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THE CONSTELLATION OF DANIEL!       DFO 1308       10/82
--The Heavens Jump for Joy!
--A Dream of Rejoicing in Heaven over one Saved Sinner!

       1. THE DEVIL CERTAINLY HATES THESE DREAMS! I never saw the like! Lord help me to get back in the spirit, in Jesus' name! You've really got to try to be in the spirit to recall dreams, & get in the spirit to get the picture, & get in the spirit to hear the sounds, & get in the spirit again to try to get the interpretation & the meaning! And after 45 minutes of battling with that frustrating machine & this microphone & all the rest, I'm certainly not in the spirit! I'm in the spirit, but a bad spirit! Lord help & forgive me in Jesus' name!
       2. GIVE ME THE VICTORY, LORD! Help me & bring it back in spite of all the Devil's chicanery! In Jesus' name we ask Thee, Lord, for Thy glory! We know it must have been important because we were so impressed & woke up immediately afterwards & could remember particularly that one thing!
       3. I CAN'T REMEMBER ANY OF THE REST OF THE DREAM RIGHT NOW, it's all vague & faded--Lord forgive me for not recording it yesterday, right afterward. But even right afterward, Lord, I couldn't remember all the background details or how I got there or what for. Amen, Lord, help me, in Jesus' name!
       4. WELL, ALL I CAN REMEMBER RIGHT NOW, IT WAS SOMETHING ABOUT THIS GREAT BIG BARN OF A BUILDING WE WERE IN, & it had something to do with science or scientific investigation. It was a laboratory or something. Well, now that I come to think of it. ... TYL! Usually when I start giving a dream the Lord begins to help me remember & figure out just what it was.
       5. I WOULD SAY IT WAS AN ASTRONOMICAL OBSERVATORY--they're pretty big--like a great big auditorium, only with telescopes. And they definitely had telescopes there because they were monitoring the skies & the stars & watching things for some reason.
       6. YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO SELECT A CONSTELLATION, which was supposed to be your particular star sign or something, & they would focus on that constellation & give you some kind of an astrological reading. I don't get the principle of the whole thing, but that was my impression.
       7. YOU CAME INTO THIS BIG OBSERVATORY WITH TELESCOPES & ALL THAT, & PEOPLE WERE TAKING TURNS like you do at those computerised astrological reading desks in some department stores & shopping centers. They've got those big astral readings like Astroflash. In other words you get your exact astrological reading printout from the computer in a flash, just by giving them your exact birthday, & I think you're supposed to give them the time of day that you were born. I don't know whether it had anything to do with the day of the week.
       8. THEY PUT THIS ON A CARD & FEED IT INTO THE MACHINE & it gives you back quite a complete read-out, a two or three page computer read-out of your full astrological reading with all your personal characteristics & tendencies & possibilities of past, present & future & all that sort of thing!
       9. SO IT CAME MY TURN & I SAID, "MY CONSTELLATION IS THE CONSTELLATION OF DANIEL!" And all of a sudden the observers began yelling out & shouting--the fellows at the telescope, etc., who were zeroing in on the Constellation of Daniel--& they said, "It's jumping up & down! It's jumping up & down!" And everybody got all excited about it!
       10. AND THE SCIENTIST WHO SEEMED TO BE IN CHARGE TURNED TO ME & SAID, "THAT'S THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY THAT IT'S EVER BEEN KNOWN THAT ANY CONSTELLATION JUMPED UP & DOWN! They always stay steady in the skies like the stars & not one of them's ever been known to jump up & down! But the minute you said, 'My constellation is the Constellation of Daniel' & we zeroed in on it, it jumped up & down!"
       11. THEY SEEMED TO THINK THAT WAS A VERY GREAT EVENT & very important & unknown in history or science or astronomy that any constellations for any reason had ever jumped up & down! Kind of like dear old Joshua making the sun stand still! (Jos.10:12-14) Or dear King Hezekiah & the Prophet Isaiah who asked God for a sign, & God made the sun go back ten degrees on the sun dial. (2Kg.20:8-11)--Which in Joshua's case would have actually caused the Earth's rotation to stand still for a couple of hours until he finished the battle! And in the king's case, caused the Earth's rotation to actually reverse itself several degrees as a sign to him about something. I've forgotten the whole story, but you can look it up!
       12. BUT FOR THE HEAVENLY BODIES--NOT YOURS, DEAR, BUT THOSE OUT IN SPACE--TO VARY IN THEIR COURSES or to even vary in the slightest degree from their usual speed & course & pathway through the heavens is virtually unknown!--Even the pathway of comets can be charted for hundreds of years & can be forecast as coming back at a certain exact time in a certain exact position in space.
       13. ASTRONOMERS HAVE BEEN ABLE TO GO BACK THROUGH THE MEANS OF THE FAMOUS OBSERVATORIES & PLANETARIUMS like Griffith Planetarium, etc., with these computer-operated simulations of the astronomical bodies & heavenly spheres, & can show you a picture of what the sky was like a hundred or a thousand years ago!--Just by reversing the machine which pictures & projects all of these various planets & stars & constellations on its dome. They can either reverse the picture or forecast the picture of where all these things were a thousand years ago, or where they're going to be perhaps scores or hundreds of years from now--at least according to their calculations.
       14. THE HEAVENLY SPHERES THAT GOD HAS MADE OPERATE LIKE THE WHEELS OF A GREAT CLOCK WITH PERFECT PRECISION, virtually unvarying in course & speed & degree, so that these things can be calculated virtually to the split second: Sunrise & sunset, phases of the moon, moonrise & moonset & tides & eclipses of the moon & eclipses of the sun. They can tell you exactly when they're going to occur & where they're going to be visible, etc.
       15. ALL BECAUSE THESE HEAVENLY BODIES OF GOD'S MARVELLOUS CREATION NEVER VARY OR VEER FROM THEIR COURSES or their speed throughout thousands of years of Creation--with a few rare miraculous supernatural exceptions such as Joshua demanding the sun to stand still, which actually meant the rotation of the Earth. Of course that couldn't be understood in those days, so he had to use language that people could understand. And in the other case with King Hezekiah & the Prophet Isaiah, He caused the sundial to reverse ten degrees & it was a sign to the king or the prophet of something. You look it up! But this would have meant an actual reversal of the rotation of the Earth!
       16. SCIENTISTS TELL YOU THAT IF THIS SHOULD HAPPEN, IF THE EARTH SHOULD SUDDENLY STOP IN ITS ROTATION--such as it must have done in the case of Joshua when the sun stood still so he could finish the battle--that it would cause tremendous calamities & almost the destruction of the whole Earth!--If the ball of this great World of ours should suddenly stop rotating when it's going around at a speed at the Equator of about 1,000 miles an hour!
       17. IF YOU YOURSELF WERE TURNING AROUND AT THAT RATE & SUDDENLY STOPPED, SOMETHING WOULD GO TO PIECES! Or if the airplane you were flying in--& most of them only fly at about five or six hundred miles an hour--should suddenly stop in midair, a lot of things would keep on going by the physical principles of momentum & inertia!--Including you & your seat & all the baggage & probably parts of the plane! Everything would fly to pieces.
       18. IF YOUR CAR, FOR EXAMPLE, WAS DRIVING DOWN THE HIGHWAY AT 50 OR 60 MILES PER HOUR & JUST SUDDENLY STOPPED--as they sometimes do in head-on crashes or crashes into embankments, etc.--usually the passengers inside keep right on going, right out through the windows & the windshield, etc.!
       19. SO SCIENTISTS HAVE SAID THAT IF THIS SHOULD HAPPEN TO THE EARTH--if the Earth would even slow down its rotation--it would cause tremendous upheavals of the Earth's surface, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes & horrors of every description!
       20. BUT ACCORDING TO GOD'S WORD, & I BELIEVE IT, GOD MADE THE SUN TO STAND STILL!--Or at least the Earth to stand still, so that it appeared that the sun stood still in Joshua's battle, so that he could finish wreaking the vengeance of God on his enemies & win!--So it wouldn't get dark before he could finish the job!
       21. YOU CAN SAY, "WELL, MAYBE GOD JUST DID SOME KIND OF MAGIC that made it appear that the sun stood still!" Well, all right, maybe He did! "With God all things are possible, nothing's impossible, & all things are possible to him that believeth!" (Mt.19:26; Mk.9:23) Joshua had the faith & he believed & he wanted the sun to stand still, & it did! According to his own particular point of view & perception, it looked like the sun stood still.
