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OUR THEME SONG OF THE END!--With Dad's Comments!       DFO 1348       12/82

       (We were listening over & over to the words of the song "Fame" by Gore & Pitchford as sung by Irene Cara & made popular in the motion picture of the same name, when Dad got the following interpretation & comments:)

       1. PTL!--TERRIFIC! AMEN?--IT'S US! HAL! TYJ! GTG! FOREVER! TYJ! It could be our theme song! Ha!--It sure is true of us! TYJ! Wow!

       Baby, look at me & tell me what you see (You oughtta know!)
       You ain't seen the best of me yet! (Amen! The best is yet to come!)
       Give me time, I'll make you forget the rest. (Amen?--I have!)
       I got more than you & you can set it free! (You did!)
       I can catch the Moon in my hand! (Wow!--You!--The Bride!)
       Don't you know who I am? (You sure do!)
       Remember my name! (We're famous!)


       I'm gonna live forever! (HALLELUJAH!)
       I'm gonna learn how to fly!--High! (That's for sure!)
       I feel it comin' together! (We are!)
       People will see me & die! (For what we've got!)
       I'm gonna make it to Heaven! (Amen!)
       Light up the sky like a flame! (In the Rapture!)
       Ahhh'm gonna live forever! (For sure!)
       Baby, remember my name! (You'll never forget it!)
       Remember, remember, remember... (Amen?)


       Baby, come hold me tight, (Stick close!)
       Cuz you can make it right! (You have!--Everything!)
       You can shoot me straight to the top! (Wow! Whew! Sky high!)
       Give me love & take all I got to give! (You have!--It's a deal!)
       Baby, I'll return, (With the Lord, to reign!)
       Too much is not enough!--No! (Of His Love!--Never too much love!)
       I can ride your heart till it breaks! (Haven't I?)
       Ooooo, it got what it takes! (The Word!)


       2. PTL! GBY! ILY! THIS IS THE WAY I FEEL ABOUT YOU! I'M SINGING IT TO YOU!--All of you! GBY all!--You're my Baby! My New Bride!--Vibrant, alive, hot & sexy! You make me explode! We light up the sky like a flame!--Amen?--You'll never forget my name!
       3. IT'S ALSO LIKE JESUS SINGING IT TO US!--His hot New Bride! HAL! TYJ! GBY!--It's true!--Of all of us! We're the flame of His fame forever!--Amen? TYJ!--It's all JESUS!--Amen? GBY all! Sing it again!

       I'm gonna live forever!
       I'm gonna learn how to fly--high!
       I feel it comin' together,
       People will see me & cry!
       I'm gonna make it to Heaven!
       Light up the sky like a flame!
       I'm gonna live forever!
       Baby! Remember my name!

       (Tongues with weeping & Interpretation:)
       4. "FOR THEM IT IS NOT TRUE, BUT IN US IT SHALL ALL BE FULFILLED! With them it is a counterfeit, but with us it is the reality! With them it is the theme of the Antichrist, but with us it is the theme song of the True Christ & the true Christians! In us this will all be fulfilled, but in them it will all fail & be a great disappointment! For he serves his own ends & not them, & he cannot give them everlasting life, only the longing for it & the desire for it, as manifest in this song. They shall long for it forever, but it shall not be fulfilled in them.--
       5. "ONLY IN THESE MY CHILDREN WHO HAVE IT ALREADY & CAN THRILL TO ITS EXCITEMENT, who already fly, who already light up the sky like a flame! In them is this song already fulfilled, for they are truly going to Heaven, & in them shall all these things be fulfilled." The whole idea was: Theirs is the counterfeit, ours is the true! "The Devil is offering them this vision & yearning which he cannot fulfill, but which will make them his worshippers. For he offers what he does not have, the glory that I give only to My own, & everlasting life which I have reserved for My own." In other words, that's the way he's going to deceive them, by offering them what we have, that they could never possibly attain without the Lord, without Jesus.
       6. I HAVE TO EVEN BE CAREFUL HOW I USE THE TERM "LORD" NOWADAYS, WITH THE [EDITED: "ACS"] CALLING THEIR ANTICHRIST "LORD"! But I'm not going to let them rob me of that word just because of that. I didn't get it as beautifully as it was really.--But that's the general idea. He's offering them a substitute, a counterfeit that can never satisfy, even a saviour that can't satisfy. All these ideas were in the message. I'm not too good a translator, I guess I get too easily distracted, too conscious of others. I broke out into a sweat! The power of the Spirit really makes me hot, like a flush, sort of like when the kids take drugs & have a "rush"! All of our folks know what I'm talking about, all those that are filled with the Spirit! See, the drugs is a counterfeit thrill, & the demons are counterfeit spirits. Everything he offers is a counterfeit substitute, fake & a phoney! But ours is the real thing & forever! TYJ!
       7. BUT THAT SONG "FAME" THRILLS ME, REALLY TURNS ME ON! Because it genuinely expresses the heart's desire & the longing for fulfillment, which of course is only possible in Jesus & the Resurrection & the Rapture! You even get a picture of the Rapture in there--
       "I'm going to light up the sky like a flame!
       I'm going to live forever,
       I'm going to learn how to fly!
       I feel it comin' together"

