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1. THAT DISCUSSION OF THE MINISTERS ABOUT THE ANTICHRIST & THE MARK OF THE BEAST, WASN'T THAT AMAZING? I mean, the fact they even had the discussion was amazing! And the fact they even had it on that subject was amazing! And the fact that they agreed as much as they did was amazing! if you can get that many different kinds of preachers, all those different churches including Catholic & one Jew & all the rest of them, to agree that close, that was one of the most harmonious ministerial sessions I ever saw! Even when they differed in their opinions they did it kindly.

2. BUT IT WAS AMAZING, THEY ALL AGREED THAT THERE WAS GOING TO BE AN ANTICHRIST WORLD GOVERNMENT, & most of them agreed there was going to be some kind of a Mark, whether it was visible, invisible or spiritual, whatever, that there was going to be a Mark. That was really terrific & I want you to see it when you can concentrate on it & won't have to be distracted by anything if possible. It's something you need to really sort of concentrate on.

3. I THOUGHT THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL, ESPECIALLY THAT ONE FELLOW THAT KEPT TRYING TO BRING OUT THE POSITIVE. He said, "It seems we're neglecting the most important thing, & that is the coming of Christ which is going to end the whole thing!" Some of them were very well-educated men you could tell, polished pastors form the best denominations, & others were quite simple little gospel men, but you could tell really had conviction in the Spirit! PTL!

4. SO I REALLY THINK YOU WILL ENJOY BOTH PROGRAMS, THIS ONE & THE ONE ON RASPUTIN. The little church service in-between only lasted about 20 minutes, it was a bit churchy but he was very sweet & he preached a real good sermon. I never heard so many good preachers, real Word-gospel preachers, on television in my whole life! I mean, they don't have that many good ones on TV in the United States, at least not that I ever had a chance to see. They had a few what they call commercial religious broadcasts where they spend half the time begging & pulling for money, & then of course Billy Graham & he was a very good preacher, really preaches salvation.

5. BUT I'LL TELL YOU, THIS PROGRAM ON RASPUTIN SURE SUMS IT UP! It would have been good it he had brought out how that Jesus was treated the same way that they treated Rasputin, & for the same reasons--jealousy & the same crowd & all the rest, but on a Jewish program you couldn't expect them to do that. But he brought it out pretty clear & if anybody knew the story of Jesus, which everybody did, I'm sure they were probably thinking about it or relating it. (See "Rasputin!" No.1118.)

6. I THOUGHT, "OH NO, HERE COMES ANOTHER ATTACK ON THE GURUS!" He would have made such a beautiful example of the gurus and the sects. In fact, they did mention sect: "Aren't you a member of some sect?" I mean, that's one of the strongest defenses I have ever seen of the sects and the gurus. I was astonished!--Especially from that Jew, you would never have expected it!

7. IT WAS JUST ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIC! (Maria: It was like he was really Rasputin!) It's powerful, really powerful: At first it begins a little silly, I think maybe they were trying to lead you to think that they were going to make fun of him & everything. But boy, it would up with the interviewer almost acting like he was getting converted! Terrific! I mean, he was sincerely sober.

8. I THINK HE REALLY APPARENTLY DESIGNED THAT TO BE A TESTIMONY, not for Jesus, of course, but maybe just to sympathise with the persecuted sects. Because the Jews, of course, have always been a persecuted minority. ...--Always sorry for themselves & abused, & they have been, so I think maybe they felt sort of a kindred spirit with Rasputin.

9. THEY CERTAINLY BROUGHT OUT THE BUSINESS ABOUT PROPHECY & ALL. Those answers that Rasputin gave were probably quotations of his own answers. Remember, he was a recent modern historical figure! He died in December, 1916, only two years & two months before I was born! I was born in February 1919. He was still famous & everybody was still talking about him when I was a little child! I can remember when I was six years old living on Bayshore Drive across from that big Episcopal church in that big huge three story mansion, people were still talking about him and I wondered what they meant.

10. AT THE TIME THEY MOSTLY CALLED HIM THE MAD MONK, BUT HE BROUGHT OUT TONIGHT HOW HE NEVER WAS A MONK! There was another common name they used to call him: Rasputin, the Holy Devil of Russia! After the revolution the U.S. was up to its ears in princes & princess & all kinds if nobility that had fled Russia. I mean, they were all over the place, and Europe of course.

11. WE EVEN HAD ONE IN OUR HOME IN MIAMI, SHE CAME TO OUR CHURCH THERE, SOME PRINCESS OF THE ROYAL FAMILY. She was a little sort of a short fat woman & I didn't think she looked very queenly or very beautiful, but she was quite cultured you could tell & she had a strong Russian accent. It was a little difficult to understand her.

12. AS A LITTLE CHILD AT THE DINNER TABLE I USED TO BE EYES POPPING OUT AT HER STORIES ABOUT RUSSIA & the horrible things that the Communists did to the nobility & all that. I remember her talking about Rasputin & how terrible he was, an evil man, a devil! The whole nobility hated him because the peasants sympathised with him & they knew he was their friend & he sympathised with them. But it really brought out some amazing points!

13. THE END IS THE CLINCHER, WHERE IT PROVES HIS PROPHECY OF WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN WHEN HE DIED, first of all his death, & then what was going to happen after his death. There's no way he could have known & there's no way they could disprove that that as a prophecy. This typical sceptical interviewer was trying to bring out that, well, it was an educated guess. Well, he sure hit the nail on the head with an awful lot of educated guesses! And Rasputin was bringing out, "Well, it doesn't matter what you call it, it's still a prophecy!" Ha!

14. I THINK THE DISCUSSION OF THE PREACHERS IS ESPECIALLY INTERESTING because here's a subject we've been majoring on & here they are all discussing it. Although there's some slight differences of opinion on details, they pretty well agreed on the Antichrist & the mark of the Beast, etc. You don't have to sit through the sermon, you can skip the sermon. First was the discussion, then the sermon, & then Rasputin was last. (Family: And that star thing in-between.) ("Cosmos," a TV evolutionary series of bunk!)

15. OH THAT STAR THING! THE DEVIL HAD TO GET IN SOME OF HIS LIES IN-BETWEEN THERE! You know, the sad part about it is, some of those are actual photographs that the satellites have taken of those planets, then some of the stuff is pure fiction, complete trick photography, nothing but fictitious artwork that they do at their planetarium. But they weave it together so that you can't tell which is the truth & which is the lie! How deceitful!

16. THEY WEAVE THE TRUTH, SOME OF THE ACTUAL FACTS ABOUT THE SOLAR SYSTEM, RIGHT IN TOGETHER WITH ALL THE FANCY & FANCIFUL FAIRY TALES! So the poor kids, they can't tell which is right & which is wrong. And since a lot of those things are absolutely true because they've been proven & they've taken photographs of some of these planets, etc., well, they think that all the rest must be true too! Think how much more accurate it is, rather than saying four billion years to say 4 1/2 billion years! That shows they can really pin it down: --Ha! Baloney!

17. I THINK YOU'D SHOCK SOME CHRISTIANS IF YOU'D REMIND THEM THAT THE BIBLE SAYS THE SUN, MOON & STARS WERE NOT CREATED UNTIL THE FOURTH DAY OF CREATION! "In the beginning God created the heaven & the Earth."--The heaven, whatever that included, & the Earth. "And the earth was without form & void; & darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: & there was light." Light was second.

18. "AND GOD SAID LET THERE BE A FIRMAMENT IN THE MIDST OF THE WATERS, & let it divide the waters."--A firmament. Well, the light is what could be called cosmic light for that matter. Not necessarily sunlight or moonlight or starlight, it couldn't have been, because He didn't create them until a couple of days later!--Totally contrary to their theory! see, the Devil's whole idea is to try to disprove the Bible. Because any little church child has studied & read that, & if they remember it at all they remember that the sun, moon & stars weren't created until later, even if they don't remember which day. Right?

19. IN BIBLE TIME, THEIR DAYS BEGIN WITH THE SUNSET & THE NIGHT IS CONSIDERED TO COME BEFORE THE DAY. Isn't that symbolic of time & the age & the future, the night is going to come before the day. The night is going to be the nightmare of the tribulation, and the day the coming of Christ. PTL! (Peter: The waters gathering together, the dry land forming was the third day.) So the third day was the dry land, & the fourth day, "Let there be lights in the firmament." What lights? Read it!

20. (PETER: "AND GOD SAID, LET THERE BE LIGHTS IN THE FIRMAMENT OF THE HEAVEN TO DIVIDE THE DAY FORM THE NIGHT; & let them be for signs, & for seasons, & for days, & years: And let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth: & it was so. And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, & the lesser light to rule the night: He made the stars also.")

21. WHICH WAS MADE FIRST ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE?This great ball of fire, the sun, casing of planets?--According to their theory that they can't prove & never have, & they have whole big arguments between themselves on how it happened. Which came first? Huh?--According to the Bible! You know, if we didn't pin you down to some of these things, you wouldn't even realise it!

22. YOU'VE HEARD THAT SLOP, I HATE TO SAY THE HORRIBLE WORD, THE SHIT THAT THEY PUT OUT ABOUT THE BIG BALL OF FIRE FIRST & the sun coming first & the sun threw off these planets & you thought maybe that's the way God created it. My brother used to come home & argue, "Well, God could have created the Earth & man & all this stuff by the process of evolution." That's what they call the Deistic Evolutionists, Who consider evolution the process by which God made the sun, moon, stars, Earth, planets, man & everything, & it took him billions of years to do it, of course.

23. WHEN I WAS YOUNG, THEY SAID IT HAD TAKEN ONLY A FEW MILLION YEARS. By the time I was a young teenager in high school it had grown to a few hundred million. But by the time I got to college age they were already hitting the billion mark! And I notice now they've gone up to 4 1/2 billion, because that's all the further they can put it back, the more impossible it is to both prove or disprove.--All pure evil imagination, that's all! It just isn't so! It just didn't happen that way.

24. WHAT DID GOD MAKE FIRST?--THE HEAVEN & THE EARTH! What heaven? If it wasn't the sun, moon & the stars, Which of course obviously includes the planets, What heavens did He make? You say, "Well, maybe other galaxies." Those are part of the stars! "In the beginning god created the heaven & the earth." He had to create the heavens. Well, you could say it was just plain space, that's all. He had to have someplace to put'm. I think that's more logical, or you could say, "Well, He created the atmospheric heavens first, & then He put the Earth into them."

25. BUT I'M A LITTLE MORE INCLINED TO BELIEVE WHEN IT SAYS "HEAVEN" THERE IT'S TALKING ABOUT SPACE--the space to put'm in. He had to create space. That's an interesting thought. Modern science has proven that it requires space & time to have anything material. It requires three-dimensional space, a place. Could you by any logic arrive at the conclusion that that means space, the heavens? He had to create a three-dimensional place & time before He could even start creating the Earth! Maybe that's a little too technical for you, but it's an interesting point. Because the sun, moon & stars didn't come till later.

26. HE CREATED THE HEAVENS & THE EARTH & THEN LIGHT--WHAT KIND OF LIGHT? If there was no sun, moon or stars, what kind of light was it? Well, of course, science has now proven that there is light in the Universe. There are cosmic rays which have nothing to do with the sun, moon, stars, planets or anything. It's just some kind of force that operates in the Universe. A type of light rays, vibrations totally independent of the sun, moon, stars & the planets. So first He had to create space, & along with it, of course, time.

27. HOW DO WE KNOW HE CREATED TIME RIGHT AWAY?--HE CREATED THE FIRST DAY! So that's something else that isn't often brought out, in fact, I don't think I ever thought about it until this minute! He not only created the Heaven & the Earth the first day, the space & a place to put the Earth in, but also the time for it to exist, the first day! We could include time on the first day of creation.

28. I FEEL FINE, HONEY DON'T WORRY! THIS REVIVES ME, IT FEEDS ME! When I'm doing my job, Honey I get inspired! Like dear Rasputin, the interviewer asked him: "How come, when you first came in here you were drunk as can be & crazy & everything else, & you've been drinking the whole time you've been here, & yet now you're completely sober!" He gave some terrific answers that probably are quotes form his own answers which I'm sure are on the record somewhere, obviously. It was historical. Beautiful!

29. BUT THEN THEY GET INTO THAT "COSMOS" JUNK! I'm telling you, man has gotten into things that are too high for him, way too high, & much too old too. It's so ridiculous! The whole thing, the whole idea is to try to disprove God, & that was a very interesting thing which Rasputin said. This guy was asking him, "Well, why did they try to disprove all these good things that you did?" He said,"Well, if they can't prove the evil, then they try to disprove the good."

30. NOW APPLY THAT TO THEIR THEORIES OF CREATION & EVOLUTION, THEY CAN'T PROVE THEM AT ALL!--Their theories of how the world came into existence & heaven & all, evolution. And they know they can't prove'm, so what are they trying to do? Since the Devil can't prove his own lies, he does his damnedest to try to disprove the truth! Because the more he can get you not to believe the truth, like he did Adam & Eve in the Garden, then you'll have to believe his lies!

