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DISCLAIMER: The sole purpose of this page is to document the existence of a publication produced by The Family International a.k.a. The Family, Family of Love, Children of God and various pseudonyms (hereon referred to as TFI). It is provided for the record, for educational and research purposes, with the principal aim of promoting accountability by the TFI for its teachings and statements, which have proven detrimental to the lives of many. By replicating this material, exFamily.org neither endorses the views expressed in this publication nor justifies the existence of this publication and its statements. Reader discretion is advised. The material on this page may be unsuitable for minors and may contain disturbing words of racism, hate mongering, directives to unhealthy lifestyles and/or criminal activity, and/or contain plagiarized works.
THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.


(After a lovemaking session with Hope:)
1. ALL OF A SUDDEN I LOOKED UP & THERE WAS THIS BEAUTIFUL WOMAN SITTING ON HER THRONE LOOKING DOWN AT ME with those big, gorgeous, beautiful, hypnotic, entrancing, enchanting eyes & a big smile! All she had to do was look at me! TYJ! It was beautiful! It's so amazing how those things come! I wasn't even asking or expecting anything, but you were asking. You & Maria are always getting me into things by praying!
2. SHE WAS BEAUTIFUL!--A little bit like that beautiful picture Eman drew of Her sitting beside Jesus & God on the Throne. (See "The Goddess of Love!" TK, No.723.) She looked a little bit like Rachel, only much more beautiful! She had a big beautiful smile--gracious, condescending, sympathetic & merciful!
3. SHE NODDED HER HEAD & SMILED--& BOOM!--ALL SHE HAD TO DO WAS THINK IT & SHE GAVE ME THE POWER TO GO! You were working on the physical & she gave the extra uumph, the spiritual boost! Sometimes you can only get so far with the physical--just like it took Abrahim to get you over the hump, or your hump over! Wow!
4. I'VE NEVER HAD THAT HAPPEN BEFORE! TYJ! You were expecting something & praying, & I was expecting some thing & feelin' it, but I didn't expect that! You know how you sometimes pray without realising it?--Or some times you feel the need, an unspoken cry of your heart, & you lift up your heart to the Lord? You don't always actually say, "Lord help me"--not in so many words--but you feel it.
5. YOU GOT ME AS FAR AS WAS HUMANLY POSSIBLE, BUT SHE HAD TO PULL ME OVER THE TOP! I've never pictured Her before, although I've sort of imagined Her while reading Proverbs. Eman's pictures of her are the best. He is the King when it comes to the artists! God bless them all! We have other very good artists, but Eman just has some kind of a touch that is really beyond the usual, & he often will get things really by inspiration, almost as I saw them in the dream! Jacob is getting that way, too.--And Phillipe la Plume is next!
6. THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL! I DON'T THINK I'VE HAD ANY VISION OR PICTURE OF HER BEFORE. No, I'll take that back!--She was in "My Love Is the Wild Wind!" (No.154B). I didn't know who it was then, but it was obviously the Spirit. Maybe the Lord made Her resemble that picture by Eman just so I'd recognise who it was! She was sitting on the Throne in the same position!
7. JUST LIKE IN LOVEMAKING, WE DO ALL WE CAN, but He is the Vine, we are the branches, She is the sap. We witness & we preach the Gospel & distribute the literature & the Word, sow the seed, but it's God that gives the increase. The Holy Spirit has to quicken it. (Jn.15:5; 1Co.3:6.9)--The woman must conceive.
8. WHEN WE WERE WORKIN' HARD & you were workin' on me in the physical--like we do when we witness & litness--it takes a lot of physical effort, right? Lovemaking is a lot of physical hard work, but it's really the Spirit that takes you over the top!
9. ORGASMS ARE DEFINITELY A SPIRITUAL THING! The flesh can only get you so far & then the Spirit has to take over! Don't you feel like orgasms are really spiritual? (Hope: Yes!) The flesh sort of pumps you up to a certain point, but then the Spirit has to sort of do the spoutin'! It's sort of like an Artesian well, you have to prime it up to a certain point & then it spouts!--Ha! And when She looked down at me like that, it just suddenly made me spout! PTL! TYL! ILY! You girls work so hard to get the Words! GBY!