       --just like we're coming together now, but especially at the Coming of the Lord!
       "People will see me & die (or cry)!


That's so true of us & so fulfilled in us! We can sing it with our hearts & mean it! But in another way it could be perverted, like the theme song of the Antichrist & all he claims to be & to be able to do, which he can't, but he will perform mighty signs & wonders & signs in the sky, & it says, "bring down fire from heaven." (Rev.13:13) Yes, he sure can!--In the atomic war!
       9. BOY, THAT SONG WAS SURE INSPIRED! Isn't that amazing, just like "Aquarius"! I knew that song (Aquarius) had significance, & although it was produced by the World & popular with the World, it's fulfilled in us. It was inspired, because it was like the announcement of our coming, see? (Tongues:) "NOW ALL OF THESE THINGS ARE FULFILLED IN THY FATHER, ALL THESE THINGS ARE FULFILLED IN MY DAVID, THE THINGS THAT I HAVE PROMISED TO HIM, THESE SHALL BE FULFILLED, BUT NOT IN THEM." Hallelujah! TYJ!
       10. SEE, IT'S LIKE IT'S JUST ANOTHER SIGN OF THE END, REALLY! It's almost like the Lord is telling what is going to happen, & warning them that all of this will be fulfilled in us. It's almost like a secret message, like it's in code! See, we recognise what it really means, even though it means something else entirely to them. And all those other verses in there are just the setting for the chorus, which is the thing that is really inspired!
       11. I MEAN, WE COULD SING THAT CHORUS WITH ALL OUR HEARTS, BECAUSE IT'S ABSOLUTELY DEFINITELY TRUE OF US! People will see us & die! Yes, they'll be crying & dying while we're going to Heaven! "Baby, remember my name!" What's our name?--It's almost proclaiming our name, it's almost like saying, "We're Jesus' freaks, the Jesus Revolution, we are Jesus in person!" Let's face it, we are His body on Earth! "Baby, remember my name!" What's the name we bear?--Jesus!
       12. IT'S ALMOST LIKE THE LORD SPEAKING! TYL! He's the One that is going to come & light up the sky like a flame, He's the One that lives forever, He's the One that's bringing it together! People will see Him & die! I mean it's all being fulfilled, it's all true, it's like a picture of the coming of the Lord! It's like an announcement of His coming, to make people think about it. I'm sure every Christian, when he hears this song, thinks about the Coming of the Lord, because that's what it sounds like--the Rapture! HAL! TYJ!
       13. IT JUST GIVES ME THE CHILLS & THE SHIVERS, I GET GOOSEBUMPS OVER IT! I CAN HARDLY KEEP FROM TALKING IN TONGUES! It's thrilling when you think about the Coming of the Lord! And when you think about that, it's true, & the Coming of Jesus, all this, like it said in the Message, all this is fulfilled in us & the Lord & the Coming of the Lord! Even now we're still getting it together. I sure like it better when I hear Tom Jones singing it though, it needs a man to sing it! He sings it with real inspiration! I'm convinced he's a Christian. He wears that cross unashamed & practically flaunts it in their faces, like, "Whether you like it or not, I want you to know I'm a Christian!" Boy, he sang it with real inspiration & real emotion! Terrific!
       14. "LEARN HOW TO FLY!"--THAT'S WHAT WE'RE GOING TO DO IN THE RAPTURE! People are going to see us & die, but we're going to make it to Heaven, we're going to light up the sky like a flame & we're going to live forever!--And they'll remember our name! (Tongues:) Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL! "Kiss these words that I have given thy father!" Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL! It's terrific! I mean that song inspires me!--Like "Aquarius" sort of ushered in our coming, & "The Day The Music Died" signified our departure from the States.
       15. THEY'RE ALL JUST LIKE ANNOUNCEMENTS TO THE WORLD! It's as though God's grand plan & His great events are not going to go unheralded by the World! Just like Christmas, the whole World is virtually compelled to celebrate the Birth of Christ! So at the time of our coming, the beginning of our ministry, just like Jesus had to have somebody announce Him, some of these popular songs literally announced the beginning of our ministry, like "Aquarius," & the other one announced the end of theirs, "The Day the Music Died"! In other words, they were defeated & we were victorious!
       16. THIS SONG SIGNIFIES NOW WHAT IS BEGINNING TO BE THE END OF OUR MINISTRY & THE SOON COMING OF THE LORD!--It's like an announcement of "Well, here we go!" Hallelujah! But this is not the end, it's just the beginning! "Baby, I'm gonna live forever!" Hallelujah! "I'm gonna learn how to fly!"--as soon as Jesus comes! We're gettin' it together! People will see us & cry or die! We're gonna make it to Heaven, we're gonna light up the sky like a flame! I'm gonna live forever!--Baby, you'll remember my name! They'll remember it then!
       17. IT'S LIKE A FINAL WARNING TO THE WORLD! IT REALLY MAKES YOU THINK ABOUT THE COMING OF THE LORD! I mean anybody who knows anything about the Second Coming of the Lord, who has ever been to church & heard about the Second Coming of Christ, is going to think about it when they hear this song! I really believe it was intended to make people think about that, just like the song "Aquarius" was intended to announce what we were going to do, it was announcing our ministry!--And "The Day The Music Died" announced the end of their era, dead & gone forever, never to be revived!--They've never equalled it since!
       18. NOW THIS SONG ANNOUNCES THE SOON COMING OF OUR GRAND EXIT! PTL!--At the same time it's telling about what's going on right now, we're still getting it together! I mean it's almost like you're witnessing to somebody!:

