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THE SECRET RENDEZVOUS!--A Farm, Town, Bay & Country!--Guess!       DFO 1329       27/1/81

       1. I'LL TELL YOU A LITTLE SECRET ABOUT A SECRET THAT I'M NOT GONNA TELL YOU! God is a wonderful God, a marvellous God! Someone here knows about this secret because somebody had to know, somebody has to transcribe & write things down, like Maria. Maria has to record things when Daddy has dreams & visions, & Daddy has to put'm in words & put'm on tape & then somebody's gotta type'm. We've had some amazing revelations in which specific names have been given of people, names of places. Right? Even numbers, dates & things like that. That's marvellous, isn't it? To me, I marvel when God gives me something like that!
       2. WELL, I'VE JUST RECENTLY HAD A DREAM THAT TIES IN WITH A DREAM I HAD THREE YEARS AGO that we've never even published because it was in some ways almost too specific. Besides, we didn't quite understand it. And then in our many moves it sort of got lost in the shuffle, but until we had some other dreams along the same line recently we'd almost forgotten all about it! So then I had'm dig it out & I was just reading it for the first time again last night, in fact reading it for the first time! I had dictated it three years ago! (See "Lion Farm!" No.967.)
       3. AND THIS DREAM THREE YEARS AGO WAS JUST AS SPECIFIC & AS REAL AS YOU & I SITTING HERE LOOKING AT EACH OTHER, in which I visited a certain place in a certain land, & I came out of this land & passed over some hills & came to a sea coast & a certain name was mentioned in the dream. I had the distinct feeling--not an actual word--of what country, what continent, what place it was & where to look for it!
       4. SO I PICKED UP A MAP & LOOKED AT IT, A PLACE I'D NEVER BEEN, & THERE IT WAS! I almost forgot completely about it, in fact, I had forgotten completely that that specific name had been given in the dream. I'd give it to you but you might find it in some atlas & then you might know as much as I know! Like we used to say when we were little kids trying to get somebody to tell a secret: "I know a secret!" They'd say, "Well, tell me! Tell me!" You'd say, "Well, no! 'Cause if I tell you my secret then you'll know as much as I do!"
       5. BUT RECENTLY I HAD ANOTHER DREAM IN WHICH A SPECIFIC PLACE WAS MENTIONED, VERY SPECIFIC, SO MANY WORDS. First it was the continent. You know, we've been praying that the Lord would lead us & guide us & just a few nights ago I asked the Lord, "Now Lord, all these different places we've been talking about, Latin America, South America, the Caribbean, Central America, they're all good places, they've all got their advantages, but which one? I've got to have something more specific than that, Lord, You've gotta tell me! We can't take some big wild goose chase 3000 miles across the ocean just on guesswork & logic & statistics & human analysis!
       6. "LORD, YOU'VE GOTTA BE AS SPECIFIC WITH ME ABOUT THIS PLACE WE'RE GOING TO AS YOU WERE WHEN YOU TOLD ME TO GO TO TENERIFE!" when I got desperate with the Lord & I said, "I've gotta have a sign! I want to know exactly where we're supposed to go!" We had to leave London, we knew we had to get out, persecution was getting very hot, they were after me, we had to get out & I asked God for a sign.
       7. I WOKE UP AT 4:00 IN THE MORNING WITH A GREAT BIG RED NEON SIGN FLASHING RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME NOT FIVE FEET AWAY!--A huge word I'd never seen before, never knew existed, never even knew it was a place--except I knew it was the answer to my prayer, therefore I knew it had to be a place--& the word was "TENERIFE" in big red letters just like a neon sign flashing right in front of me. Tenerife! In the middle of the night! Think of it! It was just as real as I'm looking at these lights right now.
       8. AND AS SOON AS IT FADED I WAS WIDE AWAKE! I WOKE UP MARIA & TOLD HER, "GET ME THE ATLAS QUICK! We've gotta look & see if there's such a place! I'm sure it's a place because we've been asking God where we should go." And we looked it up & there it was, one of the islands of the Canaries, Canary Islands, Spanish Isles off the coast of Africa way down there! Think of that, Davidito!