10. I'VE CAPTURED A WHOLE GENERATION FOR THE LORD! 10,000 tithing Family members right now, our children, & we've had thousands & thousands of souls that have been saved, TTL!--Maybe 10,000 times 10,000, thousands of thousands! Only the Lord could do that, you know? We had to put quite a bit of physical effort into it, just like lovemaking, but it is She that quickeneth! (Jn.5:21; 6:63; 1Ti.6:13) I felt the "quickening" & I went quick! (Hope: That was exciting!) Uh huh! In this case you could say, "She that quickeneth!" TTL! She's a part of Him!
11. I'VE SEEN OTHER GODDESSES IN VISION LOTS OF TIMES, BUT THAT'S THE FIRST TIME I THINK I'VE EVER SEEN HER, except for the "Wild Wind," & at the time I didn't really realise who it was! The Lord was picturing Her there as a woman, & it was obviously about the Spirit, right? But we missed it, isn't that funny? We never got the point! We just thought the Lord was likening it to a beautiful woman, flying & swimming through the air. Oh, that was a beautiful sight! Gorgeous! Like those underwater dancers!
12. BUT THIS TIME SHE SAT THERE MAJESTICALLY ON HER THRONE & JUST LOOKED DOWN & SMILED--& BOOM!--I JUST WENT LIKE THAT! There's power in a smile!--At least in Her smile, that's for sure! (Hope: And you said she nodded?) Yes, like she was sort of granting me Her favour. I mean, the orgasm is so spiritual! It takes a definite spiritual push--at least it does at my age! I don't know about other people.
13. WHEN I WAS YOUNG IT DIDN'T TAKE MUCH PUSH!--HA!--JUST A LITTLE VIBRATION! Even riding on the bus or looking at a pretty girl or a pretty picture, I would sprout right up! But as you grow older, sometimes you need a little extra help. You were giving me all the extra help you could, but that only goes so far some times. TYL! Hallelujah! That was just beautiful!
14. YOU SEEMED TO ENJOY IT, YOU WENT ABOUT FOUR TIMES! You kept reaching a little higher platform each time, & finally you really hit the jackpot! TYL! Thank You Jesus for all Thy ministering Spirits, Lord, & Thy angels & saints, especially Thy Holy Spirit, Lord!
15. AND WHEN I SAW HER, THE WORDS CAME TO ME JUST AS CLEAR AS ANYTHING: "THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN!" You know, in the Old Testament there's an admonition against worshipping the Queen of Heaven because the old pagans had a goddess called the queen of heaven. (Jer.7:18) That of course, was against the rules.
16. BUT AFTER ALL, THE HOLY SPIRIT IS THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN!--And She & us are going to be Jesus' Queen, think of that!--His Bride, His Wife! PTL! TYL! Hallelujah! The Spirit's sort of like God's Bride & we're sort of like Jesus' Bride. Of course, we're all God's Bride, in a way, when the Spirit's in us. My goodness, it's almost a little incestuous, isn't it?--Ha! TYL! ILY!
17. THANK YOU, SWEETHEART, THAT WAS REALLY AN EXCITING EXPERIENCE! Thank You, Lord, for that beautiful experience! PYL! TYJ! Lord, You're so good to us & so merciful, so patient. We're so dull & slow to perceive & it takes us so long to catch on to things that You've tried to show us for a long time.
