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WAR IN 1983?       DO 1341       11/82

       1. FOR THE ANTICHRIST TO BEGIN RULING FOR SEVEN YEARS IN 1986 & FOR THE TRIBULATION TO BEGIN IN 1990 & FOR THE LORD TO COME IN 1993, THEN THE NUCLEAR OR GREAT WAR HAS GOT TO OCCUR BEFORE 1986, WITH THE GREAT CONFUSION FOLLOWING BEFORE THE ANTICHRIST ARISES! SO THE WAR HAS GOT TO OCCUR WITHIN THE NEXT THREE YEARS--1983, 1984 OR 1985!--And the way they've been talking & preparing, it could be in 1983 & surely in 1984! It's strange how that year has been picked out by all kinds of writers as significant--1984!
       2. THE COMING OF HALLEY'S COMET IN 1986 COULD PROVE THAT THE ANTICHRIST IS GOING TO RISE IN 1986! Could that be an anti-type of the Star of Bethlehem when Jesus was born? I don't see how they can stave off this War longer than 1984! I think the Lord has just been waiting for us to move South before He sends His judgements on the wickedest parts of the World, the rich Northern nations! But I don't see how we can have more than another year of our present freedom & affluence to get the job done.
       3. THAT COULD MEAN 1983! THE LORD HAS ALREADY SAID THAT BREZHNEV'S DEATH IS THE "DEATH OF THE ERA OF PEACE" (No.1318), so trouble is bound to begin in 1983! It may not get as far as nuclear war until 1984, but there will be trouble! Consider another factor: The U.S. Presidential Election occurs & Reagan's term ends in 1984 & I doubt if he has much chance to be re-elected the way he's been going. If he's going to make sure he does whatever he wants to do before the end of his term, his last chance is 1984! By the way he's going, he is most likely to provoke the Russians to wrath sufficient to aggravate their first strike, so I don't see how the Atomic War can come any later than 1984! Then maybe it will take two years of the Great Confusion after the War to give rise to the Antichrist.

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