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--IHC Local Followup!
--Let's Get into these Local Fields & Reap'm!

       1. MY VISION IS FOR THE MAJOR MWM & MCV OFFICES TO EVENTUALLY UNLOAD NEARLY ALL THEIR WORK OF STATION & MEMBER FOLLOW-UP ONTO THE LOCAL LEVELS WITH THE LOCAL NROs, giving the local shows a local address & receiving local mail, following up local listeners, pushing the Shows locally, booking the Shows locally & supplying the Shows locally!--Not originating them, that'll still be done by the Music Units & there will still be a little office work left for the International Music Offices. They will then handle mostly correspondence with the MMM* Desks at the NROs & synchronise them & encourage them & keep pushing them along. (*Mass Media Ministries)

       2. EVENTUALLY MAYBE THOSE INTERNATIONAL SHOW CENTERS WILL BE ABLE TO SIMPLY SEND THEIR RAW PRODUCT, THE MASTERS, DIRECTLY TO ANY MAJOR CENTER OF DISTRIBUTION where they've got enough stations to warrant it, & let the local MMM desk or manager handle the duping, booking, distribution, correspondence & everything to the stations locally. I think that will really get the stations better on the ball, too, to really know there's somebody Johnny-on-the-spot locally, really working at it & monitoring & getting people to monitor & checking on them to make sure they are programming when they say, & the minute they shift or they don't notify us, somebody notifies them that we know! We keep an eye on them!

       3. I'LL TELL YOU, IF YOU DON'T HAVE SOMEBODY LOCALLY THAT'S INTERESTED ENOUGH TO MONITOR THOSE SHOWS & KEEP AN EYE ON THEM, STATIONS CAN GET AWAY WITH ANYTHING! We wouldn't know whether they're programming them or not! My whole idea is to make the Shows almost purely a national project on a local level, & all that the International Offices will need to do from then on is handle the original productions.

       4. WITH A LOCAL ADDRESS, I BELIEVE THEY'LL HAVE AN INCREASED RESPONSE & CERTAINLY AN INCREASED EFFECTIVENESS, if people know they can write locally & hear quicker with faster correspondence. All they need to do is say something like, "For quick response or fast service, write to your local MWM Office"--name & address--"& you will hear from us at once," or something like that to show them it's going to be faster, quicker. People aren't too patient, they don't like to wait too long. In some cases I think it's been weeks before they actually got an answer because the mail went such a circuitous route.

       5. DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW IMPORTANT THIS LOCAL FOLLOW-UP IS?--THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE YESTERDAY! We are really not pumpin' what we could get out of these or reap from these local ministries, & harvest in the way of "fruit that shall remain" (Jn.15:16)--not just paper salvations but real disciples, a reservoir of manpower that can join fulltime Homes & serve the Lord! We're getting tremendous response in some places! For example, we have a tremendous ministry in India, millions of pages of lit distributed, thousands of souls saved, thousands of Club Members, response to the radio as well as the local litnessers.

       6. WE'RE SOWING ALL THAT SEED VIA RADIO BUT WE'RE NOT REAPING LIKE WE SHOULD! We've got to not only have sowers, but we've got to send reapers into the harvest fields to reap! The Lord said, "I sent you to reap!" (Jn.4:37-38) He wants results! What's the good of all the plowing & the watering & the fertilising & the sowing & everything if we don't reap the results? And that's what I expect these local teams to do, local offices, to get in there & really work at local contacts & getting local results, eventually personally leading them into the Family. So I'm concerned.

       7. WE'RE LATE, & IF WE DON'T DO IT PRETTY SOON WE'LL BE TOO LATE! The door is wide open right now, but with the War it could slam shut almost any time. Thank God most of our Family are now in fields not apt to be as affected as much by the War, in which we hope to be able to carry on in spite of the War. Even if the U.S.A. & Russia wipe each other out, & Europe too, thank God most of us are now in the South where this part of the World will still be alive & have to live & have to carry on & hope that things will return to near normal where we will be able to continue to produce & feed.

       8. DON'T THINK THAT I'VE GOT THE IDEA THAT WHEN THE WAR COMES THAT WILL BE THE END OF EVERYTHING! Now is the chance to get out as much as we can, but when the War comes I don't expect that to be the end of everything! These Southern countries will still exist, full of people, governments, postal service, telephone lines & all the rest, much as we are now, I expect. I expect the Lord to bless us with our lives & our continued ministry in the South & throughout the South, Southeast & Southwest.

