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"EZEKIEL 34!"--Now Fulfilled!       DO 1335       Dallas, Texas, June 27, 1971
--A Significant Prophecy Revealed Before Our Great Exodus from the U.S.A.!

       1. THIS PASSAGE AND OUR STUDY OF IT WILL PROBABLY BE ANOTHER IN THE SERIES THAT WE HAVE NOW CALLED "DAVID," in which the Lord revealed to us that this passage is for us, and confirmed it definitely by His Spirit, by direct revelation. (No.77.)

       2. UP TO THAT TIME I WAS NOT WILLING TO RECEIVE IT or believe that it was for us personally, actually, literally. Another one in the series is called "The Key of David," which is another revelation the Lord gave us of what that means, really amazing!--Very amazing what the "Key of David" is!--And then yet another somewhat historical one on this passage, and that one is called "The Call of David."

       3. SO I THOUGHT IT WOULD HELP YOU UNDERSTAND AND EVEN ENCOURAGE YOUR FAITH in what the Lord showed us, because this is quite, as they say, "a heavy one," and may be difficult for some to believe! So we're giving you confirmation, we're giving you additional testimony to show you that it can be true because the history of it goes a long way back. (Nos.351, 695.)

       4. THE ACTUAL TEXT OF THIS PARTICULAR PASSAGE really begins with the 30th verse of the 33rd chapter, believe it or not: Ezekiel 33:30. Now, as we read it, I want you to think about it, and then ask the Holy Spirit to give you thoughts on it and confirmation in your own heart that His Spirit will bear witness with your spirit whether these things be so: --Are these things true of us? Does this passage fit us?--Not only me but you. Is that clear? Does it resemble our situation and our message? Does it fit, in other words? Do we fit it? Does it fit us?

       5. THE FIRST TIME WE RECEIVED THIS PASSAGE was when a dear sister in the Lord, who knew us and loved us, got it from the Lord, and the Lord told her it was for us, and that it applied to us personally and our future ministry. She was to drive her car all the way from Florida to Texas, over a thousand miles to tell us about it! She got so excited and so enthused about it that she actually did that!

       6. SHE DROVE HER CAR OVER A THOUSAND MILES from Tallahassee, Florida, clear to the ranch where we were even at that time packing up, disposing of things, preparing to vacate the ranch, to obey the Lord's prophecy: "And after thou hast been to the Isles of the Rising Sun (Bahamas), thou shalt go unto the Lord of the setting Sun (California), and there it shall be told thee what thou shalt do." We went to California in December of 1967 on the strength of that Prophecy by my Mother!

       7. JUST BEFORE WE LEFT TEXAS, THIS DEAR WOMAN RACED A THOUSAND MILES, over a two-thousand-mile roundtrip in her car, to deliver us this message from the Lord!--And she was absolutely positive it was for us! You don't go driving over two thousand miles roundtrip from Florida in the heat of the summer clear to Texas and back just to give something like this to somebody that you hardly even know, unless you're pretty convinced it was from the Lord, and it was important and urgent!

       8. GOD TOLD HER TO DELIVER IT TO US IMMEDIATELY IN PERSON. So she jumped in her car and drove all the way to Texas to tell us about it! How about that?

       9. AT THAT TIME WE DIDN'T REALLY UNDERSTAND IT! We understood it partially, and we saw how it could apply to us and somewhat fit our situation, and it was certainly largely true; because at that particular time we were in almost identically the same spot that David was in with King Saul, only a little more advanced. We were leaving our King Saul's service. So it had to do with him also.

       10. I TOOK IT VERY PERSONALLY AT THAT TIME AS APPLYING TO OUR IMMEDIATE SITUATION regarding our being delivered from his service, the service of King Saul, delivered from that bondage, and now free to serve the Lord as the Lord saw fit. Praise the Lord!

       11. BUT LITTLE DID I DREAM WHAT DEEPER, GREATER, MUCH MORE FAR-REACHING MEANING IT HAD!--That it was really predicting the ministry which we were to have in the future in a much wider sense than we had ever dreamed, and that it was literally for us personally, and a literal, predictive prophecy of what GOD was going to do with you in these last days, this last great and important generation of your people!

       12. SOMETHING IS HAPPENING, BELOVED! Something is happening in America which has never happened there before! There is another modern-day Children's Crusade on, a Jesus Revolution; the Revolution for Jesus, which you and I began, believe it or not, and the Lord did it through us! (1969-1971.)

       13. WE'RE NOTHING, BUT WE WERE THE FIRST ONES to use the slogan "Revolution for Jesus," and they despised it! We were the first ones to have the marches, the picketing, the sit-ins, and they hated us for it and arrested us for it! We were the first to have the beach baptisms, and they sneered and scoffed! We were the first to use the hand signals, slogans, etc., and they jeered at us, and said it looked like we were saying "Heil, Hitler!"

       14. SO MANY FIRSTS! We were the first to have any success with the so-called hippies, the youth of Southern California, and the drug addicts and so on.

       15. AND NOW THEY'RE ALL DOING IT!--Copying us and the style and the fashions and the little finger signs and the slogans and this sort of thing! They have adopted the cloak, the sheep's clothing of it so to speak, but they are not living it, for they are impostors! ("Jesus People," No.148.)

       16. THEY ARE FAKERS, THEY ARE ABSOLUTE USURPERS! They're not living it, sad to say! But nevertheless, some of them are very sincere, don't forget. They are doing the best they know how.

       17. THE SYSTEM CHURCHES ARE PREJUDICED AGAINST OUR EXTREME MESSAGE, the warning message, the forsake-all message, and so on, but the Lord used us to start the ball rolling, 'cause nobody was doing if before we were! Since we were the first to be doing it, we must have been the ones that started it, it's just as simple as that!

       18. THEY WERE ALL STANDING AROUND JEERING AT US, hissing at us, making fun of us, and calling the cops on us, and beating us up while we were doing it, and therefore they witnessed us doing it, so after we were gone that must be where they got it, 'cause they had never been doing it before!

       19. BUT THEY SAW HOW SUCCESSFUL IT WAS IN REACHING YOUNG PEOPLE, and how you could get ahold of these youth with the message of Jesus if you would just more or less leave their lifestyle alone, not make them cut their hair, not make them shave off their beards, let them wear their funny clothes, and just let them take Jesus! Then the church people, to form the "Jesus People," slyly slid church in there in the bargain which we hadn't done, which we had declared war against, in fact!

       20. IT WAS OUT DECLARATION OF WAR AGAINST THEM CHURCHES, our declaration of war against the damnable educational System, our declaration of war against the God-damned commercial System, which started this Revolution! when you've got a Revolution, you've got to have it against something, not only just for something.

       21. THE SO-CALLED "JESUS PEOPLE" PRETEND THEY'VE GOT A REVOLUTION for Jesus, but they're not against anything!--They like everything just the way it is!--Their church, their jobs, their privacy, their home! they haven't changed really, they're still part of the System.

       22. BUT WE DECLARED WAR ON THE SYSTEM! We dropped out, period! Totally!--And we determined to lead, God helping us, the youth of this world in a genuine spiritual Revolution in defiance of the damnable traditions of men, & the God damned traditions of the churches and the God-damned traditions of education, and the God-damned traditions of capitalism!

       23. THESE SYSTEMITES SAY, "YOU'VE GOT TO EARN YOUR LIVING, you've got to work for Mammon, and you can serve God too." Damn it! It 's a God-damned lie!

       24. I'M CURSING LEGITIMATELY AS DAVID CURSED and as others cursed in the Bible, the prophets of god who cursed and brought down the curses of God upon their enemies! I am not using the Name of God in vain when I say "God damn it!" I want you to know that I mean it!

