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       Well PTL! TYJ! Dearly beloved in the Lord, greeting in Jesus' precious name & in His service! Amen.

       1. THIS IS A SPECIAL DOUBLE ISSUE OF OUR GOOD NEWS MAGAZINE or newspaper, whatever you want to call it, & I thought it perhaps needed a "wee word" of explanation & introduction. When we had our latest vision of the "Dream Queen" we became inspired to search through our Letter & former art to see just how often She is mentioned therein & how often our precious artists have so beautifully portrayed Her & we thought we might add a few quotes from other letters & a few pictures from former Letters & Komix to beautify these latest experiences & their relation to you.

       2. LITTLE DID WE DREAM OF THE VOLUME OF MATERIAL THAT WE WOULD UNCOVER THROUGHOUT THE LETTERS & KOMIX RELATING TO HER! We had actually started out simply to make Her the Cover & Cover Story of the usual one-week issue of our new little Good News Magazine, when suddenly, as we began to accumulate material on Her from our Letters & art, we realised that we were getting into a pretty tremendous subject which we could hardly do justice to in only one or two mere little Cover Stories & which soon expanded into the major theme of the entire issue! We certainly never imagined that we would discover so much material & quotations & pictures relating to Her that they could easily fill two issues of the Good News, or as we have done here, one entire Double Issue on this one theme!

       3. SO WHEN I FINALLY SAW THE VOLUME OF MATERIAL WHICH WE HAD ACCUMULATED ON THIS SUBJECT, I almost gave up the project, thinking it was just too much, too heavy a subject, too big to cover in one issue, & perhaps as some of you might think, not even important enough to give so much time & space & emphasis to in our weekly publication. Maybe you think it would have been better in a book or in one of our heavies & not in something that goes out airmail to everybody on earth in our precious Family!

       4. BUT AS YOU'VE NOTICED, THIS GOOD NEWS MAGAZINE HAS BECOME MORE & MORE A SORT OF PERSONAL LITTLE PROJECT OF MY OWN & THE LORD'S, I TRUST, IN WHICH I SEEM TO BE PUTTING MORE & MORE OF OUR LETTERS & less & less current news & almost no Family news, because we put nearly all of that in the monthly Family News Magazine except for your Want Ads & urgent notices which we feel are important enough to yet out quickly in this little current weekly periodical in order to speed their information to you as quickly as possible while it is still fresh & needed. However some of the recent issues got so heavy with current world events & the bad news that I almost got tired & fed up with it & maybe you did too--disgusted with all the horrors going on in this awful World!

       5. SO I WAS TREMENDOUSLY RELIEVED TO GET ON ANOTHER SUBJECT & PERHAPS YOU WERE TOO, PARTICULARLY SOMETHING IN A LIGHTER VEIN which I thought would be more positive & encouraging & cheerful & upward-looking. So I turned to some of the dreams that the Lord has given & we did an all-dream issue recently in the "Cinema Cafe" which made me very happy & I hope it made you happy too! It was certainly more inspiring & in a much brighter, lighter vein than some of the awful bad news of this terrible world which we're now passing through! Thank God we're only here temporarily & soon to get off & depart to be with Him in His Heavenly Kingdom until He can return & take over with us to help try to clean it up during the Millennium!--And we have a very interesting issue coming out soon on the Millennium & what it will be like--D.V.

       6. I GOT SO TIRED OF THOSE HEAVY NEGATIVE CURRENT WORLD-EVENTS ISSUES THAT I JUST ALMOST WENT TO THE OPPOSITE EXTREME & felt like not putting anymore of the bad news of this World in at all, but to make it all inspiring & all letters, dreams & revelations from the Lord, & all uplifting & encouraging & cheering & keeping our minds stayed on Him & better things & thinking on the good things instead of all these evil things of the Enemy & our enemies! However we must not be ignorant of his nor their devices & we have to be warned to be forearmed against them spiritually & mentally & even psychologically if not physically. So what we have done we have done & what we have written we have written, & it needed to be said regarding some of the recent horrible events in this cruel World which is soon to pass away, thank God!