       22. HOW GOD DID IT, WE DON'T KNOW!--Whether He stopped the rotation of the Earth, or in the case of the sundial where He actually reversed the rotation of the Earth. But science says if that did happen, it couldn't happen! Everything would fly to pieces! So if somehow God did some kind of magic that just made the shadow on the sundial go backward without actually stopping the rotation of the Earth or reversing it, well, that's up to the Lord!
       23. BUT AS FAR AS ANY VARIATION IN THE SPEED OF THESE ASTRAL BODIES OR THEIR ROTATION, IT'S VIRTUALLY UNKNOWN!--And all of them are rotating! The planets are rotating about the Sun, & the moons of the various planets are rotating about their various planets, & each one of the planets & moons are rotating, turning on their own individual axes. Each has an axis, like an axle in the wheel of a car, & they are turning around their own axis like the wheel turns around the axle, as well as rotating around their particular planets, or the planets & all their moons rotating around the Sun.
       24. MEANWHILE, THE SOLAR SYSTEM OF THE SUN & ALL ITS PLANETS IS ROTATING ITSELF AROUND THE CENTER OF OUR PARTICULAR GALAXY! And our galaxy, the astronomers tell us, is also rotating itself around the entire combination of other galaxies of stars throughout all of space! Our Sun & its planets--the Solar System as we're called--is as I recall, about two-thirds of the way out from the center of our particular galaxy, which is called the Milky Way Galaxy!
       25. AS AN OBSERVER OUTDOORS ON A CLEAR STARRY NIGHT, YOU'LL NOTICE THE MILKY WAY, WHICH LOOKS LIKE A VERY THICK PATHWAY OF STARS, an archway of stars completely across the heavens from one horizon to the other like a rainbow!--Only a beautiful scintillating white diamond rainbow composed of stars!--An archway of stars, a pathway of stars through the sky! Of course, you've got to be out in the country someplace away from these smoggy cities to see any stars at all! You've got to be where it's very clear.
       26. OURS IS THE SO-CALLED MILKY WAY GALAXY because that's what early observers called the pathway of the stars through our skies where there's a thick pathway of stars, from one horizon perhaps on your right, to completely overhead clear across the heavens clear down to the other horizon on the left!
       27. SOME OF YOU MAY HAVE SEEN IT, ALTHOUGH I NOTICE THAT THEY DON'T EMPHASIZE THOSE THINGS VERY MUCH IN SCHOOLS ANY MORE. Anything that glorifies the marvels of God's Creation is not very much marvelled at any more because it's too good proof of a Designer & Creator & Builder & Architect of the Universe! So they don't teach you the marvels & the wonders & the plan & the design--the intricate precision, as Dr. Milliken called it--or the marvellous planning & perfection of everything working just like clockwork, right on time!
       28. ANYWAY, THIS TREMENDOUS CLOCKWORKS OF THE MARVELLOUS CREATION OF THE UNIVERSE THAT GOD HAS MADE CONSISTS OF BILLIONS OF WHEELS WITHIN WHEELS rotating upon axles or axes, which is the plural for axis. One axle is an axis, & more than one are axes, as they say in our English language, & everything is rotating like the wheels of a clock!--Wheels within wheels within wheels, & wheels outside of wheels & around wheels!
       29. SO THAT WHILE OUR OWN EARTH IS REVOLVING ON ITS OWN AXIS OR AXLE, the Moon is revolving around it. Well, in the case of the Moon, that is a strange case, because it's not actually revolving. We always see the same side of the moon, just the face of the moon. It always keeps its face toward the Earth & doesn't revolve on its own axis, just around the Earth.
       30. BUT ALL THE OTHER PLANETS & SOME OF THEIR MOONS ARE REVOLVING ON THEIR OWN AXES, as I recall, if I remember my astronomy, which wasn't any too adequate! I once upon a time was hoping to be an astronomer, although I never got that far. But I did study a little bit about the Solar System, or the Sun & its planets & stars & constellations & our galaxy, known as the Milky Way Galaxy. Maybe there's a more technical name for it now.
       31. SCIENCE IS ALWAYS CHANGING NAMES OF THINGS, AS WELL AS ALWAYS CHANGING ITS OPINIONS & THEORIES & IDEAS! There's one thing you can be sure of about man's science--in other words his so-called scientific knowledge of God's Creation--his knowledge of it seems to change quite regularly & quite often, particularly his dates & theories of evolution!--Which of course is all a bunch of tommyrot! God doesn't change & His Creation doesn't change--it's man that's doing the changing!
       32. IT'S KIND OF LIKE THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN GOLD & THE DOLLAR: The value of gold is not going up & down, it's the value of the dollar that's going up & down! Gold is no more valuable today than tomorrow or yesterday, it's just the way God made it to begin with! It's beautiful, it's decorative, it's useful, it's valuable!
       33. AS FAR AS GOD'S CONCERNED, IT HAS THE SAME VALUE & HAS ALWAYS HAD THE SAME VALUE! Therefore, as far as we're concerned--if we're going to take God's opinion on it--gold is gold & it's always valuable! Its valuation does not fluctuate like the dollar! So when they tell you that gold is worth $400 one day & $500 the next day, it doesn't mean that the gold is any more valuable than it was yesterday, it just means that the dollar is less valuable than it was yesterday! It's the currency that's going up & down, not the gold!
       34. WELL, THE SAME THING IS TRUE OF MAN & HIS OPINION OF GOD'S CREATION & THE UNIVERSE! His opinion changes quite frequently, & his theories & guesswork & guesstimates & ideas & fairy tales about God's Creation, etc., vary almost from day to day & are often changed by new discoveries of the facts & the realities! But God's Creation doesn't really change, it holds pretty steady.
       35. AS THE OLD COLOURED PREACHER SAID ABOUT THE WORLD: "Folks, why does you all have to hang your faith on somethin', when God hung da World on nothin'! First of all He made it outta nothin', pretty good ol' World, ain't it? Huh? And He hung it on nothin', hangs pretty good, don't it? Huh? So why's you all worried about always having to have somethin' to hang your faith on,when God made it out of nothin' & hung it on nothin' & it's goin' jes fine!"
       36. YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE TO LOOK AROUND & FIND SOME GOOD REASON WHY GOD'S WORD IS TRUE, or look around & find something to base your faith on besides the Bible, some evidence or some proof or some concrete sample or clue that that truth is true besides the Word of God!
       37. "ALL YOU FOLKS NEEDS IS DA WORD OF GOD! God spake, & it was so! God said it, & it was so! So all you all needs to hang your faith on is the Word of God! That's all you need! Nothin' else! God said, 'Let there be light'--& there was light! God said, 'Let the dry land appear'--& there was land! And if God's Word is that powerful that it can create the World & the Sun & the Moon & the stars & the Universe & do it all out of nothin' but His Word, then why can't you all trust God's Word?" Amen? PTL!
       38. GOD'S MARVELLOUS CREATION OF THE HEAVENS & THE EARTH HAVE OPERATED VERY WELL & not varied hardly even a fraction of a degree or a second in all these years of time! They can go back & figure out when a certain eclipse should have occurred years ago & they can find the evidence of it in history that it did actually happen on that date & in that year, etc., so things have not varied that much in God's Creation.
       39. IT'S ONLY MAN & HIS OPINIONS & HIS SCIENCE & HIS SCIENTISTS THAT HAVE VARIED & DIFFERED & CHANGED ALMOST FROM DAY TO DAY! God hasn't changed, His Word hasn't changed. "Forever, O Lord, Thy Word is settled in Heaven!" (Ps.119:89) Jesus said, "Heaven & Earth shall pass away, but My Words shall never pass away!" (Mt.24:35) He says, "I am the Lord, I change not!" (Mal.3:6) God doesn't change & His Word doesn't change, & His Creation, His marvellous handiwork, doesn't change either--except with very minor surface skin-deep changes, you might say.
       40. THINGS ARE GOING ON ON THE SURFACE OF THE WORLD WHICH CHANGE ALL THE TIME, OF COURSE. The way the Sun strikes the Earth according to its rotation around the Sun once a year, that changes. We have the seasons, Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter. But the Lord Himself says that even this sequential change of seasons--Summer, Winter, seed time & harvest--shall last as long as the Earth shall endure! (Ge.8:22)
       41. ALTHOUGH WE CHANGE FROM SEASON TO SEASON, THE REGULARITY & THE SEQUENCE OF THE SEASONS NEVER CHANGES. That is, unless you go down to the Southern Hemisphere where they're just reversed. But down there they haven't been changing either, they've still been Summer, Winter, seed time & harvest & they've been that way for thousands of years, ever since God created the Earth!
