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THE MESSAGE OF JEREMIAH!       Huntington Beach Light Club!       DFO 1337       28/11/68!
--The Message that Started the Jesus Revolution!

       (Exactly 14 years ago! HAL!--And it worked! PG! TYJ!--Amen?)

       1. GOD TURNED JEREMIAH AROUND & MADE A REVOLUTIONARY OUT OF HIM, but He had a little difficulty trying to turn the nation around!--In fact, he never quite succeeded! But at least he tried. How to be a revolutionary, even if you can't get the whole nation to revolt. How to be a revolutionary almost all by yourself. Praise God? Are you willing to be a revolutionary even if nobody ever joins? Well, that's about the way Jeremiah had it! And let me tell you who joined him--God!
       2. SO GOD TOOK HIM THROUGH IN HIS OWN LITTLE REVOLUTION, all the way through a war that came, the great confusion & the takeover by the Communists of his day, & helped him to survive it. I told you the other day about the revolution, it's obvious on every hand. Everybody knows it except the Christians, of course, but there's revolution rampant in the country & the swelling tide is rising. (The Jesus Revolution!)
       3. YOU KNOW HOW THE SURF RISES? You spot that wave out there & you watch that swell lift like that & you say, "Oh man, there's coming one, that's going to be it!"--And it rises & rises & rises until it reaches that peak & then it really begins to roll! And if you hit it just right, you jump on that board just in time, you can ride the crest, & man, it's a thrill to really ride on top! To look at me you may be thinking I never did any surfing, but when I was a kid we used to get right on top & ride with it--it was great!
       4. BUT YOU KNOW, SOME OF THESE PREACHERS SEE THAT SWELL COMING & THEY DON'T WANT REVOLUTION, they don't want a change, they don't want to be different. So they take their surfboards & they try to stop the wave, like that guy did to you yesterday. The Lord said, "Why, if these should hold their peace the very rocks would cry out!" But here are these little System-addicts up there holding their surfboards trying to stop the wave! (Lk.19:40)
       5. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU TRY TO STOP THE WAVE?--It just rolls right over you! It just rolls you down, that's all! The only thing you can do is get on top & ride it! You can submerge & let it roll over you if you want to, but personally, I like to ride it! Now you can think about that for awhile while we study Jeremiah.
       6. I WANT TO TELL YOU SOMETHING, THERE IS REVOLUTION IN THIS COUNTRY! If I'm going to die, I want to die for Jesus! Sure as shooting I don't care to die for some System of some kind, or some establishment, or some social club handed to me by the former generation. I don't think it's worth dying for. And if that be treason, make the most of it! Give me liberty or give me death! They'll probably give me my choice one of these days on that, & I doubt if it will be liberty.
       7. I'LL TELL YOU, THERE'S ONLY ONE THING THAT'S REALLY WORTH DYING FOR & THAT'S JESUS! And I'm not about to begin to fight & die, God helping me--unless I'm commanded to, & then it's their responsibility--for anything short of something worthy of dying for! Is that dangerous doctrine? You're going to find this Book of Jeremiah a very dangerous book, that's why it's not preached much in the churches. It was plenty dangerous for Jeremiah, let me tell you, very dangerous for him!--Nearly got him killed! Got him thrown in prison, got him thrown in a dungeon where he sank in the slime right up to his armpits & it took a dear old coloured boy to pull him out!
       8. HIS OWN FAMILY WANTED TO MURDER HIM & HIS OWN CHURCH PUT HIM IN STOCKS, one of those pieces of wood where your head, hands & feet are sticking through, where they could spit on him & slap him & everything else, made him a mocking derision to his people! They haven't done that to us yet. We haven't suffered, let's face it. We're enjoying the fat of the land, we're living in luxury. Wait till you hear what Jeremiah suffered for preaching revolution! Of course he preached the same kind we do, not one of violence, not the Molotov Cocktail, but one of the Spirit! He tried to get them to revolve.
