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THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.

"THEY STAGED THE WHOLE THING!"       DO 1340       11/82

       1. I HAD A DREAM THE OTHER NIGHT. I GOT AN ANSWER, ONE OF THOSE KEYS THAT UNLOCKS THE DOOR TO A LOT OF THINGS. It was after seeing the "Skokie" movie about an incident that happened a few years ago in a Jewish suburb of Chicago where the Nazi Party of America was going to have a demonstration. Actually Skokie is outside of the technical city limits of Chicago, but a Jewish suburb of Chicago.
       2. THE FILM WAS AN ACCOUNT OF HOW THE JEWISH PEOPLE OF THE TOWN WERE TRYING TO STOP THIS DEMONSTRATION BY ONLY TWO DOZEN NAZIS FROM TAKING PLACE. It traces the attempts of the swastika-arm-banded National Socialist Party of America to have a rally in Skokie, & shows the fight between the village attorney fighting to bar the demonstrators, & John Rubenstein, the Jewish attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union, who is dedicated to protecting freedom of thought. The basic question was whether to guarantee "the right of the individual to free speech regardless of his beliefs, or of the majority's opposition thereto."
       3. HOW MANY OF YOU REMEMBER THAT? It was right in the middle of your U.S. Youth Revolution! You guys were getting entirely too much publicity, you were [DELETED] stealing the show--especially with some of that Chicago stuff & all that. [DELETED]
       4. ONE GENTILE IS A GOY, TWO OR MORE ARE GOYIM, THAT'S THE PLURAL. That's why the name of God is Elohim, it's a plural name, plain as day, all through the Hebrew. It's literally "Gods" [DELETED] in their own Scriptures. [DELETED]
       5. WELL, I GOT A REVELATION ABOUT IT DURING THE NIGHT FOLLOWING, but dear Maria, our faithful scribe, wants me to give you a little introduction so that when it's published you'll know what we're talking about, because a lot of you didn't see the movie or hear of the incident when it happened.
       6. RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF ALL THE OTHER DEMONSTRATIONS & UPRISINGS OF YOUTH & WHATNOT, a tiny little handful of so-called Nazis in Chicago decided they wanted to be seen & noticed, according to the story, & according to the news. However, the other night I got the inside story from the Lord!


