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DISCLAIMER: The sole purpose of this page is to document the existence of a publication produced by The Family International a.k.a. The Family, Family of Love, Children of God and various pseudonyms (hereon referred to as TFI). It is provided for the record, for educational and research purposes, with the principal aim of promoting accountability by the TFI for its teachings and statements, which have proven detrimental to the lives of many. By replicating this material, exFamily.org neither endorses the views expressed in this publication nor justifies the existence of this publication and its statements. Reader discretion is advised. The material on this page may be unsuitable for minors and may contain disturbing words of racism, hate mongering, directives to unhealthy lifestyles and/or criminal activity, and/or contain plagiarized works.
THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.

DATALOG!--Family History Chart in a Nutshell!       DFO 1355       1/83
Compiled by Hosea, Dad, Paul Papers & Sally Scribe


       1967         Aug-TFC Wisconsin Fairs.                 Aug-Prophecies to go up
                 Sep-Dad & Grandmother's                         to help Ho in Canada.
Members: 10,000 miles of                                                                                         Sister Gunn drove 3000
12         miracles.                                                                                                         miles to deliver Ezekiel 34 prophecy!
Homes: Nov-Back at Dallas Fair.                         Nov-Grandmother prophesies
1         Dec-Dad & Family to Calif.                               to go to California.                Dad broke, discouraged

       1968        Jan-Invading churches &                         Jan-Psalm 68
                         schools.                                         "King of the Beggars."                 Dad finds life's work.
Members: Pioneered Light Club.                                                                                 Dad starts leading
50         May-Grandmother graduates.                                                                         Youth Club.
Homes: Sum-Training Disciples.                         Sep-Our Declaration of                 Dad teaches nightly.
1         Dec-Jailed for Jesus.                                         Revolution!--Headlines
                 Revolution for Jesus!

       1969        Jan-First Witnessing Road
Members: Feb-Team to Arizona.
125         Mar-Take-over Lighthouse,                                                                         Maria joins in Ariz. &
Homes: Ariz: Maria joins team                                                                                 travels to Huntington
1         goes to California.                                                                                         Beach for training.
                 Apr-Dad's team to Tucson.                                                                                May-Dad & Maria begin
                 May-Exodus from Calif.                                                                                 together in Ark-Arizona.
                 Road teams head East.                                                                                 Jun-Travel to Laurentide.
                 Sum-In Laurentide, Canada                         Aug-Love-Making in the         Begin receiving prophecies
                 Dad teaching & getting                                         Spirit.                                         together &
                 prophecies. Big caravan                         Old Church, New Church.         writing them down in
                 begins in New York.                                 Coming Division!                        "Book of Remembrance."
         Sep-Vigil in Washington, DC!.                         Prophecies about Sack-                Together with all on
                 Vigil in Philadelphia                                 cloth, yokes & staves!                 the road in the Ark.
         Oct-Vigil in New York City!                                                                                 Mom Eve leaves D&M to
               Article with name:                                                                                                 pioneer new Homes.
               "CHILDREN OF GOD."
         Nov-Vigils in Pittsburgh,
               & at Chicago 7 Trial!
         Dec-Camping Houston, Texas                         Dec-Mountain Men.                 Dec-Bear Creek Park--
               Reaping Disciples.                                                                                                Abrahim comes w/Dad!

       1970 Jan-Dad flies to LA to ask
               Fred Jordan to use TSC
Members: Feb-Road Teams of 125                         Feb-Colonization.
300         set up TSC.                                                 Mar-Nehemiah.
Homes: Mar-Team sent to LA to                                 Sample Not a Sermon!
12         pioneer 1st outpost.                                         Who Are the Rebels?
         Apr-Bus load of disciples                                         There Are No Neutrals!
               arrive from LA for                                                 Revolutionary Rules.
               training at TSC.
               Family all take Bible
                names.                                                                                                                 Apr- D. receives gift of tongues in Ark.
               Witnessing teams &
               TSC Sample Commune.
         Sum-Dad's teaches LT                                 Jul-War, Boom, Bust!
               classes at TSC.                                                 Rise of Reactionary
         Jul-National AP article                                         Right .                                         Aug-Dad & Maria leave
               on TSC.                                                 Aug-Last Ranch Prophecy.                               TSC to East Coast.