       25. I WANT GOD TO DAMN OR JUDGE IN OTHER WORDS, THESE GOD-DAMNED SYSTEMS! They are judged of the Lord, and they're going to be judged! It's not using God's name in vain. I'm using it for a purpose, not in vain!

       26. I'M USING GOD'S NAME WITH A MEANING, not frivolously, foolishly like the world uses it, using the name of God without even thinking what they're saying. When I say "God damn," it means I want God to damn them because they need it!--They need to be damned and judged!

       27. SO WE DECLARED WAR, SPIRITUAL WARFARE ON THE GOD-DAMNED SYSTEM! And the Revolution was rolling, Praise God! the churches hated us and fought us. The System arrested us and threw us in prison, and the so-called Christians beat us up on the spot, they didn't even stop to call the cops! They gnashed on us with their teeth while waiting for the police, that's how God-damned the so-called church people are! And God will damn them for what they did to us then!

       28. BUT THEN AS SOON AS WE HAD PASSED ON OUR WAY and washed our hands of them after they had rejected us, after they had rejected us, after nearly two years of that persecution, immediately the scribes and the Pharisees, the hypocrites, began to imitate us and our tactics! Right? They began to imitate us! The seven sons of Sceva started running around trying to cast out the demons of drugs in Jesus' Name!

       29. I DARE SAY THE SINCERE MAY HAVE BEEN SUCCESSFUL, but the vast majority of the insincere, plastic hypocritical God-damned churchy Pharisees who were merely imitating us and had not the Spirit of God, had not the power of the Name of Jesus, were soon to be beaten up by the demoniacs!--Did you get that? They're soon to get it in the neck, because they don't really deliver them from the worst addiction of all: System addiction!

       30. SYSTEM ADDICTS ARE THE WORST ADDICTS OF ALL! System addiction is the most subtle, most treacherous, most insidious, most diabolical, most difficult to detect, this System addiction of those that are addicted to the God-damned Systems of this world, the fashions of this world!

       31. WE DECLARED WAR ON IT, WE DROPPED OUT OF IT, AND WE REVOLUTED! We didn't just reform, we're not trying to reform the church, we weren't trying to reform Christianity, we weren't even trying to reform Christians!

       32. WE JUST SAID TO HELL WITH ALL THE GOD-DAMNED SO-CALLED HYPOCRITICAL CHRISTIANS! I'm not talking now about the sincere, real Christians, but the ones who say they are Jews, but are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan! (Rev.3:9)--To hell with these God-damned so-called Christians and the God-damned church System!--Amen?--But up with Jesus!--Down with the God-damned System and up with the real true Church and the true Christians! Amen?

       33. SO WE SUDDENLY SAW THIS PASSAGE BEGIN TO TAKE PLACE before our very eyes! Did they like it? Did the majority of the people like it? Did our former friends like it? Did our fellow Christians like it? Did the church people like it? Did the citizenry love us?--They hounded us and hassled us and called the cops on us, and did everything they could to stop us, and had us thrown out of the club! We were sick of being persecuted, we delivered our souls, and the job was done. Thank the Lord!

       34. SO WE STARTED THE BALL ROLLING WHICH STARTED THE JESUS REVOLUTION on its way! Praise the Lord? Aren't you glad you've been a part of it? When you saw that picture of Jesus for the first time in history on the front cover of Time Magazine, you knew this was news!--The biggest news in the world today is the Jesus Revolution! (1971.)

       35. BUT PRETTY SOON THE DEMONIACS ARE GOING TO START BEATING UP THE PHARISAICAL SEVEN SONS of Sceva who don't, really have Jesus and the real true power of the Holy Spirit of God, and who've not really cut off all connections with the God-damned System! Then they're gonna turn, the world's gonna turn and is going to become concerned about this youthful Religious Revolution. (No.125.)

       36. THE WORLD'S GOING TO BE MORE CONCERNED ABOUT US THAN THE VIOLENT REVOLUTION because they, the violent, by their own admission, have not been able to get as many followers as we have, and have not made news like we have, and are not as dangerous to the System as we are!

       37. AS IN THAT PLAY REGARDING JESUS BEFORE PILATE, Pilate said, "Why, this doctrine of love of this man is the greatest threat to the Roman Empire! It's a dangerous doctrine!--What if everybody believed it?--Everybody would lay down their arms and love one another and there'd be no more wars, and then where world the Roman Empire be? We've got to stamp it out!"

       38. THE SYSTEM CAN'T STAND THIS LOVE! The System cannot stand love! It's built on hate and greed, selfishness and grasping, war and violence!

       39. SO THEY'VE GOT TO STAMP OUT THIS LOVE, this radical, fanatical (and here's the key word that is going to make it illegal) insanity, "this form of religious insanity that is blowing our children's minds, causing serious personality changes! they're different; they're not the same anymore; they don't even look the same any more!"

       40. THE PARENTS COME AND THEY SAY, "AH, MY SON DOESN'T EXIST ANYMORE, he's not the same anymore! Where's the boy that I once loved?" Thank God that formerly God-damned little rascal doesn't exist anymore!

       41. HE'S A NEW CREATURE IN CHRIST JESUS! The old man's passed away and all things have become new! He's been born again! Filled with the Holy Ghost! He has a new spirit, he's been rewired! (Read "The Key of David!") He's a whole brand-new machine and he doesn't even react to the same responses anymore! They can hardly recognise him!

       42. THEY'RE GONNA GET SO SCARED OF THIS FANATICAL, RELIGIOUS INSANITY, they're going to pretty soon brand us more dangerous than drug pushers! Drugs only last a little while, and their children become what they call normal again, insane like their parents! Whereas this form of so-called insanity, this religious fanaticism, this religious fanaticism, this true Christianity like the Early Church, is a permanent transformation of personality, a permanent psychological change, a permanent switch, a total spiritual revolution!--You get it?

       43. "IT BLOWS OUR POOR DARLINGS' MINDS FOREVER! This is horrible, this is dangerous!"--They say. "These monsters, these leaders, are blowing our children's minds, and there's no cure! These insane fanatics should be put away so they can't do so much harm!"--And that's just exactly what they're going to do! (--And they did!)

       43. "IT BLOWS OUR POOR DARLINGS' MINDS FOREVER! This is horrible, this is dangerous!"--They say. "These monsters, these leaders, are blowing our children's minds, and there's no cure! These insane fanatics should be put away so they can't do so much harm!"--And that's just exactly what they're going to do! (--And they did!)

       44. IT'S GOING TO BE ALL VERY NICE AND LEGAL AND SCIENTIFIC and seem to be very civilised. They, of course, wouldn't revert to the savagery and the cruelty and the torture of the Inquisition and the Star Chamber procedures, and the savagery of the crucifixion and the burning at the stake, the Iron Mary and the rack and things like that!--That's uncivilised!

       45. THEY'LL PUT YOU IN A NICE PADDED CELL with nice white walls in a nice institution with a new form of torturers dressed in nice white cloaks who will put you on a new type of rack called the shock treatment, and torture your body and your mind until it nearly drives you completely stark raving mad!--Legally! (& "Deprogramming"!)

       46. THEY WILL USE DRUGS ON YOU, psychology, everything they can to try to literally drive you back into their form of insanity, out of what they think is your religious insanity.

       47. THEY'LL COME KNOCKING, LOOKING FOR YOU, just like they did in several other places where we've been! They're gonna get the laws passed so they won't have to just take the kids back that way, but they can put you, the leaders, away too! It's all going to be done very legally scientifically! (& they have!)