       9. WHAT IS REVOLUTION?--REVOLUTION, REVOLVE, TURN AROUND & GO THE OTHER DIRECTION! Same thing as our Latin word repentance means & the Greek word metanoia means, a complete change of mind, change of direction. We're not interested in trying to patch up the old System, we don't give a hang about trying to reform it! You can't reform something that's just plumb defunct & false & wasn't of God in the first place!
       10. I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT THE TRUE CHRISTIANS THAT LOVE GOD, I'm not talking about the Gospel being preached, I'm not talking about Christians getting together & enjoying fellowship, I'm talking about the System they've got!--The System of--instead of witnessing & winning souls--of going into all the World & building buildings! Going into all the World & telling everybody to just be a Christian & go to church on Sunday!
       11. NOT THAT THOSE THINGS WERE INTRINSICALLY BAD TO BEGIN WITH, that a building's anything evil of itself, or that going to church on Sunday is bad, but as God told us here one night: "They have robbed Me with their buildings! They have robbed Me with their forms & their ceremonies! They are moneychangers!"--In other words, doing something God didn't tell them to do. Then watch out!
       12. I WANT TO TELL YOU SOMETHING, I'D RATHER FIGHT THE SYSTEM ANY DAY THAN FIGHT GOD! And Jeremiah, you're going to find out, attacked the System, & the System nearly got him! Boy, they fight back, let me tell you! And I don't doubt sooner or later we're going to get it, because they've heard it, they know now! We haven't kept this thing hidden in a corner, it's no secret what we think about it. We didn't ask for this publicity. Lord forgive me!--Immediately the Spirit reminded me, "Yes, you did! You asked Me to help you get out the message!"
       13. YOU COULDN'T PAY FOR THAT KIND OF HEADLINES! That may kind of reflect on us & look bad, but if you read the article you'll find the message is in it. God got out the message without paying for big ads or holding big meetings or hiring big high-paid evangelists or a brass band or showing movies or anything else. We just said, "Lord, use us! Help us to get out the message the best way You know how, we'll be willing to do whatever You say."
       14. GOD HAS ASKED HIS PROPHETS TO DO A LOT OF PECULIAR THINGS SOMETIMES! He asked one prophet--Isaiah nonetheless, a courtier of the king's blood, royal family--He asked him to go stark naked for three years before all Israel as a testimony against them of how God was going to strip the nation! He asked another prophet, Hosea, to go out & marry a harlot, a prostitute, to illustrate what Israel had done to God, that Israel had become a harlot in the eyes of God, but that God was still married to her & still loved her & would still forgive her.
       15. AND JEREMIAH, HE ASKED HIM TO DO SOME PECULIAR THINGS TOO. One of the most peculiar things He ever asked him to do was mentioned last night in prayer & still we're going to have to pray about what the Lord means by that, I don't know! I suppose & I hope it's symbolic, He spoke of wearing the yoke to show the people what's going to happen to the nation. Jeremiah wore a wooden ox yoke around his neck to illustrate that the nation was going to go into servitude & slavery & bondage to her enemies--yoked, slaves in chains, because of her sins. Popular message? Well, just come with us when we give it to some of these churches & see how popular it is!
       16. YOU'LL FIND JEREMIAH WAS A REVOLUTIONIST! He was trying to revolve the nation, turn it around & start it the other direction. But he never succeeded, he was a flat failure! He never changed Israel, he never got them to repent. And God damned them, judged them & let their enemies conquer them, took them off as slaves, they didn't repent. So he was a failure, huh? Was he? His job was not to make Israel change her mind or heart or repent, because only Israel could do that herself.
