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WHO IS ASHRAF?--What's in a Name?--The Ashraf Search!       DFO 1405       18/2/83

       1. THIS IS FEBRUARY 18, 1983, OUR BIRTHDAY! TYJ! PTL! And this is a tape on some researching we did on the name of the god or goddess "Ashraf" or "Asharaf" or "Ashteroth" or "Ashtoreth". There are several different forms of this name which appear frequently in the Bible & in secular literature & mythology & ancient pagan & heathen religions. It seems to be a very popular name & popular god or goddess, & comes in both forms, male & female, masculine & feminine forms of the name, as it was apparently sometimes considered male, sometimes female & sometimes a pair by one or the same or even different names.

       2. THIS IS A SORT OF AN APPENDIX TO THE REVELATION WHICH WE HAD ON THIS GODDESS, who we thought at the time was either a god or goddess, but definitely related to the Sphinx, as we were shown, the revelation which we had way back in November 1980 about "Ashraf, the Viking Demon God!" (See No.1403.), at which time it was shown us that he or she or they were related to the Sphinx of Egypt in one of her earlier forms & on which we had an extensive revelation, with the Lord giving us the name of the demon who was attacking us with these strange strictures, constrictions or strangulations of the esophagus.

       3. WHEN WE ASKED THE LORD TO REVEAL TO US WHAT THE TROUBLE WAS, WE HAD THE SURPRISING ANSWER THAT IT WAS AN ATTACK OF THE DEVIL, had no natural causes, but was an attack of this god or goddess related to the Sphinx upon whom we've already had a revelation in "The Talisman" (No.1369), after whom the sphincter muscles of the body are named, meaning a tightening or a strangulation. Sphincter muscles are those which close orifices of the body, various bodily openings, & are named after the Sphinx because she was supposed to be the goddess who strangled her victims.

       4. THE SPHINX IS THE FAMOUS EGYPTIAN GODDESS OF WHOM THERE IS A GIGANTIC STATUE IN EGYPT & which we have discussed before in "The Talisman", her spirit having been brought to us from Egypt via elsewhere by a small picture from someone who didn't like us (Deb) & eventually caused a major defection in our ranks (Tim)! If you have read "The Talisman" you will understand what we're talking about, & if you've not, you'd better read it. And if you have read the preceding revelation on Ashraf, you will also understand what we're driving at, & if not you'd better read it first, both "The Talisman" & the "Ashraf Revelation".

       5. BECAUSE I WOULD NOT GET UP & RECORD THE DREAM OR THE REVELATION AT THAT TIME in the middle of the night when Maria was sick, for fear of disturbing her, & because I was just too plain lazy & disobedient, the Lord warned me that I was going to forget it, even though at the time I remembered the name of the god or goddess very clearly & could even see it & spell it, almost smell it! But we refused to believe the Lord's warning, we couldn't believe we could possibly ever forget it or forget the accompanying long running commentary which the Lord gave us describing this god & goddess' personality & origin, name & methods & machinations throughout the centuries from the earliest days of Egypt until the present.

       6. I'D ASKED THE LORD WHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME WHEN I WAS IN PAIN WITH THIS STOPPAGE at the bottom of my esophagus leading into the stomach, for no apparent reason, no physical reason, when I was in perfectly good health otherwise, & I'd tried to figure out all kinds of causes but could find no natural causes which really explained it. But when I got desperate in prayer & asked the Lord what caused it, He told me very clearly in this revelation, the preceding revelation on Ashraf, that it was a demon spirit, a god or goddess of Hell who was attacking us to try to choke off our food, our nourishment.

       7. WHEN YOU READ THE NEXT REVELATION, "GOD KNOWS WHEN", NO.1407, following this research we're giving you on this god or goddess of the underworld, you will know why. These preceding revelations are only telling you about who & how, but the next revelation, "God Knows When", is regarding why this happened & what it signified, & that's another story.

       8. RIGHT NOW WE'RE FULFILLING THE PREMONITION that if we didn't write down what the Lord was giving us at the time, He was going to let us forget it & barely remember the name, & even had a difficulty getting that back, first only remembering it began with "A", then remembering somewhat of what it was about, this goddess & long commentary that the Lord was giving me about her, sometimes a him, sometimes a her! They seem to be either bisexual or male or female or both sometimes in the underworld, a little bit like they are on Earth sometimes.

       9. THE LORD WARNED US THEN that because we wouldn't get up & record it when He was giving it to us the easy way by revelation, we were going to later have to dig it out the hard way, to get all the information we could possibly get from man's records, & that not as accurate or as thorough as what God gave us! We were going to have to dig it out by hard difficult research & investigation from man's records of history the hard way. So here it is! "Who is Ashraf?" PTL!

       10. WE'VE BEEN INVESTIGATING NOW FOR SOME YEARS THIS SUBJECT & THIS PERSONAGE OF THIS EVIL ANGEL OR DEMON GOD & GODDESS & had others try to gather all the information on it that they possibly could, & we ourselves have gathered quite a bit of information from various reference works, encyclopedias, concordances, Bible dictionaries, etc., until we've put together quite an array of interesting facts regarding her, or theories, or myths & legends & stories told about her from the ancient past. So we are going to try to describe her according to man's records & histories & reference works, having had to get it out the hard way, as God forewarned us, for disobeying & not recording what He told us about her at the time.

       11. SO HERE WE GO, GOD HELPING US, TO GIVE YOU THE PICTURE & help you to get a glimpse of the netherworld, the underworld, the World of evil spirits, in which case the Lord told us that it was very important to know her name, & later showed us it was very important that we have the name in order to rebuke her & cast her out & cause her to depart from us, & release her stranglehold on our esophagus & deliver us, which story you will hear in "God Knows When!" PTL! We did finally get the victory over her & got rid of her, but not until after she had caused us about 4 years of trouble with these occasional attacks of closure of the esophagus, so that I was unable to swallow my food or it was unable to pass all the way into my stomach on a few occasions.

       12. THEREFORE IT WAS IMPORTANT THAT WE KNOW HER NAME & SOMETHING ABOUT HER, IN ORDER THAT WE MIGHT CONFRONT HER BY NAME, WHICH IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO EXORCISE ANY EVIL SPIRIT: CALL THEM BY NAME & REBUKE THEM BY NAME, CAST THEM OUT BY NAME, RESIST THEM BY NAME! Thank God, I don't believe I was by any means possessed of this evil spirit, because possession implies complete control Thank the Lord she at no time ever had control, but was only able to attack me in one organ of my body, & was only occasionally able to inflict pain & suffering & difficulty, & even then only rarely, TTL!

       13. BUT THE LORD FINALLY REMINDED ME, WHEN I ASKED THE LORD WHY IT HAD GONE ON SO LONG, usually every few weeks or months I'd have another attack of this during some meal in which some bite would not pass from my food tube, the esophagus or gullet, on into my stomach, & I would have to throw up in order to dislodge it, & then rest awhile before resuming eating. When I was desperate to find out why this had gone on so long & what it was, the Lord reminded me that I had never yet gotten out the Letter "The Talisman", perhaps because it was so long, a 44-page Letter, which I think you'll find either in this GN or the next, because we're trying to keep all of these together.

       14. "THE TALISMAN" WAS THE FIRST REVELATION WHICH WE HAD ALONG THIS LINE FOUR YEARS AGO about this, & Ashraf seems to be the same goddess, variously called by various names, related to or identical with the Sphinx, with whom we had experience to begin with way back in the beginning of 1979, just before the defection of one of our chief leaders, Timothy Concerned, from our personal staff of our Family in France.

