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DISCLAIMER: The sole purpose of this page is to document the existence of a publication produced by The Family International a.k.a. The Family, Family of Love, Children of God and various pseudonyms (hereon referred to as TFI). It is provided for the record, for educational and research purposes, with the principal aim of promoting accountability by the TFI for its teachings and statements, which have proven detrimental to the lives of many. By replicating this material, exFamily.org neither endorses the views expressed in this publication nor justifies the existence of this publication and its statements. Reader discretion is advised. The material on this page may be unsuitable for minors and may contain disturbing words of racism, hate mongering, directives to unhealthy lifestyles and/or criminal activity, and/or contain plagiarized works.
THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.

THE PROGRAM OF THE ANTICHRIST!       DO 1342       12/82

       1. OUR EDITOR'S INTRO: I AM CONVINCED THAT THE FOLLOWING ARE WHAT THEY CLAIM TO BE, THE BASIC PRINCIPLES OF THE ANTI-CHRIST INTERNATIONAL [DELETED] CONSPIRACY AGAINST GENTILE CHRISTENDOM, an outline of their plans, tactics & methods of destroying Christianity & conquering the World for their false messiah, the Antichrist [DELETED] as they call him, "our Sovereign Lord"--the Devil in person--described in the Bible in many places, such as Daniel 7,8,11 & Revelation 13.
       2. SUBSEQUENT HISTORY HAS PROVEN THEIR AUTHENTICITY OR VERACITY BY THEIR OBVIOUS FULFILLMENT ALL AROUND US! They have now already accomplished nearly all their goals outlined herein except the final Antichrist takeover, which portends by all prevailing signs of the times to be very soon!
       3. THE FINAL CLINCHER WILL BE THE UN-"HOLY COVENANT" mentioned by Daniel 9:27; 11:22,30, etc. These passages clearly describe his character, nature, policies, practices & work in first deceiving, then defeating the forces of religion throughout the World, to finally reign as its "Supreme Lord," a Superman World Dictator, by his Devil-possessed supernatural & miraculous powers! (2Thes.2; Rev.13)
       4. FROM THE TIME OF THE MAKING OF THIS FIRST RELIGIOUS FALSE PEACE PACT ("HOLY COVENANT") BETWEEN THE WORLD'S RELIGIONS until he breaks it & declares himself to be God & attempts to abolish all other religions, will be exactly 3-1/2 years according to the Bible (Dan.9:27; 11:31.) He then sits as the "god of this world" (2Cor.4:4; 2Thes.2) in the rebuilt Jewish Temple in Jerusalem where his image is erected ("The Abomination of Desolation"--Mt.24:15,21; Rev.13:4-18) to be worshipped by all the World who receive his "Mark of the Beast"--666! (Rev.13:18)
       5. HE WILL ATTEMPT TO SLAUGHTER ALL WHO REFUSE, & SO THERE FOLLOWS A REIGN OF TERROR FOR 3-1/2 MORE YEARS DESCRIBED IN THE BIBLE AS THE "GREAT TRIBULATION"! (Mt.24:15-29; Dan.8:13,14,24; 11:31-36; Rev.12:6,14; 13:5-8.) which will only be brought to an end by the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the Resurrection & Rapture of the saints (all true Christians) to rise & meet Jesus in the air (Dan.12:1; Mt.24:30,31; 1Cor.15:52; Rev.19:1-9.) & be taken to Heaven for the "Marriage Feast of the Lamb," the Bridegroom of His people, the true Church!
       6. MEANWHILE, GOD'S WRATH IS POURED OUT ON THE ANTICHRIST & HIS ANTICHRIST KINGDOM ON EARTH until it is finally destroyed by our return with Jesus in the Battle of Armageddon to set up the Kingdom of God on Earth in the Millennium, a 1000-year reign of peace, plenty & Paradise on Earth!--Our great worldwide victory over all of the Antichrist forces of Satan & Satan himself! HAL! TYJ!--And now for his plans! [EDITED: "Parentheses ( ) are ours."]:


       PROFESSOR NILUS was a priest of the Orthodox Church in Russia. He published the first Russian language edition in 1905. In his introduction he says that a manuscript had been handed to him about four years before by a friend, who vouched that it was a true translation of an original document stolen by a woman from one of the most influential & highly initiated leaders of Freemasonry, at the end of a meeting of the initiated in France, "that nest of [DELETED] conspiracy."
       Nilus adds that the Protocols are not exactly minutes of meetings, but a report, with a part apparently missing, made by some powerful person. Nilus admits the impossibility of producing written or oral proof of the authenticity of this document & says that we must be satisfied with the circumstantial evidence which abounds. (TODAY!)
       In January 1917, Nilus had prepared a second edition but before it could be put on the market the revolution of March 1917 had taken place & Kerenski ordered the whole edition to be destroyed. Later Nilus was arrested by the Bolshevik Cheka, imprisoned & tortured. He was exiled & died in Vladimir on 13th January, 1929.

       [EDITED: "Summarized version of the Protocols follows."]


[EDITED: "The End"]



       P.S. WHAT A PERFECT PICTURE OF THE ANTICHRIST & HIS FOLLOWERS & their nature, character, plans & their fulfillment today! Who can say that their goals have not ALREADY BEEN REALISED!--All but their final goal of his revelation, takeover & reign! What an exposé of their tactics & their realisation today on every hand!--LIVING PROOF!
       Known to be written at least 100 years ago, even if not the more claimed, THEY ARE STILL PROPHETIC ENOUGH TO BE INSPIRED--BY TODAY'S PROOF!

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