       14. WELL, I WAS HOPING WE COULD STAY OFF OF THIS SUBJECT, BUT DEAR MARIA IS INSISTING I GIVE AN INTRODUCTION TO SKOKIE! Boy oh boy! That was one reason I was so happy to see Jesse Jackson, one of the leaders of one of the major Negro groups who had been helped by the Jews, over in Beirut shaking hands & sympathising with Arafat!
       15. WELL, PTL! SINCE WE GOT TO DISCUSSING SOME OTHER SUBJECTS, WE'LL HAVE TO GET TO THE REST OF SKOKIE SOME OTHER NIGHT! You don't want to hear about Skokie now, do you Maria? She never gets enough! She's like the woman in the Bible that never has enough, the insatiable woman! She always wants more! That's why you've gotten so much, she's always been willing to have more.
       16. [DELETED] [EDITED: "T"]hese Nazis did seem to pose a sort of a challenge, as they admitted in the picture. They certainly were no threat, because there weren't enough of'm! The [EDITED: "militant"] Jews were [DELETED] the biggest threat to bring about violence & riots, & they promised it & threatened it if the Nazis came to their town! It wasn't the Nazis who were promising violence or threatening, they said they were going to have a peaceful demonstration. [DELETED]
       17. AND THE THING THAT THEY DECIDED WAS TO FIGHT IT OUT IN COURT, & this thing went on for two years during the Youth Revolution. It stole a little publicity away from the Youth Revolution for awhile, & some of you may remember reading about it. These Nazis were outspoken obvious known Nazis. They weren't ashamed of it, they didn't apologise for it, they were blatantly Nazis. They wore Nazi uniforms, Nazi swastikas, claimed to believe in Naziism, & Hitler was their hero!
       19. SO THE WHOLE TEMPEST IN A TEAPOT WAS RAISED BY THESE LITTLE TWO DOZEN NAZIS in about three or four cars that wanted to go down to Skokie & demonstrate in the public square & wave Nazi flags & make a speech against the Jews--right there in the presence of tens of thousands of Jews! They claim in the picture only 40,000 of the population were actually Jewish. [DELETED]
       23. SO THE NAZIS FINALLY EVEN AGREED TO COME IN WITHOUT EVEN A MARCH, without waving flags, or using swastikas, or wearing uniforms, or even making a speech, but just coming there & standing silently in the square & doing nothing, not even looking like Nazis!--No uniforms, flags, swastikas, speeches, much less any violence! They insisted it was going to be a peaceful demonstration. And it went from court to court to court until finally it went to the Supreme Court. The Jews fought it right through to the Supreme Court!
       24. YOU SAY, "WELL, I THOUGHT IT WAS THE ACLU THAT FOUGHT IT THROUGH THE SUPREME COURT ON BEHALF OF THE NAZIS! I thought it was the American Civil Liberties Union that was battling for the Nazis!" In fact, I can remember reading that the ACLU admitted that it lost about 40% of its membership & support because of the rich Jews who pulled out & refused to support it! Up to that time they had been largely supporting the Jews & their minority causes & their persecutions & oppressions, & the Negroes, & then, thank God, even the Youth Revolution!
       25. BUT THIS TIME IT LOOKED LIKE THE ACLU HAD MADE ONE OF THE DUMBEST BIGGEST MISTAKES THAT IT EVER MADE, they went to bat for this little handful of Nazis & insisted on carrying it right through court after court, from the City Courts of Chicago & Skokie to the District Court, the Federal Court, the State Supreme Court & finally the U.S. Supreme Court, right to the top! Maybe you're already getting suspicious! Why would the ACLU have done such a thing? Why would they risk half their membership & support to do such a thing?
       26. AND THAT'S WHAT THE WHOLE MOVIE'S ABOUT. There's no use going into all the little ridiculous details & the efforts & the things they did to stop'm & the lawyers & legal battles & all that blah blah blah! But what it got above all else--well, let me start with number three--it stopped the demonstration & the Jews proclaimed a great victory.
       27. THE RADICAL JEWS & THE JDL, THE JEWISH DEFENCE LEAGUE, THREATENED TO BEAT'M UP!--The violent known terrorist Jewish organisation which resorts to violence--supposedly with the disapproval of the other Jews--but they get away with it all the time, even in Israel. They are the violent Jewish terrorists of the United States & now the World--they've gone Worldwide[DELETED]! They threatened that they were going to beat'm up & maybe even kill'm if they came to Skokie!
       28. SO OF COURSE THE CITY AUTHORITIES & THE GOYIM & ALL WERE VERY UPSET BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T WANT THIS BIG RUCKUS GOING ON!--Not that they were all that much friends of the Jews, but they didn't want to have trouble. The police department were afraid they couldn't handle it, & probably if the Jews had gone into action they couldn't have handled it! The Nazis said they were going to go to Skokie supposedly in retaliation to Chicago's denial of the demonstration in a Chicago park, so they were going to go outside of Chicago & demonstrate in the nearest place they could think of, & they thought Skokie would apparently be a nice place to demonstrate against the Jews!
       29. WHAT DID THIS TWO-YEAR COURT BATTLE ACCOMPLISH? It stopped the demonstration, they never got to Skokie, & that was hailed as a great victory by the Jews. Number two, it won all the court battles. Well, they didn't win'm all, they lost a few, but in the long run they finally won because through various court orders & all kinds of shenanigans, the demonstration was finally prevented.
       30. BUT DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT GOT MOST OF ALL? What was the greatest Jewish victory through this whole thing? [DELETED]
       31. BUT THE BIGGEST VICTORY WAS WHAT EVERYBODY FOUND OUT THEN & EVERYBODY KNEW! [DELETED] Publicity! It got out the message! It got out the propaganda, the publicity! [DELETED]
       32. SO I WENT TO SLEEP THAT NIGHT THINKING, "WELL, THAT'S SURE FUNNY! Why would those Nazis have gone to all that trouble, all that expense?" Of course, with the ACLU fighting it free for them, they didn't even have to pay for their legal battles! So I went to sleep thinking, "Well, that's strange that that little two dozen Nazis would have gone to all that trouble & been so bold! What did they gain by it?" The Nazis gained almost nothing by it except a little publicity for their message!--And like I've always said, there's no such thing as bad publicity. Even when there is bad publicity for us, they get our message in somewhere. And though it was bad publicity for the Nazis, the message was there just the same.
       33. BUT THE SHOCKER I GOT DURING THE NIGHT WHEN I WAS THINKING, "HOW COME? That sure is funny! That certainly is really an enigma! That's a paradox! It certainly is strange that those Nazis would have gone to so much trouble & hung on & clung on & fought that crazy little battle for two solid years to have a stupid little demonstration in Skokie, of all places, where they could have gotten murdered & probably would've! Why did they insist on it?"
       34. NOW YOU OUGHT TO KNOW BY THIS TIME, WHENEVER I ASK THE LORD A QUESTION I GET AN ANSWER! When I really want to know & in the wee hours of the morning when I'm half asleep & half in a dream world--I don't know if it was a dream or what--but suddenly I heard this voice just as clear as I ever heard the voice of God with the shocking words:
       36. [DELETED][EDITED: "B"]ecause the whole thing got tremendous Worldwide publicity! For what?--For the plight of this poor persecuted little minority of Jews!--These 40,000 Jews, or whatever it was that lived in Skokie, being persecuted by this dozen Nazis!
       37. WELL, AS THEY BROUGHT OUT THEMSELVES, THE WHOLE THING WAS A WARNING TO THE NAZIS or potential Nazis or anti-Semites & people who don't like Jews: "Look out! Look how we'll fight you to the bitter end & we will win! Don't even try to have a little demonstration in our park, we won't let you! We control America & you're not going to get anywhere over here!"
       38. THEY PICTURED IN THE MOVIE HOW TERRIFIED THE JEWS WERE, even at the word "Nazi" & the swastikas & the uniforms & a threat of a little demonstration of a couple dozen Nazis!--How some of them were nearly going crazy & having nervous breakdowns, remembering all their tortures & all their persecution in Europe & the death camps & all these things!--When very few who were in the action of this movie were even survivors of it! But it gave the most marvellous opportunity for the movie to bring out how they were persecuted & slaughtered & how horrible the World has been to them, & even how horrible God was to them & all the rest! The Jews are always asking, "Why, God? Why? Why are You doing this to us?"
       40. BUT IF YOU GO WITNESSING TO JEWS, THAT'S THE MAIN QUESTION YOU'LL GET! [DELETED] [EDITED: "Some"] say, "I don't believe in God any more! If there's a God, how come He lets all this happen to us?" [DELETED] "What have we done to deserve all this?" That's what they say!
       52. [EDITED: "BEFORE WW2"] THEY BEGGED JEWS TO GO TO ISRAEL! They did everything they could to try to get emigration to Israel in the days of the early Zionism under Chaim Weizmann & some of the rest of them, but they couldn't persuade but a little pitiful handful of Jews to go out there & suffer on the desert & dig the hard earth & try to establish kibbutzim, etc., they couldn't persuade'm. [DELETED] The swastikad persecution of the Jews by Nazi Germany & throughout Europe did more to help populate Israel & make Israel what it is today than anything else that happened!

