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THE DREAM QUEEN! The Holy Spirit, Queen of Heaven!       DFO1301       Comp. 10/82


Dear Dad,
       THIS IS WHAT I'VE FOUND ON THE HOLY SPIRIT BEING LIKE A MOTHER. Perhaps there is more in these two RDs but this is what I've found on this particular subject:

       IN GENESIS THE LORD SAID, "LET US MAKE MAN IN OUR IMAGE, & MALE & FEMALE made He them." (Ge.1:26.) So what was God's image?--Male & feamle! There was a female in there somewhere. And it certainly wasn't the Father, He's not female! It wasn't Jesus the Son, He's obviously masculine. The only One left it could possibly be would be the Holy Spirit. Well, you don't have to believe that if you don't want to, I'm not going to argue with you about it, but that's just my own personal opinion. (RD103:14)

       WHAT BETTER IMAGE, YOU MIGHT SAY, CAN HE USE TO DEPICT OR PICTURISE GOD'S LOVE, HIS COMFORTER, HIS MOTHERING HOLY SPIRIT, THAN A WOMAN? A woman to the World today means love, a mother means love, mother-love is supposed to the greatest love in the world! So why not? (RD163:2)

       SO, IF YOU DEPICT THE HOLY SPIRIT AS THE FEMALE MOTHER OF THE GODHEAD, THEN, IF GOD IS LOVE, IS SHE NOT THE GODDESS OF LOVE? Maybe you think that's a little shocking at first, but think about it. Why not? You can take your choice. You have a right to your own opinion, but that just happens to be how I like to think of the Holy Spirit. (RD163:3)

       I'VE GOT AS MUCH RIGHT TO CHARACTERISE THE HOLY SPIRIT AS A WOMAN AS SOMEBODY ELSE HAS A RIGHT TO CHARACTERISE HER AS A PIGEON! When the disciples say they saw the Holy Spirit descending on the Lord like a dove, it does not say it was a dove. (Lu.3:22.) How do you know it wasn't our Heavenly Queen, the Goddess of Love? From a distance She could have looked like a dove.(RD163:4)

       SOLOMON DEFINITELY TALKS ABOUT HER (SoS.6:10; Pr.8:1-32; 3:13-18.) I mean he could not possibly be talking about anybody but the Spirit of God, because he says "She." Solomon says that She says, "I was with God in the beginning & I helped to create the Worlds!" Now who was there besides God & Jesus but the Holy Spirit! (RD163:5)

       IT'S NOT JESUS TALKING, BECAUSE HE DEFINITELY SAYS "SHE", "HER." JESUS WAS THERE, OF COURSE. John makes that very clear, the Bible makes that very clear, Jesus was there too. (Jn.1:1-3.) But so was She! And I've got a right to call the Holy Spirit She as much as you've got a right to call Her a pigeon if you want to! (RD163:6)

       I THOUGHT EVEN THE CHILDREN CAN UNDERSTAND THAT BETTER. How are they going to understand a Holy Spirit that looks like a pigeon? That's a pretty weak characterisation considering how powerful the Holy Spirit is, & how all-comprehending She is, omniscient, omnipresent & omnipotent! There is so much more meaning in picturing the Spirit of God's love as a Mother! So I think the female Motherly conception of the Holy Spirit is a good one. (RD163:12) We love you!

Dear Dad, (From one of our secretaries:) 10/82

       GBY! ILY! Your study on the Holy Spirit is so interesting! You've talked about the Holy Spirit being a She for a long time! I think the first reference I can remember was in "Prayer for Love & Mercy" (1971) (No.75:13-16) "... the picture of tenderness, gently wooing like the dove, cooing like a dove--easily frightened away if met with hardness & resistance. You don't try to force anybody, Lord! Your Holy Spirit gently descends, & can be easily shooed away. It doesn't land where its not wanted. Thy Holy Spirit is like a Mother--tender & gentle with the little baby. Not even the father has so much patience. But Thou art like a Mother, hovering over, waiting, comforting, nursing, nurturing!" It's such a beautiful picture of the H.S. as a tender, gentle, wooing, loving, patient Mother! (Amen!) Since I read that, I always thought of the Holy Spirit as being a Mother, & lots of times I would ask the Lord to help me be "more like the Holy Spirit," whereas before that I had always prayed, "help me be like You, Lord." But the Holy Spirit, being like a Mother, I guess us girls can relate to Her more, & try to have the qualities She has--a good Model for us to follow! She's everything we'd like to be! TYJ! (--Amen! GBY!) When making love in the spirit l've always thought of myself making love to Jesus, & I guess the boys could make love to the Holy Spirit, the Queen of Heaven!--I love you!
       --Pearl (Amen! GBY! ILY!)

