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DREAMS JEWELS!       Compiled 8/82       DFO1293
--Some puzzles for You!--You interpret them!


       1. THERE WAS A RELIGIOUS CONVENTION IN A CHURCH, & I was trying to attend it anonymously, incognito. I was curious about the various sessions & particularly curious about what they were doing about the young people, if they were doing anything for them.

       2. BUT FINALLY, ONE OF THE PREACHERS RECOGNISED ME & sneered & ridiculed me, but it didn't seem to phase me any. I went right ahead to another one of their sessions, just quietly minding my own business & listening to some small discussion they were having with some young people. They were discussing something, I forgot exactly what it was, but I spoke out an answer.

       3. THIS FELLOW WHO KNEW ME SNEERED, & HE RETORTED, "And by what authority do you say these things?", like they challenged Jesus and John the Baptist. (Mt.21:23-27; Mk.11:27-33; Lu.20:1-8.) I said, "By the authority of the Bible! In Ephesians 2:8,9 it says, 'For by grace are ye saved through faith, & that not of yourselves, it is a gift of God, not of works, lest any man should boast!'"

       4. HE WAS JUST SPEECHLESS, & so were they, they found no answer. Just like the Scribes & the Pharisees were often struck speechless by Jesus' answers, * I just confidently gave the answer. The amazing thing to me was that I was so unafraid of being there where I was known amongst these church people, & that they didn't lay a finger on me, they didn't touch me, but just let me attend the sessions. (*Mt.7:28,29; Mk.1:22.)

       5. I GUESS THE MEANING IS TO SYMBOLISE THE TREMENDOUS POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT in taking care of us & guiding us & keeping us safely, & the tremendous power of the Word in being able to answer the criticism & the challenges of our critics. PTL! (Mk.13:11; Lu.21:15; 1Th.1:5.)

       (21/6/77) THE ROBBERY!

       6. I REMEMBER I WAS IN A DOWNTOWN DEPARTMENT STORE, & I had on a big heavy overcoat & a fur around my neck besides. It must have been really cold there. It seemed like they were having some kind of a banquet for us, or we were eating, & I went out in the foyer to go to the bathroom,

       7. AND THERE WERE THESE TWO BANDITS ROBBING SOME PEOPLE out there! Their backs were to me so I quick whipped out a pistol, a little 22-caliber famous Italian make, what is it called?--It's the most famous Italian make of small arm, made way up in the Northern mountains of Italy near the border. (Beretta.)

       8. HOW I HAD IT I DON'T KNOW, but it just seemed natural I had this pistol, & I whipped it out & stuck it in the back of one of the robbers, & stuck my finger in the back of the other one, & I said, "Hands up! You're caught! I've got pistols, drop your guns, this is it! The jig is up!" They each had larger automatics, & they immediately dropped their guns, & I grabbed them off the floor in one hand & laid them aside, because I remember later they were missing. I shouted at the people to call the police.

       9. THE POLICE CAME & TOOK THEM AWAY, & then I gathered up my overcoat. Everybody was praising me for being such a hero & saving the people from getting robbed. Then I started looking around for those two pistols, wondering what had happened to them. I still seemed to have mine in my pocket, & I thought I'd taken theirs away from them, but I finally decided I must have just laid them down & the authorities had picked them up when they came to get the two criminals.

       10. THE LAST THING I REMEMBER I WAS GETTING MY HEAVY OVERCOAT ON, & I was trying to wrap this big heavy fur around my neck, getting ready to go outside, where apparently it must have been very freezing bitter cold. That was it, it was just like watching a movie!

       11. I HAVE MOVIES IN MY SLEEP, I DON'T HAVE TO WATCH TV!--HA! Now why did I have a dream like that? I was always doing crazy things like that though, butting my nose into other people's business & stopping bad boys from doing things. I just walked up & stuck the muzzle of the pistol in my right hand in the back of one of them, & stuck my finger in the back of the other one, & through all those clothes you can't tell whether it's a pistol or not, & they both dropped their guns right away. So I guess you can call that one "The Robbery." (Maria: Your idea of hell too, that cold freezing weather!) It was cold!

