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THE BICYCLE DREAM!--How Are You Saving'm?       Portugal, 4/6/77       DFO1294

       1. I DREAMT WE WERE LIVING OR VISITING IN A SORT OF A VILLA BY THE SEA, someplace similar to a place like the Riviera, & the house was pretty close to the water. It must have been more like a lake because it was so calm & we could see the bottom. The bottom was quite deep & rocky, big rocks like they have here in the sea. Some of these big rocks jutted up out of the water & some of them didn't, they were way down under the surface, but I didn't find all that out till later.

       2. BUT WHAT STARTED MY INVESTIGATION OF THE BOTTOM, was we were standing beside the house, not the side that was towards the water, but it seemed like the main door was on the side that was perpendicular to the water, & somebody, I believe that it was a young boy, a very young teenager, walked his bicycle up to near the front door. It had a veranda all the way around the front of the house.

       3. HE LEANED THE BICYCLE HANDLEBARS AGAINST THE PORCH as you often do when you park a bicycle. The yard was quite sloped right down toward the water, so when he let go of his bicycle it started rolling down toward the water & dove right in! He ran after his bicycle but didn't run fast enough, it went right in the water!

       4. SO WE ALL RAN OVER TO LOOK DOWN INTO THE WATER. It was pretty deep there & it dropped off almost vertically, right straight down, & lo & behold, there was the bicycle caught on a rock about 15 feet down! You could see it very plainly.

       5. BUT THEN, THE FUNNY THING WAS, I SAID, "OH LOOK, THERE'S ANOTHER BICYCLE!" There was another bicycle down about the same depth in another location off to the left, & somebody said, "Yes, & there's another one!" And there were about there fairly new bicycles down there sitting on the rocks from about 15 to 20 or 25 feet down!

       6. I SAID, "THERE'S ANOTHER ONE!"--but it was real old & rusty & looked like it had been down there for ages. So everybody said, "Yes, there's another one!" There were three new bicycles & three real old rusty ones all covered with rust. They were just like a mass of rust sitting down there, six bicycles, there new ones & three old rusty one sitting down there on the bottom. They were from about 15 to 25 or 30 feet down in various locations at various depths.

       7. I SAID, "WELL, A LOT OF PEOPLE MUST HAVE HAD THE SAME EXPERIENCE & parked their bike by the house & it rolled on down to the water & they lost it." And so this boy started taking off his clothes to dive in. I said, "What are you doing? Even if you could dive in that deep you couldn't lift the bicycle up from down there, it's too heavy to lift it out."

       8. BUT MY MOTHER WAS ALWAYS RATHER IMPULSIVE & IMPETUOUS & SHE WAS ALREADY NAKED & IN THE WATER, but she looked like when she was about 40. She was fairly pretty then, but a little plump, & it was a funny thing, because she was so plump she was lying with her face down in the water on the surface of the water, but she couldn't get below the surface. You know if you're real fat you can't swim underwater because your fat makes you float!

       9. SHE WAS DOING HER BEST TO TRY TO SWIM DOWN BUT SHE COULDN'T GET BELOW THE SURFACE. She had her face down under the water trying to swim down there to save the bicycles, & I reached out. She was right near the shore, & I reached out & got a hold of her rump in my hands, trying to pull her back in. I said, "Mother, Mother!" I yelled at her because her face & ears were under the water. "You can't swim down there & get those bicycles that way, that's silly!"

       10. I REMEMBER THAT I LOOKED AT HER NAKED BACK THERE FLOATING ON THE WATER & I thought, "Well, she's kind of pretty!" I mean all of a sudden for the first time I think in my whole life I thought my Mother looked a little bit sexy!

       11. SHE WAS STARK NAKED TRYING TO SWIM DOWN THERE. When I took ahold of her body with my two hands, her flesh was nice & smooth & actually made me feel a little bit sexy for some reason, as I tried to pull her out of the water. I must have finally gotten her out of the water because I said, "Now here's what we have to do." I was talking to all of them, there were quite a few of you all around, I think you were there, Honey.

       12. I SAID, "IT'S VERY SIMPLE, NOBODY HAS TO DIVE WAY DOWN THERE & TRY TO FISH OUT THE BICYCLES, all we have to do is get a chain, like a tow chain with a hook on it, & we just fish down in there with the chain & get the hook hooked onto one of the bicycles & pull it out, & then we can do the same with all of them." I said, "It's very simple, that's all you have to do, just lower the chain with the hook on it & pull them out." It's like nobody ever thought of that at all but me!

