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THE THREE ROBBERS DREAM!       28/4/77       DFO1291
In Portugal, just after leaving Tenerife!

       1. THIS IS A DREAM I HAD SOMETIME EARLY IN THE MORNING. It seemed like it was in a country something like California or Portugal or some country with a sea on the west side & land on the east side.

       2. ANYWAY, THESE THREE ROBBERS HAD JUST ROBBED A BANK OR SOMETHING in some port city on the upper northern coast of this country, sort of like San Francisco or someplace like that. It's hard to tell, I can see it but I don't know where it is sometimes.

       3. THESE GUYS WERE GOING IN A CAR DRIVING NORTH UP TO THE WOODS & they drove out into the woods. I think this just must have been inspired by some gangster movie I've seen or something, because I don't see much to it. Well, it's an interesting little plot.

       4. SO THEY DROVE OUT IN THE WOODS IN A REAL QUIET SPOT WHERE THEY COULD DIVVY UP THE SPOIL. Come to think of it, there were two cars, because I remember one guy got out of the front car & walked back to the back car to make the deal. So they said, "OK, let's split now," only the two guys in the back car seemed to have the money.

       5. SO THE GUY FROM THE FRONT CAR, THIS BLOND KIND OF GOOD-LOOKING GUY PULLED OUT THIS GUN & told the other two guys, "OK, hand over the money!" So instead of just divvying up like they were supposed to do, he took it all. And he said, "OK, you boys just stay right here now & don't leave, I'll see you later."--And he took off with the loot! He didn't kill them or anything, thank God for that, I don't like the gruesome ones!

       6. IT SEEMED LIKE I COULD SEE HIM GOING ACROSS THROUGH THE WOODS. He was winding 'way 'way around through the woods over toward the west border of the country & I think he was heading south. I think maybe he was trying to lose them off his trail so they wouldn't be able to follow him or catch up with him.

       7. BUT THE ONE GUY TOOK OFF RIGHT AWAY AFTER HIM. He said, "Well, I'm not going to let him get away with it, I'm going to catch up with him & make him give us our split!" And so he took off right away.

       8. BUT THE OTHER GUY SAID, "WELL I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE A CHANCE, I don't want to get myself shot. I'd rather let him have the money than to have any trouble about it."--Very unusual bandit to be like that, huh? But anyway, that seemed to be the way he felt about it. He was afraid of the other guy, I guess, & was afraid to try to go after him.

       9. BUT THE ONE GUY WENT AFTER HIM & HE FOLLOWED HIM HOT ON HIS TRAIL from there clear across through the woods over to the eastern border of the country & down toward the South, & that's where it ended.--Well, not quite, then the question was, the guy that was left behind was sitting there thinking,

       10. "NOW, DID THAT ONE GUY REALLY TAKE ALL THE LOOT, OR DID THESE TWO GUYS HAVE IT ARRANGED BETWEEN THEM THAT THEY WERE GOING TO CUT ME OUT?--And the second one pretended like he was just chasing the other guy to try to get it, but they'd had it all arranged ahead of time where they'd meet together someplace later & split it two ways instead of three?" So that's the last I remember, he's sitting there in the back of the car thinking, "Now, just what did happen with these guys? Did they arrange it that way, or is that guy really going after him? Did the first guy really mean to steal it all, or have they planned to split it up later & cut me out?" So that just sounds like nothing but a movie plot to me. I can't think of anything it could mean.

       11. THE ONLY THING I CAN THINK OF IS WE WERE SPLITTING UP THE MONEY TODAY, we sent the boys some cheques for the folks down there. But that's just the opposite of what they were doing. Those guys weren't splitting, they were supposed to split but they didn't. Jesus, Lord, if it does have any meaning, please give it to me! What could it possibly signify? I don't know why I'd even think about it, I completely forgot the dream, but when I prayed this morning You reminded me of it, so it must be something. TYL.

       12. ANYHOW, THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO SHARE THE MONEY, & the one guy got ahold of it & wouldn't share. I can't think of who that could possibly be unless the bank would refuse to cash the cheques or something. I was emptying out our bank account there & splitting it every which way with the kids that are still left, giving them all a little bit & the leaders some reserve to help operate their colonies on. PTL! TYJ! Have Thy way, Thy will be done. I guess you'd call this the "Dream of the Three Robbers!"

       13. BUT AT THE END, IT WAS LIKE IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A MYSTERY, like a riddle or a conundrum. Now which one do you think has the money?--That was the whole idea, the question at the end. Which one do you think really got the money? Just the one, or the two? "What happened to the money?"--was the question at the end of the dream. I don't think I've ever had a dream like that where it was so funny like at the end, that you were supposed to figure out the answer! Ha!--Like it was a mystery who got the money! Isn't that funny?

       14. WELL, IT COULDN'T POSSIBLY BE SOMETHING LITERAL, that wouldn't make any sense at all, it would have to be symbolical. That's the first choice you have to make. It must symbolise something, it must illustrate something. Once in a while I have dreams that I don't think seem to mean anything & are just interesting dreams from the multitude of business. Well, Lord, if there is any answer, You can give it to me, so we'll just wait for the answer, in Jesus' Name, amen.

       15. WELL, THE KIDS CERTAINLY AREN'T ROBBERS SO IT CERTAINLY COULDN'T MEAN THEM, & we're not robbers, we're all doing our jobs, it couldn't mean us, I don't see how it could mean any of us.

       16. A LOT OF TIMES IN A DREAM DIFFERENT KINDS OF COMPONENTS OF THE DREAM MEAN DIFFERENT THINGS, like if they're beasts or animals, that usually means government or the system, but a lot of time if they're people, they represent spiritual powers usually.

       17. SO IT COULD BE THAT THAT MEANS THAT SOMEBODY IS TRYING TO GET THE MONEY WHO SHOULDN'T BE, some powers of the enemy or something behind the scenes are trying to get it. I wouldn't be surprised at that. It is the day they're distributing it & supposed to be cashing their cheques, & so maybe the lord just gave it to me as a warning to be sure & pray for them that the enemy won't get a hold of it & steal it away from them. (Just before the RNR!)

       18. WELL, AMEN, LORD, WHATEVER IT MEANS, IF IT'S A WARNING TO US TO PRAY that the enemy doesn't get his hands on that money, we rebuke the enemy & the robbers right now, in Jesus' name, that the wrong people will not get their hands on that money, Lord, & the enemy will not get their hands on that money. It belongs to You & Your children Lord, so bless & keep it safely, in Jesus' name! Have Thy way.

       19. PTL! P.S. TO THE THREE ROBBERS DREAM, IT HAS A HAPPY ENDING! The enemy did not get their hands on that money & the Lord did get it safely out of their hands, & we escaped with it & distributed it to others elsewhere, as well as there, & the Lord delivered it out of the hands of the robbers & preserved it for His glory & His use, TYL!

       20. SO IT PAYS TO PRAY, don't forget prayer power! Praise God! Don't forget to pray! GBY all! WLY! Bye bye! Amen.

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