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DREAM QUEEN!--The Holy Ghost!       1/10/82       DFO 1304

       1. THIS TIME THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN DIDN'T JUST NOD & SMILE! SHE DID A LOT MORE THAN THAT! I wonder why I don't get the interpretations sometimes? I guess maybe because it's for them (the spirits) & they can understand it. It's almost like She can do it long distance! She was just undulating & I went just watching her, almost like She was doing a real sexy dance, although it was more than a dance! She was really moving it! It was almost like She was teasing me to go, & I went just watching it! It was very sexy, almost like I'm hypnotised by it & suddenly go--boom!--Almost like I'm hypnotised by the motion & the movement of Her body. You know how they hypnotise with a swaying candle or coin or watch. I became fascinated with the rhythmic motion of Her body! It's almost like She can pull it out of me without even touching me! It's strictly spiritual, but then it makes me go in the flesh.
       2. THE PICTURE OR VISION OR SIGHT MUST BE IN THE SPIRIT, UNLESS I'M REALLY SEEING HER! Maybe I'm really seeing Her! It's different from dreams. In the dream you just dream & then you wake up, but in a vision you see it while you're awake, like it's really there! It's like you can actually see it & it's actually there! It certainly has a realistic effect on me! It really makes me really go! Isn't that funny!--Some of them I actually feel like they're really fucking me or on me like Mocumba, but others it seems like I just see them, sort of watch them go & it makes me go without ever actually touching them. That's the way it seems. It's wonderful, very thrilling & exciting & beautiful!
       3. THE LORD SURE IS GOOD TO ME, LETTING ME SEE HER AGAIN! She must love me.--She acts like it. She acts like She enjoys it as much as I do. And I guess the Holy Spirit does. We talk about the Holy Spirit wooing us, so that means the Holy Spirit makes love to us. The only difference is that I can see Her, or it seems like I can see Her. Maybe it's my imagination, but if it is, I sure have a vivid one when I can sometimes not only see but feel! Thank you Jesus! Thank you Holy Spirit! Thank you Lord! It's really amazing that She would stoop to make love to me like that! Let's face it!--She stoops to make love to all of us just like Jesus did & like God does! Thank the Lord for Their love!--God the Father, God the Son & God the Holy Spirit!--In the name of the Father & of the Son & of the Holy Ghost!
       4. IT'S FUNNY HOW GOD PUTS WOMEN LAST. It's very Oriental & very Jewish, even though She's the Mother. Well, that's the way it is in the Jewish & Oriental cultures--the father & the son are the most important & the mother comes next, & then the daughters. But actually She was there first before Jesus, or maybe all Three at the same time? Also, when God created man He created the man first, then the woman. John says of Jesus: "He was in the beginning with God & was God. All things were made by Him & without Him was not anything made that was made." (Jn.1:2,3) She as good as says the same thing in Proverbs--that She was there in the beginning before the World was!--She says, "I was there!" (Pro.8:22,23) Yet it says that Jesus was the Beginning of the Creation of God. (Rev.3:14) And if He was the first Creation, She must have already been there, like a Mother would be, like God, Who always was & always will be. Like a mother & father seem to their children, to our children it seems like we've always been here, right? They've never known when we weren't here, so, compared to their little tiny short life span, it must seem like to them that we've been here forever & always will be. Only, parents die & go away, but God & His Holy Spirit never die & never go away, TTL! Jesus said, "I am with you always!" So praise the Lord!
       5. THAT'S ONE OF THE MYSTERIES OF GOD, ONE OF THE MOST FASCINATING MYSTERIES OF THE SPIRIT! And you notice she seems almost the most mysterious of all & the least known, the least recognised, least understood. But boy, I've sure seen Her in the Spirit, praise the Lord! TYJ! It's all the Lord, since They're all One, & we're all one. That's another mystery, the mystery of the Bridegroom & the Bride. If Jesus is the Bridegroom & we're His Bride, where does She fit in? She's got to be the Mother if God's the Father, she's got to be the Mother, right?
       6. I THINK THAT'S A BEAUTIFUL PICTURE, A MOTHER IS A BEAUTIFUL CONCEPTION OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. I just started to say, I wonder why the artists never got an idea like that, to picture the Holy Spirit as the Mother?--But it immediately came to me, "Well they did, they painted lots of pictures of Her, but they got her confused with Mary because of Catholic doctrine!--They conceived of Her as being Mary the Earth woman, they even call Mary Queen of Heaven, & they even say that She, in the 12th Chapter of Revelation, wore a crown of 12 stars, her feet on the moon, when actually it's the picture of the Bride, the Church, who flees into the wilderness when persecuted by the Enemy.--We too are a Queen of Heaven! (See "Garden of Eden," Part 7.)