       15. THIS EVIL SPIRIT HAD BEEN CAUSING DAVIDITO A GREAT DEAL OF TROUBLE through, in this case, not a tightening but a relaxation of his sphincter muscles for his urination, causing him to wet the bed frequently, al most every night & sometimes at naptime too! So when we were praying in France at the time as to just what was causing it, the Lord revealed to us that it was this demon goddess which had hitchhiked on The Talisman into our house from elsewhere, in fact from someone who was apparently already a bitter enemy, Tim's wife Deborah, & had come into our home by means of a package containing this picture of his little daughter Maeve, which had such a strange influence over Davidito, causing him to wet the bed every night!

       16. WHEN WE FINALLY CONFRONTED THE FAMILY & TIM with what the Lord revealed to us about this picture, we bade Tim to get rid of it, that it was a Talisman being used of the Enemy to convey an evil spirit into our midst that was afflicting Davidito, Tim left us within a few days & eventually left the Family, defected completely with his family!

       17. JUST A FEW DAYS AFTER THAT I ALSO WAS SUDDENLY ATTACKED WITH THE FIRST ATTACK of this strangulation of the lower esophagus, the food tube opening in the stomach, for apparently no reason at all! I'd been eating very bland creamed tuna that night while talking to Peter Amsterdam, our new business manager replacing Tim, in my first conference with him. The Enemy attacked for no physical reason, no reason we could possibly understand!

       18. LATER THE LORD SHOWED US IT WAS A DIRECT ATTACK FROM THE ENEMY, THE DEVIL, BY ONE OF HIS ARCHDEMONS, A FAMOUS GODDESS OF OLD, THE SPHINX GODDESS, after whom those sphincter muscles are named, which contract & close body openings or relax & open these openings. In this case she was contracting the opening at the bottom of my esophagus & closing it to the point that I could not get the food down. Sometimes it would happen at the beginning of a meal, sometimes in the middle or almost at the end of a meal, just suddenly for no apparent reason, suddenly a muscular spasm would occur there which constricted, bound tightly, or virtually strangled the bottom end of the esophagus so that the bite just taken would not go all the way down.

       19. USUALLY BY DESPERATE PRAYER ON THE SPOT BY MARIA & THE FAMILY I WOULD BE RELIEVED ALMOST INSTANTLY, sometimes within a few minutes, other times I would have to go & actually throw up the bite in order to get rid of it or for her to let go her hold & I be relieved. Sometimes it was at very embarrassing times & somewhat humiliating. It certainly helped keep me humble when it happened sometimes right before the Family while we were eating together!

       20. SO I HAD BEEN PLAGUED BY THIS THING OFF & ON EVERY FEW WEEKS OR MONTHS, usually coming suddenly by surprise when I least expected it & was unaware, really, of what was happening, unprepared perhaps for it, because I didn't really know the nature of the attack or the attacker. It is important in some cases, particularly when you're dealing with evil spirits & demon powers, to know their name. Sometimes in the Bible Jesus Himself asked the name of the demon who inhabited a demoniac, & in this case they even said their name was Legion, because they were many! (Lk.8:26-39) When He was about to cast them out of the man, they asked the Lord's permission to go into a nearby herd of pigs, & 2,000 pigs were possessed by these thousands of demons, who promptly caused the pigs to run down a hill & off the cliff into the sea & all be destroyed--which got Jesus in a little trouble with the local owners in the land of the Gadarenes!

       21. SO WHEN YOU'RE DEALING WITH DEMONOLOGY & DEMONS & EXORCISM OR THE ATTACKS OF THE ENEMY, IT'S VERY IMPORTANT SOMETIMES TO KNOW ITS NAME, if possible. Find out or determine the name of the demon who is attacking, & then command them by name with authority in the name of Jesus Christ, & they have to obey! The demons are subject unto us. (Mt.10:1; Mk.3:15; 16:17; Lk.9:1; 10:17-19) Evil spirits can be cast out by us & rebuked by us or driven away by us if they are causing an attack.

       22. I'M QUITE SURE I WAS NOT POSSESSED BY THIS DEMON BECAUSE THE ATTACKS ONLY OCCURRED VERY RARELY FROM THE OUTSIDE, not within my own spirit or mind, but just attacking an organ of my body, as Satan sometimes will do & can do to afflict you & cause you trouble.

       23. JOB & PAUL & MANY OTHER GREAT HEROES OF THE BIBLE SUFFERED SUCH ATTACKS. Job was tested by the Enemy with the permission of God (Job 1:6-12) & Paul had a "thorn in the flesh", an evil spirit, "a messenger of Satan", that afflicted him, but did not possess him, but which he apparently couldn't even get rid of because, as he described it, he thought perhaps it was to keep him humble because he'd had such great revelations & experiences with the Lord! (2Cor.12:7; 1Sam.18:10)

       24. SO THIS ATTACKER KEPT ANNOYING ME OFF & ON FOR ABOUT FOUR YEARS FROM THAT TIME WHEN SHE FIRST CAME UNDER THE NAME OF THE SPHINX, & which we ferretted out in a revelation from the Lord at that time, finding out who she was, & rebuked her power over Davidito, not realising she was going to attack me next!

       25. IT'S VERY IMPORTANT WHEN YOU'RE EXORCISING OR REBUKING EVIL SPIRITS THAT YOU COMMAND THEM NOT ONLY BY NAME & TO GET OUT, BUT TO GET AWAY from where you are, out of also the house, & even name some other place to which they should go! And in the revelation to follow, by which I was finally delivered, this is exactly what I finally did with this demon attacker, & you'll find it inspiring & encouraging that the Lord has finally only recently delivered us because of the power He has given us over evil spirits! TYJ!

       26. "ALL POWER IS GIVEN UNTO ME in Heaven & in Earth," Jesus said, (Mt.28:18) & we have Jesus, so we have His power, so that even the evil spirits & demons are subject unto us, as the Apostles soon discovered after they started following Christ! (Mt.10:1, Lk.9:1, 10:17-19, Acts 8:7)

       27. BUT NOW THIS PARTICULAR LETTER IS DEALING WITH HER IDENTITY, which the Lord had revealed to us in the other revelation, her first identity in "The Talisman", as the Sphinx Goddess of Egypt, & then in one almost two years later near the end of 1980. Tim left us in March of '79 & this revelation on Ashraf came in November of 1980, nearly two years later, when we got desperate & asked the Lord what was causing this trouble!

       28. AND YET THIS TROUBLE CONTINUED FOR ANOTHER TWO YEARS BECAUSE WE DID NOT TAKE A DEFINITE STAND & REBUKE THIS DEMON BY NAME in the laying on of hands right on the spot, rebuking her by name & telling her exactly what to do & where to go, as you'll find out in the next revelation, "God Knows When!" So that not until just recently did we really get rid of her & were delivered from this affliction & healed! In fact, not until as we asked the Lord why hadn't we been healed & why it seemed we couldn't get rid of it, that the Lord reminded us that we had never published "The Talisman"!

       29. THE LORD IS VERY CONCERNED THAT YOU UNDERSTAND ALL OF THESE THINGS & THAT YOU KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH THEM & that you be enlightened on these subjects in order that you can face down the Devil & his demons & resist them & cast them out & rebuke them & drive them away & get rid of their annoyances & pestering & afflictions! For nearly four years we failed to get out that long lost Letter because it was so long, because it took us so long to deal with the subject of The Talisman, describing what Animism is & trying to explain the whole subject in order to deal with the specific instance of it in "The Talisman".

       30. SO FOR FOUR LONG YEARS "THE TALISMAN" REMAINED UNPUBLISHED & YOU DID NOT GET THE MESSAGE & you did not receive the explanation of how these things work & how these forces & powers & evil spirits operate, & perhaps some of you have had such problems.--Especially now that you're going to Southern mission fields where they're rife & plentiful & very common & very powerful, because not many people know how to deal with them.

