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CHRISTMAS AMNESTY--by Peter Amsterdam and M&M       DO 1322       11/82

       1. IN LOVE & CONCERN FOR YOU LOW-TITHERS AT CHRISTMAS TIME, M&M HAVE DECIDED TO EXTEND MERCY SO YOU WILL NOT MISS THE ABUNDANT BLESSINGS WHICH THE LORD HAS POURED OUT THIS MONTH. "Remember the mercies of David thy servant." (2Chr.6:42.) They have, therefore, declared a Christmas Amnesty allowing you to receive all of the December mailings, with the exception of the Diary, ML Volume 9&10, FN 55 & GN 18 & 19, all of which are extremely costly to print & mail.

       2. THE MINIMUM TITHE LEVELS WILL GO INTO FULL EFFECT THOUGH, STARTING WITH YOUR DECEMBER TITHE, MAILED JANUARY 1. Until then you will be shown mercy & will be sent all mailings except the Diary & ML Volume 9&10. Because of the Christmas Amnesty, ALL Homes, D.V., will therefore receive the following 4 mailings:
       1) GNs 14, 15 & 1983 Color Wall Calendar
       2) FNs 53 & 54
       3) GNs 16, 17, 18, & 19
       4) FN 55
       Homes who sent the $30-or-over minimum for their November 1st & December 1st Tithes will also receive the Diary & ML Volume 9&10.

       3. SO IF YOUR HOME DID NOT SEND $30 OR MORE FOR BOTH YOUR NOVEMBER 1st & DECEMBER 1st TITHE, YOU WILL NOT BE SENT THE DIARY OR ML VOLUME 9&10. However, you can still receive them if you hurry & make up your low Tithe now this one time only! If you make up the lack in your November 1st & December 1st Tithes & send it to your CRO with your request for the Diary & Volume 9&10 before February 1st, you will be sent your copies, D.V.

       4. ALL SUCH REQUESTS MUST BE MAILED & POSTMARKED BEFORE FEBRUARY 1, 1983. Any requests mailed after February 1 will no longer fall under the "Christmas Amnesty" & therefore, the mailings can't be sent.

       5. SO EVEN IF YOU WERE A LOW-TITHER, YOU STILL WILL RECEIVE MOST DECEMBER MAILINGS, thanks to the Lord's mercy shown through M&M, & you will also have the opportunity to make up your Tithe in order to receive the Diary & ML Volume 9&10, providing you do so before February 1st.

       6. REMEMBER, STARTING WITH YOUR JANUARY 1ST TITHE, YOU WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO MAKE UP MISSED MAILINGS if you fail to give the minimum tithe. The "Tit For Tat" minimums will go into complete effect & it will not be possible to order any missed mailings.--So tithe faithfully, & God will abundantly bless you & will pour out more than you can possibly hold.

       7. SORRY, BUT WE HAVE TO KNOW HOW MANY COPIES OF EACH PUB WE'LL NEED in order to order them from our printer, & the only way we can know how many we can afford is by how much Tithe you send. So please don't delay! Get it in today! We can't unless you pay--enough Tithe each Month's First Day! Amen? GBY! WLY! Here again are the Minimums:

       8. YOU WHO GIVE LESS THAN $30 a month will only get FNs, KIDZ & LINs! Less than $20: KIDZ & LINs only! Less than $5: LINs only! You know, you don't have to make $300 a month to give $30--you only have to make $30! (Job 23:12; 1Kg.17:8-16) Think that over! Since when must you only Tithe a mere 10%? What happened to those who used to forsake all?--Huh? Don't be a mere 10%er!--C'mon! Give it all!--And God'll give you everything! So make sure you work hard enough to earn enough to get what you want!--Amen? We hope you can get'm all! GBY! WLY! Thanks for your help!


       1. CONSIDERING THAT DAD RECOMMENDED THAT ALL AREAS GET TOGETHER IN REGULAR FELLOWSHIP MEETINGS & ELECT "SHEPHERDS for each particular area--either Local Area, District Area, Greater Area, & National or Language Area" (1001:89), & further suggested these elections all take place by January '82 (as in 1001:201), we have been surprised to see many Areas, especially in Europe & North America, still not acting in full obedience to this. In some countries fellowship is only happening at the Local level, whereas in several others a Greater Area Shepherd has been elected but elections never held for NASs--"They can either be NAFM's or TAFM's, depending on whether it's by tongue or by nation." (100:192)

       2. SINCE NAS'S ARE AN INTERMEDIATE STEP to complete indigenuity as outlined in the "NRO Vision" (#1279), & it appears a number of you feel called to stay in the Northern countries, we certainly want to encourage you to work in close fellowship & a unified vision with your co-workers in the Lord.

       3. WE THEREFORE SUGGEST YOU "GET IT TOGETHER" & HOLD AREA SHEPHERD ELECTIONS, INCLUDING ALL LEVELS UP TO & INCLUDING NASs. As soon as this has taken place, National Area Shepherds please inform your CRO of your election. Thanks so much! WLY & want to know you're all inspired & unified & your Fellowship structure is functioning well!

       4. (AMEN! WE STILL LOVE YOU ALL AND WANT YOU TAKEN CARE OF BY GOOD SHEPHERDS, so please get it together and pick'm.--We don't know'm like you do, so please you choose'm. OK? Please for your own good & fellowship & unity. Work together!--And we'll help you all we can!--GBY! Thanks!--Love--D.)

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