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"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH YOUR LIFE?"         DFO 1330       10/82

       1. STARTLED BY THE SOUND OF MY OWN VOICE SHOUTING: "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH YOUR LIFE?" I awoke this morning early, amazed at the dream that I had just had, of which this cry was the climax!
       2. JUST BEFORE GOING TO SLEEP LAST NIGHT we had been discussing the events of the day & its accomplishments, as well as perhaps some lacks, & I had said to Maria: "I hope I'm doing my best! I hope I'm doing what the Lord wants me to do & what's best for the Family, & I hope our publications are being a real blessing. I want to be sure that they're of the Lord & according to His will & want He wants."
       3. IT'S GOOD TO TAKE STOCK OF THINGS AT THE END OF THE DAY & to reflect momentarily on the day & its accomplishments, perhaps sometimes even its failures, & to assess its values as to whether you have really made any progress that day in God's Work & His Will & what He wants you to do.
       4. HAS IT BEEN A DAY THAT THE LORD HATH MADE? Has it been a day in which you have done His will & He's had His way? Has it been a day that you're thankful for because you're sure the Lord is pleased with it, & therefore you're pleased with what has occurred & what you have done that day?
       5. AS WE GO TO SLEEP AT NIGHT IT'S A GOOD THING TO REFLECT ON THESE THINGS & ASSESS THESE VALUES AS TO WHETHER YOU ARE OBEYING THE LORD & PLEASING HIM, that He might say of you for that day: "Well done, thou good & faithful servant! Enter thou into the joy of thy Lord"--in peaceful contented sleep, thankful & satisfied that you have done your best that day & you can rest in peace.
       6. THIS IS VERY MUCH THE SAME ATTITUDE WHICH WE OLDER FOLKS OFTEN HAVE AS WE APPROACH THE END OF LIFE'S DAY & THE NIGHT OF OUR SLEEP IN DEATH & our temporary rest from our labours, 'ere the dawning of that great new day when Jesus comes! We think back over our lives & we remember our deeds & our words & our actions & we wonder if we have done our best for Jesus. I used to sing that old song:
       7. "I WONDER HAVE I DONE MY BEST FOR JESUS, WHEN HE HAS DONE SO MUCH FOR ME!" And you've heard the rest of it sung by me on one of our song tapes, a beautiful old song of assessing life's values & accomplishments when we sometimes wonder if we have really done our best for Him & have we accomplished what He wanted us to do?
       8. HAS IT TRULY BEEN HIS LIFE LIVED FOR HIM, by His power & His strength & His guidance in His will, having the fruits of His Spirit & the fruits of His Word--souls born into the Kingdom of God forever!--Little ones instructed in His Word!--Older ones growing in the nurture & the admonition of the Lord & taught to serve Him & live for Him, as well as die for Him if necessary.
       9. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH YOUR LIFE?" IS THE QUESTION, & it's often the question that I have asked myself at the end of the day as I lie down to rest for the night. It's the question we ask ourselves toward the end of our lifetime as we prepare to rest from this life's labours: "What have I done with my life?" What have you done with your life?
       10. MANY WHO HAVE HAD AFTER-DEATH EXPERIENCES have testified that as they faced the Angel of Death & Judgement at the bright light at the end of the long tunnel of the darkness of death, the question which nearly all of them say is asked of each one as they face God's Angel of Judgement, is: "What have you done with your life?"
       11. IT'S A GOOD QUESTION TO ASK YOURSELF AT THE END OF EACH DAY: "WHAT HAVE I DONE WITH MY LIFE THIS DAY? WHAT DID I DO FOR JESUS?" As another old song goes: "What will you do with Jesus? Neutral you cannot be! Some day your heart will be asking, 'What will He do with me?'"
       12. WHAT HAVE I DONE WITH JESUS & WHAT WILL HE DO WITH ME? What have I done with my life, & what will He do about the way I have lived? What will be my reward, if any, for faithful service? Have I pleased Him? Have I satisfied Him? Have I done my best for Jesus?--Or what will be my shame for failures & shortcomings & disobediences & getting out of His will & not following Him closely enough, not accomplishing what He wanted me to do each day?
       13. I WONDER IF I'VE DONE MY BEST FOR JESUS? What have I done with my life? This is the cry which startled me awake this morning as in my dream I cried out with a loud voice to those before me: "What have you done with your life?!"