       9. SOUTH AMERICA WILL STILL BE ON THE MAP, D.V., in fact I'm quite sure it will still be on the map even if they wipe North America off! There is no reason for them to be shooting at South America. I'm expecting these places to be able to continue to survive & operate, feed, communicate, publish & carry on despite the War! And even following the War, despite the gradual rise of the Antichrist.

       10. THE GREAT CONFUSION WILL BE VERY SUDDEN WHICH THE WAR & ANTICHRIST HELP TO BRING ABOUT, but I think the reconstruction period & his rise to power to consolidate his gains & his conquest & get the whole thing organised into a One-World Government, that's going to take a little while! Meanwhile, we hope to be able to continue as long as possible.

       11. SO DON'T THINK THAT OUR PUBLISHING IS COMING TO AN END JUST BECAUSE OF THE WAR! Don't try to publish everything you've got left this year! That's impossible! The only people who are going to be deprived of what we have left are the people who aren't going to be left, so what good is it going to do them anyhow? We'll lose our Northern fields of North America & Europe at least for awhile, but I don't think the Lord is going to let them all be wiped completely off the map!

       12. THEY'RE NOT ALL GOING TO GET KILLED OR BE POISONED BY RADIATION! They're not all going to be sick. Casualties there are going to be awful, but a lot of people will be left who will try to reorganise. They will be totally impotent to try to retaliate or fight off their conquerors then. I mean, after the first blast & the first day warfare, as soon as the air clears & it's safe to go in, Russian tanks are going to be rolling into every country in Europe, particularly the ones who are not neutral, & Russian planeloads of reorganisers & reconstruction workers, etc., will be flying into England & flying over to the U.S.A.

       13. THERE WILL BE, I DON'T DOUBT, RUSSIAN & CUBAN TROOPS! I foresee thousands of paratroopers, Cubans, Nicaraguans & by that time maybe a good many more Central Americans, where they have bases, will ferry troops into the U.S., paratroopers mopping up the last pockets of resistance of the stupid idiotic people who still try to fight despite the fact that their country & their government are gone & their capability & capacity of retaliation is nil--except for a few rifles & pistols & perhaps a few tanks & things left. They'd be idiotic & stupid to try to keep on fighting to the death! But there will probably be some people like that, hardhats who would rather continue fighting to the death than to surrender. So they'll have first of all some mopping up to do as soon as it's safe to go in from the radiation & all.

       14. WHAT GOOD IS IT TO WIN THE WAR IF THEY DON'T GET ANYTHING OUT OF IT? They're going to be bombing air bases & missile bases & things like that, military targets primarily, but I don't think the Russians are going to be so silly & foolish as to bomb huge big cities of millions of population where the money is & the people are! That's the wealth that the conqueror gets! The booty is people & things, material possessions. They don't want to blow those all off the map! What good is it to conquer the country if both the people & all the wealth are gone & the whole place a nuclear desert?

       15. SO I DON'T EXPECT TO SEE ANY MAJOR BOMBINGS OF MAJOR CITIES, MAJOR POPULATION CENTERS--unless they are harbouring some pretty bad missile bases around them, & that is going to be their funeral. Those that have been surrounded completely by missile bases, like London, well, they're apt to get wiped out because they're just too close. Any cities like that that are completely surrounded with missile bases & air bases & navy bases & potential retaliatory military targets are going to suffer, & the nearby cities are going to suffer. But I'm sure that the Russians or the Communists or whoever attacks is going to try to spare the valuable population & material gain.

       16. I'M NOT SO SURE THAT THE U.S. IS QUITE THAT SMART! I think they're stupid & idiotic enough to probably have their missiles trained on major cities, because they just figure, "They're a bunch of damn Red Commies, & let's wipe'm all off the map!" That's how idiotic they are! They don't really want Russia! The U.S. has got what it wants. Russia wants the U.S. & it's determined to have it & I expect them to get it, because that's where the power & the money is, the technocrats & the industry & everything that Russia needs. That's where the power & the industry & science & everything is, & they're going to want it--factories, TV sets, automobiles, etc.

       17. BUT MY GOODNESS, WHAT HAS RUSSIA GOT THAT THE U.S. WANTS?--NOTHING! The U.S.' problem is that they just want to keep what they've got! They don't care if they blow the rest of the World to Hell & blow Russia off the map, Europe too, they don't give a damn as long as they can keep what they've got! So I'm not at all convinced that America's missiles are so judiciously or wisely aimed at only military targets. I think they'd just as soon wipe as many millions of Russians off the map as they possibly can & they're aiming at Moscow, Leningrad & all the rest of them!