       17. WE CAN'T MAKE THESE CHURCHES CHANGE! We can't make this nation change, they have to make that decision, our job is to tell them. And when it came to telling them, let me tell you, this boy was a huge success! They got the point so well, man, they just nearly killed him! If it hadn't been for the power of God he never would have made it. Because listen to the kind of a call God gave him in this first chapter:
       18. "THE WORDS OF JEREMIAH THE SON OF HILKIAH, OF THE PRIESTS THAT WERE IN ANATHOTH IN THE LAND OF BENJAMIN."--He was from Anathoth, his hometown. You're going to hear what his hometown tried to do with him later! His hometown got so mad at him, they said, "Now listen, this guy is such a radical revolutionary, the king's going to think that we're like this too, so we'd better kill him before the king takes it out on us!" Do you know what Huntington Beach thinks about us?
       19. WHAT MADE JEREMIAH A REVOLUTIONARY?--HE BROKE WITH THE SYSTEM, & HE FOLLOWED GOD. No matter what the System said or did to him, he was more afraid of God than he was of the System. How about you? Praise God? When was it that Jeremiah was prophesying? Before or after Daniel? Well, we took Daniel first because that was about prophecy, but now we're getting around to where we're going to have to know Jeremiah to know how to conduct ourselves. He prophesied before Daniel. Daniel prophesied during what period of Israel's history?--The captivity, after the fall of Jerusalem under the heel of her conquerors, the Babylonians. Jeremiah prophesied before that, & during it, & after it, he survived it & kept on going! How about that!
       20. YOU WANT TO SURVIVE? YOU WANT TO KEEP GOING, STILL PREACHING JESUS EVEN WHEN THE CONFUSION IS ON & OVER? Huh? Well, just follow Jesus, obey Jesus, live & die for Jesus & forget the System!--Especially when it's not of God! Now I'm not talking about the government, don't misunderstand me. We have special pet peeves at the religious system that is not of God. I'm not talking about the people that love the Lord, but their System that they are trapped in. It's the educational system that's not of God, in fact it's absolutely anti-Christ, in which the young people are trapped in, a compulsory religion, the worship of man & knowledge.
       21. I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT THE GOVERNMENT, ONE GOVERNMENT OR ANOTHER MAKES NO DIFFERENCE TO US for the plain & simple reason we find out all the way through the Bible, they changed governments like they changed clothes, & all governments amount to about the same thing in the long run: It's all Roman, still Rome, but it's put here by God to try to keep the peace & order.
       22. "OH, DON'T YOU THINK DEMOCRACY IS THE ONLY GOVERNMENT? DON'T YOU THINK AMERICA'S THE ONLY ONE?"--No! Sometimes I think I'd like to move to a country where they've got a little future ahead, & get out of a damned doomed country like America! But I'm here, so God must have put me here for a reason, you too, to try to help them & try to warn them, to try to save them if we can. You're going to find out Jeremiah is revolutionary doctrine, dangerous doctrine! I mean, dangerous doctrine! Look what it did to Jeremiah! And I want to tell you something, we've got exactly the same message.
       23. I WAS MORE DEAD THAN ALIVE WITH PNEUMONIA FOR THREE DAYS IN MIAMI, FLORIDA, DECEMBER 1962, & when you get flat on your back like that, you get close to the Lord! You've got no way to look but up, & you kind of start taking stock of things--what you've accomplished, what you haven't accomplished & what maybe God still wants you to accomplish. I asked God, "If I am to go now, I'm ready! But if not, what is the message for this country today?" He said, "Jeremiah! The Message of Jeremiah!"
       24. JEREMIAH'S MESSAGE WAS NOTHING BUT HELLFIRE & DAMNATION & DOOM FOR THE COUNTRY! It was nothing but trouble & nothing but doom & nothing but damnation! It was nothing but cursing for the nation. There were little rays of sunshine here & there, a little blessing that was going to be far off in the future after they'd gone through the mill & really suffered, God was going to forgive them then, they'd repent then, then He'd forgive them & then He'd bring them back, but it was going to be a long long time.
       25. SO WHEN HE GOT THROUGH GIVING ME THE INFORMATION, HE LET ME GET UP FROM THAT SICKBED THEN & BEGIN TO PREACH IT! Some of you may have heard some of the tapes we made at that time. I want to warn you that Jeremiah is dangerous doctrine, but it's what God told us to preach, & that's why we're here, & that's what we preach, because that's what's going to happen!