       14. IT WAS INDEED A STRANGE & AMAZING DREAM, & as I went back over it in reflection this morning as I lay there startled from sleep by that outcry, I watched its panoramic story unfold before the eyes of my mind or my heart or spirit as the Lord played it back for me that I might remember it the best I could to pass onto you, because I knew it was certainly a message for you & all of us!
       15. AS IN SO MANY OF THESE DREAMS, I FEEL THAT THERE WAS MORE THAT HAD GONE BEFORE, setting the scene for the particular scenario which is most outstanding & which I remember best. Like it's a part of a movie, one scene, sometimes several scenes, sometimes just one shot, so to speak, gives me the message the Lord wants me to have & the picture He wants me to remember to bring to you for your benefit.
       16. THE FIRST THING THAT I CAN REMEMBER NOW IS THAT IN THE DREAM I WAS SEEMINGLY STILL WORKING FOR FRED JORDAN, the author of "Church in the Home" & the Soul Clinic, in which I got my start in this type of ministry. God bless him for the things that he & they taught me in the way of personal soul-winning & missionary work & evangelising the World--without buildings & churches & all of the expensive folderol & superfluous equipment of the great church denominations of today.
       17. THERE UNDER HIS BIBLICAL TEACHING AT HIS SOUL CLINIC SCHOOL I LEARNED THAT WE NO LONGER NEEDED GREAT CHURCH BUILDINGS & DENOMINATIONS TO ACCOMPLISH GOD'S PURPOSE ON EARTH. In fact, they were really never needed; but we needed to go back to the original plan & pattern that God had set for His people as so clearly demonstrated in the Acts of the Apostles & the Teachings of Christ, & summed up so simply in that one Scripture: "Go ye into all the World & preach the Gospel unto every creature!" (Mk.16:15) And the Gospel summed up so simply itself, the Good News: "For God so loved the World that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life!" (Jn.3:16)--The Love of God in Jesus & His Salvation for you & me.
       18. WE WERE TAUGHT THAT ALL WE NEEDED TO DO WAS GO OUT IN THE HIGHWAYS & THE BY-WAYS & THE HEDGES & COMPEL THEM TO COME IN! (Lk.14:23) Witness to them where they are! Go out where the lost are to be found & to be given His Love & His Good News of the Gospel of Salvation in Jesus!--Without benefit of buildings or great denominations or any of the trappings of the modern religious system, but simple faith, simple salvation & a simple Gospel for simple people to simply believe & receive & be saved & simply serve Him to the best of your ability in witnessing throughout all the World to every creature you possibly can His simple Gospel of Salvation, summed up in His Love in His Son Christ Jesus & His death on the cross for our sins that we might be saved & forgiven & serve Him & win others to Him!
       19. SO I HAVE FOLLOWED THAT SCRIPTURAL TEACHING & THAT NEW TESTAMENT PATTERN TO THE BEST OF MY ABILITY EVER SINCE, first going out & witnessing to the churches & trying to get them to go out into the harvest fields so white & plenteous & bring them in. But I found the churches hardened in heart & cold in attitude & lazy in response & unreceptive to the message of simple service for God's Salvation in witnessing to the simply lost, wherever they may be.
       20. SO I FOUND THAT FRED WAS RIGHT, THE CHURCHES WOULD NOT RECEIVE IT! Most of the Christians would not receive it! I would say almost 95-98% rejected it. In an average church of say 100 members, maybe only two or three would really receive the message, & usually had already been obeying it & doing the best they could in witnessing to others--family, friends, neighbours, even out on the street corner passing tracts or down on Skid Row talking to the bums. Usually there was one or two or three in almost every real Gospel-preaching church who not only heard the Gospel & were not only hearers of the Word, but doers also! (Jam.1:22)
       21. SO WE FINALLY GOT FED-UP WITH TRYING TO PERSUADE THE CHURCH PEOPLE TO GET OUT & DO THE JOB THAT GOD HAS CALLED US ALL AS CHRISTIANS TO DO! They were already too hardened & insulated against His service by the Church System & its leadership into just being satisfied with sitting in their pews a few hours a week, perhaps even only a few minutes on Sunday morning: "Let the preacher do the job, let the missionary do the job, that's what we pay them for! We'll live our own lives as we please all the rest of the week & live selfishly for ourselves & our own families & our own homes & our own jobs & our own money & our own luxuries & let the rest of the World go to Hell as far as we're concerned!