       48. THEY'RE GOING TO CHARGE YOU WITH SOME FORM OF MENTAL CRUELTY, mental torture, mental coercion, psychological coercion, so they can deal with your words and your eyes and your mind and your thoughts! They're going to make it just as illegal as drugs, or force, or violence, for you to push this fanatical kind of religion that "drives people insane"!

       49. BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT IT'S DOING, ACCORDING TO THEIR WAY OF THINKING!--It's driving their children insane!--And the parents are not going to stand for it. Whenever the System in general turns against something it doesn't like, and decides it's wrong and immoral and ought to be stopped, they pass laws to eliminate it, they make it illegal!

       50. THEY ARE NOT ONLY GOING TO GET THE KIDS BUT THEY'RE GOING TO START GETTING YOU, THE LEADERS, as they don't give near the penalty to drug users as they do drug pushers! So they're not going to clobber their poor little dear darlings themselves for using or becoming "abused" by this new form of fanatical religious "insanity, dangerous, criminally religious insanity."

       51. THEY'RE GOING TO REALLY GIVE THE RAPS TO YOU GUYS THAT ARE PUSHING IT! They're going to put you away, Brother, when the time comes and when the Lord knows your job is done! Praise the Lord?

       52. BUT DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT TIL THEN, that's just discouraging. I read all about it this morning. They are ready for it, and there are already laws they can operate under if they can just get the people who are willing to sign you into asylum: It usually takes a relative.

       53. BELIEVE IT OR NOT, MOST OF YOU SITTING HERE RIGHT NOW, you leaders: there are certain relatives that you have that are bitterly opposed to you, and are your vicious enemies. So, if they can find out who you are and they pass this law or something, they'll sign you in.--And think they are doing God and the family and the nation a favour! So praise the Lord!--"That's the way they raised us!"--How they're going to raise us and try to put us down!

       54. "THOU SON OF MAN, THE CHILDREN OF THE PEOPLE STILL ARE TALKING AGAINST THEE by the walls and in the doors of the houses." Are they? "And speak one to another, every one to his brother, saying, Come, I pray you and hear what is the word that cometh forth from the Lord!" (Ezek.33:30.)

       55. THEY'RE SAYING THIS IN DERISION, scoffing, making fun, you understand. Because this is obviously talking against the Prophet--right? Are they talking against us? Yes! So when these 10:36ers and these Systemites come to see us it's only to find fault and an occasion against us.

       56. MANY OF THESE PEOPLE IN THESE ARTICLES THAT CAME, parents, young people, reporters, many of them were only coming to find out what was wrong with us, to see if they could attack us somewhere.

       57. "COME, I PRAY YOU, AND HEAR WHAT IS THE WORD that cometh forth from the Lord. And they come unto thee as the people cometh, and they sit before thee as My people, and they hear thy words, but they will not do them: for with their mouth they show much love."--Vs.31.

       58. "WELL, WE REALISE YOU'RE SINCERE, AND YOU'RE TRYING TO DO SOMETHING GOOD, but we don't like what you're doing to out children and the way you're doing it!--Well, we realise you probably think you're Christians, but we don't think that's the way Jesus would do it," they say.

       59. "BUT THEIR HEART GOETH AFTER THEIR COVETOUSNESS." What's the thing they hate us the most for?--Forsaking all! Why won't the church go out and do what Jesus said, forsake all and follow Him? They don't want to forsake all!

       60. "AND, LO, THOU ART UNTO THEM AS A VERY LOVELY SONG of one that hath a pleasant voice, and can play well on an instrument." They'll come to hear your music, "Well, it sounds pretty, isn't that nice!"--even those so-called neutrals!--"Isn't that nice!" But they'll go away just as much of an enemy as ever! "Oh, we still don't approve." "For they hear thy words, but they do them not."

       61. LET ME TELL YOU, FOLKS, THEY EITHER JOIN and go all the way or help us, or they're going to become our enemies! God is dividing the sheep from the goats. As one brother so aptly put it in the grand finale of his letter to all of his former friends:

       62. "GOD IS MAKING IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR ANYONE TO STAY NEUTRAL!" There are no neutrals! God is forcing them to a decision through us, and through His Jesus Revolution, as to which side they're going to be on!

       63. "FOR THEY HERE THY WORDS, BUT THEY DO THEM NOT! They won't do them, so they're surely not going to want to hear them either, and pretty soon they're going to try to slap you in the booby-hatch!

       64. "AND WHEN THIS COMETH TO PASS, (LO, IT WILL COME,) THEN SHALL THEY KNOW that a prophet hate been among them!" What does he mean? Was this of which he was just talking, about to come to pass? No.

       65. HE'S TALKING ABOUT THE THINGS YOU HAVE PROPHESIED and predicted are going to come to pass!--The judgments of God that this whole book is about, when they begin to fall, then they're going to know you were right, and that you were truly a prophet of God, but it will be too late!

       66. "AND THE WORD OF THE LORD CAME UNTO ME, SAYING, SON OF MAN, PROPHESY AGAINST THE SHEPHERDS OF ISRAEL, prophesy, and say unto them, Thus saith the Lord God unto the shepherds, Woe be to the shepherds of Israel that do feed themselves!--Should not the shepherds feed the flocks?" (& now the [EDITED: "ACs"]!)

       67. I'LL JUST TELL YOU THE HISTORY, a little bit at least, of this Jesus Revolution which God used us to start: How did it begin?--You know how it began?--A declaration of war against the God-damned Religious System! (See pg.21.)

       68. THE NIGHT IT REALLY BEGAN WAS THE NIGHT WE DECLARED WAR on the churches, and on the System, and on education, and on the God-damned selfish capitalistic System! We told them the church people were no more like Jesus than the capitalists were like the communists! What is our major message?

       69. OUR MAJOR MESSAGE IS LIKE THE MESSAGE OF JEREMIAH!--And what was it?--Two-thirds damnation! Two-thirds woe! Right? Two--thirds warning against the System! Two-thirds "damning the System"! "Destroy, tear down, cast down, root out!"--He says!

       70. AND WHOM DO WE ATTACK THE WORST OF ALL? Who are the worst culprits of all? Who are the most horrible monsters of them all?--The God-damned snakes in God's good green grass!--Who are they?--The preachers, the pastors of the flocks, the false shepherds! Who do you have the most trouble with?--The Scribes and the Pharisees, just like Jesus did, and the parents are stirred up by them!--Right? (& now the actual [EDITED: "ACs"]!)

       71. AND SO WHAT HAS OUR MAJOR MESSAGE BEEN? I said a while ago that the trouble with the so-called "Jesus People" is that they are only for Jesus, and of course they're not too much for Him at that! But they're not against the System, they're not against the God-damned churchianity!--Right? They're not against the commercial System.--They hold jobs. They're not against the educational System: they advocate it!--Right?

       72. IT'S NO REVOLUTION IF YOU HAVEN'T GOT ANYTHING TO BE AGAINST! If you're not against anything, it means you like things the way they are and you don't want any change! That's no Revolution! Right! We can't say, "We're just for Jesus! We're not against anybody, we love everybody, lovey-dovey, we're all love, we just love Jesus, we don't hate nobody!" God damn that mess--age!--The subtle lies of the Devil!

       73. BECAUSE WE REALLY LOVE JESUS CHRIST, WE HATE THAT GOD-DAMNED ANTI-CHRIST SYSTEM with everything we've got in us!--We hate that God-damned, anti-Christ churchianity! We hate the God--damned atheistic, diabolical, fiendish, devilish, evolutionary, anti-God educational System! Already the System itself is using a Pavlovian mental conditioning, a warping of the mind, an intricate system of psychological transformation of the mind--"brainwashing"!

