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SPOKES OF LIGHT!--"The Truth Revolution"--Part       DO 1399       11/79

       (Introduction by Sara from "The Truth Revolution!" TSOOC 90:)

       THE LORD SPOKE TO DAD WITH A BEAUTIFUL DREAM CALLED "SPOKES OF LIGHT!--THE TRUTH REVOLUTION," & the entire Staff heard the 2-&-1/2-hour tapes of a beautiful encouragement on how God rewards honest, true reporting & hates the abomination of deceitful hypocrisy, as well as how the Devil backs away from facing the Light, how he fights truth & revelations of God but cannot stop them! PTL!
       DAD THEN SUGGESTED THAT DON, WHO WAS ABSENT, ALSO HEAR THE TAPE THE NEXT NIGHT, & immediately afterwards record his first reaction back to Dad on tape. Dad also clearly laid out several rules that Don was to follow if he was to continue with us: No wine, no arguing, no violence, more work hours & sharing his wives! We all had group prayer with Don with the laying on of hands to cast out any hindering spirits of jealousy, bitterness, pride, contention, violence & disobedience, etc. LHU!
       LIZ [DELETED] [EDITED: "AGREED"] TO ALTERNATE TURNS WITH JILL STAYING OVERNIGHT AT THE STAFF HOUSE, spending the night with one of our four single boys there. Liz was trying her best to stand strong during this time, but knowing that she'd have to collide with a jealous, enraged husband whenever in private, she even feared any confrontations with him. It so touched our hearts when she told us how sometimes when taking Davidito with her on the bus so he could visit Mommy & Daddy in their apartment, that she would sit beside him & just LOOK at him & thank the Lord that she was here with us & it would just make her CRY! "These really are the Days of Heaven for me I'll never, ever forget!" Liz said.

       (Dad's dream follows:)
       1. THIS IS THE DREAM ABOUT THE STACKS OF PAPERS FULL OF THE WORDS OF TRUTH FROM LIZ! All of a sudden there were these stacks of words, like we had struck a gold mine or a wealth of words! They were in these tall, tall stacks like spokes of wheels, but it seemed like they were only about an inch or so square, very long & very tall.
       2. I LOOKED & I THOUGHT, "HOW WONDERFUL! AT LAST WE'RE GETTING THE WHOLE TRUTH!"--Just like she had been suddenly liberated & like she was the hub emanating these spokes, radiating these square spokes of words, like stacks of papers, her letters or words or stories or reports. (Maria: Yes, that's all she's been doing ever since she came!) They were really long & very high!
       3. I WAS LOOKING AT THESE STACKS & STACKS OF PAPERS THAT FORMED THESE SPOKES OF WORDS OF A WHEEL & I was wondering, "I wonder why we haven't had this before?--Why we didn't see this before? How wonderful! Now we've got the whole story!" There was just stack after stack! (Maria: Is that all there was to it?) That's all! It was just like, "At last!" And there was a bit of an ominous feeling like he opposed the words & he was a threat to the words, but they were being revealed to us in spite of his opposition.
       4. THOSE SPOKES OF WORDS, THOSE STACKS OF PAPERS WERE LIKE LIGHT! Each stack of papers, each spoke was like a beam of light radiating from this hub out into the darkness, & he was out there in the darkness fighting it, but he couldn't resist it, he couldn't stop it!
       5. SHE HAD THE POWER TO RADIATE THESE WORDS!--Spokes of wheels, beams of light, all those things, all in one, to make a WHEEL! What does a wheel do? (Maria: It goes around.) It goes around & what's that? Every time it goes around it's a what? (Maria: A Revolution!) Exactly, it's like a revolution of truth! Like a revelation & revolution both--of Truth!
       6. WE WERE LOOKING AT THESE STACKS & I THOUGHT, "MY, LOOK AT ALL THIS WEALTH & ALL THESE RICHES OF WORDS! We have more than enough words, all this Truth, all this light, all these riches!" And he was like a bad opposing dark influence that was fighting it, almost like he was the darkness. But her very yieldedness, her very liberation when she was suddenly emanating these words, these big stacks of papers, huge spokes of light, just absolutely conquered the darkness!
       7. SHE WAS SO HAPPY!--ALMOST LIKE SHE WAS A MOTHER GIVING BIRTH TO A CHILD, like they're her babies. She was really happy, crying with tears of joy & happiness! She was so glad to be free, to be able to give all these words! And you & I were taking the stacks of papers & piles & we were carrying them! It was a very good dream! I was very happy, YOU were happy & she was EXTREMELY happy, like she had finally gotten her release or found her place or her job or something.
