over, they can't somehow convert it--yet. There may no doubt be a lot of Christians who will still think there's some way to patch it up, & maybe it will take them a thousand years to come to the conclusion that God is justified & vindicated in completely destroying it & wiping it out entirely!--All the people, all the wicked & the whole surface of the ball.

       130. THERE'S NO OTHER WAY GOD COULD EVER GET RID OF ALL THIS POLLUTION & ALL THIS JUNK FLYING AROUND IN THE AIR! There are about four or five thousand satellites already in the air, besides all the pieces of junk!--Spent cartridges, & spent rockets flying around up there too. No wonder He's got to destroy both the Heavens & the Earth! The Heavens shall be rolled back like a scroll, He says, & depart with a great noise! (Is.34:4; 2Pe.3:10; Re.6:14.)

       131. THIS IS JUST EXACTLY WHAT SCIENCE HAS BEEN WORRIED ABOUT, that the atmosphere might somehow get imbalanced & get set off in an explosion that would just roll like fire around the ball & destroy us all! They're worrying about things they think are going to happen millions of years from now, that the sun's going to grow cold & we're going to freeze to death! Well, I'll tell you, most of those scientists are not going to freeze to death, they're going to be plenty hot where they're going!

       132. THE EARTH IS NOT GOING TO EVER HAVE TIME TO GET SO OLD, neither is the sun going to grow cold! God's Word says they shall endure as long as His throne! He says in several different places His throne shall endure as long as the sun, as long as the moon, as long as the Earth! (Ps.89:36,37.) Don't think by what you read in the Bible it means they're all going to be destroyed.

       133. GOD'S NOT GOING TO ALLOW HIS WHOLE CREATION TO BE TOTALLY DESTROYED! Even the Earth, the ball will still be here, & He's going to re-do the surface with a New Earth with no more sea, think of think of that! (Re.21:1.) It'll all be beautiful rolling hills & trees & grass & gardens! It was beautiful! I'll tell you, when I took that trip to Space City, it was almost unbelievable! Heavenly! (See No.75A.)

       134. I LOOK OUT HERE IN THE GARDEN & I THINK, "MY OH MY, WHAT COULD BE MORE HEAVENLY THAN THAT?" That's like a little bit of Heaven out there, God's Creation, the beauties of God's Own handiwork! Just this little garden is a microcosm of the gorgeous Creation of God & His perfection! But it's not perfect, because the Devil's out there too & a lot of his little dirty demons & his little Devil's pests!--Mosquitoes, flies, ants, centipedes!

       135. OUR GARDEN IS A LITTLE GARDEN OF EDEN--& I see some beautiful gorgeous Eves out there once in awhile too!--And even a few Adams & their lovely children. Our Garden of Eden is even better than the first one, because we've got more Eves, more Adams & we've got children!

       136. BUT IT'S WORSE THAN THE FIRST ONE BECAUSE WE'VE ALSO GOT THE DEVIL'S PESTS OUT THERE & the Devil's demons who would like to climb over that wall & take what you've got if they could! Thank God they haven't! Keeping this place well-lighted at night has helped a lot, & if they know anything about it at all, they know there's a lot of people here & a lot of nice big strong-looking men! They might not be worth two hoots in a fight though, I don't know!

       137. WE SAW A MOVIE THE OTHER NIGHT WHERE THE GUY HAD HIS PISTOL TRAINED ON THE CRIMINALS who were about to beat up his wife & rob him & manhandle him, etc., but the criminal had a gun trained on him, & the other one had a gun too! So the criminal said, "Go ahead! If you pull the trigger & you kill me, he kills her!"--And the guy just handed over his gun.

       138. WHAT WOULD I HAVE DONE, HONEY? Brother, I'd hate to ever see me put to the test, but I don't think I would go down easy! I think I would die fighting, even if it killed her & me both!--which it probably would anyhow. I mean, it didn't help them too much. [DELETED]


       140. I'VE BEEN FIGHTING ALL THE TIME, BELOVED, BUT I THINK MY BULLETS ARE EVEN MORE EFFECTIVE THAN THEIR GUNS!--And that's what they don't like, & that's what they're afraid of! Our words are more powerful than their swords! The pen is more powerful than the sword! The pen is mightier than the sword, especially when it's the Word of God! Amen!