       74. THEIR WHOLE GOD-DAMNED EDUCATIONAL AND CHURCH SYSTEM IS GEARED TO DRIVE YOU LITERALLY INSANE, the same way your parents are! And if you don't hate it with everything you've got in you, then you don't really love Jesus! Because he that is a friend of God is an enemy of the world, and the world will soon be out to get you! Right? (1Jn.2:15; Ja.4:4)

       75. SO OUR FIRST BLAST WAS AT THE FALSE SHEPHERDS! "Woe be to the shepherds of Israel that do feed themselves! Should not the shepherds feed the flocks?"

       76. WHEN WE GOT THIS PASSAGE FROM THAT DEAR SISTER, the dear prophetess of God who travelled all the way to Texas to tell us about it, and said God showed it to her and told her to come bring it to us and that God was talking about us, we didn't realise how much it meant!

       77. BUT WE SAW HOW IT CERTAINLY FITTED OUR SITUATION at that time: We were in a battle with a treacherous king! So we applied all these verses we heard of the false shepherds and their characteristics to the king with whom we were in deadly combat at the time, believe it or not. Do they fit? "Woe be to the shepherds of Israel that do feed themselves! Should not the shepherds feed the flocks?"

       78. THERE ARE THREE BASIC FUNDAMENTAL THINGS YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO ASK FOR or I don't see how you can conscientiously as Christians and followers of God work with Fred an hour longer. Just three basic things to keep his word to us, that he promised to us, or he's a liar. We'll just make an honest man out of his and we're not going to let him make dishonest people out of us. Amen?

       79. HE'S MAKING LIARS OUT OF US, did you know that? Making a liar out of dear Caleb here: He has to tell people lies at the gate! Where are the cattle, where are the kids? He is making liars out of us! We are no longer going to allow him to make liars out of us!--Are you with me?

       80. AND THE KIDS! THINK OF IT!--THEY SIT THERE AND WATCH YOU on the TV show and they know you're lying, and she's lying! He's making liars out of us, hypocrites out of us! You can't!--Birds of a feather flock together, and if you run with wolves, brothers, pretty soon you're going to learn to howl! And he's now trying to teach you how to howl just like he does!

       81. HE'S TRYING TO MAKE LIARS OUT OF US, and he's making a liar out of himself already. He's been that for some time, sad to say, the way he's been raising money for cattle and never delivered the cattle, right?

       82. THAT WAS HIS FIRST MAJOR APPEAL: CATTLE FOR TSC! And dear Pansy phoned him," Rich, rich, rich the money is really rolling in!"--And we've yet to receive one single cow from his money, from money that came in as a result!--Never gave us a dime, just some fence that's improving his property! He's afraid we might shoot one of his cattle and eat it if we got hungry!

       83. HE'S LIED TO THE PEOPLE IN SAYING HE WAS BUYING THAT RANCH IN COACHELLA FOR THE KIDS when he won't even let the kids use it! We're not going to let him lie any longer to his sponsors! We're not going to let him lie any longer to us! He's going to have to keep his word to us, come across with what he promised! Amen?

       84. HE'S GOING TO HAVE TO KEEP HIS WORD TO THOSE REAL SPONSORS OF THE CHILDREN OF GOD who in all sincerity gave him money for your use to buy you cattle and a ranch where you could have fresh air, freedom and sunshine, housing, but he won't even let you use the buildings that are already there! why not? Because he wants to reserve them for his God-damned Willie the Witch and her little hellions on weekends! He paid $160,000 for a ranch supposedly for you, and he's using it for his God-damned Witch and her little hellions instead! Right?

       85. THINK HOW COMFORTABLE YOU COULD BE if you had all those buildings there and you could use that big Lodge for a classroom and had all that housing! Man, you'd be perfectly comfortable! Right? Air conditioning and the works! That's what it was bought for, Son!

       86. FOR GOD'S SAKE, HOW CAN YOU LET HIM DENY THEM! How can you let him rob God's Children of what was given them? If any passage ever fit that scoundrel, this passage fits him and his God-damned Witch!--Right?

       87. "YE EAT THE FAT, AND YE CLOTHE YOU WITH THE WOOL." Does this sound like Fred and Willy and their little devils? "Ye kill them that are fed: but ye feed not the flock." We read this the other day. Now what did we get out of that, remember? "Ye kill them that are fed." They slaughter the pastors!

       88. NOW LET'S TAKE OUT MINDS OFF FRED AND WILLIE for a while. I mean they fit the picture perfectly, they are dandy bad examples of this very passage, perfect, a religious racketeer! They are perfect examples of this passage.

       89. BUT LISTEN BUDDY BOY, THEY ARE JUST THE SAME AS ALL THE REST OF THE GOD-DAMNED PREACHERS who are doing the same thing!--Who are robbing their flocks of the truth, and fattening themselves on the income, and letting their people starve spiritually!

       90. THE ONLY DIFFERENCE IS FRED AND WILLIE ARE EVEN DOING IT LITERALLY, taking in the income, and not feeding the flock with what they deserve, the housing they deserve, the comfort they deserve, the protection from the hellish heat out there in the summertime! He lets them bake in a damn little Quonset hut instead of using that beautiful big building that's already there and bought & paid for by the sponsors that brought it for these kids!

       91. HOW CAN YOU STAND THAT, SON! I HOPE YOU CAN KEEP YOUR TEMPER enough. [DELETED] God help you not to get into a fight! That's why we're sending you, the most peaceful and diplomatic negotiators, to the table, because I don't think Faithie and I don't think Ho would be able to keep their peace! I think they'd blast him and be tempted to knock his block off! I wouldn't be surprised if they'd get in an actual fist fight with Willie!--The way Faith would blast those God-damned hypocrites when these negotiations come to a head!

       92. I THANK GOD FOR YOU NICE, PLEASANT PEACEFUL ONES who can keep your tempers, and you've had to deal with him a long time and you've learned how. God gave you the patience to do it. God knows I couldn't do it. I'd come blasting through just like I did in that letter!

       93. "BUT YE FEED NOT THE FLOCK. The diseased have ye not strengthened." Don't just apply it to Willie and Fred now, but think of all the preachers and all the God-damned churchianity! What did they do for the poor hippies and the poor kids and the poor young people? Huh? Did they heal them?

       94. "THE DISEASED HAVE YE NOT STRENGTHENED, NEITHER HAVE YE HEALED THAT WHICH WAS SICK, neither have ye bound up that which was broken." They couldn't even deliver them from anything, much less from drugs! They didn't even try to deliver them from the God-damned educational System! They compromise with it and let them kick out the Bible and God, prayer & Christmas, and make it a crime to even talk about Jesus!

       95. "NEITHER HAVE YE BOUND UP THAT WHICH WAS BROKEN." These broken hearts, these poor kids! What have they done to help them?--Nothing! "Neither have ye brought again that which was driven away." Who drove the kids out of the churches?--Let me ask you that! Who drove them out of the churches? Those God-damned preachers!

       96. YOU DON'T LIKE "GOD-DAMNED," BROTHER? I am not using God's name in vain! I am saying it with authority, cursing them as Jesus did, and as David did, and as others did in the Bible! "Cursed be they!" May God, and I mean God, and I say it with all due respect to His Name, not in vain: May God Himself damn them, judge them, give them what they deserve! Amen?

