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THE ASHRAF, ROOSEVELT, WILSON REVELATION!--From a New Indian Guide!       DFO 1404       France 2/12/80

       1. TEDDY ROOSEVELT WAS A MAN OF WAR, & THAT WAS ALL THE BIG TROUBLE! AND WOODROW WILSON WAS A MAN OF PEACE. They all made big trouble. (Maria: He made big trouble with whom?) With Woodrow Wilson. They say that they're our sons & they caused the big trouble. Man of war with man of peace. Teddy Roosevelt with Woodrow Wilson. Stupid girl, but nice girl. I love you! That's what they say. That's what they say, when we ask for peace, they ask for war. No, no, no, when they ask for peace, we ask for war.

       2. WHEN SPIRITS ASK FOR PEACE, MAN ASKS FOR WAR! It's so simple! Such big trouble, three big wars! Oh, such big trouble! (Maria: Spirits ask for peace?) Uh-huh. (Maria: Which spirits?) Spirits, good spirits. Spirits of Woodrow Wilson ask for peace, but bad spirits of Teddy Roosevelt ask for war. So you have lots of wars 'cause that's what man wants, big wars, no peace! Not like Woodrow Wilson, good man, want peace. So you'll get war, that's what you want. You want war, you'll get war. World War 1, World War 2 & World War 3! All for sons of Teddy Roosevelt, bad sons, can't you see? So simple. That's the whole thing. (Maria: Sons of war & sons of peace?) No, no, no!

       3. SONS OF WAR MAKE WAR ON SONS OF PEACE & CAUSE BIG TROUBLE! Indians know, Indians know better, like Woodrow Wilson. Not Teddy Roosevelt, no. (Maria: And are they affecting us now? The spirits of Teddy Roosevelt & Woodrow Wilson?) Why, of course! You reap what you sow! Teddy Roosevelt sowed big wars & they reject man of peace, so they get big wars. That's that. So sad, so plain, so simple. (Maria: Is Reagan a man of war?) Of course, they're all men of war, all of them! All the sons of Teddy Roosevelt are men of war! Poor Woodrow Wilson, he had so few sons of peace! They can't oppose the men of war, no. (Maria: So the bad spirits cause war?) Of course!

       4. (MARIA: DO THE BAD SPIRITS CAUSE ILLNESS TOO?) YES, OF COURSE! (Maria: Do they cause David trouble?) Oh yes, of course! (Maria: Do you know which one causes it?) I told you. (Maria: No, you didn't tell me. Do you know which is the Viking god?) Asharaf! (Maria: Asharaf?) Asharaf! (Maria: He's the Viking god of strangulation?) Asharaf! (Maria: What is he?) God of War! (Maria: Is he the one that causes your trouble when you eat?) There's lots of trouble!

       5. (MARIA: WHEN YOU EAT DOES HE CAUSE YOU TROUBLE?) Me? (Maria: Yes. Which one causes you trouble when you eat?) The Sphinx! (Maria: But I thought his name started with "A"?) It's the same thing. (Maria: But what is the name?) The same thing! (Maria: But what is it if it starts with "A"?) Asharaf! (Maria: How do you spell it?) Asharaf. (Maria: Do you know how you spell it?) Asharaf! (Maria: Could you spell it for me, please?) Asharaf, you stupid girl. Asharaf! I told you many times before. (Maria: And he causes you trouble when you eat?) He's with Sphinx, they're friends! (Maria: But does he cause you trouble when you eat?) Yes, I told you that. I told you that before.

       6. YOU DISTURB THE SPIRITS! You won't give me any peace. Sshh! Be still! I don't like those & I don't want them. (Maria: What don't you want?) Gods of war! Don't want, don't like! Don't stir them up! Sshh! Don't say his name! (Maria: We can rebuke him in Jesus' name.) Amen. (Maria: Lord, rebuke the evil spirits in Jesus' name! Was that good?) Uh huh. (Maria: I rebuke you, evil spirits, in Jesus' name! Give us good spirits, peaceful spirits, to keep us while we sleep, in the Name of Jesus! TYL!--Good spirits to protect David while he sleeps.)

       7. IT'S BETTER DON'T TALK ABOUT THEM! It's better forget them, 'cause they're bad & evil. And they do much evil. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus, help us, Lord, in Jesus' name! Rebuke all the bad & evil spirits of war, in Jesus' name! Amen, Jesus. TYJ! Go to sleep little girl, please don't talk about things & bring up evil spirits when you say their names, & they come. (Maria: But if I rebuke them, then they go, in Jesus' name.) Amen. (Maria: In Jesus' name I rebuke you, evil spirits, in Jesus' name! Jesus is greater! Rebuke Asharaf in Jesus' name!)

       8. YOU'LL SEE, YOU'LL FIND HIM IN THE OLD WRITINGS. (Maria: In the Viking writings?) Yes, of course. In Egypt too. They're all friends, bad wicked friends. You mustn't talk about them, you bring them up. Jesus help us, in Jesus' name! Scare them away, Lord, in Jesus' name, like the bad dogs! Yes! In Jesus' name. Amen. Hallelujah! TYJ!

       9. TOO BAD, SO SAD! (Maria: What's too bad, so sad?) About the man of war. The man of war. They caused it all, sons of war against sons of peace. Sons of Teddy Roosevelt against sons of Woodrow Wilson. They still fight. But in America sons of war always win big fight 'cause they love war! Very few love peace. You tell them that's all I got. That's just the way it is. They cause big bad trouble & lots of war. You'll see.

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