       26. "THEN THE WORD OF THE LORD CAME UNTO ME SAYING, BEFORE I FORMED THEE IN THE BELLY I KNEW THEE; & before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee"--I set you apart, I ordained you for a special job, I separated you.--"And I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations." This was prophesied over me once upon a time, that I had been filled with the Holy Ghost from my mother's womb! How could that be possible? Is it Scriptural? And immediately a Scripture came to me about somebody in the Bible that happened to. There are instances of it beforehand. (John the Baptist, Lk.1:15.)
       27. WHEN GOD HAS APPOINTED SOMEBODY TO A SPECIAL TASK, THIS FREQUENTLY HAPPENS, GOD SETS YOU ASIDE. I was born after my mother's remarkable conversion from atheism & her miraculous restoration to health from her deathbed in answer to prayer. And when she conceived & knew she was with child that she had asked for--she'd prayed that she might bear a man child unto the Lord for His service--she dedicated me to God before I was ever born! And I've been serving Him ever since, praise God! I can't even remember when I didn't know the Lord. I can't even remember when I first accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour, I've known Him ever since I can remember, maybe before!
       28. SO GOD DOES DO THIS WITH YOU & ME, HE'S GOT A SPECIAL JOB CUT OUT JUST FOR YOU!--And you'd better believe it & you'd better obey it & you'd better do it!--And unless you're a mighty rebellious prophet, you will! Can you refuse to do it? Yes. You know the young prophet that let himself be led astray by the old prophet? He disobeyed the Lord & he died. May God deliver you from any such fate. (1Kg.13)
       29. I THANK GOD SO FAR MOST OF THE TIME I'VE OBEYED THE LORD. A few times I ran away, & boy, I'll tell you, whew! If I thought God's work was tough, it got a whole lot tougher when I didn't do it! If you think His yoke is tough or His job is hard, Jesus said, "My yoke is easy, My burden is light!" (Mt.11:30)--Meaning compared to the way of the transgressor, which is really hard! That's what's hard! (Pr.13:15)
       30. "THEN SAID I, AH, LORD GOD, BEHOLD, I CANNOT SPEAK, FOR I AM A CHILD!" "Lord, I can't do it!" You'll never find in the Word of God any man who wanted to be a prophet! I challenge you to find one of God's prophets who wanted to be a prophet, who asked to be a prophet. Nearly every last one of them were forced to be prophets. They didn't want to be, they were reluctant, they tried to talk God out of it. Someone once said, don't ever try to be a leader unless God virtually forces you to be, almost forces you, where He puts you in a position of responsibility where you have to.
       31. THERE ARE A LOT OF LITTLE PEOPLE RUNNING AROUND THE WORLD WHO'D LOVE TO BE BOSS! They want to run things, they want to be an executive behind a big polished desk! If they only knew the problems of those guys! If they only knew the hassle they go through mentally & every other way, jump out windows & everything else! We read in the paper just recently, some guy just jumped out the hospital window, big executive. The responsibility nearly drives them out of their minds, all the things they have to do. I saw a sign on the grocery store wall one day: "Work your eight hours a day & don't worry--maybe someday you'll be boss, work 16 hours a day & have all the worry!" So don't want to be boss, don't want to be leader, it's a tough job, as you can see.
       32. "BUT THE LORD SAID UNTO ME, SAY NOT I AM A CHILD, FOR THOU SHALT GO TO ALL THAT I SHALL SEND THEE."--Don't give me any of that back talk telling me you can't do it! "And whatsoever I command thee, thou shalt speak."--Just tell them what I tell you, that's all you have to know, you don't have to know anything, just tell them what I tell you, that's all. You don't have to be smart, you don't have to be educated, you don't have to go to college, you don't have to be a member of the System, you don't have to get a degree, you don't have to have an ordination, just tell them what I said, that's all! That's all you have to do, just tell them what I tell you.