(cont'd) Sep-Pioneer colony:                         Oct-1st MLs from Europe:                         Sep-Travel to London.
                 West Kentucky.                                 God's Little Miracles,                         Oct-Tour Europe.
         Oct-NBC films at TSC.                                 Diamonds of Dust,                                 Nov-D&M to PARIS, ROME.
                -Cincinnati pioneered.                               Sightseer, Follow God                                 Boat trip to Israel.
                -West: Santa Barbara-                               Dec-Prophecy of the Hand-                 Dec-MO LETTER MINISTRY
                 San Diego pioneered.                         maiden, I Gotta Split,                                 BEGINS. Revelation
                                                                                 Epistles to Leaders                                         about Israel & Jews.


       1971 Jan-Pioneering Colonies                         Jan-MO Letters pour out:                         Jan-Breakdown! - Leave
               East & West.                                                 Promised Land?                                         Israel for Cyprus.
Members: Jan-NBC Doc. "Ultimate                         Epistles to Pastors.                               Mar-Wrote MO Letters daily
1475        Trip" on National TV                                 Letters I-IV.                                         Apr-Arrive back in London.
Homes:       begins publicity wave.                         Mar-New Colonies.                                 May-Depart London back
69 May-Media coverage reaches                         May-Faith; Stop, Look,                                 to USA..
               Europe;                                                                 & Listen                                                 In Dallas to correct
         Jun-House of Judah joins.                                 Jun-David series.                                         us & revamps 'R'"
               Jesus Rev. in Time.                                         Ezekiel 34                                               Dad's first VIDEO:
         Jun-Faithy & first team                                         Jesus People or                                         "Jesus People or
               to London.                                                         Revolution!                                               Revolution?"
         Jul-Pioneering EUROPE                                        Space City!                                                All things Revolution!
               begins: New country                                                                                                         Jun-Dad oversees & leads
               each month!                                                        Oct-Decentralisation!                                 "R" thru The MO Let-
         Sep-Jesus People Army                                         Nov-They Can't Stop Our                         ters from the USA.
               joins in Northwest.                                                        Rain!
               Persecution spreads &                                        Dec-Little Book & Time Gen.                 Fall, Winter: Camping in
               so do we! Leave TSC!                                         Let My People Go!                                 Ark on Lake Texoma,
                Nov-Begin keeping stats!                                        The Homegoing.                                        Okla. Busy writing.

       1972 Jan-Push to pioneer all                                       Jan-World Conquest Thru
                 the world captals,                                         Love, A Psalm of David
Members: 70 colonies, incl. M.E.                                Mar-Laws Of Moses, 70 Yr.Pr.
2123 Feb-100 colonies-SELLING                         Apr-Great Escape, Declar. of                         Apr-Returned to London-
Homes:         LIT "N.I.T."                                                 Independence, Operation                         leaving USA-Never to
130 Apr-GREAT ESCAPE-from USA!                         PACC, Labour Leaders!                               Return again! -- D.V.
Tot.Wit.:         Ltrs. from Shep., Sur-                                Sep-Die Daily, Call of India.                         May-Write at Mama Helen's.
44 million! Vival. NNN Mag monthly.                 Oct-Border Bases, 802 South,                        Jume-July-Horsmondon.
Converts: Sep-Deborah's coronation.                                 Catholics or Protestants,                         Fall, Winter - House in
142,503 Oct-Push to Latin America.                                 The Kingdom.                                                 Downham.

1973 Feb-Publishing & Lit                                         Feb-WWW's, Birthday Warning.                 Continue writing in
                 Revolution!                                                 Mar-Rags to Riches.                                        London, organise Pubs.
Members: Leadership books.                                 Apr-Become One, Madame M!                        ML 1st Street sales!
2244         Stopped "NIT" wits.                                 Jun-Godahfi Ltrs, One Wife!                         Litnessing Rev. begins!
Homes:        Start SELLING GP MLS!                         Jul-Shiners or Shamers, Old                         Sum-Reorganize Royal Family
180         GP LIT REVOLUTION!                                 Bottles, New Bottles.                                 Leaders. Eve ban-
Tot.Wit.:        Music for GP-Paris.                                 Aug-MO Index I, Wise Leaders.                       Ned from England.
1 billion! Apr-Aaron graduates.                                       Sep-Green Door, Drugstore.                         Marry Becky.
Converts: Oct-Ho & Faith meet with                               Oct- The Arab Wall,                                 Fall, Winter-Dancing at
67,886         Godahfi for 9 hours!                                         Phoenix, Real War.                                 Regal Ballroom, Bell-
                         Big disciple harvest                                 Nov-40 Days! (& Comet Ltrs)                        ingham, for nightly
                         in Europe!                                                         Israel Invaded!                                        Get-Out!