       (14/8/76) THE MISSION

       12. WE WERE VISITING THIS GREAT BIG NEW BEAUTIFUL BUILDING, it was supposed to be some kind of a mission--a great big, beautiful, modern, square, box-like thing, all modern, air-conditioned, no windows, just flat, bare walls outside, some kind of beautiful mottled colourful material like glass or plastic exterior, all really really modern.

       13. THEY TOLD US IT WAS A MISSION, & these bums were drifting in & out, & they were serving food. I thought, "Well, isn't that nice of them, it looks pretty good." The only part of it that was really the mission was this little tiny balcony across the top of one end, way in the back, & my impression was that it didn't sleep more than about a dozen men!--And all the other part was a great big front for the mission!

       14. BOY, IT'S A PRETTY GOOD PICTURE OF THE CHURCH TODAY, right?! I mean, with all the fancy buildings & everything they've got, & all the money they lavish on auditoriums for Christians to sit & have their ears tickled, & this one little corner for helping people, with a big fancy auditorium for preaching, & it was empty at that! There was nobody in it, none of the fancy people who built it, just like the fancy people who showed me around were the ones that left the church mostly empty.

       (14/8/76) THE LITTLE ONE-EYED BIRD

       15. I DREAMED WE WERE IN A CAR, sitting in the back seat, & I was talking to you about something. There were a number of people in the front seat. The car door on my right was open because it was warm.

       16. ALL OF A SUDDEN, A LITTLE FLEDGLING, OR A LITTLE SPARROW, like one of these little ones out here, fluttered & flew right onto my chest. It leaned back like this, just slanted right here sort of listening to my heart. I looked down at it, & saw this one large eye.

       17. WHEN I FIRST LOOKED DOWN AT IT, I thought it was a big Egyptian moth or something, because it had such a strange head, but then when I looked at it closely it was because it had this one huge left eye. It was almost like a fly has, a great big eye. But the other eye was all shrivelled up to nothing, just a little shrivelled, tiny, closed vestige of what had been an eye. The little eye was about the size of a normal bird eye, but closed & shrivelled up, but it also had this great big eye.

       18. AT FIRST, I WAS KIND OF STARTLED, & WANTED TO GET RID OF IT because I thought it was a big Egyptian moth or something, but I looked close & saw it look up at me so pitiful. You said, "Oh, you ought to take it & show it to Davidito. He'd be so thrilled to see it!" But I thought, "Well, it's a little bit out of the ordinary." I didn't know if I ought to do it or not.

       19. "WELL, IT'S JUST A LITTLE FLEDGLING," I said, & its mother was fluttering around fussing over in a nearby bush, like they do when they are taking care of fledglings & one of the little birds flutter into the garden. So I said, "We'd better give him back to his mother & let her feed it, because she's gotta take care of it." I said, "I guess it's something Davidito can watch," & you were calling Davidito out of the house. So I took the fledgling & tossed her just like that--they kind of flutter when they fly, & she sort of fluttered back over on the grass towards its mother.

       20. IT WAS SO DEFORMED, ONLY ONE EYE, but that one was a really big eye, almost as big as our eyes, & so oversized, & the other eye was nearly blind, it was blind, really. If it was that, it must be something symbolic, if it means anything at all. It must mean something.

       21. IT MUST HAVE BEEN RECENT because Davidito was there. It was my house. I was busy talking, I was having a very important conference, & I didn't want to be bothered right then, but it was like the little deformed bird looked up at me for help & sympathy.

       22. WHEN WE WERE LITTLE BOYS, we'd try to take care of fledglings. we'd catch'm & try to feed'm & everything, but they never did very good that way, they had to have their mothers. They had to be fed by their parents.

       23. MAYBE WE NEED A LITTLE MORE EMPHASIS ON MOTHERS FOR OUR FLEDGLINGS.--Or maybe they're getting a one-sided education or something, or they're not getting enough balance in their education, only seeing one side of life or something. I said, "Well, we'd better do it the natural way, & let its mother take care of it. Give it back to its mother, & let her take care of it"--Are you mothering your Babes enough?

       (14/8/76) THE BLOB COLONY

       24. I WAS LIVING IN A BIG COLONY, LIKE A BLOB. There were a whole lot of people & I had the feeling that it had something to do with that church building (see "The Mission"). There was a colony apparently nearby, with a whole bunch of us & everybody was busy. There was lots of noise & commotion naturally, & everything going on as usual.