       42. SO NORMALLY THESE MARVELLOUS CREATIONS OF GOD, the major astral bodies & solar systems such as the Solar System of our Sun & its planets & the Earth & their moons, etc., as well as the stars & the constellations, have not changed for thousands of years since God first created them! You can still always find the constellations in the sky in the same position where they should be at that time of year.
       43. SO MUCH SO, THAT NAVIGATORS OF THE EARLY SHIPS & SAILING VESSELS SOON LEARNED TO PLOT & CHART THEIR POSITIONS AT SEA, hundreds & even thousands of miles from land with no other landmark to go by! They have been able to figure out their position at sea anywhere on Earth just by the position of the Sun & the Moon & the stars, etc.
       44. AND THEY SOON DEVELOPED A LITTLE INSTRUMENT MANY YEARS AGO WHICH IS STILL USED IN A MORE REFINED FORM TODAY, CALLED THE ASTROLABE, which they take out & they call it "shooting the stars"! If you've ever travelled on a ship crossing the ocean & you've had the rare opportunity of being up in the wheelhouse with the navigator or the captain, pilot, etc., you'll notice that the navigator, or sometimes even the captain, will get out the astrolabe.
       45. HE'LL GO OUT ON DECK--PARTICULARLY, OF COURSE, WHEN IT'S CALM ENOUGH TO DO THIS MORE ACCURATELY--&HE'LL SHOOT AT THE STARS, or even the Sun in some cases, & get its exact position, the exact position of some star or constellation. And by shooting at this star & that star or the Sun or the horizon--I don't exactly recall now how the system works--they can do what they call "fix" their position within just a few miles of the exact spot that they're on.
       46. NOWADAYS THE NAVIGATION IS SO ACCURATE BY MEANS OF SATELLITES, etc., THAT THEY CAN FIX THEIR POSITION WITHIN A FEW YARDS! Out on the boundless limitless ocean with no landmarks in sight, nothing but changing waves all the time, they can know just where they're at because of the certainty & the fixed definite reliable position of the stars & planets of God's marvellous unchanging Universe, His marvellous Creation, the Creation that He has made to endure & to last forever!
       47. NOW SOMEONE WILL SAY, "WELL, DIDN'T GOD SAY THAT THE EARTH'S GOING TO BE DESTROYED & the heavens & the Earth shall pass away, etc.? Didn't Jesus say, 'Heaven & Earth shall pass away but My Words shall never pass away?" Well, the heavens that we know now, the atmospheric heavens & the surface of the Earth as we now know it, yes!
       48. THESE THINGS SHALL PASS AWAY IN THE GREAT FINAL EXPLOSION OF THE WRATH OF GOD AT THE END OF THE MILLENNIUM when He burns up the surface of the Earth & its atmospheric heavens, to burn up all the pollution & all the junk that man has left behind. Man's now even polluting the heavens as well as the Earth, as well as men's minds, he's polluted mankind. God's going to wipe the whole thing out like He did in the days of Noah,only this time instead of a flood of water, it's going to be a flood of fire! (2Pe.3:6,7; Re.20:9)
       49. BUT HE'S NOT GOING TO DESTROY THE BALL OF THE EARTH ITSELF, neither the great Outer Space heavens beyond the atmosphere. These will not be destroyed, there's no purpose in destroying them. You say, "Well, didn't He say that 'the Sun shall be darkened & the Moon will not give its light'? Doesn't that mean they're going to be destroyed?"--No!
       50. IT JUST MEANS THAT THERE'S GOING TO BE SO MUCH SMOKE & ASHES IN THE ATMOSPHERE on Earth from all these cataclysmic final judgements of God, that even before the Millennium, during the Tribulation & the judgements of God, the Sun's going to be darkened & the Moon's not going to give its light or be "turned to blood!" (Mt.24:29; Rev.6:12)
       51. THERE'S GOING TO BE SO MUCH VOLCANIC ASH & HORRIBLE POLLUTION IN THE AIR--probably from atomic war, etc.--that the atmosphere is going to be horribly polluted to the point that it's going to actually be dark in some places, as it was in some of the great volcanic explosions.
       52. IN THE EXPLOSION OF KRAKATOA BACK IN 1883 ON THE ISLAND OF JAVA, for three days the city of Batavia became so dark they had to carry around lanterns in the daytime! I don't know whether it's got that same name now or not, but it was the Dutch capital of Java in those days, in what later became Indonesia. The main island is Java which has the largest population, & its capital was Batavia. Three days it was dark & they couldn't even see the sun or moon at all!
       53. AND AS FAR AWAY AS LONDON & PARIS, THE SUN LOOKED ORANGE & THE MOON LOOKED BLUE! There were so many ashes in the upper atmosphere & stratosphere from that tremendous explosion which was actually heard 2,000 miles away! And the tremendous tidal wave from it swept the shores of four continents! Think of that!!
       54. AND THE SURROUNDING JUNGLE IN BOTH SOUTHERN SUMATRA & WESTERN JAVA--which were on both sides of the Sunda Straits where the volcanic island of Krakatoa was located--were buried under 100 to 200 feet of volcanic ash & cinders & fire & brimstone that had shot up & then rained down from Heaven from Krakatoa's explosion!
       55. THE JUNGLES IN SOME PLACES WERE TOTALLY BURIED CLEAR UP BEYOND THE TREE TOPS! I've forgotten how many tens of thousands of people were killed or injured, whole villages & cities completely swept away in that horrible judgement of God upon the pagan heathen idol-worshipping rebellious disobedient natives of that area in that day of God's great judgement!
       56. WELL, WHAT DO YOU THINK IS GOING TO HAPPEN DURING THE JUDGEMENTS OF GOD?--EVEN IN MAN'S OWN JUDGEMENTS ON HIMSELF--THE ATOMIC WAR? Some scientists have already warned that if they had a sizeable atomic war, all those tremendous explosions were going to upset the surface of the Earth & cause natural reactions such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc. We certainly see these in the prophecies of God's Word, the Bible. We see them given in the pictures given in Revelation, & the pollution of the air through all of these volcanic eruptions & ash thrown into the air, etc.
       57. SEVERAL THINGS SIMILAR TO THAT HAVE EVEN HAPPENED RECENTLY in places like Washington with Mt. St. Helens erupting, the air was darkened & the sun looked sort of orange or blue, etc. So how much more so with the horrible cataclysms & disasters & catastrophes that are going to occur during the Tribulation as God's judgements upon wicked man?--And during the next outpouring of God's Wrath poured out upon wicked man who is left upon the Earth after we have been Raptured & taken out & He's stopped the World for us to get off! There are going to be horrors that occur as God's punishment & judgements & executions upon the Wicked who are left behind!
       58. SO THESE THINGS DO HAPPEN, BUT THE BALL WILL STILL BE HERE, & THE HEAVENS BEYOND THE ATMOSPHERE ARE STILL GOING TO BE HERE, THANK GOD! We know that, because God's Word says in one Scripture that the Throne of God shall endure as long as the Earth & the Moon shall endure. (Ps.78:69; 89:36,37) Well, we know that God's Throne's going to endure forever, so therefore the Earth & the Moon are going to endure forever, the inner ball, the permanent Creation of God. God's only going to purify the surface by fire.
       59. AS HE ONCE WIPED OUT ALL MANKIND & THE SURFACE BY A FLOOD OF WATER, He's going to purify the surface of the Earth next time, at the end of the Millennium, by fire! (2Pe.3:6,7; Re.20:9) When it's been proven that "even though mercy be showed to the wicked" for a thousand years in a visible personal reign of Jesus Christ Himself, & us, His saints & angels, "still he will not repent!" (Is.26:10) Those who will not repent are going to be wiped out in that final awful cataclysmic catastrophical judgement of God in the burning up of the surface of the Earth & the atmospheric heavens by one final explosion!
       60. PETER SAYS THAT THE HEAVENS SHALL DEPART WITH A GREAT NOISE, & the Earth & all the works therein shall be burned up! (2Pe.3:10) This means the surface of the Earth only, according to God's Word, & therefore the Sun & the Moon shall endure as long as the Throne of God.