       141. SO DON'T WORRY, WE'RE FIGHTING!--We're fighting with the most effective weapon you could possibly fight with, the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God, (Eph.6:17.) It's going to slaughter them & that's what they're worried about! And it's exposing them now, today!

       142. I WAS HOPING WE WEREN'T GOING TO HAVE ANY MORE OF THESE TALKS! I was hoping we'd just published the last one. I was sighing in relief: "Thank God, we finished that subject! I don't care to have to talk on that any more or publish any more!" But it looks like God isn't through with them yet! He wants to rip'm another rip! And let me tell you, they don't like it either! But the Lord is merciful! He apparently wants the Word to get out & we're still here! TTL? I didn't mean to keep you so long, but it's been only two hours, my usual time! My Mother used to say, "How could you ever get anywhere in any kind of sermon under two hours?"


       144. WELL, THAT WAS A PRETTY UGLY PICTURE, BUT AT LEAST YOU SAW A LITTLE BIT OF LIGHT ON THE HORIZON AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL! TYL! All's well that ends well, & it's going to end swell & all in our favour when the Lord is finally Ruler over all! He is now, but He's letting man have his way for awhile to fill up his cup of iniquity.

       145. THANK YOU, LORD, THAT WE KNOW THE HAPPY ENDING! In spite of the horrors of this World & the horrors of the growing darkness of this Earth, we thank You, Lord, that we know that it's all going to work out right in the end & You're going to take over & run things the way they ought to be, Lord, with us. Thank You, Lord, we know the happy ending.

       146. IT'LL BE HARD TO LIVE THROUGH SOME OF THIS HORROR OF THIS HORRIBLE WORLD! We'd want to leave it right now, Lord, but we have a job to do, a work to do, to convey Thy Love & Thy Message of Salvation into all the World to every creature we possibly can, Lord, before the End comes!

       147. YOU SAID, "WHEN THIS GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM IS PREACHED IN EVERY NATION, THEN SHALL THE END COME!" (Mt.24:14.) Well, it certainly is being preached, Lord, & we're trying our best to preach it. It already has been preached in virtually every nation on the face of the Earth, so the End couldn't be far away, Lord! Maybe we're the ones that are doing it for the last time. TYJ! PYL! Hallelujah!

       148. HELP US, LORD, TO GET THE JOB DONE & DO IT WELL, & DO IT QUICKLY, & THE QUICKER THE BETTER!--So the quicker it'll end, & the quicker You'll come, & the quicker You'll save us out of it all & we'll be transferred to realms of Glory, Lord, beyond the reach of man forever & ever with You, Jesus! TYJ!

       149. THANK YOU FOR THE HAPPY ENDING OF THIS HORRIBLE PICTURE, this dark & terrible ugly picture that we've been painting tonight. We thank You, Lord, that this is not the end, the end is not yet, there is a happy ending. Even though the picture gets blacker & the night gets darker & the horrors get worse, as they will, it's all going to come out in Your great wash in that great Happy Ending when You're going to purge & purify & refine by fire, wash the World with fire to purify it all, & make a New Heaven & a New Earth wherein dwelleth nothing but righteousness! TYJ! PTL!

       150. THANK YOU FOR THIS LITTLE TIME TOGETHER, LORD! We're sorry we were a bit angry, but we had some cause. Help the Family to be a little more thoughtful after this to tell us immediately of any important news they hear that we may not have had opportunity to hear, & to please leave the newspapers where I can read them, Lord, when they're not reading them.

       151. WE'VE TRIED TO BE UNSELFISH WITH THEM & have not just taken them into our room & kept them there full-time & given them no opportunity to read them. We've tried to share, Lord, but they must learn to share too. So we ask Thee to help us help each other. Help us to share the news, Lord, as well as the blessings. Even the bad news which we have to know about, even to know what to do about it, Lord, & even to expose it to the World, in Jesus' name.