       25. I WAS LOOKING AROUND FOR A PLACE TO WORK, for a table to work on. Everyone was busy & occupied, & I had a terrible time trying to find any place to work. Finally, I found this one big table like a pingpong table which nobody seemed to be using, but it was all cluttered with stuff, so I was trying to clear off one end of the table so we could work on that.

       26. THEN SOME GUY RUSHED UP & SAID, "OH, THAT'S MY STUFF, I'm working on that." So I was thinking, "Boy, I sure wish I had the Cruiser again so I could have a little privacy & get away from it all."

       27. AND SOME OTHER GUY CAME ALONG DRIVING THIS FUNNY FOOD CART that looked like one of these little go-carts, with little wheels. You sit back close to the ground & the motor was in the back, & the front was all stacked up with food, & they were driving it to the mission to feed the bums. But he was driving real recklessly & carelessly & almost wrecked the thing! I said, "You know, you ought to take better care of things than that. You people aren't taking very good care of things." Everything was in a mess.

       28. I WOKE UP THEN, when everyone was yelling in the pool. They sure were making a racket! (They were, with the ball & everything.) So I went back to sleep. So they finally stopped making a racket when we finally woke up. (Maria: Oh, no!) Well, that's about all I remember.

       29. THAT BIG BLOB COLONY & ME TRYING TO GET A CHANGE TO GET MY WORK DONE, almost reminds me of the way this place is getting to be. That's why I wanted to get away, so I could get something done. People coming in & out all the time, this is getting to be like the main highway! We had ten visitors yesterday! It's ridiculous! I just can't have people coming in like this. I have to stay hidden away in a room all the time to keep from having to talk to'm. If they have to talk to them, they have to talk to them in Spanish, which is hard enough as it is. If we want to get out, we have to sneak out, bypass'm somehow, which is pretty difficult! (Don't let "tending tables" hinder work on the Word!)

       (12/10/77) THE FALL!

       30. I WAS WATCHING A LITTLE BOY BEING RESCUED. He toppled over a cliff to a ledge below, & there was quite a group of people watching him being rescued. It was over the water, over the edge of the sea it seemed, & I was watching the rescue & leaning against a post on the edge of the cliff.

       31. THE POST GAVE WAY, & I TOPPLED OVER TOO, & of course I immediately woke up as I hurtled through the air! I had a warning not to lean on this post, but I was trying to see what they were doing. But that's a typical nightmare. I used to have them a lot of times, but I haven't had such dreams lately until this last sickness that I had. (A warning?)

       (12/10/77) HEIGHT FASCINATION!

       32. I WAS UP ON A TOP GALLERY OR A DOME OF THIS HUGE AUDITORIUM, & I was looking down at all the thousands & thousands of people down there. There's a kind of mania with some people that when they are on a great height or any kind of a height, they have an impulse to throw themselves over. They're almost drawn dizzily to just fall over, it's almost like a suction, you know?--Like the Devil tempting Jesus! (Mt.4:5-7.)

       33. HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF THAT, PEOPLE WHO JUST CAN'T STAND HEIGHTS?--Not the kind who are totally phobic to heights who absolutely freeze & are really scared stiff & that grab onto something & won't let go. But this kind is almost like a mania, almost like a fascination for them to want to cast themselves over the brink, or just fall right over. And that's the way I felt at that moment for some reason, I don't know why, I just felt drawn. I've had a lot of those dreams about falling, it's a common thing I think with people.

       34. AND ALL OF A SUDDEN I FELT MYSELF JUST TUMBLING OVER, like slow motion as I tumbled. It was so high, it was so far down & I thought, "This is how you feel when it really happens." It wasn't really a bad feeling at all going through the air. I thought, "Now when does my spirit leave my body?" I was tumbling slowly over & over in slow motion.

       35. I HAD THE FUNNY FEELING THAT THE LORD WAS GOING TO TAKE ME OUT OF MY BODY RIGHT THERE IN MID-AIR before it hit the ground. I thought, "This is almost like floating, almost like dying. This'll be easy, I'll just leave my body now & let it go." But it was such an exciting feeling, it was almost like a thrill--it was exciting that I could do this, could leave my body & let it go. And I woke up like that--just as you almost always do in those falling dreams, you get so scared or so frightened or so excited that it wakes you up before you hit the ground, thank God!