       13. EVERYBODY WAS SO SURPRISED & PLEASED & HAPPY THAT I THOUGHT OF SUCH A BRIGHT IDEA, such an easy way to get the bicycles out with out having to dive clear down in there & try to pull them out, because some of them were pretty deep. I mean, it's hard to swim that deep. I used to never be able to swim more than about 15 feet deep because the water pressure's so bad on your ears. I'm trying to think if there was anything more to it.

       14. OH, I REMEMBER THIS GIRL WALKED UP IN THIS KIND OF A FISHNET SEE-THROUGH GOWN that you could see everything very well underneath. She walked up with her bicycle & started to lean it against the porch & I said, "Wait a minute! Wait a minute! You better not do that, we've already lost several bicycles that way! You better park it a better way than that, over on the other side of the house, or lay it down on the other side of the house, or lay it down on the ground or something instead of just leaning it against the porch, or we'll have another bicycle rolling down the hill into the water!"

       15. SHE LOOKED AT ME KIND OF PLEASED & FLIRTY SO I WENT OVER & HELPED HER WITH HER BICYCLE, & we were going to sit down on the ground together & talk. I said, "Wait a minute, you can't sit down on this grass in that kind of a dress or it's going to scratch you & itch you, poking through all those holes in the dress. We'll have to shove this piece of cardboard underneath you. Just lift up a little bit & I'll shove it underneath."

       16. I DON'T KNOW WHY, BUT FOR SOME REASON I SHOVED IT UNDER HER BOTTOM INSIDE OF HER DRESS! I don't know what the idea was, but she seemed to be quite tickled! Let's see, what else happened? I think that was about all I remember now, because about that time the maids began yelling at each other waking us up! So, what in the world could a silly dream like that mean, huh?

       17. WELL, I GUESS SAVING BICYCLES IS SORT OF LIKE SAVING SOULS, you might say. If the dream means anything at all, it's got to be symbolic, it certainly couldn't be just literal, it wouldn't make sense! What came to me when I was telling it to you is that it was sort of like bicycles--who rides bicycles? Well, nowadays mostly just young people, right? So it might symbolise youth. And first the boy wanted to dive in & save it himself, but you can't exactly save your own soul, right? It was too hard to do.

       18. MY MOTHER DOVE IN & WAS TRYING TO REACH THEM, BUT SHE COULDN'T GET BELOW THE SURFACE, she was too fat & she couldn't swim down, which sort of reminds me of the churches. She did nearly all of her soul-winning through the churches, but they never get below the surface, they're too fat! They're too tied to their churches, to the surface, too shallow, they just can't get down that deep to where the youth are lost!

       19. THE PLACES THEY'RE LOST IN ARE JUST COMPLETELY OUT OF THEIR REACH, in fact, they wouldn't even think of going to those places really. My Mother was trying to reach them, but she couldn't get past the surface, past the churches, to reach them.

       20. I GUESS THOSE DEPTHS ARE KIND OF SYMBOLIC OF THE DEPTHS TO WHICH WE GO TO TRY TO SAVE PEOPLE nightclubs, bars & even whorehouses & brothels! But the church just doesn't dare go below the surface for fear it'll drown itself if it got down in some of those deep dark places like we go to! And besides, the church is a little too fat, it just floats, it's too fat, it floats on the surface.

       21. I DON'T KNOW WHAT WAS THE IDEA OF HER BEING NAKED, BUT AT LEAST THAT WAS A KIND OF HONESTY. At least my Mother was trying to do it & she was honest & sincere & she did preach the naked truth, so at least she kind of appealed to me, you know, she had a sort of sexual attraction in the dream.

       22. SHE WAS A VERY ATTRACTIVE PREACHER & HER MESSAGE WAS APPEALING & she was trying to reach people. She did reach a lot of church people & people that came to church on the surface, but her ministry was not a ministry in the bars or the honky-tonks & the discos or the nightclubs, in the depths.

       23. I SAID, "WELL, YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO DOWN THERE & DROWN YOURSELF & go down to those depths clear down there & then try to lift them out in your own strength, you might drown, too." (Maria: Well, we didn't go down there either, did we?)

       24. WE? NO, IN A WAY WE DON'T GO TO THE SAME DEPTHS AS THEY DO, we're not trapped down there like they are. And we don't try to do it by our own strength & our own wisdom or our own arm so to speak, you know what I mean? I said, "Let's go get a chain." Now the chain with the hook on it is like fishing, right?--And I've often said the hook is like what?--The Word! That's what came to me.

