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ASHRAF!--The Viking Demon God!       DFO 1403       France, 22/11/80
--And a Lesson in Disobedience!

       1. WELL, THIS DREAM WAS JUST SO UTTERLY CLEAR! I mean it was, I guess I was really arguing with the Lord that I couldn't forget anything, but He kept telling me I would forget it. And I guess He deliberately made me forget it just as a punishment, a lesson. I thought, well, I might forget a few little details or something but I'll certainly never forget that name! So I kept spelling it over & over & I kept visualising it, you know, looking at it. It was so clear! Just so clear, & all this I remember very well.

       2. SO THE LORD MUST HAVE JUST TOUCHED SOME LITTLE BUTTON THAT JUST ERASED IT, JUST DELIBERATELY ERASED IT BECAUSE OF DISOBEDIENCE! It was a lesson on faith & disobedience, I wouldn't believe what the Lord was telling me, or whoever it was. Of course it was all the Lord, probably Abrahim, saying that I must record it right then, & must wake up & find the tape recorder or wake you. But that's the last thing I wanted to do, because you were so sick, & so I argued,

       3. "NO, NO, I COULDN'T POSSIBLY FORGET IT! LOOK, I CAN SEE THE WORD, I CAN SPELL IT OUT! I'll never forget it, impossible!" I figured, you know, whenever I get those key words, then I always can recall the dream if I have the key word that unlocks the door that opens up the picture, & I just couldn't believe I could forget it! So I didn't obey because I didn't believe, see, a lesson on faith, it's a lesson in unbelief, because I wouldn't believe that I could forget.

       4. THE LORD WAS TELLING ME, "YOU'RE GOING TO FORGET"--probably because He was going to make me forget it because I wouldn't obey! Therefore I didn't obey & I didn't get a tape recorder & I didn't tell it right then. If I'd told it right then, I could have recalled, I'm sure, a lot of other things the Lord would have helped me recall, all the other things about the revelation.

       5. IT WAS REALLY MORE LIKE A REVELATION THAN A DREAM, I mean it was like it was actually happening, you know, & I was discussing it with the Lord & He was telling me these things just like He was narrating the whole thing about this name & what it would do, what kind of a devil-god it had been down through history & its relationships & historical influence & methods in the various cultures etc.

       6. IT WAS JUST LIKE A HISTORY OF THIS GOD, AMAZING THINGS, IT WAS ALL SO CLEAR! I thought, "Oh, I can never forget that!" Which shows it was just like a miracle that He made me forget it deliberately because I was disobedient, He wouldn't let me remember it, especially that name! I mean that was so clear I couldn't possibly, normally naturally, have possibly forgotten that word! But He deliberately made me forget it as a punishment for not obeying, for not making the little sacrifice to wake up & get a tape recorder even if it woke you up.

       7. THAT WORD WAS AS CLEAR AS IT COULD BE! I could see it, I could spell it, I could hear it! It was just plain as day, a simple little word, a short word certainly not more than one or two syllables, & it began with "A". But all of a sudden the next morning when I woke up, sure enough, I had not only forgotten all the other details but I had even forgotten the word! I could just hardly believe it when I woke up, I was so astounded & so disgusted & mad at myself & so ashamed at myself too for not obeying! Because I knew it was definitely the Lord, that He was literally deliberately making me forget it to spank me for not obeying, because it was so obvious, I mean it was so simple!

       8. WELL, HE LET ME REMEMBER THAT MUCH ANYHOW, so it must be He let me remember that much as a punishment I guess, as a spanking, so I'd remember how I disobeyed & how I wouldn't believe Him! (Maria: At least also to tell us that at least you got the revelation.) And it's just enough of a clue, yes, enough of a clue, yes!

       9. WELL, THAT WAS OF COURSE A BIG ANSWER TO PRAYER, my trouble the night before was not because of the way I was feeling or that I was too hungry or anything, it was just the Devil that had attacked me! So that was a great answer to prayer & a relief! But then I could have gotten all that interesting story & details about that horrible god!

       10. (MARIA: DO YOU KNOW ANY REASON WHY IT WOULD HAVE BEEN A VIKING GOD & NOT THE SPHINX?) I don't know, except that it was like it was reminding me of a lot of other things, that it was related to the Sphinx & it had something to do with the Sphinx, & it was from that far back, even in Egypt. Now I don't think they even told us that on the Viking series about that god. It was shown as a snake in my dream or revelation.