18. OH, THAT WAS REALLY BEAUTIFUL! TYJ! THAT BEAUTIFUL GLIMPSE OF THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN, the Holy Spirit on Her Throne looking down at me, smiling at me! And it made me come instantly, isn't that amazing? Such power! When the Holy Spirit smiles on you, I'll tell you, "ye shall be endued with power from on High!" How about that! That's a good Scripture for it, huh? "The Holy Ghost shall come upon you & ye shall be endued with power from on High!" TYJ! (Ac.1:8; Lk.24:49)
19. THE HOLY GHOST CAME ON MARY & SHE HAD JESUS! Think of that! That was quite a bit of power! The Holy Ghost came on me, & you had me!--Ha! PYL! Hallelujah! That was beautiful! TYJ! PYL! Wow! We really got some thin' out of this one, huh? TYL! She's beautiful! Wow!
20. I MEAN, HOW WOULD THE LORD PICTURE HER IN A WAY THAT I WOULD RECOGNISE HER?--That would be one of the simplest ways, in a way that we were accustomed to thinking of Her. And that's always been my favourite picture of Her, that one that Eman drew of Her sitting on the Throne with the Lord, the Trinity, the Three of Them. So I guess He knew I'd recognise Her by that, & then naming Her: "Queen of Heaven!" TYJ! PYL!
21. SHE'S THY QUEEN, LORD, NOT THE OLD PAGAN GODDESS, BUT THY HOLY SPIRIT! TYJ! PYL! She really is Queen of Heaven! When the Lord admonished them against worshipping the "queen of heaven" in the Old Testament, it was like: "I shall have no other gods before Me!" In other words, He didn't want them worshipping any other gods instead of the true Queen, right? TYL! TYJ! That would be like worshipping other gods before the Lord.
22. I THINK THE ASSYRIANS HAD AN OLD PAGAN GOD NAMED ASHTAROTH or something like that, & they called her the Queen of Heaven. It's no wonder He didn't like them worshipping her, because the Holy Spirit is the Queen of Heaven!--And She sure was beautiful!
23. IT REMINDS ME OF THAT SONG THAT BLACK SIMON SINGS: "I SAW THE SUN SMILING DOWN ON ME!" Hallelujah! TYL! PYJ! All I needed was just one look & smile from Her to boost me over the top! It was more like a pull from above rather than a boost from behind! Just like whoosh & there it was! TYJ! PTL! Amen! Amen! Well, that certainly was an interesting experience. TYJ!
24. MAY WE ALWAYS BEHOLD THY FACE, MAY WE ALWAYS BEHOLD THE BEAUTY OF THY SPIRIT, LORD, & LIFT OUR HEARTS UP TO THEE! May we always be conscious of Thy presence, Lord, & Her, Thy precious Holy Spirit. She is You, & You are Her, & You're all One! You said You & the Father & the Spirit are One. TYL! (1Jn.5:7)
25. MAY WE ALWAYS BE CONSCIOUS OF YOUR PRESENCE, & ALWAYS LOOK TO THEE FOR HELP, LORD, OUR EVER-PRESENT HELP IN TIME OF TROUBLE! (Ps.46:1) In this case, Lord, even in the time of pleasure! Well, I did have a little trouble gettin' there!--Ha! Sweet trouble! It's nice trouble! TYJ! Hallelujah! TYL! Amen, Lord, bless & keep us close to You & always mindful of Thy presence & Thy beauty in Her, Thyself, Thy Queen of Heaven! PYL!
26. WELL, I FEEL BETTER, ALMOST LIKE I GOT A SUPERNATURAL MIRACULOUS TOUCH FROM THE LORD! I've been sick for about the last two days, I don't know with what. I hardly ever have headaches, not even when I've had a hangover!--Ha!--And I know it wasn't a hangover because I haven't been drinking! But I had sort of a little sick headache & I was sick in my stomach a little bit, nothing major, just a slight feeling of congestion.
27. BUT THAT SORT OF PULLED ME OVER THE TOP OF THAT TOO, ISN'T THAT SOMETHING? When you get a touch from the Lord, it sort of touches you all over! Oh, it was wonderful! That was one of the most terrific ones I've had in a long time! I don't know whether you noticed it or not, but I just went & went & went! It was pumpin' away! You must have had a mouthful! PTL!