       18. THAT'S GOING TO BE PITIFUL IF THEY SHOULD GET A CHANCE TO FIRE BACK, & THEY WILL APPARENTLY HAVE SOME LITTLE CHANCE. I don't know whether the Russians are smart enough, or God is going to bless them enough, to be able to knock America so completely reeling that they'll have very little retaliation. Let's hope so for the sake of the World, because the less the U.S. retaliates, the less damage will be done & the more smart people there will be left to rebuild the World & society even under the Antichrist!

       19. BUT AFTER THE WAR THOSE PARATROOPERS WILL GO IN & MOP UP THE FEW WEAK POCKETS OF RESISTANCE WITH CONVENTIONAL WARFARE. There might be a few battles going on for a few weeks or months until everything is cleaned up & they've got firm control, then they've got to mop-up the mess, & some areas might not be usable for years! But there will be usable areas, they're not going to destroy it all! There will be areas & pockets that will escape, & I'm sure God knows which ones to specialise in & which ones to spare.

       20. HOW SOON THEY'LL BE ABLE TO GET COMPLETE CONTROL & REORGANISE & GET THINGS RUNNING AGAIN, reinstitute the International Post so survivors there will still be able to get mail, I don't know, but I expect if it's an all-out Nuclear War that we're probably going to lose virtually all of our Family contact at least for awhile in both North America & in Europe. Then we'll find out who we're going to hear from & who we aren't going to hear from, & we can put the survivors back on the mailing list, D.V., if the Post is re-established. It will have to be re-established in some form, & of course how much control & censorship they'll have & how easily they'll be able to keep out our stuff or how hard it will be for them to keep it out, I don't know, but we can try to get it through if there are any survivors.

       21. BUT BY & LARGE I EXPECT THE WAR TO KNOCK OUT OUR CONTACT WITH MOST OF NORTH AMERICA & MOST OF EUROPE FOR THE DURATION OF THE CONFLICT, whatever time that takes, until reconstruction & rehabilitation. In which case we will still be left with, thank God, the majority of the Family who are now in the South! It's absolutely amazing! According to our latest stats our TRF Homes are divided almost exactly between East & West, & also North & South, & much more South than North! It's getting close to two-thirds in the South.--TRF population, I'm not talking about the Club Members.

       22. IF YOU GO BY CLUB MEMBERS, 95% OF THE FAMILY ARE IN THE SOUTH!--Ha!--Looks really good on paper!--And it could be good & really mean something if we can push this MMM Ministry! That's what I'm talking about! They don't have to just be nothing but paper stats & Mail Ministry stats alone, they could turn into good solid disciples & good solid Family Members! I wouldn't expect much out of them yet as TRFers, but every little bit helps, that's better than nothing, at least to help pay their own expenses of their own lit & our ministries to them.

       23. BUT THE MAIN THING IS, IT WILL CONSOLIDATE THEM AS DISCIPLES & AS FAMILY MEMBERS & AS PART- OR FULL-TIME WITNESSES, & we've got that many more Family Members who are really working for the Lord & really preaching the Gospel in their own language in their own country to their own people! That's a tremendous potential manpower reservoir there in places like India where we've got 5-6,000 Club Members! We've got to do something about it & follow it up if we have to rob Peter to pay Paul, sacrifice old worn-out fields for new more fruitful projects!

       24. THAT'S THE FUTURE! Some of this other stuff is old hat & old bottle & it's the past & it'll soon be gone too, but that's the future!: --Those young people who have been responding to MWM & MCV in these Southern countries, they are our future, Beloved! And if we don't follow-up that tremendous sowing, we've missed the harvest, we've muffed it!

       25. THE MWM & MCV PROMOTERS, GOD BLESS THEM, ARE RAVING & TRILLING ABOUT THE GREAT HARVEST OF STATIONS & EVEN THE GREAT HARVEST OF CLUB MEMBERS, BUT WE HAVEN'T GOT THEM HARVESTED YET! We've only sown the seed & with a little mail follow-up we're just watering it, that's about all, fertilising a little bit, watering a little bit, cultivating it a little bit, but that grain is not yet mature. And if some of it has matured to the point where we can harvest it, we don't have enough field hands out there that are doing it, or at least very few, & we need to get them out there!

       26. AND THE FIRST STEP IS TO FOLLOW-UP & CULTIVATE & WATER & HARVEST AS MANY AS WE CAN BY MAIL, but you're never going to really get them in, bring in the harvest, unless we go out there into that harvest & follow them up locally, personally, & confirm them in the faith, bring them into fellowship with each other & the Family & into partial & eventually fulltime discipleship as good solid disciples & Family Members!