       7. BUT I HEAVED A SIGN OF RELIEF WHEN IT WAS OVER & I WAS CERTAINLY THANKFUL TO GET BACK TO THE GOOD NEWS FROM THE LORD & HIS BEAUTIFUL DREAMS & REVELATIONS & LETTERS of instruction & information & encouragement on the positive side to feed you & inspire you & thrill you & encourage you as they have me! So that the last few issues such as "Cinema Cafe" & "The Lands of the Rising Sun" & this one & some of the others preceding as well as some of those following, D.V., have been much more on the positive side & teaching & instruction & edification, particularly predominant in the Letters & recent dreams & revelations & even a few old goldies that you've never seen before in God's Cinema cafe for sure!

       8. ONE OF OUR SECRETARIES WANTED TO CALL IT "CINERAMA"! HA! HALLELUJAH! TYJ! IT CERTAINLY HAS BEEN A CINEMATIC PANORAMA OF BEAUTIFUL PICTURES & dreams & revelations & instruction from the Lord which I'm sure you have enjoyed much more than the bad news of this Earth, & we have much more to come, D.V., that we're already working on for your future enjoyment, inspiration, edification & education! However when I saw the volume of material we were accumulating for this issue on the Dream Queen, I nearly gave up the project as being too monumental & too heavy & perhaps for some of you almost too unbelievable & a little hard to swallow for some of you old bottles!

       9. IN LOOKING OVER THE SEMI-FINAL MOCK-UP THIS MORNING I WAS WONDERING JUST HOW I COULD POSSIBLY CUT IT DOWN at least to only one normal-size issue of a weekly instead of this huge heavy double-size magazine equal to two week lies! I went through it page by page & wondered where in the world I could begin to cut. Now I know not all of these pictures are the most beautiful in the world, although I think some of them are! I think some of them are absolutely gorgeous & thrilling & genuinely inspired, although some are a bit odd or amateurish by some of our more amateur non professional artists, but nevertheless they express the feelings of their hearts & portray the conceptions of their own envisioning of the Holy Spirit interpreted in feminine form.

       10. SO FOR A THOROUGH COVERAGE OF THE SUBJECT IN BOTH LETTERS & ART I COULD HARDLY CHOOSE JUST A FEW or even a number of only the best ones & leave the others out, because they did the best they could & they portrayed Her as best they knew how & were able to, so I felt in all fairness that I should give them a chance to express their feeling about Her, ever though not quite as finished a product as some of our more experienced artists. But I'm sure that all of them did it with great love & concern to try to convey to you their idea of what she seemed like to them.

       11. I CANNOT EVEN SAY THAT ANY ONE OF THEM PORTRAYS HER EXACTLY AS I SAW HER, NOR AS BEAUTIFUL NOR AS GLORIOUS! That would be impossible for any mere artist! You would have to see the real thing Herself in order to get any idea whatsoever of how gorgeous & beautiful & resplendent in glory she is next to the Lord Himself! Nevertheless I'm sure that some of you may find some of it a bit hard to swallow & be somewhat critical & sceptical perhaps, & I don't necessarily blame you -- that's up to you. It's a sort of a personal private theory with me, although I have certainly made it public! But you can take it or leave it, you don't have to believe it, it's not essential for your salvation or family fellowship nor your service for the Lord. It's certainly not essential for your entry into Heaven or the measure of your reward for faithful service.

       12. IN FACT YOU MAY NOT BELIEVE IT AT ALL & you may just reject the entire concept of the Holy Spirit of God being like a Mother, the Mother of the Holy Family of the Trinity, & you may not accept any of these concepts of Her as being the feminine form of the Holy Spirit of God. If you choose to be insistent & completely contrary about it, you can probably find the Scriptures which we've given you in our text on which you can claim to establish your conviction that She's impossible just because a couple times in the New Testament the translators interpreted the Holy Spirit in masculine pronouns. But I've explained that to you herein as well, so we won't go into that in this introduction.

       13. SO YOU CAN TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT, YOU DON'T HAVE TO BELIEVE IT OR RECEIVE IT--ALL YOU NEED IS JESUS FOR SALVATION! I'm sure you can't even comprehend God the Father, really none of us can. He's too great a concept for us to even dream of! "As high as the Heavens are about the Earth, so high are His ways above our ways & His thought above our thoughts" (Is.55:9.) & "even the heaven of heavens cannot contain Him!" (1Ki.8:27.) So none of us can really grasp how great God our Father is & how marvellous & how wonderful He is, beyond the mind of man & your wildest imaginations, for He & His Spirit surpass the whole universe! But He has stooped to send us His Son Christ Jesus as a sample of what He is like.