       55. [DELETED] This was the question they asked in Skokie: Was it worth all the trouble they went to? Their final conclusion was: "Yes, it was worth it! We won! We won the battles in court, we got national publicity of our problems & our persecution & oppression & all of this sort of thing, & we let the World know how the Jews suffer! And we let them know, also, a warning to them that we will never let it happen again!" [DELETED]
       56. [DELETED] Before [EDITED: "WW2"] they couldn't even get Jews to come to Israel, hardly any. After WW1 & the Balfour Declaration they only managed to persuade about 50,000 Jews to go to Israel. Before that, as far as the nearest estimate is concerned, there were not more than about 2,000 Jews in Israel under the Turks, because they persecuted them so & slaughtered them, etc.
       59. EVEN AFTER THE EARLY DAYS OF THE BALFOUR DECLARATION, THE JEWISH POPULATION OF ISRAEL WAS ONLY ABOUT 50,000, AS I RECALL. And it grew very very slowly, very slowly, until by the time of WW2, as I recall, the population of Israel was less than half-a-million. In fact, the number that comes to me is about 300,000. Since WW2, the population of Israel is now over three million! [DELETED]
       93. SO LET'S PRAY OUR PRAYER TOGETHER: (Prays the Lord's Prayer, Ps.19:14 & "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.") In Jesus' name, bless us & keep us & give us a good night's sleep & a good day tomorrow. Bless this little talk, Lord, & bless those that have to transcribe these hours & hours of talk & talk! I guess You have to get as much as You can & as much mileage out of it as You can while I'm here! TYJ! Amen! XXX!
       94. GOD BLESS YOU ALL! I HOPE I DIDN'T STRETCH YOUR FAITH OR IMAGINATION TOO MUCH TONIGHT, but if I did you'll have to blame it on God, He's the One that said it. [DELETED]

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family