       27. AND IF WE DON'T GET TO PUSHING THAT PRETTY QUICK, BROTHER, WE'RE GOING TO BE TOO LATE, IT'S GOING TO DIE ON THE VINES, rot in the fields because we didn't follow it up soon enough & we didn't get ahold of those folks soon enough & get them established in the faith & firmly settled in the faith as confirmed solid Citizens of the Kingdom, faithful witnesses & even eventually TRFers! They may give only one rupee, but one rupee can pay for a little lit that we fire back at them, whatever it is!

       28. IT'S NOT MONEY WE'RE IN IT FOR, BUT MONEY HELPS, & IF THEY CAN FINALLY BEGIN TO HELP THEMSELVES, ALL THE BETTER! But that's not at all the major aim of this push that I'm talking about! If you think we're in it for the money we could save thousands, if not millions, by giving the whole thing up right now, forgetting it! But that would be silly, because money is not our object, our object is to preach the Gospel in all the World to every creature! And we're doing it, thank God, but we need to follow them up & establish them & make good solid citizens out of them, Citizens of the Kingdom of God, good solid witnesses & Family members.

       29. NOW WE'VE GOT THE FIELD & WE HAVE PLOUGHED, WE HAVE SOWED, WE ARE WATERING TO SOME EXTENT WITH A MINIMUM OF FOLLOW-UP, MCV & MWM magazines & lit & komix & salvation pledges & whatnot. We've got Club Members--& a lot of them, I think, really mean business, but we need to hurry & really push, push! If those offices need more lit, if they need more money, let's give it to them! If they need more prizes or tapes, let's give it to them so we can really get that harvest into the barn, wherever they are, safe, sound, confirmed, solid Citizens of the Kingdom of God, Members of the Family, faithful witnesses winning other souls as well! PTL?

       30. THAT'S THE VISION I HAVE FOR THAT, & WE HAVE GOT THAT FIELD NOW BUT WE ARE NOT DOING AS MUCH AS WE COULD IF WE'D REALLY PUSH IT! That's why I'm willing to give extra help again to these NRO Combos to push the Mass Media Ministry! It's really a follow-up ministry. Let's make sure it's a follow-up ministry & not a foul-up ministry & we don't muff it & miss the boat! We need to really get on the ball & get out there & hump & push & dig & continue the plowing & sowing & watering, but do some good solid reaping as well! Put them in fellowship with each other & establish what they would have called in the New Testament days, churches, local Family groups of local fellowships!

       31. LET'S GET LOCAL MINSTREL TEAMS OUT THERE, PREFERABLY MAN & WIFE, AT LEAST BOY & GIRL, MALE & FEMALE, in order to have full representation of the sexes, if possible, especially in these conservative Oriental fields where they're worried about their girls. If you just send out two men they think you're after their women! But in some cases two men have been very effective, if we can't find them female partners. But if you send out a couple with children, then they've got a full complete well-rounded ministry, not just a plain Minstrel Team but an actual Missionary Family!

       32. AT FIRST PERHAPS THEY CAN TRAVEL AROUND & SEE WHERE THE RESPONSE IS GOOD, first of all locate where the people are that are going to really respond & get together & fellowship, & then we need to send them in pastors, Missionary Families. It's not a great deal different from what's been done for the past 200 years by the churches. Only we're Johnny-come-lately to this business & we're way behind, but we have a tremendous potential!

       33. WE HAVE A TERRIFIC PROPAGATION SYSTEM, WE HAVE REALLY BUILT A BEAUTIFUL MACHINE FOR A COMBO! That's what they call them on the farm, you know?--Combines that go in & mow the field & thresh it & bind up the sheaves of straw. Their big mouths in the front gather up the grain & spit out bags of grain & bales of hay behind as they go, think of that! We're not even to that Combine stage yet.

       34. THAT'S WHAT I WANT TO BUILD NOW, THE COMBINES THROUGH THE COMBOS! A combine, a real massive machine that can just go out there & mow it down & leave behind good solid bags of grain, & separate the chaff from the wheat, & stacks of straw besides. Well, even straw comes in handy, you can feed it to the cattle & you can stack it up in big haystacks, it has its usefulness too. Not everybody can necessarily be good grain, some maybe just can be hay & furnish substantial building material or food for the cattle.