       "Baby, I'm gonna live forever,
       I'm gonna learn how to fly!
       I'm gonna make it to Heaven!
       People will see me & cry!"

It says the whole World is going to weep & mourn at the Coming of Christ, the unsaved of the World, think of it, when they see Jesus! (Mt.24:30) "I'm gonna live forever! I'm gonna light up the sky like a flame!" That's just what is going to happen! It says He's going to light up the whole sky from the East to the West like lightning! (Mt.24:27) I'm gonna live forever!
       19. "BABY, REMEMBER MY NAME!"--OUR NAME, Jesus' name! PTL! Even my name they're going to remember & be sorry for what they did to us! It's a thrilling, exciting inspiring song! We could sing it with all our hearts! Boy! It just really sends me! Hallelujah! TYJ! Mmmm! I'll tell you, the excitement & the orgasms of the Spirit far surpass those of the flesh! But they certainly do make you feel it in the flesh, TTL, just like a sexual orgasm, it almost makes you come physically!
       20. FROM THE FIRST TIME I EVER HEARD THAT SONG, I KNEW THERE WAS SOMETHING SIGNIFICANT ABOUT IT, JUST LIKE "AQUARIUS," REMEMBER? I told you that song is about us! It was the announcement, the Grand Announcement of the beginning of our Age!: "It is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius!"--Us!--The Waterbearers! The Lord is not going to let the World get away with ignoring us!--You know? I mean He lets us have a worldwide announcement, a popular song that announces our coming, & now one that announces our going, ha! PTL! TYJ! Hallelujah! Well, it's another sign of the End to me, this song. See, "Aquarius" was the beginning of our ministry, this one signifies we're nearing the End! Wow! What a glorious end! PTL!

       "Baby, I'm gonna live forever!
       I'm gonna learn how to fly!
       I'm gonna make it to Heaven!
       People will see me & cry!

       I'm gonna live forever!
       I'm gonna light up the sky like a flame!
       I can feel it coming together!
       Baby, remember my name!"

Maybe I didn't get it quite straight, but anyhow, that's the general idea.
       21. THAT'S ANOTHER THING!--COMING TOGETHER! THAT IS ONE OF THE BIBLE EXPRESSIONS USED FOR THE RAPTURE, THE "COMING TOGETHER OF THE SAINTS"! (Mt.24:28,31; 1Thes.4:17; 5:10; 2Thes.2:1.) Isn't that something? The coming together of the whole Body of the Bride with Her Bridegroom! (Maria: Also like a sexual term too!) Yes, sure, well it is! Rapture is a sexual term too! It's the Marriage of the Bride to her Bridegroom!--The coming together! It's a thrilling song! Exciting!
       22. I THINK WE OUGHT TO LEARN IT & SING IT! IT'S ABOUT US, REALLY, IT'S ABOUT US! IT'S OURS! They don't know that!--They think it's about them & ridiculous worldly fame! But it was inspired just like "Aquarius" was inspired!--And "The Day the Music Died" was inspired! (Maria: It's like the Lord didn't even want to stop with just a song, but He got it on in the movies too, so everybody would get it one way or the other!) Yes!
       "Baby! I'm gonna live forever!
       I'm gonna learn how to fly!
       I feel it comin' together,
       People will see me & cry!"