       7. "HOLY MOTHER, HOLY MARY, MOTHER OF GOD!"--ISN'T THAT WHAT THEY SAY? "Pray for us now & in the hour of our death. ..." Actually the way the Catholics worship Mary is the way they should be worshipping the Holy Spirit, in the same womanly concept. Mary's not God's female counterpart, like God--omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent! She's just another Saint like we are. (Maria: A dead & departed Saint.) Yes, exactly, she's another saved human being like we are. She was highly honoured by being made the Mother of Christ. But maybe through the exaltation of Mary they were really getting into a truth that they didn't quite understand: The Fatherhood of God & the Motherhood of the Holy Spirit, one with the Sonship of Jesus! But they apparently couldn't conceive of a female Holy Spirit, & so confused Her with Mary. Well, they must have had visions of her like I have had, maybe not just like I have had, but they've painted her as glorious in the Heavens & a Queen of Heaven, a beautiful woman, Mary!
       8. LOOK AT THE ADORATION, THE WORSHIP THAT'S BEEN GIVEN TO MARY JUST AS HOLY SPIRIT, THE TRUE QUEEN OF HEAVEN, SHOULD HAVE, people praying to her all the time & saying Rosaries & honouring her, worshipping her, adoring her, attributing powers to her & graces to her & all kinds of mercies! They could only possibly be fulfilled in the Holy Spirit. Instead of saying "Holy Mary, Mother of God," they should be saying "Holy Spirit, Mother of God." Isn't that funny, that part of the Rosary never came to me before, "Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us now & in the hour of our death." It should be "Holy Spirit, Mother of God, pray for us now & in the hour of our death."
       9. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT SHE'S GOD'S MOTHER, BUT THAT SHE'S GOD'S WIFE IN A SENSE, THE MOTHER OF THE HOLY TRINITY, & JESUS IS THEIR SON. Like we're the Wife of Jesus, the Bride of Christ, She's the Mother of the Family of God. That must be where the Catholics got all that idea about Mary & her glorification & adoration--undoubtedly many people have seen visions of her, & all that time they must have been seeing the Holy Spirit like I did, but because of the Catholic doctrine of Mariolatry they thought it was Mary! Whereas in the Bible the men of God & prophets of God who saw human beings who were in the spirit, the human spirits in the Spirit World, every time that they tried to fall down & worship them they were admonished not to, they were told not to worship them, that they were merely human beings like themselves! (Rev.19:10) They were told to worship the Lord!
       10. THE HOLY SPIRIT IS PART OF THE LORD, JUST LIKE YOU'RE A PART OF ME, HONEY, & "THEY TWO SHALL BE ONE" (EPH.5:31) ONLY THEY'RE THREE!--A Three-some, how about that! The Holy Trinity is a Holy Three-some! It's a wonder that that didn't sound a little unholy to the church, ha!: God the Father, God the Son & God the Holy Spirit. So if She seems to be like the human relationship, it would only be natural to liken her to the Mother. She certainly fulfills the ministry of a mother in every way, gentle, wooing, loving, caring, praying, feeding & empowering. It'd be interesting to make a study on the ministry of the Holy Spirit, all the things the Holy Spirit does for us. We've heard a lot about God, right? And we know a lot about the Son, Jesus, but you don't hear near as much about the Holy Spirit except for the New Testament, although there's quite a bit about the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament too, of course--including all that in Proverbs about Her being with God always. (Pro.8:22,23)
       11. SO IF YOU WOULD TAKE ALL THAT THE CATHOLICS HAVE SEEN & HEARD & ENVISIONED OF MARY & CONCEIVED OF HER, HER GLORIFICATION AS QUEEN OF HEAVEN, INCLUDING ALL THE INSPIRED ART MASTERPIECES OF HER, ETC., I THINK YOU'D HAVE A PRETTY GOOD PICTURE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT AS THE SPIRITUAL MOTHER OF JESUS & THEREFORE THE WIFE OF GOD & THEREFORE THE MOTHER OF THE HOLY FAMILY, THE HOLY TRINITY, & then it all makes sense, right? If you give all that glorification to the Holy Spirit & picture Her that way & envision Her that way, as the masterpieces of art that have been painted of Mary, you could get a little idea of the beauty & the glory & the grandeur & the majesty of the True Queen of Heaven, the Holy Spirit! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! TYJ! Isn't that beautiful?