       (Compiled by Hope & Joseph Reader)       Oct. '82

Dear Dad,

       Here are a few more ML references! Wow! TYJ!

       IT'S A LOT LIKE THE RELATIONSHIP OF GOD TO US: In some ways the Holy Spirit is like a Mother, sweet, loving, gentle, the Spirit that conceives a spiritual babe, brings it to the birth & bears it & gives birth to a newborn babe in the Kingdom of God, a child of God. But as we grow older & become aware of what's going on we're more apt to need a father image of God Himself & be more afraid of Him than we are of the Holy Spirit, a gentle wooing dove--afraid of His rod of correction & His judgments & His very heavy hand that enforces His strict rules. So that's the way I see it. ("Sex Problems," ML #332C:67)

       BUT YOU WOMEN HAVE MUCH MORE MERCY. You're probably more like the Holy Spirit because you are symbolic of the Holy Spirit. God is the Father & the Holy Spirit is like the Mother--like you women.

       YOU'RE SORT OF LIKE THE HOLY SPIRIT, THE MOTHER. Well, that's true even with the children. The mothers always have more mercy & patience with the children than the fathers.

       YOU WOMEN ARE MORE LIKE THE HOLY SPIRIT or Moses or Jesus. The mother is always the intercessor in the family.

       NO WONDER THAT POET CALLED THE HOLY SPIRIT THE HOUND OF HEAVEN--the Spirit runs after us! See? ("Women with More Mercy than God," ML #583:14,51,65,69,97.)

       THE PICTURES HE SAW were as the slow, beautiful flowing motion of an underwater ballet, with the Wild Wind represented in dream like fashion as a beautiful girl whose long flowing gossamer gown was like visible currents of filmy air which followed after her in lovely waves, as she playfully, yet enticingly, sought to elude David's grasp as he determinedly pursues her in merry chase to final fond embrace in ardent love!) ("My Love Is the Wild Wind," ML #154B:Intro.)

       OUR ARTISTS HAVE PORTRAYED GOD'S SPIRIT AS HIS QUEEN OF LOVE! She is absolutely gorgeous!--God's Spirit-Queen of Heaven! What a beautiful representation of the Holy Spirit! His Queen of Love!--How true! For God is Love!

              I ALWAYS DID THINK OF GOD AS OUR HEAVENLY FATHER & HIS SPIRIT OF LOVE AS OUR HEAVENLY MOTHER--making Her His Spirit--Queen of Love!--Even the Catholics have this concept of Mary. It meets a human need of visualising the loving Motherhood of God in His Motherly Holy Spirit.

       THIS MAKES THE TRINITY MORE COMPREHENSIBLE, the Third Person of His Spirit more understandable, complete as Father, Mother & Son! This is vividly picturing His abstract Spirit of Love in a more concrete way by personifying Her as she should be--a Motherly conception of His Holy Spirit of Love!--His Spirit-Queen of Love!--the God-Mother! Queen of Heaven!--Goddess of the Trinity!

       WHAT DO WE THINK OF WHEN WE SEE HEARTS & FLOWERS & A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN?--LOVE! So why not picture God's Love, His Spirit, Third Person of the Trinity, as a real Person?--Which She is!--His Holy Queen of Love! God the Mother! God the Holy Spirit!

       WHAT BETTER SYMBOL OF GOD'S LOVE COULD YOU HAVE than this beautiful characterisation of a gorgeous lovable Woman, the Mother of the Trinity, God's Holy Spirit of Love, personified as a lovely exciting Woman! I love Her! ("The Goddess of Love," ML #723:1,3,4,9,12.)

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