       14. EVEN IN THE FIRST CHAPTER OF GENESIS GOD SAYS HE CREATED MAN & WOMAN AS SAMPLES OF WHAT THE HEAVENLY TRINITY ARE LIKE, as He says in His Own words in the very first chapter of the very first book of the Bible: "Let us create man in our own image & after our likeness" & so "male & female made He them"! We've already gone into this in some of the quotations & explanations on this subject. But as I say, you don't have to believe it, you don't have to receive it, you don't have to take it. You can go on & serve the Lord perhaps just as well without it, serving Jesus & God His Father as well as His Holy Spirit, whether you believe that she is male or female! That's up to you. We're not going to insist or force you to believe it, & you have the right to your own personal opinions & interpretations. All I know is, I thought perhaps you might be interested in mine, since it turns out that I have dealt more with the subject that I realised, & certainly our artists have!

       15. IF NOTHING ELSE, I THOUGHT YOU WOULD ENJOY A PRETTY PICTURE BOOK OF ALL THESE BEAUTIFUL HEAVENLY CONCEPTIONS--not altogether immaculate but nevertheless very sweet & pretty & some even gorgeous--of mine & our artists' graphic conceptions of the femininity of God's precious Holy Spirit as the Mother of the Trinity, the Wife of God Himself, while we are the bride of Christ. So you can take it or leave it! But for whatever you think it's worth, here it is & I hope you enjoy it! We've spent a lot of time & thought & prayer & work on it, & as I say, it grew to be quite a monumental production much greater than we had ever dreamed, we although we had dreamed a great deal of it! Even if you accept it as nothing more than just our fanciful ideas & beautiful pictures of some gorgeous gals, it may still be worth your perusal for just the pure enjoyment of the beauty & the artistry & the curiosity of this concept of the Holy Spirit in feminine form. So I hope you'll bear with us as you study it.

       16. IT IS OUR HOPE & THE HOPE OF OUR STAFF WHO WORKED HARD ON IT, THAT YOU WILL REALLY ENJOY IT & it will inspire you & encourage you & perhaps even thrill you with Her beauty, Her ministry & Her love in this our concept of the Holy Spirit as the Mate of God Himself! I like it & I believe it & it gives me great joy & pleasure to think of Her in this way. But you don't have to if you don't want to, & you may just want to chuck the whole idea! But I suggest you at least look through this issue & give Her a chance! I think even your curiosity is going to prompt you to look through all the pretty pictures of Her, as this is indeed a pictorial issue, that's for sure, as virtually all of it or most of it has been taken from the pictures which have formerly appeared on the front covers of Letters about Her or from the True Komix regarding her through out all of our many Letters & Komix & literature on the subject. So even if you don't believe it--& you don't have to--we hope you'll enjoy it!

       17. BUT FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE WILLING TO BELIEVE, "MORE BLESSED ARE YE EVEN THOUGH HAVING NOT SEEN, YET HAVE BELIEVED"! (Jn.20:29.) We know that you will certainly enjoy it & be thrilled & inspired by it & it will be a great comfort & encouragement to you to know that your dear Heavenly Mother as well as your dear Heavenly Father are constantly concerned about you, loving you, caring for you, tending to your wants & needs as such faithful loving parents will do for their precious children, as well as your heavenly Brother & Savior Jesus Christ! So here it is for whatever it's worth to you.

       18. THOUGH I TRIED TO THINK OF WAYS TO CUT IT DOWN, I JUST COULDN'T FIGURE OUT WHERE WE COULD CUT WITHOUT LEAVING SOMETHING OUT or lacking something, or perhaps even hurting the tender feeling of some of our precious artists because we didn't exhibit their renditions of Her. Therefore I thought we might as well go all the way & show'm all & let the chips fall where they may, & leave you to judge the whole issue for yourself. So here it is, our Heavenly Dream Queen Issue with our thoughts about Her! The rest is up to you, like it or leave it. We have prepared it with great hard work & tender loving care, & if you find in it nothing more than pure enjoyment & pleasure & inspiration just in looking at the pictures, perhaps it was worth it all.

