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DAD'S ASTROFLASH!--Born on February 18, 1919 at 2 pm.       DFO 1352       12/1/76

       (Mostly how true!--D)
       FIRST OF ALL, HERE ARE THE BASIC ELEMENTS OF YOUR PERSONALITY & the backdrop of your existence as defined by the positions of the sun & the ascendant. Taking the position of the sun & the ascendant into consideration, what follows represents the basic elements of your personality & the character traits which form the background of your existence.



              YOU HAVE A DEEP TENDENCY WITHIN YOU to stifle instinct & to shake off burdensome material attachments which could thwart your security-minded temperament. This clash between what you want & what you actually do, breeds uncertainty & doubt, giving your character an almost unevitable nervousness, your extreme sensitivity pushes you to alter circumstance, to seek freedom & innovation.

       YOUR GENEROSITY & YOUR VIEWS INDICATE A CERTAIN IDEALISM, & this is responsible for the utopian dreams & fantastic schemes that you enjoy spinning. Fortunately, one entire sector of your nature is attached to traditional values, solid accomplishments of the past & your family. This anchors you firmly to real life. Sociable & devoted,

       YOU REVEAL THE TRUE SWEETNESS OF YOUR NATURE IN FRIENDSHIP. You would bask in a quiet life surrounded by your family & well-wishers. Yet should you be disappointed or hurt by someone you cared about, you'd immediately withdraw to lick your wounds, succumbing to a melancholy which could have really injurious effects on your health. By stimulating your imagination, proposing new plans & projects, you contribute much toward alleviating the sadness to which you are inclined.

       YOUR ASSETS: YOU HAVE AN EXCELLENT BALANCE BETWEEN YOUR INTUITION & INTELLIGENCE. You look at problems from a general standpoint, not bothering with petty details. Fortunately, your taste for security & material comfort put a damper on your excessive imagination & overromantic spirit. You have a fine organisation of your memory, a faithful recorder of your feelings & emotions.

       YOUR WEAKNESSES: (HA! Not me!) YOUR MAJOR WEAKNESS LIES IN THE LACK OF FIRMNESS IN YOUR CHARACTER, your frequent inconstancy & lack of follow-through. Your baseless melancholy only reflects the contradiction you feel between your thoughts & acts. Change is not necessarily the solution to these problems, for at the end of the road you will still find yourself. (JESUS!)

       SEEKING BALANCE: HOME WOULD BE AN IDEAL CENTER OF YOUR LIFE, particularly if children appear to give more meaning to your existence. Friends too would help, chosen from among those of your acquaintances who have both feet firmly planted on the ground. Don't try too hard to understand yourself. Act rather than analyse.


       YOUR DESTINY: YOU ARE HAPPY IN THE QUIET LIFE, but also take a sensible interest in your own material success. To really fulfill your potential , you will have to undergo a spiritually or morally uplifting experience which will integrate some of your aspirations with an ideal. This is a matter of reaching agreement with the innermost depths of your conscience & finding peace & equilibrium in faith, something your soul & spirit can possibly latch on to.

       NOW LET US CONSIDER THE POSITION OF THE MOON, the Earth's close satellite. It has a predominating influence on our deepest instincts & our dreams & meditations, our intuition & the manifestations of our unconscious. (Along w/ministering spirits)

       THE MOON IN THE SIGN OF LIBRA AT YOUR BIRTH: You have a sentimental, exquisitive nature, responsive to your environment. Acute sensitivity makes you instinctively "feel" close to & love your associates. Your unconscious dreams of a blissful World where all is "luxury, calm & delight," but a delight refined, sublimated & ethereal, more spiritual then fleshly.

       YOU YEARN TO COMMUNE WITH A FRIENDLY UNIVERSE where contacts are easy, sympathies natural, friendship simple & honest. This idealistic utopia of melodious relationship is a concept you carry within & radiate about you, for

       YOU ARE A PERSON OF GOOD WILL, tolerant & at times even agreeable to the point of weakness. If the society you were molded in is incapable of great things, there's a chance that your emotional drive will find its outlet in, say, keeping a "chip on your shoulder ".... But you can avoid this if you rely on your spiritual resources & your understanding tolerance. You tend to seek the melancholy & feel at home in such an atmosphere. You love autumn, pastel shades, still waters & twilight. (Amen!)