       97. WHO DROVE THE KIDS AWAY? All that pusillanimous drivel, sickening drivel they were drooling from the pulpits! What kid would that ever appeal to? What kid would ever go for that kind of hypocrisy?--Huh?--A bunch of stupid idiots sitting like bumps on a polished log, all those nice little zombies that get lulled to sleep by all that lullaby music!

       98. "NEITHER HAVE YE BROUGHT AGAIN THAT WHICH WAS DRIVEN AWAY." They drove them out of their churches, they didn't want the long-hairs with bare feet and funny clothes, even when they wanted to come, did they? "Get out of here!" "No bare feet," say the signs in the foyer! They threw 75 of us out of one church because, they said, "We don't like the way you're dressed!"--Drove us away!

       99. "NEITHER HAVE YE SOUGHT THAT WHICH WAS LOST: but with force and with cruelty have ye ruled them." Right? The pastors and the preachers!--Now what about our former TV promoters?--

       100. WITH FORCE AND WITH CRUELTY THEY HAVE TRIED TO RULE THESE KIDS! "Get out of our swimming pool! Get off the place now that the celebration's over! Go! Shoo away, get away, flock! this is our pasture for our little Hellions!" But our kids are the sheep that earned it, the sheep that bore, the sheep that gave the wool, and that bore the lambs, earned their pasture, Son, and they won't even let them eat of it! Not only that, even worse! Wait till you get to the worst part of it!

       101. "AND THEY WERE SCATTERED, BECAUSE THERE IS NO SHEPHERD!" That was one of the problems with the poor hippies, the poor youth of America who were trying to find the truth but couldn't find it. They sure couldn't find it in the church; they didn't find it in education; they didn't find it in the System; they didn't find it in drugs; but they probably found more truth on drugs than they did in the rest of the System!--They found, at least, a glimpse of spiritual reality, even if it was hell on Earth!

       102. I SHOCKED SOMEONE THE OTHER DAY by telling them I believe with all my heart and soul that God ordains all things, God runs this world! I believe God Himself--listen to this one--and if this be treason make the most of it! Give me liberty or give me death!--God Himself, to save this generation, let drugs be brought and sold to them so they could open their eyes to spiritual reality!--Because it was the only way they could get it!

       103. THAT MAY BE A SHOCKING STATEMENT, BUT HOW ELSE WAS THIS YOUNGER GENERATION EVER TO HAVE ITS EYES OPENED to the reality of the spirit world and the supernatural and the spiritual? They had been so God-damned mentally conditioned by their parents to deny anything supernatural, anything about God, anything miraculous, and had been given a totally materialistic mental conditioning!--A totally materialistic mental conditioning! Understand?--Totally materialistic!

       104. THEY HAD BEEN DENIED GOD DENIED THE BIBLE, AND GIVEN EVOLUTION INSTEAD. How else were they to know that there was spiritual reality in the world around them in this universe if God hadn't actually had to allow drugs to come in and open their eyes?--They'll probably condemn me for that one! I'm not for drugs, don't misunderstand me. I mean, once they found spiritual reality, and they've found Jesus, who needs drugs?

       105. THEY ARE NO LONGER ZOMBIES, MENTALLY CONDITIONED BY THE DEVIL TO BE TOTAL MATERIALISTS like their parents, who denied them God, and denied them the Bible, and denied them the truth, and denied them a reality of the supernatural and the spiritual!--Right?--But God let the drugs pour in and open their eyes that there is another world! How more effectively could He have done it?

       106. THEY WERE TOLD NOT TO BELIEVE THE BIBLE, they were told not to believe anything supernatural, nothing spiritual! "Don't believe in God, don't believe any of this supernatural stuff!" So God had to literally take a physical, material means to so affect their mind, their soul, to see the reality of the spirit world! Think of it! Thank God!

       107. NOW WAIT TILL THEY QUOTE ME ON THAT ONE! They'll say, "Ah, ha!--See, he's for drugs!" Well, that's a God-damned lie! I'm not for drugs. I don't take them myself, and none of us take them, we don't even smoke!--That's a drug, one of the worst of all, nicotine!--And nearly all their parents smoke it! But God was desperate, it was a drastic measure.

       108. GOD HAD TO DO SOMETHING QUICKLY TO SAVE THIS LAST GENERATION, to open their eyes quickly, so they would hunger for that spiritual reality and find the right kind! You've got to know it exists before you can even try to find the right kind! Right?

       109. "THEY WERE SCATTERED, BECAUSE THERE IS NO SHEPHERD!"--Wandering around as sheep! You know the Scripture the Lord gave me?--I'll never forget that night! (Tongues and weeping)

       110. AS I WANDERED THOSE STREETS OF HUNTINGTON BEACH, disguised like I was a superannuated hippie or an over-aged beatnik, to see what was going on, my heart broke, and I wept for those kids!

       111. I CAME BACK AND REPORTED THAT THEY WERE WANDERING AROUND LIKE SHEEP HAVING NO SHEPHERD! Seeking, seeking, seeking!--But like sheep with nobody to lend them! I'll never forget the time! I'll never forget!

       112. YOU KNOW, SOMETIMES I TRY TO DENY IT. It's like this "David" thing! "Just receive David!" I thought then God had been calling me, to make me sit up and confess it, and believe it, what the Lord meant when He said it in this passage. And the Lord spoke to me again in the club one night, and called again: "They have no shepherd!"--Scared me half to death!

       113. I SAID, "GOD, I'M AN OLD MAN! How are they going to follow an old man like me?" I didn't even want to go down to the club, I was afraid to go down there, that I'd scare the kids away.

       114. BUT SOME OF THEM BEGGED ME TO COME DOWN AND TEACH THEM Bible prophecy classes. The Lord gave me that conviction, and as a matter of fact I was thinking of that Scripture. But I said, Oh, no, Lord, too many of those other people could do it, somebody else!--"No, you're the one!"

       115. DID IT HAPPEN? THE LORD KNEW!--Even if it never got any further than this! "And they were scattered because there is no shepherd!" Here the Lord was building His case against the false shepherds, and He's going to tell what He's going to do about it--what He has now done about it!

       116. "AND THEY BECAME MEAT TO ALL THE BEASTS OF THE FIELD, when they were scattered." The beasts of the field ... what are the beasts? Look at their damn System!--Know what its beasts are like? "My sheep wandered through all the mountains, and upon every high hill, yea, My flock was scattered upon all the face of the Earth, and none did search or seek after them." That is the picture of the poor kids today!

       117. THEY WANDER ACROSS THE EARTH AND AROUND THE WORLD SEEKING PEACE! They say that they estimate that 4,000 kids will probably die and never be heard from again that wandered off into strange lands and have been sold into slavery and all kinds of things, or died from drugs or died of starvation!--Civilised kids, American kids, that have just disappeared, gone!--Devoured by the beasts of the field! Scattered!

       118. "THEREFORE, YE SHEPHERDS, HEAR THE WORD OF THE LORD! As I live, saith the Lord God, surely because My flock became a prey, and My flock became meat to every beast of the field, because there was no shepherd, neither did my shepherds search for my flock, but the shepherds fed themselves, and fed not My flock." Isn't that a picture of those God-damned preachers and religious racketeers!

       119. "THEREFORE, O YE SHEPHERDS, HEAR THE WORD OF THE LORD!" Now God's going to tell them what He's going to do about it! Amen?--And what He has done about it, thank God!

       120. "THUS SAITH THE LORD GOD; BEHOLD I AM AGAINST THE SHEPHERDS, and I will require My flock at their hand!" I'm going to hold them responsible for these poor scattered sheep that are wandering across the face of the Earth!--Thousands and thousands of kids are wandering through Europe, the Orient; everywhere we went the kids are like wandering sheep with no shepherd!

