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THE AHNTAHKAHMON REVELATION!       DO 1411       France 21/3/81
--Even Pharaohs Need Deliverance!

       1. (While watching a TV program about the deities of Egypt & the gods of the Nile:)

       2. (TONGUES & KISSES & IN A DEEP SEPULCHRAL CHANT!:) GREATER IS THE MAGIC OF THY FATHER, & greater is the magic that God has given unto him, & greater is the power that he hath, over all the kings of the Earth, & greater is he than all these past ones, gone-by ones of Ahntakhahmon, & greater is he than these kings of Egypt, & greater is he than these gods of Egypt, & greater is he than all of these of which they speak! (Tongues:) They have not the power nor the grace nor the words that I have given unto thy father! (Seven kisses.) PTL! TYJ! Amen! PTL! TYL!

       3. MY GOD, IT WAS LIKE TEMPLE CHANTING! They were the most powerful in all the Earth in their day, but we are more powerful than all of them! I can lift my little finger, sshhtt, & they all vanish away! But it is interesting to learn of the gods that we have power over, in Jesus' name, amen.

       4. LISTEN! LOOK! I'LL SHOW YOU! "AHNTAHKAHMON," HE SAYS. (PRONOUNCED: AHN-TAHK-AHMON.) HE MUST SAY IT WITH GREATER REVERENCE & RESPECT, even to the king of Egypt! (Jude 9) Ahntahkahmon! This is the god Ahntahkahmon! (Seven kisses & tongues:) Ahntahkahmon, Ahntahkahmon. (Tongues & kisses.) Poor Ahntahkahmon! Ssshh! I told you, I told you about poor Ahntahkahmon! They don't know how to say it. Ssshh! Listen!

       5. I PITY THE SPIRIT OF AHNTAHKAHMON! He tried to make the World worship God. He tried to get the World to worship the God of the Spirit! Poor Ahntahkahmon! They don't even know how to pronounce his name. There's Ahntahkahmon! (Seven kisses.) I know more of these than they. We give credit to whom credit is due & honour to whom honour. Ahntahkahmon!

       6. I WAS OBVIOUSLY CALLING UP HIS SPIRIT TO BLESS HIM. Goodness, I didn't know I had to help spirits from the past! That's not the first time, there was the thing about Al Capone, & also about the soldiers who died in Flanders' Field. (See Nos.1421 & 368.) And what else? Abrahim is a spirit from the past. Who else have I had to do with in the past? I have a lot of helpers from the past!

       7. OH! APHRODITE & ALL THOSE SPIRITS IN TENERIFE! (Maria: All those spirits in that bar who called you to help them!) Yes, & Atlanta & Taurug, the god of the mountain. (Maria: The Treasure Ship men that wanted you to help them.) (See Nos.614, 615 & 616.) Yes! So there have been a lot of spirits from the past that have called on me for help. How about that? The Lord must have wanted me to see that picture & hear his story, because I never really knew about him, & then to bless him. It was obviously a blessing. I was calling him. (Ahntahkahmon.)

       8. DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND THE KISSES & ALL? I was grieving over that guy, Ahntahk or Ahntahkahmon or whatever his name is, & kissing him, did you get that? And calling him, calling him to come. That's almost as plain as anything! (Maria: You said, "Come & receive the blessing of your father!") Wait, you'll hear it. I want to go back again & let you hear that. (Plays tape:) Did you hear that? "This is the god Ahntahkahmon!" I was first calling him, & then it's almost as though he were answering through the same mouth. This often happens that way, Honey, they speak through the same mouth.

       9. YOU MUST HAVE TRIED TO INTERRUPT ME & I SAID "SSSH" & I KEPT THROWING HIM KISSES, GIVING HIM KISSES! (Plays tape of tongues & kisses:) I'm calling him, "Come unto David, come unto David, come unto your father David that he may give you the blessings of God!" It's beautiful, really! I've got to go back, I can't get it in the Spirit enough. (Plays tape: "I told you, I told you.") See, you're asking the interpretation & I'm telling you that I told you. I thought you understood because of what had already been said, see?

       10. (PLAYS TAPE:) "I PITY THE SPIRIT OF AHNTAHKAHMON!" I'm pitying the spirit of Ahntahkahmon, I said, & I was calling him, very plainly calling: "Come unto David thy father!" That's just like a name of respect for me, that's all. "That he may give thee the blessings of God, the kisses, the Words of David!" (Maria: You said, "Come & receive the blessing of your father.") I'm calling him to bless him.