       22. "OH, WE'LL GIVE A FEW PENNIES TO THE MISSIONARIES & we'll give quite a few dollars to our church & its pastor for our beautiful building & his lovely sermons that tickle our ears on Sunday mornings & all this gorgeous music & choir singing & comfortable cushioned pews in an air-conditioned atmosphere, but we're certainly not going to waste much of our money on the heathen, the foreigners, the pagans & unsaved in far-away lands that we don't even understand!"
       23. IN FACT, MOST CHURCHES ONLY GIVE ABOUT 5% OF THEIR ENTIRE INCOME TO FOREIGN MISSIONS & THE POOR MISSIONARIES who are trying to do the biggest job of all that God has called us all to do! On the average, most denominations only spend about 5 cents out of the dollar on missions & missionaries out of their entire income, most of which is spent on their church buildings--more & more buildings, more & more expensive properties & luxurious furnishings & great pipe organs & expensive pulpits & choirs & high-salaried preachers! And less & less is spent on the poor missionaries & their toughest job of all of going into all the World & preaching the Gospel to every creature!
       24. I'M GLAD THAT I CAME FROM A GOOD DENOMINATION, THE CHRISTIAN MISSIONARY ALLIANCE, GOD BLESS THEM, WHO WERE VERY MISSIONARY-MINDED & who were unusual givers & claimed the record of giving the largest percentage per capita to missions of any denomination in existence at the time! Some 20-25% out of every dollar was spent directly on missions, missionaries & preaching the Gospel in all the World to every creature!
       25. BUT STILL THAT WAS 75% SPENT ON BUILDINGS & PREACHERS & SERVICES & MEETINGS & comfortable pews & all the furnishings of the church buildings & its church-building system which wastes so much of God's precious money & the precious funds of His Own people, instead of being spent on the most important job of all, of preaching the Gospel to all the World!--Which they could have easily done without buildings & without high-paid preachers, without all the fancy furniture & without just pretty little Sunday morning services once a week.
       26. JESUS INTENDED & CALLED FOR ALL OF HIS CHILDREN TO GO INTO ALL THE WORLD & PREACH THE GOSPEL TO EVERY CREATURE!--All of His Christians, all of His Saved people, the True Church of Jesus Christ, the Body of Believers, the Called-Out Ones, the Saints, the Ecclesia of God--not the buildings--but all His people! Every one! All of you! He says, "I have ordained you to go forth & preach the Gospel! Herein is My Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit." (Jn.15:16,8)
       27. THE LORD INTENDED FOR EVERY CHRISTIAN TO BEAR FRUIT LIKE HIMSELF, ANOTHER CHRISTIAN, MORE CHRISTIANS. Just as you plant any kind of fruit, if you plant an apple, you get a whole tree full of apples. Or a pear, you get a tree full of pears! Or a mango, you get a tree full of mangoes! Or a coconut tree, you get a tree full of coconuts! Every Christian was intended to bury his life in the soil of God's service & sacrifice & to lay down his life & take up his cross & follow Jesus & to bear fruit, many more Christians like himself, or even better!
       28. FOR JESUS HIMSELF SAID, "EXCEPT A CORN OF WHEAT FALL INTO THE GROUND & DIE, IT ABIDETH ALONE. YET IF IT DIE, IT BRINGETH FORTH MUCH FRUIT!" (Jn.12:24) And if we will go out & die daily for the Lord in His Service, we shall bring forth much fruit, more Christians like ourselves to preach the Gospel to more of the lost & win them to the Lord that He may have much fruit!
       29. THAT'S THE LEAST THAT HE CAN EXPECT OF OUR LIVES & OUR SALVATIONS! He died to save us, why should we not die to save others? In fact, the Apostle says, "Herein is the love of God manifest in us, that as Jesus died for us, so we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren." (1Jn.3:16; 4:9)
       30. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH YOUR LIFE?--ARE YOU DYING DAILY?--Laying it down daily for your brethren--both those who are already won to the Lord & those yet to be won? He asks every one of us now: "What have you done with your life?" And He will ask you some day when you have to stand face-to-face with that question at the judgement, "What have you done with your life?"
       31. WELL, HAVING HEARD & DEBATED THAT MESSAGE, I WENT OUT & I TRIED TO WIN CHRISTIANS TO HIS SERVICE, but found them very difficult & most of them insulated against serving God themselves & indoctrinated with the false doctrine that all they had to do was pay the preacher & the missionaries to do it for them.