       19. HOWEVER WE DO HOPE THAT YOU WILL BE THRILLED & INSPIRED BY IT & all of these portrayals done by our faithful artists, & most of all by ideal concept of God's precious Holy Spirit as His own precious Heavenly Mate, the spiritual Mother of His Son & the Mother of us all in the spirit! So if nothing else, have fun! I must confess we had lots of fun preparing this beautiful & vividly--illustrated issue for your enjoyment & we hope you will find it a blessing. I would say it is certainly better than the dreams & the fairy tales, the nightmares & the horrors of this world & its demonic forces, & presents a positive picture of our Heavenly Parents & their precious priceless Son, our Savior & Brother Jesus Christ!

       20. WE ASK THAT GOD MAY MAKE IT A BLESSING TO YOU & A THRILLING INSPIRATION & ENCOURAGEMENT TO YOU as you view it, think about it, pray about it & remember the beauties of it & the wonderful love of the Lord manifest for you through out it all, both in Himself as your Heavenly Father, Jesus as your Heavenly Brother & the Holy Spirit as your Heavenly Mother! God bless you & keep you & continue to make you a blessing wherever you are & make these little magazines a blessing & encouragement to you as you serve Him faithfully wherever or whatever you may be in whatever calling He may have placed you on this Earth! In Jesus' name, amen.

       21. P. S. THERE ARE A COUPLE BEAUTIFUL NEW FNs COMING OUT VERY SOON, ABOUT THE END OF THIS MONTH, D.V., & there're still going to be rather sizeable magazines until we have cleared up some of the backlog still left from former issues, & we are expecting now to get these to you regularly on a definite monthly basis, D.V.These FN Magazines are now being produced in two PDQ centers, one in the West & one in the East, in order to get them to you more quickly as well as less expensively. So you can look forward to some beautiful new issues of some gorgeous new Family News to thrill & inspire your hearts with what others of your brothers & sisters & mothers & fathers & children in the Lord are doing around the World!

       22. WE HOPE THAT AS SOON AS THESE FNs START COMING OUT REGULARLY ON A MONTHLY BASIS, freshly using your beautiful contributions as quickly as possible, that it will no longer be necessary to send you so many GNs, perhaps only semi-monthly instead of weekly, as you will be getting the FN once a month as well. Then we'll perhaps only send you a couple GNs a month, so that the FNs & GNs should keep you well posted on all Family News & Heavenly news as well! We hope you have enjoyed all of them, but if you're a slow reader, you can be encouraged by the fact that in the future we hope you won't have to be receiving quite as many of them.

       23. MEANWHILE I'VE CERTAINLY HAD FUN PRODUCING THE GNs FOR YOU! it's been sort of like my own little personal pet project between you & me & the Lord, just like the individual Letters used to be in the early days, & it has turned out to be pretty much mostly Letters anyhow, with more Heavenly News than Worldly news, as well as little or no Family News since you're getting that in the FN. So I hope you've enjoyed it, & I hope you'll continue to bear with me as I continue to send you these little weekly magazines, even though they may later become monthly. So if you want somebody to blame, you can blame it all on me & the Lord, because they were entirely our own idea & personal creation!

       24. I TRUST THEY HAVE BEEN A BLESSING TO YOU. As I say, it's been fun! Thanks a lot for listening & reading & enjoying them with me, as I hope you have, & we hope to continue them as long as possible if you'll continue to pray for us that the Lord will continue to inspire us & reveal to us fresh blessings from above & help you to help make it financially possible to produce them & send them to you airmail around the World at least once a month after this, if not once a week. Because we have been having to cut down on some of our exorbitant expenses in publications in order to try to help the missionaries more in their mission fields where there is such great & desperate need for the Gospel for those who have never heard by the hundreds of millions!

       25. SO IF WE ALL HAVE TO SACRIFICE A LITTLE ON FUTURE PUBLICATIONS, THANK GOD FOR THE ABSOLUTE FLOOD OF MATERIAL WHICH THE LORD MADE POSSIBLE DURING THESE PEAK YEARS OF FINAL MASSIVE PRODUCTION before the world situation causes them to begin to taper off & make it more difficult for us to produce & send you so much helpful material. We do hope they have been of great benefit to you, all of them, & useful & genuinely feeding you & encouraging you, inspiring you & guiding you throughout the days gone by as well as during the days to come, many of them being of lasting value, upon which you can feed & in which you can find guidance & inspiration for many happy hours & days & years to come, D.V.