       61. YOU SAY, "BUT DOESN'T IT SAY THAT IN THE HOLY CITY THERE WILL BE NO NEED OF THE SUN OR MOON, FOR THE SON OF GOD IS THE LIGHT THEREOF, ETC.?" (Re.21:23) Yes, in the Holy City there's no need for the Sun & Moon because it's already lit, TTL!--Lit up night & day! "For there will be no night there." (Re.21:25 & 22:5) But outside the Holy City on the Earth's surface there will still be night & day as long as the Earth shall endure, & as long as the Sun & the Moon endure, & God's astral heavens endure. There will be still be Sun & Moon & stars & all that God originally created.
       62. GOD'S NOT GOING TO ALLOW IT ALL TO BE DESTROYED BY THE DEVIL! He is going to merely destroy the surface of the Earth & the atmospheric heavens, known, you might say, in the Bible, as the First Heavens, & there are many heavens, at least seven that we know of!
       63. THE FIRST HEAVENS ARE THE ATMOSPHERIC HEAVENS IN WHICH WE'RE NOW LIVING & BREATHING RIGHT THIS MINUTE!You're breathing the First Heaven, believe it or not! Well, I always told you you were living in Heaven on Earth if you know Jesus & know the Lord & live in our Heavenly Homes! Well, here you are living in the First Heaven right now! Praise God!
       64. WE DON'T KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THE SECOND HEAVEN IS, BUT PAUL WAS EVEN CAUGHT UP TO THE THIRD HEAVEN! (2Co.12:2) If the Second Heaven is not Outer Space,which I doubt, I think that it's probably the next stage in our spiritual development & is in the Spirit World in which the angels & departed spirits & even the Devil & demons operate. In the language of God, it probably is known as the Second Heavens, beyond our atmospheric heavens, & even in conjunction with our atmospheric heavens.
       65. IN FACT, THE SECOND HEAVENS IS A SPIRIT WORLD WHICH FILLS BOTH THE ATMOSPHERIC HEAVENS & THE GEOLOGICAL CONSTITUENCY OF THE EARTH & THE BALL ITSELF! There are demons who dwell beneath your feet, Beloved, in the soil & the rocks & the various strata of the Earth & are imprisoned & confined there because of their rebelliousness & revolution against God!
       66. VARIOUS DEPARTED SPIRITS ARE SOMETIMES CONFINED IN CERTAIN PLACES LIKE HAUNTED HOUSES, haunted churches, tombs & whatnot because of their past sins, & they have to stay there & suffer & be punished & see the result & consequences of their damnable dirty deeds done throughout their human life! They have to suffer the consequences after death, even in this World or in the next World, or in Hell. Even some of you who are saved will nevertheless be ashamed because you didn't serve the Lord as you should, & will suffer shame & everlasting contempt even in Heaven, sad to say! (Da.12:2)
       67. BUT YOU SEE, THERE ARE ALL KINDS OF WORLDS & THERE ARE ALL KINDS OF HEAVENS, & GOD'S NOT GOING TO DESTROY THE PERMANENT ONES. But the surface of this Earth & its atmosphere are not permanent, & at the end of the Millennium they are going to be completely destroyed! Well, man's busy destroying them right now, of course. He's very busy, with the Devil's help, destroying the surface of the Earth & the atmosphere as well as himself--all God's beautiful creations!
       68. --WHICH IS WHY GOD HAS TO COMPLETELY WIPE'M OUT BY FIRE & BURN'M UP COMPLETELY TO DESTROY ALL MAN'S EVIL & POLLUTION & the junk on Earth & the junk in the sky & clean it all up & clean it out completely & get rid of it so that He can create an entirely new surface for the Earth & a beautiful new atmospheric heavens!--The New Heavens & the New Earth as described in the end of the Book of Revelation, Chapters 20, 21 & 22!
       69. I DIDN'T EXPECT TO GET INTO A LESSON ON ASTRONOMY, ASTROLOGY & BIBLE PROPHECY, but I'm kind of giving you the background & trying to prove to you that God's marvellous Creation of the Earth, Sun, Moon & stars is forever & shall endure like the Throne of God!--In fact, in a sense, they are the Throne of God. In a sense, they're part of God. God is in it all & everywhere, & in a way the Brahmins have a point there, that God is in everything & everything is in God & everything is a part of God & God is part of everything!
       70. GOD IS A SPIRIT WHO IS EVERYWHERE, OMNIPRESENT, ALL-POWERFUL, OMNIPOTENT, ALL-KNOWING, OMNISCIENT! You can't confine God to any particular place or building, certainly not the churches or the temples, & certainly not just the Earth nor the Solar System nor the Milky Way Galaxy nor the entire Universe! He says He's bigger than all that put together. We can't even comprehend or conceive of how great God is! He is all & in all & everything! (Is.66:1; Je.23:24; Col.1:16,17)
       71. AS A RESULT, SOME OF THE STUPID IDIOTS OF SOME OF THOSE FALSE RELIGIONS HAVE FALLEN DOWN & WORSHIPPED HIS CREATIONS, thinking they're worshipping God in His Creation, & who, as the Apostle says, "worshipped the Creation instead of the Creator." (Rom.1:25) They worshipped His Creation more than they worshipped Him, & that's what He doesn't like. He doesn't mind you admiring & marvelling & wondering at the beauties & glories & marvels & miracles of His beautiful handiwork, His gorgeous Creation!--Especially when I look across at you, Honey, & see the beauty of God's masterpiece--a beautiful woman!
       72. HE DOESN'T MIND YOU GLORIFYING GOD IN HIS CREATION, & BECAUSE OF HIS CREATION, but He doesn't want you just glorifying the Creation & falling down on your hands & knees worshipping the Creation, as some people do--the rocks & the trees--& the idols & the images which are not God's creation but man's! But they even fall down & worship God's creations--His rocks & trees, Sun, Moon, stars & even beautiful women! Well, you're not to worship these things more than the Creator.
       73. YOU ARE TO WORSHIP GOD FIRST, & HE'LL HAVE NO OTHER GODS BEFORE HIM! (Ex.20:3) So watch out you don't worship things instead of the Lord! Even though they may be good things & beautiful things & God-made things, God-created, you are not to worship them! But you are to worship their Creator, God Himself, & Jesus Christ His Son, & His precious Holy Spirit Who ministers to us like a Mother.
       74. AND ALL OF THAT TO SAY THIS: GOD'S PERMANENT CREATION OF THE EARTH, SUN, MOON & STARS IS FOREVER!You say, "But didn't it say that some of the stars were going to fall from Heaven?" Well, when He talks about stars falling from Heaven, usually He is talking about angels & the downfall of Satan & his demons--Hell's angels!
       75. AS YOU RECALL IN SEVERAL PLACES IN THE BIBLE, A STAR FELL & IT HAD A NAME, & it turned out to be an archdemon or an archdevil, an archangel of Satan who came down to Earth to cause a lot of trouble to man & God's Creation. But it was allowed to fall to Earth as part of the judgements of God upon Satan & his followers, as well as upon his followers on Earth, man. So these stars falling from Heaven that God speaks of in His Word are usually fallen angels, or falling angels. (Luke 10:18; Rev.8:10,11; 9:1)
       76. HOWEVER, THERE ARE ALSO OTHER SO-CALLED STARS, which to the normal man of ancient times looked like stars, such as comets, meteors or meteoric showers--which we now know are not actual stars, but big hunks of rocks & metal that fall out of the skies & suddenly flare up into a tremendous bright flash of flame & look like a star falling as they ignite from the friction of the atmosphere & burn up before they ever reach the Earth!
       77. THANK GOD FOR THE ATMOSPHERE!--It protects us from all these falling objects out of the sky, no doubt missiles of Satan with which he's trying to destroy man & his Earth, God's Creation, but nearly all of them burn up before they ever reach the surface. On very rare occasions God allows them to reach the surface--probably as a judgement upon man himself--allowed by God but perpetrated by the Devil, His Executioner, His Prosecuting Attorney, His Officer of the Law who loves to execute God's judgements upon the sinner! (Job 1:6-12; He.2:14; Rev.12:10)
       78. BUT THESE ARE NOT ACTUAL STARS IN THE SENSE OF THE PERMANENT ASTRAL BODIES OF THE UNIVERSE & THE OUTER HEAVENS & OUTER SPACE, they just look like stars. And in the Bible, of course, they have to be described as stars, because otherwise man wouldn't have known what God was talking about! If He said that certain of the meteors & hunks of rock & metal that the Devil is throwing at the Earth were going to look like stars when they hit the Earth's atmosphere & they explode from friction, man wouldn't have understood all this scientific language & what was actually happening.