       32. SO I GOT FED UP WITH THE CHURCHES & decided there was only one thing that could be done, & that was to win fresh new young souls that were not ruined by the perversion of Churchianity, & to turn them to Christ & to set them on-fire as I myself was on-fire, to witness & win souls & preach the Gospel in all the World for a witness to every creature!
       33. SO I STARTED BY HAVING A LITTLE SOUL-WINNING MISSIONARY TRAINING SCHOOL OF MY OWN CALLED THE SOUL CLINIC, being still a member of that organisation. And from our first little school in Miami where we had an average of 40 students or so, we sent out many missionaries to seven countries of the Caribbean & South America, our nearest missionary fields, our neighbours.
       34. THE LORD SAID, "LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR!" & our nearest neighbours in Miami, Florida were the Islands of the Caribbean & the nations of Latin America! So we sent as many missionaries as we could, as fast as we could train them to witness & win souls for Jesus, & I was tremendously satisfied with the accomplishments of that tiny little missionary school!
       35. BUT I WAS STILL NOT SATISFIED WITH WHAT COULD BE DONE! I realised that through the marvellous modern new mediums of communication such as radio & television we could reach manifold millions more, if we could get the Gospel of Salvation on enough radio & television stations.
       36. SO I STARTED IN MY HOME FIELD FOR MY PRESENT BOSS AT THE TIME, FRED JORDAN, & I TRAVELLED FOR NEARLY 15 YEARS SERVING HIM & HIS PROGRAM, "CHURCH IN THE HOME," a real Gospel-preaching program with lots of beautiful music to get them to listen, & a short Gospel message, a half-hour show designed for radio & television. And I put that Gospel program on over 1100 radio stations & over 300 television stations throughout the United States of America!
       37. BUT I WAS STILL NOT SATISFIED! We were still only reaching the Gospel-saturated, Gospel-hardened nation of the North, the richest nation on Earth which was rich in Truth & rich in Gospel & with more Gospel being preached to those who heard more Gospel than probably any other nation on the face of the Earth!
       38. SO AS I EVEN BECAME FED UP WITH TRYING TO REACH GOSPEL-SATURATED, GOSPEL-HARDENED NORTH AMERICA BY RADIO & TELEVISION, we launched out into the home field in person with our own little family just going town-to-town & field-to-field, witnessing to whoever we may find--on the streets, house-to-house, even church-to-church & burgerstand-to-burgerstand--wherever we could find the youth of today, which I felt were the most prospective, potential, hungry, needy field of America, the youth & the children of that great nation! We were doing the best we could in trying to reach them directly with my own little family of only six, my wife & I & four teenagers, & we had tremendous phenomenal results, TTL! But it still was not enough!
       39. I WOULD OFTEN ASK MYSELF THE QUESTION: "WHAT HAVE I DONE WITH MY LIFE? What am I doing with my life? Am I really accomplishing God's highest & greatest purpose that He has in store for me?"--And I always felt like there was something greater, something more that I could do, surely something else that would reach more with more Gospel & win more souls to Jesus!
       40. AND IN THOSE LAST YEARS OF MY PERSONAL SMALL FAMILY MINISTRY with my own little family of four young teenagers, we travelled 10,000 Miles of Miracles with my own Mother, their Grandmother, 80 years of age & still preaching the Gospel, still hearing from the Lord great messages of revelation & prophecy & interpretation & direct direction as to where to go & what to say & what to do & who to talk to!
       41. IT WAS JUST LIKE IN THE GOOD OLD DAYS OF THE EARLY CHURCH IN THE NEW TESTAMENT, THE BOOK OF ACTS, being directly led of the Lord from place to place & person to person to accomplish His will, His highest & His best, & follow God directly, closely & every Word that He gave us explicitly! Many mighty miracles occurred which encouraged our faith that God was with us & we were working with Him & He was going to do great things for us & for those to whom we ministered! TYJ! PTL! Hallelujah!
       42. SO AT THE END OF THAT TOUR WHICH RAN FROM COAST-TO-COAST OF AMERICA & FROM CANADA TO THE CARIBBEAN, my Mother returned to her home in California & we soon heard a pitiful plea from her: "Please come over & help me! Please come over & help these poor church people, a few of whom are trying to reach this new generation of strange young people called hippies! Please come & help the hippies!"