       9. YOU KNOW, IT TAKES FAITH TO TELL YOU THESE THINGS because the Devil often tempts me, "Well, what if it doesn't happen? What if it isn't?" I mean, I argued with Maria & some of the folks even after I had that vision! That was a vision, it wasn't a dream. It happened right in the middle of the night but it woke me up & I could still see it while wide awake, sitting up in bed! But I still argued about it!
       10. I SAID, "IT'S TWICE AS FAR & TWICE AS EXPENSIVE! I never heard of it before, I don't know anything about it, it's in Franco Spain"--of all the terrible places to live, we'd heard, under a Fascist dictator--"that's the last place in the World that we ought to go to! How would I ever fit Franco Spain? Me, a radical? That's no place to go!"
       11. WELL, LET'S SEE, I'VE HAD THREE SPECIFIC DREAMS ALL MENTIONING SPECIFIC PLACES, first which indicated the Continent, second the province & the third one even mentioning the name of an exact town which I never heard of before in my whole life & never even knew existed! But in the dream I was looking at this map & I was trying to find this town, & there was the name in the dream just as plain as anything. Well, pretty plain.
       12. AT FIRST I WAS A LITTLE CONFUSED BECAUSE IT'S A RATHER UNFAMILIAR NAME. There are 11 letters in the name & in the dream I got 9 of the 11 letters right! But because it was an unfamiliar name it was difficult for me to grasp it. I woke up & I told Maria, "Well, it sounds kind of like this, but it's a little bit more like this, & then it's like that!" I said, "But this is the way it is, & the last part is definite, no doubt about the last half of the word." It's just the first part I was a little confused on because I never heard of such a place, never heard of such a town!
       13. BUT THEN I GRABBED THE MAP OF THE CONTINENT & THE STATE, THE NAMES OF WHICH HAD BEEN GIVEN BEFORE--particularly one bay & then one state & so on--& I looked at it & there before my eyes was the very same map I'd been looking at in the dream with the cities in the same position & the roads in the same position. In the dream I went down this road & I was fleeing from something, I came to this river & I went North along the river till I got to this town, & there was the town right on the map! A small town too! Not a big city! Kind of a country village. Of course, I've never been there. I don't know exactly what it looks like except in my dream, so I don't know how big it is.
       14. IT WAS BIG ENOUGH TO HAVE A RESTAURANT BECAUSE I ATE DINNER THERE IN THE DREAM! And I met a nice family there & I went home with their daughter. She was kind of like one of the goddesses of the countries, you know? I think that was kind of symbolic. Well, it might happen yet, who knows? You know me! And Maria was there so I'm sure you're gonna be there too, God willing, if that's where the Lord leads us.
       15. I ASKED THE LORD FOR A VERY DEFINITE LEADING, SUPERNATURAL & MIRACULOUS! I said, "I want something just as supernatural, Lord, as You gave me about Tenerife!" And instantly the Lord reminded me of a dream He'd already given me. He said, "I've already told you! I've already given it to you!" And it wasn't till after that that I remembered that I had another dream about the same area!
       16. IN FACT, I DID TELL MARIA, "WELL, MAYBE THAT WAS JUST A RELATIONSHIP, you know, relativity, association that I remembered the other revelation I had. Maybe that's what caused it." So that very night, in fact, the next morning after I got that revelation, the Lord gave me another dream in which He gave me the specific name of an actual town!
       17. YOU TALK ABOUT WONDERFUL, MARVELLOUS, SUPERNATURAL, MIRACULOUS? YOU CAN'T BEAT GOD! AMEN? (Family: Amen!) So we're quite thrilled with what He has showed us. It's probably the last place on Earth that I would've ever expected to go or live, & the last place in the World you'd think it was possible to live. We've considered lots of interesting good places but this really is an unusual place about which I've had three specific dreams & one revelation, four supernatural revelations!