       "I'm gonna make it to Heaven,
       I'm gonna light up the sky like a flame,
       I'm gonna live forever!
       Baby, remember my name!"

It's almost like you're leaving them with that name to remember, Jesus!--So maybe they can still call on the Lord & maybe still somehow be saved or the Lord will have mercy on them. Remember that name! We're leaving! So long! But don't forget the Name of Jesus!
       24. IT SHOWS MAYBE THERE WILL BE SOME CHANCE FOR SOME PEOPLE TO BE SAVED IN SOME WAY, EVEN AFTER WE'RE GONE! Though most of the people will follow the Antichrist of course, & they, no matter what happens, they won't repent of their evil deeds, it says. But maybe some will. (Rev.9:20,21; 16:9,11) They won't have the same kind of salvation, but I'm sure if they cry... Thank You Lord!: "Whosoever calleth upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved!"--Jesus! Now is that true during the Wrath of God? Well, some people at least are saved from the Wrath of God & live through it & survive into the Millennium, the Heaven on Earth, so that's quite a salvation! I'll tell you, they'll be sure thankful for that!
       25. "WHOSOEVER SHALL CALL UPON THE NAME OF THE LORD SHALL BE SAVED!" (Rom.10:13) Isn't that something how the Lord just gives me a scripture, boom!--Like that!--When I'm questioning, wondering if that's possible. I was wondering, well if they'd call on the Name of the Lord even after we're gone, would they still be saved? "Whosoever calleth upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved!" Maybe that's what's going to save some of them from the Wrath of God!
       26. HOW ELSE WOULD THEY EVER SURVIVE THE WRATH OF GOD, THE HORRORS OF THAT PERIOD AFTER WE'RE GONE, UNLESS THEY CALL ON THE NAME OF THE LORD TO BE SAVED?--And although He doesn't catch them up in the Rapture & take them to Heaven & the Holy City like us, at least it saves them from both His Wrath & the wrath of man, so they manage to survive it & live into the Millennium & will be our subjects, inhabitants of the Earth during the Millennial period! Well, that's quite a salvation, I'll tell you, to survive the Wrath of God & the wrath of man both, the wrath of the Antichrist, & to live through the whole thing, both through the Tribulation & the Wrath of God & into the Millennium! That's quite a salvation!
       27. "WHOSOEVER CALLETH UPON THE NAME OF THE LORD SHALL BE SAVED!"--BABY, REMEMBER MY NAME! It's almost just like the Lord speaking, really! I'm gonna live forever! In a way it's like us & in a way it's like Him & in a way it's like us all--after all, we're all one in Christ! I'm gonna learn how to fly! In other words, He's gonna come back flying through the air!--He already knows how to fly! But I mean, we're going to learn how to fly! "I can feel it coming together, people will see me & cry." Isn't that something? It says that "all the tribes of the Earth shall mourn at the Coming of the Lord" & "every eye shall see Him." (Mt.24:30; Rev.1:7)
       28. "PEOPLE WILL SEE ME & CRY!" THEY'LL ALL MOURN AT HIS COMING! I MEAN, IT'S ALL SCRIPTURAL! IT'S ALL FULFILLED IN THE RAPTURE & EVEN NOW, THE BEGINNING OF THE END! We're getting together, but we'll really come together then! "I'm gonna make it to Heaven," well, that's obvious, with the Rapture! "I'm gonna light up the sky like a flame!"--That's exactly the way the Bible depicts the Coming of the Lord!--I'm gonna live forever!