       12. MARY WAS A WONDERFUL LITTLE GIRL & MUST HAVE BEEN A MARVELLOUS PERSON TO BE CHOSEN BY THE LORD TO BE THE PHYSICAL MOTHER OF HIS SON, SORT OF A PICTURE OF THE SPIRITUAL MOTHER, THE TRUE MOTHER, THE HOLY SPIRIT! So in a way, like Jesus is a picture of God, Mary was in a way a picture of the Holy Spirit. You understand what I'm driving at? That's literally what it means by the Word of God, it means the Logo of God, the Expression of God, the Message of God--& what is a better expression to convey an idea than a picture? A picture in a sense is a word, it conveys an idea, something which conveys a message or in other words a word, an idea, an expression, the logo.
       13. I REMEMBER WE STUDIED THAT IN GREEK WHEN I WAS IN BIBLE COLLEGE, WHAT A DEEP MEANING THERE WAS TO THE GREEK WORD "LOGO" WHICH IS TRANSLATED IN JOHN ONE AS THE "WORD". But the meaning is so much deeper than that simple little English "word". It was sort of like the Logo was a little bit of God Himself, an Expression of Him, a Manifestation of Him in Jesus His Son. I say picture because it's hard to find the words. But you might say, Jesus is like the tip of the Iceberg, the part you can see, but by far the greatest part of the Iceberg, God, is out of sight, hidden underwater, & only a tiny Part is visible to the human eye, like Jesus. Jesus is a representation or expression of God, or the Word of God, the part of Him that we can see & understand. Even though you can't see the rest of the Iceberg, you have a faint idea of what it is like by the Part that shows above water in this world, in this realm, the realm of man. It's like the far greater part of the Iceberg is underwater in a hidden realm like the realm of the spirit, unseen by human eye, like God Himself. An iceberg is kind of a cold representation of the idea, but I think you at least get the point. By what little we can see of it, we have a faint idea of what the rest is like, & we know the rest of it must be ice like the part we can see, like we know that God must be Love by the loving part of Him that we can see in Jesus, the warmth & the humanness of Christ.
       14. AND MARY HIS MOTHER IS ALMOST LIKE A PHYSICAL EXPRESSION OR PICTURE OR REPRESENTATION OF WHAT THE HOLY SPIRIT IS LIKE, THE MOTHER OF THE TRINITY. All these Catholics may be shocked when they get to Heaven & find out all this time instead of Mary they were worshipping the Holy Spirit! TTL! So maybe the Lord will excuse them for being a bit confused & rather ignorant like little children. How can a child even understand its mother & all that she means to the child? But a child feels the love & the tender loving care & feels secure in the mother's arms like we do in the arms of the Holy Spirit Who woos us & loves us & soothes our distresses, calms our fears, wipes away our tears, caresses our worried brows & loves us to rest!
       15. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL PICTURE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT WE FIND IN A MOTHER, LIKE IN THE MOTHER OF JESUS! So no wonder the Catholics got the two confused, Mary, the Mother of Jesus, with the Holy Spirit, the true Mother of the Trinity. It's a beautiful picture, huh? Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! TYJ! Wow, She sure is beautiful! And I surely have been honoured by the Lord to give me a glimpse of Her, or a vision or whatever it was, like many who've been blessed with visions of Mary, or at least who they thought it was Mary, Who was probably the Holy Spirit, the true Mother of God, Mother of the Trinity, the spiritual Mother of Jesus, & our spiritual Mother as God is our spiritual Father & Jesus our spiritual Brother.
       16. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL LIKENESS OF GOD IN HIS PICTURING THE TRINITY BY LIKENING THEM TO THE NATURAL RELATIONSHIPS OF FATHER, MOTHER & SON! I think it really helps you understand the Holy Spirit better. So much has been said & taught about God the Father & God the Son, but really very little has been said or taught or even understood about God the Holy Spirit, the Mother of the Trinity & Her beautiful relationship with the Others as the spiritual Wife of God & the spiritual Mother of Jesus, the way She is certainly pictured in the Book of Proverbs (Pro.8) as well as throughout the whole Bible by the Spirit & Mary, etc. (See also "The Elixir of Love," No.677; "The Spirit of God," No.337; "My Love Is the Wildwind," No.154B; "The Ultimate Religion," No.986; "The Sexy Bride," No.1017; "New Church," No.A; "The Goddess of Love," No.723; "More on the Spirit of God," No.820.)