       31. IN FACT, IN THE SOUTHERN FIELDS THEY'RE EVEN WORSHIPPED & VENERATED & SACRIFICED TO & WHOLE RELIGIONS ARE BUILT UPON SOME OF THESE EVIL GODS & GODDESSES of the demon World, the Devil's own officers & leaders & angels & Archangels, as the Lord revealed to us today also & as you will read in another revelation called "Satan's Saints!" (No.1243)

       32. EVEN AS GOD HAS HIS SAINTS IN THE SPIRIT WORLD who are as powerful or even more powerful than angels, like our own personal guardian guide & angel Abrahim, & our Seven Guardian Angels & our Archangel Michael who oversees them & takes care of us, so the Devil also has his evil spirits, not only his evil angels created in the beginning, those who fell with him & who are still operating in the Spirit World, called in the Bible sometimes the Heavenlies, or Heavenly places, (Jn.3:12; 1Cor.15:48; Eph.1:20; 3:10) meaning the spiritual sphere, the 5th Dimension, not always up in the Heaven of God, but who still even as late as Job & the present have access to afflict the Saints & accuse them before God!

       33. THE DEVIL IS STILL THE ACCUSER OF THE SAINTS & AFFLICTS GOD'S PEOPLE, (Rev.12:10, 1Pet.5:8-9) & has not yet been completely cast out of the Heavens & down to the Earth, & will not be until the beginning of the Tribulation when the Antichrist becomes Satan-possessed when Satan falls to the Earth & wreaks havoc, "knowing his time is short", in the only three-&-a-half years left of the Tribulation! (Rev.12:10-12,17)

       34. SO THE "DEVIL SAINTS" & ANGELS ARE STILL BUSY, STILL OPERATING, & as the little boy said to the unbelievers, "Well, if there's no Devil, then who's carrying on his business?" Well, there's a Devil, all right, & he's got plenty of angels & Archangels to carry on his dirty work, & he also has some "saints"--not exactly saints in our way of thinking, but those devoted, you might say, sanctified to his pure evil & loyalty to obey Satan rather than God, departed human spirits who serve only Satan! But that's another story. In fact, in that revelation, "Satan's Saints!" I show how that some of these departed human spirits have been so loyal to the Enemy, so wicked, so vile, so evil, so horrible, that they become some of his chief agents & officers in his kingdom of the underworld, the netherworld of the spirit in which he is still allowed to operate until the End!--Remember Mr. Coosa? (No.262)

       35. WE ARE ALSO CONVINCED THROUGH OUR RESEARCH THAT MANY OF THE FAMOUS WICKED ONES OF HISTORY, WICKED HUMAN BEINGS, HORRIBLY CRUEL MONSTERS, ALMOST INHUMAN MONSTERS OF HISTORY, HAVE GONE ON TO THE NETHERWORLD, & although some are already cast into Hell, others are allowed to continue to serve Satan to fill up their cup of iniquity until the End! But that's another story, you can read that in "Satan's Saints!"--Don't miss it! Get that TRF & exact address in now!

       36. SO, WHAT ABOUT ASHRAF? Who is she, who was she, & does or did she really exist? Well, she really exists, I know that, because the Lord showed me that in the revelation on her that you should have just read, "The Talisman" & "Ashraf". Now this one is the research on the historical Ashraf which the Lord made us do, or we had to do, because we refused to obey the Lord that night & record everything that He showed us & told us, or even the name, & He made us even forget it for awhile except He left us some little clues & we finally got the name back, thank the Lord, & that was our only key by which we could pursue this investigation & research work regarding who she is & who she was & where she's been & what's the nature of her evil ministry & activities.

       37. SO HERE IS WHAT WE HAVE DISCOVERED, & we felt it would be of interest to you, as it's confirmed by history & the various legends of mythology that she's a famous goddess of the past who was definitely related to the Sphinx, if not only the Sphinx herself!

       38. WELL, PTL! BUT YOU SAY, "WHY GET INTO ALL THIS STUFF ABOUT DEMONS & the Devil & Hell & all his dirtywork?" Well, we must not be ignorant of his devices (2Cor.2:11) & we must be able to know how to handle him & his demon powers & how to protect ourselves from them & how to rebuke & get rid of them when necessary in their attacks, & to understand how Satan's World operates.

       39. SATAN'S POWERS ARE VERY REAL, & YET NOT TO BE FEARED, MUCH LESS WORSHIPPED, BUT TO BE RESISTED & REBUKED & EXORCISED & GOTTEN RID OF & REPROVED & CAST OUT & SENT AWAY, so that they won't bother us, once you have learned whatever lesson God is allowing them to teach you by affliction. "Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivereth him out of them all," thank the Lord. King David said, "Before I was afflicted I went astray: but now have I kept Thy word." (Ps.34:19; 119:67)

       40. SO I WAS BEING AFFLICTED BY THIS DEVIL FOR ABOUT FOUR YEARS, WHICH HAD FIRST COME WITH THE TALISMAN in the form & nature & name of the Sphinx, & it had bothered me off & on for quite awhile. Finally it was getting a little worse, it seemed, after four years of this off-&-on come again, on again, off again, shenanigan, until I finally really got desperate & asked God why, & He told me I must publish "The Talisman!"--then He would show me!

       41. SO AS SOON AS I FINISHED EDITING "THE TALISMAN" & SENT IT IN, IMMEDIATELY THE LORD THEN ANSWERED MY DESPERATE PRAYER & showed me what I must do next & how to do it, & that is the story which I have told separately in another revelation, "God Knows When!", regarding why & how by the laying on of hands & the resisting of evil & Satanic powers by calling them by name & casting them out or rebuking them & driving them away, sending them away to a specific place or a new carrier, praise God!

       42. SO ALL OF THIS IS FOR YOUR BENEFIT TO HELP YOU UNDERSTAND HOW THE ENEMY WORKS SO YOU'LL KNOW HOW TO DEFEAT HIM, & to know the formula that God has made very clear in His Word, how to handle the attacks of the Enemy, how to resist Satan so he'll flee from you, how to lift up the standard of the Holy Spirit against him. "When the Enemy comes in like a flood the Spirit of God will raise a standard against him!" (Isa.59:19)--You must know what the standard is & how to use it, the Word of God!

       43. IT IS ALSO DEFINITELY HELPFUL, AS ANY EXPERIENCED EXORCIST WILL TELL YOU, TO KNOW THE NAME OF THE DEMON, devil or evil spirit with whom you're dealing. Because if you speak to them by name & then rebuke or resist or cast them out in the name of Jesus, that is so specific it is a power that God has given to you & me through Christ that they cannot resist & they cannot disobey, but they must be subject unto you & they must obey when you call them by name & tell them exactly what to do!--To get their hell out of here!--And tell'm where to go! Hal!

       44. SO THIS IS WHY THE LORD KNEW IT WAS IMPORTANT FOR ME TO KNOW THE NAME OF THIS SHE-DEVIL! I hope it's the last explanation along this line I ever have to go through, after being afflicted four years by her off-&-on, not all the time but just occasionally, but very annoyingly, sometimes painfully, sometimes almost to the point of discouragement & depression, thinking that surely the next time was maybe going to be my last time & my last bite & I might never be able to swallow again, & eventually would surely die of starvation!