28. WELL, THAT WAS A REAL TOUCH FROM ABOVE! PTL! In fact, it didn't even have to be seemingly a touch, just a smile! The power of Her smile! Not the shadow of Her smile, but the sunshine of Her smile! TYL!
29. I FEEL BETTER NOW THAN WHEN I WENT TO BED BEFORE WE HAD SEX! I wasn't even sure I was even going to have any. (Hope: Yes, you didn't look so well when you were upstairs.) I was feeling tired & sick & I was trying to entertain Techi, bless her little heart. I'm afraid I wasn't very good entertainment this morning, I was so tired. I wasn't a very live wire, kind of a dead duck! (Hope: She looked like she had fun!) All those questions! "Why? Well, why?" If you ask a lot of questions, you get a lot of answers!
30. THANK YOU, HONEY! PTL! TYJ! Well, I think I'm going to roll over in the clover & maybe take a little catnap, would you mind? (Hope: Not at all! ILY!)

* * *

31. THESE ARE SOME ADDED NOTES TO THE "QUEEN OF HEAVEN" AFTERWARD WHEN I WAS TELLING MARIA ABOUT IT: In fact, I was praying about it before I got up & there were several things I thought of that I should add to it. And one was, when I was thinking about the experience of how I looked up & I saw the Throne, it reminded me of a Scripture in Revelation, in fact, I believe it's several times in the Bible:
32. "AND I LOOKED UP & I SAW HEAVEN OPENED & I BEHELD A THRONE!" (Rev.4:1-3) I can understand now what the prophets meant by they "looked up & they saw Heaven opened & they beheld a Throne." I beheld a Throne & She that sat upon it was like the Queen of Light, beautiful! And She sat there so relaxed!--Not formal or dignified, but just sort of relaxed.
33. SHE WAS SITTING OVER IN ONE CORNER OF THE THRONE WITH ONE ARM UP ACROSS THE BACK & the other arm along one of the arms of the Throne, just sort of relaxed like she was sitting there with Her knees crossed, & they're always clad in those filmy sort of see-through gowns.
34. SHE WASN'T DRESSED REAL FANCY OR ANYTHING, BUT SHE HAD ON SOME KIND OF A SMALL CROWN LIKE A TIARA. And she looked so much like the Holy Spirit that Eman drew! Honey, you're gorgeous! You look just like the Queen of Heaven right now! You've got those same magnetic, hypnotic, entrancing, enchanting eyes! XXX!
35. SHE JUST LOOKED DOWN GRACIOUSLY AT ME, SORT OF SWEET & FRIENDLY, not formal or anything, & she smiled & nodded & boom!--I went just like that! It only took one look! I think it was her eyes that did it! There's something about the power of the eyes! It was the power of the Spirit, that's what it was, but it was looking into Her eyes that did it!
36. THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT THE EYES THAT REALLY HAS TO DO WITH THE SPIRIT! I know now what the Prophet meant by saying Jesus' eyes looked like coals of fire! (Rev.1:14) It's almost like they were burning, just like they were sort of flowing or fluctuating or scintillating!--Glowing like fire!
37. I THINK THE LORD GIVES YOU SPECIAL GRACE IN THOSE EXPERIENCES, & if it hadn't been so beautiful & sweet I might have been really scared! It looked kind of weird, you know? She just looked at me & Her eyes were pulsating, sort of like some of these light shows they have!--Ha! I can't describe it, but they were burning like coals of fire!--A little bit like that bum's eyes I met on the street, that angel in San Francisco, only his were burning with anger!
38. HER EYES WERE JUST SORT OF BURNING WITH LOVE!--And she gave that gracious smile, nodded Her head, & boom!--I immediately exploded in a terrific orgasm, & I just went & went & went! It was really quite an experience! TYL! Then that language of the Scripture came to me: "I looked up & I saw Heaven opened & beheld a Throne," & She that sat upon it was like the Queen of Light! (Rev.4:1-3)
39. I THINK IF I'D GOTTEN INSPIRED ENOUGH IT WOULD HAVE COME OUT JUST LIKE A PROPHECY! Her eyes burned like coals of fire & she smiled & nodded & I exploded! I wasn't even really expecting anything at all, I wasn't even asking for anything!--Except I do remember now that while Hope was working so hard to make me go, I did pray: "Lord help me go for her sake so she won't have to work so long & hard."
