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THE ERA OF PEACE & THE CONQUERED FUTURE!--Two Gold Nuggets!       DFO 1331       11/82

       1. I GOT A BEAUTIFUL LITTLE EXCITING REVELATION ON THE TOILET THIS MORNING reading about Brezhnev's death. He's been dead a week, but I never really, I don't think I'd asked the Lord about it. I'd better not tell you now--I might get in the spirit & get excited like I did this morning! But for the first time really that I really asked the Lord, "What does it all mean, Lord? What does his death mean? There's such a big furor about it & it's such a world, earthshaking event!" And as clearly as I ever heard the voice of the Lord, He said:
       2. "IT IS THE DEATH OF AN ERA, THE ERA OF PEACE!" (Tongues & Interpretation: Kiss the Words of David, thy father! Kiss the Words of thy Father David!) That is pretty important!--How the Lord can give you in just one or two little phrases a key to the whole situation! I thought afterwards, "My God, if God calls this an era of peace with all the wars that have been going on, what's the next one going to be like?" Well, this is an era of peace by comparison to the next era!
       3. BUT OF COURSE, YOU SEE FOR US, IN SPITE OF ALL THE WARS, WE HAVE HAD AN ERA OF PEACE. We have not been involved, very little affected by all the various wars. Compared to what's coming, this is an era of peace for us. So boy, I went to work on my stuff as fast as I could! I thought, "Boy! We've gotta get this stuff out!"
       4. I HAD ANOTHER BEAUTIFUL THING TODAY! These little words that come so briefly are sometimes wonderful! We were listening to the Chinese MWM in Chinese & it's just beautiful! It's gorgeous! The only bad thing on the whole show was a kind of a silly song by some Southerner or Western singer that we couldn't even understand, some sexy song about something or other, "You're my little train" or something. It was just a ridiculous little song, but it's, you know, modern youth-type disco music, so I said, "Well, one song like that on a show I guess we can stomach, & it may get some kid that wouldn't have listened, or something like that, you know."
       5. I WAS THINKING OF HOW WONDERFUL IT IS! HERE WE'VE GOT OUR MESSAGE ALREADY IN CHINESE & CHINESE MUSIC to which the Chinese kids are going to listen & it's on radio going into Canton!--The entire Cantonese Southern part of China! I get a thrill even when I hear that--it's God working!
       6. CHINA OPENS THE FLOODGATES A LITTLE BIT, & then it gets a little too flooded & She shuts them, & then they again open it a little bit. They're trying to find a good happy medium. But we're getting in & we're already getting responses from kids in China, think of that! And I got the most beautiful little thing! I thought, that's wonderful!--And the Lord said just as clear as ever, as I was thinking how wonderful it is that the Lord has given us the youth to do all this, & guess what He said!
       7. "CAPTURE THE YOUTH & YOU'VE CONQUERED THE FUTURE!" (Tongues & interpretation:) Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! Amen! "Kiss the words of thy Father David that I have given unto him for thee!" TYJ! PTL! Thank You Lord for these words, these little revelations, these little keys You give us, Lord, that mean so much & have such significance, Lord! Help it to inspire us & help us to do even a better job, Lord, & do it quicker & faster & reach as many as we can in this closing of this Era of Peace! TYJ! PYL! Hallelujah! Well, we better get going! AMEN--ARE YOU?

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