       45. BOY, HOW THE DEVIL LIES TO YOU, HOW HE TRIES TO GET YOU DOWN, HOW HE TRIES TO DISCOURAGE YOU & DEPRESS YOU & CAUSE YOU TO GIVE UP & QUIT! Like King David said when downhearted: "Someday I shall surely die at the hand of Saul!" (1Sam.27:1) So it was right after one of these attacks of discouragement & depression because of an attack by this evil spirit on my esophagus that I finally got so desperate in prayer with God that I asked not only for deliverance, but "Lord, why haven't You delivered me?" And He showed me that I had not published "The Talisman"! I had not revealed to you some of these things regarding the workings of the Enemy so that you would be able to deal with them & handle them yourself & obtain release & relief & deliverance in some of your cases, to know what's the best method to use & how to handle it.

       46. ALTHOUGH I'VE ALREADY GIVEN YOU SUCH LETTERS AS "EXORCISM" ETC., WE'RE DEALING NOW WITH A SPECIFIC CASE of a personal affliction & how it came in "The Talisman", who it was, & how it afflicted first Davidito, then me, & how long it lasted because I disobeyed the Lord in not quickly publishing "The Talisman!", so that you might understand what was happening or what had happened or what might even be happening in your own home in some cases, & now know how to handle it!

       47. AND THEN EVEN WHEN I GOT DESPERATE & HE FINALLY TOLD ME AGAIN WHO SHE WAS UNDER ANOTHER NAME, ASHRAF, still the same Sphinx goddess but now hiding under another name (--a skunk by another name still stinks just as bad!--), I was not appreciative enough to get up in the middle of the night two years after she first afflicted me & record what God showed me in giving me her other name so I could call her by both names! And I finally resisted her & rebuked her & cast her out & commanded her by name to go away & told her where to go!

       48. SO I HAD NEITHER PUBLISHED "THE TALISMAN", NOR HAD I PURSUED THE INVESTIGATION WHICH THE LORD INDICATED WOULD NOW BE NECESSARY TO FIND OUT THE IDENTITY OF THIS OTHER NAME, ASHRAF, for what apparently, according to the Lord, is the same goddess as the Sphinx, as was so often true in the various heathen & pagan religions of the various pantheons of gods & goddesses. They often had the same gods or goddesses, but by different names in different cultures & in different languages in different countries. This is so true in so many of the cases.

       49. FOR EXAMPLE, THE FAMOUS SUPREME GOD OF THE GREEKS IN GREEK MYTHOLOGY IS CALLED ZEUS, WHEREAS THE SAME GOD LIVING IN THE SAME PLACE ETC., ON MT. OLYMPUS, WAS CALLED BY THE ROMANS, JUPITER! And like the Greeks called the messenger god Hermes, the Romans called him Mercury. The Greek goddess of love was Aphrodite, but called Venus by the Romans. The Goddess of sex & fertility was called Astarte by the Greeks & Romans, but Ashtoreth by the Phoenicians & Ishtar by the Assyrians & Babylonians--etc., etc.

       50. SO MANY OF THESE SAME GODS HAD VARIOUS NAMES IN VARIOUS LANGUAGES according to the culture in which they appeared in the pantheons of the deities worshipped by these various heathen nations. So you will find the same god or goddess appearing first under one name & then again in another culture under another name & later elsewhere with still another name etc. But at the same time all are one & the same god or goddess, only by another name in another language, time or place.

       51. SOMETIMES THEY WOULD SOUND MUCH THE SAME, you could tell just by hearing or observation or looking at the word that it was the same word but in a slightly variable form, as is true in the case of this goddess' name which God revealed to me in the revelation two years ago, "Ashraf". (No.1403)

       52. SO, I HAD NOT BEEN DELIVERED BECAUSE I HAD FAILED TO PUBLISH THE FIRST REVELATION ON THE SPHINX, "THE TALISMAN!", & ALSO THE NEXT REVELATION ON "ASHRAF"! So twice now He'd revealed to me the cause of the affliction. God reveals things to you for a reason. I had not only not taken advantage of this important knowledge God had given to use in my own case, but I had failed the Lord in one case by not publishing the revelation, & in another by not even receiving the revelation & recording it, much less publishing it!

       53. NOW I'M ALMOST ASHAMED TO PUBLISH IT BECAUSE I HAD TO CONFESS THAT I HAD NOT HONOURED IT AT THE TIME & refused to take the time in the middle of the night to record it, so the Lord allowed me in the morning to completely forget it & only to remember that I had had it & to vaguely remember the name, that it began with "A"! Until finally now I am revealing to you that revelation also, as well as publishing "The Talisman!", TTL! Finally, eventually the Lord showed me why--not only who & how, but why & when!

       54. AND SO THIS SERIES OF ARTICLES IS ON THIS GODDESS OF THE SPHINX, ASHRAF OR ASHARAF OR ASHARAH OR ASHTORETH OR ASHERET OR THE VARIOUS FORMS OF HER NAME, who she was, how she came, how she operated, why she was allowed to remain, because of various disobediences, some by others & some by me; & then finally how we got the victory only just recently within the past few days by finally obeying the Lord & publishing all of these Letters & this particular series of revelations on this demon goddess of the Devil's World, & by taking specific action by name & by physical action & spiritual authority to rebuke her by name & resist her, cast her out & send her away, even specifying where she should go!

       55. WE HAVE NOT HAD THIS AFFLICTION SINCE THEN, THANK THE LORD! Our stomach has been feeling much better, we've had no difficulty swallowing & we apparently have been completely healed! TYJ! But often healing is a blessing & a reward contingent on obedience, so I'm now feverishly desperately trying to get out all these Letters to you as fast as I can to make sure she doesn't come back again! I don't want the Lord to allow her to afflict me again for my disobediences & my lack of appreciation of His revelations & my lack of faith, being unbelieving & not revealing these things to you & hardly believing some of them myself! But now that I have attacked the whole problem & her, believed & obeyed & am publishing this series of Letters on demons & this particular demon & my experience with her, the Lord is delivering me, thank the Lord! PTL!

       56. WHO IS SHE UNDER THIS OTHER NAME OF ASHRAF? Well, as you have already read in "Ashraf!", she has been in existence since the early days of Egypt, first as the Sphinx & then on through the Assyrian & Babylonian cultures under various other names which we'll give you in a moment, & right on clear down to the Viking culture, in which she still existed as one of their gods, in that culture taking on the masculine form of the name & the male identity. Some of these gods & goddesses are not only transvestites, but are transsexual, apparently, & are known by various masculine & feminine names & some times even seem to change sex! So as you learned in "Ashraf", she or he became one of the major gods of the Vikings as well.

       57. THINK HOW MANY CENTURIES, MILLENNIUMS, THAT THE WORK OF SOME OF THESE EVIL SPIRITS & DEMON POWERS HAVE SPANNED, from the early days of Egypt clear down to fairly recent times of ancient history in the days of the Vikings, & now right down to my own personal experience with her in the recent days of Today!

       58. SO THESE THINGS ARE IMPORTANT BECAUSE YOU NEED TO KNOW, THAT YOU MIGHT DEAL WITH THEM EFFECTIVELY & POWERFULLY, & TO KNOW WHAT YOUR RIGHTS ARE IN THE LORD & WHAT YOUR AUTHORITY IS & HOW TO HANDLE THESE MATTERS & HOW TO REBUKE THEM BY NAME BY KNOWING WHO THEY ARE! The Lord warned us, although He had given us the name & described her machinations & evil devices & activities down through the ages from the beginning to the time of the Vikings & on, He had allowed me to forget the whole thing because I failed to record it that night! So that He then indicated that now we would have to find it out for ourselves by hard work & study & research, which I can confess because it's taken many more hours & days & even years of study that He has given us as a punishment & chastisement for our unbelief & disobedience in these first cases!

