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EXPENSIVE BARGAINS!       DO 1401       19/12/80
--And Bargain Counter Religion!

       1. THE CHEAPEST THING IS NOT ALWAYS THE BEST THING. "Bargains frequently aren't worth it & may turn out to be a bigger gyp than the higher-priced real thing! You may get less even than what you paid for in buying a bargain. Savvy? The bargain may not be worth it, & you may have paid less for it but gotten very much less than if you paid a little more & gotten quality!

       2. IT'S LIKE MY MOTHER USED TO SAY ABOUT EATING PLACES--why go to the Sign of the Greasy Spoon & the stinky kitchen & get cheap junky food that you're not even sure is clean to save a quarter or 50 cents? Well, nowadays you might save a dollar. Why go there & eat cheap tasteless greasy junky contaminated food to save a few pennies when your life is worth more than that--And in dirty junky surroundings, smelly & with very common people who are not clean but are gruff & brusque & don't treat you nicely.

       3. YOU'RE BETTER OFF PAYING A LITTLE BIT MORE FOR YOUR MEAL IN A RESPECTABLE REPUTABLE PLACE with a reputation & a name to protect and where they have a large enough clientele that there's a sufficiently rapid turnover so that their food is bound to be fresh because they use it up constantly, & where you know they're going to have good food, tasty, in delightful surroundings with nice people & good for you & pay a little bit more for it.

       4. EVEN THOUGH YOU'RE PAYING MORE FOR IT, YOU'RE GETTING WHAT IT'S WORTH, you're getting what's worth what you're paying. Whereas you could be going to the Greasy Spoon & paying half as much & not even getting what you pay for!--Not even getting that much worth out of what you pay! It's the same thing as with buying jewelry.

       5. MY MOTHER ALWAYS INSISTED ON GOING TO A DECENT CLEAN REPUTABLE PLACE TO EAT, & my father was always trying to drag her down to some Greasy Spoon where it was cheaper. Well, the cheaper food you were getting at less price but you were getting far less quality! Whereas by paying a little bit more, at least you get your money's worth. At the cheap place you weren't even getting your money's worth!

       6. AND THAT'S TRUE OF ALMOST ANY KIND OF BUYING: THE CHEAPEST STUFF IS NOT NECESSARILY THE BEST BUY You may not get your money's worth. We bought those sets of cheap tools & nearly every screwdriver now is broken, we couldn't even open the pliers. It was just junk stuff made for looks. We found out it wasn't steel at all--the minute you nicked it or anything this little cheap tin foil coating scraped or chipped off & underneath it looked like it was made out of lead! Now that's no bargain!

       7. YOU GOT A BUNCH OF JUNK FOR A LOW PRICE, maybe half the price of the other tools, but it's just junk & worth almost nothing! Where as if you'd paid a little bit more you'd have got good tools, well-made, hardened steel & functioning & useful & not going to break at the first turn of the handle or whatever. The cheapest stuff is not necessarily a bargain! The cheapest stuff may be half-price & one fourth value, & it may be even worse, much worse!

       8. THE SAME GOES WITH CLOTHING What value is cheap clothing you got for half-price when maybe it only lasts one-quarter as long & wears out in nothing flat or fades when you put it in the washing machine? It just doesn't pay to buy the cheapest thing, it may turn out to be more expensive than the other! When you find out that you paid half the price but when you got it home it wasn't worth anything, that isn't very cheap! I'd call that expensive!--When you find out that you paid a cheap price for something that's even cheaper & a bunch of junk & worth nothing!

       9. WELL, THE SAME GOES FOR ANYTHING--CLOTHING, JEWELRY, FOOD, TRAILERS, CARS, WHATEVER. The lowest price is not necessarily the cheapest! You may go to a second-hand car lot & buy a cheap low-priced car, but it turns out to be a pile of junk! It needs all kinds of immediate repairs or it won't even hold itself together or run any further, & pretty soon you're paying more for this junker you bought at half-price in repairs & maintenance than if you'd bought a little better car, a little newer, less worn & in better shape & a little later model at a higher price--at least you got your money's worth! When you bought the cheap junk at half-price you didn't even get you money's worth! So that's something to remember, amen? That's true of almost everything in life: The lowest-priced thing is not necessarily the cheapest. It can cost you more in the long run!