       43. WELL, AS WE TOLD THE STORY BEFORE, WE DIDN'T AT THAT TIME THINK VERY MUCH OF HIPPIES! We believed what we had heard, & although we'd never seen or known any, we simply took the word of the System & the media that they were a bunch of filthy, dirty, drug-ridden, vice-ridden Communist criminals who all ought to be lined up & gotten rid of!
       44. SO WE WERE AMAZED WHEN MY MOTHER, OF ALL PEOPLE, CALLED US TO COME & MINISTER TO THE HIPPIES! She herself had been at one time a very rich woman, her family in high society, yet she had had a marvellous experience with God in a miraculous supernatural salvation & healing & had launched into fulltime service for the Lord to try to reach the lost as best she could!
       45. SHE HAD MINISTERED TO TENS OF THOUSANDS & WON THOUSANDS OF SOULS TO JESUS & HEALED MANY HUNDREDS, IF NOT THOUSANDS OF BODIES, & written books on faith & healing & had a marvellous ministry for 40 years or more, yea, 50 years from the time of her healing in her late 20's to the very day of her death at the ripe old age of 83! Ripe indeed, as ripened fruit that had ripened much fruit for His Kingdom & finally deserving of her reward to go to be with the Lord & to rest awhile from her labours.
       46. AND HERE IN WHAT PROVED TO BE THE LAST YEAR OF HER LIFE, SHE WAS CALLING US TO COME TO SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, TO HUNTINGTON BEACH, almost the World's most famous surfing beach outside of Hawaii, where many national & international surfing competitions were held, & where many of the hippies liked to surf with their surfboards.--A youth capital of California in the richest county in the richest state in the richest country in the World!
       47. SHE WAS CALLING US TO COME & MINISTER TO THESE SEEMINGLY LOWLY BEDRAGGLED BEDEVILLED HIPPIES, the younger generation of America, fed-up with its System & fed-up with its parents & fed-up with its education & fed-up with its austere religion & seeking some reality, some genuine faith, seeking eternal values & more lasting values to life, seeking the answers to the questions of this life & this World & its horrors & its wars, refusing to go & fight in its awful holocausts of the murdering of millions of the poor by their own nation!
       48. THEY WERE REFUSING THE DRAFT, REFUSING TO SERVE MAMMON, REFUSING ANY LONGER TO FOLLOW THEIR GODLESS PARENTS & seeking a lasting value to life & something more than they had been given, truly seeking God, even perhaps without knowing it. Even finding spiritual truths & reality on their drug trips, God in His mercy revealing to them the realities of the Spirit World & that there is something more beyond this life! Praise God! TYJ!
       49. SO MY MOTHER BEGGED US TO COME OVER & HELP HER IN A TINY LITTLE CHURCH MISSION THAT WAS TRYING TO REACH THESE HIPPIES, but in the wrong way with nothing but church meetings & typical churchy people & typical church preaching. So at her pleading insistence we finally went to California, knowing that she was truly led of the Lord & this must be God's will, receiving direct messages from the Lord that we were to "go to the Land of the Setting Sun & there it would be told us what we were to do!"
       50. AND THERE WE WENT & THERE WE WAITED, not knowing what awaited us, until finally God revealed His will to our patient faith--sometimes not so patient, sometimes almost giving up as we ran out of money & out of a job, in a sense, with the churches, & not knowing what we were going to do! We had gone out like Abraham, not knowing whither he went (He.11:8), just in simple obedience to God & His Voice & His Word through my dear Prophetess Mother, God bless her! Thank You Jesus! Thank you Mother!
       51. BUT WE SOON FOUND OUT, TTL! We began to see the pitiful condition of those poor young people of the richest place on Earth, & yet hungry, empty & starving for the Truth, starving for reality, starving for Salvation, starving for the Word of God, starving for the Love of God Himself! And God put that great burden upon our hearts to minister to them as their Shepherd of the lost sheep, as in a sense the King of the Beggars!
       52. SO WE FOLLOWED THEM DOWN INTO THEIR GUTTERS & THEIR DIVES & their dope dens & their hard-rock hells, & we invited them, not to come to church, not to sit in a fancy pew, but just to come to Jesus & He would solve all their problems, answer all their questions, satisfy all their longings & hungers & give them something wonderful to live for--the Truth of His marvellous Love in Jesus Christ!
