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"SPIRITS OF THE PAST!"       DFO 1410       11/80
--Comments on a Video about Helpful Spirits!

       1. (The first to be interviewed is an English housewife, Rosemary Brown, who says she works regularly with about a dozen spirit composers!:)

       2. SHE SOUNDS LIKE SHE REALLY KNOWS WHAT SHE'S TALKING ABOUT! She doesn't have to think up an answer. She's extremely familiar with the whole situation. (Maria: So many famous composers & artists!) Mediums are hard to find! Let's face it, how many mediums are there in the World? (Maria: A lot of people want to be--why can't they be?) Well, why? (Maria: I don't know. Why should one woman have to do all the work, paint all those artists' paintings & compose all the composers' music?) Well, why doesn't God have all the people serving Him that He wants?

       3. I ASKED MY MOTHER ONCE, "WHY IS THAT GOD SEEMS TO HAVE SUCH A HARD TIME FINDING PEOPLE TO SERVE HIM?" (Maria: 'Cause they aren't yielded.) There are very few people who are really good channels, very few people that God honours with such a responsibility. (Maria: But out of all the millions of people in the World, isn't it strange that one woman has all those famous people?) Not if music, art, etc., were her particular interests & she was a good channel.

       4. I DON'T EVEN UNDERSTAND WHY YOU'RE AMAZED ABOUT IT! Honey, you've had enough contact with the supernatural & the spiritual, you ought to know better than that! (Maria: I expect the Lord to spread out the gifts a little more like He does His Christians!) How many Christians do you know with the gifts that the Lord has given even us? (Maria: Well, He gives us all a few gifts, but not usually everything to any one person!)

       5. HOW MANY CHRISTIANS HAVE YOU MET THAT HAVE TALKED WITH DIFFERENT PEOPLE IN THE SPIRIT WORLD & have communicated with them & talked about who they were etc.? It's kind of like discerning of spirits, a special gift. To discern them, you have to be aware of them. You have to believe they exist to experience them! Honey, of all people, I'm amazed that you should be astonished!

       6. LOOK HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN THROUGH ME! Look how many people have helped me. Look how many helpers I have & have had! (Maria: But you're special!) You're acting toward her the same way that a lot of people think about me: "Ha! How could he have known so many spirits & so many famous people!" (Maria: No, I'm not questioning that she does, I'm just wondering why! Because it's so unusual for a Worldly woman like that who has probably not done too much for the Lord.)

       7. BUT THIS IS WHAT HER MINISTRY IS! THIS IS WHAT SHE'S DOING FOR THE LORD! Obviously! Look at the millions of people it's reaching to convince of the reality of the Spirit World, the supernatural & therefore God! If you can prove the supernatural to some people, then it's a little easier for them to have faith that there must be a God! So that's quite a ministry! Look at how important her testimony is! (Maria: Yes! That's right!) I think it's pretty important!

       8. SHE IS UNDOUBTEDLY, HONESTLY, A VERY HUMBLE WOMAN. She doesn't act like a proud woman at all. She's saying it all very humbly, just matter-of-factly & very confidently. She's not worried about whether they believe it or not. She's not arguing, nothing! She's not out to convince anybody, she's just telling the facts as she saw them, just like I do! I don't try to make a case for it, I just take it as it comes, & people can take it or leave it, believe it or not!

       9. SHE'S SAYING THAT IN THE SPIRIT WORLD YOU GET TO CONTINUE WHAT YOU'VE BEEN DOING OR WHAT YOU'RE INTERESTED IN! The thing that fascinated me is this business of talking to people that have gone before, did they find out the answers to a lot of the questions they've had? It could very well be why the Lord picked me! Ha! I can think of a lot of reasons why--background, vintage, heritage, teaching, knowledge, a lot of things that the Lord obviously used to prepare me for the job. She doesn't look at all like a deceiver or a crafty woman, just very practical, like she just knows what she's talking about!

       10. (MRS. BROWN SAYS THERE ARE ANIMALS IN THE SPIRIT WORLD!) HOW ABOUT THAT? SEE? ANIMALS! There you are! Like Rex! She's very sincere, very sincere. She doesn't laugh about it, it's not funny, it's just matter-of-fact, that's what she's seen. That's absolute! All you can do when you've been there is speak from experience, like I did about that lion & Rex etc. It's just that way, that's all! How can you explain it?