       152. THANK YOU FOR THE GOOD NEWS, LORD, THE GOSPEL!--THE GOOD NEWS OF THY SALVATION & THE HAPPY ENDING THAT'S GOING TO CONQUER ALL THE BAD NEWS! Bless & keep us until that time or our end individually, whatever, & give us the strength to do Thy work until our job is done. Keep us safely, Lord. Keep us tonight & give us a good night's sleep. Bless & keep our children. Thank You for how You have kept us, Lord.

       153. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ANGELS THAT YOU'VE GIVEN CHARGE OVER US TO KEEP US IN ALL OF OUR WAYS, to compass our camp 'round about, Lord, to keep the Enemy from touching us. (Ps.34:7; 91:11.) Thank You, Lord, for these who do Thy will & stay in the charmed circle of Thy protection, Lord, in Thy will, in Thy work, so that the Devil can't touch them with his dirty deeds & diseases & all the rest! Thank You Lord for how marvellously You've kept & protected us, for Thy protecting angels! TYJ!

       154. PROTECT OUR HEALTH, TOO, LORD! Keep us strong & well & able to serve Thee, Lord. Thank You for how You've healed us time & again in answer to prayer, in spite of the Enemy's affliction. "Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivereth him out of them all!" (Ps.34:19.) Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL! In Jesus' name! Thank You Lord for Thy protection! Thank You Lord this hasn't happened to us!

       155. WE KNOW YOU ALLOWED THESE HORRORS TO HAPPEN FOR SOME REASON, LORD. You have allowed it. Perhaps they are even inheriting the penalties of their fathers, suffering for the sins of their fathers. (Nu.14:18.) But Lord have mercy on the poor & on the defenceless & the helpless & the old men, women, children, civilians!

       156. WE KNOW THAT NO ONE IS TOTALLY GUILTLESS, WE'RE ALL SINNERS! We all deserve punishment, Lord, but have mercy & particularly protect Thy Children. Many many of these Palestinians are Christians. Many many many of them love You, Jesus, & know about You, Lord. Protect Thy children, & we know You will. Bless & keep them until their time has come, & then even death in sweet release, Lord, sweet peace at last! TYJ! PYL!

       157. HELP US TO ACTUALLY LOOK FORWARD TO THAT DAY, LORD, NOT WITH APPREHENSION OR FEAR, BUT WITH AN EAGERNESS, to be thankful when it's over, & we know we will. Eagerness to get the job done, Lord, eagerness to finish our work, eagerness to reach as many as we can, to save as many as we can, to give Thy Love to as many as we can, to give Thy Gospel to all we can! Eagerness, Lord, to please Thee, to love Thee & love others & love each other, to show Thy Love to the World before we go, & to save as many out of it as we can, Lord, & leave the rest in their mess!--In Jesus' name we ask it for Thy glory.

       158. BE WITH US, LORD, & HELP US IN THE WORK WE'RE WORKING ON RIGHT NOW. Protect & keep the issues that have just gone out in the mail, Lord. Send Thy holy angels with every one, Lord, to their destination. Bless & keep them in Jesus' name & make them a blessing. Help them to get to where they can do good. Help us with the issues we're working on now. May they be what You want them to be, & do what You want them to do, in Jesus' name we ask for Thy glory! As we pray together, Lord, the prayer that You taught us to pray: (Prays the Lord's Prayer, Ps.19:14 & "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.") PTL! TLY! There's lots of good prayers!

       159. BY THE WAY, DID YOU KNOW YESTERDAY WAS TECHI'S 3-1/2 YEAR BIRTHDAY? [DELETED] Bless her & give her another good half-years to bring her clear up to four, & many more, Lord! We know You will because You've shown it to us already. TYL! TYJ!--In the Spirit! Hallelujah! Half-year birthdays are very important to children! I can remember up till I was about 12, I used to keep saying 10-1/2, 11-1/2, until you're almost full-grown. Then the girls begin sort of trying to subtract instead of add!

       160. SORRY THAT WAS A RATHER UNPLEASANT SUBJECT TONIGHT, BUT IT HAD TO BE SAID. Maria is a prophetess, I know, because she prophesied that's what was going to happen. In fact, she encouraged it. She said, "Why don't you go down & tell the whole Family instead of just me?" (Maria: And he said, "Because I'm so mad at them, that's why!") I was like the guy that was dying & said, "Tell them all I got the victory, but don't tell So-&-so anything!"