       53. SO THEY CAME & THEY FLOCKED TO THE CLUB--when the church people finally gave up & gave it over to us--& we turned it into a hippie-type of club where they simply sat on the floor. We served them sandwiches & coffee & refreshments, for many of them were actually physically hungry too, having abandoned their jobs & schools & homes in their great search for Truth & meaning to their lives.
       54. AND THEY LISTENED & THEY HEARD & THEY BELIEVED & RECEIVED THE MESSAGE OF GOD'S LOVE & HIS MARVELLOUS PREDICTIONS OF THE FUTURE! These young people were worried about the future because of atomic destruction & the seeming soon-coming end of the World--& they were right--& they needed an answer, & they needed something to give them hope & life & something to live for, something to do with their lives. And God gave it to them through our message in love of Jesus & love for others, the one & only great commandment of Jesus: To love! The only Law of God is Love! God's only Law is Love!
       55. AND WE PREACHED HIS LOVE, WE ACTED HIS LOVE, WE SERVED HIS LOVE, WE GAVE THEM HIS LOVE, WE FED THEM HIS LOVE, WE CLOTHED THEM WITH HIS LOVE & WE SATURATED THEM WITH HIS LOVE & THEY LOVED IT! TYJ!--And they loved us & followed us & obeyed us & obeyed the Word of God, & they have obeyed Him ever since, following us across the country from coast-to-coast & North-to-South & finally to Europe & to South America, the Caribbean, & now to the uttermost parts of the Earth!
       56. GOD HAS GIVEN THEM THE HEATHEN FOR THEIR INHERITANCE (Ps.2:8) in over 100 countries, preaching the Gospel in 40 languages throughout the World! Having mass-witnessed the Gospel to billions, & litnessed the Gospel through literature to hundreds of millions, & already they have won over five million souls to Jesus Christ in the brief few years of our existence, a little over ten years now since we first began giving them God's Love in that tiny little storefront mission on the main street of Huntington Beach, California!
       57. THEY HAVE NOW GROWN FROM MY MERE LITTLE FAMILY OF SIX, OR OUR LITTLE HIPPIE FAMILY IN THE CLUB OF ABOUT 50, TO OVER 20,000 THROUGHOUT THE WORLD in over 100 countries on every Continent & every ocean! They have received Jesus & won others to Christ & saved millions who otherwise would have been lost if the Hippies had stayed in the comfort of their homes, in the protection of their families, in the security of System jobs & the tickling of their ears in the dead religious system!
       58. THEY HAVE INSTEAD GONE OUT ALONE & TOGETHER INTO OVER 100 STRANGE LANDS OVERSEAS, around the World, on all six Continents & the Islands of the Seas, & won millions of others to the Love of Jesus & with the Love of Christ! Hallelujah! TYJ!
       59. HAS IT BEEN WORTH IT ALL? What did I do with my life? Have I done my best for Jesus? What will you do with Christ? I would say we have been doing our best to the best of our knowledge & the best of our ability, the best that we can for Jesus within our limited human frailties & weaknesses of this physical body. We have truly tried to do our best for Jesus! Have you? I know that most of them have, these dear young people, these former helpless unhappy hippies who have now followed Jesus to the uttermost parts of the Earth!
       60. AND WE HAVE PUBLISHED MILLIONS OF TRACTS, little Gospel leaflets & Komix to reach the lost on the mission fields, passed out by the millions every year! We have won millions of souls, thank You Jesus, but we've also published scores of books to train these dear young people in God's service & His ways & His will & how to live His life & to live their lives for Jesus! What have you done with your life?
       61. I'LL TELL YOU, THEY HAVE CERTAINLY DONE THEIR BEST WITH THEIR LIVES & GIVEN THEIR LIVES FOR GOD IN HIS FRUITFUL SERVICE THROUGHOUT THE WORLD IN MANY LANGUAGES & WON MILLIONS OF SOULS TO JESUS! TYJ! And they're going to see those souls whom they've reaped in Heaven for Eternity, as well as their thousands of little children that they have had themselves!--The fruit of their own bodies that they have borne for Christ, given of God, the fruits of not only the Spirit but the flesh, trained up in the way that they should go in the nurture & the admonition of the Lord to be a whole new generation of Revolutionaries for Jesus, witnesses to the lost, savers of souls, an army for God to win the World to Christ! Hallelujah! TYJ! We may not be able to win them all, but we're winning as many as we can! We're doing the best we can! Are you? What have you done with your life?
