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THE NEW EDITOR DREAM!       7/3/79       DFO1292

       1. (MARIA: YOU HAD A DREAM ABOUT SOME OF OUR BACKSLIDERS & DEFECTORS WHO STARTED GETTING OUT A NICE LITTLE MAGAZINE like ours. It got so good that we invited them to join us.) And Peter was the editor, & he was a genius & so good that we asked him to become our editor. He was just the guy we've been looking for all this time, especially for me, & he made us very happy. They had some really good articles.

       2. IT WAS LIKE SOME FOLKS THAT HAD BEEN OFFENDED BY THE OLD CHAIN, & they were glad to find out that we were nice after all. They really liked us, & they were really so happy to find out they could work with us, & that we were so much the same. I was especially happy because he was a big help to me.

       3. HIS ARTICLES WERE RECOMMENDING DIFFERENT PRODUCTS, & articles & books & health foods & other things. He was even guaranteeing that if they didn't like them that he'd make sure they got their money back. He even had a team offering free car inspection with minor adjustments free & a recommended garage for good reasonable repairs. He was offering all kinds of family services. They were all really good ideas.

       4. HE WAS A REAL HELP & A GOOD LEADER & JUST WHAT I NEEDED. We must have gone to sleep thinking about needing more help. It was such a comforting dream. But I can remember we had some enemies trying to cause us trouble, but we were doing so good they couldn't stop us. PTL!

       5. SOME OF HIS PEOPLE DIDN'T QUITE KNOW YET WHETHER TO TRUST US OR NOT & we sort of had to win them & prove to them that we were sincere. It was a good dream, it gave me a really good feeling.

       6. IT MADE ME REALLY HAPPY, THAT THERE'S GOING TO BE SOMEBODY TO HELP YOU, to help take care of your work when I'm gone. It's going to boom more than ever, PTL!--Because the Lord is with you honey, & it's the Lord's work & He's going to prosper it & continue to make it a great blessing!

       7. IT WAS REALLY A BEAUTIFUL DREAM, TYJ! Isn't that funny? Some of the enemies were trying to get us & put us in a box, but we refused to be packaged. I guess we had to burn free, hallelujah! TYJ!

       (1982 P.S.: PETER DID HELP TO SAVE THE DAY & OUR FINANCES AFTER THE RNR & Jeth, Deb, Rachel & Tim's departure!--And he's still a strong tower of strength to us as our Business Manger & personal assistant--our "Executive Vice-President," you might say! He's also a great blessing to Maria & helps share the heavy load of administration that she bears, while I have all the fun writing Letters from the Lord!--Ha! His continued unwavering faith has been a constant encouragement to us all, getting us through many tight places & hard moves! GBH! He's a great blessing now, & I expect him to be an ever greater blessing to you & Maria after I'm gone! GBY all!)

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