       161. --BECAUSE YOU WERE SO THOUGHTLESS & YOU NEVER TOLD US THE NEWS!--Never even left us a newspaper so we could read it! So may that never happen again! It's my responsibility to know the news & to interpret it & to pass it on to the Family, but if I don't know about it, how am I going to do it? It's your responsibility to make sure I hear about it or read it or see it. So please share the news!
* * *

       (Next day at dinner:)
       162. DID EVERYBODY HAVE A GOOD DAY? Mine started out kind of bad. I woke up at 4:30 & couldn't sleep thinking about all those poor people being massacred. I almost got mad at the Lord, didn't it? Well, I sort of did. But as the day wore on & after He gave me that verse, it sort of helped me. I think the whole passage that it introduces is on that subject: "Fret not thyself for evil doers!" Good one, huh? So I just decided to quit worrying about it! (Ps.37:1.)

       163. I'LL SAVE YOU READING THE PAPER & GIVE YOU A QUICK RUNDOWN: It said the Israelis started staging that whole affair as far back as September 3rd when they moved into that area & took over an eight-story building that had been the Lebanese Army's officers' quarters. What were they doing pushing the Lebanese officers out & taking over their building, huh? Because it happened to be right on the edge of the camp & from the top you could see the whole camp & everything going on in it! So they couldn't have been ignorant of what was happening, but apparently planning all the time what they were going to do!

       164. THEY KNEW, OF COURSE, THEY DIDN'T DARE DO IT THEMSELVES OR THAT WOULD MAKE PEOPLE MAD, so [DELETED] they got their stooges to do it for them! They knew if they just turned those animals loose in there, that's what would happen! They brought up Haddad & his forces, about 700 all together.

       165. REPORTERS SAW HADDAD HIMSELF GET OFF A PLANE AT THE AIRPORT, so his denying that he had anything to do with it is a lie! They saw him with his soldiers all in Israeli uniforms given to them by the Israelis, & they assembled right near this building where the Israelis had their military headquarters. In fact, one of the holes they dug to bury God only knows how many people was within sight of the building!

       166. SO NEARLY EVERYBODY SAYS IT'S RIDICULOUS FOR THEM TO DENY THEY KNEW ANYTHING ABOUT IT, & this reporter is convinced that they engineered the whole thing, because they staged it! The staging area was first at the airport where the troops of Haddad were flown in--apparently they could really count on their stooge Haddad because he wouldn't exist without'm--& them they assembled right near or inside of this building, even had signs all the way along from the airport to the building showing which way to go to get to the Israeli military headquarters.

       167. THE REPORTERS ESTIMATED 700 TROOPS, A COMBINATION OF HADDAD'S FORCES & THE LOCAL PHALANGISTS, STAGED WITH ALL THEIR EQUIPMENT--trucks, bulldozers, everything! I mean, it was a well-planned operation, obviously planned by the Israelis. Just like I said, their job is to exterminate'm, that's their aim, & they were apparently determined to exterminate that camp!

       168. IT BEGAN AT DARK THURSDAY NIGHT & went on all Thursday night, all day Friday & all Friday night--33 hours--in both camps, Sabra & Chatila. They went up & down the streets to every house & when they left there wasn't one living thing left in either camp--they even shot the cats & the dogs & the horses! Never left a thing alive! Mothers were found lying with babies in their arms! Can you imagine?

       169. THE LEBANESE DOCTOR ON TELEVISION TONIGHT SAID THEY MUST HAVE BEEN MAD, CRAZY! He said, "They must have been on drugs! Not even hate could make you do a crazy thing like that!"--That's what he thinks!--The Devil can!

       170. IT WAS A PLANNED & STAGED, WITH FORCES COMMANDED BY THE ISRAELIS! Several of the articles said they were without excuse because Haddad's forces are under Israeli command & could not possibly have been there or taken part without their direct orders!