       79. SO GOD HAD TO PUT IT IN THE SIMPLE CHILDLIKE POETIC LANGUAGE OF THE BIBLE & SPEAK OF IT AS IT LOOKED TO MAN. They look like stars when they fall! A comet looks like a flaming star! Falling meteors look like falling stars! He had to say it in terms & language men understand, that "the stars shall fall from Heaven!"--Undoubtedly meaning both the Devil's angels & showers of meteors & missiles as the Devil is cast down to Earth in the middle of the reign of the Antichrist at the time of the setting up of the Image in the middle of the Seven Years of his reign. (Re.12:9)
       80. THIS IS FOLLOWED BY THE GREAT TRIBULATION when the Devil possesses the very body of the Antichrist himself & becomes Satan in person! That is when he is cast out & cast down to the Earth, according to Revelation 12, & when he really sets out to try to slaughter the Church & the True Bride of Christ, & God has to hide her in the wilderness. That's when Satan is cast down.
       81. CONTRARY TO MANY CHURCH THEORIES, HE HASN'T ALREADY BEEN CAST DOWN. According to the Word of God Itself, Satan is cast out of Heaven in the middle of the Antichrist's reign of seven years, at the end of the first three-&-a-half, to inspire him & possess him. He is not just demon-possessed, but Devil-possessed by Satan himself to run the horrible Tribulation in which he finally tries to destroy the Creation of God, man himself & his Earth.
       82. HE WOULD PERHAPS SUCCEED IF GOD DIDN'T INTERVENE AT THE END OF THE TRIBULATION TO RESCUE US OUT OF IT BY THE RAPTURE, & then pour out His Own judgements upon the Earth during the great Wrath of God, destroying the wicked System & wicked man & all those left behind.Then the Devil himself is cast into the Pit for a thousand years of our Millennium on Earth, later to be released, but finally to be cast into the Lake of Fire himself after the Millennium, during the flood of fire at the final great Wrath of God when He completely destroys the surface of the Earth, the atmospheric heavens, & the forces of Satan & all wicked men are consumed & wiped out & consigned to their various judgements & punishments, including Satan & his followers! (See Re.15-20!)
       83. BUT WHAT I'M TRYING TO BRING OUT IS THAT THE CREATIONS OF GOD HAVE ENDURED FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS, about 6,000 years now since the Beginning--since the Creation of man at least. I believe in the six days of Creation, that man was created on the sixth day & that God made it all in one week just exactly the way He says! (See Genesis 1.)
       84. AND THAT THEREFORE ACCORDING TO THE GENEALOGY OF ADAM & THOSE WHO FOLLOWED HIM--described in details giving the exact number of years they lived, when their sons were born, how long they lived, when they were born, lived & died--you can figure out the exact age of the Earth since the first day of Creation to be somewhere around 6,000 years!
       85. AND IT LOOKS LIKE THE THOUSAND-YEAR MILLENNIUM OF HEAVEN ON EARTH under the reign of Jesus Christ is going to be the final Seventh Thousand of years of man on Earth, the Millennium, with even some wicked left on Earth under our reign & rule with a rod of iron during the Millennial reign of Jesus Christ in Person, the Kingdom of God on Earth!
       86. THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH & HEAVENS WILL THEN FINALLY BE DESTROYED AT THE END OF THE MILLENNIUM--the end of seven thousand years of World history & man's history--so that God can purify the surface & the atmosphere to establish a New Heavens & a New Earth!--To recreate it as it once was, if not even better, like the Garden of Eden for sure, & not even any more sea!
       87. AND THE HEAVENLY CITY, SPACE CITY FROM GOD, WILL COME DOWN TO EARTH FOR OUR PLACE TO DWELL IN: 1500 miles long, 1500 miles wide & 1500 miles high! The greatest city ever built, far beyond the wildest dreams of man!--Although the Egyptians were trying to imitate it with their pyramids, no doubt from visions given them either by God or the Devil!
       88. THEY HAD GLIMPSES OF THINGS TO COME & they tried to build the biggest building they could build! And believe it or not, in spite of modern man's towering skyscrapers, man has yet to build a larger building in size & volume & permanence greater than the pyramids! So that was quite a replica of what they saw of Space City in revelation, dream, vision or whatever it was, & they're still here with us today as reminders.
       89. SO EVERY TIME YOU SEE ONE OF THOSE PYRAMIDS,THINK ABOUT THE GREAT CITY OF GOD THAT'S COMING & ON ITS WAY HERE ALREADY--SPACE CITY!--New Heavens which are going to come down after the World & the Earth is made a New Earth! The World is too sick & polluted & dirty & messy & corrupt & filthy & junky & violent for God's marvellous Space City of Heaven to come down to it in the mess it's in right now. God's got to clean it up & burn it up by fire first to purify it, & then re-create the surface into a veritable Garden of Eden once again with no more sea!
       90. IF MEN OF ALL AGES & BOUNDLESS GENERATIONS ARE GOING TO BE REVIVED & RESURRECTED--whether some are in Hell in the Lake of Fire or others on the surface of the Earth, & the Saved in the City of the Blessed--where's He going to put'm all? Well, there will be no more sea, & that's 4/5 of the Earth's surface right now! So we'll have five times as much land surface then as we do now! (Rev.21:1)
       91. THERE'S GOING TO BE PLENTY OF ROOM FOR EVERYBODY, like the old song a dear old missionary from China used to sing on our platform. He was about six-foot-six with an armspread about equal to that, & he used to sit there in that old Southern cowboy twang, twangin' away on his guitar singin':
       "Fifty miles of elbowroom!
       Fifty miles of elbowroom!
       That's what I'm going to have when I get to Heaven!
       Fifty miles of elbowroom!"

Well, he might have been right!
       92. EVEN IN SPACE CITY, A CITY 1500 MILES LONG & WIDE & HIGH, YOU COULD ALMOST HAVE THAT MUCH ELBOWROOM THERE considering how few people have gotten saved & how few millions there will be living there. That's a pretty big place! But they will also have access to the outside Heavenly surface, the Garden of Eden surface of the Earth!
       93. I'VE SEEN IT WITH MY OWN EYES! I WAS THERE! (Nos.75A & 80) I looked out through the transparent Golden City walls & there it was!--Rolling hills of green & beautiful trees!--A veritable Garden of Eden with lakes, rivers--& no mountains! (Is.40:4)
       94. THE STEEP MOUNTAINS & THINGS LIKE THAT ARE POSSIBLY A RESULT OF THE UPHEAVALS CAUSED BY THE FALL OF MAN & THE TIRADES & RAGE OF SATAN in these horrible upheavals of the strata of the Earth's surface, possibly by the judgements of God upon fallen man, including the Flood. But in the New Earth, the only Mountain around will be what is known as "the Mountain of the Lord's House" (Is.2:2), which is symbolic language for the Kingdom of God & the Capital of Jesus!
       95. "THE WORD OF THE LORD SHALL GO FORTH FROM JERUSALEM & ALL NATIONS SHALL FLOW INTO IT" DOESN'T MEAN THEY'RE ALL GOING TO BE ABLE TO GET IN (Mic.4:1,2), but some Saved from all nations will be flowing in & out of those 12 pearly gates & going in to enjoy the bliss of the Blessed City, Heavenly City of the New Heavens, & going out to minister to the sick & the sinful that are still on the outside, to heal them--the healing of the nations by the leaves of the Tree of Life (Re.22:2)--in order to teach them what they need to know & to to bring them into reconciliation with God in the eventual Universal Reconciliation of all mankind to the Lord!--Perhaps even of the Devil & his angels!--All God's Creation finally purified & reconciled & brought into a proper relationship with the Lord.
       96. THEY WON'T ALL BE SAVED, THEY WON'T ALL HAVE ACCESS TO THE HOLY CITY--only the Just, the Blessed,the Saved who now during this time of probation on Earth in this life are given an opportunity to believe, though having not seen, & to trust God's Word, having not seen or heard as much as I have. We prophets have the opportunity to both see & hear! I've seen that City & I've seen the restored Earth, the New Earth, & it's gorgeous, it's beautiful, it's almost beyond description!
       97. I'VE TRIED TO DESCRIBE IT TO YOU, but even those beautiful colour calendars that our precious artists made that I'm looking at right now, couldn't possibly give you a complete conception of how marvellous & beautiful & glorious & gorgeous is that marvellous final Creation of God, the New Earth!--As well as the beautiful golden New Heavens which will surround it! Thank God!