40. AND HOPE WAS PRAYING TOO, NOT JUST THAT I'D HAVE AN ORGASM, BUT THAT I'D HAVE SOME EXPERIENCE OR MESSAGE! She wanted something in the Spirit, not just the flesh alone. So it was beautiful! Outside of "Wild Wind," I've never had any other dream or vision about Her that I can remember, can you? So now it's actually two visions, one in "Wild Wind" & then this one, "The Queen of Heaven!"
41. YOU DON'T HEAR THOSE WORDS WITH YOUR EARS, IT'S LIKE IT'S IN YOUR HEAD! Just as clear as anything, like some herald was giving an announcement I heard: "The Queen of Heaven!"--And She smiled & looked down at me & nodded & boom!--I just went like that! I've had a lot of experiences with those goddesses, but that's the first one I've had with Her! It was beautiful!
42. AND IT'S STRANGE, IT WAS JUST LIKE THE OTHERS WERE THERE, like there could have been a whole host there, but my eyes were just glued on Her! I couldn't see anything but Her! It was just like I was hypnotised! My eyes were just riveted on Her, those big mysterious weird eyes that glowed like coals of fire! It was really a thrilling experience & I really exploded! TYL!
43. AND HOPE REALLY EXPLODED TOO, SHE WENT ABOUT FOUR TIMES! In her final explosion, Abrahim started praying & he was really eggin' her on, like sayin' sic'm to a dog! You know how he does sometimes! I wish I knew what all that was he was saying, but I don't seem to get the interpretation of that. I guess I don't need to because it's obvious what it is, but I'm curious to know what some of those words mean!-
44. THEN HE TRILLS, OF COURSE, JUST LIKE THE ARABS DO WHEN THEY'RE EXCITED!--And my hand just gets almost like it's absolutely possessed with supernatural strength, & it just goes so fast! I don't think I could do that naturally, I really don't think I could!--Especially for such a prolonged time! It just starts going like a pneumatic drill, so fast & so violently, with such strength & it's no effort at all!
45. THE EFFORT IS GONE, IT'S JUST LIKE SOMEBODY'S TAKEN IT OVER & MY HAND IS JUST VIBRATING! It's trilling like his tongue! He takes over my hand just like he takes over my tongue, you know? He does the same thing when I'm goosing you a lot of times, sometimes when you have a hard time going, & that always does it! Every single time he starts praying for you in tongues, then he just takes over my hand & I just go brrrrrr!--Like that, & you go! I don't think you've ever failed to go with Abrahim praying & possessing my hand like that!
46. AND IMMEDIATELY AFTER THAT I WAS MUCH BETTER, I DIDN'T FEEL SICK ANY MORE & THE PAIN WAS GONE! The relief was so great! In fact, I felt so good, I told Hope I was going to get up & go to work! I got up & went in & washed, came back & laid down with her a few more minutes while I described what happened. She wrote a lot of it down in shorthand at first because she couldn't find a tape recorder, poor girl!
47. IT WAS ALMOST LIKE I WAS INSTANTLY HEALED, JUST LIKE THAT!--LIFE IN A LOOK! You know, in the Old Testament the Lord told Moses to put a brazen serpent on a pole & if they would look at it they would live. (Nu.21:8,9) It was a type of Christ, of all things, & yet it was a serpent! I never could understand that! We would have wondered about that to this day if the Lord Himself hadn't confirmed it by saying:
48. "AS MOSES LIFTED UP THE SERPENT IN THE WILDERNESS, EVEN SO MUST THE SON OF MAN BE LIFTED UP.... And I, if I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto Me!" (Jn.3:14; 12:32) You'd think it would be a type of the Enemy, that old Serpent the Devil (Rev.12:9), but the Lord used the serpent, & ever since then a serpent twined around a pole has been a medical symbol for doctors! (Maria: That's funny, that it's a symbol of both!)
