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IT'S HORROR NOISE!--NOT MUSIC!       DFO 1318       Aug. ’81

       1. THE HARD ROCK OF TODAY IS LIKE THE JAZZ OF YESTERDAY: IT'S REBELLION & DEFIANCE! I don't even consider Elvis Presley's rock'n'roll as defiant & rebellious & demonic as hard rock. It's discordant, dissonant & defiant. Discordant, dissonant music, unharmonious music like sounds out of Hell! It's just horrible!--So-called music that defies the laws of harmony, defies the absolutes.
       2. IT'S LIKE SAYING ALL MEN ARE EQUAL, ALL SOUNDS ARE EQUAL. It's music devised by the Devil, with total lack of harmony or beauty. Those who play it are supposed to know something about music, but I think I could get on the piano, not even knowing how to play it, & still sound the same, totally ugly! It's not even music, it's ugly sound that defies the absolute.
       3. ANYTHING THAT IS NATURAL OR RIGHT THEY AVOID, & anything discordant, dissonant, ugly, diabolical, devilish & fiendish they emphasize & enjoy. It defies your senses, it defies your sanity, it defies your sense of what is right & blasts it with what is wrong, all wrong! Nothing harmonious, nothing beautiful, nothing concordant, all noise.
       4. THAT KIND OF MODERN NOISE IS THE SOUND OF HORROR, it's the sound of Hell, tortured souls with tortured minds producing tortured music & wallowing in their misery! We could get a bunch of our kids on a bunch of different instruments they never saw before & have'm all playing & blowing & strumming & tooting, & they could produce just as much racket as that!--The total disruption of sound! It's not music, it's noise!
       5. EVEN THE ANCIENT GREEKS RECOGNISED THAT TRUTH & BEAUTY MUST GO TOGETHER. It can't be truth & be so hopelessly ugly. The Greeks who were really profound philosophers & really pretty much on the right track preparing the way for Jesus & the Gospel said that truth & beauty must we wedded together.
       6. IN OTHER WORDS, IF IT'S NOT TRUE IT'S NOT BEAUTIFUL, IF IT'S NOT BEAUTIFUL IT'S NOT TRUE! Like this modern noise!--It is not beautiful, therefore, it's not true & therefore there's no truth in it, therefore it's not beautiful. It's ugly noise, it's noise that is not music, it's a lie even calling itself music or pretending it is music just because they are supposed to be musicians & use musical instruments.
       7. BUT THEY'RE NOT PRODUCING MUSIC!--It's horrible! Jangling, banging, grating, terrifying noise! It jars you, it confuses, it makes you nervous! This so-called music is nothing but discordant noise! It's like what they've done to language & art & education!
       8. IT'S TOTAL DEMONIC DEFIANCE OF LAW & ORDER & TRUTH & BEAUTY! Total defiance of it! Thank God that the general public rejected that kind of noise & it never became popular! It was too ugly! It wasn't true, it wasn't beautiful, it was a lie! Only youth has been deceived & misled by it into the horrors of drugs & Hell!
       9. PRETENDING TO BE MUSIC, UGH! How horrible! Reminds me of a Scripture: "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools & changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man. Who changed the truth of God into a lie, & worshipped & served the creature more than the Creator." (Rom.1:22,25)

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