       98. BUT, YOU SEE, THOSE CREATIONS ARE PERMANENT, the ball is permanent, the outside heavens beyond the atmosphere are permanent, space is permanent, in a sense. The Earth, the Sun, the Moon, the stars, the original creations of God, are permanent! God doesn't intend by any stretch of your imagination to allow the Enemy to destroy them or to destroy His Own Creation!
       99. BUT HE IS GOING TO HAVE TO DESTROY THE POLLUTED, CORRUPTED, JUNK-INFESTED, DISEASE-RIDDEN, JUNK-FILLED SURFACE OF THE EARTH & THE SKIES, the atmospheric heavens, because of man's filth & pollution & corruption & violence! He's going to have to destroy that, including wicked man, but He's going to restore it & make it a New Heaven & a New Earth, & even a new Man by eventually purifying all mankind & reconciling them all to Himself!
       100. AND ALTHOUGH THOSE WHO WERE ONCE UNSAVED WILL NOT BE PERMITTED INTO THE CITY OF THE SAVED, they will be permitted to occupy the Heavenly surface of the Earth. There will still be nations, believe it or not--perhaps even speaking all one language again as they did before the days of the Tower of Babel--& the kings of the nations of the Earth will bring gifts to the gates of the City & bring their wealth & gifts into it,although they themselves may not be allowed to enter in. (Re.21:24-26)
       101. ALTHOUGH MAYBE THE KINGS WILL BE ALLOWED TO AT LEAST ENTER IN & APPROACH & GIVE OBEISANCE TO GOD & HIS KING JESUS, but then they'll have to go out. They can't stay because they are still, you might say, unregenerate man, or being regenerated, & they were not saved. They did not believe when they had a physical mortal Earthly life.
       102. THEY DID NOT BELIEVE THE WORD OF GOD, they did not believe the Gospel, they did not receive Jesus Christ, God's Son, & take Him as their Saviour by faith during their time of probation in mortal life on Earth, therefore they will never be amongst the Saved, the Blessed, who inhabit that City of Bliss forever!
       103. BUT THEY'RE GOING TO BE A LOT BETTER OFF THAN THEY WERE, as God purifies & purges them in Purgatory & elsewhere to make them purified & purge them of their sins & of their wickedness & of their evil minds & hearts & brings them into faith in God & obedience to His will & His laws. At least they will be permitted to inhabit the exterior surface of the Earth outside of the Holy City--a Heaven on Earth Garden of Eden!
       104. WELL, ALL THAT TO SAY THIS AGAIN--& maybe that's why God gives me these little dreams that don't seem to amount to very much themselves & I don't seem to get the meaning of it at the time--to tell you that God's Creation is here to stay! And all of His marvellous wonders of His astronomical Creation are here forever!--Because they're going to endure as long as His Throne, which is forever, such as the Earth, the Sun, the Moon & the stars, & they will still be of use to God in some way.
       105. PERHAPS WE'RE GOING TO TAKE TRIPS TO THE STARS THEN FOR SURE! Only you won't have to have a spaceship, you won't have to have wings, you won't have to have life-support systems, you will be a supernatural body yourself! You'll be a heavenly body yourself, in a way, even more heavenly than you are now, girls, God bless you! And as beautiful as you are, you're going to be even more beautiful, & so heavenly that you can fly through the heavens with not just the mere speed of light or the slow crawling speed of sound, but with the speed of thought!
       106. YOU CAN JUST THINK YOURSELF THERE, & YOU'RE THERE!--Kind of like those transporters in "Star Trek" &some of those things that man has imagined. Because of his spiritual sensitivity he knows that there is going to be such a thing & there has been such a thing! There have been such cases in the past, such as Jesus suddenly disappearing from the crowd & the grave, & Philip being transported supernaturally from one place to the other. There have been occasions of Heavenly transportation before, transporter systems, according to God's science. (Jn.8:59; Lk.4:30, 24:3; Acts 8:39,40; Heb.11:5)
       107. ONLY YOU'LL BE ABLE TO BE TRANSPORTED AT THE SPEED OF THOUGHT & AS THE ANGELS OF GOD ARE NOW! And we won't have to wrestle any more with the demons of Hell & the kings of this Earth & the archdevils of the various countries as Daniel's angel did trying to get a message through to Daniel. The whole Creation will be cleared out of all those enemies! (Da.10:13)
       108. THERE WILL NO LONGER BE ANY ENEMIES OF GOD UNLESS THEY'RE IN HELL or the Lake of Fire or Purgatory or in penitential states on the surface of the Earth somewhere until all is purified & made pure & holy & reconciled to God & obedient & yielded to the will of God with faith in God, & all is made perfect once again, as God originally intended it to be.
       109. BUT HE ALLOWED THE DEVIL TO COME IN & ALLOWED MAN TO FALL to show you the consequence of disobedience to God, & the consequence of the violation of His will, & the horrors of man & his sinful wickedness & evil perversions & violence & corruption & destruction of himself & the Creation of God, the surface of the Earth--what Man & Earth are like without God!
       110. GOD'S GOING TO WIPE IT ALL AWAY SOMEDAY, THANK THE LORD, but the ball is going to still be here & He's going to re-create the surface into the New Earth, & the atmospheric heavens into the New Heavens, & there's going to be a new Heavenly City from God come down to Earth so that God will dwell with man! Think of that! (Re.21:3)
       111. WE'RE NOT GOING UP TO HEAVEN TO BE WITH GOD!--GOD'S COMING DOWN TO EARTH TO BE WITH MAN! He's going to condescend, as He once did in the form of Jesus, to live with man amongst men whom He loves in His Holy City. And of course He will be visible in the manifestation of Jesus Christ His Son upon His Throne in the Heavenly City! Praise God! Hallelujah! That's why there will be no temple there at that time, when Jesus occupies His Throne & rules over all, both the Heavenly City & the beautiful World outside. (Re.21:3,22)
       112. BUT ALL OF THAT IS TO BE PERMANENT, FOREVER!--Including the stars, including the constellations--for whatever purpose God created them, & they seem to influence our lives. He talks about them particularly in Job, & they seemed to know more about astronomy & astrology then than man even knows today!
       113. IT TALKS ABOUT "THE SWEET INFLUENCES OF PLEIDES," one of the constellations, & "canst thou guide Arcturus & his sons"--which seems to be a wandering constellation, but travels throughout the heavens on a distinct orbit or path which scientists can calculate but can't guide, & still misses all the others! How about that! (Job 9:9; 38:31,32; Amos.5:8) How does that happen? How come all these constellations, stars, planets, etc., don't keep bumping into each other?
       114. WELL, THEY'RE THE MARVELLOUS WHEELS OF GOD'S GREAT CLOCKWORK, & God made it so they work perfectly & stay put where they belong & only orbit where they're supposed to be, in the paths they're supposed to follow, & at the speed they're supposed to go so that they don't bump into each other & don't collide--except for some of the Devil's meteoric showers & some of God's signs, the comets. Well, one hasn't hit the Earth yet as far as we know, although they might yet if He wants to judge that way!
       115. BUT ANYWAY, THE CREATIONS OF GOD ARE FOR GOOD & FOREVER! He's not going to destroy them. And those constellations are out there as signs & influences upon the Creation of God. I was convinced as I saw the Holy City, the Heavenly City, its interior & those great revolving crystals that seemed like control centers, etc., that all of these things are created for a purpose, for the governing of God's Creation & the control of God's Creation!
       116. WHEN YOU SEE THERE AT HOUSTON SPACE CENTER THAT HUGE HALL FILLED WITH HUNDREDS OF MEN & COMPUTERS & TV screens & everything else, very busily controlling one little tiny sputnik, one little tiny guided missile or one little tiny rocket, one little tiny satellite or spaceship or Moon trip, if it takes that much of a control center to guide one little tiny infinitesimal grain of dust of man's creation, think what kind of controls & systems God must be using to control the Earth & its whole Creation & every man on it & every woman, every boy, every girl as well as every spirit!--Every angel & every devil!--All controlled & operating within certain limitations given them by God & controlled by His Spirit & His marvellous spiritual controls which guide & influence the heavens & the Earth & the Sun & the Moon & the stars, the planets, the Solar System, the Milky Way Galaxy & the entire Universe!