       10. IT REMINDS ME OF WHAT MY MOTHER USED TO SAY ABOUT BARGAIN COUNTER RELIGION, IT DOESN'T COST YOU MUCH! But David said, "I will not give unto the Lord of that which hath cost me nothing!" (2Sam.24:24) His religion had to cost him something, it had to be worth something of value, a sacrifice!

       11. IT'S CHEAP RELIGION IF IT DOESN'T COST ANYTHING, SO TO SPEAK, easy believism or something where you can just go to church a few minutes on Sunday & you think you've paid your debt to God & get away with it & not have to tithe & not have to live the life & not have to live for God, not have to witness, like most church people.

       12. MOST CHURCH PEOPLE ARE ENGAGED IN BARGAIN COUNTER RELIGION! Most church Christians, even if they tithe & are building a big fancy church that costs a lot of money, figure they're getting by cheap, because they think they're paying their way to Heaven without having to be a Christian & to live a Christian life & to witness like a Christian & really sacrifice for the Lord & really love the Lord & put out & love others & pay the price of real love.

       13. I THINK OUR FFERS ARE PROBABLY THE MOST SACRIFICIAL CHRISTIANS I KNOW! I admire them & I admire their husbands or wives, whatever. I mean, that's expensive religion! That's high-priced love that really costs something, it's a real sacrifice, it hurts! But that's why it's so valuable, it's costly, therefore it's valuable!

       14. SO DON'T THINK YOU'RE GOING TO GET BY WITH BARGAIN COUNTER RELIGION EITHER, or gyp-joint religion. I would say most churches that I know of are gyp-joints where they're claiming to sell the people valuable goods, that it's worth something that's going to get'm to Heaven, when actually it's a gyp! But the people are willing to buy it because it doesn't cost them very much, it doesn't require much sacrifice!

       15. THEY CAN LIVE FOR THE DEVIL & SELFISHLY FOR THEIR OWN FAMILY & THEMSELVES 6-&-9/10th DAYS A WEEK, or 6-&-23/24 days a week, & just because they come to church on Sunday morning & drop a bill in the basket they think they're getting by with God & that's all they have to give & all they have to do!

       16. THEY CAN GO & LIVE FOR THEMSELVES SELFISHLY & NEVER WITNESS, never help others, never help the missionaries, never really give, never really do anything for the Lord, totally selfish, living completely for themselves, selfishly & for Mammon & for money & giving virtually 99% of their time to themselves & their own family & their own selfish pursuits & their own fun & maybe giving less than 1% of their time to the Lord!

       17. THEY FIGURE, "THAT'S PRETTY CHEAP RELIGION, DOESN'T COST ME VERY MUCH! Doesn't cost much of my time, I don't have to pay much money for it, & yet it looks grand & great!" They go to a pretty building & they have pretty services & so on, & they think they're getting a bargain because it costs them so little!

       18. THEY GET ALL THIS CREDIT & ALL THIS GLORY & their name mentioned in church or whatever, & they are made maybe Chairman of the Board or they've got their name on a memorial window because they donated a little extra money for grandmother's death & blah blah.

       19. THERE ARE LOTS OF RICH PEOPLE WHO PUT A LOT OF MONEY INTO THEIR RELIGION & THEIR CHURCH because they figure they're getting a bargain & it's cheap & they're not really having to sacrifice or really having to serve God or really having to forsake-all or give up anything, or it's not really costing them very much compared to how much they've got.

       20. LIKE ALL THOSE RICH PEOPLE WHO WERE TOSSING THEIR GREAT TREASURES INTO THE COFFER OF THE TEMPLE God was not judging them by how much they gave, but how much they had left! And compared to what they had left, they thought they were getting by cheap! Whereas the window who just had a mite but it was all she had, she gave much more than all of them put together! They were trying to buy bargain religion, & Jesus didn't buy it!

       21. YOU CAN BE PRETTY SURE YOU GET YOUR VALUE WHEN YOU BUY GOLD COINS because the name & reputation of the country is at stake, unless it's counterfeit coins, of course, of which we have run across a few, in fact we bought a few & found out they were fakes, counterfeits! They were very good counterfeits, but they didn't have the same amount of gold or quality.

       22. APPARENTLY SOME BANK WE BOUGHT THEM FROM DISCOVERED THEY'D GOTTEN SOME COUNTERFEITS & THEY FOISTED THEM OFF ON US! They knew we were novices, greenhorns, & we didn't know anything about it, so they got away with it. It turned out when we tried to transfer them from one bank to the other, the next bank checked them out & found they had several counterfeits and that the bank had sold us counterfeits. Of course, they can always claim they didn't know, blah blah. And it was another city.