       59. BUT NOW THROUGH THIS WE HAVE DISCOVERED SOME VERY INTERESTING THINGS REGARDING THE NETHERWORLD OF SATAN & his activities & his gods & goddesses, his evil demon gods & powers & how they are related to each other, & in many cases one & the same down through the ages in different cultures & places & languages. So praise the Lord, I'm going to try to maybe sum up a few of these things for you, read them to you out of the various reference works in which they're located, thereby hoping to give you a little glimpse of their activities.

       60. WELL, ONE OF OUR FIRST RESEARCHERS FOUND A NUMBER OF INTERESTING FACTS regarding the first name that was given clear back in "The Talisman" four years ago, the Sphinx! Oddly enough, although nearly all the other gods of the Egyptians had either animal form or sometimes human form with animal heads, the Sphinx was peculiar to the Egyptian pantheon of gods in that she & she alone had the body of a beast, or at least partly so, & in some cases she's shown with female breasts with the body of a lion, but the head of a woman!

       61. NOW THIS IS VERY INTERESTINGLY SIGNIFICANT IN RELATION TO PROPHETIC BIBLE INTERPRETATION, because throughout the Bible normally the beasts in symbolic use represent powers, governments, kings, nations, empires, kingdoms, etc. Whereas human figures appearing in such symbolic prophecies or revelations usually denote spiritual powers, demon power or angelic powers, definitely the powers of angels or demons rather than just the governments of man, representing the powers of Hell & the spirit powers rather than just man power!

       62. SO SHE WAS VERY INTERESTING IN THAT, OF ALL THE EGYPTIAN GODS, SHE ALONE HAD THE BODY OF AN ANIMAL BUT THE HEAD OF A HUMAN--IN HER CASE THE HEAD OF A WOMAN, FEMALE! And in some of the idols & statues & representations of her she also has even female breasts, bosoms appearing right in front! Having, in other words, not only the head, but the bust of a woman, definitely a female deity or goddess! And she was apparently great enough & powerful enough to have the largest image on Earth made of her of any god or goddess of all the Egyptians!

       63. THE GREAT PYRAMIDS WERE GIGANTIC & SIGNIFICANT APPARENTLY, IN BEING SYMBOLIC, PERHAPS, OF THE COMING CITY OF GOD, THE HEAVENLY CITY, THE NEW JERUSALEM, THAT GREAT PYRAMID SPACE CITY that's on its way, coming down one of these days for us to inhabit, prophetic of the future. But none of their idols or gods or goddesses or images were given the distinction of having the very largest one made except the Sphinx herself, which was carved out of solid rock in the Egyptian desert, solid natural rock near the pyramid of Cofre.

       64. HER HEAD IS 66 FEET HIGH, THE BODY 187 FEET LONG, all carved out of one piece of rock except for the paws, & carved & built about 2600 B.C. So she's been around a long time, probably long before that, & may have been one of the Devil's original angels. She is also said to be related to the god Horus. We find one of the Viking gods later is also identified with Horus, & she's also identified with the sun & worship of the sun, the sun god Ra, in some cases symbolising the Pharaohs of Egypt.

       65. THIS SPHINX-TYPE OF IMAGE WAS EXTREMELY COMMON & POPULAR APPARENTLY THROUGHOUT ALL THE EARLY EASTERN CULTURES & EMPIRES, & this type of idol or image or god or goddess is found throughout the ancient Middle East & Greece & Ethiopia & Egypt, sometimes with wings, sometimes with the head of a woman, sometimes the head & breasts of a woman, sometimes the head of a man, & usually the body of a lion.

       66. SHE WAS CONSIDERED ONE OF THE EVIL DESTRUCTIVE AGENTS OF THE GODS & A DESTROYER of those with whom she didn't get along or didn't like, & according to legendary mythology she liked to pop the question to some of her victims & ask them a riddle, & if they couldn't answer it then she would strangle them to death!--Which is why she became known as the strangler & why the strangling sphincter muscles of the sphincter openings, orifices in the human body & animal bodies, are named after her! Sphincter muscles are named after the Sphinx!

       67. ACCORDING TO GREEK MYTHOLOGY, Oedipus answered one of her riddles & he was spared, & she supposedly committed suicide because he had conquered her, so he then became the king & liberator of Thebes in the ancient Greek mythology, so that he was supposed to have conquered her. Well, she apparently, like the Phoenix, rises again!

       68. YOU DON'T CONQUER OR DESTROY SPIRITUAL AGENTS & DEMON POWERS THROUGH ANY NATURAL DEATH OR NATURAL CAUSES! They are greater & more powerful than that, immortal in a way in that they are not mortal & they cannot or do not die as we do. But they are assigned to perdition & damnation & Hell & hellfire in both past times, present &/or the future, such as the Devil & his angels & the Antichrist & his followers (Rev.19:20; 20:10). But otherwise mortal death has no permanent effect on them.--So although it is said in Greek Mythology that she threw herself from a rock & perished & Oedipus vanquished her, she musta fooled'm, because nevertheless she has risen again, that's for sure! Because she's been around a long time since then & is still operating! Only, thank God, she's no longer here bothering me!

       69. SPHINXES WERE ALSO FOUND IN THE ANCIENT ASSYRIAN & MANOAN, ROMAN & MAYAN CULTURES, & the original name, as we've already told you, means "to draw tight" or "to bind" or "contract" or "strangle". And this was the problem I was having with her!--She was tightening my sphincter muscles at the lower end of my esophagus & strangling me, shutting off my food! The Lord has showed us since then in another revelation which you are going to read, the one "God Knows When", why it happened & what it was a picture of & a revelation of, & what we must pray against continually:

       70. THE ENEMY IS ALWAYS TRYING TO STRANGLE & CUT OFF THE SPIRITUAL FOOD OF THE BODY WHICH COMES FROM THE HEAD, but very seldom succeeds, thank the Lord, but sometimes does. So we must try to avoid it, pray against it, that the Lord will not shut off your spiritual food tube or allow it to be shut off, & will rebuke & bind & resist & liberate & free & deliver us from these binding influences & strangling powers who try to cut off the food which He puts in my mouth for you! But that's another story! Read "God Knows When!" So much for the research work done by our dear James Penn & various other sources.

       71. THEN WE ALSO HAVE SOME VERY INTERESTING RESEARCH DONE YEARS AGO WHEN THE SECOND REVELATION CAME, the one about Ashraf & the Viking gods! This was done by our dear researcher Thaddeus while still in London, just a few days after I had the Ashraf Revelation. Here he tells us that although in the revelation this god or goddess appeared by another name, it was still related to the Sphinx. The name began with "A", which was my first clue to who she was, & finally the Lord brought back, even during this revelation, the name as best as I could hear it & repronounce it or spell it, as Ashraf or Asharaf or Ashteroth etc.

       72. SOME OF THESE NAMES VARY GREATLY FROM LANGUAGE TO LANGUAGE & CULTURE TO CULTURE, & some of you translators realise the difficulties in translating & transliteration from one language to another of the very same word, which entails many difficulties. But she had something to do with the Viking gods in that "Ashraf" revelation, & one of the names used by them was Aesir, which is closely related to Asher & Ashraf etc., earlier gods of the ancients, & was the name of one of the two main tribes of the gods of the Vikings.

       73. THE PRINCIPAL GOD OF THE VIKINGS, OF COURSE, WAS THE EVIL WODEN, after whom our day Wednesday is named! That's why it has such a peculiar spelling, Wednesday--Woden's Day! Woden is spelled normally in our English language as W-O-D-E-N, sometimes spelled W-O-T-A-N, & sometimes the Germanic, Scandinavian & Nordic languages leave the "W" off because it's implied or assumed, & they just call him Odin without the "W".