31. I'VE ALWAYS SAID THE WHOLE PUBLIC EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM IS UNDOUBTEDLY DEVELOPED BY THE DEVIL, its whole primary basic underlying purpose is anti-God, anti-Christ, anti-Creation, to destroy faith, & it's done a pretty hell of a job of it too in most people! Most people today don't believe in God, at least a lot of people don't, especially the educated ones who've been very well brainwashed by the System. I shouldn't say brainwashed, I should say very well brain-polluted by the System!

32. SO ALL THAT JUNK THEY TEACH YOU ABOUT ASTRONOMY, THEY MIX IN ENOUGH TRUTH ABOUT THE SOLAR SYSTEM & ALL, especially now with these probes going out & taking pictures at close range & all that. I hope it's true, I hope they're not just completely lying to us, which would be pretty easy to do. But nothing they've discovered yet has disproved the Bible, in face, more & more is proving that we are the only inhabited planet, except for the angels & maybe a few devils.

33. MARIA WAS ASKING, WELL WHY DID THE LORD MAKE THOSE BIG THINGS OUT THERE WEAVING AROUND THROUGH SPACE, & all those big complicated planets & Jupiter & its moons & Saturn & its rings & mars with its strange canals & all this stuff? Why did He make them? Well, I think it's all a part of his machinery & clockwork to run the world! It was all designed for our benefit & to influence us!

34. THE BIBLE DEFINITELY TEACHES THAT THESE ASTRAL BODIES INFLUENCE OUR LIVES HERE ON EARTH. I don't think God has to give his personal attention to every little bit of His machinery every minute. He has created the machine to run beautifully & smoothly & perfectly, & once having set it in motion it just runs!--Including these big astral bodies & planets & stars, etc., to influence our lives.

35. AND I'M CONVINCED FROM WHAT I SAW IN SPACE CITY THAT THEY ARE MADE TO CONTROL THE VARIOUS THINGS THAT ARE OCCURRING HERE ON EARTH--life processes, balance of nature. I mean, when you think of how complicated the whole balance of nature is between man & the animals & the bugs & the plant life & all the rest, it must take a tremendous control system of some kind to keep it all in harmony & order & operating as it should. It's like a huge machine, the most complicated known to man!

36. I'M CONVINCED OF THE TRUTH OF ASTROLOGY, HOW IT AFFECTS OUR LIVES. And the ancients for thousands of years were convinced that these planets influence our lives & our personalities. How else was God going to get personalities distributed? What if we'd all wound up Leos & Scorpios or Cancers or something else? Or all wound up a bunch of dreamers & inventors like us Aquarians, & everybody wanted to change something! Ha! I mean, We'd have really been in a mess if it hadn't been for the Leos and the Cancers and the Scorpios and Aquarians too and all the rest of you!--Tauruses & Capricorns & Pisces & even the Cancers.

37. IT'S AMAZING REALLY, I DON'T THINK WE'VE HARDLY EVER HAD A SCORPIO ON OUR PERSONAL STAFF! The one we did have & that lived with us, she went back, sad to say. They really are cases! That's not saying all Scorpios are bad, I'm just saying we never happened to have one on our staff! So I'm convinced that the astral bodies have influence on us, the planets.

38. CERTAINLY THE ANCIENTS, THE WISE MEN OF OLD, THE ASTROLOGERS WERE CONVINCED THAT THE VARIOUS PLANETS DEFINITELY AFFECTED OUR LIVES & PERSONALITIES.--If not our lives, our personalities, & certainly our personalities affect our lives. And only the Lord can over-rule our strong will and traits. But why not? Why shouldn't God have put these things in control of the balance, of when is the time to be born. That reminds me of a Scripture, I think it says it right in Ecclesiastes, there's a time to be born.

39. GOD HAS A TIME FOR EVERYBODY TO BE BORN, THINK OF THAT! That must take some planning, huh? It certainly took a pretty complicated & amazing machine at least to regulate it. Maybe you don't like that concept of the word "Machine," I don't like that either, but it's the Lord's system of controls, whatever you want to call it, His Interplanetary System that He created to control life on Earth.

40. (SARA: IT SAYS, "IN THE BEGINNING GOD CREATED THE HEAVEN & THE EARTH," LIKE THE EARTH IS THE CENTRAL BODY & the heavens all around have something to do with Earth.) Yes! This, of course, is what the ancients & particularly the church believed, that the Earth was the center of everything as far as God was concerned & the heavens are concerned; all the rest existed for the benefit of the Earth & life on Earth.

41. YOU NOTICE WHAT THEY'RE ALWAYS DRIVING AT IN THESE ASTRONOMICAL THINGS, IN THEIR ASTRONOMICAL FIGURES? They always wind up with, "Well, we're just one little tiny speck of dust out here! And after all, there are billions of stars & probably multi-billions & trillions of planets, so there could be life in who knows how many places, blah blah blah blah!" I'll shock you by saying something I said before:

42. IT'S PRETTY EASY TO PROVE THE POSITION & DISTANCE OF THE PLANETS WHICH ARE NOT TOO FAR AWAY & affect our lives a great deal & our personalities & all the rest. And man has understood the planets for a good many years. Galileo & his bunch were not the first ones to know that the World was round & that the planets move around & that the Earth moved around the sun & all the rest!

43. THESE SCIENTISTS TRY TO MAKE YOU THINK THAT THEY DISCOVERED ALL THIS & it's only been very recently that anybody knew these things. And it's quite possible quite a few of the stupid & dumb church leaders didn't know any better in very recent times, the Dark Ages, & up to the Renaissance & the discovery, but it was a re-discovery. Because the ancients knew these things for thousands of years, all about the planets. The astrologers have known these things for thousands of years!

44. IT'S SO RIDICULOUS TO THINK THAT THIS IS SOMETHING THAT JUST HAPPENED & THEY ONLY DISCOVERED RECENTLY. Modern man likes to give himself all the credit for all these recent astronomical discoveries, blah blah, blah blah! Did you notice how "Cosmos" strutted across the stage & these beautiful shots of his portrait, etc.? Did you get the point? "Ye shall be as gods! I have become a god!" He speaks with awe! "We gods!" Well, in a way it's true.

45. THE DEVIL HIMSELF SAID, "THE LORD DOTH KNOW THE YE SHALL BE AS GODS." (Gen.3:5.) Not gods, but almost like gods in the amount of dirty knowledge & all the rest they were going to learn. And that bunch of Roman & Grecian gods, God deliver us if they ever had anything to do with us! They evidently were devils, the mess they made of things & the horrible creatures they were & the terrible personalities & the terrible things they did! So I hope we're never like them!

46. BUT MODERN MAN, MODERN SCIENCE TODAY PRIDES HIMSELF ON BEING A GOD, "YE SHALL BE AS GODS." That "Cosmos" thing was so subtle, & sometimes it wasn't even so subtle! He was downing the Church & deliberately anti-Christ, anti-Christian time & again in that series, did you notice? Maybe you didn't see it or maybe you just didn't notice it. But I mean he made slur after slur against Christians, famous Christians, Christian doctrine, Christian church & Christian history. The whole thing was as anti-Christ as it could possibly be, & the whole thing was the worship of science, the religion of science ... !

47. THE RELIGION OF THE WORLD TODAY IS BECOMING THE RELIGION OF SCIENCE, THE SACRED COW, the worship of man & his knowledge as gods: "You have become your own gods, worship yourself! You don't have to go to anybody else or anything else, you don't have to worship the past, the church, religions, personalities, leadership, nothing! Behold! These are your gods, O Israel! "That's the whole plan of that bag of the Devil's dirty tricks, to deceive young people into believe that they are gods & decide then there are no others--man is his own god, he should worship himself!

48. IN FACT, THAT WAS THE WHOLE IDEA THAT I USED TO TELL MY CHILDREN THAT I GATHERED FROM THE GREAT WORLD'S FAIR IN NEW YORK--ALL THE WORSHIP OF MAN. And the very next World's Fair at Montreal was called "Man & His World"! The whole thing was the worship of man & his World!--You'd think he'd created it! Well, most of the stuff at the fair he created, I'll confess.

49. I THINK ONE OF THE MOST INTERESTING EXHIBITS I SAW AT THE WHOLE FAIR WAS THE RUSSIAN EXHIBIT. It had more practical science in it than almost any of the other exhibits there. The American exhibit was one ridiculous nightmare! It was absolutely ridiculous! But the Russian exhibit was really fascinating, all the latest scientific gadgets, etc.

50. AND YOU HEARD ABOUT THAT YOUNG FELLOW WHO WAS THE DIRECTOR OF THE EXHIBIT THAT GOT SAVED, DIDN'T YOU? He pushed Grandmother around in the wheelchair & was so kind & so sweet to her & everything. And while he was showing her around she spent two hours working him over & led him to the Lord, think of that! And he wrote her back later & said, "I now believe as you believe, but what do I do now? I live in an alien world, in an alien country that is totally against this. What am I going to do now?" Sad to say, she was never able to contact him again, but I'm sure the Lord led him & told him what to do. He had his wife & children back in the Soviet Union, & a man his position, director of the whole big science exposition there, could hardly tell his government he had suddenly found religion!

51. THAT "COSMOS" SERIES, IT WAS DIABOLICAL! DIABOLICAL FROM ONE END TO THE OTHER! It was very interesting, very historical, very scientific with a lot of interesting facts, interesting scenes, but it is the most lavish, clever series on a scientific trend to scientifically spoof & debunk religion & Christian institutions & Christian leaders & Christian history & anything Christian or religious or about God at all!

52. HE LOOKED LIKE SATAN TO ME--BEAUTIFUL, HANDSOME, CONFIDENT! I wouldn't be surprised he's inspired by the Devil himself personally, because he spoke with that rich, full, deep voice of his & it carried real conviction, real weight! And then he goes down to these young teenage junior high school students & shows them how it all works. He just sweeps those poor little kids right off their feet proving his points--diabolical, anti-God, anti-Christ, anti-Bible, anti-Church, as anti-Christian civilisation as he could possibly get, the whole series!

53. BUT THAT PROGRAM ON RASPUTIN IS SOMETHING YOU'VE GOT TO SEE, & I HOPE YOU SEE IT TOGETHER because it'll have all the more impact. The program was only half-an-hour long, wasn't it? But I had to bring that out because he got on to that damn "Cosmos" thing! All of their figuring always begins with some big star explosion, that our sun was just a star that kind of exploded & threw off these planets & blah blah!--That it all happened by accident, of course, & that the Earth just happens to be one more little planet amongst billions & billions, a little speck of dust in space & why should it be important at all?

54. IT'S AMAZING THAT THESE SAME SCIENTISTS COULD SO BELITTLE THEMSELVES & THEIR PLANET & THEIR HOME, & at the same time they could so exalt themselves into being gods! I guess if they can't be god of anything else but a grain of dust, they might as well be the god of a grain of dust! But that's all to try to debunk the idea that the Earth is really the center of things as far as God's concerned. They don't know that this is the only planet in the Universe or even the galaxies or all space that's inhabited! We know of at least one more that's inhabited--Space City! Of course it's not exactly a planet but it's as big as some of those moons & some of those asteroids, etc. Boy oh boy!

55. DID YOU GUYS ALL SEE THE PICTURE OF SPACE CITY SITTING ON TOP OF THE GLOBE? We ought to get it in the Magazine to let the folks see what it looks like! Because that is a really shocking thing when you get to see the actual size. I made that to scale, exactly the same shape & scale & everything. I had a little problem with it because when you make a pyramid which is exactly 1500 miles wide on the bottom & 1500 miles high, it not equilateral. The bases are equal but the other edges of each side's triangle are not equal to the base, they are longer!

56. IN ORDER FOR THE CENTRAL POLE OF THAT TENT, SO TO SPEAK, TO BE 1500 MILES HIGH, it makes the sides or corners or edges, whatever you want to call them, leading from each corner up to the summit, longer than that. It was quite a few millimeters difference on my little scale model even. I had to work on the figures all afternoon to get it right! I cut it out wrong the first time! I made all the sides exactly equal including the sides of the side triangles, equilateral, all sides equal, & it wound up shorter than it was supposed to be.

57. ITS SIZE COMPARED TO THE EARTH IS AMAZING, REALLY AMAZING! On one of our globes about this big it stands about that high, & that's really something! You can see it three to four thousand miles away, & from the summit you can see three or four thousand miles.

58. WELL ANYHOW, ALL THAT TO SAY THIS, THAT IN BETWEEN ALL THESE POWERFUL HEAVY TESTIMONIES of those preachers discussing the Antichrist Kingdom & the Mark of the Beast & dear Rasputin's testimony, the Devil had to slip in his lies, just pure devilish propaganda, these astronomical lies. They're astronomical lies, all right! ("Cosmos" TV series.)