       11. SHE'S NO THEOLOGIAN!--HOW CAN SHE EXPLAIN TO THEOLOGIANS? They even split hairs over the meaning of the word "soul"! "What is a soul? What is a spirit? Blah blah!" All she knows is what she's seen, like I have! You can tell me animals don't have souls, therefore they shouldn't be in the Spirit World, but they were there! And they are! So these Christian theologians really don't know very much, that's why they argue so much! They argue from theory rather than from experience. All we mediums know is what we've seen!

       12. SHE'S HAD THIS GIFT SINCE SHE WAS A CHILD, WHICH SHOWS IT'S A GIFT FROM THE VERY BEGINNING! It's amazing she's able to perform while under observation, because it's difficult for me to ever perform in front of others, especially when there's a doubter present. The most difficult session I ever had was "Space City" because of the doubters there! (See No.75A.) (Maria: I guess that's why Deborah had to go with you, to even convince her.) Yes, to be convinced. Doubters are always there. They're totally unbelieving, like Jeth of course. I don't think he ever believed it.

       13. SHE CAN PLAY, SEE? SHE'S A MUSICIAN, SHE'S INTERESTED IN MUSIC. She's interested in these things, so she appreciates them. Honey, I don't know how you, of all people, can question it! You've had more experiences with somebody like that than most! (Maria: I was just wondering why she has so many!) Look how she's an open, willing, believing, receptive channel! Women always make good mediums! More mediums are women than men because they're really open channels.

       14. (THE NEXT MAN TO BE INTERVIEWED, MR. LILL, SAYS THAT CONTACT WITH SPIRITS IS AVAILABLE FOR ALL PEOPLE AT ALL TIMES BUT DEPENDS ON THEIR DEGREE OF DEVELOPMENT & THEIR DEGREE OF MOTIVE.) That's what I've said! God's broadcasting all the time, you just have to learn how to tune in! (Mr. Lill says it's like cleaning a dirty window so you can see through to the other side, & some windows are cleaner than others.)

       15. I LIKE WHAT HE SAID ABOUT THE CLEAN WINDOW & THE DIRTY WINDOW! It's like you're looking into another dimension, & for people who don't believe this & don't understand it & have never been there, to them it's impossible! They're Flatlanders, it couldn't exist, couldn't happen because they've never been there! It's never happened to them, therefore they don't believe it's possible to happen to anybody! But for people who are in tune, the third, fourth, fifth & sixth dimensionalists, whatever, they know it's true because they've been there! That was really good! TYL!

       16. HE HAS FIRM CONVICTION! IT'S NOT BABBLE! Some of these are difficult, deliberately almost sceptical questions. See, he's proving to us the point that a real true musician really is inspired. It's partly his physical work, being a good tool. Just like Mother, she was a good tool. She had a marvellous vocabulary, a dramatic ability. She was a good tool that God could use to put to work, so that when she received messages, interpretations etc., they were beautiful, just beautiful! I don't even think I have the talent my Mother had, but I receive some beautiful things from the Lord. You just have to be a channel, to be willing & have the gift.

       17. HE'S SAYING THAT THE REALLY GREAT MUSIC WAS INSPIRED & CAME FROM GOD! (Maria: He's saying that the musician doesn't create, but recreates, which is good.) And it comes by inspiration. He just plain plumb flat out says it was God! TYL! He's an outstanding famous musician.

       18. THE LORD HAS SPOKEN THROUGH ME FOR A PURPOSE, FOR THE PURPOSE OF CAUSING YOUTH TO BELIEVE & YOUTH TO FOLLOW! If God has made me the Pied Piper, so to speak, to jump & dance & play His tune to lead His children, why not? Why couldn't somebody get an oratorio from Handel to help the World believe? I think God's doing everything He can to try to convince people & help them to believe & give them proof of the supernatural!