       62. SO IN MY DREAM I WAS STILL BACK IN THE SOUL CLINIC trying to round up bums on Skid Row & to get them into Fred's mission. I was rounding up particularly young people, it seemed, when suddenly as I took them back to his mission down on Skid Row, I found the door locked & we were locked out & couldn't get in! Fred had changed the lock! They always had to keep the doors locked there on that dangerous street, but the key which I had no longer worked because he had changed the lock & forbidden us to enter--which is so symbolic of what he actually did, which some of you know, & it's a long story which I don't have time to tell here.
       63. WHEN HE BECAME JEALOUS OF OUR POPULARITY WITH THE YOUTH & JEALOUS OF OUR LEADERSHIP, HE LITERALLY LOCKED US OUT & commanded us to leave his properties & forced all those young people out to have to sleep in the parks, & out of his hotel & out of his camp in Texas, to have to go out knowing not whither they went because of the hardness of his heart & his jealousy, like Saul against David!
       64. SO WE WENT!--BUT IT WAS GOOD FOR US, IT WAS GOD'S WILL! He wanted us not to merely serve within the confines of Fred Jordan's tiny Soul Clinic denomination & his few facilities, but He wanted us to go out to all the nation & to all the World & preach the Gospel to every creature!--Not just a few bums on Skid Row or even just to a few hippies in California, but throughout the whole World in every nation, in every language to every race & creed & colour, everyone who was willing to listen & believe & receive Jesus & His Love! TYJ! PTL!
       65. SO WE WENT, & WE WENT FROM ESTABLISHING COLONY AFTER COLONY, & WE GREW, UNTIL NOW WE HAVE COVERED THE EARTH IN OVER 100 COUNTRIES IN ALL CONTINENTS & ISLANDS OF THE SEAS! But we're still not done! We're still not satisfied, we're still not finished! We have lots left to do for the Lord, & we hope to get as much done as we can before He comes!
       66. BUT IN THE NEXT SCENE I SAW ONE OF THESE BUMS THAT WE WERE TRYING TO WIN TO THE LORD, CRAWLING THROUGH A SEWER & coming out & breaking into a store building to rob & getting caught & having to pay the penalty of his crime. I saw how seemingly hopeless it was to work with older people & these old already ruined derelicts & wrecks of life with their lives already behind them & not much more that they could do for Christ, & not much left to give Him. I realised that we must try to reach the youth & the young people.
       67. AND AS I PONDERED THIS IN THE DREAM, I SUDDENLY FOUND MYSELF A PRISONER AMONGST PRISONERS IN SOME KIND OF DETENTION CAMP OR CONCENTRATION CAMP, a prison camp of some kind for dissidents who apparently were not agreeing with the System, many young people like ourselves & our Family of witnesses for Christ. And strangely enough, we all seemed to be dressed in long brown prison robes from neck to ankle. (See "Madame M", 268!)
       68. AND AS I SAT WITH SOME OF THEM WONDERING WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT & what was going to become of us--as we were guarded within the fenced confines of this prison camp--suddenly I saw a young teenage girl hanging from what appeared to be a cross! I rushed up to her in great concern & there was one of our own girls dying as a martyr on this cross, not nailed to it, but bound to it with ropes & hanging there by her wrists to the crossarm of the cross in agony & suffering, torture, torment & pain!
       69. MY HEART WENT OUT TO HER & I TRIED TO COMFORT HER & MASSAGE HER BARE ARMS WHICH WERE SO TIGHTLY BOUND TO THIS CROSSBEAM! And for some reason, they allowed me to untie her temporarily & let her down from her cross to stand there while I tried to massage the circulation back into her poor bound arms. She was clinging to my bosom in gratitude & love & affection as though she had been saved from that horrible agony or that death by my rescue, almost symbolic of the way we have saved the youth of this day & this World from their crucifixion by the System!
       70. AND AS I COMFORTED HER UPON MY BOSOM & HELD HER IN MY ARMS & SHE CLUNG TO ME IN DESPERATION & GRATITUDE, I TURNED TO THE CROWD who were watching in cold hard indifference, mere morbid curiosity as they had watched at the cross of Christ--the fewest number being His enemies, a few more being His friends, but the vast majority being the indifferent unconcerned multitude--& I cried out in a loud voice to them: "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH YOUR LIFE!"--As I was thinking about what they were doing to the life of this dear girl & the horrible things that they had done to her already, her crucifixion on that System cross of torment & the imprisonment of the rest of us!