59. GOING BACK TO THE STORY OF CREATION, THERE ARE A FEW SHOCKING THINGS YOU FIND IN THAT FIRST CHAPTER that maybe you didn't even notice, not only the fact that the heavens & the Earth were created before the sun, moon & starts, not by the sun! Is that hard for you to believe? Why should it be hard for you to believe? It's the Bible! And I believe the Bible! I believe it means exactly what it says!--And it says that the Earth was created first, & the sun, moon & stars four days later!

60. SO THE EARTH WAS NOT CREATED BY THE SUN EXPLODING & tossing off lumps of gas & molten masses of material that cooled off & solidified into the planets. The sun, moon & stars were created for the benefit of the Earth! You say, "Dad, you sound like one of these old church fogeys of the Papal Middle Ages, the Dark Ages, when they said the Earth is flat!" I think you wouldn't be surprised & probably even believe me if I'd tell you the Earth is flat! Ha! Well, no, it's not flat, that's obvious. You can just look out here & watch the boats disappear over the horizon & you know it's not flat!

61. THEY DELIBERATELY LIE ABOUT ANCIENT WISDOM & KNOWLEDGE AS THOUGH IT WAS RIDICULOUS. I can remember one of the first things my teacher told me in school: "You know what people used to think?--They used to think the Earth was flat!" I'll tell you right now, there weren't very many people, I mean really educated knowledgeable people, who thought for a minute the Earth was flat! It was the day of lots of ships, & all they had to do was watch the ships disappear over the horizon.--And they came back too, they didn't fall off the edge of the World! It's so ridiculous to suppose that everybody thought the Earth was flat, but that's what they told you, didn't they?

62. THEY TRY TO RIDICULE THE OLD WISDOM & THE OLD KNOWLEDGE as though it were all false & they're the only ones that really know, they've only found it out lately & they are revealing these marvellous truths to you for the first time!--When actually man has forgotten more truth than they ever knew, & more things about Creation & the way things operate & astrology & all the rest!

63. LET ME SEE SOME OF THEM THROW THEIR RODS DOWN & TURN THEM INTO SNAKES! When they can do that like the Egyptian magicians could, I'll believe they've got a little bit of power & getting closer to being gods. About all they know how to do is turn snake into minced meat & sell it by the can!

64. MODERN MAN IS NOT AS SMART AS HE THINKS HE IS, but he likes try to impress especially poor little kids in school with what a god he is, now he knows everything! I mean, they go right on trippin' off those statements & comments without the slightest question, "This is the way it happened!"--Baloney!

65. THEY DON'T SAY, "THIS IS OUR GUESS, THIS IS OUR THEORY"--they don't say it about evolution, that's for sure! They don't say it about these astronomical things either. They just say, "This is the way it happened!" When it didn't happen that way in the first place! Besides all of their guesswork is pure theory & falsehoods & fairy tales, yet they talk about it with a straight face, soberly, & they will picture it on television & show you just how it happened. "Look, here, you can see it happening!"

66. THE POOR LITTLE KIDS MAYBE THINK THEY WERE BACK THERE WITH A MOVIE CAMERA, 4 1/2 billion years ago taking pictures of it! "These most be movies left over from our ancestors!" Ha! I mean, how do they know that science hadn't had some way to take pictures of it when it happened! I mean, it's all depicted right there in the planetarium & all these clever gadgets they have showing pictures on the ceiling & everything. That's what this program was mostly taken from, made at the Pasadena Planetarium, it said so.

67. THE SNEAKED THAT THING RIGHT IN THERE: "NOW KIDS, DON'T LOSE YOUR FAITH IN SCIENCE! Don't get tripped off about this Bible stuff about the Antichrist & all this kind of stuff & prophecies coming true. Don't get tripped off by this prophet & the fact he could do miracles & predict the future. Remember, you've got to rely on our word & the old standby science & man. Don't forget, we're your gods, O Israel!" How diabolical! How evil! How fiendish!

68. THE DEVIL SLIPS IN HIS SLY SHARP EVIL POISONOUS TONGUE RIGHT IN BETWEEN, sandwiched in between God's truth! Well, that's the way it is. That's the way the lord allows it to be, because "His sheep know His voice & they will follow Him, a stranger they will not follow." (Jn.10:4,5.) The Lord witnesses to the spirit of even a little child, a clean child that's of the Lord, of at least even one believing parent, He witnesses the truth constantly. I know He did to me!

69. FROM THE TIME I WAS A LITTLE TINY CHILD I RECOGNISED THE VOICE OF GOD & THE TRUTH, I could recognise the voice of the Devil & his lies! From the time I first started school too, I could tell the difference between good & evil, good teachers & bad teachers, lying teachers & the ones that were telling you the truth. There were always some evil ones around.

70. THE MOST CLEVER TEACHER IN OUR WHOLE HIGH SCHOOL FROM WHICH I GRADUATED--the smartest, wisest, most clever, most intelligent, most knowledgeable--was an out-&-out atheistic Communist, head of the local Communist League, Communist Union. He could stand there & preach Communism all day because he had been on the staff ten years & had teacher tenure & they couldn't fire him! The only thing they could fire you for was not doing your job, & he was there faithfully poisoning the minds of those young people day in & day out all day long with his diabolical anti-God doctrines & his pro-Communist politics!

71. THE FUNNY PART ABOUT IT WAS, HE THOUGHT I WAS GREAT! I was his star pupil! He even took me around with him personally to lecture to Lion's Clubs & Optimist Clubs, etc.--Can you imagine? I was already a public speaker, I wasn't so shy! Ha!--To lecture on, of all things, George Washington & sex education! Not both of them together, not that they had anything to do with each other! Ha!

72. HE THOUGHT I WAS A GREAT PUBLIC SPEAKER & I COULD REALLY PERSUADE'M! Well, I didn't know I could & I didn't know I was, but he kept getting invitations back to more clubs to bring me out & speak to them on these subjects. With Washington I was simply bringing out the historic fundamental moral principles upon which the country had been founded & how it was really getting away from all that sort of thing.

73. I USED A LOT OF QUOTES FROM GEORGE WASHINGTON ABOUT HOW WE SHOULDN'T GET ENTANGLED IN INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS. George Washington definitely taught against all this, & this has been the cause of most of our troubles. I knew they wouldn't take any preaching of the Gospel, but at least I was preaching them the truth & they could draw what conclusions that I hoped they would draw from what I was telling them.

74. I HAD STRONG CONVICTIONS ON SEX EDUCATION IN HIGH SCHOOL. They already had sex education in colleges, & I told them, "You guys are debating as to whether you should bring it down to the low level of high school, that early & that young. It's already too late, you should have started it in grade school! By the time that they get to high school, they know as much about it as you do & have already had experience & experiment & everything else & it's too late!" So I had some pretty strong conviction on it! Well anyhow, that's something else.

75. YOU CAN TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TRUTH & LIES! The Lord allows that. After all, He let the Devil slip into the Garden of Eden to test Adam & Eve to see what they would do. Of course, He even knew what they were going to do, but the whole thing was to be a lesson for all of us. Because the people who believe the truth will recognise & reject the Devil's lies.

76. MAYBE YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND IT ALL & SEE HOW SUBTLE & SLY & FIENDISH IT IS, maybe you never even got the point. Some of you might not even have seen how clever the tricks were the Devil was up to, but if you do, at least you recognise it. And of course those who believe it, it's because they've already rejected the truth.

77. THE LORD HAD THE TRUTH ON BOTH SIDES OF THAT PROGRAM, THE BEGINNING & THE END. The Devil was only allowed to get his little dirty filthy tongue in the middle, between them, just probably to see what a lot of people would do, which they were going to believe, & the Lord's going to judge them accordingly.

78. WELL, I DON'T SUPPOSE YOU'LL GET TO SEE "RASPUTIN" TONIGHT, I'M SORRY. You've seen the latest model! Ha! You've seen his reincarnation! Well, I've always had a feeling I had him helping, I think we even got something on that once that he was one of my helpers. God bless him! Thank You Jesus for all our helpers! But it's a real testimony & I was amazed & shocked because it virtually almost vindicates Rasputin & virtually is a testimony & witness that he was true, a true prophet! It's amazing!

79. I BELIEVE THAT ACTOR WAS INSPIRED, HE SPOKE WITH SUCH CONVICTION! The Lord helps guys like that, I always believed that He helps the police & He even helps actors when they're acting the right part to really inspire them. He spoke with conviction! He reminded me of myself! Ha! I felt like, "Now that's what I would have said! That's the way I would have done it!" Ha! Well, I was just planning to introduce those shows to you & explain them to you when we got into all that.

80. OH, I NEVER DID DELIVER MY FINAL BOMB ON CREATION! Why do they keep stressing how far away the stars are? The very furthest planet is Neptune, then Pluto. By the way, Pluto was only discovered, I think, in my lifetime when I was young. It's not a very big planet but it's important no doubt. I don't know whether it figures in astrology or not, does it? Have they started including Pluto? (Sue: Yes.) Really? How about that! So the astrologers knew it was there all the time! Ha! (Dad gets a sharp pain in his head.) PTL! TYL! (Maria: We rebuke the Devil, Lord!) Lay your hand on my head.

81. THE DEVIL DOESN'T LIKE THIS TALK! I never have a headache & I just had a sharp pain in my head! Amen, Lord, we resist Satan in Jesus' name! We resist you, Oplexicon! We resist the Devil in the name of Jesus! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! Amen! It's gone! TYL!

82. THE DEVIL HATES THIS KIND OF THING BECAUSE IT KNOCKS THE PROPS OUT FROM UNDER HIS WHOLE ANTI-GOD, ANTI-BIBLE, ANTI-CHRIST, ANTI-TRUTH TEACHINGS & ALL HIS LIES! He knows that this talk is going to go out to young people & their children to protect them from the lies of the Enemy, & I can imagine he doesn't like it, because we are debunking his doctrines & his lies & his teachings!

83. THIS ONE LAST POINT I WAS GOING TO MAKE, & I GUESS THE DEVIL DOESN'T LIKE THIS ONE: Read there again about the sun, moon & stars & their creation, Peter. (Peter: "And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven.") What is the firmament? Go back & read about this firmament. (Peter: "And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, & let it divide the waters from the waters.") That was about the next thing He created right after space & the Earth, even before He caused the dry land to appear, the very second thing, the second day.

84. HE CREATED SPACE & THE EARTH BEFORE THE SUN, MOON & STARS. In other words, if you're going to believe the Bible literally & just what it says, not only was there not a sun that created the Earth as science tells you, there were no planets, no sister planets, & no stars. Now I'm going to drop the bomb in a minute to show you how they promote their lies to try to contradict the Bible.

85. THE FOURTH DAY HE CREATED THOSE LIGHTS & HE PLACED THEM IN A FIRMAMENT WHICH HE HAD CREATED ON THE SECOND DAY, after He had created heaven, or space, & the Earth, & the Spirit of God hovered on the face of the waters. Obviously at that time when the Earth was first created it was covered with water, He didn't cause the dry land to appear till later. But the very next thing that He did before He caused the dry land to appear was what? Read the whole passage from the beginning for us again so they can get the picture:

86. (PETER: "IN THE BEGINNING GOD CREATED THE HEAVEN & THE EARTH. And the Earth was without form, & void; & darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.") Now saying it was without form doesn't mean it was totally shapeless. It doesn't mean that it did not have some kind of shape, but it was not like we know it today. Obviously there were no continents, there were no maps to speak of on the face of the Earth, no land, no islands. Today it has shape & form & we recognise it when we see the globe of the Earth, but it was just covered with water & something else at first.

87. IT WAS NOT ONLY COVERED WITH WATER, IT WAS COVERED ALSO WITH THE SPIRIT OF GOD--& DARKNESS TOO! It's almost like the beginning of the struggle between good & evil right there, between the darkness & the light, the Spirit of God & the Devil from the very beginning. Because of course, you know the Devil was already in existence before Creation. You read those passages about him in Ezekiel & Isaiah that John Todd brought out, very good, amazing! You read in Isaiah about his end, how he's brought down to hell & kings are amazed at him & his fall! (See Ez.28 and Is.14.)

88. ALL RIGHT, THE DARKNESS WAS UPON THE FACE OF THE DEEP & THE SPIRIT OF GOD MOVED UPON THE FACE OF THE WATERS. Notice the Spirit of God was in motion? She's never still, She's always moving! PTL! God believes in movements, motion, emotion! "Go into all the World & preach the Gospel to every creature!" (Mk.16:15.) Get somewhere & do something, say something, sing something! In a way, God is all action! Some people seem to think He's not doing anything, but His Spirit is in constant motion.