       171. THE VERY THING THAT ARAFAT & THE PALESTINIANS WERE AFRAID OF, HAPPENED!--That the minute the international peacekeeping forces were out of sight the Israelis would go in & mop up the only protectors the Palestinians had, their blood-brothers & friends, the Lebanese Muslims!

       172. THEY SAID THE ISRAELIS ENCIRCLED BOTH CAMPS & SEALED THEM OFF, & THEN OBVIOUSLY ORDERED THESE GUYS TO MARCH IN! Think of it! You think men can't be monsters worse than animals? I admit they're crazy, it's mad, it's insanity, of course it is!--Probably demon-possession! Many men have been known to get a kind of demonic-possession & bloodlust to where they just enjoy killing just for the sake of killing.

       173. ALTHOUGH THE REPORTERS WERE NOT ALLOWED TO GO IN PAST THE ISRAELI LINES--the Israelis sealed off the area & then they let the Phalangists & Major Haddad go in--they said they could hear the shots & the screams all night long Thursday night, all day Friday & all night long Friday night! Until at 8 o'clock on Friday morning, just like in response to a direct order, suddenly they all left & disappeared.

       174. I THINK THE ISRAELIS WERE BEGINNING TO GET A LITTLE WORRIED, because the word got out they were killing so many people & weren't being successful in burying them fast enough to hide the crimes! So the Israelis went through in vans with bullhorns warning the people to get out--which shows you they had perfect control of the situation themselves! About half of them had already been killed & Haddad's forces wouldn't let the rest leave until apparently the Israelis persuaded them to let some of the women & children leave. It's not yet known what happened to them, they were taken out in cattle trucks. And some of the men were carried off in trucks, they don't know what for.

       175. OF COURSE, WHEN PEOPLE FINALLY WERE ALLOWED TO GO BACK IN, THEY FOUND THE HORRORS! They were so busy killing people they didn't have time to bury them all, so they were just strewn in mounds all over the place--women, children, mothers with babies still in their arms.

       176. WELL, IT'S ALMOST LIKE THEY WERE MARTYRS WHO DIED FOR A CAUSE, BECAUSE THIS THING HAS FINALLY, SHOCKED THE WORLD! Even Israel's invasion of West Beirut didn't shock anybody, they know they're a bunch of liars & they always do what they're told not to do. But this barbarism, as Arafat calls it, has finally wakened the World--to see what they're really like!

       177. THE SLAUGHTER BEGAN THURSDAY NIGHT & AN ISRAELI JOURNALIST SAID HE FOUND OUT ABOUT IT & NOTIFIED THE HIGHEST ISRAELI GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL HE COULD FIND THERE IN BEIRUT on Friday morning of what was happening, but they just ignored him & said it was "none of our affair." Now they're denying they ever heard about it or knew anything about it, whereas this reporter said that he definitely told them!


       179. WELL, I THOUGHT YOU'D LIKE TO KNOW THAT WHAT WE SUSPECTED WAS CONFIRMED by reporters & observers & witnesses all over the place! And no matter how much the Israelis deny it, & no matter what they say, they were still responsible as the occupying forces for the safety & security of the civilian population--which is the excuse for which they invaded Beirut, supposedly to restore order!--Instead,

       180. THEY PLANNED THIS OPERATION TO TOTALLY EXTERMINATE EVERY PALESTINIAN THEY COULD FIND!--And if it hadn't been found out, they'd have probably gone on from there to the next camps, because there are thousands more, about 300,000 Palestinians there. The last I heard during the war, they claimed they had 10,000 people in those two camps--two of the biggest--Sabra & Chatila.

       181. IMAGINE HOW YOU'D FEEL IF YOU WERE ONE OF THOSE PLO who was promised by the U.S. & everybody that they would keep the Israelis out of West Beirut & they would leave their Muslim brothers there to guard them, & so you leave on that agreement. You leave your wife, your children, your father & your mother behind under the assumption the U.S. Government is going to keep its word & protect them with its soldiers.

       182. THAT'S JUST WHAT THEY WERE AFRAID WOULD HAPPEN THE MINUTE THOSE FORCES WERE OUT OF THE WAY! When they pulled out so fast I thought, "That sure is funny! That's just inviting the Israelis to go on in!"--And that's exactly what happened. And I knew if they ever got in there, that's what would happen too.

