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GOD'S BRIDE!        DFO1389        30/9/76

       1. THERE ARE TWO DIFFERENT STATEMENTS CHRIST MADE ABOUT PEOPLE CONFESSING HIM OR NOT CONFESSING HIM. In one statement He said, "those who deny Me"--actually outright deny Christ--"I will deny"! (Mt.10:33) In other words, as far as I'm concerned, if they flatly refuse to confess Christ & even deny Him, they're lost!
       2. But He also spoke of another class of people. He said, "Those who are ashamed of Me & My Words in this wicked & adulterous generation, I will be ashamed of them before the Heavenly Father & all the holy angels." (Mk.8:38) God's going to be ashamed of them! Imagine! "Some raised to everlasting shame & contempt! (Da.12:2) Boy oh boy, that's almost as bad as having to go to Hell, to have to live in Heaven & be ashamed of yourself forever! That must be why the bottom of the Pyramid is so big & the top's so small!
       3. Can you imagine having to spend Eternity in Heaven with some of those people?--Some of those church people who are saved but who live like Hell & never witness or care about anyone else, who just live for themselves & not for the Lord!--You're almost going to be ashamed to even have them around! They're probably going to be the flunkies & the servants. They're going to have to put in the service for God & His cause up there that they failed to do down here!
       4. They must be like the Children of Israel that He let die out there in the wilderness! They were probably saved, at least they believed in God, but they forfeited & lost all the blessings & all the crowns & all the glory & all the rewards & everything else because of their damnable lack of faith & constant complaining & murmuring & unwillingness to really serve God! Imagine how ashamed God must be of people like that.
       5. But the people who really SERVE Him, like those in that Hall of Fame in the 11th Chapter of Hebrews, all those great men & women of faith, God as good as says that He's proud of them! He's not ashamed to be called their God because they're pilgrims & strangers here & they seek a City whose builder & maker is God!--They're not satisfied with this World, they want something better! These other people, the average so-called Christians today, are satisfied with this World, in fact they're really going to be kind of sorry to leave it!
       6. While WE are strangers & pilgrims HERE, THEY'RE going to be strangers & pilgrims THERE, in HEAVEN! They're not going to feel at home there at all.--I believe it!--Everlasting shame & contempt! What a sentence, what a judgement on those horrible, ungrateful, murmuring, unfaithful Christians!
       7. GOD MUST BE SO DISGUSTED WITH THOSE PEOPLE!--After all He's done for them & all He's given them, even salvation, they're still not thankful enough, not really grateful enough to serve Him! They acknowledge Him with a little thanks, maybe they pray a little when they get in trouble or something, but they're not grateful enough & don't love Him enough to really serve Him!
       8. About all you can say for them is they believe.--Apparently they must have confessed Christ in some way, at least the first time in the church when they joined or whatever, they don't completely deny Him. Because to be ashamed, others must know about it. So apparently they confess Him when they're practically forced to, when they have to let people know they're a Christian, but they're ashamed of that fact & they're ashamed of Jesus & the Name of Jesus, but they don't exactly deny Him.--They're just ashamed.--No wonder He's going to be ashamed of them!
       9. But they'd have to CONFESS in order to be ASHAMED, you get it? They'd have to confess Him, they'd have to begrudgingly admit that they know Christ & are saved & believe, in order to be ashamed of Him. You can't be ashamed of something other people don't know, right? So apparently they confess Him very begrudgingly & reluctantly & ashamedly, because they're ashamed of Him.
       10. (Sarah: Look at the contrast!--When you confess Christ before others, He confesses you before His Father.) In other words, it's like He's proud of you because you're not ashamed to confess Him before others.--He proudly confesses you before all Heaven: "There's one of My loyal faithful servants! There's one of My good soldiers!"
       11. It's like I feel about you girls!--You can't imagine how I feel when I see you really witnessing & then even going to the bed to give your all to get ahold of these guys. I am so proud of you, I just can't tell you how proud I am! (Maria: Sometimes we have to be really humble with these guys & tell them that we really need them.--And it's true, because the Lord needs them & the Lord's in us & He's speaking through us, even if they interpret it to be physical.) Well, in a way, it really is what the Lord calls the desire of women, & in a way that's actually supposed to be a woman's part.
       12. THE LORD MADE THAT THE PATTERN IN HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH US! We are the ones who really need Him the most & want Him to come in, right? But the marvellous thing about it is that He also needs us!--He needed a Bride Himself. God Himself said that it is not good for a man to live alone, I will make an helpmeet for him. (Gen.2:18) And when He made Adam & Eve, He was making an helpmeet for Himself too--His Bride.
       13. So God actually NEEDS us & WANTS us & is IN LOVE with us, His Bride! Of course, we need Him the most!--Like in all relationships like that, the woman really needs the man the most. If not sexually, she needs him in a lot of other ways. Usually she needs his support & protection & provision & housing & everything else, which is really the greatest need. Like us in a way: We have the greatest & the most numerous needs, & our fellowship with Him--like the sexual fellowship of a woman with her man--is only one of our many needs, right?
