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HORROR HOUSE!       DFO 1414       Portugal, 1/7/77

       1. I DIDN'T WANT TO TELL YOU THIS DREAM BECAUSE IT WAS ALMOST LIKE A NIGHTMARE, kind of nightmarish & confusing, but because some of it was so explicit & clear I thought I'd better tell you! I would call it "The Spirit Church" because I was visiting this strange building, led there to look into it by Francisco, the Manager of our Club here who is a spiritist, involved a lot in the occult side.

       2. IT WAS A NIGHTMARISH PLACE, HORRIBLE! I can remember him saying, "You should see this, take a look at this place!" All I remember is that everything in there was ugly, grotesque, horrible & frightening! There were rats running around on the floor & under the platform, & there's hardly anything I abhor worse than rats!

       3. THERE'S HARDLY ANYTHING DIRTIER OR MORE DANGEROUS THAN RATS OR HARDER TO CATCH & KILL! They carry all kinds of diseases that are fatal to man, such as bubonic plague, the black plague, hydrophobia or rabies, & they carry fleas & stuff that can bite you & give you those diseases! So rats are terrible, almost the worst thing the Lord ever made!

       4. I'M SURE THE LORD MADE THEM, THOUGH, JUST TO SHOW YOU HOW BAD & WHAT HORRIBLE CREATURES SOME PEOPLE ARE, like He made the Devil, etc. They were just like evil spirits crawling around on the floor & down under the platform! There were bats flying around in the air & roosting up in the belfry & there were horrible pictures on the walls of devils & demons!

       5. ALMOST AS SOON AS I WALKED IN & looked around & sized-up the situation & was horrified with the looks of it all, this big black thing like a huge bat came flying straight at me & really scared me! So I turned & I ran out of the building! I can't remember all the other things in the building, but it's just too many! It was just like a step into Hell, horrible--a house of horrors!

       6. SO I RAN OUT OF THE BUILDING BUT THEY HAD RIGGED SOME KIND OF A TRAP-LIKE THING THAT SUDDENLY CAUGHT A STEEL WIRE AROUND MY FOREHEAD & THE BACK OF MY HEAD & jerked it real tight till I could actually feel the pain & my head aching with this steel wire on my head as I struggled to get it off! I remember I prayed real strong in Jesus' name & it slipped off, thank the Lord!

       7. THE WHOLE THING SORT OF REMINDED ME OF THE DEVIL'S TRAP that the Devil sometimes tries to get you into! Apparently Francisco is involved in pretty bad spiritism! PTL! TYJ! Anyhow, it was real bad & I didn't like it. The thing that woke me up was that pain in my head from that steel wire that they'd tied around my head till it hurt & ached, it was so tight! I remember hearing something about some form of torture that they used to use where they put something like that around your head & tightened it.

       8. I WOKE UP AFTER THE DREAM THINKING ABOUT IT, BUT I JUST FIGURED IT WAS A BAD NIGHTMARE! I think if it hadn't been for Francisco being there & then the real clear distinct pain on my head--that wire that I remembered so clearly afterward--I would have thought, well, it was just a crazy nightmare. But it was pretty bad & he's apparently been involved with some pretty bad spiritism!

       9. IT WAS A HOUSE OF HORRORS! I think that would be a better name for it than "Spirit Church," because some spirit churches aren't so bad, they really have good spirits, it just depends. I'm sorry I'm not quite awake yet but this is the easiest time for me to remember my dreams, when I'm still half asleep.

       10. I'M SURE IT WAS PROBABLY TO WARN US ABOUT FRANCISCO, that he's been pretty deeply involved in all that horrible stuff that on the surface may look good to him, but the Lord showed me how bad it really is! I felt from the first time I met him that there was something very strange there, & I think the Lord is trying to warn us how bad it really is & to watch out for it!

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