1974        Worldwide Music Record                         Jan-The Little Flirty!                         Jan-Mar-FFing-Ministry
                 productions make hits!                                       Alice & Magic Garden,                         Blooms w/Brian, Arthur!
Members: Jun-Poorboy Club-Bands &                                 Abrahim, Gypsy King.                 Mar 13-Fly to Tenerife!
3031               Go-goDancers!                                 Feb-MO Index Volume II,                               Maria's Hotel FFing
Homes: Jul-Wild Wind Productions.                                 Paper Power!                                         Booms! - 137 times w/
228         Mo Ed. Department.                                 Mar-Law of Love, All Things!                        18 men!--Writes it!
(cont'd)         1st Komix!--Poorkid!                               Apr-Beauty & the Beast.                        May-Maria pregnant

(Cont'd)         Selling GP lit sup-                                 Aug-MO's WWFNL's 1-26.                 Jan 25-DAVIDITO IS BORN!
Tot.Wit.:         ports world expansion.                         Oct-What Is That in Thy                         Aug-Move to Cliff apt.
2.63 bil. Oct-Blob bustings begin!                                       Hand? The Blob War!                       Nov-Sal & Jus join us.
Converts: Nov-MO Letters on cassette                         Nov-Indigenous, Local Pubs.                 Dec-Move to Orotava house.
71,357         by Simon Peter - 1st!                                         Listening or Lamenting?                         Royal Family Christmas

1975                 Poorboy Clubs (cont.)                         Feb- Bloodless Coup! - Lit &                 Jan 25-DAVIDITO IS BORN!
                 Feb-NEW REVOLUTION, Lit,                               Disciples Rev. Shakeup!                         Staff members added!
Members: Disciples, Colony,                                       Mar-New Leadership, Colony
4598         Chain of Cooperation.                                         & Economy Revolutions!                Feb-Conferences with lead-
Homes:       Set up new office --                                               Great Queen Prophecy.                         ers, New "R" planning.
769         "World Services."                                         Apr-Childcare & Health Rev.                 May-Ho & Faith live with
Tot.Wit.: NEW NATION NEWS-grows-                 Jun-Fr. Connect, Uneager Bea-                        ...
3.84 billion! twice monthly.                                                 ver. ...                 Jun- ...
Converts: Send first teams to                                        Nov-Education Revolution!                 Jul-Live, write from Italy
377,716       Africa.                                                                 Divorce-Marriage Rev.                 Sep-To Tenerife Casa Treb.

1976        Jan-Jeth/Deb to So.America.                         Jan-Flee USA Letters!                         Jun-FFing Explodes in Tenerife w/ more
Members:         Exodus from England.                         Apr-King Arthur Series!                         Tenerife with more
6929                Push to India.                                                 Night Crawlers, Cost of                        Family girls arriving
Homes: Apr-FF EXPLOSION begins                                 FFing, King Meets King!                 With Top Leaders!
736                 worldwide w/FF Ltrs!                                 Odd Couple[DELETED] The Hooker,         Sum-Fam meetings 40-50!
Tot.Wit.:         Push to get out of USA.                                 Maria's & Becky's Nights,                 --40 in one Club!
2.77 bil.         Sum-Ho & GLP in Hong Kong!                         [DELETED]Hooked![DELETED]New Life!                 Nov-D&M, girls on TV, Radio,
Converts:                1st MO Books!                                         King Arthur's Knight!                               Front-page fotos!
774,914                 (£ = $1.71, Gold $106!)                               Fish becomes Fisherman!                 Dec-[EDITED: "ex-criminal"] joins!