       23. IT WAS A TRANSFER FROM GENEVA, SWITZERLAND, THE GENEVA GYPPERS! Geneva, let me tell you, watch out for that town! It's got a Communist mayor & a bunch of Commies & a bunch of people who are not at all like the rest of the Swiss, they're more like Italians & some French & not very reliable, like get-rich-quick gyppers there! They're very much unlike the Zurich Swiss who give you value for value received & give you your money's worth & are not a bunch of gyppers & crooks like you find in Geneva!

       24. GENEVA HAS GOT THE BEST CLIMATE & A BEAUTIFUL LOCATION on the lake & everything else, but you almost always find border towns are full of crooks & racketeers & shysters & gyppers & smugglers & crooked criminals, because they run back & forth across the border to escape what they deserve.

       25. WHEREAS ZURICH & THAT AREA IS FAR MORE CONSERVATIVE churchy, Christian, honest, & that's why they have to have the main banking center in Zurich, because most people wouldn't trust those people in Geneva. Even the kind of government they're getting out of Geneva's a gyp--instead of bringing peace, it's bringing war! I could go on & on about bargain politics & bargain government that's not even worth what you pay for it! There are gyps in every field.

       26. AND OF COURSE THE WORST GYP IS BARGAIN SALVATION THAT DOESN'T SAVE YOU & you wind up in Hell when you thought you'd paid your way to Heaven, like a lot of these religionists!--Whether they pay with money or penance or church-going or whatever. I used to shock churches & say, "A lot of you good people are going to go to Hell, whereas there are a lot of bad people who are going to go to Heaven, & I can prove it by the Bible!"

       27. TAKE THE CASE ABOUT THE PHARISEE & THE PUBLICAN (Lk.18:9-14.) The Lord said, "Which one do you think is justified? Which one is forgiven?" The publican, the sinner, the bad guy was saved, but the Pharisee was damned because he was trusting in his own self-righteousness! He had bargain-counter religion! He though he was saved by his own goodness, but your own goodness isn't enough!

       28. IT COSTS A PRICELESS GIFT TO GET SAVED, & THAT WAS JESUS & HIS BLOOD, & receiving Him for your salvation is the only thing that's going to save you. That's the highest-priced gift anybody could ever receive, or the highest cost anybody could pay for your Salvation, & only Jesus could do it. Anything less is bargain counter religion that's not worth it & won't save you, & not even worth what you pay for it, no matter how many big churches you build or how many times you go to church or how many times you crawl on your hands & knees to the statue of Mother Mary or whatever, it's still not worth it because it doesn't deliver the goods, it doesn't give you real Salvation.

       29. NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU SACRIFICE & PAY FOR IT BY YOUR OWN WORKS, IT'S CHEAP it's too cheap, because you didn't get the real thing, and you'll wind up in Hell after all your hard work & all your sacrifice & all the cheap price you paid for it! It still wasn't enough & only Jesus could pay for it, because the price was too high for you, you could never afford it. That's why He had to pay for it & then give it to you, because you couldn't afford it, your works couldn't pay for it, you didn't have what it takes, you didn't pay enough!

       30. SALVATION IS SO COSTLY, NONE OF US COULD AFFORD TO PAY FOR IT Jesus alone could buy it for us with the price of His own life! Any other kind of religion is no bargain! They may call it a bargain & it may seem cheap, but it's not! Even if you got it at a bargain, you paid more than it was worth, because it's not worth anything, it won't save you!

       31. SEE, IT APPLIES TO EVERYTHING, NO MATTER WHAT FIELD OF LIFE, DON'T TRUST "BARGAINS"! They may not even be worth what you pay for them, especially if they're worth nothing, like bargain-counter salvation, which isn't Salvation, at all! You get it home & it doesn't last & it doesn't wear & it certainly doesn't last you all your life & it certainly doesn't get you into Heaven or Eternity! That's no bargain, that's pretty costly, if it doesn't do the trick!

       32. IT'S LIKE BUYING YOUR GOLD, IT'S NO BARGAIN IF IT'S NOT THE REAL THING, no matter if you even paid half-price for it! It's especially a gyp when you paid the full price for what you're supposed to be getting & it's not even worth that!--Like if you pay for your salvation with your life & think by dying like the Muslims that it's going to get you into Heaven, by dying for your faith in a "Holy War", a Jihad, that it's going to pay for your way to Heaven.