       117. JUST THINK HOW GOD MUST USE ALL OF THESE PHYSICAL MANIFESTATIONS, His Creation, as a part of His Guidance System, as parts of His Control Units to control man & only let him go so far; to control the Creation & the balance of nature on the surface of the Earth & only to let it get so far & do certain things;controlling every atom, every molecule, every substance, every element, every plant, every animal, every man, woman & child, believe it or not!
       118. ONLY MAN HAS A WILL OF HIS OWN TO DEFY GOD IF HE WANTS TO & CAN GET OUT OF CONTROL if he insists, but only within certain limits. He's still controlled & God's not going to let him go any further than certain limitations to his free will & his free choice. And pretty soon He's going to put a stop to that & He's going to stop the World & we're going to get off while He reaps His harvest of judgements on the Wicked left behind!
       119. AND EVENTUALLY HE'S GOING TO STOP IT ALL--all the evil & all the wickedness & all the rebellion & all the disobedience & all the people out of His will, & get everything & everybody back into a smooth coordinated perfectly synchronised organisation & controlled mechanism of God, so that everything will be working smoothly once again.
       120. ONLY THERE WILL BE PEOPLE WHO ARE SAVED & IN A SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD CALLED SALVATION, who chose His control & who chose His will, who chose to obey Him, & they will be Heaven's first-class citizens! And those outside who had rebelled against Him--although reconciled & now obeying & now fulfilling His will & honouring Him & worshipping Him & now following Him & doing His will outside--will be second-class citizens, you might say.
       121. IN FACT, THERE MAY BE MORE CLASSES THAN THAT if some people inside the City are even going to be in everlasting shame & contempt because of their minor disobediences--even major ones--even though saved. You might say they're the second-class citizens of Heaven.
       122. THERE WILL BE ALL KINDS OF DEGREES & RANKS OF REWARD IN HEAVEN ITSELF, as well as outside, even degrees of punishment & degrees of fate & ultimate status, etc., as many classes in Heaven & the New Earth as there are now, & maybe more, depending on how you lived & how you talked & how you walked & how you were judged according to the deeds done in the flesh, & judged by every idle word! (Rom.2:6; Mt.12:36)
       123. SO WATCH OUT, BELOVED, DO YOUR BEST & FOLLOW GOD, obey Him, love Him, choose to serve Him today so you can enjoy the marvellous World-to-come, Heaven on Earth!
       124. YOU SAY, "WELL, WHATEVER HAPPENED TO YOUR DREAM ABOUT THE CONSTELLATION OF DANIEL? What do you mean Constellation of Daniel? There isn't any such constellation! You say that to my consternation! Such Daniel Constellation is such consternation, we never heard of such a thing! There's no such constellation!"
       125. HOW DO YOU KNOW THERE'S NO SUCH CONSTELLATION? How do you know God didn't name one of those constellations after the great Prophet Daniel? Huh? All the names that the Greeks gave them don't mean a thing to God, they named'm after their Greek gods, of all things! Think of that!--Greek devils & Greek demons & Roman gods & devils & demons!
       126. DO YOU THINK GOD HAS THOSE KINDS OF NAMES FOR HIS MARVELLOUS FORMATIONS OF STARS & GALAXIES & WORLDS UNKNOWN OUT YONDER IN SPACE? Do you think God has accepted man's corrupt evil minds' concoctions for the names of those constellations?--Of course not! God has His Own names for all those constellations!
       127. IN FACT, HE'S EVEN GOT HIS OWN SECRET NAME FOR YOU! Did you know that, Beloved? It's neither your legal name nor your Bible name, but a special secret name written on a little white stone tablet that you're going to get one of these days when you get there in the Kingdom of God! It's known only to God, & then will be known to you & perhaps to others, the name by which you're going to be called in the Heavenly Kingdom of God! (Re.2:17)
       128. WE MAY REMEMBER OUR OLD NAME OR NAMES, & SOME OF YOU HAD A LOT OF'M! I can't even keep track of some of them, you keep changing so often for security & other reasons!--Maybe just because you didn't like it or it wasn't a good name & you were forced by the Chain to accept some other kind of name, even bad names. Then when you got out of that bondage you changed your name to some good character after you started reading the Bible & finding out how bad the guy was that you were named after! Just running down your alphabetical list of Bible names you just picked out a name that sounded good to you, even if it was the worst character in the Bible!
       129. SO YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE A SPECIAL NAME, a name known only to God right now, & maybe the angels, but if you'll read the book it says it's written in a little white stone & it's going to be given to you when the time comes. That's the name you'll go by in the Heavenly Kingdom of God, in the Heavenly spheres. In Heavenly places, you'll have a Heavenly name!--If you're saved, praise God!
       130. MAYBE EVEN THE BAD PEOPLE & THE WICKED ARE GOING TO HAVE NAMES TOO, bad names, like the animals that they resemble, or even the insects they resemble, the vipers they resemble, etc. Even Jesus called Herod an old fox (Lk.13:32), & maybe that's what he'll be in the life hereafter, who knows? Read my Letter on metamorphosis! (See Nos.338 & 573.)
       131. WELL ANYWAY, WHAT ABOUT THE CONSTELLATION OF DANIEL? Well, I don't know which constellation it is, but God must have a constellation called Daniel! And for some reason or other, when I entered this great observatory, I told the scientist in charge that my constellation was Daniel!--Like you know your particular planet if you know your astrological reading.
       132. MY AQUARIAN PLANET IS SUPPOSED TO BE URANUS. In fact, I sometimes tell people I'm from Uranus! They want to know where I'm from & I get tired of people being so nosy, even if they're just mildly curious, so I say, "Well, I'm from Outer Space!" And if that doesn't satisfy them & they say, "No, no, no, what place are you from?" I say, "Oh, I'm from Uranus!"
       133. WELL, IN THE FIELD OF ASTROLOGY & HEAVENLY INFLUENCE, ASTROLOGICAL INFLUENCES, URANUS IS SUPPOSED TO BE MY GUIDING PLANET, so in a sense I can say, "I'm from Uranus!" Uranus is the planet which God has ordained & created to guide my particular astrological sign, birth & life, so why can't I say I'm from Uranus? Huh? Lately I've been saying I'm from the Kingdom of God! That's a pretty good country, & that really is our country! And that kind of stumps'm too!
       134. BUT ANYWAY, PTL! THE CONSTELLATION OF DANIEL? WHO KNOWS? I DON'T KNOW WHICH CONSTELLATION IT IS! But all of a sudden these scientists got all excited when I mentioned that that was my constellation, & as they were looking through their telescopes it jumped up & down in the heavens!
       135. THIS HAS BEEN ABSOLUTELY UNKNOWN TO ASTRONOMERS, TO HAVE CONSTELLATIONS JUMP UP & DOWN unless you jiggle the telescope, which is easy to do! In fact, even looking at the Moon through a pair of binoculars, unless you've got a tripod or stand for them, it can seem to be jumping up & down!--Especially the stars!
       136. YOU'VE GOT TO HAVE SOME SOLID SURFACE TO REST YOUR TELESCOPE OR YOUR BINOCULARS ON, OR THE WHOLE HEAVENS JUMP UP & DOWN ALL THE TIME!--When it's not really the heavens that are jumping up & down, but your hands! Your body is wiggling & you can't hold it still! Because at that distance, with such great magnification your telescope or binoculars can be easily jiggled, & even the slightest little fraction will make the whole heavens look like they're jumping up & down!
       137. WELL, ACCORDING TO THEIR TELESCOPES, THE CONSTELLATION OF DANIEL ACTUALLY DID JUMP UP & DOWN WHEN I SAID IT WAS MY CONSTELLATION--TO THEIR CONSTERNATION!You say, "Well, why in the World did that happen?" Well, I had the funny feeling like the Constellation of Daniel was jumping up & down for joy! It was jumping for joy! When I walked on the scene in that observatory & announced that Daniel was my constellation, that constellation jumped up & down for joy!
       138. THE CREATION OF GOD LEAPED WITHIN THE WOMB OF SPACE as John the Baptist leaped within the womb of Elisabeth when the babe heard the voice of the mother of Jesus, "the mother of my Lord"! You read about it in the Bible & see if it wasn't so! (Lk.1:41) It seemed that the Constellation of Daniel actually jumped up & down in the womb of Space when it heard my voice!
       139. IT WAS REJOICING THAT THE SUCCESSOR TO DANIEL WAS HERE & that even the stars were jumping for joy, particularly my Constellation of Daniel! From now on I'll know what constellation I belong to, the Constellation of Daniel, & I'm not guided by any other constellation but the Constellation of Daniel!