       1977         FFing continues & Dad                                 Jan-Change the World!                         Jan-Bishop attacks, Police
                       refutes newspaper lies.                                 Apr-FF Rev, FF Explosion!                         Investigate, Court
Members: Push to Pioneer Africa                                 Jun-It's a Boy! Open the                                 warning!
8068 Aug-"Time" article!                                                 door for the children.                        Feb-Wave of FF Publicity!
Homes:         Save of FFing Publi-                                 Jul-Love vs. Law, is Love                               Tenerife: Headlines!
842                city spreads over                                         Against the Law?                                Mar-D&M flee Tenerife!--
Tot.Wit.: Europe! Media attacks!                                         Food or Poison?                                        To Madeira, Lisboa &
6.11 bil. GP Lit boost w/ NNN &                                 Aug-How to Take It.                                         Spain--cont. FFing
Converts: full MO Letters.                                                 Pill? -- Or Pilgrimage?                         Writing. 34 Family
1,259,927 May-Open door for                                         Sep-Church of Love.                                         Flee Tenerife!
                         Children, Churches of Love!                         Daily Mights.                                         Disasters hit Tenerife
                 Dec-RNR!--Dad blasts JT                                        Magic Green Shirt!                         Fall-D&M move to Madrid.
                         & Alexander!                                         Dec-Grace vs. Law, Lit Laws.                        Dad sick, meet Techi!


       1978         Jan-Feb-World leadership                                Feb-RNR! Nationalisation,                 Jan-Discovered in Madrid!
                         Madrid Conference-1st                                       Confiden, Questionnaire,                 Feb-Flee to Portugal!
Members:         MwM! 30 jailed'n Mexico!                               FOL Home Checklist,                 Mar-Deb/Jeth leave Family,
5742               RNR-old leaders fired-                                 Where are the Shepherds,                         Rachel backsliding,
Homes:         sent out to pioneer!                                         RNR Rules, More Lit laws,                        Tim helps us.
879                 Nationals take lead!                                         7 Supporters, Will ye                         Apr-Move to Switzerland.
Tot.Wit.:         Grassroots KQSs &                                        Also Go Away? Do Ya Want                 May-Dad near death!--
3.73 bil.         VSs appointed.                                               The Ltrs or Don'tcha?                                 Techi heals!
Converts:         Push on getting out GP                                 Duties of KQSs & VSs.                         Aug-Move to Malta.
424,633         Komix. Sexual freedom!                        Mar-Excommunication!                                         [EDITED: "The"] Double-Cross,
                         FFing witness booms w/                         May-Proclaim a Fast, I was                                 Flee to Sicily, Switz.
                         Worldwide results!                                         Sick, Proclaim Liberty                                 W/live-in typist &
                 May-The 3 day fast!                                 Jun-The Tithe, the Division.                                 Artist, Home becomes
                 Oct-Media attacks on sects                         Jul-Goddess of Love, R Your                                 full creations unit!
                         Because of Jonestown.                                 Children Becoming One?                         Dec-Wave of cult persecution!
                         Pub's boom w/new lit                         Dec-Homegoing II,                                                 -- Flee to France!
                         In local languages!                                         Why the Family?

1979 Jan-"Nationalise, Re                                       Jan-NRS REVOLUTION                       Jan-New Home in France.
                       organise, Security"                                        Going Underground, DTD                 Rachel departs Family.
Members: Revolution.                                                 Maturate. of a Movement.                Feb-Tim leaves/Peter comes
6949         Going Underground.                                 Furlougher, Backslider                 Mar 19-TECHI IS BORN! Move
Homes:       KQS's self-contained,                                 --Or Supporter?, Flee!                               4 times! New staff.
1634         operated, & supported.                                 4 Deadly Sings, Sorry                       Apr-Fall dnstrs--hurt back
Tot.Wit.: Feb-World Wide Mail!                                       Judas, Coming of Age.                 May-Twist knee, on crutches!
1.84 bil.         Ministry (WIM) set up.                         Feb-Nebuchadnezzar Revel.                         Dentist filling. Faith,
Converts: May-IRF'ers reporting as                                 Tim Revelation/Depart.                         Juan, Kenaz & Damaris
216,730       part-timers.                                                 Mar-knew Disciples, Techi!                         visit.
                Jun-"Family News" #1                                 May-Get Out the Message,                 Sum-Staff starts camping!
                        DTD pioneered world-                                 11 yrs of Fam. History
                       wide.                                                         Jul-Guru, Get Out! Go Ye!
                       Litnessing push                                         Aug-Camping/Trailer Series,
                       worldwide.                                                        IRF, LLIMM, KQL Rev.
         Oct-Invading the Churches.                                 Sep-The Shepherdess!                         Fall-Pubs moves to Madrid.
                 Survival Preparation.                                 Oct-News 4 Bilingual Homes.                Rachel steals Casa Trebol!
                Going Mobile.                                                 Nov-Invade the churches!                 Dec-Our 1st Video!