       29. "BABY, REMEMBER MY NAME!"--THAT LAST LINE IS ALMOST LIKE THE LORD SPEAKING HIS FINAL WARNING, A FINAL ADMONITION THAT IS NOT WITHOUT HOPE! What good would it do to remember His name if there's no hope? Is it just in revenge? "Remember My name, I'm the One that's causing you all this trouble & punishing you & you're suffering all this Wrath because of what You did to Me & Mine!" Well, the iniquitous & our persecutors, they'll sure remember! They'll remember His name, that's for sure! They'll remember that that's why they're suffering! But maybe there's some hopes for those who remember His name & cry out to the Lord, "Call upon Him," in other words, for help. It must be. "All that call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved." (Psa.50:15; Joel 2:32; Zech.13:9; Ac:2:21; Rom.10:13.) So praise the Lord! Hallelujah!
       30. I MEAN, EVERY PHRASE HAS MEANING & SIGNIFICANCE FOR US & IS FULFILLED IN US & IS TRUE, JUST LIKE HE SAID! But for them it has none, it's counterfeit! I mean they're the counterfeit, the song is not counterfeit, but they're the counterfeit, & what the Devil is offering them in this song, you know, although he is trying to offer them the same thing, it's all fake & phoney & it won't ever be fulfilled, but it's fulfilled in us! Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! "I'm gonna live forever!"--How does it go?
       31. "I'M GONNA LIVE FOREVER, I'M GONNA LEARN HOW TO FLY! I CAN FEEL IT COMING TOGETHER, PEOPLE WILL SEE ME & CRY!" THINK OF THE SIGNIFICANCE OF ALL THAT! "I'm gonna make it to Heaven, I'll light up the sky like a flame! I'm gonna live forever! Baby, remember my name!" Even just those two quatrains are really inspired & have the whole message right there! I mean it's like an announcement of the Coming of the Lord, of what's going to happen to us!
       32. IT'S LIKE A WITNESS! IT'S LIKE OUR FINAL WITNESS! I mean, what greater witness is there going to be than the Rapture! The Resurrection & the Rapture, that's the clincher! That's the final witness, when they actually see Jesus & see us rise from the dead & from the Earth to meet Him in the air! That's it! They can't deny it then! That's our final witness!--And this song is like a picture of it! I mean it's terrific! Whew! It really turns me on! It turned my key the first time I ever heard it! I knew there was something unusual about it, & it kept ringing through my mind, that phrase:
       33. "I'M GONNA LIVE FOREVER!", & I THOUGHT HOW TRUE THAT IS OF US!--And then I heard some others of the phrases of the chorus & they began to sink in. I never even knew it had verses, they never even sank in, until we got this recording. But that chorus kept ringing a bell, I knew there was something significant about that. It's just like the Holy Spirit was trying to call my attention to it, that this was something important that I should hear.--And then that was really an experience when I saw Tom Jones singing it on television, that was it! I knew that was, because he sang it with conviction, he sang it with the inspiration! I really believe he's a Christian, I think he knew what he was singing about, really.
       34. I MEAN, WE COULD MAKE THAT OUR THEME SONG OF THE END! "I'm gonna live forever, I'm gonna learn how to fly, I'm gonna make it to Heaven, people will see me & cry!" I mean, that's all fulfilled in the Rapture!
       "I'm gonna live forever,
       I'm gonna make it to Heaven,
       Light up the sky like a flame,
       I'm gonna live forever!
       Baby, remember my name!"