       36. NOW WHY I HAD THOSE TWO FALLING DREAMS I DON'T KNOW, UNLESS THEY ARE WARNINGS. One would be a warning not to lean on the post or depend on anything that wouldn't be a good support or that isn't reliable, or we would fall, too. The other would be, don't be fascinated by the heights of fame & glory & the crowd, so that you're willing to cast yourself over & think that you can just survive anything. That's about all I can think of. I've had a lot of crazy dreams lately, I guess because I've been sick. So, PTL, that's it!

       37. (MARIA: I WONDER IF THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS TO MOST PEOPLE WHEN THEY FALL from those heights?) I wonder if God is merciful to them & removes their spirit before their body hits the ground, before they feel it.

       38. I'VE HEARD THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS TO PEOPLE A LOT OF TIMES when they were burned to death, what I would say was God in His mercy, that they died of smoke inhalation before they felt the burning of the flames. They die in the smoke first of suffocation, almost like they're being gassed first before they actually feel the torture of the flames.

       39. THAT WAS THE ADVICE THEY USED TO GIVE TO THE CHRISTIANS who were dying at the stake, was to inhale the smoke as quick as they could to where they could go before they felt too much pain. Anyway, crazy dreams, I don't know anymore than that, that's all I got out of them, so, PTL.--Have you any idea what they mean?

       (24/3/75) THE STONE WALL

       40. I SAW A BIG BIG STONE WALL, like concrete as wide as that door & 200 feet tall. It had a rounded top & was kind of hard to walk on. In the dream I'm slipping off it & yelling for you all to help me, I dreamed it about three times last night. I'm just hanging there trying to decide whether to just let go & drop, but it looks like such a long way down I'm afraid I wouldn't survive it. So I decide to call on you guys to help me, & you did.

       41. WHEN I GOT BACK UP ON TOP OF THE WALL, there was a big big fire in this building a little way away, & you said, "Let's climb up in that tall apartment house," it was like a water tower, "where we can see the fire better." You said, "You know that one with the elevator & all the little landings that we went up once before?"

       (24/3/75) THE NAKED WOMAN

       42. I DREAMT I WAS SLEEPING OUT IN THE BACKYARD NAKED, on my left side, & I was cold. I was lying there looking at myself & thinking, "Oh, kind of pretty!" For some reason or other I was a woman, very pretty, because I had big hips.

       43. THEN I HEARD SOMEBODY COMING BEHIND ME, heard their feet brushing through the weeds, & I wanted to turn my head to see who was coming, & I couldn't turn my head as hard as I tried. Finally I made a super-human effort to jerk my head this way quick to see who was coming--I thought they might be coming to get me.

       44. I JERKED MY HEAD REAL HARD & QUICK to the right, & it woke me up! And sure enough, I was cold!--The covers were off me, & you were in the middle of the bed! Funny how you can't move sometimes in some dreams. I thought, I've just got to turn my head & see who's coming!

       (30/3/75) THE DIME STORE

       45. YOU & I HAD BEEN SHOPPING HARD TO FIND WHAT WE WERE LOOKING FOR. A girlfriend of yours had invited us to her store. We were waiting for a bus, & so we decided to go into the store. It just had a small storefront, a little door, it didn't look like much, & it was on a sort of a little side street. So you said, "Oh, all right," so we went in.

       46. THE FUNNIEST THING ABOUT IT, IT TURNED OUT TO BE THE BIGGEST DIME STORE WE'D BEEN IN since we left the states, & they had everything! You know how hard it is to find a store like that here in Europe. You said "Oh, it's just a rinky-dink store, why go there?" & then it turned out to be the biggest store we'd been in since the States! I was in a residential section all surrounded by trees. Out side it was jingy, but inside a beehive of activity, everything so brightly lit & busy!

       47. WE WENT UP TO ONE OF THE MEN THAT SEEMED TO BE RUNNING IT, & said, "Why didn't anybody tell us there was a store like this right here in Catford?"--And then I woke up!--Ha! Catford was in London near our home.

       (9/10/77) SHORT DREAM!

       48. I DREAMED I SWORE OFF WOMEN, but I didn't swear off sex!--The only problem is, it takes women to give it to me, & I love to love them!