       33. THAT'S A PRETTY HIGH PRICE TO PAY FOR A RELIGION THAT YOU WAKE UP IN HELL & discover it didn't get you to Heaven! Even if you paid your all, it wasn't enough, because only Jesus was enough! PTL! Only God's Love was big enough to pay for it! So even if you give everything you've got, including your life, it's not enough, you can't pay for it! The price is too high, you can't afford it, you just have to accept if from the Lord as a gift!

       34. LOOK AT A LOT OF EX-FAMILY MEMBERS & A LOT OF BACKSLIDERS who figure, "Why should I pay so much for my religion & my salvation & to go to Heaven & have to give up my whole life & my wife for FFing & my children for the streets and litnessing & my family & my home & forsake-all for Jesus & live as a foreigner & a stranger in a strange land & forsake all & give everything I've got?

       35. "WHY SHOULD I PAY SUCH A BIG PRICE FOR MY RELIGION when I can go home to the U.S. & have a nice comfortable job, comfortable home, fancy appliances, new car & live comfortably & not sacrifice like that & not have to pay such a price, just go to church an hour a week & strut around like a big-shot Christian & be respectable & reputable in the eyes of the community!

       36. "I'M NOT ONE OF THOSE FANATICAL CRAZY CHILDREN OF GOD PEOPLE or Family of Love or what the Hell they call themselves, I'm a respectable church Christian! All I have to pay for it is go to church once-a-week maybe or once-a-month, or even two or three times in my life as long as I give maybe a dollar on Sunday morning or even a five or a ten. At least I don't have to tithe, I'm getting by pretty cheap! I'm making a thousand dollars a month & I should be giving the church a hundred dollars!

       37. "IF I HAD TO JOIN THAT LOVE BUNCH I'D BE HAVING TO FORK OVER A HUNDRED BUCKS A MONTH TITHE! My God! I could go to church once-a-week, maybe only once-a-month & only toss in a ten & everybody will smile & shake my hand & I'd be a big heavy giver! I gave a ten or a twenty in the plate & the ushers are all very happy, when it's only a fraction of what I'd have to give to that Family of Love outfit if I had to tithe!

       38. "I'M GETTING BY CHEAP! It's costing me very little & I've got a much more respectable religion & much more reputation & I'm living in more comfort, I'm enjoying life more & I don't have to pay so much for it; I don't have to through any ordeal of wading through those crazy Magazines every month either & reading all that tripe! I'm getting by cheap, easy! Easy believism, easy religion!"

       39. BUT THEY'RE GOING TO FIND OUT WHEN THEY GET TO HEAVEN, IF THEY GET THERE AT ALL, THAT IT WAS PRETTY COSTLY! Pretty costly!--Because they're going to wind up in everlasting shame & contempt--forever! That's a hell of a long time & that's a pretty big price to pay for such cheap religion!--Right? Whereas you & I who have given up everything for the Lord, serve the Lord full-time, sacrifice everything, give our wives, our children, everything to the Lord, are going to wind up with crowns of eternal life better than gold with diamonds & jewels shining like stars for the eternal everlasting souls won for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, & Eternal Life in a Heavenly City that's beyond anything we can possibly imagine!

       40. WE GAVE EVERYTHING WE'VE GOT & WE'RE GOING TO FIND OUT THAT THAT WAS REALLY A PRETTY CHEAP PRICE TO PAY FOR THE REWARD WE'RE GOING TO GET! And the Salvation we've got was an absolute Gift, we didn't have to pay anything for it because it was priceless! But the reward we're going to get is so valuable, what we gave up cannot even be compared to what we're going to receive in return!

       41. ACTUALLY WE'RE THE ONES THAT ARE GETTING THE BARGAIN! We're the ones that are getting it cheap! By giving our all we're going to get everything! They're giving almost nothing & that's just what they're going to get! So if you ask me, the price they're paying is more than what we're paying, because they're going to get so little in return! Right? So that's not cheap religion! It may seem to them like it doesn't cost them very much, but it's not worth very much, whereas ours costs us everything but we get back more than everything in return!