       33. "BE NOT AFRAID OF THEIR FACES, FOR I AM WITH THEE TO DELIVER THEE, SAITH THE LORD." Have you noticed any of those faces in some of those churches we've walked into? If looks could kill, we'd have been dead long ago! "Be not afraid of their faces, for I am with thee"--how's that for a good verse for Sunday morning? "Then the Lord put forth His hand & touched my mouth"--well, hush my mouth!--"And the Lord said unto me, Behold, I have put My words in thy mouth." He'll make you talk when He wants you to talk, don't worry about what you're going to say. Don't cook it up in advance, don't try to think it up or figure in your own understanding.
       34. "SEE I HAVE THIS DAY SET THEE OVER THE NATIONS & OVER THE KINGDOMS." What do you mean? This little guy Jeremiah, he was nothing but a prophet! He wasn't even of the blood royal, who was he? Of just one little town of Anathoth, of one little tiny insignificant country in World history. But God said He had done what? Set him what?--Over the nations!--And over the kingdoms! How about that?
       35. "THAT LITTLE DIRTY BUNCH OF LONGHAIRS RUNNING AROUND DOWN THERE FROM THAT LIGHT CLUB, we ought to sweep them out of town!" For all you know, God may be judging this town according to how they treat you! What you do is probably determining what's happening in Huntington Beach, & maybe Orange County. (Richest county in California, richest State in richest country in the World!) I don't know how far our influence is being felt!--Over the nations, over the kingdoms! We even got a letter from Africa, somebody got saved, praise God?
       36. YOU MEAN THIS LITTLE OLD INSIGNIFICANT PROPHET WAS THAT IMPORTANT TO GOD? Let me tell you, he had a message for the nations, a message for the kingdoms, a message for the World! How 'bout it? Have you? Well, if you were a politician or a governor or a senator or a president, wouldn't your message be far more important? No! They're not preaching what you're preaching, they're not warning the people. In fact, they're predicting, "Oh well, we're going to change the World, we're going to do this, we're going to have the right politics now, now we're going to have a better System, patch up the System & improve it."
       37. WHAT'S YOUR MINISTRY? If the call of Jeremiah is our call today, which it is, as prophets to warn this nation, listen to the kind of a ministry that kind of a prophet of doom has: "To root out!" Whew! What are you going to root out?--All the unnecessary trash & garbage that just gets in the way, all the System-addicts! We had to throw a few out of here! We couldn't get the System out of them! They'd gotten out of the System but we couldn't get the System out of them! Had to root them out!
       38. THEY'RE NO GOOD, THEY CAN'T DO ANY GOOD, AS LONG AS THEY STILL THINK THE SYSTEM IS WHERE IT'S AT! "Oh, we can still be Christians & we can still preach the message, we can still go & work there & we can do so & so & so & so & so & so without necessarily making them mad, we don't have to make them all mad at us, we can be friends!" Well, you ought to read Jeremiah, you'll see how friendly they can get when you tell them the truth! You want to go with us to church on Sunday morning? You'll see how friendly they are when God really shakes them up! You can't stay friends!
       39. THIS WHOLE THING STARTED PERFECTLY INNOCENTLY, IGNORANTLY ON OUR PART, WHICH SHOWS IT MUST HAVE BEEN OF GOD! Because I had the impression, "Now we're going to go on a goodwill tour, we're going to show them we love them, & maybe they'll love us!" Huh! A few of them did, thank God, but now we're beginning to run into the kind that don't. "To root out, to pull down"--pull down what?
       40. [DELETED] I'm just tickled pink to think about the Communists coming in here & closing up all these stinking buildings so the Christians can't go there & confine their religion to God in a box, & then they'll have to live it every day in their homes wherever they are, in slavery, & they'll have to have some kind of religion that doesn't confine itself to some kind of a church building!