Boy oh boy! What a significant song!--What a significant song! Terrific! It's just like the Lord trying to turn people's minds toward us & Him & the End, even with a popular song!
       35. THERE HAVE BEEN LOTS OF POPULAR SONGS I'VE FELT WERE REALLY INSPIRED TO TURN PEOPLE'S MINDS & HEARTS TOWARDS THE LORD, to make them think of Him, just like Christmas, & just like some of these movies, even these sci-fi movies that are reminding us of the supernatural & the miraculous & heavenly things! Well, now we know that this song is inspired! The Lord confirmed it, praise the Lord!
       36. I MEAN, I WAS JUST SITTING HERE MAKING MY COFFEE & LISTENING TO IT WHEN I JUST EXPLODED! I couldn't hold it! Praise the Lord! I knew something was coming, and I just prayed you'd hear it & you'd come, & you came, thank the Lord! I was sort of distracted & disturbed when that other song came on, it kind of threw me for a minute. An interruption sort of jerks you down out of the spirit, your head out of the clouds, & you become conscious of other things instead of hearing the message. But that was the gist of it, I mean my poor interpretation wasn't as good & beautiful as it really was, but that's the best I could do. I'm not a very good interpreter, as you know--I'm sometimes too self-conscious.
       37. IT'S FUNNY HOW THOSE THINGS WILL SOMETIMES COME WHEN I'M LIKE HALF IN ONE WORLD & HALF IN THE OTHER, HALF ASLEEP, HALF AWAKE. It's like many of those psychics & clairvoyants say, they all say the same thing, that it's most apt to happen when you're in that borderline kind of misty condition, you could call it a sort of dreamy mood. You've got to have one foot in this World in order to be able to talk & say something, you know, but you've got to have the other one in Heaven to get it. (Maria: I know, sometimes you've been so far under you haven't been able to even interpret or say anything but speak in tongues.) Well, maybe that was for someone else. There were some things that John got that the Lord told him not to utter.--Like the seven thunders! (Rev.10:3-4) I heard so many preachers preaching on the "Seven Thunders," trying to interpret or tell you what the "Seven Thunders" said, & God wouldn't even let John tell us what the "Seven Thunders" said! Thank God for the things He does reveal to us!
       38. BOY OH BOY! THAT WAS TERRIFIC! I WAS REALLY TURNED ON, REALLY INSPIRED! I knew that song had meaning for us! I mean, it just kept coming right through loud & clear every time I heard it, just like it came through in spite of all, everything else around us or all obstacles or all other things. Every time I heard that, it would just come through loud & clear like a bell, almost like the song was calling me, "Come, listen! Hear it! It's for you!" It sure is for us, thank You Lord!
       39. WE'RE GOING TO LIVE FOREVER! WE'RE GOING TO LEARN HOW TO FLY! I CAN FEEL IT COMING TOGETHER! PEOPLE WILL SEE US & CRY! WE'RE GOING TO MAKE IT TO HEAVEN, WE'RE GOING TO LIGHT UP THE SKY LIKE A FLAME! WE'RE GONNA LIVE FOREVER! BABY, REMEMBER OUR NAME!--And what is our name?--Jesus! Thank You Lord! I don't mean I'm Jesus, but we're all Jesus, part of Jesus, His Bride & Body, & He's part of us--all one in Christ Jesus, thank You Lord!
       40. I EVEN HAD A FEELING LIKE THAT SONG WAS FOR ME! I guess some people will even remember my name, huh? (Maria: That's for sure!) At least the Family will. But my name won't save them, but Jesus' name will save them. Isn't that amazing!--Ouch!: Suddenly when I said, "My name won't save them," the Lord rebuked me & I got a funny verse!:
       41. "EVEN HE THAT RECEIVETH A PROPHET IN THE NAME OF A PROPHET SHALL RECEIVE A PROPHET'S REWARD!" WOW! (Mat.10:41) How about that, Honey? That's a verse in the Bible that Jesus said! What was it, how does it go? "He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet's reward; & he that receiveth a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a righteous man's reward." So even if they do something in the name of a Prophet, they shall have a Prophet's reward! Here it is, let me find it. (Maria: You really expounded one time on how we can remit people's sins.) (Jn.20:23) Well, that's certainly true, & even the Catholics & the priests have taken on to that one.--Anyhow there's a scripture on it. You can believe it or not, but that's the very first thing my eye fell on & I already had it underlined!:
       42. --IT IS MATTHEW 10:41!--AND THAT'S OUR FAMOUS CHAPTER WE QUOTE SO MUCH! About 10:36ers & all the rest, the Great Commission. Listen to this! "He that receiveth a Prophet in the name of a Prophet shall receive a Prophet's reward!--Even he that receiveth a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a righteous man's reward!" Now what does that mean? I have never heard it explained by the preachers in all the sermons I ever heard! They just ran through that & skipped over it, because they didn't understand it either!
       43. "AND WHOSOEVER SHALL GIVE TO DRINK UNTO ONE OF THESE LITTLE ONES A CUP OF COLD WATER ONLY IN THE NAME OF A DISCIPLE, VERILY I SAY UNTO YOU HE SHALL IN NO WISE LOSE HIS REWARD!" Now what does that mean? Well, it sounds to me like it means that if they give you a cup of water just even because they know you're a Disciple, one of us, for example--they help you, they give you something because they know you're one of us, you're a Disciple & they know what you stand for--God will reward them for that. If they've given to you, give you something, receive you--in other words, were hospitable to you & helped you because they know you're a good man, a righteous man, they'll receive a righteous man's reward, think of that! (Mt. 10:42)