       (22/2/77) SHORT DREAMS

       49. WE WERE LOOKING FOR A PLACE TO LIVE, & we found this old house all broken down & collapsed. But it was all covered with plastic lining to cover all its discrepancies, so you couldn't see so much that it was breaking down. Everything was plastic-coated & streamlined but under the plastic it was all collapsing.

       50. THEN WE WENT TO LOOK FOR A PLACE TO LIVE WITH THOSE GYPSIES They were really kind of wild & evil. They had invited us to live with them, & one real bad woman was sitting on top of Deb's head. (--For sure!)

       51. THEN I WAS PAYING A VISIT TO THE HOUSE IN DURAZNO, Casa Trebol, & apparently we were having some kind of trouble with the plumbing. I saw that Dave had dug holes all over the yard & one even in the bottom of the pool. I thought, "My God, without supervision, Dave sure doesn't have much sense!" It looked like they had dug holes all over the place trying to find some leak.

       52. THE LAST DREAM WAS THE WORST. We had just bought a brand new car, & Dave was driving it. We had discovered too late that he had evidently forgotten to buy brake fluid, & it didn't have any brakes! We were driving onto a ferry, & he meant to stop it at the end of the ferry, but there were no brakes, so it rolled right off into the water & sank with all of our luggage, & we just managed to jump out in time! We went back to town with nothing but the clothes on our backs. Dave just didn't seem to have any wisdom!

       (21/11/78) HO & THE LAKE!

       53. WE CAME DOWN THE STREET TO THIS BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL LAKESIDE, a city built on a lake. We came down to the lake front & it was so beautiful, just unbelievably beautiful, & the lake was crystal clear!

       54. THERE WAS A GIRL DRESSED IN COWGIRL CLOTHES standing & jumping around in the water, like she was just so happy to be in the crystal clear water. And when Ho saw her, he jumped in too, & he was in cowboys clothes too, & he started jumping around with her, so happy! He was sort of clowning around that he'd found her & they were so happy jumping around in the crystal clear water together! So beautiful! But I said, "I'm sorry. I'm so hungry, I'm ready to eat!" And that's when I woke up!--Ha!--"The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak!" (Mt. 26:41.)

       (9/9/77) SHORT DREAM ABOUT HO--"How the Communists took over Hong Kong, and they made Ho dig ditches."

       55. I DREAMED CHINA TOOK IT OVER, you know, the Chinese, & they wanted him to leave. Because he wouldn't leave they made him dig ditches. He had a pet monkey he was carrying on his back, & he was asked to dig ditches. I think that's all I remember.

       56. I DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO THE GIRLS. I guess they took them. They would take them, of course--beautiful women! They'd want to take them, of course, if nothing better, to take pictures!--Ha!

       (15/4/73) DREAM ABOUT CASSIPHIA

       57. I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW HER NAME, but I thought it resembled that girl's name on the Index List, & I wanted to see if it was the same one--& it was! I kept repeating that name over & over. "I've just got to remember it!"--I thought to myself.

       58. ACCORDING TO THE DREAM, SHE HAD 10:36er PARENTS, & the Devil or her father gave us an ultimatum that we had to return her in one week. First he said one week, then extended it to a month that we had to return her, or the wind would blow on us real, real hard!

       59. EACH TIME WE REFUSED TO RETURN HER, THE WIND WOULD BLOW LIKE MAD!--Real stormy, really blew on us! But everytime we'd make a move toward returning her, the wind would die down. So finally we just decided we'd just have to give her up because we just couldn't take the wind.

       60. THEN SOMEBODY GAVE ME A REAL HEAVY JACKET, like leather, a peculiar jacket, to withstand the wind, & that's about when I woke up! It was a real heavy jacket, kind of dark brown with wide lighter colored tan stripes, about 4 inches wide, that ran up & down the back from the collar to the bottom. And the stripe was on this extra piece that was folded around triple thickness that covered the whole back, to withstand the wind. (God's protection?)

       61. THE FATHER WAS JUST LIKE THE DEVIL or demon power, & said, "That's just the way it's going to be if you don't return her!" I had a heavy big thick belt too, with a big thick buckle. I never had a jacket like that in my life & never even liked belts!