       11. I BELIEVE THIS IS PART OF THE INTERPRETATION THERE: "HE TRIED TO GET THE WORLD TO WORSHIP GOD."--The God of the Spirit, the true God & not all those idols. "Poor Ahntahkahmon"--I'm trying to comfort him, calling him, blessing him. "They don't even know how to pronounce his name!" I suppose I must have the right pronunciation then!--Ha! PTL! At least he obviously came! "There's Ahntahkahmon."--I must have been seeing him! "I know more of these than they." That was a part of the interpretation. "Credit to whom credit is due, honour to whom honour!"

       12. QUITE A FEW TIMES I'VE BEEN ASKED TO HELP SPIRITS FROM THE PAST WHO ARE APPARENTLY IN BONDAGE. (ML Nos. 1262, 1263, 368, 614, 615, 616) Well, Jesus went & preached to the spirits in prison, He was helping spirits of the past. (1Pe.3:19; 4:6; Ep.4:9) It's quite obvious he's mentioning "David" & "your father" & I was giving him kisses, pitying him & calling him, blessing him. That first experience--I never had one like that before, it sounded like the chanting of a priest in the temple or something! Let me hear that again. (Listens to prophecy & tongues:) "Come & receive the blessing of your father David!"

       13. TUTANKHAHMEN WAS THE SON-IN-LAW OF AHNTAHKAHMON, ABOUT A HUNDRED YEARS AFTER THE EXODUS, so this man may have heard stories passed down from his father & grandfather about Moses & the children of Israel & their one true God, & may have gotten the idea from them.--From 1375 to 1358, 18th dynasty, son of Amenhotep III. This Ahntahkahmon is the one that had the beautiful wife Nefertiti whose statue is very popular today. As I recall, one of the Amenhoteps, the first or second one, was the Pharaoh of the enslavement of the Jews, because the first one was 1557 B.C., Amenhotep II was 1448 & Amenhotep III was 1411, after the Exodus.

       14. I SAID OR HE SAID OR WHOEVER WAS SPEAKING IN THE PROPHECY SAID: "THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO PRONOUNCE HIS NAME!"--so that may account for the difference in pronunciation between what I was calling him & what they call him. (The TV show.) They call him "Inknaton" or "Akhenaton". He kept calling him Akhenaton. As far as I can gather from this, I called him Ahntahkahmon. You know, they don't really know, they only read it in hieroglyphics!--I heard it!

       15. IT'S AGREED THAT 1450 B.C. WAS THE YEAR OF THE EXODUS IN WHICH THUTMOSE DIED, accordingly he would be the Pharaoh of the oppression, & Amenhotep II his successor, the Pharaoh of the Exodus. Amenhotep II was the Pharaoh of the Exodus. Inknaton or whatever his name is, was his grandson. So Amenhotep II was the Pharaoh that Moses knew, the grandfather of Inknaton, or as I got it: "Ahntahkahmon!"--his grandson.

       16. THAT WOULD HAVE ONLY BEEN ABOUT 75 YEARS AFTER THE EXODUS, so I'm sure it was quite vivid in the memory of all the Egyptians, all the miracles of God through Moses! So who knows but maybe he was a convert of Moses, really! He could have been a little child at that time, or at least he was certainly not too far away from it, that's for sure. He wasn't born then, but his actual reign began 75 years after the Exodus. He was probably at least 25 years old or more, so he was probably born only 50 years after the Exodus, which means he could have easily heard about it through his grandfather!

       17. THAT PROPHECY IS TRUE OF ANY CHRISTIAN: ANYONE WITH JESUS IS GREATER THAN ALL THE KINGS OF EGYPT! A better transliteration would be "Ahntakamon" or "Anhtahkahmon". Tutankhahmen tried to erase all that his father-in-law Ahntahkahmon had done.

       18. AHNTAHKAHMON WAS A GREAT EGYPTIAN REFORMER WHO TRIED TO ABOLISH THE IDOLATROUS POLYTHEISM OF THE EGYPTIANS & GET THEM TO WORSHIP ONE TRUE GOD, whom he thought was represented by the Sun. He destroyed their idols & inscriptions, forbade their worship & infuriated their priests, who determined to get rid of him! As he had no sons, only daughters, they deposed him & put his son-in-law on the throne, Tutankhamen, whom they used to restore their pantheism. He's commonly known today as "King Tut" of Egypt.

       19. SO AHNTAHKAHMON WAS A REVOLUTIONARY WHO TRIED TO CHANGE THE SYSTEM RELIGION, BUT THEY REFUSED & MARTYRED HIM INSTEAD! Poor Antahkamon!--And poor Tutankhamen! Both were sad cases needing sympathy & deliverance!--I wonder if this did it?--It has before! PTL! TYJ!--IJNA! "With God nothing shall be impossible" & "All things are possible to him that believeth!" (Lk.1:37 & Mk.9:23)--Amen?

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