       42. LIKE DR.MOODY, WHO WAS A VERY BUSY MAN, SAID THAT TIME WHEN THEY WANTED HIM TO COME SPEAK AT SOME MEETING. They said, "It'll only be ten minutes, it won't take much of your time, it won't take anything out of you, Dr. Moody, it won't cost you anything, just a few minutes!" He said, "I'm not coming! If it doesn't cost me anything, I don't want to come. If it's not going to take enough of my valuable time to make it worth it, I'm not coming!" The cheapest thing is not always the best buy!

       43. I'M SORRY, YOU'VE GOT ME HOT UNDER THE COLLAR ON THIS SUBJECT, thinking about some of our backsliders & cheapies who go home for cheapies & don't want to pay the price! Let me tell you, they're paying a price! They're paying a price they're going to be sorry for & regret for all Eternity!--Because the price they're paying is too high for how much it's costing them & going to cost them in what they missed! Think of it! They think they're getting by cheap & easy, but they're going to find out it costs them what they can never redeem or repay or possibly attain ever again!

       44. JUST THINK, YOU GUYS WHO ARE GIVING UP EVERYTHING FOR THE LORD, you're going to get back more than everything, 100 times, 100 fold, a thousand times, ten thousand times! You couldn't even begin to compare the price! They're not giving up anything hardly, nothing, doing very little, sacrificing hardly at all, don't even tithe! They're going to get back even less!

       45. THEY CAN BE THANKFUL IF THEY MAKE IT AT ALL, EVEN GET IN! And if they do, they're going to suffer everlasting shame & contempt!--No crown for their labours, no stars in their crown for souls, nothing!--Because they sent up nothing! And that's a pretty big price to pay, the loss of your Eternal reward because of your refusal to pay the price here.

       46. YOU LOSE EVERYTHING THERE EXCEPT YOUR SALVATION, THAT'S ALL! Of course that's worth a lot, but Jesus paid for that & gave it to you as a gift! He's not going to take it back if you really mean it & you're born again, but you'll certainly lose your rewards & your crown & your stars & yours shining like the stars forever! You'll lose something that is so valuable, so that when you get there you're going to wonder how you could ever even have imagined how much it was worth!

       47. THEY'RE LOSING SO MUCH, THEY CAN'T EVEN IMAGINE HOW MUCH THEY'RE LOSING BY THEIR CHEAP RELIGION that doesn't cost them very much! Well, they're going to find out that they're getting just what they paid for, which wasn't very much! They didn't pay for much & they're not going to get much.

       48. IT USUALLY TAKES ME ABOUT TWO HOURS TO READ THE NEWSPAPER, really read it through--although I've gotten lately where I do better--& it usually takes me about an hour or two to give you a lecture. Well, which costs me the most? It's a lot easier to sit here & read the newspaper, it doesn't cost me very much & I spend the same length of time doing it. But to give a lecture it takes a lot of energy & a lot of my time, a lot of spirit & I've got to put a lot into it, it costs me something to give a lecture! (This was before the WND!)

       49. WHICH IS THE CHEAPEST? WHICH IS THE BEST BUY?--The easy time I spend here comfortably relaxing keeping my big mouth shut reading the newspaper? Which time is best spent? Which time am I really getting my money's worth for? Which time really costs me the most? Because I'm going to get little or nothing out of it reading the paper, that's pretty expensive!

       50. I'M NOT GOING TO GET MUCH REWARD FOR SPENDING AN HOUR OR TWO READING THAT NEWSPAPER. I still have to read the newspapers occasionally, but as you notice, I haven't been reading them as much. I hit maybe two or three a week now instead. I can't afford to waste my valuable time reading the paper, it costs too much for what I get in return, what I get out of it! (But now you get the WND!)

       51. BUT AN HOUR OR TWO SPENT LECTURING YOU GUYS ON SOMETHING YOU NEED COSTS ME MORE in time & energy & effort & spirit & strength & all the rest, but wow! It turns out a lecture for the whole Family & a lesson to the whole World, which will have a reward that I'll get someday from the Lord! I'm not doing it for that purpose, I'm doing it to help you, which is my reward.

       52. I HAVE MY REWARD IN A WAY, I don't know if I'm going to get anything in Heaven or not, I'm having so much fun here, enjoying so much here, & get such satisfaction out of helping the Family. I have my reward, I'm getting my pay now! But if I'd lose that, if I'd forego that, if I wasted that time doing something else that's easier & cheaper & doesn't cost me so much effort etc., it probably costs me a whole lot more than it's worth to read the paper! Savvy? (But now you get it in the WND!)