       19. IF SPIRITS CAN PICK UP PENCILS & WRITE ANSWERS, ETC., THAT'S A SIMPLE THING FOR THEM TO TAKE A VOICE & SPEAK! I mean, I'm a voice! They speak through me! Through me come Words & Truth! Because these spirits are musicians, they want to express themselves through their talent & through their gift, their music, so they come through someone who has a gift of music & knows something about music & can play! Why start with somebody that can't? Why not give it to somebody who appreciates music & appreciates composers?

       20. I HAVE A GIFT OF GAB, IN A SENSE, KNOWLEDGE OF WORDS, VOCABULARY ETC. Like my Mother, why shouldn't they have come to her & used her vocabulary & wisdom & her ability & talent just like they do through me? My job is the message in words, their job is a message in music! This'll help convince some people who are musicians, savvy? My gift helped convince youth who believed in such things, really. So praise the Lord! Thank God for more & more confirmation all the time!

       21. (MARIA: THIS WOMAN REPORTER IS RATHER FLIPPANT, almost like she's embarrassed, like she's under conviction.) Yes, & then they get a little bit challenging too. (The man says Handel is in his prime when he talks with him!) See there, in his prime! Around 40! That's exactly the way I've seen nearly everybody, they were really at their peak & prime! Isn't that amazing! That is exactly what I've found out! (The man being interviewed then talks about his existence in another life as a woman.)

       22. NOW THIS IS WHERE A PART OF THE MISUNDERSTANDING SOMETIMES COMES, EVEN OF THE CHANNEL OR THE MEDIUM ITSELF. What he is probably remembering is like what I did with Abrahim. I thought I had been there or I was going back in time & space & visiting them, that I was seeing these things, when what I was actually doing was seeing these things through the mind of Abrahim. Savvy? So probably what happened to him was that the spirit who is contacting him was a woman & he was seeing her & seeing her memories & scenes, etc.

       23. IT IS SO OFTEN CONFUSED & YOU THINK, "OH, IT MUST BE ME! I'm seeing these things & I'm seeing her & that must be me & that must be how I'm getting to see these things." Whereas I soon learned that who I was seeing & what I was seeing was not my own personal experience but that of someone else who was taking me there--Abrahim! See? So she was probably a spirit guide, but he doesn't understand that. He thinks just like I did at first, I thought it was me. I thought I was there. I thought I was Abrahim! Remember?

       24. (MARIA: BUT THIS IS A PRETTY ROUNDABOUT WAY TO DO IT, if Handel's playing the music through them, but his spirit guide is somebody else! Why isn't it directly Handel? He's saying this is somebody else.) In the spirit Abrahim has led me to lots of other people & helped me to see lots of other scenes! Right? He's more or less been my guide to introduce me to others I have seen in the Spirit World & who have actually spoken through me.

       25. HE'S ACTED LIKE MY PERSONAL GUARDIAN ANGEL, MY GUIDE TO INTRODUCE ME TO THESE OTHER THINGS & THESE OTHER PEOPLE! (Maria: Yes, like to Ivan Ivanovitch!) (No.279) Yes! It's always as though he knows them & he takes me there & he puts me in contact with them. I think he's in all of it, because, in a sense, I'm his channel & he's my channel! I'm his channel to reach the physical World & he's my channel to reach the Spirit World. That's not a mystery! Well, it's a mystery, but easy to understand! What he meant to say a minute ago was that Chopin was composing the music, but Handel was actually playing through him, see? (The man says he believes Handel comes from the Planet Jupiter!)

       26. SEE, THEY PROBABLY GET VISIONS OF SPACE CITY & THE NEXT WORLD, & THEY THINK THEY'RE ON ANOTHER PLANET! I mean, it's like being on another planet, you know, & they try to put it into human words, human conception to try to help you understand what they mean! It's another World! It's certainly another World! It's just like being on another planet. Who knows where Space City is right now? Who knows where I was when I was in Space City? Obviously it is somewhere out yonder, but it was just like being on another planet. It's like another planet, it's so big!

       27. (MAN ON PROGRAM SAYS: "SO THIS IS LOVE & LOVE IS GOD & THAT IS THE ONLY RELIGION THERE IS!") (Maria: This is love & Love is God!--A MO quote!) How about that? Hallelujah! See, he got all that through the girl! (The medium.) PTL! TYJ!

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