       183. WELL, DEAR BASHIR GEMAYEL SAID IF HE EVER GOT IN THERE HE WAS GOING TO HANG'M ALL! Well, he knows now why he can't. He's probably getting a few lectures himself. And his brother looks to me just as bad, if not worse--haughty, proud, ugh! They claim he was supposed to be a moderate & not a militarist like his younger brother--which I think is Israeli propaganda buttering him up for the presidency! Well, good night, their father was the one who formed & founded the Phalangists!--And he founded it, he himself claimed, on the principle of the Phalangists of Mussolini & Franco!--Ha! So they're out & out openly Fascists!

       184. AND THOSE [DELETED] NEWSPAPERS DO LOVE TO RUB IT IN! They like to put Christian & put capital "C": The Christian forces, the Christian Phalangists, the Christians did it! They love to really smear'm right along while they're doin' it!

       185. SO THE ISRAELIS DID IT! One writer even said, "For General Eitan to claim that it wasn't his responsibility, it wasn't his fault, that he had nothing to do with it, was a perfect Pilate act!"--Some of these Jews have read the New Testament! He said, "He made a perfect Pilate speech & did a perfect Pilate act, washed his hands of the whole affair! "See ye to it!" (Mt.27:24.)

       186. BUT I CAN SEE NOW THE WISDOM OF GOD IN EVEN ALLOWING IT! Thank God they killed them all, otherwise there would have been sufferers remaining. Well, there were a few who managed to escape--one little 11-year-old boy managed to escape & get to the camp hospital with a bullet hole in his leg & his arm, & a finger shot off! He told the doctors, "They're killing us all!" The doctors could hardly believe it because no casualties were even being brought into the hospital!

       187. THEY WEREN'T GOING TO TAKE A CHANCE ON LEAVING ANYBODY BEHIND! They said the way the bodies were piled up, it appeared that they would just break into a house, shoot everybody in the house, & if they had a chance they'd line the men up against the wall, turn them around & shoot them in the back. Now you know what [EDITED: "they"] are like, Honey, what the Devil's people are like. So watch out for'm! TTL, He takes care of us!

       188. BUT I JUST CAN'T HELP BUT FEEL BETTER TONIGHT BECAUSE IT HAS REALLY WAKED UP THE WORLD! It has shocked & horrified the World, & they're now determined to take some action! Dear Reagan, at last, has persuaded the French & the Italians to go back in with him. Poor guy, I guess he was afraid to have his dear boys go by themselves. They've agreed together to send back the so-called "peacekeeping" troops & that they will stay as long as necessary to bring peace to Lebanon. He said, "Even if it's necessary for them to stay for six months!" If they really stay till there's peace in Lebanon, it could take six years!

       189. ONE OF THOSE COMMENTATORS REALLY USED A GOOD WORD TONIGHT THAT I REALLY ENJOYED. He said, "The U.S. has protested & demanded the immediate withdrawal of Israeli forces from Beirut, Lebanon, but it seems the Prime Minister Begin is oblivious to all requests!" I told Maria, "He's oblivious about everything!"--Ha! That's a big word you may have never heard before. Being oblivious is just like they're blind, they can't see what's going on, can't hear, don't know anything, they pay no attention, don't care, are unconcerned, totally oblivious to all the objections, etc.

       190. WELL, I'LL TELL YOU, EVEN SOME OF THE JEWS IN ISRAEL WERE NOT OBLIVIOUS! And did you notices most of those people in the crowd of protestors?--They were the same kind that were protestors in the USA, nearly all young people, kids! I mean, the kids seem to be the only ones that have any ideals or any guts! (James: The police were quite rough too.) Oh, they were! Even with the women, they shoved'm & stiff-armed'm & knocked'm around!


       192. SO THEY DIED FOR A CAUSE, THEY DIED AS MARTYRS! [DELETED] That's why the PLO didn't want to leave their families, because they knew that was going to happen. One commentator even said, "Well, the Israelis ought to have known better than to always call all the Palestinians terrorists, as this constantly engenders hate. It's a propaganda word that causes hate, so they might have known that people were going to learn to hate them all!" Well, that's why they were using it, they wanted them to be hated!