89. (PETER: "AND GOD SAID, LET THERE BE LIGHT: AND THERE WAS LIGHT. And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.") Now notice, the next thing was He said, "Let there be light." Darkness has usually been identified with the Devil, but God brought in the light. I don't doubt the Devil was right there fighting Creation even then! But nothing could stop God, TTL! He brought in the light, before the sun, moon & stars!

90. MAYBE YOU NEED TO KNOW THESE THINGS SO YOU WON'T SWALLOW ALL THAT SLOP EVERY TIME THEY DISH IT UP, & they dish it up every single time they say anything about the solar system or astronomy or stars or evolution; they're always handing you that same line of lies, every single time! You say, "Well Dad, this stuff you're telling us about this chapter tonight is pretty wild, saying that the Earth was created before the sun, moon & stars!" And something else I'm going to tell you is even more shocking than that! You say, "First light, I can see that, but what's this next thing, this firmament business?"

91. I'LL TELL YOU, THE PREACHERS & THE SCIENTISTS HAVE ARGUED OVER THIS FIRMAMENT BUSINESS FOR CENTURIES, & many a preacher has gotten his head in a noose trying to figure this out. But just read it! If you're going to believe the Bible, exactly what it says, space & Earth were created first! Space, to have a place to put Earth in, & time on the first day, to have a time to exist, & light to defeat the darkness, & the Spirit of God on the face of the waters to protect God's creation & defeat the Enemy. Amen? And what's the next thing after that?

92. (PETER: "AND GOD CALLED THE LIGHT DAY, & THE DARKNESS HE CALLED NIGHT.") You say, "How could He have day & night when there was no sun yet? Day & night is created by the revolutions of the Earth on its axis! How could there be day & night without any sun, without any moon, without any stars?" Huh? I'll tell you how! It's very simple if you have faith. Because God said so, that's how!

93. IF THERE WAS SOME KING OF LIGHT, COSMIC LIGHT OR WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL IT & the Earth was already in existence & spinning on its axis, light always has to have some kind of source, so there must have been some kind of night & some kind of day. You say, "Dad, that's pretty far-fetched, you're really stretching it now!" Well, OK, you explain it! There was light! It says so!

94. ANYBODY KNOWS LIGHT HAS TO HAVE A SOURCE, IT DOESN'T JUST GLOW ALL AROUND YOU FROM NOWHERE! And if it had a source, it must have been only shining on one side of the Earth at a time, right? And if the Earth was revolving, then whatever you want to call that kind of day & that kind of night, it was day & night just the same, even without any sun! God didn't need as much light for what He was doing anyhow, He could have done it in the dark!

95. ALL THAT ON THE FIRST DAY, THINK OF THAT! Whew! That's a lot of progress in one day!--Space, Earth, time, water, darkness, light, Spirit--seven things created on the first day, or at least there, present on the first day. The Spirit of God had always been, of course, before. Seven major things present. Then came:

96. (PETER: "AND GOD SAID, LET THERE BE A FIRMAMENT IN THE MIDST OF THE WATERS, & let if divide the waters from the waters. And God made the firmament, & divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: & it was so.") Is it so or not? (Family: Yes!) OK. (Peter: "And God called the firmament Heaven! And the evening & the morning were the second day.")

97. NOW HERE WE HAVE THIS HEAVEN AGAIN! The way we usually think of the heavens, we go out & look at the stars, the moon, the sun & we think of the planetary-stellar heavens. We can't imagine heavens, space, without sun, moon & stars, can we? But if you're going to believe the Bible & believe God at all, it was there, the space was there that He called heaven!

98. YOU SAY, "WELL, IT SAYS IN THE BEGINNING GOD CREATED THE HEAVEN & THE EARTH, you said He created heaven & the space to put the Earth in." OK, so there it is! If you want to say, "Well, that was just the introductory verse describing all the things that God made thereafter, it didn't mean He necessarily made the Earth & the heavens on the first day." Well, you just read right on down & it says "& the evening & the morning were the first day"!

99. IT HAD TO BE THE FIRST DAY BECAUSE THERE HAD TO BE TIME & without time there couldn't have been any heavens & Earth! If you're going to believe Einstein, even if you don't want to believe God, you're going to have to believe that nothing material can exist without time! A three-dimensional creation cannot exist without time, so time had to be there on the first day!

100. "BUT WHERE DOES THIS OTHER HEAVEN COME IN, HE'S TALKING ABOUT HERE IN THE MIDDLE, some kind of a thing called the firmament? What in the World is it talking about now?" Well, let's give your imagination an even wilder stretch & jump over to that fourth day & see what happened. What is this firmament? This was before there was even any dry land, isn't it? The Earth was covered with water, & He makes some kind of a space, a firmament, between the waters that are on the Earth & the waters above, some big space, & He calls it Heaven!

101. YOU SAY, "OH WELL, I GUESS THAT MUST BE THE ATMOSPHERIC HEAVENS, the space between the surface of the Earth & the clouds, the atmospheric covering of the Earth, that must be the atmospheric heavens. Dad, you often talk about the different kinds of heavens, seven kinds of heavens, one is the atmospheric heaven. So maybe that's what that is."

102. WELL, DO YOU KNOW HOW DEEP THE ATMOSPHERE IS? How high can you fly until you start running out of oxygen, out of air?--Atmospheric heavens, atmosphere. How high can you go? Come on, you guys have flown time & again! How high is Mount Everest?--29,000 feet, almost 30,000 feet, & there are only two men now living that I know of that have ever been to the top without oxygen equipment! Why? Because the air's so thin!

103. MANY MEN TRIED IT & DIDN'T MAKE IT, IN FACT, THEY WOUND UP MOST OF THEM IN A DIFFERENT WORLD ENTIRELY! They couldn't make it, the air was so thin, there was so little oxygen in the air. In other words, they were running out of atmosphere. The atmosphere is composed of air. This is the normal definition of atmosphere, it has to have air, it has to have the gases that surround the Earth. We have mostly nitrogen, I think, & oxygen & hydrogen & helium & a few other things. The air is composed of a lot of different gases. You're sitting here with a whole bunch of gases in this room, did you know that?--One of which you couldn't live without--oxygen!

104. NOW IF HE'S TALKING ABOUT ATMOSPHERIC HEAVENS, HOW HIGH DO THEY EXTEND? 30,000 feet is about six miles.--In other words, where you could still actually breathe. Most of the modern big jet planes today fly at what altitude? I think the Concorde, that bird-shaped plane, the fastest one in the World, flys at an altitude in the 40's that's about the highest they go, pretty high.

105. WELL, THERE MUST BE A LITTLE BIT LEFT UP THERE OR THEY COULDN'T FLY, neither would their jet motors work nor would there be enough support from atmosphere to support the wings or the body. So there must be a little out there. Well, science tells us if you want to include the atmosphere & the heavyside layer & the stratosphere way out to the very end of any sign of atmosphere or gases whatsoever, they've got it pretty well established by now, I guess, that there's a little thin bit that keeps on tapering off beyond.

106. THE ONLY PART THAT WILL DO YOU ANY GOOD IS ABOUT THE FIRST SIX MILES, beyond that you can't breathe, but there is a little tiny bit out there that runs up about 75 to 100 miles, something like that. What's the diameter of the Earth? If the "China Syndrome" came true, how far would the atomic plant drop before it hit China? The circumference of the Earth is approximately 25,000 miles. When they first started dividing the degrees & all the rest & even then deciding on hours--maybe God decided on it--you actually have 24,000 something, I've forgotten the exact amount.

107. YOU'VE GOT THE 24 HOURS OF THE DAY DIVIDED AT THE EQUATOR INTO ABOUT 1000 MILES EACH, & that's where they get all their degrees & all the rest. That's why the dimension degrees of the latitude, longitude & all that stuff are measured not in distances but in time--hours, minutes & seconds. Well, I didn't mean to get into that deep a study, but I'm trying to give you a little idea of what marvellous things God has made!

108. LOOK AT ALL THE AMAZING THINGS WE'VE RUN INTO ALREADY IN THE FIRST FEW VERSES OF THIS CHAPTER that you never even thought about before! And we still don't understand it. I'm probably bringing up more questions than I'm answering! But what I'm trying to bring up & driving at is how wrong they are, because modern science certainly is not according to the Bible!

109. YOU FORGOT TO TELL ME HOW WIDE THE EARTH IS.--Nobody knows? You can figure it out quick maybe in your head. The circumference is [EDITED: "pi, r, squared"]. We teachers who taught high school, we almost have to remember it, we taught it so many times! They said you'd have to find the square root of that in order to find out the diameter. Well, I'll save you a little time & your computer, it's about 8,000 miles thick! Don't you remember that, the World, straight through, pole to pole, is only about 8,000 miles in diameter, but 8,000 miles is quite a bit compared to six miles or even 100 miles!

110. I TOLD YOU ABOUT THAT PAN AMERICAN AIRWAYS GLOBE AT DINNER KEY BASE there where Pan American Airways got started, at Dinner Key just south of Miami, Florida. It was the first Pan American air terminal & they had something there that really attracted me as a boy. I used to ride clear down there ten miles on my bicycle just to watch the planes take off & come in from those far away places like Rio & Caracas & Buenos Aires & hear them announcing the planes. By the time I was a young teenager they had PA systems & some electronics, even radio! I used to build'm!--They'd announce these planes going & coming from these faraway places. I was like the little boy on the dock, dreaming, watching the ships come & go, dreaming of places to go.

111. BUT ONE OF THE MARVELS OF THAT AIR TERMINAL WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE AIR TERMINAL, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FLOOR! Sunk about a third of the way into the floor was this huge revolving Earth, ball, globe, 12 feet in diameter! You've maybe never seen a globe that big of the Earth with a map of the Earth on it, I mean, on that World map you could really see things, all the towns & everything. You can't really see anything on these little globes. That thing really had everything! And it was a relief map, they had mountains, they had everything!

112. IT WAS MOST FASCINATING THING, & IT WAS VERY VERY SLOWLY TURNING ON ITS AXIS. It was embedded in the floor on an axis at a slant about like the Earth is next to the sun, & embedded in this big well, sort of a hole in the floor, so that it was at least 2/3 or maybe 3/4 above the surface of the floor. You could stand there & watch that thing slowly more & think how enormous the World was!

113. THEY HAD A SIGN THERE THAT GAVE A LOT OF STATISTICS, but the one stat that impressed me the most as I looked at it & marvelled, was how little atmosphere we have, how little air there is! It looks like it wouldn't take much of a puff to blow it away! Because, it said, in relation to the size of this globe, the Earth's atmosphere would only be about a quarter-of-an-inch thick! So there ain't very much up there, Folks! Just enough for us, TTL!

114. OBVIOUSLY GOD DIDN'T INTEND FOR MAN TO BE CLIMBING MOUNTAINS 30-SOME-THOUSAND FEET HIGH, or even flying 35, 45 thousand feet above the Earth's surface. That's why they always demonstrate the oxygen mask in planes, in case something blew out & your pressurised air flooded out of the plane, you'd be gasping for breath at that altitude! So you'd better pay attention next time they demonstrate those things, you probably didn't even know what they were doing it for! Did you think that was in case you fell into the water, that that's how you were supposed to breathe?

115. IT ONLY TAKES ONE LITTLE HOLE, A SUDDEN BLOWN-OUT WINDOW or something & all the pressurised air in the cabin would whssst! In fact some people have sometimes been blown right out the doors or right out holes in the sides of the cabin just by the pressure of the air pressure inside. Some drunk went & opened the back door of some plane, I remember reading about it happening several times, & the air pressure just blows them right out, just like a wind!

116. HE NEVER EXPECTED THAT, HE PROBABLY FIGURED HE WAS SMART ENOUGH TO KEEP FROM FALLING OUT, but he couldn't help it. The thing just explodes like a bomb, just blows people out like popping a balloon! And then you're going to need those gas masks, you're going to have to breathe that gas that you can't live without--oxygen!

117. ON A BALL 12 FEET WIDE IT'S 1/4 INCH THICK, SO IT COULDN'T BE TALKING ABOUT THE ATMOSPHERE! All that to have to say this! Ha! Honey, I'm sorry, you know I can't do it any other way. (Maria: Honey, if you're happy & feeling well.) I'm happy & I'm feeling great! I feel better than I have all day, TYL! You inspire me, & the Lord inspires me, I think probably to feed you.

118. JUST LIKE DEAR RASPUTIN WAS TESTIFYING! His interlocutor said, "How come, you came in here drunk & you've been drinking constantly ever since you've been in here & yet now you're sober as a judge, you're more sober now than you were when you came in!" And he said, "When I talk about spiritual things I get sober, I guess God makes me that way!" Ha! Dear Maria ought to know! (Maria: It's a remarkable similarity.) It's amazing! It's a beautiful thing, something to preserve!