       18. THANK YOU FOR THESE REVELATIONS WHICH WE'RE JUST DYING TO TELL'M, LORD--not dying, but we're eager! We wish we could tell them but we can't for security's sake, Lord, until the time comes & we have investigated to see the possibilities. Lord, many miracles are between us & there--"many a slip twixt cup & lip"--& unless You do it, Lord, we labour in vain to try to do it.
       19. BECAUSE IT'LL TAKE MIRACLES TO GET US THERE! Miracles to get us in, miracles to help us stay, miracles to work there, miracles to do Thy Work, Lord, miracles of Thy protection to keep us in such a place. But since You've given us these supernatural indications & leadings, guidance & actual names of places, Lord, we're going to follow them as You showed us & You'll have to do the rest.
       20. AND IF YOU DON'T WANT US THERE, IF WE'RE WRONG, THEN YOU'LL HAVE TO STOP US. Because we desperately asked You for Thy guidance & Thy leading & a supernatural revelation to show us, when we've been thinking of so many places, and, Lord, You've showed us, so specifically. So now we ask Thee to lead us the rest of the way, make it possible according to Thy will & Thy time, according to what You want us to do, in Jesus' name.
       21. WE HOPE WE'RE NOT TOO LATE--surely we're not, we just got this recent revelation from You, Lord--so we trust the door will still be not quite closed & that You can still open it, Lord, even open doors that no man can close. But if You don't want us to go, You can close it so no man can open it, Lord. So have Thy will & Thy way, in Jesus' name, & thank You for answering prayer! In Jesus' name. Amen! As we all pray together: (Prays Lord's Prayer.) Amen! PTL?
       22. SO IF THE LORD'S GONNA HAVE ANY KINGDOM, POWER & GLORY, HE'S GOTTA TAKE CARE OF US, DOESN'T HE? And He's gotta save us, because we're His subjects of His Kingdom! If He wants some subjects He's gonna have to keep us, right? And if He wants us to take care of the Family & continue to teach & guide & lead them & inform them of what He's thinking about, we've got to be able to keep publishing the Magazine or something, don't we? Amen? So, the Lord's gonna lead us somewhere, I'm sure, where we can continue to work for Him.
       23. ALTHOUGH THIS STILL LOOKS LIKE AN IMPOSSIBLE SITUATION! I mean, you just can't possibly hardly imagine how impossible this place is! I don't think I can think of any place hardly more impossible than maybe Russia itself! But "with God all things are possible & all things are possible to him that believeth. And with the Lord nothing shall be impossible!" So God's able, if that's His will, & I've certainly had three specific dreams about it with specific names, two or three of which I've never told you. I don't know if I ever told you any of these dreams, because we've never published them, none of them, therefore you've probably never read'm as far as I know.
       24. BUT DO YOU KNOW A STRANGE THING NOW, I JUST SUDDENLY THOUGHT OF ANOTHER DREAM THAT I THINK MAY HAVE OCCURRED THERE IN THAT SAME PLACE! You know, I have to start thinking back now, I've had a lot of dreams about that general area & that country, that continent, that place, quite a few. You don't know which one it is, don't think you do, because I've had dreams about lots of continents & lots of countries! Almost all of them! But the Lord will let you know in due season, probably after we get on the plane we'll tell you where you're going!--Ha!
       25. WE'VE GONE DOWN LIKE THAT TO THE AIRPORT WITH PEOPLE WHO DIDN'T KNOW WHERE THEY WERE GOING! We even hid their tickets from them & let them sit in the waiting room while we went & got their ticket & they had no idea where they were going! Sometimes they thought they were going someplace else. For security! So they'd be sure & not leak it out accidentally before the time.
       26. WE KEPT OUR LOCATION IN TENERIFE SECRET FOR NEARLY THREE YEARS! The whole time we were down there very few people knew where we were. I think they thought we were some place in Europe. Almost no one knew where we were, not even members of the Family. We especially couldn't tell some big blabber mouths!