       11. (MARIA: AND IN YOUR DREAM IT WAS LIKE A SNAKE SITTING WITH ITS BACK TO YOU, SITTING ON ITS TAIL?) Yes, sitting on its tail, just like its tail was upturned in the back, almost like a little fat lizard, but nevertheless a snake sitting on its tail, facing away from me a little bit to the right.(Maria: Like he was afraid to look at you?) Yes! Yes, just like he was afraid to look me in the eye but taunting me, deliberately taunting me to see this, to look at his back, an ugly little thing!

       12. BUT THEN I REMEMBER SEEING IT CLEARLY, AS WELL AS THOSE EARLIEST GODS OF THE VIKINGS, those ugly little idols! Remember those little seated idols, remember? Remember those little ugly-looking idols, some of them? It's one of the early ones if not the first, maybe it was the very first, the first one. It was all about their gods & spirits & names of the gods that they worshipped & all, it was sort of a history of their religion.

       13. ASHARAF OR ASHRAF, I KNOW I REMEMBERED THAT NAME ALSO WHEN I SAW THE PICTURE, I remembered having heard that name before, you know? I mean when I saw the movie, at that time I remembered having heard that particular name of that god before, but I'd never heard it that way as being one of the gods of the Vikings, I think I must have heard it as being one of the gods of the Egyptians. (Maria: Oh, so it had the same name?) But then in my dream or revelation it was just as clear as anything that it was this particular god, it was like I saw the movie again, like I was seeing a picture of it again, the little god, the stupid little idol, which of course is only a representation of the actual demon-god or spirit-god behind the idol.

       14. THAT'S WHY GOD HATES THEM, because it's not that the idols are anything, but because it's a manifestation or representation of that demon, see, that they fall down & worship & fear, that they literally draw a picture of it or make an idol of it & then worship it! That's what the Lord doesn't like about idolatry I'm sure, that they visualise it & make pictures & statues & idols of those demons so they can worship them! That's what must make the Lord so angry!

       15. AND HE WAS EXPLAINING TO ME ALL ABOUT HOW IT WAS THIS PARTICULAR GOD & BY THAT PARTICULAR NAME, & it's just like He was telling me his whole history, like seeing a movie or a video or something. And it was so simple with such a simple little name, I didn't dream I'd ever be able to forget it! So it had to be an act of God that I forgot it, He deliberately just erased it! He just let me remember enough just to tantalise me & tease me & teach me a lesson for not obeying, because I didn't think it was possible that I could forget.

       16. IN OTHER WORDS, THE LORD TOLD ME, IN A SENSE, THAT THE IMPOSSIBLE WAS GOING TO HAPPEN, but I wouldn't believe it, that I could possibly forget it! I would have had to go by pure faith to obey, because I didn't believe I could forget it, it wasn't natural for me to forget it, it wasn't normal, it was so clear & so plain! But He let me forget it, I mean He deliberately apparently erased it from my mind so I can't remember it, except for just that much, just to tease & tantalise & punish me & spank me for forgetting, for not obeying, He deliberately made me forget it.

       17. BUT I'M SURE HE'S LEFT THAT MUCH OF A CLUE SO THAT WE CAN FIND OUT, He's that merciful, thank the Lord, that now, after He made it real easy for us in the revelations that now He's going to make it hard for us to find out, now we're really going to have to work for it. It was pure grace before, it's a pure gift from God, because I wanted to know what caused me to be sick, but I had no idea it was spiritual. I was going to sleep that night thinking about it, asking the Lord, "Now what could I have done, what was it, was it the position I was sitting in?" You know, all kinds of natural things, never dreaming really that it was an absolute direct diabolical spiritual attack, purely spiritual, & had nothing to do with the physical, what I ate or my position or my condition or time of day or anything, but that it was just a direct spiritual attack of the Devil or one of his devils!

       18. IT WAS SUCH A REVELATION TO FIND OUT THAT THAT'S WHAT IT WAS, I WAS SO AMAZED & I WAS SO THRILLED & EXCITED TO KNOW, that I could just hardly wait to tell you! But you had been so sick I just didn't want to wake you up, yet it kept coming, "She'd be thrilled!" Well, I knew you would of course, but at the same time I knew you had to have your sleep.(Maria: Oh Honey, I could have gotten it later.) I was just thrilled to pieces that I had gotten it, it was so thrilling, exciting, all these side lines & relationships & associations & history of this thing & history of all that, & I thought of course that, because of that key word, I couldn't possibly forget the name, I'd remember all the rest.