       14. But what does GOD need from US? The thing He really wants the most is that intimate fellowship & love.--Just like a man needs sex from his wife most of all, her loving intimate fellowship. And then he also needs her service--he needs her to keep house & cook for him, etc.--But God actually needs us much less than we need Him.
       15. But He does need us very much for SPIRITUAL SEX! He likes to fuck us with the Word, the Seed, right? He loves to plant His Word in our hearts because it brings forth fruit! But we need all kinds of things from Him: We need housing & food & clothing & protection & health, everything! Our needs are almost innumerable, just exactly like a wife's needs. But the thing He needs from us the most is that intimate fellowship in the Spirit!
       16. And the thing He admires us for the most is being willing to have His BABIES! That's one of the biggest compliments a man can have from a woman. I know, I've heard it myself many a time & I love to hear it! "Oh, I want your baby!" That just absolutely clinches things to a man & is the proof that she really, really loves him!--That she's not just fucking you for the moment just because she's getting a kick out of it, but she would even be glad to have your baby! That's the clincher!
       17. And it's the same with the Lord. What is it about His wife that makes Him the most proud?--That she's willing to bear Him children & have His babies! And what else does a woman do for her husband? She cooks & keeps house for him.--She's in his service as his servant, really, to take care of him. And in a way that's what we do for the House of God: We are His servants taking care of His House, His children. We feed them & clothe them & take care of His babies. So He really is grateful for that & He really admires us for our service.
       18. BUT WHAT IF A WOMAN WAS ASHAMED TO CONFESS, "THIS GUY'S MY HUSBAND"? HOW WOULD THAT MAKE HIM FEEL?--We are proud to confess Him as our husband, right? We're proud to let the World know that He's our husband, because we're proud of Him!
       19. All the way through, the Lord made all this to illustrate the spiritual! He's proud of us & He's grateful that we're proud of Him. He admires us & is thankful that we're not ashamed of Him, that we're proud to confess He's our husband. But think how ashamed He must be of His wives that are ashamed of Him & ashamed to confess Him!
       20. They don't serve Him, they don't take care of His house, they don't have His babies, they don't win souls, they don't feed His children, they're absolutely no good for His service!--Like the average Christian! About all He can give them credit for is paying someone else to do their work for them: "Well, I don't like to do Your housework & cooking & bare Your babies, so I'll go out & hire a maid to do it all for You!"
       21. That's exactly what most Christians in these churches are doing: They are hiring the preacher to do THEIR job for them because they don't want to do it themselves! They'd rather pay the preacher any amount of money to do it for them! That's just like God's Wife is hiring a maid to do all the work & even to love her man, make love to Him!--She doesn't even want to do that!
       22. They pay the preacher to do their PREACHING for them, they pay the preacher to do their praying for them, they pay the preacher to do their soul-winning for them & bear their babes for them, they pay the preacher to do the whole thing because they don't want to do it!
       23. God's Wife, as a rule, is more willing to PAY some HANDMAIDEN to do the work instead of doing it herself! Well, about all I can give them credit for is that at least they do recognise Him & they do want His housework to be done, but they just don't want to do it themselves! They'd rather pay someone else to do it! They don't want to have to go to bed with Him or have intimate fellowship or bear His babies.--That's for the preacher to do!--What a simile, huh?
       24. If the Lord ever gave me anything, He gave me that "Old Church, New Church" Prophecy.--The difference in God's Church! They're saved, yes, they believe & confess, but if that's all they do, if that's as far as they go, it's like going to the altar & having the wedding & the marriage ceremony & then saying, "Goodbye!--I'll see you next Sunday!"
       25. God's got two wives, the Old Church & the New Church. He has quite a hassle with the Old Church, trying to get her to do anything for Him!--He has to really push her! But I don't think He has to beg the New Church to do anything He wants her to do, even to go to bed with His friends to try to win them, right? She would do anything for Him! Amen?
       26. (Prophecy:) "BE NOT AS THE OLD CHURCH, which doth wear clothes which are for show & to protect herself from Me, but bare thyself unto Me in humility & in love...For I will have a New Bride, who will love Me & do My will & bear Me children, no longer barren as she (The Old Church) was. For this is My will for this Last Generation! For I rejoice in her, delight in her--this, My New Bride, who hath oiled her lamps burning brightly & who doth lighten this World in its last dark hour.
       27. "Come with Me, therefore, My fair one, & let Me be ravished with thy love, for thou art pleasing in My sight & fairer than the daughters of women, & thy excellency is as the excellency of Hermon (saw snow caps with blue sky & clouds), & thy beauty is as the beauty of Esther, & thy pleasing as the pleasing of Abishag. (1Kg.1:1-4) For she pleases Me. Therefore, have I made her My Queen."--(The New Church, the Children of God!) PTL! (See ML Nos. A, P, 117.)

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