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THE RULERS OF THIS WORLD! (PREFACE)       February 1978       DO 1345

       1. "IN THE LORD THERE IS NO JEW NOR GREEK, THERE IS NO MALE NOR FEMALE," & THERE IS NO BLACK NOR WHITE EITHER! In the Lord they're just like anybody else, any other one of us. We have some wonderful Blacks amongst our children & the colour of skin makes absolutely no difference. Amongst our own children we have many wonderful Blacks who are filled with the Spirit of God, good people who love the Lord & are doing a great work for Jesus--even in Africa!" ("Lady Luck," No.602:74.)

       2. "WE ARE ALL ONE IN CHRIST JESUS, THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE," I'm sure, as far as the Lord is concerned, because God looketh on the heart & not on the outward appearance! I think it is encouraging to note that the COG now have outstanding men of colour as Shepherds or Heads of important Colonies. I don't mind calling you a Soul Brother as long as you call me a Soul Brother, too, since we should all be Soul Brothers--a Nation all of one blood, the Blood of Jesus! Hallelujah! You Black men actually form a higher proportion of our leadership than the actual proportion of your numbers in our ranks!--And I think that's an amazing testimony to your qualifications, abilities, character & spiritual sinew, as well as our refusal to acknowledge any colour boundaries within the COG! Each is judged strictly on his merits & his spirit, & not his colour, praise God! Thank God for the One True Brotherhood which ignores colour & is not colour-conscious! And to whom colour makes no difference!

       3. --AND IF THIS REVOLUTION FOR JESUS IS GOING TO SWEEP THE WORLD, IT'S GOING TO HAVE TO SWEEP IT IN COLOUR--with colourful leadership, in the colour of most of the nations of the World!--Including Black, Brown, Red, Yellow, Olive & every shade between!--And it's going to have to be led in the nations of these colours by you who are of these colours!

       4. BECAUSE IT MUST BE YOUR REVOLUTION your own Jesus Revolution--not ours, nor of our Jesus, but of your Jesus! And you must remember that He, too, was of dark skin--the greatest Revolutionary of them all! Hallelujah! Our White Day is passing! Your Dark Days are ahead--& you must prepare for them--NOW!--You will be the leaders of the World in these coming days--not us!--And you must carry on this great Revolution for Jesus among your people, & those of every colour--the majority of the World's population! Are you ready?" ("Who Are The Racists?" No.105:1,13)

       5. ("MARIA: WILL OUR BLACK BROTHERS protect us in the day when the Black people take over?) God shall use them to help & to be thy intercessors & thy defenders. They are already defenders of the faith! They are already leaders of the people! And they shall become even more also. For it shall become a dark day." ("Questions & Answers," No.111:32.)

       6. THE LIFE-GIVING WORDS OF GOD KNOW NO BOUNDARIES, no nation, no race nor empire ... but embrace all mankind & unite their minds & hearts & spirits in faith & love of God & each other for good of all." ("Holy War," No.335A:11.)--Amen!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family