       140. THAT'S THE WAY THE LORD DID IT! He apparently put me under the influence of the same constellation that Daniel was under, which gave him the wisdom to have dreams & visions & interpretations & the words of a Prophet of God! Why shouldn't God have put the various prophets & men of God under various constellations of stars?
       141. AND HOW DO YOU KNOW THOSE STARS OUT THERE ARE JUST SUNS LIKE OUR SUN OVER HERE? Who knows but what they are angels of God just like He says in the Bible! He likens angels to stars, & stars to angels, & some of the time you can't even tell which He's talking about, the angels or the stars or God! Maybe the constellations are each a group of angels controlling a different aspect of God's Universe & Creation & Earth & man! Who knows?--God knows!
       142. SO IF MY CONSTELLATION OF DANIEL IS COMPOSED OF THE ANGELS WHO GUIDE MY LIFE & thoughts & every deed &word & action & try to keep me on the right track, who knows but what it's a committee of angels up there who are guiding me! I don't yet quite understand what the observatory signified, except in a sense it represented the Earth & Earth men & scientists & astronomers who were shocked at what happened!--Amazed, dumbfounded, in consternation at my constellation!
       143. BUT I RECEIVED CONSOLATION FROM IT in realising that even the stars of the heavens, the angels of God were jumping for joy when they heard my voice, & I in a sense acknowledged God & His power & His influence & His will & my faith in it by speaking out & acknowledging that my constellation was the Constellation of Daniel!
       144. KIND OF LIKE THE WAY ZECHARIAH DID WHEN HE FINALLY SHOWED FAITH IN THE WORD OF GOD & HE NAMED HIS SON JOHN THE BAPTIST! When he said "John" his speech came back to him & God was satisfied that he had faith. (Lk.1:63,64) It seemed like the moment I said, "Constellation of Daniel," when I announced that in the Observatory, the Constellation of Daniel jumped up & down! And if they were angels, they were the angels of God jumping for joy & leaping up & down with happiness, rejoicing!
       145. GOD'S WORD SAYS THE ANGELS OF HEAVEN WILL REJOICE OVER EVERY SOUL THAT'S SAVED (Lk.15:10), so they certainly must rejoice over not only every soul that's saved, but also their obedience to God & their service for the Lord! They must really get happy over some of us who have really done our job well & try to do our best for Jesus & save many souls & preach much Gospel in many nations throughout the Earth & have obeyed the commandment of God to "go into all the World & preach the Gospel to every creature!" (Mk.16:15)
       146. SO WHY SHOULDN'T MY CONSTELLATION OF ANGELS OR STARS, WHATEVER THEY MAY BE, JUMP FOR JOY WHEN THEY HEARD THE SOUND OF MY VOICE? "Here is the modern Daniel that, I prophesied through your Mother, would have the wisdom of Daniel & know the numbers of the years, like the prophets of old, & speak the Words of God & receive the revelations, dreams, visions & prophecies of God, interpretations!"
       147. WHY SHOULDN'T MY CONSTELLATION JUMP UP & DOWN WITH JOY at the sound of my voice & the manifestation of my faith in recognising the power of God & His Creation & my constellation--to man's consternation but to my consolation! Praise God! Hallelujah? TYJ! So that's what I got out of it!
       148. ALL I KNOW IS I HAD A WONDERFUL FEELING OF PEACE & REST & THRILLING INSPIRATION, & I immediately woke up happy, right after the scientists said, "This has never happened before in all history that any constellation should jump up & down in the sky!--Which your constellation did right after you said that, it jumped up & down!"
       149. AND I KIND OF SMILED & FELT A REAL THRILL, SORT OF A NICE WARM SPIRIT, A REAL SPIRIT OF ASSURANCE! You know how you feel sometimes when you feel the presence of the Holy Spirit just almost go through you? Like,"Aha! Hallelujah! TYJ! Even my constellation jumps up & down for joy when it is pleased with my obedience to God's Word & the voice & presence of the Prophet of God! They are rejoicing over the Creation of God in His Prophet who is to be like Daniel of old!"
       150. SO THAT'S WHAT I GOT OUT OF IT, MAYBE YOU GET SOMETHING MORE! Maybe you don't get that at all! Maybe you think I'm crazy! Maybe you think I'm egotistical, conceited & exalting myself to claim to be the Daniel of today. Well, God called me the Moses of today, the Daniel of today, the David of today, how much more could you ask?--That I could even count the number of the years like Jeremiah!
       151. SO IF HE'S CALLED ME ALL OF THOSE & APPARENTLY SENT ME THEM TO HELP ME, their spirits to aid & guide me & inspire me & thrill me & fill me with His messages, dreams, visions, interpretations, prophecies & His Word & His pictures, why shouldn't my constellation jump up & down?--Or Daniel's constellation jump up & down? After all, it's named after Daniel, not me!
       152. BUT I'M HIS SUCCESSOR, in a way, & like him, according to God's Word, so why shouldn't our constellation jump up & down with joy when it hears the sound of my voice & sees me & recognises my recognition of the power of God that He has given, & the message & messenger of God that He's given! PTL!
       153. WELL, I GUESS THAT'S ABOUT ALL WE HAVE TIME TO TELL YOU ABOUT THIS TIME! That was a whole lesson in astronomy, astrology, Bible Prophecy, Heaven & Earth & Hell & everything all rolled into one!--All inspired by the little tiny dream of the Constellation of Daniel!
       154. SEE HOW MUCH GOD CAN GET OUT OF ONE LITTLE TINY SEED LIKE THAT? It's amazing how I was almost neglecting recording it because I thought, "Well, it's such a tiny little dream, there's really not very much in it, what's there going to be to tell? I could tell the whole thing in two or three minutes!"--And look what happened!
       155. GOD USES THAT SEED TO MAKE IT GROW INTO A FLOWER OF TEACHING & INTERPRETATION & INSPIRATION to educate you in the things of the Lord & the wonders of His Creation & His Love & His marvellous operations! Praise God! Amen? So there you have one great big lesson on almost everything all rolled into one! It may seem a little long, but it's covered a lot of territory!
       156. SO, IS YOUR STAR OR STARSIGN GOING TO JUMP WITH JOY WHEN YOU STAND BEFORE THE LORD because you were so obedient & you were so respectful & so faithful & so diligent & worked so hard for Jesus & for souls?--And you loved so much & you gave so much & you suffered so much & you were so diligent & faithful that your constellation or star or planet or whatever it is, or the very angels of God are going to jump for joy & leap for rejoicing when your name is called, when you are called to stand there as I was?
       157. IT SEEMED LIKE I WAS ALMOST STANDING IN JUDGEMENT OR FOR RECOGNITION BEFORE THE WORLD & ITS SCIENTISTS, represented by the Observatory & its observers, & that they were startled & astonished & in consternation at this unusual manifestation in the heavens, that the Constellation of Daniel should jump for joy when my turn came!
       158. ARE THE HEAVENS & THE ANGELS OF GOD GOING TO JUMP FOR JOY WHEN YOUR TURN FOR RECOGNITION COMES? When your time of reward comes?--When you become one of God's rulers here on Earth or at the appearance of God's Kingdom here before the whole World, & they'll have to recognise that you're somebody special?--One of the rulers of God, kings of this Earth, kings & priests unto God ruling the Earth with Jesus with a rod of iron? Are the angels going to jump up & down for joy over your faithfulness & your diligent service for the Lord & your sacrificial giving?
       159. ARE THE HEAVENS GOING TO REJOICE OVER YOU when your turn for recognition & glorification by the Lord comes? Are they? I hope so! May God bless & keep you in His will, obedient, faithful, diligent, sacrificial, right on through your job until death or Jesus comes, whichever comes first, & you go to your reward!
       160. AND SURELY THE ANGELS OF GOD WILL SHOUT FOR JOY OVER YOUR ARRIVAL IN HEAVEN & THE KINGDOM OF GOD! The very stars will leap with rejoicing over the good job that you've done, as Jesus says to you, "Well done, thou good & faithful servant! Enter thou into the joy of Thy Lord!" Why shouldn't the heavens jump for joy at a time like that?--Even jump for you! May God make it so in your case & your life, & may you be so, in Jesus' name! Amen!--Are you jumping for joy in the service of the Lord?--Then the Constellations of Angels will be jumping for you! GBAKYAMYAB!--IJNA! JUMP NOW! TOMORROW will be too late!

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