       NOW IT IS THE TURN OF VENUS, THE EVENING STAR. It rules over the World of emotion & sentiment, our aesthetic sense, deep friendship & our ability to love. When Venus is in another zone of influence than your birth sign, it may sway your sentimental behaviour in a direction other than that dictated by your nature or intelligence. On the other hand, if it is in the same sign as the sun or the ascendant, it may reinforce these tendencies.

       YOUR VENUS IS IN THE SIGN OF PISCES. Your heart allows itself to be invaded by a flood of multiple sensations & emotions, sometimes drowned in shapeless dreams through which it struggles toward an everlarger grasp of the universe. Your untouchable heart is unfathomable, for it keeps under lock & key all the secrets of its private life. In brief, you hide your affections as well as your antipathies from those around you, so that what is in fact a propensity towards discretion & shyness may well be taken as sheer indifference by the one you love. It may be up to the person you love to discover that such love exists, yet it may come about through the bewitching power that you exude which requires neither words nor deeds to manifest itself.

       YOU MAY LOSE YOURSELF IN PURSUIT OF A CHIMERICAL IDEA, perhaps because you look for some fairy-tale romance, or perhaps because your imagination has become obsessed by an unattainable image & you will settle for nothing else. Your entire soul is a prey to its own dream. In any case, for you love is expressed in poetry & feeling & become real in the total gift of the self. Thus you must make your choice carefully so as to avoid sentimental disillusion. You must close those eyes that see only a World of wonders. Beware of love too beautiful to be true, of myths, of redeeming love reserved for romantic heroines or, in real life, for a few exceptional beings. (Like us!)

       ONCE YOU HAVE CONQUERED YOUR SHYNESS & TENDENCY TO DREAM, you will be ideally suited for married life. You can put your whole heart into marriage. You like a simple life consisting of a thousand small tendernesses. You are kind & charitable, feeling the need of great devotion, of perfect selflessness. Take care that you do not fall victim to this spirit of sacrifice. (Never! Can't!)

       HERE ARE YOUR RELATIONS WITH OTHERS ON THE BASIS OF THE POSITION OF VENUS TO THEIR BIRTH!: Difficult--Gemini; Average--Capricorn; Best Bet--Aries, Sagittarius; Easy--Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Aquarius; Very Good--Libra; Excellent--Taurus, Cancer; Pisces. (Sounds like our staff!)

       MERCURY, THE PLANET WHICH TURNS ABOUT THE SUN AT THE GREATEST SPEED DOMINATES OUR INTELLECTUAL ACTIVITIES. It rules over the World of reasoning & intelligence, & when it is in the same sign as the sun or the ascendant, character & intelligence are found on the same level. Otherwise, it defines another group of traits found in a differing psychological family.

       YOUR MERCURY IS IN THE SIGN OF AQUARIUS: Your personality is definitely sparked by original thinking, due to a dynamic, inventive & intuitive mind. One of your finest attributes is that of being receptive to new ideas. This allows you to discover previously unexplored outlets, but there is also the risk that you may waste time or get involved in futile adventures. (First: Amen! Last: Not yet!)

       YOUR INTELLIGENCE IS FORWARD-LOOKING & IMAGINATIVE, flourishing in research, experiment & all that is new, for it must be constantly stimulated. This turn of mind hates routine & blossoms in an atmosphere open to initiative. Applied to a field where there is some recognition of social utility, it is at its best.

       REGARDING WORK, YOU SHOULD KNOW THE LIMIT OF YOUR STRENGTH. You are not basically suited for mundane tasks. Even these you can accomplish, for you go at your work intelligently, you preserve & cooperate. You provide a degree of good humor and contentment for your professional colleagues, being neither envious nor an opportunist.

       TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE GOOD WILL SURROUNDING YOU to benefit from advantages offered without a second thought. This is proof that you will have reconciled group interest with your own--a goal towards which you naturally strive. (Amen!)

       FINANCES: YOU ARE RATHER DETACHED IN THIS FIELD & should therefore learn to consider money problems more realistically. Thrift is not avarice. There is nothing contemptible in claiming what you are due. Your chance of accumulating money may stem from your ability to contribute to the fortunes of others. (Amen--So I can give it away! PTL! Isn't He wonderful; the way He made us! GBY!)

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