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A TRUE SPACE STORY!--Of Space City, Space King & Spacemen!DFO 13601953

(The first ML tract, written for children of a trailer park in California, 1953!)

1. A LONG TIME AGO, THE GREAT KING OF SPACE & HIS SON, the Space Prince, together with their millions of Spacemen, designed a tiny electrical wheel composed of bits of electrical energy revolving around each other. (This microscopic electrical wheel was later called the atom, & its parts electrons, neutrons & protons.) With these tiny atoms they constructed a gigantic machine with many wheels of huge spheres revolving around each other like the atom, wheels within wheels like a great clock, called the Universe. The fiery spheres, some of them millions of miles wide, were called the Sun, & the stars & the smaller ones of rock, dirt etc., Planets, separated by millions of miles of Space.
2. ON THE PLANET EARTH THE GREAT SPACE KING & HIS SON began a great scientific experiment designed to demonstrate His great power, wisdom & kindness; to show the difference between Good & Evil; & to prove that Right is really better than Wrong.
3. HE INVENTED SOME VERY COMPLICATED, DELICATE & INTRICATE MACHINES run by His own energy, called Earthmen, who were actually alive & could think, move, reason, control themselves, & even repair & reproduce themselves & make other machines run by natural energy to serve themselves.
4. THEIR GREAT INVENTOR ALSO STOCKED THE EARTH with all the fuel & supplies that Earthmen would need, plus multitudes of other living mechanisms for Man's use, known as plants & animals, also filled with His supernatural energy called Life, thrilling & beautiful!
5. TO EARTHMEN HE GAVE A BOOK OF INSTRUCTIONS for the proper care & operation of themselves to ensure long-lasting usefulness & benefit, as well as warnings against misuse & abuse which could cause irreparable damage & even total destruction, giving Earthmen the amazing ability to choose & make their own decisions as a valuable lesson to the whole Universe that their Maker knows best. He even allowed them to be tested by some rebellious Spacemen led by Lucifer, one of His former Generals, in order to develop the best models who would refuse to operate contrary to the Instruction Book & their Inventor, & who would therefore be rewarded by graduation from this schooling, becoming Eternal Spacemen!
6. HE EVEN SENT HIS OWN SON TO EARTH TO SHOW THEM THEIR MISTAKES & give them supernatural power to overcome General Lucifer & his evil Spacemen, & all who trusted His Son & followed the Instruction Book were given this power, so that even if their bodies were destroyed, they would be given new bodies like the Eternal Spacemen called angels & live forever in Space City!
7. EARTHMEN WHO FAILED TO FOLLOW HIS BOOK OF INSTRUCTIONS & HIS SON did not have this supernatural power to resist the lies of Lucifer & fell easy prey to his temptations & deceits, persuading them through his hypnotic powers that the Space King was NOT their Owner & Maker, but that they THEMSELVES had made themselves through the process of Evolution, so that they admired themselves & their machines, the work of their own hands more than their Creator, & followed Lucifer & his Evil Spacemen to their destruction, thinking they were becoming gods!
8. IN A FINAL EFFORT TO DESTROY THE GOOD EARTHMEN WHO FOLLOW THE BOOK & THE SON, Lucifer is even now influencing misled & Evil Earthmen to set up a One-World Government to be led by his own son, Superman, pretending to be the Space Prince & imitating His Kingdom.
9. AT THIS VERY MOMENT, LUCIFER'S SUPERMAN'S ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT is secretly taking over all Earthmen's governments, including religion. He has already taken over education with his theory of self-creation (natural selection & Evolution) to destroy the faith of Youth in the Book & their Creator. As Evil Earthmen can no longer be trusted with freedom, & having refused to be followers of the Great Space King & His Son, they are being enslaved by their own machines, governments & Lucifer, & will finally become total slaves of all of these Evil Powers & die, & in destroying the atom, many will be destroyed!
10. BUT THE KING OF THE UNIVERSE & HIS SON WILL PROTECT HIS LOYAL SUBJECTS, Earthmen who trust Him & His Book & who have refused to follow Lucifer's son, the World's Superman, even though many of their bodies will be destroyed by Evil Earthmen & the One-World Government & One-World Religion. When the King's Son finally invades the Earth from Outer Space, He will give all His faithful followers new bodies like His own eternal body & destroy the Superman's government in flames & all those who follow him, & set up His own perfect Kingdom here on Earth, ruled by Himself & Earthmen made Spacemen! (For details from the Book, see the Bible!) (For more Space Stories, write:)

(1983: This'd make a terrific Komic!--D.)

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