       41. THEY'RE GOING TO HAVE TO DO WITHOUT THE BUILDINGS, & that will be the best thing that ever happened to them! Because when the church was its most powerful & accomplished more than it had in the last 2000 years was the first 200 years of its history without a single church building of their own! "To pull down"--I'm not going to get out there, as far as I know, & pull down any buildings physically.
       42. BUT I'M GOING TO PULL THEM DOWN WITH DOCTRINE & WITH TEACHING & DESTROY THAT FALSE GODLESS ANTI-CHRIST DELUDED SYSTEM, God helping us, of keeping God confined to buildings!--The damnation of the church, the curse of the church!--More spent on buildings than any other thing that the church does! Five billion dollars worth of new church buildings last year, & they can't fill up the ones they've got! And all that money robbed from the mission field, robbed from the missionaries & robbing the heathen of the Gospel! How about that?
       43. THINK WHAT FIVE BILLION DOLLARS COULD HAVE DONE ON THE MISSION FIELD! Think how many missionaries that could have sent out!--Five billion dollars!--If they'd just kept the old stinking buildings they've already got & used that money for missions. "Will a man rob God?" He says, "Yes, you've robbed Me!" God spoke out in strong language here, stronger than I've ever used in this class teaching, stronger language, & said how they had robbed Him, terrible things He said about church buildings & Christians because of their involvement in something He never told them to do--build buildings, confining their activities to something He never told them to do--buildings. (Mal.3:8-9)
       44. YES, WE'RE AGAINST CHURCH BUILDINGS, BECAUSE THEY HAVE ROBBED GOD, ROBBED THE HEATHEN & DAMNED SOULS TO HELL WHO DIDN'T GET THE GOSPEL AS A RESULT! Is that radical & fanatical enough for you? Huh? Is that radical enough? Well, we're fanatics, in case you don't know it by this time! We think church buildings are a curse to the Church!--That if we could get the Christians out of those buildings & out witnessing & preaching the Gospel, they'd be a lot better off! One man that gets out of those church buildings does more good than all the Christians put together that are still left inside! May God help us & deliver us!
       45. "PULL DOWN & TO DESTROY!" You mean we have a destructive ministry? Yes, we have! We're out, as the newspaper quoted us, to destroy the System!--This present false System of religion, God helping us! Now, that's a pretty big goal. We're out to destroy, the newspaper said, modern education, the compulsory religion of America! That's a pretty big goal! I don't really expect to succeed in that, but I'd like to, & I'm doing the best I can to do it.
       46. I DIDN'T SUCCEED IN GETTING EVOLUTION OR THE BLUE BOOK OUT OF THE SCHOOLS IN MIAMI, EITHER, BUT AT LEAST I WOKE UP THE CITY & ESPECIALLY THE CHURCH THAT IT OUGHT TO BE OUT! I at least let them know what ought to be done, even if they couldn't do it & refused to do it. We may not be able to persuade the people to abandon their buildings & get out & preach the Gospel, but when they stand before the Judgement Seat of Christ, if they're saved--or God if they're not--they're going to be without excuse, because we told them that that was not where it was at! They're going to be held responsible & accountable before God!
       47. AND I WANT TO TELL YOU SOMETHING, I BELIEVE THIS WITH ALL MY HEART! I've been preaching it a long time, you can ask some of my family, but I've never come out so openly & so publicly as we have here. I taught it secretly & quietly in our schools & classes, but never before to outsiders, never before to have it published in the newspaper, never before to openly declare war on the System & challenge it! And if I'm not mistaken, they'll probably accept the challenge.
       48. "TO DESTROY & TO THROW DOWN!" Four parts of his message was destruction, two-thirds of his total message! Get rid of the false, obliterate the false, throw out the false, throw down the false, cast out the false, root out the false! Because if you can't get rid of the garbage, if you can't get rid of the weeds, if you can't get rid of the ruins & the rubble, how are you going to plant or build anything in the same place? Ever had a garden? Let me tell you, if you don't get rid of those weeds, they'll get rid of your garden! You've got to get rid of them, they can't grow side by side.