119. WAS IT THE SECOND DAY HE MADE THE FIRMAMENT? Read it again? We've got to find out what this firmament is! (Peter: "And God said, let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, & let it divide the waters from the waters.") And what waters were they? At that time, the only waters we've heard about, the whole face of the Earth was covered with water. And He said, let there be a space between the waters & let it divide the waters from the waters!

120. WELL, THAT DOESN'T SOUND TOO HARD TO DO! It's kind of like parting the Red Sea or something. Well, some theorise, some stupid preachers who didn't know much about science & didn't reason it a little further, "Well, that probably means the water on the Earth & the waters up there in the clouds." OK, go now to the fourth day & let's see if that's true.

121. (PETER: "AND GOD SAID, LET THERE BE LIGHTS IN THE FIRMAMENT OF THE HEAVEN TO DIVIDE THE DAY FROM THE NIGHT; & let them be for signs, & for seasons, & for days, & years: And let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the Earth: and it was so. And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, & the lesser light to rule the night: He made the stars also. And God set them in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the Earth, & to rule over the day & the night, & to divide the light from the darkness: and God saw that it was good. And the evening & the morning were the fourth day.")

122. HERE WE OBVIOUSLY HAVE THE SUN & THE MOON & THE STARS, & where do we find them? (Peter: In the firmament of Heaven!) Between the waters! Sun, moon & stars, obviously above the waters on the Earth, & apparently below the waters somewhere above! Even dumb people as simple as simple-minded & dumb as you & me can tell that the sun is not hovering around between the surface of the Earth & the clouds, so the waters above the firmament are not the clouds!

123. ASTRONOMY REALLY IS A VERY FAIRLY EXACT SCIENCE WHEN IT COMES TO THE SOLAR SYSTEM, but only when it comes to the solar system! I'm going to prove to you that all these tales they've been telling up about how far away the stars are, are fairy stories! They weave it right in to their measurements of the Solar System, the movement of the planets, & they can prove that.

124. THEY ARE ABLE TO SEND OUT SPACE PROBES, they've gone out to Mars & beyond to other planets & taken pictures & readings & they're already clear out to Saturn & where are they headed now? Neptune? I think they said it would take another two or three years to get to Neptune or something like that. If true.

125. WE DON'T KNOW IF THEY'RE KIDDING US, EVEN, FOR THAT MATTER! If they lie about one thing, they can lie about anything! It might be a whole cooked-up plot just to pretend they know, because who's going to know it ain't so? Just like the computers, the guys who run the computers are going to run the World, because nobody else knows how to run them, or how to stop them either, for that matter!

126. SOMEBODY SENT US AN ARTICLE ABOUT THESE NEW ELECTRODE IMPLANTS by which they're going to be able to control people's personality & their actions & everything else by radio, etc., just by planting these little electrodes in a certain portion of your brain, to control your actions, to make a lion out of a lamb or a lamb out of a lion! They've already proven them on animals, changed their whole nature & personalities. Man tampering with the creations of God! Let me tell you, God's got to put a stop to it pretty soon!

127. BY THE WAY, THIS IS WRITTEN BY THE SAME GUY THAT WROTE THAT NOVEL ON CLONES, you know, making identical copies of people by their genes, etc. It's a novel called In His Image about this guy who made a whole lot of guys, I think, in his own image or something to rule the World. Well, it's an imaginative stretch of his imagination, of course, fanciful stretch of imagination in order to shock people to wake them up to what's really happening!

128.--HOW IF GOD LET MAN GO ON MUCH LONGER HE'D BE TRYING TO CONTROL WHAT THE BABIES ARE LIKE WHEN THEY'RE BORN & how the cells grow & how the different plants & animals grow. I mean, man would really screw up the works! Really throw a monkey-wrench into the machinery! He has learned that much he can tamper, but he can't create, he can't make alive, he can't create life.

129. I HEARD THEM EVEN TALKING THE OTHER DAY JUST LIKE THEY'D ALREADY CREATED LIFE IN A TESTTUBE! It's a lie! They haven't! just because they found a few little chemicals present there, they said these are the same chemicals present where there is life. But I never saw anything jump out of that testtube yet!

130. THEY'RE TAMPERING & TINKERING WITH MAN'S BODY, & God knows what all these chemical poisons & medicines & everything else do to people! And now they're tampering with his mind & his genes, his hereditary genes & chromosomes. The chromosomes are made up of genes which determine your personality & characteristics & the colour of your eyes & your hair & the shape of your nose & everything!

131. THEY COME IN PERFECT ORDER, JUST EXACTLY SO MANY PER CHROMOSOME OF THIS & THAT & EVERYTHING! God has everything perfectly in order, perfectly balanced to make you come out just right. But man's not satisfied, he's got to start tinkering with those things & they've already tinkered with the genes, which are the things which determine these things in the chromosome, & how the life comes out in the long run.

132. THEY'VE ALREADY CHANGED THE MOLECULAR STRUCTURE & TRAITS & QUALITIES, ETC., OF GERMS BY THIS, & of plants, & I think they claim they've even gotten around to some experiments on rats or something where mostly they make monstrosities & horrible things out of them! And that's probably what man would make out of himself if God let him go on long enough, some kind of a Frankenstein's monster, tinkering around with his genes & chromosomes & making everybody exactly alike, like carbon copies, the clones as they call them!

133. WELL, THIS BOOK MADE QUITE A SENSATION & HE'S WRITTEN A NEW ONE NOW which is right down to scientific fact which they've already proven with animals they can do it, & now they just want a chance to experiment on people! They'll probably start on the insane cases where they've already been fiddling around & operating on their skulls & taking out pieces of their brain & everything else to stop epilepsy, & usually they wind up with a worse vegetable than they started with! Horrible!

134. I MEAN, YOU TALK ABOUT HORRORS THAT THESE SCIENTIFIC SO-CALLED SCIENTISTS ARE UP TO IN SURGERY, ETC.! You think they commit crimes on animals, it's horrible when you realise what they're doing to human beings!--Poor insane people who can't protect themselves & are at the mercy of the State to use as guinea pigs! They're going to start planting those electrodes in your brain, very very tiny little steel rods that react to electrical impulses & radio waves, etc., to make a machine out of a man! That's the whole idea. I haven't even read the whole article yet, but I got the idea.

135. YOU TALK ABOUT ROBOTS, MEN TRYING TO MAKE MEN OUT OF MACHINES!--The most diabolical thing they're up to is making machines out of men! As the scientist said, "the human body is the most marvellous durable machine known to man! It lasts longer, it repairs itself & it can stand more shock & all kinds of things & is smarter than everything else! Why fiddle around trying to make men out of machines when they say we've already got the perfect machine, the human body's the most perfect machine ever made!

136. "IT MIGHT TAKE US THOUSANDS OF YEARS TO MAKE A MACHINE LIKE MAN! We've already got man machines, all we need to do is learn how to control'm! So we can just put these little pieces of metal in here that react to different electrical impulses & radio waves & that's all we have to do to control their whole personality, reactions, actions, behaviour, the whole works!" It's already a developing science well on its way, already proving it on animals!

137. THEY'RE JUST WAITING FOR THE AUTHORITY OF THE WORLD ANTICHRIST GOVERNMENT TO TRY IT ON YOU, to make absolute robots out of humanity! Think of that! They don't have to manufacture ridiculous mechanical robots--the best ones you've seen are almost silly toys! None of them could compare with that beautiful girl robot they had on that TV series for awhile. But they're going to try to make robots out of you! It's too slow trying to manufacture robots & make men out of machines, they're going to make machines out of men! Well, I threw that in for extra!

138. WELL, THEY CAN GET TO THE MOON & THEY CAN MEASURE MOVEMENTS OF THE SOLAR BODIES, ETC., & they have proven that they can send a space probe out there & land on Mars & pass by Jupiter & Saturn & take pictures & all the rest, but they say it would take four years even if it travelled the speed of light, which it doesn't, for some kind of a space probe to fly from here to the nearest star so they say--four light years!--Light travelling at the speed of 186,000 miles a second!

139. I'LL NEVER FORGET, I FIGURED OUT HOW FAST THAT WAS IN MILES-PER-HOUR ONCE & wound up with a figure about as long as your arm! It's a long ways!--How far light travels in one hour at the speed of 186,000 miles per second! All you have to do is multiply 186,000 by 3600--can you do that real quick? Never mind, don't do it now, you can do it after class. I love to raise questions that get you interested! (669,600,000 miles an hour!)

140. WHEN I USED TO GIVE SCIENCE TO MY KIDS & THEY WANTED TO FIGURE THESE THINGS OUT, I'll give you that assignment for homework, bring it back tomorrow." It's like the one about, which would you rather have, a million dollars or a penny today, two cents tomorrow, four cents the next day & double it every day till the end of the month? You find out you wind up with more at the end of the month if you just have it double every day than if you have a million dollars! I think that was the figure. It seemed unbelievable!

141. I USED TO USE THAT TO SHOW HOW FAST YOU COULD WIN SOULS if you'd even just win one soul every six months & teach each of those souls within the following six months how to win another soul. If each of you only won one soul every six months, & each of your converts & their converts won just one soul every six months--only every six months!--if it were possible & everybody would receive it, you could convert the entire population of the globe of over three billion people in only 16 years!

142. THAT, YOU SEE, IS AN ILLUSTRATION THAT THE CHURCH SURE HAS FALLEN I DOWN ON THE JOB SOMEWHERE!--Because if everybody had really been faithful soul-winners & even won only one soul every six months, they could have won the whole population in just 16 years! Of course not everybody's going to be won, but theoretically it's possible & it shows somebody hasn't been doing their job!

143. WE'RE PROBABLY THE FASTEST-GROWING & THE GREATEST SOUL--WINNERS IN THE WORLD IN COMPARISON TO OUR NUMBERS, our small size, infinitesimal compared to the size of the World's population or even the population of the Church, how many Christians there are! And yet we're winning more souls--if you're going to judge by number of souls & converts, etc., in the other denominations--we're winning more than any other denomination in the World by actual statistics! Think of that!

144. IN FACT, THE CATHOLICS & THE METHODISTS & THE PRESBYTERIANS & MOST BIG DENOMINATIONAL CHURCHES ARE LOSING MEMBERS, are on the decline, serious decline, till the Catholic church is getting desperate about even getting enough priests! And the Methodist Church, the World's largest Protestant denomination, is getting desperate about having enough pastors, & closing churches! For example, in one area we worked in in Pennsylvania, out of every five churches, four were closed for lack of either pastors or people!

145. THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND IS GOING DOWNHILL SO FAST, THEY'VE GOT ALMOST MORE EMPTY CHURCHES THAN THEY HAVE OCCUPIED! People are losing faith, they can't even get enough preachers to man the churches, & not enough people to keep the preachers or to occupy the buildings for sale, the Church of England alone, in England alone, that no longer had congregations, they had declined! While they're declining, we may not be very big, but we're booming! PTL!

146. OUR FAMILY ARE ACTUALLY IN A SENSE PASTORS & MISSIONARIES, & we're growing now to where now by this last month we're over 9,000 missionaries! Of course, that's counting the children, but every one of them is a missionary & some of the best we've got! Our parish is the World, of course, as I think Martin Luther once said, & our parishioners, we have several million of them, souls won to the Lord!

147. MAYBE SOME PEOPLE SMIRK & SNICKER & CHUCKLE ABOUT THAT MANY SOULS WON, BUT I BELIEVE IT! Because I believe when people make a decision by saying yes or raising their hand or a prayer, I believe it! I don't think they'd do it unless they meant it. How many million is it now we've won to the Lord in the last ten years? Something near four million as I recall. And we're winning something around half-a-million a year! We're running around 40,000 a month, there's 400,000 right there plus 2 more months & you've got a half-a-million a year!--And by actual count, our actual stats! (1981.)

148. THANK GOD I INSISTED ON STARTING TO KEEP STATS! Some of our leaders griped & grumbled & I'll never forget dear Jethro groaning about having to keep "all these stupid figures!" And of course like most of the rest of his work, he right away didn't do it but turned the job over to somebody else. Well, that's a very smart leader, he gets somebody else to do his work for him. He got bookkeepers & secretaries & everyone else to do the job.

149. BUT NOW WE HAVE THEM, WE'VE GOT ACTUAL RECORDS! maybe some of them were padded by the old Chain, I don't know, but we've got stats for the last three or four years since the Chain which I have confidence in & believe in! We're winning souls by the tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions! PTL!--Which you're sure going to be glad to see in the millennium! Just think, we going to be running the world, that's a big job! Whew! How did I get all of that out of the first chapter of Genesis? All right! Last point:

150. WHERE ARE THE SUN, MOON & STARS, ANYHOW? IN WHAT? (FAMILY: THE FIRMAMENT!) And where is this firmament? (Family: Between the waters.) The waters below, obviously on the earth, & the waters above! If the Bible is true, there's water out yonder somewhere beyond the stars! If science is true, the stars are billions of miles away, trillions! In fact, the distances are so so great according to science you can't even measure it in miles, you have to measure it in light years!

