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MARIA'S SPIRIT GUIDE!--Me!       DFO 1413       France, 29/3/81

       1. YOU DON'T HAVE TO HAVE A SPIRIT OF YOUR OWN, I'M YOUR SPIRIT GUIDE! I'm your Guardian Angel, I'm your visiting ... what did she call them?--Doorkeepers! Ha ha! That's a pretty good way to express it! (Maria: That TV Medium says everybody has a doorkeeper.)

       2. SOME PEOPLE ARE RECEIVERS, THAT'S ALL, THEY'RE MEDIUMS. A radio is a medium. Isn't that funny? They even call'm mediums, the media, medium of communication. Hey, I never thought about that before, they call'm mediums of communication! A media means a lot of mediums--radios, newspapers, television, etc.--they're all mediums. And I'm a medium! It means you're a channel, a communicator. You're a good receiver. (Maria: Well, I wish I were a better channel too!)

       3. YOU ARE THE MOST MARVELLOUS CHANNEL & MEDIUM I HAVE ALMOST EVER KNOWN! You're so tuned in to me, I can't even step out of the bed or sit up & get ready to leave it without your knowing it! You can sleep like a log any other time, but if I try to cut loose or do anything, if I even sit clear in the other room & think about something I want, you pop out of bed: "Well, what do you need? What do you need?" Like that! Talk about communication, it's just like you're attached to me with a wire! What kind of medium do you want to be? If you had so many other communicators you couldn't be receiving me like you do!

       4. HONEY, I'M YOUR VISITING SPIRIT! I'm your Guardian Angel & you're my medium, you're my receiver, & if you were on anybody else's channel you wouldn't be getting me very good. (Maria: Oh Honey, I like you the best!) Well, why are you complaining about it then? You should be thanking the Lord, don't you think? (Maria: Yes, I am thanking the Lord! Well, I just didn't think of it that way.)

       5. HERE'S SOMETHING THAT EVERY MAN IN THE WORLD WOULD LIKE TO HAVE, THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN THE WORLD!--The sweetest, the most wonderful, kindest & gentlest, most loving! PYL! Hallelujah! TYJ! The most wonderful woman in the whole World, the most faithful! You're my medium, Honey, my channel. You are a medium for my vibes & you get my signals! PTL! TYL! You couldn't have had any more channels, I think I'm about all you can handle. You couldn't have had any more Spirit Guides or Guardian Angels. (Maria: Thank God you're alive!) PTL! TYL! Amen!

       6. WE'LL STILL BE TUNED IN EVEN WHEN YOU CAN'T SEE ME ANY MORE, HONEY! Even when you can't see me or feel me, you'll still be able to sense me & hear me & think about me & get the message! See what a delicate instrument you are?--An amazing medium! You're going to sense me, Honey! I'm going to be so close to you, closer than I am now. So don't worry about that, I'll be in you! (Maria: Hallelujah!) PTL!

       7. YOU WANT YOUR SPIRIT GUIDE?--YOU'LL GET HIM! XXX! And nobody knows me better than you, Honey, except Jesus, so you ought to know if it's me or not! I'm sure you'll know! And then it won't be long till you join me anyhow, so praise the Lord! (Maria: Amen.) Hallelujah! ILY! XXXXXXX!

       8. YOU'LL THINK ABOUT ME & YOU'LL GET THE MESSAGES! I'll still be your Spirit Guide, Honey, your contact man. I'll still be your Guardian Angel, your channel, because you're such a good receiver, Honey, such a good medium! PTL! TYL! I'm sure you'll still be, God willing, & I think He is! I think that's what you want, amen? I think you still want to be in communication with me. (Maria: Honey, I couldn't want anything more!)

       9. YOU DON'T WANT TO COMMUNICATE WITH THE DEAD, YOU WANT TO COMMUNICATE WITH THE LIVING! God is not the God of the dead, but of the living! (Mt.22:32) I'll still be living & talking to you & loving you, & you might even feel my hand on your hip once in awhile! XXX! (Maria: Mmm, I hope to feel it somewhere more than just on my hip! Ha ha!) Well, use your own hand & I'll inspire it! XXX! I love you! (Maria: I love you!) Of course, if spirits can do ghost-writing & spirit-writing, I don't see why they can't do spirit-goosing! I'll try! (Maria: OK!) If I can get my hand through the veil! XXX! (Maria: I'm sure you can!) I'll do my best! PYL! TYL! Hallelujah! Thank the Lord, you're my forever love! XXX!

       10. YOU KNOW, LOTS OF PEOPLE HAVE COME BACK FROM THE SO-CALLED DEAD & EVEN TESTIFIED TO IT! It's not that there aren't witnesses from that side, there have been many, but they just won't believe'm! Like Jesus said, "Though one should come back from the dead, yet they will not believe." (Lk.16:31)

       11. THANK YOU JESUS FOR MARIA, LORD! She's been such a blessing, such a comfort, such an inspiration, such an encouragement. She's been so wonderful, Lord! TYJ! I couldn't live without you, Honey! Couldn't have done it without you! TYJ!--Amen!

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