       26. MEANWHILE WE'LL CONTINUE TURNING THEM OUT AS FAST & AS MUCH AS WE CAN AS LONG AS WE CAN IF YOU'LL CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR US & CONTINUE TO GIVE THE BEST YOU CAN TO MAKE IT ALL POSSIBLE. So God bless you & continue to make you a blessing & continue to make His Word a blessing to you all & to those to whom you minister, in Jesus' name. Amen!

       27. P.P.S. THERE ARE SOME BEAUTIFUL NEW MWM MUSICAL DRAMAS COMING TO YOU SHORTLY VIA THEIR BEAUTIFUL TAPES, SO DON'T MISS THEM! Be sure to keep us posted as to your permanent address, at least as permanent as possible & as sure & as secure as possible, so that you will be sure to receive them or have someone hold and keep them for you so that you'll not miss any. Please pay attention to the warnings we gave you in the "Pubs Rev!" (ML #1296) regarding your permanent mailing address. & please obtain some kind of at least semi-permanent address to give us to which we can mail them & be fairly certain of their arrival in your hands or preservation until you are able to pick them up. So please do keep us posted as to your permanent address or some sure address to which we can send them safely. Amen? In Jesus' name, amen. God bless you help you to receive them all, & may they all be a blessing to you, in Jesus' name, amen!

       28. AND HERE'S ANOTHER P.S.!: PERHAPS YOU'LL NOTICE THAT WE'VE LATELY BEEN TRYING TO AVOID PUTTING ANY PERMANENT MATERIAL ON THE INSIDE OF THE POSTER COVER OF THE GNs, so that when you remove the poster from them for your walls, you will not remove anything of great importance & you will not destroy the cover story & its continuity, but it will still begin on what we call Page Three & still have its own little cover illustration there in smaller size to identify it. We thought this would be helpful to you who'll want to preserve these stories & magazines because they are so full of the Lord's Letters, in fact mostly that, & that therefore you would like to have each Letter there in its entirety even after the cover is removed as a Poster for your wall. So we hope that you appreciate this change that we have made.

       29. WE'RE ALSO THRILLED WITH THE BEAUTIFUL CONTRIBUTIONS OF YOUR OWN MATERIAL THAT YOU'VE BEEN SENDING TO THE FAMILY NEWS MAGAZINE & your trying to conform them to the one-page space that we have described as being available, & in the format which we have requested, with fotos at the top & your text on the bottom half of each page. May we again urge you to make at least half of your page fotos which I'm sure everyone will enjoy, even if they don't all have time to read all the text. Remember the picture are worth a thousands words, so this issue certainly is full of a lot of words, & your beautiful foto pages are full of thousands of words & beauties & thoughts & sentiments which could be expressed no better than in your own sweet smiling & inspiring spirit-lit faces & activities!

       30. BUT DO WATCH OUT ABOUT BUYING OLD FILM IN THE WARM SOUTHERN TROPICAL COUNTRIES, BECAUSE SUCH FILM CAN GO VERY BAD VERY QUICKLY! Always notice the expiration date on the box & try not to buy anything which is over six months old! If it's been sitting on the shelf till almost the expiration date, it is apt to have gotten faded, even moldy in some cases, with fungus growing on the film! then when shot, you'll discover with dismay that the pictures look very washed out & all grey with very little strong contrast of blacks & whites, as are needed in good photography & particularly for publication & printing.

       31. SO REMEMBER, DO NOT BUY OLD FILM, & DO NOT KEEP IT IN A WARM PLACE OR IN THE CAMERA TOO LONG BEFORE HAVING IT DEVELOPED!--And by all means, those of you who do your own developing & printing, be sure that it is done in a cool darkroom where your chemicals are kept at a very cool temperature, preferably around 65-68 degrees! Or you'll find out that no matter how fresh your film or how good your photography, the end result will be a pale whitish grey with almost no black or contrast, because this is the effect of warm chemicals & a warm darkroom!