       193. BUT IT SURE HAS SHAKEN UP THE WORLD, TTL! One writer said, "Nobody's ever going to believe the Israelis anymore! Their credibility is totally destroyed!" Lots of idealists who thought Israel was just great have just been shattered! Some of the writers are as good as saying they've lost faith in Israel now. Well, once upon a time I came to the point where I lost faith in Israel too, so I know how they feel! It's a pretty shattering experience!

       194. YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN US BY THE TV ROOTIN' FOR ISRAEL OUT ON THE RANCH DURING THE 6-DAY WAR when just my family lived out there. Aaron especially was a fanatic. They call England-lovers Anglophiles, he was an Israeliphile! He would just sit glued to the TV nearly all day jumping up & down & yelling & screaming anytime anything big happened!

       195. HE'D BEEN TAUGHT, JUST LIKE I HAD, THAT [EDITED: "THEY"] WERE STILL THE CHOSEN PEOPLE OF GOD! And though they had rejected Jesus, God was will going to keep His promises to them & they were going to repent some day & all come to the Lord. Then He was going to give them back Israel & everything: "See, they're over there now, He's already regathering them!"--He didn't give it to them, they stole it! [DELETED]

       196. ANYHOW, IT HAS DONE THE TRICK! I think I understand now what the Lord meant by "their cup of iniquity is not yet full." He knew it was going to take something like this to really prick the conscience of the World. I'll tell you, they're pretty upset!

       197. ITALY WAS THE FIRST TO VOLUNTEER TO SEND HER FORCES BACK IN, then France, & now the U.S. has agreed to send their Marines back. Some are even saying that Lebanon needs what they called a mandated power there to keep the peace, & what they ought to do is give it back to France! They have French language, French culture, France could keep the peace!--And I about agree with them! I don't think they're ever going to have peace there unless they get somebody there that knocks their heads together! I mean, they're at war with each other!

       198. THE FIRST STEP OF JUST WIPING OUT THE PALESTINIAN CAMPS, that simply gets revenge on the PLO & gets rid of one enemy. Then the next ones the Phalangists will take on are the Muslims, of course. They want to exterminate'm all! As Bashir said, "I'm gonna hang'm all!" Well, he didn't get a chance, thank the Lord, but some of his men sure made a mess out of things!

       199. THEY SAID THE STENCH WAS SO BAD BY SATURDAY MORNING from the bodies lying out in the heat all Friday, that when the workers went in on Saturday they had to spray because of the flies! Hundreds & hundreds of bodies! Imagine, just piles of them!--Women, children, old white-haired men lying there rotting in the sun!

       200. THANK GOD THE WORLD'S FINDING OUT AT LAST WHAT MONSTERS THOSE DAMN ISRAELIS ARE! Not all of them, of course, there are a few good ones who are protesting, God bless'm, mostly the young people. And there were some older ones there in the crowd too, who looked like professors & teachers, the typical kind that sympathise with the kids--sort of like me!

       201. SO IN A WAY THERE WAS LOTS OF GOOD NEWS TODAY! The horror of yesterday is a sad memory, but at least those people are out of their misery. Of course, they don't know what happened to the ones they carted off in trucks & cattle cars as prisoners. OK, let's pray. [DELETED]

       202. ([EDITED: "FAM"]: JESUS, HELP US TO HAVE A GOOD NIGHT & bless all the Family around the World & keep everyone in the whole wide World, in Jesus' name.) Amen. And let's pray the prayer the Lord taught us to pray. I'm just very fond of that prayer & I kind of missed it. I like our nice little "Now I Lay Me Down" prayer too, & we can do them both! So as the Lord taught us to pray: (Prays the Lord's Prayer, Ps.19:14 & "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.")

       203. BLESS OUR LOVED ONES & GIVE US ALL A GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP. Bless Thy children around the World. Comfort the hearts of those who have been bereaved, Lord. We know You've taken care of the dead. TYL! TYJ! Good night all! GBY! ILY! Thank God for the Happy Ending soon!


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family