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GRANDMOTHER READ PALMS!       DFO 1319       18/8/82

       1. SHE COULD READ PALMS TOO!--MY MOTHER! (Sara: How did she learn to read palms? Did she learn that or was it like a gift or did she learn it from someone else?) Well, I think it was a little bit of both. In fact, I've found out with most of those palmists, that palm business is really just a starter, because both that old Gypsy in Cyprus & Madame M in London would only take my hand to begin with, but immediately they were prophesying! They were just looking at me & just spoutin' & spoutin' & spoutin'!
       2. I KNOW THEY WERE INSPIRED, REALLY INSPIRED, AS IT'S ALL COME TRUE! So PTL! The old Gypsy took my hand, took one look & I don't think she ever looked at my palm again! She just held my hand, looked me in the eyes & spouted! That's the same thing that happened with Madam M: When she took ahold of my hand she jerked like she'd had an electric shock! "Oh!" she said, "I never felt such power!"--Although I don't really feel that powerful sometimes!--Ha! And then she just took my hand in both of hers--she wasn't even looking at her crystal ball, nothing!--Just straight into my eyes. I mean it was outright prophecy! No hand, no ball, no nothing, really! Just God! (Maria: It was like she was seeing visions, you know?--One right after another!) Yes, she kept seeing those visions! She said:
       3. "ALL THESE BOOKS! SO MANY BOOKS! YOU'RE GOING TO WRITE A LOT OF BOOKS!" And I thought, "Oh well, she is seeing things!"--Ha! You know I hadn't even written one book then! Ha! But we didn't think that I'd ever write any Books. Well, we had cooked up the little "Revolutionary Handbook" by that time, of those 3 by 5s that were so microscopic you could hardly read'm, & which were so full of mistakes! Where it said, "I was God" instead of "It was God!" & all that stuff. (156A:2) But I knew by that time I had written a lot of Letters, but it was still a dream at that time to someday put them in a book!--Yet she said, "Books! Volumes & volumes!" Ha! Can you imagine?
       4. I'LL TELL YOU, THAT'S A REAL GIFT OF PROPHECY!--IT'S A REAL GIFT!--My mother, she said someone had taught her something about palmistry, but I don't know. She knew what the different lines meant--this is your life line & this is this & this is that, & all that. But then she'd just start spoutin' off! Of course, I know she had the gift of prophecy, so she didn't need any palms to give it! So I'm sure that's what it is mostly.
       5. BUT THERE IS SOMETHING TO THAT PALMISTRY BUSINESS! Those lines do give some indication of your life--sort of like astrology, like the general direction of your life that you're living or will live & its characteristics. Something about your personality etc. I remember when I was just a boy she read my palm once & she got quite inspired! It's a shame we don't have that, huh? I bet she must've been seeing some of the wonderful things that the Lord has done for us all!--Amen? The Lord is wonderful! PTL! TTL! TYJ! GBY all!--And He HAS!

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