       19. BUT THE LORD, IT'S JUST LIKE HE WIPED IT OFF THE SLATE, JUST WIPED IT OFF THE BLACKBOARD & JUST LEFT ONE LETTER & just the idea, the general idea so I'd remember that I'd had it, that He gave it to me, but I wouldn't obey, I wouldn't put it down & I wouldn't make the sacrifice to believe it or obey it or do it then. He has His times, He just apparently knew that that was the best time to do it, in the still of the middle of the night when it was still fresh.

       20. IT WAS A TEST OF FAITH, IT WAS A TEST OF OBEDIENCE & I FLUNKED IT, I PLUMB FLUNKED IT! I wouldn't believe that I could possibly forget that, I just wouldn't believe when He said, "You could forget it!"--"Oh no, no, I'll remember the name, I couldn't forget that name, it's as plain as day!" (Maria: It's a good lesson for all of us!) I mean I looked at it, I photographed it in my memory, I spelled it over & over again. "Now Lord, I can't forget it! Don't worry, I'm not going to forget it." But the Lord was trying to get me to believe what He said & obey it, & then teach me a lesson. Boy, I don't think I'll ever do that again! He's taught us a few lessons like that before, where we didn't obey right then & record it right then & we forgot a lot of it, or He had to remind us later. Really. He did.

       21. SO THAT, ALTHOUGH HE IS PUNISHING US RIGHT NOW FOR NOT OBEYING, I KNOW HE IS GOING TO HELP US EITHER REMEMBER IT OR DISCOVER IT OR FIND IT AGAIN, JUST SO WE'LL KNOW. But now we've got to do it the hard way, through just natural research & history & combing through the books & the encyclopedias & stuff like that instead of getting it the easy way from the Lord. (Maria: Yes, & in the right perspective.)

       22. HE WAS EXPLAINING ALL ABOUT HOW THIS DEMON HAS OPERATED & HOW IT RELATED SOMEHOW WITH THE SPHINX! (Maria: This was when you were asking the Lord about that stomach trouble?) I was asking the Lord what caused that acute indigestion that I had last night, it just hit me suddenly without any explanation whatsoever for no reason at all! I was just eating a little crisp piece of chicken at the beginning of the meal & it went down just like a knife, real slowly for a long time & very very painfully, almost causing me to throw up. It was the most severe pain I've had since I don't know when! I thought I wasn't going to make it.

       23. SO IN THE NIGHT I WAS PRAYING IN THE SPIRIT, APPARENTLY ASKING THE LORD WHAT CAUSED IT, & SUDDENLY TO MY SURPRISE HE GIVES ME THE NAME OF THIS DEVIL-GOD! Funny part about it is, it's such a simple name that I thought I couldn't possibly forget it, & it kept being repeated & repeated & repeated, & He went on & on in a narration explaining all of his operations & that he was one of the gods of the Vikings & he was one of their idols, & He kept telling me I'd better get up & find a tape recorder. I certainly wasn't going to wake you, as sick as you've been, I was not going to wake you up. This voice just went on & on narrating the whole thing, about how it was responsible for this & that, & had come to me for this & that, & I thought how amazing, how wonderful, that's just marvellous! I thought I couldn't possibly forget it, that key word, that I'll never forget it. I went over & over it again, it began with an "A".

       24. (MARIA: DO YOU REMEMBER ANYTHING ELSE?) Honey, I'm trying to remember, I thought I couldn't possibly forget. It kept coming to me, "You've got to record this or you'll forget it." I thought, "No, Lord, I couldn't forget it, that one word, that's such a shock, that one word is so shocking & amazing, that that power could have caused that terrible indigestion! It couldn't be, I couldn't forget, this one word will be the key word that will open it up & remind me of everything." But it kept coming to me, "You're going to forget it." And I kept arguing, "No, no, I couldn't possibly forget it, it's impossible for me to forget that word!" But I woke up this morning & I had completely forgotten it!--Besides all the commentary about it!

       25. I MEAN IT JUST WENT ON LIKE A NEWSREEL, it just went on & on, the whole thing, just like it was something on playback, some recording, all about this particular power & what his powers were & his job & his operations & methods, but it was just like the Lord wiped it all out because I hadn't recorded it!