       74. HE WAS THE GOD OF WAR & EVIL, WHEREAS THOR WAS THEIR GOOD GOD! We told you before that the Vikings had temples in which they had an altar at one end to the good god & the other end to the bad god!--One an altar to God, & the other an altar to the Devil! They wanted to please both of them so they wouldn't have any trouble!--Ha! But it didn't seem to do them much good, because they still had lots of trouble & caused a lot of trouble!

       75. THERE'RE SOME VERY INTERESTING SIMILAR WORDS BEGINNING WITH "A": "Asir" is the name of their tribe & also their home or the place of these gods. The very word Aesir itself in Hebrew means bound, or those which are bound, a prisoner, to bind or tighten or hold, or hold prisoner, or a prison. So they are bound in a prison? And also the names of the heathen gods which followed in Assyria & other of the most ancient cultures were very similar--Asher, Asharaf, Asherta, Ashteroth, Ashir, Asshur etc.--very similar ones.

       76. ONE WORD FOR ASHTEROTH OR ASHIR IS FREQUENTLY TRANSLATED "GROVE" IN THE BIBLE, in the Old Testament when it speaks of "cut down the groves" (Jud.6:25; 1Ki.15:13; 2Ki.23:15) etc. Actually they were groves dedicated to this goddess & symbolised by trees! So this could have been the origin of ancient Druidism practised by the Celts in which they worshipped the spirits that dwelt in trees! She was sometimes symbolised by a tree or groves of trees where her worshippers gathered to sacrifice at her altar & to honour her & worship her, which was very much against the Bible & against the Lord & which God severely condemned. So she was also the Tree Goddess or a goddess or spirit supposedly inhabiting trees, which the Druids worshipped!

       77. SO IF FROM THIS HEBREW WORD ASIR, & in some cases spelled Asar, & with various variations, Asher, Ashera etc., we got Ashraf, it could have been Ashrath or Ashteroth! Ashur is also sometimes spelled Ashar or Ashur or Assur or Asherah or Ashir, & Ashtaroth or Asharoth & Asharet without the "t". Here we find that this word in Hebrew also means bound or those bound or imprisoned, & this was very close to the name of the tribe of the Viking gods & perhaps even close to symbolising their home of prisoners bound, because of course the powers of Satan & his angels are somewhat bound already by the Lord, as they are only allowed to operate within certain limitations & restrictions & boundaries.

       78. THIS VIKING GOD ODIN OR WODEN, as he's variously called, was a god of war & strife & the principal ruler of the gods, probably in this case he was the Devil that they were worshipping! Woden is said to have come, by the way, from Eastern countries, & is somehow linked to the Sphinx. Also others of their gods seemed to be linked to the Egyptian god Atum, also celebrating the Sphinx as the mother of man.

       79. WHEREAS THOR SEEMED TO BE THE GOOD GOD THAT RULED THE SKY & THE THUNDER & the storms & the rain & the weather & gave the fruits of the Earth & protected the World against these other primeval powers of chaos & giants & evil demon gods. From him we get our Thursday or Thor's Day! Could Thor possibly be their name of God handed down over generations & still worshipped in the form of Thor, but having originally meant the true God, the great God, our God? They seem to be very similar.

       80. AND THIS GOD THOR IS VERY INTERESTING IN THAT HE ALSO HAD A SON NAMED MAGNI (Jesus?) who married a giantess (the Church?), a female counterpart, who was also supposed to possess part of Thor's hammer (God's power), with which, as you recall, he hammered out the thunder etc. from the heavens!

       81. THE VIKINGS ALSO HAD ANOTHER GOD WHO WAS A WORLDWIDE SERPENT (the Devil?) curled around the Earth & beneath the sea, named Miogarosormr, who is supposed to break loose at an event they call Ragnarok (Battle of Gog & Magog?), a final battle between good & evil at the End of the World when the evil gods are let loose, including Woden, & some of the gods are killed!

       82. AFTER THAT BATTLE THE EARTH IS TO BE RECREATED (New Earth?), according to this Viking mythology, & some of the gods too will also be recreated & live again, perhaps forever! Does that sound familiar? A final battle at the end of the World like Gog & Magog, at the end of the Millennium, in which this god under the sea & wrapped about the Earth is released to do battle with good, this evil god, battles the good gods & is killed or destroyed! Satan is then cast, as you know, into the Lake of Fire! The good god, Thor, & his son Magni, survives along with his mother, a giantess, who could in this case be compared to the Church--she's certainly a giantess in the Spirit, & possesses part of Thor's power! We know that all power is given unto God's Son Jesus, according to the Scripture, & we have Him with His power! PTL! Thor, Magni & Mother then become rulers of the recreated Earth, as we someday shall with Jesus! Hal!

       83. SOME OF THOSE VIKING GODS SOUND VERY SIMILAR TO PARALLELS IN OUR OWN CHRISTIAN THEOLOGY, such as Thor being similar to God, & his son Magni to Jesus, & the mother, Thor's giant wife, similar to the Church, & the prediction or the prophecies of the end of the World at Ragnarok, the final Battle of Gog & Magog in which Woden, the evil Satan, is released to fight the forces of good & is finally defeated & destroyed, whereas others are recreated or resurrected or perpetuated forever! Wow! How's that!

       84. THERE'S A LITTLE MORE ON THE SPHINX. The Sphinx, as I said, had various forms, & sometimes various identities & various names for various functions, so that they were actually few in number over all, but expressed in different forms & ways & functions. The Sphinx is supposed to be a trinity of three Egyptian gods: Harmakhis, the god of the rising sun; Khepri, the sacred scarab, or the bug god; & Atum, the god-king, supposed to be the father of the human race, symbolised also by the sun & a symbol of resurrection.

       85. IT'S STRANGE THAT THIS SPHINX SHOULD BE IN NOT ONLY FEMALE FORM & SOMETIMES REPRESENTED AS MALE, BUT ALSO TRINITARIAN FORM! This is almost symbolic or similar to the trinity of the Devil himself, as I've some times mentioned before, Satan being in the trinity of Satan, the Devil's trinity, the opposite of God; the Antichrist being the opposite of Jesus; & the False Prophet of the Antichrist being the opposite of the Holy Spirit. And sure enough in this Sphinx we have this Trinity represented by these three gods, the sun-god, the bug-god, & the king-god, & surely the Antichrist is going to be a king of the World at the End of the World!

       86. SOME OF THESE VIKING GODS WERE SAID IN THE ANCIENT WRITINGS TO HAVE COME FROM THE EAST, like Osiris & Isis--Osiris the powerful sun-god or god of the spirit world, & his wife Isis, the goddess of Love! So much for what some of our dear researchers discovered, these gods & goddesses which I thought might be of interest to you. We ourselves have found even some other interesting parallels or similar names.

       87. IN THIS ASHRAF REVELATION MARIA CAUGHT THE SOUND OF THE NAME OF THIS GOD OR GODDESS TO SOUND LIKE ASHRAF, or in another place Asharaf, so we find that one of the most ancient gods of the ancient World was a feminine goddess named Asherah! That's mighty close to Asharaf, & I could have even been saying Asherah with a hard aspirate on the final "h" as it is in Hebrew, sounding like an "f", sounding like Asharaf, which is the way Maria spelled it one time, & then Ashraf another time in her notes or records.

       88. WELL, THIS GODDESS IS ALSO FOUND IN THE NAME ASHARATH, THAT COULD HAVE SOUNDED ALSO LIKE ASHRAF, also known as the lady Asharet, the lady or mistress of the gods & the mother of 70 of them! My God!--Thank God she's not my God!--She has spawned 70 other demons, perhaps as bad or worse than her self! She's also known as the Lady of the Sea as well as a solar divinity. As we said, she's symbolised often by a tree or a grove of trees where they worshipped her. And this name also possibly has the same identity as Ashtoreth, the goddess of fertility & a companion of Baal!

