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OLD FAMILY FRIENDS!--3 Strange Dreams!       Madrid, 12/10/77       DFO 1289


       1. I'VE HAD SEVERAL OF THESE DREAMS FOR THE LAST SEVERAL NIGHTS, so I don't remember exactly what dates were which dreams, & I don't suppose it's important. I don't know whether they mean anything or not, but they're very clear.

       2. MOTHER SEEMED TO BE LIVING UP IN THIS LITTLE TOWN IN THE MOUNTAINS OF CALIFORNIA I think, or some mountains somewhere. Of course, actually she's in Heaven with the Lord now, so maybe it was just a test or example.

       3. SHE'D INVITED ME TO COME BACK & HELP HER WITH HER BUSINESS. I remember I was going through her cheque stubs to try to assist her, then we decided to go to dinner. She always liked to go out for dinner, & we started walking through the country-side to a little country cafe, like a truck stop.

       4. IT WAS GETTING DUSK, & I didn't particularly like the looks of the lonely situation. We walked along alone on this lonely path through the dusk, meaning eventide, & finally there was a long single--file lonely grassy path leading downhill toward the highway.

       5. THIS FELLOW CAME RUNNING ALONG FROM BEHIND US & really momentarily frightened me. As he ran by he playfully patted me on the back of the head, which I didn't particularly care for, because I was worried about muggers anyhow on a lonely road.

       6. ON THE WAY DOWN TO THE CAFE, SHE STOPPED ME & SAID, "I SMELL SOMETHING! What have you got in your pocket?" & she looked in nosily as was her want, & said, "Ugh!"--I had this little bit of pipe tobacco in my pocket. "Ugh!" she said. "Tobacco! David, how could you!" & she stuck up her nose in a huff & stalked off like she was going to go to the cafe all by herself, she was is offended at my having any tobacco on me.

       7. OF COURSE, THAT HAS ALWAYS BEEN TABOO IN OUR FAMILY ALL MY LIFE, but it just shows you what little things get people upset, over nothing. no matter what you do that's good, if you have one little fault or you do some little thing that offends the weaker brothers or sisters!

       8. WE WENT TO THE CAFE & MUCH UNLIKE HERSELF--SHE DETESTED & ABSOLUTELY ABHORRED SITTING AT A COUNTER, she would simply not even go into a place if she had to sit at a counter, & always liked to sit at a table--but she went in very peeved & miffed & walked up to the counter & sat herself down at the counter all by herself, like she didn't care whether I sat with her or not! And that was the end of that dream.

       9. NOW THESE THREE DREAMS IMPRESSED ME AS HAVING RATHER STRANGE SIGNIFICANCE, HOW EACH OF OUR FRIENDS REACTED TO US AS WE ARE TODAY. That was my Mother's reaction, which was not favorable. In spite of all the good work we're doing, soul-winning & everything else, she didn't like it just because I had a little pipe tobacco in my pocket!


       10. THE NEXT ONE WAS ABOUT LAMONT HAAS, MY OLD BUDDY. We were practically raised together, reared together, at least about the same age. He was handsome & good-looking & always appealed to the girls, & I was skinny & scrawny, but brainy, so I didn't.

       11. WE WERE BOTH ATHLETIC, & if anything, I think I excelled him in athletics. But if you're not big & strong & handsome-looking & dashing-looking, why, it seems like girls go for that sort of thing, they don't seem to go too much for brains.

       12. FOR SOME REASON, LAMONT & I HAD A HAPPY REUNION, I had apparently come to see him or something. It was as though he were young & in his 20's I'd say, but it was as though I were older, almost like I am today for some reason, maybe that has a spiritual significance.

       13. WE WERE ON A LITTLE SHOPPING TOUR TOGETHER, IT SEEMED, IN OUR OLD STOMPING GROUND AROUND MY OLD HOME, my family home in Miami. Our second real home there, the one that we built out in the Northwest section. As I recall, the number was 2119 Northwest 24th Street, a lovely old home. In those days it was a lovely old section, a lovely new section then, really.

       14. WE THOUGHT WE'D GO OUT & VISIT IT, & TO MY AMAZEMENT, THE WHOLE PLACE WAS SO DEVELOPED I could hardly believe it, there was a huge shopping center. Across from the house there used to be the Exotic Gardens, florists, about two acres of greenhouses & flowers & plants, but now there was this huge huge shopping center, a big complicated intricate thing.

       15. DOWN THE HILL WHERE OLD 17TH AVENUE USED TO BE, at the bottom of the Exotic Gardens, was a big busy boulevard now, like a superhighway, a huge 4-lane thing. Across the street another big shopping center stood, & I was so amazed at all this development that I could hardly believe it!