       26. I MEAN IT WAS SO IMPRESSIVE, A SHORT NAME, I CAN SEE THE IDOL YET, one of those little short stubby ugly-looking idols like we saw in the video about the Norseman Vikings, & oh, I couldn't possibly forget it because the name was repeated so many times, & I went over the spelling & everything. I thought, "I'll spell it & I'll think about it & I'll repeat it & then I can't possibly forget it." But it kept coming to me just like a warning, just as clear as anything the voice kept warning me, "You're going to forget it if you don't put it down now, you're going to forget it." I just couldn't believe I was going to forget it, it seemed impossible, & I woke up this morning & I had completely forgotten it, besides all the commentary!

       27. ALL THAT I CAN REMEMBER IS THAT I HAD THE REVELATION & GOT THIS ANSWER, THIS WORD, THIS NAME, & I was having all this commentary about it. I guess the Lord just punished me that way & just made me remember that I didn't get it, that I didn't obey Him & put it down, so I forgot. That's just tragic! That was really some revelation! It was so logical & reasonable & it just went on & on all about this devil-god & what he does, what he did & what he's responsible for & what his methods & operations are, how he was manifested in this & that, & the history, & I mean it was a whole big long thing!--And the name was repeated over & over again! I thought, "I'll never forget the name!"

       28. (MARIA: YOU SAY IT STARTED WITH "A"?) I know it started with "A", it was a short name too, like two syllables. Oh, if that isn't something, I'm such a poor untrustworthy channel! How the Lord ever uses me at all I don't know! Here I ask Him for the answer & He gives it to me, a big long answer all about it with the name, & I don't write it down or record it, I wake up & forget it! I just kept going over & over & over it again & again, & I thought, "Now I'm going to go over this so I can't possibly forget it," & I'd go over & over it in my mind so it was recorded in my mind so I couldn't possibly forget it, & it's gone!

       29. ALL I CAN REMEMBER IS THE GENERAL PRINCIPLE. I asked the Lord & He gave me its name & explained all about this deity & all about his powers, & how he's operated down through the centuries & history & everything else, that he is the one that attacked me! It was actually an attack of the Devil! (Maria: Yes, it was quite amazing! I was praying for you & I felt led to really rebuke the Enemy, rebuke the Devil! Because there was no real natural cause at all.) I mean I've eaten all kinds of things harder & rougher & more difficult to digest & everything. (Maria: Yes. And then I was thinking about it later, how some time when you're in the Spirit I should ask the Lord about that & what it is & what causes it.)

       30. WELL, HE GAVE THE ANSWER, HE GAVE THE ANSWER AS CLEAR AS CAN BE, THIS NAME & the power & a commentary all about who this god was & what he does & what he did & how he operated, & it was all so amazing, it was enlightening & so logical & reasonable & such a revelation! I just thought, "That's wonderful, that's amazing, that's marvellous!" I was just wondering at the whole thing, it was so clear, & to have it all along with his name, & I thought, "I couldn't possibly forget it!" I thought, "Now the name, I can't forget the name, therefore if I remember the name it will bring all this back to me." And so when I didn't get up & record it, it must have all been taken away, & I went back to sleep! It was all so clear & so amazing, I thought, how wonderful, how amazing, how true!

       31. THE FUNNY THING ABOUT IT, IT WAS RELATED TO THE SPHINX! It's just like some sphincter muscle down there in that tube just closed up like that & wouldn't let the food pass through, just like strangulation! (Maria: Oh, remember what you thought, remember you got something about that one time in regard to David wetting the bed!) ("The Talisman!" No. 1369)

       32. THERE WAS THIS SHORT SNAKE ABOUT 18 INCHES HIGH SITTING ON ITS TAIL! I mean this revelation, this narration was marvellous! He went through the whole history of this god, this demon-god, & all the way from the time of the Egyptians on down to the Vikings & everything, & all its whole history & how it has affected this & that & the other, & the Lord just as plain as anything said, "This is the thing that attacked you last night!" (Maria: What do we do about it?)

       33. I MEAN YOU JUST NEVER, SHOULD NEVER HAVE AN UNGUARDED MOMENT! Another thing, I don't think we prayed before we ate last night. It was before prayer, I was dishing up the food, & then we usually hold hands & pray when we're ready to eat, but as I was dishing up the food some of these little crumbs & crusty pieces were falling down & I didn't want to lose them, you know me, I'm always picking up the crumbs, I don't want to waste anything, so I began popping them in my mouth.