       25. THE CHAIN REPRESENTED THE WORD OR THE WORDS, the links in the chain. It was a heavy chain with big links like this that we got. We don't really actually in a sense sink to their same depths, although we even go to their places, we're sort of looking down in. We just drop in the chain of the Word into their hearts, & that hooks them & saves them, then you can pull them out easily without getting drowned in there yourself. That's all I can think of that it could possibly mean, because that's the way it came to me when I was telling you.

       26. I DON'T KNOW WHAT IT MEANT IT MEANT ABOUT THAT PRETTY GIRL COMING ALONG IN THAT SCANTY DRESS, & I warned her to not park her bike that way either. I must have caught her before she sank her soul to the depths! I'll tell you who that girl looked like! Didn't Claire wear something like that the other night when she was first dancing, like a fishnet or something? (Maria: No, but Sara told us about one she had like that, lit was crocheted with a big house on it.) Ah!--Because she looked a little bit like Claire. (Our stripper friend. See Chapter 44 of Davidito Story.)

       27. I SAID, "YOU'VE GOT TO BE CAREFUL ABOUT SITTING DOWN ON THIS GRASS OR YOU'RE GOING TO GET YOUR BOTTOM ALL SCRATCHED!" In other words, if she sat down on the ground she would get scratched & dirty. In other words, in her business she's apt to get hurt, huh? (Claire the Stripper & high-class call girl!)

       28. SO I SHOVED THIS THING UNDERNEATH HER to sort of insulate her from the grass & the dirt. What would that be? She was pleased, she really had eyes for me! I saved her bicycle before it went in, & saved her bottom, & she sat down with her arms around her knees looking goo-goo eyes at me, making eyes at me! That's the last thing I remember.

       29. I GUESS THERE ARE A LOT OF YOUNG PEOPLE WE CAN SAVE BEFORE THEY SINK TO SUCH DEPTHS, before they're completely lost or destroyed. We have saved a lot of young people that we've caught before they got onto drugs & everything, who came to us quite young. But if it looked like Claire & her dress, why would that be? We saved her bicycle anyway.

       30. WHAT DOES A BICYCLE REPRESENT?--It's a form of transportation, a vehicle. Our bodies are sort of like vehicles, but your spirit's pretty well joined to your body. I'll think of something. The lord will give me some idea why I shoved that piece of cardboard underneath her so she wouldn't hurt her bottom when she sat down.--She makes her living with it!--Ha!

       31. MAYBE WHAT WE'RE TELLING HER ABOUT THE LORD IS GOING TO HELP INSULATE HER FROM THE EVILS OF THIS EARTH. We're talking to her about love & doing it for love, & ministering, & that would sort of save her from the rough & seamy side & the scratchy, earthy things. (Maria: Yes, love is a really good insulation!) It makes it a lot easier to sit on them, so to speak, if you really love them--other--wise it's just scratchy hard work! Maybe if I could have finished the dream it would have been easier to figure it all out.

       32. BUT WE ARE REALLY SAVING SOULS A LOT EASIER THAN THE WAY THE CHURCH TRIES TO DO IT, the hard way, trying to pull them out to church & get them up to your level first before you can preach at them. We go right down to theirs with the word & with the truth & literature. We reach them where they are, right?--And a lot of them are saved just by the word, just the chain of the word, TTL!

       33. A LOT OF THEM GET HOOKED! It's a lot easier method than the way the churches do it, that's for sure! They're really doing it the hard way, trying to get them to go to church first.

       34. EVEN IF THEY DO DIVE IN, LIKE MY MOTHER DID they still can't get below the surface. They're just too fat & too shallow, if you know what I mean. But I did feel a love for my Mother, so I guess we're still supposed to feel love for the church.

       35. I THINK MOTHER THERE SORT OF REPRESENTED THE OLD CHURCH, & we're still supposed to have a little love for it, for those who are really sincere Christians that are really trying.

       36. NUDITY ALWAYS REPRESENTS HONESTY, truth, sincerity & an absence of hypocrisy, and that was certainly my Mother! She was sincere & honest & truthful, & was not hypocritical about it. In other words, that's the honest sincere true church, & she was like a picture of the true Christians who are trying to save souls, but they just haven't got the right method.

       37. THEY'RE TOO FAT, FOR ONE THING. that symbolises they're too wrapped up in their own things, in their own selves & their own affairs, their own materialism, so that they can't get out of the shallows, & they just can't get below the surface. They don't know how to reach them. She tried, & the only ones she could reach were usually the ones that were in the churches.

       38. AH, THAT'S SO NICE! XXXXXXX! I, LOVE YOU! Do you like it? (Maria: Yes, of course.) Well, anyhow, that was the dream, PTL! Funny dream, "The Bicycle Dream!"--How are you saving'm?

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