       89. YOU REMEMBER HOW THE LORD & THE PROPHETS HATED THE DISGUSTING BAAL WORSHIP OF THOSE ANCIENT CIVILISATIONS! (Jud.6:25; 1Ki.18:40; 2Ki.11:18; Zeph.1:4) And you recall that in the Bible during some of the periods of their backsliding, the Israeli women even wove hangings for Asherah right in the temple when she was worshipped there in the Temple of God!--Until Josiah drove them out & destroyed & burned them! (2Ki.23:7) She was at one time even worshipped in the Jewish Temple, think of that!--Asherah, which I am convinced is the historical name of the one we got in this revelation on Ashraf, which sounds like Asherah or Asharoth or Ashteroth, it is so similar, I'm convinced it's the same!

       90. WE ALSO FIND, BY THE WAY, THAT THE GREEK OR ANCIENT EGYPTIAN GOD HORUS, GOD OF DARKNESS, WAS ALSO RELATED TO ASHUR & was one of her alternate names, perhaps her male counterpart, the god of darkness, Horus, whom, as I recall, is represented usually by a dog's head or a jackal's head--a man with the head of a jackal or a dog--& is known as the god of darkness to the Egyptians. Remember how Pharaoh prayed to him in "The Ten Commandments"?

       91. THESE GODS & GODDESSES WERE WORSHIPPED IN THE DAYS OF THE ISRAELITES by the Philistines & various other cultures & civilisations that lived about them & of whom God warned them, who sometimes corrupted & contaminated them with their evil gods & their evil worship of idols, evil religions of the Devil! This Asharoth was seemingly a female companion of Baal, & also Astarte appears to be related if not identical with her, & sometimes the name is spelled Ashtarah.

       92. ASHTARAH WAS THE GODDESS OF THE PHOENICIANS & CANAANITES, COUNTERPART OF THE GREEK & ROMAN GODDESS ASTARTE & THE ASSYRIAN & BABYLONIAN ISHTAR. She was the goddess of sexual love, fertility & prostitution, often practised as a religious rite in her worship--something they accuse us of sometimes! Sometimes she was also known as a goddess of War, a war goddess, in the Assyrian & Babylonian cultures.

       93. HER WORSHIP WAS ESTABLISHED THROUGHOUT MOST OF THESE ANCIENT CULTURES & EMPIRES, & WAS CONSIDERED AN ABOMINATION TO THE LORD & TO HIS PEOPLE, having sometimes corrupted them & led them astray, even to the point that Solomon in his last days supported the worship of this goddess Ashraf or Asharoth or Asherah, as she's variously called, goddess of fertility & sex. (1Ki.11:5) Well, I'm sure some of our enemies would probably say we must worship her because we sure are strong on sex & fertility! Some of you have been very fertile & had lots of beautiful children, God bless you! But we didn't have'm for the glory of Asharoth or Ashraf or Ashera or Asheret, whoever she is, whatever her name was!

       94. THE ONE I GOT IN THE REVELATION FROM THE LORD WAS ASHRAF! So I prefer to call her by that name. The others I think are contortions or twistings or variations of the same name. We surely have not advocated love or sex or children in the name of this demon goddess! She was also, by the way, the god Asshur or Ashur, spelled variously, who was the god of the Assyrians, Assyria being named after him or her, Asshur being the first part of the name Asshuria, & now changed to Assyria in our present translations. It was of course a very heathen god which the Bible didn't like!

       95. GET THE RELATION IN THE SOUNDING OF THESE NAMES: ASHIR, ASHUR, ASHERAH, ASHERETH, ASHAROTH, ASHTORETH & ASSHURIA & ASSYRIA etc.--all very closely linked & related as you can hear & see from these various names & meanings. They're found in most encyclopedias, variously named as Asherah in one encyclopedia, which could easily sound like Ashraf if the final "h" given the hard gutteral aspirate of the Hebrew Asharoth, or Asheroth, or Ashtaroth, who was the same as the goddess Astarte or Asherah, all of whom I'm convinced are one & the same goddess & the Sphinx by another name, one & the same goddess, all of them, Ashraf being the same goddess as the Sphinx but by another name.

       96. IT WAS ASHRAF OR ASHARAF, AS WE RECEIVED IT IN OUR REVELATION FROM THE LORD IN 1980, WHOM THE LORD AT THAT TIME IDENTIFIED AS THE ONE WHO WAS CAUSING ME THE ESOPHAGUS TROUBLE, even as he identified the Sphinx two years before as the one who was causing Davidito trouble, & who later almost immediately caused me trouble by her sphincter action on my esophagus. Now in these final days four years later she's again reminded to me by the Lord as being the one, regardless of the name, whether Sphinx or Ashraf or Ashera or Ashteroth or Astarte or whoever, she's one & the same evil spirit, evil goddess, demon goddess worshipped by the ancient World for thousands of years & still alive in the Spirit World, & even causing physical problems in the physical world with her attack on my esophagus & her choking off of the food to my stomach.

       97. BUT THANK GOD NOW, BECAUSE OF OUR OBEDIENCE, BELIEF & FAITH IN these revelations & my obedience in now passing them on to you & my specific direct action in having believed & obeyed, now having the faith to take specific action against her to call her by name & to resist & rebuke her & cast her out & send her away, through all of this I have finally been delivered from her power, thank the Lord! Obviously she was one of the most powerful gods of the Egyptians, this strangler goddess, & later one of the most powerful gods of many other cultures in various names & variations of the name, even down through the days of the Vikings until now! So that she's been around quite awhile causing a lot of trouble to a lot of people, I'm sure, other places & other times down through the ages & still around today, but thank God no longer around me or in our house or near us.

       98. I CONSIGNED HER TO A LIZARD IN THE NEARBY VACANT LOT & commanded her to depart from me & go there & inhabit him instead, these ugly demonic-looking lizards they have here in the Tropics anyhow, it seems like they are almost the Devil's demons themselves & certainly are the Devil's pests, & that's a good place for her & about the kind of place where she belongs! This could then be the fulfilment of the way that I saw her pictured in the end of the Ashraf dream or revelation, like a snake or serpent or a lizard sitting up, like some lizards do, on its tail, symbolising with her back to me that she was fleeing or turning her back on me, & that I had finally in this final day consigned her to this evil-looking serpent or lizard, reptile, out here in the lot!

       99. MAY GOD HELP US NEVER TO BE BOTHERED WITH HER AGAIN, AS I FORBADE HER TO COME NEAR US ANYMORE! I told her to not only release her hold on my esophagus, but to flee into the lot & inhabit that lizard instead. So there you have the reptile sitting on its tail! She's out there sitting on her tail now in the form of a reptile, thank God!--Good riddance of horrible rubbish! And since then I have been much better & not had that stomach trouble, PTL! Which reminds me that it's time for me to eat my lunch, I have fasted & prayed to give you this final revelation & the result of our investigation & research work in ancient history to identify this goddess & to confirm her existence historically even in ancient times.

       100. I BELIEVE WE HAVE PRETTY WELL PRESENTED OUR CASE & I TRUST YOU ARE CONVINCED. You don't have to believe it, but I believe it, & I trust that you at least have enough faith in what God has shown me that you believe what I have told you. You don't have to believe what man has recorded & what man has said in the various historical versions of the various myths of her activities in the past, along with her various names, but they certainly are similar, if not almost identical to the name that God gave me in the 1980 revelation of Ashraf, & I believe it! I believe that Ashraf is the Sphinx of our "Talisman" revelation of 1979, as well as the Asharoth or Ashtereth of the ancient civilisations of the very ancient past, clear back to the Sphinx!