       34. I GUESS IT WAS SOME KIND OF A DEMON OF GLUTTONY OR SOMETHING! (Maria: Oh, Honey! You're not gluttonous!) Well, it was almost that, it was so delicious, I was lusting for food, a real lust, I was so hungry! (Maria: You were hungry!) Honey, don't apologise for me! Because it was bad, I didn't pray, I didn't really pray, I don't think I prayed at all! So the Lord let that happen, let him attack me as a punishment for not praying & realising that we have to depend on the Lord all the time for everything, we can't stop praying for one minute!

       35. WE'VE GOT TO PRAY ABOUT EVERYTHING & STAY IN THE SPIRIT, & really, we're fighting a spiritual battle, a warfare in the Spirit! I'll never forget how Grandmother said there was a terrible battle being waged in the Spirit, with great noise & clashing of arms & shouts & screams & everything else in the Spirit world against us & what we're doing for the Lord! The Devil is really mad! I think he was trying to kill me last night, but see, the Lord won't let him touch us unless we get out of the Spirit, & then He lets those sheepdogs (devils) sock it to us & cause us pain & make us pray & get back in the Spirit!

       36. (MARIA: BUT WHEN IT HAPPENS THE ONLY THING WE CAN DO IS REBUKE HIM & REALLY PRAY, HUH?) Yes, that's what we should have done, & the Lord was giving us his name.(Maria: I did pray, but I didn't have his name.) See it's important to have the name, it really is important to have the name. (Maria: I really was rebuking the Devil & I felt led to do that, but...) I mean it was so clear in the night, that whole long narration about his history ever since the time of Egypt, it related somehow to the Sphinx, I think it had something to do with that strangulation. (Maria: What strangulation?)

       37. THE SPHINX WAS A DEMON-GODDESS OF STRANGULATION, SHE STRANGLED HER ENEMIES. (Maria: Oh, I didn't know that!) Honey, you've forgotten it all, it was all in "The Talisman"! (Maria: No!--Of strangulation?) Yes. That's where the sphincter muscles got their name. (Maria: I remember you talking about that.) Sphincter muscle, to strangle. She strangled her victims. It's as though she's the same god, was the same, only lately it had a different name, sometimes represented by this little squat ugly idol. I could see those idols again & I thought, "That's so simple, I mean we saw all that on television, it's all about the Vikings, it's one of their gods, & I couldn't possibly forget that!" The Lord just let me remember enough to tantalise me & teach me a lesson for not doing it.

       38. I MEAN IT WAS SUCH AN INTERESTING STORY! The voice went & on & on explaining to me all about it. Oh, I don't think I'll ever get that back, I think that's my punishment! (Maria: Oh, Honey.) But I really do believe the Lord will give me the name, I believe they can dig out the name somehow, I believe the Lord will give me the name. It wasn't Astarte.--It wasn't that long ago, that was a Greek goddess. It was like Ashraf, (or Asharaf?) it was a simple little typical Nordic or Anglo-Saxon word, they used such simple little short words.

       39. (MARIA: HOW MUCH OF MAN'S HISTORICAL COMMENTARY OR RECORD ON THOSE GODS DO YOU THINK IS CORRECT?) Well, I mean the fact that they had them & dig out the idols & all that stuff, it's obvious that they were. But the Lord knows more about them & how they operate in the spirit, & that was the amazing thing about the whole thing, the explanation of it all, this god & its history, its manifestations & methods & how it related to different things in history & things that happened, & explaining. I had asked the Lord what gave me that horrible indigestion last night, & out of the clear blue sky in the night the Lord gave me the answer, something I hadn't even expected at all, that it was directly caused by this demon-god that grabbed ahold of my esophagus & tried to strangle me, & I forgot the name!

       40. THE LORD LET ME FORGET THE WHOLE THING EXCEPT THAT I HAD IT, that's all that I could remember is that I'd had it. I'm like Nebuchadnezzar, he had the dream, he knew he had it & he knew it was important, but he couldn't for the life of him remember it! (Maria: Thank the Lord you can at least remember the general idea!) But I often remember names that way. I remember the first letter.--I know the first letter began with an "A". It was a little short word like Ashraf (or Asharaf?) or anyhow it was short.

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