       17. IF YOU BEGIN TO ACCEPT THAT MOTHER CONCEPT & APPLY IT TO HER RELATIONSHIP WITH THE TRINITY & WITH US, IT FITS BEAUTIFULLY! I THINK IT HELPS YOU GET A MUCH BETTER IDEA OF THE BEAUTY & THE WONDERFUL MINISTRY OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, AMEN? Praise the Lord! TYJ! I know some people aren't going to like that, & probably there are plenty of people that won't even accept it, but having seen Her I believe it! But "more blessed are ye who having not seen, yet have believed," as Jesus said. (Jn.20:29) In the paraphrasing of another quotation of Christ, "If they won't believe My words, believe Her by her works" (Jn.10:38)--which are certainly manifest throughout the Bible & all ages & even before! So praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus & thank You, Holy Spirit! "Holy Spirit, Mother of God, pray for us now & at the hour of our death!" Praise You Lord! Thank You Lord!
       18. GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST, & ON EARTH PEACE TOWARD MEN OF GOOD WILL THROUGH JESUS CHRIST HIS SON & THE EVER-LOVING CARE OF HIS PRECIOUS MOTHERING HOLY SPIRIT!--In Jesus' name, amen. Some people must think it sacrilegious & even blasphemous that I should have intercourse with the Holy Spirit, but isn't that what we're really told to do, to have the Holy Spirit in us & to be baptised in Her?--Filled with Her, baptised with Her. I know that in the New Testament they don't use the female pronoun for the Holy Spirit, most of the time they say "it", & even once or twice they even say "he" or "him", because I think the converted Jews just couldn't stomach the idea of there being a Woman in the Trinity, they're so masculine in their whole culture & theology, although the inference is there.
       19. SO AREN'T WE SUPPOSED TO HAVE COMMUNION WITH THE SPIRIT? What is communion but intercourse with the Spirit in a sense, symbolised by sexual intercourse! You get almost the same thrills in the manifestations of the Spirit & spiritual experiences in the Holy Spirit as you do in sex! You have literal orgasms of the Spirit that are almost indistinguishable from sexual orgasms, only they are more thrilling & more marvellous & wonderful & glorious! (See "Listen!" No.998.) It's a wonderful picture, in other words a Woman: a wonderful word or expression or symbolism or likeness of the Holy Spirit, like Jesus is of God! The Lord said in Genesis, "Let Us make man in Our image after Our own likeness"--like God & Jesus! (Gen.1:26,27) So obviously He also made woman after Their image & Their likeness, like the Holy Spirit!--Right?
       20. YOU'RE LIKE THE HOLY SPIRIT, HONEY, YOU LOVE ME & MOTHER ME & CARE FOR ME & PRAY FOR ME & TENDERLY & GENTLY WATCH OVER ME ALL THE TIME! You're really like the Holy Spirit, you're a physical representation of the Holy Spirit, sort of like Mary & every mother is a physical expression, representation, picture or likeness of the Holy Spirit, like a father is a likeness of God, & a son is a likeness of Jesus. It's hard to get the right words to say to really express it. Now if Jesus is the Word of God, expression of God, in a way He's also the expression or likeness of His spiritual Mother, the Holy Spirit, the Mother of the Trinity, the Mother of God, & He is! You find them Both all wrapped up in Jesus, right? Just like a son is like both his father & his mother. So I believe it! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! Amen! I think it's a beautiful idea anyhow, whether you want to accept it or not.
       21. I LIKE IT, IT APPEALS TO ME, & IT HELPS ME TO GRASP THE TRUE MEANING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT BY PICTURING HER AS A MOTHER, THE MOTHER OF THE TRINITY, the Mother of Jesus spiritually, the Mother or the Wife of God, the Three of Them as the Holy Family of God! What a beautiful Holy Family, huh? The Holy Trinity of God--God the Father, God the Son & God the Holy Spirit! I think we have as much a right to call Her female, to liken Her to a female mother, as those Jewish translators who insisted on using male pronouns in many places where it also meant "her" or "she"! Apparently the distinction in Proverbs was so clear & plain & definite they couldn't change that one, they had to use the female feminine forms. So I think we have as much right to call Her a Mother as they have to call Her "it", in one or two cases even classifying Her or identifying Her with a masculine pronoun because that was Jewish tradition & Jewish interpretation, they apparently couldn't stomach the idea of the Holy Spirit being female, they wanted the Trinity to be all male, how about that!