       71. I CRIED A CHALLENGE TO THOSE WHO PASSED BY, AS THE GREAT PROPHET JEREMIAH DID OF OLD: "IS IT NOTHING TO YOU, ALL YE THAT PASS BY?" (La.1:12) Is it nothing to you that these suffer? Is it nothing to you that these are lost? Is it nothing to you that these are in torment & imprisonment & in sickness & in sadness? Is it nothing to you, all ye that pass by? What have you done with your life? In other words, what have you done to try to help them? What have you done to try to save them? What have you done with your life?
       72. AND I REMEMBER THE HARDNESS OF SOME OF THE FACES, THE SCORN & THE SNEERS, particularly the contempt of some of the well-dressed highly-coiffed System women who it seemed were the hardest of all!--As they were at the Roman games when it was the women who were the most bloody-thirsty & who turned their thumbs down on the poor lives dying in the arena! The women, the most deadly of the species! The Women's Lib Movement & those fallaciously & falsely claiming to be liberating women are actually getting them into the bondage of the Devil himself in defiance of the laws of God & His Word!
       73. AND AS THEY PASSED SNEERINGLY & CONTEMPTUOUSLY, ridiculing my rescuing of this poor little hippie-like maiden, I cried out to them: "What have you done with your life?" Here she was giving her life for Jesus! Here she was hanging on a cross for Christ! Here she had no doubt served the Lord in such extremes that they had persecuted her & hounded her & now were martyring her on a cross like Christ! I cried out in challenge & condemnation of the indifferent scorning passing crowd & those horrible women: "What have you done with your life?"
       74. IT SEEMED THAT THE WOMEN WERE THE LEADERS OF THE WORLD, as they are today of the Western World, & even much of the Eastern World. It's woman's day & the women are leading, & they're leading the men & their World to Hell & damnation in their defiance of God & His Laws in their birth control & their abortions & their defiance of the will of God & the obedience to their men!
       75. THE WOMEN WERE THE MOST CONTEMPTUOUS & BITTER & SCORNING & CRUEL OF ALL, so I turned to them in defiance & I challenged them & said: "What have you done with your life?" And it was obvious what they were doing with their lives, they were not only wasting them & going to Hell & taking others to Hell with them, but crucifying the true Christians & martyring the true witnesses for God & contemptuous of the true lovers of the Lord!
       76. SO I CRIED OUT WITH SUCH A LOUD VOICE IN PROTEST & CHALLENGE & CONDEMNATION OF THEM: "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH YOUR LIFE?"--THAT IT WOKE ME UP! I actually shouted it out in my sleep! And apparently that's as far as the Lord knew I needed to go in that dream, for that's the question that He wants to ask you: What have you done with your life? Are you living it for the Lord? Are you serving Jesus? Are you crucified daily for Christ? Are you dying daily for God & His loving service for others?
       77. MOST OF THE THOUSANDS TO WHOM I'M SPEAKING RIGHT NOW through our Letters & our publications are doing just that, God bless you, & thank God for you! You're going to be thankful not only today, but someday when you see Him & He asks you: "What have you done with your life?" And you're able to honestly say, "I have done my best for Jesus & for others!" In Jesus' name. Amen.
       78. HAVE YOU? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH YOUR LIFE? God bless you, I hope you have done your best for Jesus! For that's the question that will be asked you today & every day & you should ask yourself every day, & that God's going to ask you each day, & when you come to the end of life's day & you face Him:
       Only one life--'twill soon be past!--
       Only what's done for Christ will last!

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose!
       80. "Then said Jesus unto His disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, & take up his cross, & follow Me" (Mt.16:24) "And every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name's sake, shall receive an hundredfold, & shall inherit everlasting life." (Mt.19:29) "Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground & die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit." (Jn.12:24) And Mt.5:3-16 & 6:19-34!
       81. AMEN? GBAKYAMYAB TO MILLIONS!--You'll never be sorry!--For God is Love!--And He loves you & will take good care of you to the End!--Then you'll hear His "Well done, good & faithful Servant; enter thou into the joy of thy Lord!" (Mt.25:23)--Forever!--With all the souls you helped love into His Kingdom eternally!--Amen? PTL! TYJ! GBY!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family