       8. EVERYBODY WAS HAPPY BUT HIM! He was in the background, almost like the Devil who was blinded by the light but couldn't fight it. The darkness cannot possibly resist the light! All this darkness of cover-up & deceit & hypocrisy & deliberate lies, it's been HORRIBLE & God's been FURIOUS about it & HATES it!
       9. I DON'T THINK THEY OR EVEN US REALISE HOW HORRIBLE IT IS, HOW IT LOOKS TO GOD!--The lies, the cover-up, the darkness, the hypocrisy, the deceit! It's everything opposite to God and the Spirit and the Truth and the Lord and Love. The feeling you had about the darkness was horrible, but I wasn't a bit worried about it. (Maria: It was like the Devil didn't have any foothold at all as long as she kept emanating.)--Right, as long as she kept telling the truth, there was nothing he could do to stop it!
       10. IF YOU GO IN A DARK ROOM & TURN ON A LIGHT, IS THERE A BATTLE FOR AWHILE? Is there a fight? Is there a struggle for the light to manage to gradually come on & gradually push the darkness out? (Maria: No!) It's just instantaneous light! Instantaneous victory! The light has no opposition, it is impossible for the darkness to fight it.
       11. IT'S LIKE HE HAS BEEN BROUGHT HERE TO FACE THE TRUTH & TO SEE THE LIGHT & SEE HIMSELF, REALLY, AS GOD SEES HIM, AS OTHERS SEE HIM. He has not only been able to deceive her, he's been able to deceive himself & everybody by his cover-up, his lies, his deceit, his hypocrisy. But now all of a sudden he is up against the Truth, the blinding light of the Truth & the facts & he is naked, he is stripped, he is exposed, & he is FURIOUS! But as long as she kept these papers going, everything was OK. She had the victory.
       12. SO I WAS THINKING, "NOW HOW ARE WE GOING TO ACTUALLY PUT THIS THING INTO PRACTICE, INTO ACTION, IN REALITY, NOT JUST THE DREAM?" And it was the strangest thing, it came to me that what they are going through is like a death experience!--Like the Letter I've been writing & editing about "Life After Death!" (See No.850.)
       13. THEY HAVE BEEN TAKEN OUT OF THEIR NORMAL NATURAL HABITAT, taken completely away from it & all their familiars & the World that they were part of & accustomed to & where they did not have to face the facts or the Truth. And even though they're dying to one life, they're being born again into a new life!--Or she is, at least.
       14. THEY ARE BEING CONFRONTED WITH A CHOICE, JUST LIKE IN THESE DEATH EXPERIENCES. It's almost like a new birth, like a baby coming out of the darkness into the light & being born. (Maria: It's a shock for sure!) It's quite a crisis experience! They have left the old life, they've made a long trip, they are suddenly here face-to-face with the Truth, the review of the past, the facts, & then they must be confronted with the question: "What have you done? What is the truth? Face it now, what are the facts?"
       15. UP TILL NOW, THEY COULD AVOID IT, THEY DIDN'T HAVE TO FACE IT, THEY COULD HIDE IT, THEY COULD LIE ABOUT IT & COVER IT UP! They could be hypocritical & they didn't have to be exposed. But now everything is open. They are here, face-to-face with us, & they CAN'T hide a thing any more! Now they have to be shown the truth, to see it like God looks at it & like they really should have been looking at it all the time.
       16. THEY HAVE TO FACE THE FACTS & FACE THE TRUTH & AT LAST BE HONEST WITH THEMSELVES, ALMOST LIKE THEY HAVE TO BECOME THEIR OWN JUDGES NOW. "What do YOU think about this? You know the facts, you know the truth, you know the law, you know the rules. What do you think should be done about it? Do you want to completely come clean & get rid of it all like a moth doffing its cocoon or a butterfly coming out of its chrysalis?
       17. "THE HOUR OF JUDGEMENT HAS COME, THE HOUR OF DECISION, HERE IS THE TRUTH! We're all here in a blinding brilliant light of God's Truth & revelation & nothing is hid which shall not be revealed! Here are the rules, you read the Letters! You know that there are rules & that no wife-beater, no husband who uses violence on his wife or mate, who abuses his mate & strikes her is allowed to remain in the Family!"