       44. AND "HE THAT RECEIVETH A PROPHET IN THE NAME OF A PROPHET SHALL RECEIVE A PROPHET'S REWARD!" In other words, if they receive you & believe in you, the Prophet, & believe that you're a Prophet, even believe in your name, in other words, believe that you are a Prophet, therefore, because of their faith in you & their faith that you are a Prophet, their faith in your name as a Prophet, they receive & help you, believe on you, they'll even receive a Prophet's reward!
       45. NOW ISN'T IT AMAZING THAT THE LORD WOULD GIVE ME THAT SCRIPTURE? I mean it's almost like rebuke, just suddenly, bingo! When I said, "Well, nobody will be saved by believing on my name," suddenly He almost snaps back & says: "He that receiveth a Prophet in the name of a Prophet shall receive a Prophet's reward!" Now whatever that reward is, I don't know, whether it would be salvation or not, but it's obvious the Lord is going to reward them according to their works & according to how they receive us, whether it be as a Prophet or a good man, a good person, or even somebody that just gives one of our Disciples a cup of cold water! Give, whether we're a Prophet or a righteous person or a disciple! Whether you're a leader or whether you're a very good person or just a disciple, the fact that they're just following the truth & following the Lord or following us, they'll get their reward! Isn't that beautiful? How did I get on to that? Oh! "Baby, remember my name!" Ha ha! Hallelujah! TYL!
       46. THEY'LL BE BLESSED EVEN IF THEY REMEMBER MY NAME, EVEN IF THEY REMEMBER YOUR NAME! And they'll remember you if they receive you. In a sense, if they receive you by faith in their hearts & help you & recognise that you're either a prophet or a good person or a disciple, one of us, they'll be rewarded accordingly! Isn't that wonderful? "Baby, remember my name!" Hallelujah! TYL! They're going to remember our name, I'll tell you! Some of them will remember & cry! Some will remember it & die! And I believe some will remember our name & His name & cry out for help & He'll save'm somehow! The Lord gave me that other verse, "That whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved"! So if they call on the Name of Jesus they'll still be saved in some way. They may not be in the Rapture or at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, but, hey!--
       47. --LOOK AT THOSE FIVE FOOLISH VIRGINS THAT GOT LEFT OUTSIDE! (Mt.25:1-13) You know, I heard so many sermons trying to explain those virgins!--But look at those virgins that got left outside! They got left behind, but it doesn't say they were bad or wicked, but they were just, what was it?--Foolish! They got left behind in the midst of the weeping & wailing & gnashing of teeth, they got left behind in the Wrath of God that followed! They didn't get to the Marriage Supper in the Holy City--apparently they didn't have enough oil & they were too late! (Maria: They're like the people that just put off accepting the Lord, good people, maybe...)--But lazy & too late!
       48. BUT BOY, LET ME TELL YOU, WHEN THE RAPTURE OCCURS, THE COMING OF THE LORD OCCURS, A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE GOING TO BELIEVE, BUT MAYBE TOO LATE! Just like we go home to be with the Lord for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, but the other five virgins get left behind! But why isn't there some kind of salvation for them? "Whosoever calleth upon the name of the Lord shall be saved!" Apparently the Lord is going to do something for them, even if He is not saving them out of it like He does us, maybe He'll save them in it & through it, so that at least they survive the Wrath of God & Armageddon & live on into the Millennium!--Somebody does!--Obviously millions of people do!--The Worldly of the World that we're going to rule over. Even that is the mercy of God!
       49. ANYBODY THAT SURVIVES THE TRIBULATION & THE WRATH OF GOD & THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON & ON INTO THE MILLENNIUM IS GOING TO FEEL LIKE THEY'RE SAVED, THAT'S FOR SURE! "Baby, remember my name!" "Whosoever calleth upon the name of the Lord shall be saved." I believe there are going to be a lot of people calling on Jesus then who are going to believe & call on the Lord, but too late to get out of that mess, too late to go to the Marriage Supper, too late for the Holy City, too late for Heaven & to walk the Golden Streets!
       50. ONLY THOSE THAT ARE TRULY SAVED & BORN AGAIN NOW ARE GOING TO BE INSIDE. BUT THEY'RE NOT GOING TO BE TOO LATE FOR THE MILLENNIUM, THEY'RE NOT GOING TO BE TOO LATE FOR THE NEW EARTH, HEAVEN ON EARTH! See? So there's another lesson we got out of that song that we didn't even expect, along with a couple of verses from the Lord--confirmation! PTL! "Baby, remember my name!" It's almost like a final warning, a final witness, a call & warning & admonition of hope: "If you'll remember My name, there's still some hope for you, you can still be saved some way."--At least they can be saved through the Wrath of God & into the Millennium!
       51. OBVIOUSLY THERE ARE GOING TO BE ALL KINDS OF DIFFERENT LEVELS OF SALVATION & KINDS OF SALVATION. Our kind, we believers by faith now, who "though having not seen, yet have believed, are more blessed," & yet for those "who having seen & believed," there is going to be some kind of salvation for them. (1Pet.1:8,9)--Amen? PTL! TYJ! So, amen? It's almost like another confirmation of what I've been thinking about & teaching lately. Well, I have taught that for years!