       22. --WHAT JEWISH MALE CHAUVINISM!: --HEAVEN RUN BY A BUNCH OF MEN, NOTHING BUT MEN & NO LIKENESS OF A WOMAN IN HEAVEN! Well, I don't like that idea! I think the idea that God has given me that the Holy Spirit is like a Woman & like a Mother & pictured Her to me as a beautiful Heavenly Queen is a far better representation of the Holy Spirit than some of theirs! The only actual picturisation or characterisation of the Holy Spirit in the New Testament is like a dove in one case. Well, a dove certainly reminds you more of a woman than a man, right? And in another case, flames of fire over their heads at Pentecost! Well, even that reminds me more of you as I look at you right now, you're a flame, Honey! XXX! My flame! (Mat.3:16; Mk.1:10; Lk.3:22; Jn.1:32; Heb.1:7; Mt.3:11; Lk.3:16.) I love you! Mmm, you're terrific standing naked here before me!--A flame of fire! Praise God! Hallelujah! TYJ!
       23. WELL, THAT'S THE WAY THE LORD HAS SHOWN HER TO ME & I LIKE IT!--A FLAME OF LOVE!--A FLAME WITH LOVE!--AS SEXY AS A WOMAN!--AS SEXY AS GOD HIMSELF! So that's the way I think of Her. You can think of Her as you please, & if you want to insist on the idea that there are Three Men running Heaven, I wouldn't really know who the other guy is supposed to be like if not a woman! One's a Father & One's a Son, who's the other guy?--Uncle, brother, cousin? If you're going to complete the human relationship to identify the Third Person of the Trinity, such as we do the Father & the Son (Maria: The Bible already says that!), what better expression could you use or likeness or representation could you use for the Third Person of the Holy Family, the Holy Trinity, the Holy Spirit, than a Mother?
       24. I BELIEVE IT! I RECEIVE IT! I HAVE SEEN HER & I ACCEPT HER! TYJ! PTL! HALLELUJAH! And you don't have to if you don't want to, but you're missing something if you don't, because I think She's a beautiful picture & a beautiful, beautiful symbolism or representation of Her relationship to God as the Mother of the Trinity! Just as we think of God as Father & Jesus His Son, I think of the Holy Spirit as the Mother of the Trinity. How fitting, amen? How understandable, comprehensible, & honourable, giving Her Her rightful place & due deference & reverence as the very Wife of God Himself, the Mother of the Trinity, the true spiritual Mother of Jesus, of which Mary is a rather beautiful physical natural & earthly likeness. But the way the Catholics worship Mary & revere her should be reserved for the True Spiritual Mother of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit of God, the Wife of the Trinity! PTL! Hallelujah! Amen! Praise the Lord! Thank you Jesus!
       25. I BET I COULD GO ON & ON ABOUT THIS, BUT I HAVE TO STOP SOMEWHERE. You can continue your thinking & musing about it, study, meditate on it, & see if these things be so. (Jn.5:39; Ps.143:5; 1Pe.3:17) PTL! But I'm convinced of it, & if nothing else, I like the idea, I like the picture, the representation, the expression, the word, the identification of the Holy Spirit as being the Mother of the Trinity, the way God showed Her to me! She surely is beautiful & a marvellous wonderful gorgeous glorious Queen of Heaven!--A real Dream Queen!
       26. HAVE YOU RECEIVED HER? HAVE YOU BEEN THRILLED WITH HER, FILLED WITH HER, IMMERSED IN HER, EXCITED BY HER, CARRIED AWAY IN THE SPIRIT BY HER?--If you haven't, you've missed something! But I hope you have had such experiences with Her, or yet will, in Jesus' name, amen, GBY! ILY! PTL! I think Heaven certainly would have been a lonesome place without a woman around before God made Jesus & Man! Of course there probably were the angels, but they're sorta neuter gender, so I don't think they'd fit the picture. I don't think angels could have taken the place of the Holy Spirit like a Wife & Mother for the companionship of God, & She's right there in Proverbs 3:13-18; 4:5-9; 7:4; 8:1-36 & 9:1-12 as plain as day--in fact, all the way through the Bible, if you accept the fact that She's the Spirit of God, everywhere it mentions His Holy Spirit, there She is! PTL!--Amen?--Got Her?--You can have Her!--Acts 1:8!--You need Her! Get Her Now--TODAY!--You'll Love Her!--Like I do!--Your Dream Queen!--Make love to Her Today!

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