       49. ONE OR THE OTHER ULTIMATELY MUST CONQUER, AS STALIN SAID.--Contrary to Mr. Khrushchev. Peaceful co-existence is a lie. Peaceful co-existence is propaganda. So we'll leave them alone while they get stronger & stronger & pretty soon able to conquer us. He said Capitalism & Communism are as far apart as night & day, & Stalin said they cannot live side by side in the same World together. Ultimately one or the other must conquer--& you can see who's conquering.
       50. I WANT TO TELL YOU SOMETHING EVEN MORE SHOCKING!: The message that we preach down here, this kind of Christianity, is as far apart from what is being preached in those churches on Sunday as night is from day, as Communism is from Capitalism, & they cannot live side by side in the same World together! Ultimately one or the other is going to conquer! Either you're going to get it, or it's going to get you first, one or the other, because they're not going to put up with it very long. They didn't with Jesus, they didn't with His disciples, they didn't with the prophets.
       51. I REGRET TO TELL YOU THAT SO FAR, ACCORDING TO WORLD HISTORY, THE PROPHETS HAVE USUALLY GOTTEN IT IN THE NECK & THE SYSTEM GOT THEM FIRST! But they did a lot of damage to the System, & they saved a lot of souls, & they woke up a lot of people, & they preserved at least some truth & some Gospel & some salvation, & that's why you're here tonight, because somebody fought the System, & somebody fought for the Truth!
       52. ALL THE WAY FROM THE PROPHETS OF OLD UP TO GUYS LIKE MARTIN LUTHER, Savanarola, John Knox, Tyndale & some of the rest of those boys that gave up their lives so you could have the Truth! Every last one of them fought the System of their day, the false religious System. And they nearly every last one of them got it in the neck for it! But as a result, you're here today hearing the Truth of God & this Book has been preserved! And because we are willing to live & die for the Truth of God, somebody's going to hear about it & believe it & receive it & carry it on after we're dead! (6 million already!)
       53. FOR EVERY DROP OF BLOOD WE SHED GOD RAISES UP TEN MORE DROPS TO KEEP ON PREACHING IT! Praise God? For the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church, some great martyr once said. It was not just what the Christians said that turned Rome to Christianity, it was the way they died! Then they knew they believed! They were fighting the System, & you couldn't have fought a bigger System than they had then. That's one case where the System finally got conquered--one of the very few times. It seemed like the System usually got them first.
       54. WELL, IT'S A LITTLE BIT LATE FOR THIS MESSAGE, but I'm telling you, the job we have to do is not an easy one in that respect. Are you listening? Kinda late, I know you're tired, "the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak," but some of you are asleep & missing the most important part--the introduction! The Devil would like to have you sleep. Let me tell you, from the sounds of this 10th verse, do you think Jeremiah's job was to fight the System? As plain as day!:
       55. "ROOT OUT, PULL DOWN, DESTROY, THROW DOWN!"--IS THAT REVOLUTIONARY ENOUGH? IS THAT DANGEROUS ENOUGH?--Before you can plant & build. You can't plant & build anything new till you get rid of the old garbage, the old rubbish. You just can't do it. We have to brainwash people here, get rid of those System-addict ideas before you can plant anything new. We've got to wash their brains by the pure water of the Word, get rid of all that hogwash that they've been taught in church.
       56. THAT'S WHY GOD IS STARTING WITH SOME OF YOU YOUNG PEOPLE & HIPPIES THAT HAD LITTLE OR NO RELIGIOUS BACKGROUND, because it's easier to start without having to tear down a lot & tear out a lot & root out a lot & pull down a lot so we can plant & build in your minds & hearts. It's a whole lot easier to do it with you than it is with those System-addicts up there in the church. They're almost past hope, there's just too much rubble there, too much to have to do. Too much! It's rough, let me tell you!