151. IF YOU THINK THE DISTANCE LIGHT CAN TRAVEL IN ONE HOUR IS GREAT, how far can it travel in a day, a week, a month, a year? That's how the scientists measure space & time & how far away the stars are supposed to be. But I can prove by the Bible it ain't so! Stars are not that far away!

152. JUST BECAUSE FROM EXPERIENCE & OBSERVATION BY TELESCOPE, ETC., THEY CAN PLOT THE COURSE OF THE STARS & know exactly where they're going to be or where they've been & how they rise & how they fall & this, that & the other, it ain't necessarily so! It's because they know where they're going to be & where they've been & where they're going to be by their courses & all of that, but it ain't necessarily so that they're that far away! How do I know that that's not true?

153. SEE, THAT'S WHERE THEY RUN YOU RIGHT OFF THE EDGE OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM & their true measurements & actual proof of space probes & the Solar distances & all that, the things they really know & can prove & have measurements & all the rest, actual space probes & photographs. But when they get beyond man's little limit here of the Solar system, Brother, they've gone too far! Thus far, the Lord says, & no farther! Even according to their own ridiculous measurements, of course, they would never ever get even to the nearest star four light years away. Did you get the figure?

154. (JAMES: IN ONE HOUR IT WOULD TRAVEL 669,600,000 MILES!--3,600 TIMES 186,000!) That's 2/3 of a billion miles in one hour, & then you've got to multiply it by 24 to get how many a day & so on & up to a year--how far light travels in a year! This is how these "godly" scientists--godly not because they have anything to do with God but they consider themselves gods, like God, as gods--will tell you with a straight solemn face how far away the stars are!--That even the nearest star is four light years away, it would take the light of our sun four years to get to the nearest star!

155. THEY SAY, "THE STAR YOU'RE SEEING TONIGHT, THAT STAR OUT THERE, THAT NEAREST STAR, its light left there & you're just now seeing it four years later!" Well, that might be believable, but they go a little too far then: They say, "Well, of course, there are much more distant stars whose light has been travelling for millions of years to reach you, & you're just now seeing them!"

156. NOW YOU KNOW THEY'RE LYING, DON'T YOU?--AND NOW YOU KNOW IT ISN'T SO! If they hadn't stretched it out quite so far you might have believed it. Maybe I can believe that that first star is four light years away, because after all, the Earth is only 6,000 years old & there might be a few of them 6,000 light years away, that's still a helluva long ways away!

157. BUT THERE'S NOT A SINGLE STAR THAT IS MORE THAN 6,000 LIGHT YEARS AWAY! How can I prove that? Because time has only existed for the last 6,000 years, & the sun, moon & stars have only been around for the last 6,000 years! So if any of them are any further away than that, they just never existed! Their light not only hasn't reached you yet, but it never will, because they ain't! Well, if out dear brains here wanted to figure out how far light could travel in 6,000 years, that's far enough for me, Brother, it they're that far away! But there's not a single star that is more than 6,000 light years away!

158. THE PLANETARY SOLAR SYSTEM DISTANCES, MOVEMENTS, RELATIONSHIPS, EVEN INFLUENCES ARE TRUE SCIENCE & have been scientifically proven. But the distance even to the nearest star that they claim is that far away, did you know that is mere theory? That all of these stellar distances are mere theory?--And I don't have to have any kind of a lecture or astronomical book or some of their astronomical guesses to tell me that, all I have to do is read the Bible! There was not a star made or placed before 6,000 years ago, just before man was created, on the fourth day of Creation!

159. NOW EITHER YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE THAT OR YOU DON'T BELIEVE THE BIBLE! So that's your choice God gives everybody, whether you want to believe the Bible & what it actually says & the truth of God's Word, or the lies of science--science falsely so-called! Why does it say it was falsely so-called? What does the word science, from the Latin "scio" mean? Come on, didn't any of you take a wonderful dead language like Latin? Well, the fact is we take Latin because it's not a dead language, it's living in a multitude of languages!

160. "SCIO" MEANS "I KNOW," SO THE WORD "SCIENCE" MEANS THE THINGS YOU KNOW, OR KNOWLEDGE. And what was the first temptation of man?--To know, knowledge! There was Karl Sagan up there strutting across the stage, & in his space ship he waves his hand over the little lights & things appear on the screen, marvels! He's already a god! He knows! And he tells you what he knows! Liar! He doesn't know any such thing, he's a God-damned diabolical Satanic liar! (In the "Cosmos" TV series!)

161. HE'S SPOUTING OFF THE VERY LIES OF THE SERPENT, THE DEVIL HIMSELF! That's what he is, one of the Devil's smooth liars, one of his henchmen, probably the Devil in the flesh in that series!--So clever & so smooth & with wisdom & confidence & faith in himself & his lies to deceive young people & people to think, "Well, that must be true. Look at all the proof, look at all the pictures, look at all the lights on his screen! Look at all the images on the dome of the planetarium, it must be true!

162. "LOOK AT ALL THE THINGS WE'VE SEEN ON TELEVISION, it must all be true!" Well, you can see missing links & everything else on television! You don't have to see them on television, you can walk around the streets of New York & see missing links! I wish they were missing! Some of those goons! The gangs in New York even call them goons, their gangsters!

163. IF YOU'RE GOING TO BELIEVE GOD'S WORD INSTEAD OF THE LIES OF THE DEVIL, YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE EXACTLY WHAT IT SAYS, & that there's not a star out there further than 6,000 light years away. As far as we know, even the earliest men mapped charts of the stars thousands of years ago, & some of them have been in existence for we know hundreds of years & far before that, because there were astrologers even in Daniel's day & before that! You say, "Well, they just had to do with the planets." Well, they knew all about the stars too, probably even more about stars than we do today!

164. THERE'S ONLY 6,000 YEARS OF HISTORY SINCE CREATION, RIGHT? It says that on the fourth day He made the stars also, so when did He make them? How long ago? (Family: 6,000 years!) Do you think you could see them then? Or that He made them 6,000 light years away & you're not seeing them until just now? Well, we know by history that they've been for quite awhile before this, in fact, several thousand years!

165. IT'S MY PERSONAL CONVICTION THAT THE STARS WERE VISIBLE I WOULD SAY AT LEAST THAT DAY! "Lights in the heavens"--you must have been able to see them if they were lights. So if they saw them that same day, on the fourth day, they certainly couldn't have been more than 24 hours away, even light years! What was your number? Two-thirds of a billion in an hour? Well, let's say at least by the tenth hour of the day they could see them, so you've got about maybe six billion miles away. Ten times your 600-&-some million is six billion something. I can figure that out even in my little head!

166. MAYBE IT'S MY CAPACITY TO BE ABLE TO SEE THINGS, I CAN VISUALISE IT! Whenever I have to do a problem like that I do it visually. I bring down a zero here & I multiply six time zero here & that's zero & six times six is 36 & there's 3600 plain as day! Can't you see it? Ha! Well, that's a prophet's gift to be able to visualise & see visions! Without a vision the people don't know mathematics! PTL!

167. WELL, I HAD TO GET TO THE END OF MY STORY, & THAT IS IT! I had get to the end to prove to you that the whole thing is a lie!: Their whole theory of stellar distances & measurements is an outright lie, because there couldn't possibly be a star more than ten light hours away, much less years & years & blah blah blah, trillions & billions of light years away. All that's a lot of tommyrot! Well, I'll confess six billion miles is quite a little ways! Ha!

168. THE SUN IS 93 MILLION MILES AWAY, & the furthest planet is how far? Anybody know? I think they claim it takes eight minutes for the light to get here from the sun. I don't remember. All you have to do is multiply 60 times 186,000 & divide that into 93 million! Can't you do that in your head? Ha! Are you having fun? I am!

169. AFTER ALL, IF THESE ASTRONOMERS CAN TOSS THESE BILLIONS & TRILLIONS OF LIGHT YEARS OF DISTANCE AROUND, why can't we toss around a few million?--Not even one light year! Not even one light month away! They're not even one light week away! And they undoubtedly have to be less than one light day away, so they're only a few light hours away at the very most!--Not billions & trillions of light years, that's a lot of baloney!

170. SO YOUR BEAUTIFUL CONSTELLATIONS & STARS & GALAXIES & ALL THE REST that you can see out there through the telescopes, etc.--you can even see with the naked eye 4,000 of them & have been ever since Creation--according to all the star charts & everything they've had since thousands of years ago, they've never changed! So I'm convinced by the time some of those first ones were made by the first astrologers, they hadn't changed a bit from the day of Creation to their time!

171. SO THEREFORE, THANK GOD, THEY'RE NOT NEARLY AS FAR AWAY AS THEY'VE BEEN TELLING US! Which also means they're not necessarily as big as they claim & may not even have any planets! They've never yet proved that one single star out there has one single planet, that's pure theory! But the sad part of it is it's pure theory that they've been dishing out to our kids for years that they're millions of light years away! That's a lot of baloney!

172. IT'S JUST PLAIN TRIPE!--NOT EVEN AS GOOD AS TRIPE! Tripe is something real you can get out of a cow's stomach. You thought it was a fish, didn't you? Ha! It is part of a cow's stomach, isn't it? They sell it at meat markets. Some people like it, it's very good, We used to eat it. Or was it brain? Well anyway, tripe at least is real, it exists, but their distances don't!

173. AND TO FINISH THE STORY, NOT ONLY ARE THE STARS NOT SO FAR AWAY, BUT THERE'S SOMETHING EVEN FURTHER AWAY THAN THE STARS!--The water above the firmament! Some of you are looking at me like, "Well, he resembles Rasputin in a lot of ways, he's almost as crazy!" Well, I don't have to be very smart to figure that out, all I had to do was believe in the Bible! Then you can be smarter than your teachers, smarter than the scientists, & you'll have wisdom that drives their diviners mad! (Isa.44:25.)

174. THAT'S WHY THEY'RE SO FURIOUS WITH THE BIBLE & WITH CHRISTIANS & PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE IT, BECAUSE IT DRIVES SCIENCE CRAZY!--Because it debunks & disproves all of their fanciful fairy tale lies! Even fairy tales probably have more reality & substance to them than their lies, they probably had some origin in truth, like little angels & demons & witches! I even believe in elves, I've seen them!--Gremlins! At least I saw them in a dream, & David was the king of them when he was a little kid, King of the Elves! Remember that? Where was that? I've forgotten, I've had so many visions. (Tenerife, January 1977.)

175. WHEN I LOOK BACK THROUGH THAT BOOK & I SEE ALL THOSE LETTERS, I CAN'T SAY I CAN HARDLY BELIEVE IT BECAUSE THERE IT IS, the Lord has given us that many words & that many revelations, dreams, visions, prophecies! I wouldn't be surprised if I've had more than any prophet that ever lived! I certainly have recorded more! Maybe Jeremiah & Daniel & all those guys had more than I had, but surely it seems they would have put it down, & they did put down the most important ones anyhow.

176. BUT IF I HAVEN'T HAD MORE THAN ANY OTHER PROPHET, I SURE HAVE WRITTEN DOWN MORE THAN ANY OTHER PROPHET, unless their works were just burned or got lost somewhere! But I don't see why the Lord would let that happen if they're a prophet of God & they were supposed to deliver them to the people. Think of that! Over a thousand Letters now, think of that! Think of it! My writings are already ten times as long as the Bible & even more than that! I mean, it dumbfounds me when I look at it!

177. I THINK, NOW LORD, IT HAD TO BE YOU, BECAUSE I NEVER COULD HAVE DONE ALL THAT! I never wrote anything before, believe it or not, except school things & theses & all that kind of stuff, & they weren't very good or very long & I didn't always get very good grades on them. So I'm just trying to prove to you that it had to be the Lord, it's got to be God, it had to be God! Think of it, over 1,000 Letters! The Lord's going to have to take me home before long or there will be 10,000 & you guys will never get them all read! Ha! Unless that's going to be part of my job in the Millennium, being a teacher!--Ha! I wouldn't be surprised!

178. GO ON TO THE TOILET, HONEY! Don't ever be afraid to get up & go to the toilet when I'm preaching, my goodness, you'll pop if you don't, because I'm so long-winded! But how else could I have got around to the whole subject & finished if off & rounded it off & explained it all to you & proved to you that we're surrounded by water that isn't too far away!--If it's still there, there's some question about that.

179. I DON'T LIKE TO SAY "CHRISTIAN SCIENTISTS," BUT SOME SCIENTISTS THAT ARE CHRISTIANS theorise that God dumped that water on the Earth during the Flood & that there's no longer a hollow sphere of water surrounding our little solar & stellar system. It doesn't say the firmament there, but it does say "the windows of Heaven were opened" to help pour out the Flood. (Ge.7:11.) Could it have just meant the rain clouds & all that?