       27. SOME PEOPLE MAKE BETTER PITCHERS THAN RECEIVERS!--EVERYTHING THAT GOES IN THEIR EARS RUNS OUT THEIR MOUTH! So you can't tell them any secrets because they'll blab it to everybody. Sometimes people just do it accidentally because they know it & they think about it & then it pops out accidentally to the wrong people. You've just taken it for granted & you know all about it so you think maybe everybody else does too!
       28. THAT'S A TERRIBLE RESPONSIBILITY TO KNOW A BIG SECRET LIKE THAT & NOT LET IT RUN OUT YOUR MOUTH, or not let your papers lie around where they can be picked up & read either. So, it's better you don't know about it till God gives the final confirmation, & the final confirmation would have to be that God makes it possible for us not only to go, but to stay. All of us! That's a big order!
       29. DEAR MARIA & I MIGHT BE ABLE TO SNEAK IN, YOU KNOW, & NOBODY WOULD NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE MAYBE, but if we had to take a whole mob like you all & another outfit & the whole crew & staff & photographers & typists & all kinds of office equipment, you can't exactly get that kind of stuff into a country without being noticed, especially this country that I've been dreaming about! Of all the places to dream about! You say, "Dad, what are you talking about? Those weren't dreams, those must've been nightmares! Such a country! How horrible!"
       30. WELL, THAT'S WHAT GOD DOES, HE DOES THE UNEXPECTED & HE MAKES MIRACLES OUT OF IMPOSSIBLE SITUATIONS! He doesn't work according to natural expectation. Frequently He works contrary to natural expectation, right? (Family: That's right!) So this place is certainly contrary to natural expectation. In fact, it's probably one of the last places on Earth anybody or any part of the Family would ever expect to find us! It's virtually a closed country & the Family isn't even able to operate there. They're pretty much against the Family.
       31. SO GOD'LL HAVE TO DO MIRACLES TO CONVINCE THEM TO EVEN LET US IN, because it's not the kind of a country where you can operate without it being known, or where we can go without being known. But we did operate in Franco Spain under tight security there for three years without them ever finding out who we were or what we were doing. That was a miracle! A lot of miracles!
       32. AND ONLY THEN THE LORD LED ME TO BLOW MY COVER & TAKE THE LID OFF & reveal who we were & what we were doing--they had a pretty good idea by that time what we were doing but they still didn't know who we were--& reveal the Family of Love & what we were up to & finally who I actually was! It didn't dawn on them till the very last thing, really, who I was. It took, really, other news men & foreign news men to sort of dig it out & find it out. But it was God's time!
       33. IT WAS TIME FOR ME TO BE REVEALED & FOR THE NEWS TO GO AROUND THE GLOBE TO ANNOUNCE THE FAMILY OF LOVE & WHAT WE BELIEVE, & we got publicity out of it that millions heard, our message of God's Love, that some are willing to love so much that they would go to the absolute utmost lengths to love someone into the Kingdom of God! Lay down their lives or their wives for their brethren! Praise God? God has His times.
       34. IN THREE YEARS THEY NEVER FOUND US OUT TILL GOD WAS READY, & OF COURSE WE HAD TO LEAVE! I mean, if we go someplace it doesn't mean we're gonna stay there forever! In fact, it's very unlikely we'll ever stay there forever! Ha! But the Lord has shown us that it's possible & that could be a safe place for awhile, at least, God willing.
       35. I KNOW THE DREAMS & ALL WERE TRUE & I KNOW THEY WERE MIRACULOUS & SUPERNATURAL because I've been given three specific names of three specific places all in the same general area! One was the name--well, even more than that--you might say the name of a farm. One was the name of a bay. One was the name of a country. And one was the name of a town. So that's pretty specific! So if it's the Lord's will He'll still have to do miracles to get us there & get us in & keep us there. So you pray the Lord'll have His way, amen? (Family: Amen!) PTL! (Guess?--South Africa!--And we stayed six months & loved it!--And you'll love it too! Beautiful place, wonderful people, excellent climate, reasonable prices!--And an FFers' paradise!--Try it!--You'll love it! GBYAMYAB!)

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