1980        Jan-WS publications push!                         Jan-the Crash Is Here!                         Begin Visit Via Videos!
                 Mar-IRFs abolished & all                                 Christmas Eve Massacre.                Special push to MWM.
Members:        made Tithers - TRFers.                         Mar-IRFers Beware! No Mo'               Dito rides bike!
8164        Apr- Music With Meaning--                                 MO 4 DFT, TK Vol.I!                 Techi rides tricycle!
Homes:         International push!                                 May-Americans Abroad.                       D. sick & eye trouble.
2017         Aug-Major push of Family                         Jul-Keep Ur Caravans Home,         Sum-D&M begin year of
Tot.Wit.:         South.                                                         Get Home Support, Go To                 caravaning!
2.18 bil.        Oct-Homes getting together                               Cities, Tithing & FN,
Converts:         for Fellowship with                                 L. American Handbook.
463,971         each other. Videos!                               Sep-Look B4 U leap, God 1st,
                       Dec-First of worldwide                                 Problem Cases, Illumin-                        Cold Snowy Trailer
                               MWM tape mailings!                                ati, Sunday Fellowship.                         Winter!


       1981         Jan-Visiting Via Video!                                       More TK Volumes!                         Teaching via Video
                 Feb-F&J to L. America.                                Feb-Late News Flashes!                         Garden of Eden Series.
Members:         MCV underway!                                         Daily Wine Rationing.                         Maria & staff pioneer Dance
9788         Mar-Reagan shot!                                        Jun-Fellowship Revolution!                        Videos! Staff babies!
Homes       Apr-Kid Power videos!                                Sep-2B or not 2B a Witness,                 Jun-Move to South Africa!
2104         May-Pope shot!                                                 BBs & RHs, Members,                 Oct-WS Pubs go computer!
Tot.Wit.: Jun-Fellowship Revolution!                                Song of India.                                         Maria has measles!
5.23 bil.       Oct-Sadat shot!                                         Non-Voluntary Stats,                                 WIM raided, moves!
Converts: Nov-Family goes micro!                                 Micro-TRF Revolution,                 Dec-Return to Europe to
774,980         HK police harass!                                        Garden of Eden series                         help WS Units go South
                 Dec-MCV on the air!                                         On tape, condensations.                        D's World Series videos!

1982         Jan-MWMI moves South!                         Jan-world series, Go East!                         D/M move East!
                         Love Dances via video!                         PDQ Centres, VSs & NASs,                 Encourage major push of
Members:         Border Bases & RHs.                               String of Pearls,                                         Eastern outreach. WS Units
20,711               Major move of Family                         7F's of FFing.                                         Move South & East! Begin
Homes:.         East--India, etc.                                        Dream of India,                                         NROs. Micronize 100's of
12,061       Apr-Local language MWMs!                         U.S. Cannibals!                                         Tapes! D's MOF Series!
Tot.Wit.:       May-World video Circuit.                         Feb-The Future Is Here!                                 Dad mostly on liquids &
15 billion               Falk War!                                                 Face Up, Dress Up!..                                soft foods now.
Converts: PDQs set up!--W.& E.                                 Combos. Study Helpers!                         Dito plays new guitar!
TO DATE: Sep-Music Club Members in-                 Jun-Micronisation, Get Off!                         Andropov warns US of
Witness:               cluded in Family stats.                       Sum-1st GN, New NRO vision,                         Nukes! Earthquakes,
35,9 bil.         Oct- Beirut massacre! World                         Lands of the Rising Sun!                         Volcanoes, Eclipses,
converts:               Depression!                                         Pubs "R," Home Libraries.                         Floods, Storms, Wars!
5,857,557 Nov-Brezhnev dies!                                 Nov-Priorities! Tit 4 Tat.                                 Staff Fleebag drill!

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