       18. HE HAS TO BE FACED WITH THE FACTS & THE TRUTH, BE FACED WITH THE LAWS & THE LETTERS: "Here's what it said!" But SHE has to be faced with it too!--In other words, "Did you throw him out? Did you leave him like we said you should? Which should you have done, Liz? What should you have done, Don? Here's a Letter that says you should get out or be thrown out of the Home & out of the Family until you repent & have a change!"
       19. HE'S BEEN JUDGING HER ALL THE TIME, NOW HE'S GOING TO BE JUDGED. "But if we judge ourselves we shall not be judged."--1Cor.11:31,32. Now if he would be honest & confess & judge himself, & repent & acknowledge the facts & the truth & confess, then there's hope that he can be forgiven--if there's a change, a revolution, metanoia, change of mind & heart, a complete change of life.
       20. "EXCEPT A MAN BE BORN AGAIN, HE CANNOT ENTER INTO THE KINGDOM OF GOD!"--Jn.3:3. He has got to be born again, completely changed, a new creature in Christ Jesus, a new life, totally completely different!--Or just forget it! It's like God's going to give him one more last chance--like in these death experiences where the people are getting one last chance to go back, repent & do better, or it's the end! But he has to somehow be faced with the facts, the blinding light of truth where nothing can be hid! "When morning dawns, & shadows flee away!" PTL! Hallelujah!
       21. HE HAS TO BE FACED WITH IT & MAKE HIS DECISION for his darkness & his evil, his lies & his witchcraft & his idolatry & his cover-ups, his deceit, his hypocrisy to be totally burned up & destroyed by the fires of God's Truth & Word & Light! He's either got to join the Light & join the fire & the heat & the brilliance & the revelation, the revolution, be part of it, or he has to be destroyed!
       22. IT'S KIND OF LIKE THAT COLUMN WE SAW IN "THE CRYSTAL PYRAMID!" (See No.214.) There is no shady area in-between. There's either light or darkness, no place to hide! (Maria: The closer you get to the light, the more you're sort of drawn in.) You're either drawn or driven--drawn IN or driven AWAY, one or the other, there's no in between.
       23. WITH THE LORD'S HELP & OUR ENFORCEMENT HE HAS TO BE CONFRONTED WITH THE FACTS & THE TRUTH & EXPOSED & SHOWN, but she has to be the instrument, she has to be willing. In this dream it was quite clear that she was the instrument emanating the spokes, the paper, the words & revelations causing the revolution, but he didn't like it. (Maria: In a way, she's having to undo the damage that she's done.)--Yes! She was a part of the plot, the cover-up.--Just like the Watergate affair, everybody involved in the cover-up got their judgement that day in court, their sentence & their penalty.
       24. NOW SHE HAS TO UNDO ALL THE DAMAGE & THE LIES, THE COVER-UP, THE DECEIT, THE HYPOCRISY, THE FALSEHOOD! Oh, it's horrible, God HATES it! There's nothing God hates more than a self-righteous hypocrite such as he's been! And by covering for him & with him, she has also been a hypocrite.
       25. BUT NOW HE HAS TO BE FACED WITH IT & HE HAS TO EITHER JUDGE HIMSELF THAT HE BE NOT JUDGED, OR WE HAVE TO JUDGE HIM, GOD HAS TO JUDGE HIM! He either could be drawn in by the light or driven away by the light. (Maria: It reminds me a little bit of the Evil Magician, too, how at the end, the weeds burned up, because they yielded, & they came out as beautiful lilies!) (See "Alice in the Magic Garden," No.290.)
       26. FROM ASHES SPRANG FORTH THE BEAUTY OF TRUTH!--Out of the ashes of the lies, the evil weeds, the poison of cover-ups! Evil has to be destroyed, the lies have to be destroyed, the cover-ups & hypocrisy have to be exposed & revealed--& she apparently is the instrument!
       27. THERE IS NOTHING HIDDEN THAT WON'T BE REVEALED! What was whispered in the ears now will be shouted from the housetops!--Mat.10:26,27. God HATES cover-ups, He HATES hypocrisy, lies & deceit! Oh my God, what a LIAR he's been! Every letter he wrote was a lie to ingratiate himself & try to promote & exalt himself.
       28. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE DEVIL?--HE WAS CAST OUT INTO OUTER DARKNESS, DEFEATED! He lost the place he could have had. Satan could have continued to be next to God Himself, a Light Bearer, but he lost his job, got fired for pretending & trying to be more than he was, even trying to take God's place!