       57. TWO-THIRDS OF HIS MINISTRY, TWO-THIRDS OF YOUR MINISTRY IS TO FIGHT THE SYSTEM & THAT WHICH IS FALSE! God told me personally that this was to be my ministry, & if you're going to follow what God showed me we're supposed to do, it's going to be your ministry, & that's not very easy, that's not a nice little lovey-dovey gentle message. Now you'll be sweet as honey when it comes to the dear hippie & raw heathen & young people that don't know any better & need God, you'll just love them like mad, amen? But when it comes to the System that has to be pulled down, thrown down, cast down, rooted out, I'm telling you, Brother, you can't! I don't know any nice way to say it, I don't know any sweet way to say it.
       58. MY WIFE USED TO TELL ME, "CAN'T YOU BE MORE LOVING?"--HOW CAN I LOVE SOMETHING THAT I HATE? I love the people, I'm trying to help them, but I hate the System they're in, because it's of the Devil!--And to Hell with it where it came from! (Someone: And where it's going!) One of these days, that's right. Now we won't accomplish that ourselves, but God's warning them. We'll suffer for telling them, but one of these days God will take care of it.
       59. HE'LL DAMN IT & DESTROY IT & CAST IT DOWN & THROW IT DOWN, ROOT IT OUT, JUST LIKE HE SAYS HERE. And then He's going to plant & build the Kingdom of God, praise God? And there'll be no more System. (Someone: What are we going to do then?) We're going to enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Praise God? You're going to be so used to fighting, Jim, you won't know what to do without somebody to fight! Well, the Lord might give you a little job to do on some other planet where you can fight something. Oh, Brother!
       60. WELL, THAT'S AS FAR AS WE'D BETTER GO TONIGHT! THAT'S BAD ENOUGH, THAT'S DANGEROUS ENOUGH, THAT'S HARD ENOUGH! Beloved, the job God has given us to do is not going to be popular, it's not even going to seem effective, & it's certainly not going to be received, because you're not going to change their minds. But you'll find a few, like that dear police officer.
       61. THE ONLY GUY OUT OF 700 PEOPLE IN THAT CHURCH LAST SUNDAY MORNING THAT RECEIVED WHAT WE HAD TO SAY & shook my hand fervently & said, "I'm glad you're doing the work you're doing, it's great, keep at it!", was a guy that has to deal with youth problems everyday--a highway patrolman! He said, "God bless you! Keep at it! Thank God for you people! I'm glad somebody's reaching these kids!"--A Roman! In other words, he really isn't a part of the System, he's a part of Rome.
       62. THE EARLY CHURCH SEEMED TO HAVE MORE SUCCESS WITH SOME OF THE ROMANS THAN THE JEWS. And Paul got so sick of the Jews, the church people, that he finally gave up on them & said, "From henceforth I go to the Gentiles! I'm sick of preaching to the church people, I'm going to the heathen, they'll receive it." (Ac.18:6) The Lord gave me the Call of Ezekiel where He said, "If I had sent you to a people of a strange language in a foreign country they would have believed you!" But He said, "I send you to the House of Israel & they will not receive you!" (Ezk.3:4-7)
       63. SO LET'S PRAY & ASK GOD TO HELP US TO HAVE THE COURAGE TO PREACH A MESSAGE THAT'S HARD TO PREACH, a message they don't want to hear, a message they will not receive, & a message that they'll persecute you for. (And they did!--And still do!--In 1982!)
       64. (1982 P.S.: ARE YOU STILL FAITHFULLY PREACHING THE MESSAGE OF JEREMIAH TO THE DOOMED ANTI-CHRIST SYSTEMS OF TODAY & its System-addicts?--PTL! GBY! If not, you're failing our call of God!--The call of Jeremiah!--Do it TODAY!--Tomorrow will be too late!--Deliver your soul now, or their blood'll be on your hands when they're destroyed by their enemies & the judgements of God! (Ezk.3:18-19) GHU! GBAKY! WLY!--IJNA!)

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