       62. THERE WERE EIGHT OF US IN THIS PARTY WHERE THE WIND WAS BLOWING, & we were sleeping on pads on the deck of a ship, all around a hatch. Everybody was given a copy of the warning about the wind, & also they were showing pictures in the dining room about a fellow who'd escaped from Communist China, he was a flyer.

       63. I WAS TRYING TO HELP EVERYONE GET A GOOD SEAT TO WATCH THE PICTURES, especially these two old ladies who were so worried about what was going to happen to them, because it turned out to be a Communist Chinese ship. So the two old ladies decided to jump in the pool & drown themselves, & I stopped them & said, "You can't do that, you're robbing God of the life He gave you! All hope is not gone!--Look how the flyer escaped from China!" So I was going around trying to encourage all our folks to have faith, trust the Lord & not worry.

       64. THERE WAS A REAL MEAN FIRST-MATE, a big burly fellow who seemed to be an American, & said, "We've got to do something about that guy, he keeps preaching to all the passengers! I think we're going to have to get rid of him!" So they were discussing various ways of getting rid of me or stopping me. The First-Mate said of each of these methods, "Oh, that would be too easy, that would be too good for him." He said, "Let's pull out his fingernails!" I thought to myself, "I could stand death, but I don't know if I could stand very much pain."

       65. SO I DECIDED TO TRY TO ESCAPE, & I ran & dove overboard way down deep in the dark. I thought to myself, "Now the easiest way to escape would be just to take a deep breath, inhale deeply, fill my lungs with water & go to be with the Lord, & that way they couldn't torture me to death." So the lesson I got out of it was that although in most cases it is not right to commit suicide, there might be some cases in which it might be justified.--And I woke up with that thought. I think the First-Mate, that ugly American, turned out to be Cassiphia's father!

       66. (LETTER FROM SALLY, 10/5/73--Dearest Dad & Maria, Regarding the dream about Cassiphia, that was the Cassiphia who was here at publications & is now in Europe. When I was living at the Dallas Rock House she was there, too. One night her parents came & asked if she could go for a drive to get a cup of coffee & come right back. So she went, & another sister went along too. As soon as they'd driven a little way, they pushed the other sister out of the car & kidnapped Cassiphia! I think Cas was kept prisoner in an apartment of one of their relatives for about 3 days! Finally she just said they couldn't do that & she split out of the bedroom window & came back to the Dallas Colony! Her parents are members of FreeCOG or at least work closely with them. Her parents are definitely the 10:36er parents of your dream! Love, Sally.)--So there! That shows that one was a warning!

       67. DO YOU HAVE VIVID SIGNIFICANT DREAMS after which you wake up immediately & they're still crystal clear in every detail?--They could be a message from the Lord! "The prophet that hath a dream, let him tell a dream!" (Jer.23:28.) "I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh; & your sons & your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions!" (Joel 2:28.)

       68. "IN A DREAM, IN A VISION OF THE NIGHT, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed; then He openeth the ears of men, & sealeth their instruction." (Job 33:15-17.) "If there be a prophet among you, I the Lord will make Myself known upto him in a vision, & will speak unto him in a dream." (Nu.12:6.) "The Lord appeard to Solomon in a dream by night: & God said, Ask what I shall give thee." (1Kg.3:5.)

       69. "AND THERE WAS THERE WITH US A YOUNG MAN, (Joseph), an Hebrew, servant to the captain of the guard; & we told him, & he interpreted to us our dreams; to each man according to his dream he did interpret. And it came to pass as he interpreted to us, so it was." (Ge.41:12,13.)

       70. "AND DANIEL HAD UNDERSTANDING IN ALL VISION & DREAMS." (Da.1:17.) "The king answered & said to Daniel ... Art thou able to make known unto me the dream & the interpretation thereof? Daniel answered ... The secret which the king hath demanded cannot the wise men, the astrologers, the magicians, the soothsayers, show unto the king; but there is a God in Heaven that revealeth secrets, & maketh known to the king Nebuchadnezzar what shall be in the latter days. Thy dream, & the vision of thy head upon thy bed, are these ..." (Da.2:27,28.) "Forasmuch as an excellent spirit, & knowledge, & understanding, interpreting of dreams, & showing of hard sentences, & dissolving of doubts, were found in the same Daniel." (Da.5:12.)

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