       32. SO REMEMBER THESE FOUR PRIMARY REQUISITES: Don't buy old film, don't let it grow old in your camera, don't take pictures with insufficient light so that you do not have enough photographic contrast in the actual foto, & then by all means, do not develop them in a warm temperature with warm chemicals, or the final products will be extremely disappointing & in some cases almost unusable for publication! Because in order to publish your fotos, reprint them & publish them in printed from, they must have very strong contrast both with blacks & whites & shades of grey in between. we are cautioning our artists as well in another article which you'll receive soon, be sure that you put plenty of contrast into your artwork. Lots of black & white as well as grey. We may not be able to have the cardinal colour of red, yellow & blue & their blends in between, but at least you can draw in three colors: Black, white & grey! So please emphasis these three "colours" & their contrast in order to make for good pictures & good printing & good printing & good viewing!--In Jesus' name, amen? God bless you all & make you & your pictures a blessing! Amen.

       33. MINI KOMIX!: I'm finally convinced from this comparative printing of these various pages of Komix on the "Dream Queen" that on the poor fields of the Third World you could reprint GP Komix in 1/2-page size! If they look this good & are this readable in 1/4-page size, you could even print them this size if the print is large enough to be as readable as some of these!--If you're really that hard up for cash & really need to economise in such places as India & the East where you pass'm out as fast as you can by the millions & expect no donations in returns!

       34. I NOTICE IN PLACES LIKE INDIA THEY CAN DISTRIBUTE THOUSANDS IN AN HOUR, just as fast as they can hand'm out! Even with several litnessers working together they still can't give'm out fast enough to supply the demand, & are almost mobbed for'm, the people are so hungry! In fields like that you've almost gotta print'm at least 1/2-size & maybe even 1/4-size if the print's big enough!

       35. BUT PLEASE DON'T PRINT'M JETH-ALEXANDER'S OLD 1/8-PAGE MICRO-SIZE!--Theirs were ridiculous, almost unreadable & really insulting! No wonder they couldn't get any gifts for'm!--They didn't look like they were worth anything! Only in fields like India where they're too poor to give donations can you get away with making'm 1/2--size or even 1/4-size where you expect to give'm away & expect nothing in return but a smile & a reader! There you can sow the seeds by the millions & expect to reap a harvest of souls much more precious than funds!--Amen? HAL! GBY!

       36. SO YOU POOR FIELDS CAN PRINT'M 1/2-SIZE THERE IF THEY'RE CLEAR & READABLE & THEY READ'M!--If you find they're so small the people won't even take'm or read'm, then of course you'll have to enlarge your lit size to what they will read & appreciate. Don't make 'm too cheap so they're not even worth anything to the poorest! Give'm something you're not ashamed of & they're thankful to receive & read & enjoy & respond to, amen? GBY!

       37. WS GIFTS!: MISSIONARIES, MISSIONS & FIELD PROJECTS RECEIVING WS GIFTS, SUCH AS VSs, RCs, MUSIC UNITS, LIT-PICS, COMBOS & REAP FUNDS ETC.! Please show your thanks by at least sending us a paragraph or two we can put in the FN telling how it met your need, how you used it, the results etc. each month with your TRF so we can share your joy with the whole Family, OK? If it's good enough & important enough & exciting enough, you could even write a whole page with fotos!--Amen? Please!--So we'll at least know you got it & appreciate it!--And the whole Family will know it's worthwhile helping to support you!--Amen?--

       38. C'MON, GET THOSE THANK-YOU REPORTS IN MONTHLY WITH YOUR TRF!--Or we may wonder if you're still worth supporting! Let us hear about what you're doing with the Family's WS Gifts!--Amen?--PTL! GBY! This Thank You Report is required of all receiving WS Gifts, & our Finance Units have orders to withhold your next cheque if they did not receive such a Thank You Report with your Last TRF!

       39. --SORRY, BUT WE CAN'T AFFORD TO SUPPORT THOSE WHO DON'T APPRECIATE IT & WHO ARE TOO LAZY TO WRITE US A TYR for the whole Family we can publish in the FN!--And be sure it's foto-ready for instant print!--Amen? That's not asking too much, is it, you Family supporters? They can at least say "Thank you!" & tell us what they did with it! Amen?--Amen! C'mon, beneficiaries! Write'm! NOW! TODAY! GBAKYACTMYAB, IJNA!--Amen!--WLY!--Send us TYRs with your TRFs! REQUIRED OF ALL WS GIFT RECIPIENTS!: TYR with TRF!

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