       16. WHILE I WAS LOOKING AROUND ASTONISHED AT IT ALL, WE SEEMED TO GET SEPARATED, & so pretty soon I was looking for Lamont & couldn't find him. I looked all over & I finally decided, "Well, if we got separated, he'd probably be down at the bus stop on the Boulevard trying to catch a bus home. But he wasn't there either.

       17. SO FINALLY I PHONED HOME TO HIS MOTHER, MRS. HAAS, to find out if she'd heard anything from him, & she said, "Yes, while you were shopping he got tired. You know, he's afflicted in his feet now, & they were bleeding, so he came home."

       18. BUT SHE WAS VERY SWEET & SMILING & VERY KIND AS ALWAYS, & lovely & charming to me like she still loved me, which was nice, considering my Mother didn't like me just because I had a little tobacco in my pocket. That was the end of the Lamont Haas Dreams. (Maria: But I don't understand the connection, why wouldn't Mrs. Haas have been nice to you?)

       19. WELL HONEY, I KNOW A LOT OF OLD FRIENDS IN MIAMI, FLORIDA, WHO WERE VERY VERY GOOD FAMILY FRIENDS, just like members of the Family. When I went back there as a member of the Soul Clinic, just the Soul Clinic, they had absolutely nothing to do with me anymore!

       20. THIS WAS LIKE THEIR REACTIONS TO WHAT WE ARE NOW believe it or not. It's funny, it was as though Mother didn't care so much about all the rest of our life, but one little bit of tobacco in my pocket, well, that settled it.

       21. AND MRS. HAAS, SHE WAS ALWAYS VERY SWEET, & even after we were in the Soul Clinic, she was still very sweet & always a wonderful wonderful woman, one of the most wonderful, sweetest women I ever knew, always precious. She'd have to be, to put up with the husband she had anyhow. Well, praise God.


       22. THE NEXT DREAM WAS OUT SOMEWHERE IN TEXAS AT ONE OF THESE BIG OLD RANCHES or farms we used to visit, where they had big families come during evangelistic meetings. They had a bunch of children & were real good friends of us kids when my Mother & Father were evangelists & we children were travelling with them. Oh, a name comes to me now, their name almost came to me. Anyway, it began with a B & they were very prominent people. I remember in later years, the sons & daughters went to college & were teachers & lawyers & all that sort of thing.

       23. IT WAS LIKE I WAS GOING BACK, & THE FAMILY WAS LIKE IT USED TO BE WHEN I WAS A KID. The kids were the same ages again, only I was now older again like I am right now, having performed what we have performed in the Revolution. It's almost as though I had stumbled across the Ranch without knowing it was there, because I was on this country road & this little boy on a bicycle met me, & he said, "Ohh!"--

       24. HE WAS SO HAPPY TO SEE ME, LIKE HE REMEMBERED OLD TIMES, but he was still a little boy. Maybe that has spiritual significance. We have grown, & they have not spiritually. He was so happy to see me, & he said, "Come on home! Come on home!" I said, "Home, where? Is there a house? I don't see any house around here!" He said "Yes, yes, yes, come, come, come! It's right around the bend down here through the trees, same old ranch house, same family!" So I followed him rather happily thinking, "Wow, I'm going to see the old family again!"

       25. AS WE CAME NEAR THE HOUSE, THE OLDER GIRL WHO ALWAYS RATHER LIKED ME, SHE WAS ABOUT 10 OR 12, because that's what age I was when we were there, she ran out & was real happy to see me, & was real sweet & coy & shy, sort of embarrassed, because you could tell she really liked to see that I was coming, & she was very happy to see me.

       26. BUT SEVERAL OF THE OTHER OLDER CHILDREN, THERE WERE SOME MORE OLDER CHILDREN, looked at me & almost sneered & snubbed & just totally ignored me, just passed right on by like I didn't even exist! And the little boy was kind of surprised, but he said, "We're just about to have dinner! We'll run in & tell Mama you're here & ask if it's alright to bring you to dinner!"

       27. HE CAME BACK COMPLETELY TOTALLY CRESTFALLEN, HE JUST COULDN'T BELIEVE IT! He said, "No, Mother says she doesn't want you to come here to dinner, & that she doesn't want you visiting here, & that you better go now because of what you are today." I just could hardly believe my ears!

       28. SO THERE WERE THREE REACTIONS--one of my own Mother, one of very very dear friends that were just like relatives, Mrs. Haas & Lamont, & they seemed to be much more broad-minded, & then this old religious family who were staunch church people. The children, some of them still loved us, but the older ones didn't, all because of our present work!--How typical!--You just can't pour new wine into old bottles! Thank God for you new ones! TYJ! PTL! GBY! ILY!--You're my new Family!--And I like you better!

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