       101. SO THERE YOU ARE! THAT'S WHO SHE IS! She has existed through aeons of time & ages of cultures & survived many pantheons of various gods & goddesses of various empires & civilisations from the ancient days of Egypt to the Vikings & down to the present, but I trust we have gotten rid of her for ever & that she will never return again to our household or to annoy me anymore, thank God! In Jesus' name we pray & claim the victory, & therefore again by faith I'm going to eat some solid food for the first time today, at 3:30 in the afternoon, although I woke a little after 6 this morning & had my usual cup of coffee at 7.

       102. I HAVE DELAYED GIVING YOU THIS FINAL DESCRIPTION UNTIL NOW because I've found often when dealing with the Devil, "this kind cometh not out save through fasting & prayer". So I'll tell you, while talking about the Devil & his business, "speak of the Devil", & sometimes he tries to put in his appearance! So I have fasted & prayed in order to give you this final message on this demon goddess & her identity, because it just seems one has more power in the spirit when fasting & praying, due to one's complete devotion & concentration on the subject & on the Lord & on His will & His work, uninterrupted by food or taking time to eat.

       103. BUT NOW THAT I'VE FINISHED MY JOB & TOLD YOU, YOU'RE WITHOUT EXCUSE! You now know all about it & her & how she works, so I hope you pray to keep her away from your house, that she doesn't bother you! And therefore having believed the Lord now, at long last, & having obeyed the Lord in revealing all of these various revelations about her from "The Talisman!" to "Ashraf!" to the present, I am going to stop & be treated to a good meal which I am expecting to be able to swallow without hindrance, without a problem, since I've gotten rid of her, & consigned her to the dustbin of the reptile world far away in the lot, praise God! Where she goes from there, that's up to her, but she's forbidden to come back here or anywhere near our property! TYL!

       104. SO, OUT OF SEEMING DEFEAT CAME A VERY GREAT VICTORY & A LOT OF LESSONS FOR YOU IN A WHOLE SERIES OF LETTERS that will probably take up a whole couple of GNs & perhaps teach you things you really need to know in order to know how to deal with similar cases that you may frequently run into--I hope not in your own family by any means--but most certainly in this demon-filled Eastern Oriental World so full of heathen & pagans & fiendish devilish demonic religions, Satanic gods & goddesses of all kinds & idolatry!

       105. MAY MY EXPERIENCE & THESE STORIES & THESE REVELATIONS GIVE YOU THE FAITH TO KNOW THAT YOU HAVE THE POWER THROUGH JESUS TO DEAL WITH ANY SUCH CASE, & YOU CAN COMMAND THEM IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST TO DEPART & leave the place & leave the person or leave the property! Be sure you remember to tell them to do that, you don't want them just hopping over from one onto the other in your own house, or the dog or the cat, as some times they will do, & cause the cat or the dog to have a fit, or somebody else to have a fit!

       106. SO BE SURE IF THE LORD REVEALS TO YOU THEIR NAME, CALL THEM BY NAME & GIVE THEM SPECIFIC COMMANDMENT TO COME OUT & DEPART & TELL'M WHERE TO GO, so that they will be sure to go & leave your house & your property & go someplace else! If then someone else who doesn't have the Lord is foolish enough to let them in, that's their problem, but at least you have gotten rid of the pest!

       107. APPARENTLY IT IS NOT YET TIME FOR THEIR FINAL TORMENT until perhaps after the Great White Throne Judgement of God, after the Millennium & the Battle of Gog & Magog described in the 20th Chapter of Revelation. Even as one of the demons said to Jesus, when He came to cast him out, "Art Thou come to torment us before the time?" (Mt.8:29) What time? Well, apparently that time will not come until the End when their demon power & their demonic operations & their devilish & Satanic lives are destroyed & cast into final judgement & punishment & destruction in the Lake of Fire or Hell as long as God sees fit. PTL! So that's the story of the Sphinx & Ashraf, & I trust it'll be a help to you. TYL! TYJ! PTL!

       108. ALTHOUGH SOME MAY ATTRIBUTE ALL OF THESE THINGS TO NATURAL CAUSES & natural means & physical factors, I know God has shown me, told me, revealed to me, demonstrated to me their spiritual character & nature & power & identity & workings & devices. Thank God for even being so good to me as to give me her name or names, that I might rebuke her by name & cast her out, resist, reject her & send her away so she'll trouble me no more! TYL! Hallelujah!

       109. THERE'S POWER IN THE NAME OF JESUS! There's great power in the Spirit of God, & the Lord loves you & He wants to deliver you, & if your affliction is of the Enemy, if it is a messenger of Satan as was Paul's, you can pray & ask God to deliver you from that devil or demon or evil spirit, in the Name of Jesus to depart, & they have to obey you!--Unless, like Paul, God has to leave you with such an affliction or messenger of Satan to buffet you to keep you humble. Thank God, I believe the Lord has helped me get rid of mine!--And I hope you can now with this knowledge & the power of this knowledge we have given you in this series of revelations on demons & their demonic power & effects & how to handle them & how to get rid of them, that you will be able to get rid of yours if you've been troubled with one. Praise God!

       110. WE HAD A LITTLE PROBLEM WITH ONE BEFORE, REMEMBER, FROM AUSTRALIA--HONG KONG GOOLAGONG!--Perish him & his name! (No.980) We had to specifically command him by name to depart & to go somewhere else, & the Lord answered by forcing him to go & he had to obey & he left, thank the Lord! Now we have commanded the Sphinx, Asharaf or Ashraf, this demonic deity to depart also & bother us no more, & she has gone & we feel fine, I'm hungry, I'm going to eat some good solid food, thank the Lord, & I know the Lord is going to help me be completely free from that affliction, God willing, from now on, as long as I stay close to Him in His protection & faith & obedience to His will, & I hope you will too, in Jesus' name, amen!

       111. GOD BLESS YOU & THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE & DILIGENCE & HARD WORK & FAITH & OBEDIENCE! May you never have any problems like this! As long as you're faithful & obedient, you're not apt to. Mine came as a result of a lack of faith & a disobedience. So watch out, don't let it happen to you! Otherwise, if you're unfaithful & disobedient, the boogey-man's going to get you if you don't watch out! So be watchful & prayerful, faithful & obedient & he can't touch you, or she can't touch you either, in Jesus' name, amen!

       112. P.S. HERE'S A NOTE I JUST RECEIVED FROM ONE OF OUR RESEARCHERS WHO CONTACTED A LOCAL DOCTOR & through asking questions found out that there are sphincter muscles located in the esophagus which have to do with swallowing & have been known to cause problems with swallowing! Now you can say that it was these involuntary sphincter muscles that just happened to get a little screwed up & cause the problem if you want to, but the very fact that these sphincter muscles are there & named after the Sphinx is just another confirmation to me that God's revelations are true & that she was activating some of the muscles named after her to give me my trouble & problem!

       113. BUT NOW THAT WE HAVE GOTTEN RID OF HER, I'M SURE THAT GOD'S GOD-CREATED SPHINCTER MUSCLES ARE GOING TO OPERATE PROPERLY now & not choke me, but help me to swallow.--Not strangle me & shut off my food, but help me to swallow it & enjoy it & digest it so I can have the strength to serve the Lord & you, praise God, as I pass the food on to you! God puts it in my mouth, I believe it & swallow it & He causes His means to transport it on to the rest of the body to nourish & strengthen & feed you! So pray the Lord will protect it & protect all the organs of our spiritual body, me & you, so that this process of receiving food & swallowing it & passing it on to you, the rest of the body, will not be interfered with or stopped in any way, but the Lord will have His way & help get out the Word, in Jesus' name, amen! PTL! GBY all! I love you! Bye-bye!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family