       29. THINK OF IT! HE'S TRIED TO TAKE THE PLACE OF GOD TO HER & SHE'S ALLOWED HIM TO DO IT! She has PERMITTED him to make her worship him--covered up for him, lied for him, deceived for him! "Don't tell the truth! Don't reveal anything! Don't talk!" It's a form of WORSHIP! It's obeying him instead of the Lord, obeying him instead of us, obeying the Devil instead of God! (Maria: You said fear is a form of worship.) Of course! She's afraid of him, intimidated!
       30. SHE FEARS HIM MORE THAN SHE DOES GOD! She fears him more than she does us! She's more afraid of him than she is of the Truth & the Lord & His Will! She's falling down & worshipping on her knees before Satan himself in him!--Worshipping the Devil, obeying the Devil, cowed by the Devil, intimidated by Satan, afraid to say anything or do anything for fear of offending him! How horrible!
       31. THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN GET RID OF THE DEVIL IS TO DEFY HIM, RESIST HIM, REBUKE HIM, REFUSE TO OBEY HIM! Get up on your feet & quit worshipping him! Worship GOD! "Thou shalt worship GOD & HIM ONLY shalt thou serve!"--Mat.4:10. She's been serving the Devil in him by worshipping him, obeying him, lying to us, trying to lie to God & letting him put her up to it all! It's Satanic, it's diabolical, it's devilish, fiendish, horrible!
       32. SOMETIMES WE'VE GOT TO SEE SIN LIKE GOD SEES IT!--A STINKING, ICKY CESSPOOL! Ugh!--All of his hypocrisy & lies & beautiful cover-ups, appearing as an Angel of Light when he's a fiend! And she's brought this devil right here in our midst, think of it!
       33. SHE'S THE ONE WHO KNOWS THE FACTS! SHE'S THE ONE WHO KNOWS THE TRUTH! SHE'S THE ONE WHO REVEALED IT, & now she has to be the instrument of Truth & Light & words & fight. She's gotta be his "Death Angel," his Beam of Light, his Judgement, because she knows. She was just as guilty as he is for hiding it, now she's got to face it & face him & tell him off.
       34. (MARIA: I JUST DON'T THINK PEOPLE REALISE WHAT DECEIT & COVER-UP IS, THAT IT'S REALLY LYING WHEN THEY SAY NOTHING ABOUT THINGS WE'RE SUPPOSED TO TALK ABOUT!) It's an ABOMINATION to the Lord, it's abomination!--Lying, deceit, hypocrisy! (Maria: It was the outright lying of people like Rachel that resulted in the Family doing the same thing, covering up & not saying anything. The Family has been just BOUND by that lying spirit!)
       35. WHY HAS IT SO OFTEN BEEN THE WIVES COVERING FOR THEIR HUSBANDS? (Maria: Well, I suppose because the men are stronger & if their wife has a problem, they can deal with it themselves. But the wives are weaker & they can't deal with their husbands, so they need outside help. They're afraid, just like Liz, & don't do it.)
       36. HER SIN WAS AS GREAT AS HIS--IF NOT GREATER--BECAUSE SHE KNEW BETTER! She knew he was wrong, yet she LET him convince her it was right! He was so deluded & deceived & totally absolutely utterly completely gone to the Devil that he almost wasn't even responsible! But she still had some light & truth & doubts & wondered & worried about it, so she is even more responsible.
       37. WE WERE CARRYING THESE STACKS OF PAPERS, LIKE WE'RE THE BEARERS OF THE WORDS! They speak them, but we carry them. They put them on their paper, we put them in the pubs, carry them to the people. (Maria: And you also said her words are the weapons that can conquer. She has to be willing to even confess that she squealed, that she's told everything.)--Exactly! That's the only way she can really get the victory. She's exposed him, she's told the whole story. They can't hide any more.
       38. MY LORD, WHAT A RESPONSIBILITY! WHAT A JOB GOD GIVES TO US, & HOW MUCH WE'RE RESPONSIBLE FOR! How much God expects of us! God help us! How much SHE is responsible for! She's either going to get a great blame or a great credit, one or the other. It depends on how she uses it.--Whether she reveals it & does it, or hides it & covers it.
       39. I THINK IT HAS TO BE BROUGHT TO A CRISIS, A DECISION, A SEPARATION. She needs the test as well as he!--To see if she is willing to give him up, stop worshipping him, stop fearing him & stop being so worried about him.--To put GOD first & the Lord's WORK first instead of being a slave to his whims & evil desires.