       121. "AND I WILL REQUIRE MY FLOCK AT THEIR HAND, and cause them to cease from feeding the flock. "He's going to remove those false shepherds to where they're not even going to be able to feed them anymore! "Neither shall the shepherds feed themselves anymore!" They won't be around anymore! "For I will deliver My flock from their mouth, that they may not be meat for them."

       122. THE CHURCHES HAVE DEVOURED THEM; the beasts of education have devoured them; the beasts of commercialism have devoured them! The dogs of war have devoured their very flesh! God damn it! It makes me so mad! If it makes me mad, think how angry it makes God!

       123. EVEN THAT GUY WHO WROTE THAT ARTICLE IN THAT PAPER ABOUT KIDS TODAY, he said, "Something in me is ready to explode! God is going to destroy you and your God-damned System! Look what you've done to these kids! The Jesus in me is going to come and is going to explode! He's coming, and He's not going to be the one you made hang on the cross, but He's going to be your Destroyer!" Amen! Is it the truth or not? He even causes the wrath of man to praise Him! He causes the mouths of babes and sucklings to preach the truth in a radical underground newspaper, the Truth! Thank You Jesus!

       124. "FOR THUS SAITH THE LORD GOD: BEHOLD I, EVEN I, WILL BOTH SEARCH MY SHEEP, AND SEEK THEM OUT." Hallelujah! I know another passage somewhere where He says, "I'll send out searchers. I'll send out searchers to find My sheep!" Do you realise what that means? That's us! Isn't that beautiful?--All our kids that are searchers, that are out there feeding the sheep! "I will send out searchers," not these God-damned preachers, God damn it--who sit around on their fat fannies feeding themselves--and let the poor kids go to hell!--But we have sent out searchers seeking where they are. I will search them out! (Jer.16:16)

       125. YOU FALSE SHEPHERDS DIDN'T CARE WHERE THEY WENT! You drove them away! You wouldn't feed them! You drove them away! You said, "You can go to hell as far as we're concerned! We don't want any of these damn kids around here, these dirty filthy hippies wrecking our churches!" No wonder the kids want to come in and wreck the church buildings! The kids hate them and everything they stand for, and I don't blame them!

       126. "I, EVEN I, WILL BOTH SEARCH MY SHEEP, AND SEEK THEM OUT. As a shepherd seeketh out his flock in the day that he is among his sheep that are scattered, so will I seek out My sheep, and will deliver them out of all places where they have been scattered in the cloudy and dark day.

       127. "AND I WILL BRING THEM OUT FROM THE PEOPLE, and gather them from the countries!" What has He done? He brought us out of the System, out of the evil way and out of the countries of this world! Amen?

       128. "AND I WILL BRING THEM TO THEIR OWN LAND." God told us we were going to be a New Nation, not a physical land, but a new land, a spiritual land. Oh may God forgive us for thinking physical Israel was going to be it!

       129. GOD WASN'T TALKING ABOUT A PHYSICAL LAND, although He'll also give us certain land to rest our weary bodies on, that's for sure, don't worry about that! God's got it all figured out where to go, thank the Lord! He's got plenty of room, room for all of us!--With more permanent habitations than in the places we now have.

       130. THESE STINKING LITTLE EARTHLY KINGDOMS ARE NOTHING compared to what God is going to give us! "I will gather them from the countries, and will bring them to their own land, and feed them upon them mountains of Israel by the rivers"--Mountain Men!--Amen? "And in all the inhabited places of the country."

       131. "I WILL FEED THEM IN A GOOD PASTURE," not only spiritually, but even physically, praise the Lord! Of course He's especially speaking of feeding them spiritually, right?--"And upon the high mountains of Israel shall their fold be."

       132. THEY'RE NOT GOING TO BE VALLEY PEOPLE, BUT MOUNTAIN MEN!--Amen? Dwelling on mountaintops, spiritually speaking, not down in those valleys with those sickening Flatlanders, but on the mountaintops with the people who can really see a distance away and see what's coming!

       133. "THERE SHALL THEY LIE IN A GOOD FOLD, and in a fat pasture shall they feed upon the mountains of Israel. I will feed My flock and I will cause them to lie down, saith the Lord God. I will seek that which was lost, and bring again that which was driven away."--Look at the young people and think of them as you read this:

       134. "AND WILL BIND UP THAT WHICH WAS BROKEN, and will strengthen that which was sick: but I will destroy the fat and the strong": The System-addict churchianity Christians and their false shepherds! "I will feed them with judgment!"

       135. HE'S GOING TO FEED THE FALSE CHURCH WITH JUDGMENT one of these days, and the false System. That damned Godless educational System, the selfish capitalistic System and all the rest--they're going to get it!

       136. "AS FOR YOU, O MY FLOCK, THUS SAITH THE LORD GOD: BEHOLD, I JUDGE BETWEEN CATTLE AND CATTLE, between the rams and the he goats.' In other words, "I know the difference between sheep and goats, not all that call themselves Christians or by My name are My people. "Not all that say "Lord, Lord," are saved. Not all that say they're Jesus People, "One Way," really know what they're talking about.

       137. "SEEMETH IT A SMALL THING UNTO YOU TO HAVE EATEN UP THE GOOD PASTURE?"--Oh you church people!--"But ye must tread down with your feet the residue of your pastures?" Don't you churchy people realise what you've done? You have not only eaten and eaten and made yourselves fat, with your kind of food, but you destroyed the food that My little ones could have eaten! You stole it away from them!

       138. "AND TO HAVE DRUNK OF THE DEEP WATERS, BUT YE MUST FOUL THE RESIDUE WITH YOUR FEET?" Aren't you satisfied to have made yourselves so God-damned fat, and so full and drunken on these waters. But you weren't satisfied just getting it for yourself, you destroyed it and fouled it so they couldn't even drink it! The waters that they teach in the churches. The food that they serve up on church offering plates.

       139. THE KIDS COULDN'T EVEN STOMACH IT! It poisoned them, killed them, drove them away. It's made them sick! Right? "As for My flock, they eat that which ye have trodden with your feet; and they drink that which ye have fouled with your feet."

       140. I'LL NEVER FORGET WE WERE SITTING IN THE RANCH WHEN WE FIRST HEARD THIS and I thought, "My God, how true, Willy and Fred have raked in the money and lived off the fat of the land in a palatial mansion with swimming pools and everything, and here we, who preserved his kingdom and saved his life, sit out on this God-forsaken patch of desert with hardly enough water!

       141. DRINKING DIRTY MUDDY WATER BECAUSE THEY WOULDN'T SPEND ENOUGH TO PUT IN A WELL! I bet there's plenty of water down there. Right? Living in an old shack because they have to live in a palace, not that I covet their God-damned palace, Lord deliver us, but I wouldn't mind using it for the kids, amen?

       142. YOU KNOW ME, I'VE FILLED UP EVERY HOUSE WE'VE EVER LIVED IN--full of other people! Just think how, instead of letting you enjoy the 100 acres and all of its facilities, he shoved you off on that little ten-acre plot with almost nothing! He gobbled up the best himself, and dirtied with his feet and spoiled the rest of it!

       143. "THEREFORE THUS SAITH THE LORD GOD UNTO THEM, BEHOLD, I EVEN I, WILL JUDGE between the fat cattle and between the lean cattle." Who are the fat cattle? those God-damned preachers and Willy and Fred, the religious System and all the damn man-made Devil-inspired Systems! Who are the lean cattle? Well, we have been, and the poor kids have been. Right? They've been starving to death spiritually, and some even starving to death physically! Now He's talking to the damn, fat cattle:

       144. "BECAUSE YE HAVE THRUST WITH SIDE AND WITH SHOULDER and pushed all the diseased with your horns, till ye have scattered them abroad: Therefore will I save My flock."