180. WHAT WERE "THE FOUNTAINS OF THE GREAT DEEP"? It must have been something that hadn't happened before!--Like artesian wells, the Earth must have suddenly started spouting water everywhere! Water was coming from every direction, overhead & underneath, you couldn't get away from it! What a horrible watery hell on Earth that was, huh? (Ge.7:17-24.)

181. WELL, I WAS JUST GOING TO SAY SOME CHRISTIANS HAVE THEORISED THAT MAYBE THE LORD ALLOWED THE WATERS FROM THE HEAVENS TO COME DOWN. But if it's out there beyond the stars, that's quite a ways! Even if it's out there just beyond the solar system, that's quite a ways for that water to fall! James, you're our researcher, you can come back & tell us how far away Pluto is & how far it would take the light of the sun to reach Pluto, OK?

182. SO AS YOUR SHEPHERD & PASTOR & YOUR SPIRITUAL LEADER & TEACHER & FATHER, now you know why I gave this whole lecture, because I'm recommending that you see two shows, one discussing Bible Prophecy & the other about Rasputin, & sandwiched in-between them is another one of those big lies of the Devil! So if you watch it, now you have heard & understand--at least I hope you do--& now you know--at least you know what's written in the Bible, even if you don't know what I said was true! But at least what I'm saying is according to the Bible!

183. SO THEREFORE IF HE CREATED THE STARS & THEY WERE THERE ON THAT FOURTH DAY OF CREATION, & within this firmament of space between here & the outer waters, obviously they couldn't be too far away--they certainly couldn't be Light years away! They are very far & they are very high, "Behold, the stars how high they are."

184. OBVIOUSLY EVEN THE ANCIENTS KNEW THAT THEY WERE HIGHER THAN THE SUN, MOON & PLANETS--BEYOND THEM. You can see that by naked eye observation. How do you know? Well, if you know anything at all about watching stars & so on, you can see that the moon passes between you & the stars. And by means of eclipses they can see that the sun passes between them & the stars too. They can also tell the planets pass across the face of the stars, so the planets are between us & the stars. Stars're out there beyond, but they're not that far beyond! They're far out, but they're not that far out!

185. BUT WHY DOES THE DEVIL KEEP HARPING ON THAT? That's the last point. Why does he keep inculcating students & children & young people & big folks with those same lies about the distance of the stars? (James: Because if they were these great distances it would imply that the whole thing's been around for millions of years!) A lot longer than 6,000 years! "So therefore the Bible isn't true, Creation's not only 6,000 years old, man hasn't been here only 6,000 years!"--they say.

186. "THE EARTH ISN'T THE MOST IMPORTANT PLANET, MAN'S NOT SO IMPORTANT! After all, it's just a speak of dust, what the hell does it matter what happens to us? We can blow the World up or kill our fellow man, it doesn't matter how we treat him or anything else! We're just a bunch of little microbes down here on a speck of dust & nothing's important!"--say the scientists.

187. WHAT A HELLISH HELL OF A DOCTRINE! All the Devil's devilish doctrines are damnable, fiendish, destructive, designed to destroy faith, designed to destroy belief in God & His Word & His Creation! So when they tell you these lies, don't believe it, because they ain't necessarily so! In fact, these "scientific" lies are necessarily not so! PTL?

188. NEXT TIME YOU GET OUT THERE & TAKE A LITTLE LOOK, BREATHE A SIGH OF RELIEF, THEY'RE NOT AS FAR AWAY AS THEY TOLD YOU! It just ain't so! They're at least certainly not more than six billion miles away. Of course that's a fair piece, I wouldn't want to walk it! Ha! Well, if I tell you my personal conviction you may think I'm crazy!: I don't think they're even that far away! I don't think they're very much beyond the solar system itself, personally. And all this deception that science has been going through to try & prove how far away they are was all a part of the doctrine & the lies of the Devil trying to disprove the Word of God!

189. SO I WOULD FIND MYSELF QUITE IN AGREEMENT WITH THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, I wouldn't have put Galileo in jail or made him hush just because he proved the Earth was round & talked about the planets & that the Earth went around the sun instead of the sun around the Earth. But I think it would be a very good idea to put all the Karl Sagans & all the rest of these scientists in jail who tell all these other things which are lies about the creation the World by the sun, & about the huge distances of the stars & all those other things! In fact, I think jail's too good for them, the Lord's going to have to burn'm up one of these days to get rid of them & all their books & all their lies!

190. SO WHEN YOU SEE THAT "COSMOS" SHOW ON TELEVISION, YOU'LL KNOW WHY I GAVE YOU THIS LITTLE LECTURE, so you'll not be deceived or deluded by the Devil's lies! Don't believe it, because it ain't so! But that's the insidious thing about it, as Maria & I were discussing, how subtly they slide right from one thing to the other. They state one fact & one truth, & go right on to the lies & state them just like they were just as much proven facts & truth as the last thing they said!

191. THEY WEAVE THIS TANGLED WEB OF TRUTH & LIES TOGETHER SO YOU CAN'T TELL WHAT'S SO OR WHAT AIN'T SO! The poor student in school, he can't tell the difference! And the poor viewers of television are going to have to really think fast to keep up with which is true & which isn't true; which is lies, which is the truth! But we have one very simple easy standard almost any child can use & that is, if it's against what the Bible says, it ain't so! PTL? OK!

192. WELL, PTL! ONE O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING & YOU'VE HAD ANOTHER LONG MO SESSION!--Like we used to have! I know some of you are about to go to sleep sitting there & I'm sorry you're tired. That's why poor Maria fears to ever let me get started, because she knows it's impossible to turn me off & it may never end! (Maria: Honey, I don't mind if it never ends, just so you don't end!) Honey, I haven't had so much fun in a month of Sundays! We haven't had a good session like this in I don't know when! (Maria: I hope you feel just as good tomorrow!) I believe I will, providing Sue gets me a cup of soup when I'm done.

193. ON MARIA'S BIRTHDAY I FELT SICK, & THE FURTHER IT WENT ON THE SICKER I GOT! I guess it must not have been of the Lord. She didn't want me to do it in the first place. I was exhausted when I came home, & when I got through with that, I was ready to collapse & did! And I was sick the following day. So I guess that must not have been of the Lord. But I wanted to do something. (Maria: It was good.) (Her birthday party!)

194. YES, WELL, A LOT OF THINGS ARE GOOD BUT A LOT OF THINGS WE COULD HAVE DONE BETTER! And a lot of good things we'd have been better off if we hadn't done'm & gone the wiser course! I just wanted to make it something special that she'd remember that we all loved her & I wanted to sit there & praise her & brag about her & I guess it was my desire of the flesh. And I was still hoping maybe somebody was going to bring in a candle & a cake & a little ice cream, but they never did!

195. (MARIA: WE WERE GOING TO HAVE CAKE & ICE CREAM TONIGHT, BUT WE WERE SAVED! HA!) I talked too long! Nobody told me! The poor kids, did they give it to them? That would be terrible to disappoint them. You just can't disappoint kids, they can understand cake & ice cream a lot better than astronomy! Well, PTL! When I start getting tired & sleepy & hungry then I know it must be time to quit. Probably some of you are thinking, "My God, I wish he'd get sleepy sooner! For God's sake, why doesn't he ever get hungry!" Sitting on those hard straight chairs, you poor people, I'm sorry. Maybe one of you big guys could at least have moved to that one comfortable chair over there.

196. I THINK YOU MUST BE ASCETICS OF SOME KIND THAT BELIEVE IN TORTURING THE FLESH, earning merit or whatever, I don't know what! I believe in being as comfortable as possible & enjoying myself, which I did tonight. All I was going to do was explain to you about these shows, so I did!--Even if it did take us three hours! Well, I hope you learned something anyhow. But those're some rather interesting facts from the Bible that totally contradict accepted lies of science today.

197. SO ABOUT HALF OF WHAT YOU'LL SEE ON THAT ASTRONOMY THING IN BETWEEN ABOUT THE STARS & ALL THAT STUFF IS JUST PLAIN PURE LIES! My grandmother used to say, "You know why flattery is like soap?" That old wash soap they used to make, I don't suppose it's that strong today. She said, "It's 90% lye!" We can change that & say: "You know why these astronomical figures of the scientists are like soft soap?--They're 90% lie!" Well, forgive me for keeping you up so long. Although I enjoyed it, it really wasn't selfish, I really felt you needed to know.--Especially to put any further doubts out of your mind regarding God's Word.

198. JUST REMEMBER, WHENEVER IT COMES TO CONTRADICTING GOD'S WORD IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM, I don't care how much they pretend to prove it or blah blah blah, it just ain't so! So there you are! The stars have been here ever since God made them on the fourth day, & that's only 6,000 years ago, so they couldn't be as far away as they say. So I believe the Bible, PTL?

199. I BELIEVE THEY'RE CLOSE ENOUGH TO NOT ONLY BE LIGHTS, SIGNS, SEASONS & ALL THE REST THAT HE SAID THEY'D BE, but maybe we'll be able to take a trip out there & visit them one of these days since they're not so far away. And if they're out there for any other reason than for lights, we may find it interesting! Otherwise, if they're nothing but little pinholes in the sky then we won't waste our time making any space trips, probably won't even waste our time going to the planets. There's nothing out there except God's power.

200. WE PROBABLY COULD IF WE WANTED TO, BUT WHO WANTS TO WASTE ALL OUR TIME FLYING THROUGH ICE COLD SPACE to see nothing but big hunks of rock & no people? I'd rather visit one of you girls than all the planets in space!--And be close to you & feel you & your love, than taking a tour around the solar system. I don't know what fascinates these guys with all these things they don't know anything about, or very little.

201. THEY HAVE THAT DEMONIC THIRST FOR KNOWLEDGE, TO BE AS GODS! They want to know it all, like God, & they're really ashamed & embarrassed that they don't know it all. Here they're pretending to be gods & yet they don't know it all. And if they're going to be gods, they've got to know it all, so they've got to pretend to know it all, & that's exactly what they do. God deliver us from the Devil's lies!

202. AMEN, LORD BLESS OUR CHILDREN AROUND THE WORLD & ALL OF OUR FOLKS, PARENTS TOO, & help them to have such firm conviction in Thy Word, the truth of it, "that God is not a man that He should lie," that everything You ever said was absolute truth, Lord. (Nu.23:19.) Thank You Lord for the Truth of Thy Word that is our simple guide, we don't have to be misled or mystified or have doubts by these lies of these so-called scientists, "science falsely so-called." (1Ti.6:20.)

203. TYL FOR THY TRUE SCIENCE, GENUINE KNOWLEDGE OF THY WORD, fact that is true & we know it's true, just like we know You & we know You're true. We can believe in You, Lord, & You'll never lie to us. You've never deceived us, you're always true & keep Your promises, & You have now, Lord, for thousands of years to Thy children, Thy people, they men & women throughout the ages, & at least 60-some years that I know of, that I've experienced personally & know is a fact, You've never failed. TYJ! PTL!

204. THANK YOU LORD FOR TOUCHING MY HEAD WHEN THE DEVIL TRIED TO KNIFE HIS WAY IN TO DESTROY THIS MESSAGE which our youth & young people & children need to know & believe & not be misled by all these lies of so-called science, "the profane & vain babblings of science falsely so-called." Lord, what a picture! What a good description of all that junk they foist on students today. Profane & vain babblings from the university of empty blab!--Babble! Blab! All in vain & worse yet, profane, against You & against Thy Word & against the truth, against reality, all lies.

205. HELP US TO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE & HELP US TO ESCHEW EVIL FROM THE GOOD & be able to discern the difference, Lord, between that which is true & that which is lies, because of the measurement that we have of Thy Word & Thy truth that You've given us in Your Word, Lord, in the Bible, & even since then. TYJ! PYL! Hallelujah for Thy faithfulness! It's so wonderful, Lord, our whole lives are all wrapped up in the Word--Thee, the Living Word, Lord, God's Word & Words in every way, Lord, our whole lives & communication.

206. THAT'S WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT, LORD, IS COMMUNICATION BETWEEN YOU & US, & US & YOU & EACH OTHER. That's really what love is, is communication, loving communication, loving knowledge of each other, loving communication with each other. This is what we had tonight, communion, which is communication, with each other & with Thee & with Thy Word. Help us, Lord, to never doubt it for a moment, to trust Thee completely & all that You've given us, Lord. TYJ!

207. SURELY YOU HAVE SPOILED THIS GENERATION! As You said once before, they've suffered more than any generation, but You've rewarded them, Lord, by giving them more than any generation!--A greater knowledge of You & Your secrets & truths & revelations of both past & present & future, than any other generation has ever received.--More light, more Bible, more Letters, more revelations, more prophecy, more dreams, more visions than any other generation. TYL! It's a marvel & a wonder to us how You have done it.