49. WELL, A SCRIPTURE COMES TO ME: "HE WAS MADE SIN FOR US." (2Co.5:21) He took the sins of the whole World on the cross, like the scapegoat in the Old Testament. (Lev.16:8-10,26) The scapegoat was usually thought of as a type of the Devil, you know, & the sins of the people were laid on his head & he was driven out of the camp. And yet the scapegoat is also mentioned as being a type of Christ.
50. IT'S AS THOUGH THE LORD WAS MADE AS SIN TO TAKE OUR SINS FOR US, almost like the Serpent, almost as wicked as the Devil, in a sense. He was cursed! "Cursed is He that is hung on a tree!" (Gal.3:13; Deut.21:23) He was cursed for our sake, just almost like the Devil!
51. IN OTHER WORDS, WHEN HE DIED ON THE CROSS FOR OUR SINS, IN ONE WAY HE WAS LIKE A TYPE OF THE SERPENT & TOOK OUR SINS FOR US. He confirmed that Scripture Himself when He said: "Even as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must also the Son of man be lifted up." And He said, "And I, if I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto Me." What does that have to do with what I was telling you? (Maria: That you were healed. Yes!)
52. I WAS INSTANTLY HEALED WHEN I LOOKED UP & SAW HER! I saw Heaven opened & Her sitting on the Throne looking down at me. She looked straight into my eyes &, oooh, it almost gives me the shivers! It's so kind of weird, but exciting! I wasn't a bit afraid, it was just like I was riveted, hypnotised, & I instantly had an orgasm! And right afterwards I noticed that the pain was gone & I felt much better & not sick like I'd been feeling.
53. I'VE HEARD PEOPLE TALK ABOUT HOW THEY'VE FELT A WHOLE WAVE OF WARMTH WHEN THEY WERE HEALED that started at the top of their head & went down to their toes or feet, or vice versa, & it was just like I had suddenly been healed & I felt a lot better, much better. (Maria: And you went to sleep for two hours!) I told Hope, "I feel a little bit drowsy, I'm just going to turn over a minute & take a little catnap"--& I went sound to sleep for two solid hours! I never woke up when she left, never woke up when you came, never woke up when you got in bed, never woke up with all the noise, nothing! So, PTL!
54. ISN'T THAT SOMETHING HOW THAT CAME BACK TO ME about Jesus being lifted up like a serpent in the wilderness? See, He was made a curse for us, for our sins, almost like the Devil. The Devil, in a sense, is like the embodiment of evil or symbolic of sin, like the Serpent. The Serpent has been made to symbolise evil, almost embody evil.
55. BUT ANYHOW, THAT WAS A BEAUTIFUL EXPERIENCE! I lifted up my eyes & saw Her, & She just nodded Her head & smiled. And with those gorgeous eyes--whew!--I instantly exploded! WOW! What a Dream Queen!--Are you baptised in His Spirit? Does She thrill you to heights of ecstasy this World has never known?
56. SHE CAN SATISFY YOU LIKE NO WOMAN ON EARTH!--Thrill you into worlds unknown!--Excite you beyond the limits of mortal ken! She'll sweep you in Her arms to seventh Heaven, enchant you with her charms into realms of ecstasy beyond this World! She's out of this World! She can speak through you, sing through & empower you with miraculous, supernatural gifts beyond the powers of Earth!
57. SHE CAN ENTRANCE YOU WITH THE OVERPOWERING SPELLBINDING LOVE OF GOD!--FOR SHE IS HIS LOVE!--Like no love you've ever known before! Be filled with Her love right now! Just open your heart & let Her in & explode with the orgasm of God's Love! You'll never be the same again after being filled with the Love of the Dream Queen! Queen of Heaven! God's Love! HAL! TYJ! IJNA!

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