       145. BOY, LOOK AT THE WAY THE CHURCHES PUSHED THE HIPPIES AROUND, before the Jesus Revolution in southern California. Right? Beat us up, threw us out, arrested us and tossed us in jail. That's the way they used to treat us. Think of it! Then all of a sudden they decided kids were profitable!

       146. "TILL YE HAVE SCATTERED THEM ABROAD: Therefore will I save My flock." what about Fred and Willy, does it fit them too? Pushing you around! How many times have they pushed you around, the poor, weak and diseased compared to them? Little money, no place to go and how he pushed us around! Have they pushed you around? They sure have ! Well, the time's coming,

       147. "THEREFORE WILL I SAVE MY FLOCK and they shall no more be a prey." A very fitting passage right now, isn't it? A picture of what God has done with us already and what He is doing, and even in this immediate particular situation with Fred and Willy it fits the picture, right? In just the same way it fit the picture the time it was given to me and which I at first thought was the only time it was for. I never dreamed it had any further implication.

       148. "THEY SHALL NO MORE BE A PREY." He's using us as his prey, devouring the flock, and their wool and their meat to fatten himself and his own pockets and his own Willie the Witch. "And I will judge between cattle and cattle." His judgment's coming!

       149. "AND I WILL SET UP ONE SHEPHERD OVER THEM, AND HE SHALL FEED THEM, EVEN MY SERVANT DAVID." How about that! Wow! Isn't that something! I didn't dream that this could possible mean me! Well, at the time I got it and when out dear sister brought it, I said, "Well, yes. Here's my little family and brother Josh, and yes, I am the pastor of this little flock that's getting kicked around by Willie and Fred, and I will have the faith the Lord will use me to help feed them."

       150. I NEVER DREAMED IT WAS GOING TO BE SUCH A BIG FLOCK! But He meant a lot more than just my little family. "Even My servant David, he shall feed them and he shall be their Shepherd."

       151. "AND I THE LORD WILL BE THEIR GOD, AND MY SERVANT DAVID A PRINCE AMONG THEM; I the Lord have spoken it. And I will make with them a covenant of peace, and will cause the evil beasts to cease out of the land." Fred and Willie better watch out, and all these God-damned preachers that are fighting us too! These evil beasts that have been devouring the flock are going to cease out of the land if they don't stop it!

       152. "AND THEY SHALL DWELL SAFELY IN THE WILDERNESS and sleep in the woods." You may have to head for the hills in order to get your freedom. You may have to sleep in the woods. You may have to go out camping again, folks, but at least you'll be free on the mountaintops and in the woods! Ah, it's a great time of year to get out in all those national parks and state parks, and we'd have enough teams to cover every one in the country! Hallelujah! (1971!)

       153. "AND I WILL MAKE THEM AND THE PLACES ROUND ABOUT MY HILL A BLESSING." He's going to make us a blessing! "Round about my hill," this is symbolic of a power or a nation. Hills and mountains are almost always nations in prophecy. We're just a little hill, but He's going to make all around us a blessing.

       154. "I WILL CAUSE THE SHOWER TO COME DOWN IN HIS SEASON; there shall be showers of blessing." Praise the Lord! We've already been enjoying them, amen?--Spiritual blessings, material blessings, happiness blessings!

       155. "AND THE TREE OF THE FIELD SHALL YIELD HER FRUIT, and the Earth shall yield her increase and they shall be safe in their land." Not somebody else's God-damned land but our own land, thank the Lord!

       156. "AND SHALL KNOW THAT I AM THE LORD, WHEN I HAVE BROKEN THE BANDS OF THEIR YOKE." Did you get that, brother? "Broken the bands of their yoke." What's the matter right now? These God-damned persecutors and oppressors have yoked you and placed on you heavy burdens, almost more than you can bear! But God's going to break the bands of that yoke!

       157. "AND DELIVER THEM OUT OF THE HAND OF THOSE THAT SERVED THEMSELVES OF THEM." Who have these people been serving with us? Themselves, right? Who have these God-damned preachers in churches and so-called Christians been serving with the poor kids, using them as pawns? Educational System, commercial System, using the kids, serving themselves of them? Ah, but the time's coming!

       158. "THEY SHALL NO MORE BE A PREY to the heathen, neither shall the beast of the land devour them, but they shall dwell safely, and none shall make them afraid." Praise God! Hallelujah! TYJ!

       159. "AND I WILL RAISE UP FOR THEM A PLANT OF RENOWN," you know what that means, don't you? Well, this always means a symbolism for a ruler, a leader, "And they shall no more be consumed with hunger in the land, neither bear the shame of the heathen any more." Praise the Lord! Amen!

       160. "THUS SHALL THEY KNOW," YOU CHILDREN ARE GOING TO KNOW, "THAT I THE LORD THEIR GOD AM WITH THEM, and that they, even the house of Israel" the true house, you, "are My people, saith the Lord God! And ye My flock, the flock of My pasture, are men, and I am your god, saith the Lord God." Praise the Lord? Hallelujah! Amen, thank You Lord! Do you believe it? Thank you Jesus! But why don't you get excited? Think what the Lord's told you!

       161. (TONGUES AND PROPHECY:) "EVEN AS JOHN THE BAPTIST CAME IN THE SPIRIT AND POWER OF ELIJAH, even as I said, 'Behold I send Elijah the prophet before the coming of the day of the Lord,' even as I said I would send David in the spirit and power of David My servant: Even so have I done it, saith the Lord!" (Mal. 4:5.)

       162. (DAVID PRAYS:) WE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING, YOU DID IT ALL, LORD. We had nothing to do with it, You just shoved us out and pushed us out and You did it all, Lord. We didn't really want to do it, Lord. You did it through us, and we thank You for burdening our hearts and making us willing, Lord.

       163. WE DIDN'T KNOW WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN THAT NIGHT WE DECLARED WAR on the System, all of a sudden Your Spirit came down on us, Lord, and we just exploded! I think You Jesus for doing it, Lord. We never expected to do it, we hadn't planned to do it or anything else, but Lord, You did it, You just bombed us out! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord!

       164. THANK YOU LORD FOR FULFILLING THIS PROPHECY! Thank You Lord how You have already fulfilled it and how You are still fulfilling it, and how You will yet fulfill it, Lord! If we never got any further than this, You have fulfilled it, Lord. (1971!--Ha!)

       165. WE KNOW THAT THIS TRUTH IS GOING TO GO ON, Lord, and these Thy Children are going to go on and nobody's going to be able to stop them, not all Hell is going to be able to stop them, Lord! We thank You, Lord, because thou art with us!

       166. THY TRUTH IS WITH US, Lord, Thy rod and thy staff they comfort us. Praise Thy name!

       167. BE WITH US NOW AS WE GO ON WITH THE NEGOTIATION, Lord, with the king, regarding either his treating Thy children with prayer and doing what he ought to do and not being like these false shepherds, or our liberation, Lord, whichever it will be. He's either going to have to do one or the other, Lord.

       168. HE'S EITHER GOING TO HAVE TO BE A TRUE SHEPHERD and care for Thy flock, Lord, or he's going to lose the flock! He's driving them away, having this day driven us out of the lodge because of listening to women's words!