208. THANK YOU FOR THESE FAITHFUL ONES WHO HELP TO CONSERVE THY WORD & PRESERVE IT & PASS IT ON TO OTHERS that they may bathe & revel in Thy light, the fountain of Thy truth, & thrill to its ecstasies of really knowing the truth & knowing You, Jesus, "whom to know is life eternal. "Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL! The whole thing is communication, Lord, & education, that we might truly know, Lord, the real truth & the true knowledge & the good knowledge & we indeed shall be as gods! TYL! PYJ!

209. GIVE US THE STRENGTH TO HANG ON YOU & THY WORD, & we won't have to hang onto our faith because it will come automatically, because we believe in You & Your Word & faith comes by hearing the Word of God. (Ro.10:17.) It's an automatic thing, Lord, we just read Thy Word & we'll believe. TYJ! PYL! Help us to read it, all of this & all the things You've given us, Lord.

210. THANK YOU FOR OUR ARTISTS THAT HELP MAKE IT SO VIVID & EASY & SIMPLE TO READ & UNDERSTAND. Bless the Komix books as they go out, make them a great blessing, Lord, to not only the children but the adults too, Lord. We've enjoyed going through this one the last few days. It's wonderful, marvellous & we are dumbfounded, Lord, by the volume of the truth You have given, the marvel of it & the intricacy of it & amazingness of it all, Lord, beyond anything we could possibly have imagined or dreamed, far beyond our wildest thoughts or imagination! You've given us things we never even thought of or never dreamed of, never even knew existed, Lord! TYJ! PYL! You're so good to us.

211. YOU REALLY LOVE YOUR CHILDREN, LORD, & YOU'RE REALLY BEING GOOD TO THEM! You're really dumping it out on them, Lord, in a flood of truth! TYL! PYL! You promised us that in the "Birthday Warning" that time, that You'd pour it out so that there wouldn't even be room enough to hold it all! (See No.215.) Each month we can't even get it all in the Magazine, all that we already have ready, & then we've got stacks & stacks that it's going to take years to get ready, Lord.

212. WE'RE GOING TO BE BUSY DISHING IT OUT FROM NOW UNTIL YOU COME! And Lord, for all I know, You might still have me dishing it out even after that in the Millennium, trying to teach Your children & maybe teaching some of the stupid heathen as well & debunking their theories! We're going to continue learning, Lord, & knowing You better & knowing more about Your Creation, more about each other, Lord, & loving more. Hallelujah! TYJ!

213. SUCH A WONDERFUL WONDERFUL WORLD & WONDERFUL FUTURE & WONDERFUL WORLD TO COME, LORD, WE CAN HARDLY WAIT! We're having such a good time now, Lord, we're just going to be almost too happy then! I guess we have to have those supernatural bodies to be able to stand such bliss & happiness, ecstasy as we're going to enjoy then--even sex! Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL!

214. LORD, WHAT LITTLE WE HAVE TO GIVE UP HERE & NOW OR SUFFER NOW IS NOTHING COMPARED, AS YOU SAID, TO WHAT THINGS ARE COMING! Nothing, nothing, Lord! Even as much as we enjoy what is now, Lord, & how happy You make us & what a good time we're having, fellowshipping with You & with them & these, Thy Word, & learning & passing it on, Lord. We're really enjoying it, Lord, we're having a good time, it thrills us, satisfies us, & them too, Lord. As fast as we pour it out, Lord, You pour it in faster than we can possibly pour it out. TYJ! PYL!

215. WE DON'T SEE HOW WE COULD REALLY BE ANY HAPPIER, EXCEPT SOMETIMES WE COULD BE HAPPIER IF THE FLESH WAS NOT SUCH A HEAVY BURDEN. But You've even made our flesh strong, Lord, & happy & free of sickness & accidents & pain most of the time. It's marvellous how You take care of us & the children & the Family Worldwide, so few serious illnesses or accidents. TYJ! TYL! You're so good to us. So little persecution, Lord, so little suffering, so little lack of provision.

216. LORD, YOU'RE SO GOOD TO US ALL, FAR BEYOND WHAT WE COULD EVEN IMAGINE! "Far above all that we could ask or think" (Eph.3:20), You said, & that certainly is true, Lord! You've given to us, provided for us far above all we could have imagined or even asked or even thought. TYJ!--Including all the wisdom You have given us, even this little bit of wisdom tonight, Lord.

217. THINGS YOU SHOWED US TONIGHT EVEN WHILE WE WERE SPEAKING, LORD, WE NEVER THOUGHT OF BEFORE, that You've made so clear & so light & so bright, so simple, as we tried to explain to these here, Lord, the difference between the Truth & the lies of the Enemy. You enlightened our souls & our minds & hearts in order to help us explain it to them. TYL! You pour it in, Lord, as I pour it out, so that we never lack for plenty to give them. TYJ! PTL! Amen.

218. GIVE THEM A GOOD NIGHT'S REST NOW TOO, LORD, SAFE KEEPING. Thank You for how You have. Help them to sleep so well that even the shorter hours will rest them better with strength for tomorrow to accomplish what the day shall bring & You bring, Lord, in Jesus' name.

219. BLESS ALL THE BOOKS & THE LETTERS & THE MAGAZINES & THE TAPES & the musical units & the Word units & the WS units & finance units & all the Homes & families & children & all Thy children around the World, of course especially our Family, Lord, because we're intimately connected with them. But Lord, bless all Thy children, all those You love & who love You sincerely, of whom there are millions, not just us! TYJ! We're not alone! Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL!

220. WHAT A GREAT BODY OF BELIEVERS! WHAT A GREAT BRIDE YOU HAVE! Hallelujah! TYJ What a wonderful Family, our Worldwide Family of millions of believers who love Thee & are waiting for You to come, Jesus. Thank You for those dear men of God we saw on that program tonight that had most of them such sweet faces, such noble faces, believing hearts, discussing Thy Word so intelligently & knowledgeably, Lord, better than almost anything we've seen before.

221. WE ARE STILL PILGRIMS & STRANGERS HERE, LORD, & we still have to keep on moving along every now & then. None of our Homes are forever, except the one You've gone to prepare. PYJ! hallelujah! TYJ! How wonderful! Some day we won't have to move anymore, Lord, or the moving won't be so much trouble & we won't have to drag so much junk along. We won't have this old heavy body to worry about, Lord, but a new one & lighter than air, faster than light, that never gets tired!

222. IF WE DO HAVE TO TRAVEL WE WON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT IT, LORD: No visas, no passports, no tickets, no long journies, Lord, no tiring rides, that'll all be over! TYJ! PYL! Hallelujah! What a wonderful day we have to look forward to, Lord! Just a little longer, Lord, & dawns Thy glorious morning! Hallelujah!--In the World to come! TYJ! PYL! Hallelujah! TYL, in Jesus' name. Amen! PYL! TYL!

223. ISN'T IT WONDERFUL? AREN'T YOU HAPPY? (FAMILY: AMEN!) So, PTL! TTL! We've got so much to be thankful for. Just think, we are they upon whom the ends of the Earth are come! We get to enjoy these last great days. We may have to suffer some of them too, but that's the price for having received so much, Lord. "To whom much has been given, of the same shall much be required."--Much faith, much service, much knowledge & even perhaps some suffering.

224. LORD, BLESS & KEEP US! KEEP US STRONG, TRUSTING IN YOU & NOT WORRYING ABOUT IT. Just to rest in You, Jesus, & You'll keep us in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee, because we trust in Thee, in Jesus' name. TYL! Amen. TYJ! TYL for how wonderfully You've taken care of us, Lord! You just heap it on us more & more all the time, everything our heart could desire, Lord, & even beyond our wildest dreams You've given us! Thank You most of all for Thyself, Thy love & Thy Words & that You've given us the privilege of passing them on to others, both Thy Love & Thy Words. TYJ! In Jesus' name. Bless them & make them a blessing. Amen. TYL!

225. WELL, WE COULD GO ON THANKING THE LORD ALL NIGHT FOR ALL HIS BLESSINGS & NEVER GET DONE! The night is not even long enough to thank Him enough, amen? Sorry it's so late & you're so tired, forgive me. My goodness, how could I pray for half-an--hour? Well, there's so much to pray about! So much to be thankful for most of all. I think most of that prayer was just thanking the Lord, wasn't it?

226. JUST THINK, IT'S ONLY A FEW MOST YEARS! We don't have thousands of years to have to wait, we've just got a few more years to go. Hallelujah? No more typing, no more cooking, no more childcare. Well, maybe some childcare. Still a few babies that went on that haven't grown up yet, & you'll have to put to practise all these things you've learned on ours.

227. YOU KNOW, HEAVEN & THE MILLENNIUM ARE GOING TO BE A WHOLE LOT MORE LIKE THIS LIFE THAN MOST PEOPLE REALISE! The church has really never gotten down to Earth on that subject! Because it's really a lot more real & realistic & we're going to be a lot more involved here with these things than we realise. After all, we can't very well have a Millennium on Earth & us ruling here on this Earth over the wicked without being pretty well involved with things pretty much as they are here below.

228. SO AS I'VE OFTEN SAID, IT'S NOT GOING TO BE ALL THAT DIFFERENT. It's going to be terrifically different some ways, but not that different. But the church would have us believe that it's so different & so far off & so far out, they're completely escaped from all reality!--Floating around on clouds playing harps, of all the ridiculous things! I'm sure you could if you wanted to, I wouldn't be surprised if some of our musicians tried it!

229. DO YOU REALISE THE LORD ONCE CALLED GUITARS THE HARPS OF DAVID? How about that? And they're harps, they really are harps! You play a harp with your fingers, plucking the strings. How about that? Look what the Lord has given us, how much the Lord has given us in so many ways. Look at all this wonderful music we have now, & the art & the Komix.

230. I WAS TELLING MARIA THE OTHER DAY, "YOU KNOW, I DON'T SEEM TO HAVE QUITE AS MANY DREAMS & VISIONS AS I USED TO HAVE. She said, "Well, you had so many already it's taking all your time to get them out!" Good night! Dear Apollos, he's got stacks & piles & reams of paper that he had to take home with him to sort out. It's going to take you guys years, from now till the Lord comes, you're never going to run out of material, don't worry about that! (Maria: If we had a few more workers on it.) You think you could catch up, huh?

231. WELL, THE LORD PROMISED YOU'D NEVER HAVE ROOM ENOUGH TO HOLD IT! That's one thing we'll never get done! PTL! Hallelujah! TYL! This life kind of reminds me of what Edgar Guest said about the house: "Building a home, I reckon that's fun, because it's a job you never get done!" Really, we will never finish the job. Does that disappoint you? If you mean by getting everything done you'd like to get done, you'll never finish the job!

232. I DON'T THINK WE'RE EVER GOING TO FINISH GETTING IT ALL IN PRINT & ALL THE MAGAZINES OUT & all the books out & all the tapes out, everything finished & done, all finished.--Never! As long as the Lord tarries we'll have more. The only real chance of having anything done at all is when the Lord comes, & then we're done with that part. Ha! PTL! "Well done thou good & faithful servant. Now, I've got another little job here for you to do! Enter thou into this next joy of thy Lord!" Ha!

233. YOU DIDN'T THINK THE JOY OF THE LORD MEANT JUST SITTING AROUND DOING NOTHING FOREVER! How miserable we'd be sitting around with nothing to do, after being this busy! I know I sure wouldn't be happy or satisfied. We need challenge, we need something to do, there's so much more to do! You say, "Well, where's that rest going to be, anyhow?" Well, it'll be the same kind of rest you have now--in the Lord, PTL? TYL! At least you won't have your physical bodies to worry about. That'll be a big relief! You'll have a lot more power & more authority. You can get things done a lot quicker! Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven!

234. I ALMOST STARTED TO GIVE YOU A SERMON ON THAT TONIGHT, & I thought, no, I'd better not get started on the Lord's Prayer, I'll get started on something & I'll never get done tonight & we'll be sitting here for three hours! So I thought, well, I'll just explain to you about these TV programs. Lord help us! TYL, You do! You can be thankful that at least I quit at 1:30! I just might have gone on all night!

235. YOU KNOW, WE HAD A 14-HOUR SESSION ONCE! 14 HOURS! That was a classic, I think. We had 11 hours once in the living room with Grandmother, & boy, the Lord was sure speaking! That's when we got the 89th Psalm, & the visions of trees on fire all over the World. The 14-hour session was with the Family on the road. What's that woman's name in Virginia?--Anne de Hart. Out in the Yard! Well, after dark we had to go inside the building or the neighbors would have thought we were crazy. We sat out in the dark for a long time.

236. SO IT COULD BE WORSE! Like the guy said, "Cheer up! It could be worse!" So I cheered up, & sure enough, things got worse! PTL! Well, we have fun, at least I do! I know it's hard on your poor flesh. I wish you'd have had as comfy a seat to sit on as I've had. Maybe it's a good thing you didn't--maybe that's what kept you awake!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family