       52. THEY WON'T BE SAVED IN THE SAME WAY WE ARE & THEY MAY NOT BE ABLE TO WALK THE GOLDEN STREETS, but at least they can enjoy the Millennium & the outside heavenly Earth! Boy, I'll tell you, that will feel like salvation, compared to the hell the Devil has made out of things on Earth & compared to the Lake of Fire, that's for sure! They may not make it to Heaven, they may not make it into the Heavenly City, but even if they have that much faith, to believe in a Disciple or a good person or the Prophet, even if they didn't quite understand & get as far as believing Jesus as much as we do, the Lord says He'll give them some kind of reward, what is it? I mean, if it's some kind of reward in Hell, that wouldn't be much of a reward, huh?
       53. IN OTHER WORDS, IF THEY WERE GOOD TO US, EITHER YOUR PROPHET OR THE RIGHTEOUS OR ONE OF HIS DISCIPLES, THE LORD IS GOING TO REWARD THEM FOR IT!--How? Where? Just here & now? "Baby, remember My name!" Even "He that receiveth you in the name of a Prophet, he that receiveth you in the name of a Disciple," the Lord is going to reward them for it somehow! That again confirms my conviction that though not all will be saved & walk the streets of the Heavenly City like us who believe & serve the Lord today, they'll all be spared from the worst somehow. We're the Elite! But there will be those who will remember & call upon the Name & receive some kind of reward for it.
       54. THEY'LL AT LEAST SURVIVE THE WRATH OF GOD & THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON & ENJOY THE MILLENNIUM! Then after that purification at the end of the Millennium when the Devil comes out & sees whom he can deceive, there are bound to be lots of people who have come into faith & believed during the Millennium in the visible personal rule & reign of Jesus Christ & His people. It looks to me like certainly a lot of people are going to turn to the Lord then who didn't believe before that, but then they can. They may not be able to enter into & enjoy the Heavenly City perhaps, but at least they will enjoy the New Earth, if not the New Heaven.
       55. SO, HOW ABOUT THAT? I never knew what that meant before, but all of a sudden the Lord can give you in just one flash of the Spirit, He can give you the meaning & interpretation! By His application of this verse here in Matthew 10:41, in the flash of revelation He gives you what the verse means & applies it to the situation you were talking about!--Just when I was about to deny anybody could be helped by my name, ha!
       56. AT LEAST IF THEY RECEIVE ME & RECOGNISE ME AS A PROPHET OF GOD & BELIEVE THAT I AM A PROPHET OF GOD, GOD WILL GIVE THEM A PROPHET'S REWARD, whatever that means. (Mat.10:40: "He that receiveth you receiveth Me.") I guess that's the class of reward they receive, whatever reward they get for believing in a Prophet, hmm? When He's going to start handing out prizes & the presents, He'll say: "Here's your Disciple's reward, here's your Prophet's reward, here's your good man's reward. You believed in My Prophet, here's your reward! You believed in one of My Disciples, here's your reward!" PTL! Even if at the time they didn't really get saved or have Jesus, maybe there is going to be some kind of salvation for the unsaved believers, unsaved now but maybe they will be then, hm? (Yes!)
       57. WELL, "BABY, REMEMBER MY NAME!"--IT MIGHT DO YOU SOME GOOD, HA!--And it will, from what the Lord has said! Hallelujah! (The next day listening to the song again Dad burst again into tongues & weeping, with interpretation:)
       58. "THESE WORDS WERE WRITTEN FOR YOUR FATHER: THIS SONG IS ABOUT HIS NAME!" (Tongues, Interpretation:) "Kiss the Words that I have given unto thy father." They wrote a song about me, Honey!--I thought it was all about the Lord! Did you read the words of those verses & all?--I mean it's terrific! It's inspired! Wow! It's terrific! Thank You Lord! That's true of all of us, it was written for us all. "Kiss thy father David."
       59. ACTUALLY THEY REPEAT THE WORD "REMEMBER!" SEVEN TIMES IN A ROW A COUPLE OF PLACES!--That's significant! They say the word "Remember!" seven times in a row! They say "Remember!" seven times, like it was important to remember it! It definitely says "cry" sometimes & "die" sometimes, both of which are true of course: They'll cry & die when they see us go! (Tongues again) (Maria: What was that? Did you have any interpretation?--You spoke in tongues.) It's the same thing! (Maria: No, Honey! What was it?) He just keeps saying, "Kiss thy father, kiss the words of thy father!" (Maria: Thank You Lord!) "Don't you know these words were written for your father? He shall be remembered forever!" TYJ!
       60. THAT SONG IS TERRIFIC, IT'S ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIC! IT'S REALLY INSPIRED! WOW! That is the most inspired song I've heard in I don't know when! I believe that song "Aquarius" was written for me, so why not this one? It's like going out with a bang in a blaze of glory! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! We came in with a bang! We'll certainly go out with an even bigger bang! HAL! TYJ!--Amen? Believe it?--I do! I know it!--I was there!--Ha! GBY! ILY!--Thanks for your love!--IJNA!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family