       169. DELIVER US, LORD, IN JESUS' NAME, IF THIS BE THE HOUR. If this be the time, Lord, we thank Thee for it, as we rejoiced before when he fired us, Lord. We felt so free! Flat broke, Lord, but we were so free! So thankful we were free to do Thy will! Free to obey Thee, free to follow Thee! We took out little family, Lord, and out little camper and we struck out by faith and You never failed us!

       170. YOU'VE TAKEN US EVERY STEP OF THE WAY, LORD, AND YOU'LL SURELY NOT FAIL US NOW just because we number a thousand! You're still going to care for Thy children, Lord--Still going to provide the pasture. This passage promises it, Lord, that You cannot fail!

       171. WE HOLD YOU TO YOUR WORD, LORD, that You're going to give us pastures to feed in, You're going to feed Thy sheep, and You're going to protect them from the beasts of the field and these false shepherds that have treated them cruelly, Lord. We hold You to it, Lord, You promised it, it's here Lord. Here it is Lord. Look at it, Jesus! (Tongues)

       172. "I HAVE WELDED MY MOSES AND DAVID TOGETHER, in the volume of the book it is written of them, so have I done it." Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus. "And so shall I keep My word and fulfill all that I have promised today, for I am thy GOD!" (No.77:19.)

       173. THANK YOU LORD, WE KNOW YOU'RE GOING TO KEEP YOUR PROMISES, Lord, all about us, Jesus, what You're going to do for us. Oh Lord, how could we ever doubt You Lord, how could we ever fear, how could we ever be afraid, Lord? You promised You're going to let us lie down and sleep in the woods and upon the mountain tops and build holds, the mountain people, Lord, and feed Thy sheep, and they'll lie down and no more be afraid.

       174. THE BEASTS OF THE FIELD SHALL NO MORE DEVOUR THEM, the false shepherds shall no more beat them and starve them and drive them out and wound them. Thank You Lord! Lord, we claim these Thy promises for us Lord, You've written them for us and we claim it in Jesus' name.

       175. HELP US NOT TO BE AFRAID OF THIS KING that has in some ways, sometimes blessed us, Lord, when he was in Thy Spirit. Then when he was in that spirit of Satan, Lord, he has cursed us and tried to drive us out, and has heaped burdens on some of these almost more than they can bear, Lord, and pushed them around and wounded them!

       176. OH MY GOD, DEAL WITH SAUL, LORD. And if it be within Thy mercy, Lord to be merciful unto him, cause him to yield, Lord, and to do that which is right unto Thy flock and unto the little sheep of Thy pasture.

       177. CAUSE HIM TO GIVE THAT WHICH WAS INTENDED for them, and to give the pasture that was given for them, Lord, and the still flowing waters, Lord, that were given for their use, Lord. Make him yielded, Lord, in Jesus' name. Make him yield it, Lord, if it be in Thy mercy for him and unto us. Thank You Jesus! (But he didn't!)

       178. BUT IF NOT, LORD, WE WILL STILL NOT BOW DOWN TO HIS LOUSY DEMON GOD of money and materialism! We will serve Thee, Lord, the true and the living God! We thank You Lord! Either he's going to be an honest man with us, Lord, and stop making us liars, or we're going to be free!

       179. YOU'RE GOING TO DO GREATER THINGS FOR US than anything he ever could do.--Give us greater things, Lord, greater places, mightier works. If this be the time, even so give us liberty or give us death! Jesus, help us! Help us Lord to have faith!

       180. IF FOR SOME REASON YOU WANT TO STILL PRESERVE HIM and his kingdom, Lord, a little while longer if we're not ready, Lord, have mercy upon us, help us to somehow be able to survive.

       181. HELP US, JESUS, NOT TO BE AS SLAVES AND ABJECTS, to be crawling upon the ground at his feet, but standing upon our feet, but standing upon our feet, facing him at eye level, Lord, as equal citizens, free citizens, not slaves! Free, loyal subjects that have been obedient and respectful to him, but not as beaten slaves that he orders around at his whim!

       182. OH GOD, IT IS OUR KINGDOM AS WELL AS HIS KINGDOM and though we are subjects, we are citizens of this kingdom and it belongs to us as well as to him. He has no right to just tell us off and tell us what to do! We have a right to tell him what his obligations are, and what he's supposed to do for his citizens!

       183. NOW WE ASK THEE TO GIVE THESE HERE THE STRENGTH, THE WISDOM, Lord, the patience, the faith, the love, the mercy to present it in humility to him. To ask him if he can do this and to ask him when he is going to let Thy children use the ranch that was provided for them. When is he going to let them occupy those buildings that were bought for them? When is he going to bring those cattle that the money was given for, and when is he going to bring those cattle that the money was given for, and when is he going to keep his word to this, Thy David, for his flock? In Jesus' name we ask it for Thy glory.

       184. WE THANK YOU FOR THIS PASSAGE, LORD, AND WE CLAIM IT! We claim it, we appropriate it ourselves, Lord, in Jesus' name, and believe it, thank You, we trust in Thy Word, and we know it's going to happen! (& it has!)

       185. YOU'VE ALREADY DONE IT, LORD, times and times again You've done it, fulfilled it on a smaller scale, now Lord, You're going to do it on an even larger! Many more children, many, many more children!

       186. YOU TOLD US IT WAS GOING TO BE BIGGER and bigger, stretch out the larger tents and stretch the cords and strengthen the stakes! They just can hardly believe it, Lord, it sounds so big, but You've done it Lord! Nearly a thousand of They children following Thee, with all their hearts, full time, and have forsaken all, dedicated to Thee to do nothing but preach Thy Gospel! (Over 20,000 in 1982!)

       187. THE WORLD HAS HEARD ABOUT EVEN THIS LITTLE HANDFUL, Lord, the world has heard about us and they have heard the message and they have received the message, Lord. We have been the witness and testimony that You promised to make us, Lord, even much more than we could have ever asked for, Father, or even dreamed of, Lord! You've done beyond our wildest dreams, Lord!

       188. HAVE THY WAY, LORD, GIVE US WISDOM, GIVE US FAITH, give these strength, Lord, so they'll know what to do and what to say to the king, keep humble, very humble, Lord, and only simply deliver their souls, Lord, as they would intercede with a brother or as they would plead with a father and entreat him as an elder to do the right thing and which would even be good for him, Lord, to do the right thing. In Jesus' Name we ask it, amen.

       FOR THE RECORD!--THE FULFILLMENT!--1971-1984!

       1971: Forced out, U.S. persecution, beatings, arrests, kidnappings, deprogrammings, imprisonment's & bad publicity began our "Great Escape" to Europe! We were only about 1000 in 50 Homes in the U.S. but had already distributed about a million pieces of Lit & won 8041 souls!

       1972-73: We swept across Europe, grew to 2,244 in 180 Homes, distributed about 50 million pieces of Lit & won 210,389 souls!

       1974: The New Revolution began in Tenerife with FFing & we distributed nearly 100 million Lits, won 71,357 souls & grew to 3,031 in 228 Homes all over No. & So. America & Europe!

       1975-77: Spreading all over the Earth with 8,068 Members in 842 Homes distributing 300 million Lits & won 2,412,557 more souls!

       1978: Suffered severe losses of Chain leaders & finances in the RNR purge, & Population declined to 5,742, but Homes grew to 879 on more Mission Fields & more nationalised!

       1979-82: We have exploded to 20,213 in 12,061 Homes of 112 Nationalities speaking 40 languages distributing another 1,655,681 Souls! So we've now distributed a grand total of over 461 million pieces of Gospel Lit & witnessed to billions all over the World & won nearly 6 million Souls in ten years since this prophecy was given!


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family