       53. WHEREAS IF I SPENT THE TIME DOING WHAT I JUST DID, giving you a lecture on something you need & the whole Family needs & that will have eternal dividends, eternal rewards & a lot right here & now to save the Family lots of things & maybe be a lesson to some of these backsliders who think they're getting by cheap, think of what that's worth in the eternal pay-off!

       54. SO IF I SPEND THAT TIME I SHOULD HAVE GIVEN YOU A LECTURE READING THE PAPER, THAT'S A PRETTY EXPENSIVE PAPER if it costs me what I could have accomplished lecturing you. That's a pretty expensive price to pay for reading the paper if I should have given you this lecture instead. So what did I do? I think I got the bargain! It cost me more, but in a way because I received so much more value & will get more for it & you'll get more for it, it's certainly worth a whole lot more!

       55. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT A BARGAIN IS, THAT'S WHAT I CALL A BARGAIN! It costs me a lot more but I'm going to get multiple many times over what it costs me! Reading the paper costs me a lot less, but I'll receive even less than that for reading it. So that's pretty expensive. (Until the WND!)

       56. TIME WASTED IS GONE FOREVER, & though it was easy to waste, it can be pretty expensive! Time well-spent may have cost a lot in effort & strength & sacrifice & love & whatever, but when we see what our reward is going to be even here & now as well as hereafter, it's a bargain! That's what I call a bargain, even if it costs you everything, it's a bargain! Your reward you're going to find is a bargain, you didn't pay half of what it was worth!--Right?

       57. A LOT OF THE STUFF WE DID & THE TIME WE WASTED WE MAY FIND OUT THAT IT WAS NO BARGAIN! We paid several times what it was actually worth for that pleasure or that time wasted, because it was pretty expensive! We paid a lot more for it than it was worth! Right? Isn't that a fact? I believe it! Don't you? And this religion some of our backsliders have, they're going to find out is pretty expensive! They figure it's not costing them much, but when they find out how much they're losing by this easy religion, easy believism, they're going to find out it was pretty expensive religion!

       58. WHEREAS THE PEOPLE LIKE YOU & ME WHOM IT'S COST US EVERYTHING, when we see what we're going to get in return are going to figure, "Wow, what a bargain! We gave everything but what we're getting in return is worth so much more than everything we could possibly give." This is what I call a bargain! When you get back a whole lot more than you paid for it! Amen? And you get a lot more value than what you paid for it! --If you paid everything for it but you get back more than everything--not if you paid little or nothing for it & you get back even less!

       59. SO THESE PEOPLE WHO THINK THEY'RE GETTING BY WITH GOING HOME & MAKING A SOFT LIFE & easy job & it's not costing them much, they think, & not tithing, they're going to find out how much it's going to cost them--both here & now & Then hereafter! It's costing them so much, they can't really afford that cheap kind of religion, it's so expensive, because they get so little for it! We're giving everything but that's a small price to pay for the bargain we're getting & the returns we're getting!

       60. IF YOU PAY $1,000 FOR SOMETHING & IT'S ONLY WORTH $100, THAT'S NO BARGAIN! But if you pay $10,000 & it's worth $100,000, that's a bargain! It cost you more but it's worth a Heaven-of-a lot more! So don't buy any more of this cheap gold! PG! TYL! That's enough. You keep sitting there looking at me & I can't stop! Please! All right now go! Go go go! I had you out of here three times, why don't you shut the door!! Ha!

       61. (MARIA: "ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD" & EVEN THAT CHEAP EXPENSIVE RING WAS A BARGAIN BECAUSE LOOK WHAT WE GOT OUT OF IT Well, it doesn't exactly go along with what you were saying, because it was a cheap one that we paid a lot for, but in the end we got more out of it!) That's a good point. Even though costly, it was a bargain because you got more than it was worth out of it in the long run! That's the point!

       62. THE WHOLE SUM AND SUBSTANCE OF THE WHOLE THING & what I was trying to say is, that even if a thing didn't cost you very much, if by buying it you're losing even more than it cost you, it's far more expensive than the thing that cost you everything, but is going to pay you even more! Amen?

       63. GOD BLESS & KEEP YOU SACRIFICING FOR JESUS!--In Jesus' name, amen. Souls are priceless bargains! "And great is your reward in Heaven! (Mat.5:12)--To be together in Heaven forever with Jesus is the biggest bargain of all!--It's free!--But He paid a lot for it!--Amen?--Are you thankful enough to serve Him & others in return?

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