       40. TAKE HER AWAY COMPLETELY UNTIL HE REPENTS, CONFESSES, COMES CLEAN & CHANGES! He is completely cut off, not allowed to come to the house for fellowship! The Bible says time & time again that the punishment of the wicked was to be cut off from amongst their people.--In other words, cut off from full Family fellowship. Make him stay out at the trailer. It's a test, a trial separation. He is forbidden to come to the house until he confesses & comes clean & repents--or leaves, one or the other.
       41. WHY STALL, WHY PUT IT OFF? LET HIM KNOW WE KNOW HIS GAME, LET HIM IN ON THE WHOLE SCORE! Sooner or later he is going to have to face himself, face the awful truth & the horrible realities & terrible deceit & all the icky iniquity of his horrible, horrible, sickening hypocrisy & lies & deceit & pretending to be something he is not!
       42. SHE HAS TO BE PUT THROUGH THE TEST RIGHT NOW TO FIND OUT IF SHE'S GOING TO BE ABLE TO MAKE THE BREAK FROM HIS SLAVERY, & HE has to be put to the test right now to see if he's willing to be broken & humbled & honest & confess, repent & change, be born again. They both have to be tested. If he can't make it, then he's gotta go. And if she can't make it, then she's got to go with him!--Period! PTL!
       43. I'LL TELL YOU, WHEN PEOPLE DESERT GOD, HE DESERTS THEM, forsakes them & they're left alone to face the music & the Truth! I've never seen it to fail. Virtually everybody deserts the backslider, the liar, the cheat, the traitor, the turncoat! Nobody ever trusts them, they don't have any friends. They're left alone in the end.
       44. (THE NEXT DAY:) THESE ARE INSTRUCTIONS FOR PETER & THE OTHERS ON HOW I WANT DON TO HEAR THE FIRST TAPE ON THE "TRUTH REVOLUTION" DREAM. First of all, I want as many men in the house as possible, just in case he has any kind of violent explosion.
       45. IT'S ALMOST LIKE HE HAS A DEVIL, HE'S VIRTUALLY SCHIZOPHRENIC, & if you want to read "Exorcism" again, you'll get the point. (No.303.) These guys who put up a false front for so long & have been trying to fool everybody for so long, sometimes when they are exposed--like the Scribes & the Pharisees--they get violent! If they don't receive it & if they don't repent & humble themselves & confess & ask God to change them, sometimes they get violent.--Or like David Hoyt, right after he was exposed, lectured & prayed for, he just got up & walked out & went straight into the arms of our enemies & betrayed us!
       46. BE IN PRAYER AS HE IS LISTENING & MAKE SURE THAT HE DOES LISTEN TO IT. I want him to listen to it completely alone, in some room where he doesn't have to put on a show or gear his reaction for the benefit of somebody else who is watching or listening.
       47. BE SURE THERE ARE NO INSTRUMENTS OF DESTRUCTION IN THE ROOM THAT HE CAN GET VIOLENT WITH, because if he can't do anybody else violence, he might be tempted to do himself harm. So be sure there is nothing in the room with which he could hurt himself. It is a pretty serious situation he's caught in now & there's nothing the Devil hates like being exposed! The rest of this tape is personal instructions to Don, hoping he will receive it.
       48. WELL, DON, I WOULD LIKE YOU TO LISTEN TO THIS TAPE THAT PETER IS GOING TO GIVE YOU ABOUT A DREAM THAT I HAD ABOUT YOU & LIZ, "The Truth Revolution," a very remarkable dream. I want you to listen to both sides of this tape straight through, non-stop, & then immediately afterwards please take the blank tape & record your immediate reactions, emotions & sentiments in your own words, non-stop.
       49. I'M SURE BOTH YOU & LIZ REALISE THAT YOU HAVE SOME VERY SERIOUS PROBLEMS, & YOU HAVE NOW BROUGHT THEM TO OUR DOORSTEP, in fact, into our little Heavenly Home of high security, & they could seriously endanger us & the whole Work!
       50. WE'RE HOPING THAT YOUR HEARING THIS & YOUR FACING THE FACTS & THE TRUTH WILL HELP YOU TO COME AROUND & CONFESS & COME OUT WITH THE WHOLE TRUTH!--Not just confess Liz's faults like you did in your latest report, but tell us all the facts about your wife-beating & your violence & your horrible temper & your drinking & all the other faults that you didn't confess in your report, amen?
       51. THERE'S NO HIDING ANYTHING ANY MORE, THE TRUTH IS OUT! We're hoping this will shock you enough to wake you up to get you to realise how horrible your sins are & to get you to confess & repent so you can straighten out & still be usable to the Lord, because this, I think, is probably your last chance! (HOW ABOUT YOU?)

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