       35. BUT I WANT TO GET THIS MACHINE BUILT TO WHERE IT CAN JUST MOW DOWN THAT HARVEST FIELD & BE SPITTING OUT FULL BAGS OF GRAIN & BALES OF HAY BEHIND! But right now all we've got is a combined harrower & planter. Now they do have those where they have a disker that goes along, followed by a seed planter, & we used to have one of each on the ranch in Texas. The disker plows up the field & the seeder goes along behind & plants the seeds, automatic machines to do it. I imagine they have combines like that now that can disk & plant all in the same operation with one tractor in these huge big agro-industry farms where they've got thousands of acres & millions of dollars & hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of equipment, etc.

       36. WELL, WE'VE DONE A PRETTY GOOD JOB OF PLOWING & SOWING & WE'RE WATERING A LITTLE, FERTILISING SOME, BUT NOW THAT GRAIN IS GROWING & TENDER YOUNG GREEN SHOOTS ARE COMING UP! We've got to protect them & take care of them. We've got to see that they continue to grow & are well-fed, well-watered & matured until they can bear fruit, bear grain, & then have necessary labourers & field hands get in there in personal contact & harvest that grain, get in there with them & make good solid Citizens out of them! Amen?

       37. ANY FARMER THAT HAS GONE TO THIS MUCH TROUBLE TO PLOW & SOW & WATER & FERTILISE & FEED & GROW A TREMENDOUS CROP WHO THEN NEGLECTS TO GET IN THERE & HARVEST IT IS CRAZY! Foolish! And that's what we've got! Every little letter or response that comes in is a new little seedling springing up, showing a little blade of grain, a little blade of grass, & we've got a whole carpet of it out there of thousands of little seedlings & blades growing up! But we need to get in there & cultivate it & continue to water & fertilise the seed until it's grown up enough that we can really consolidate it, harvest it, get it into the barn & into fellowship with each other & into good solid Citizenry of the Kingdom! PTL?

       38. WE NEED TO WORK ON IT & IT'S GOING TO TAKE SOME REAL WORK & DIGGING! It's going to cost money, it's going to take personnel, but thank God, we're developing the personnel! We're getting the missionaries, we just want to know where to put'm! Well, for God's sake, let's stick these new missionaries, if necessary, into the Combos! They can't even speak the language yet, they don't know the people or the customs, they can't witness yet hardly. Let's stick them in the Combos & NROs. At least they can run offices & do dishes & do the work & handle mail & provisioning maybe, or whatever they can do inside until they've been long enough there to learn the language & work outside.

       39. LET'S PUT THE NEWCOMERS IN & SEND THE OLD-TIMERS OUT INTO THE FIELD! We don't want these Combos to just become great big blobs, & why should the old-timers who already know the field so well & the people & the language & the customs & everything else sit there on their fannies in the Combo & do jobs behind the lines that any newcomer can do? The old-timers, the veteran soldiers, the experienced fighters, they're the ones who need to get pushed out into the field! They should be mature enough to become pastors & missionaries out in the field, follow-up teams!

       40. THEY'RE THE ONES THAT NEED TO GO OUT, NOT THESE NEW RAW GREEN RECRUITS FRESH FROM THE NORTH! That's just like taking raw green recruits in the army & sending them straight into the front! That's stupid! What do they do in the army? They give you a long series of training. When they were in a hurry for recruits in WW2 they were only giving three months basic training & whisst, off you went to the front! Three months basic, that was all. Well, six months if you were lucky, & they chose you maybe for some kind of officer's training.

       41. THEY WANTED ME TO GO IN FOR OFFICER'S TRAINING & I SAID, "NOTHING DOING! I'M GETTIN' OUT!"--Ha! Well, that was man's army & I wasn't in the killing business. I'm in the business to bring people to life & save'm, not kill'm! So TTL! I was always in the Lord's Army & I made the mistake of getting into man's army, but thank God He let me get out of man's army & you're the result! Amen? So I think we need to take these raw green recruits & have the old-time vets teach'm the basics & maybe spend another three months at it.

       42. THIS WAS FRED'S VERY EFFECTIVE & USUAL PLAN & THE WAY HE DID IT! He had three categories of personnel: The new basic students, then he had the advanced students he called Leadership Trainees, & then he had the Missionaries that went to the field. Every class that came in was being taught literally by the Leadership Trainees, the last class who'd just finished the course. They'd turn around & teach the basics to the new raw green recruits because they'd just had the course themselves, so they figured that they could at least teach these courses to the guys who'd just come in.

       43. THAT'S THE WAY WE OPERATED OUR SCHOOL IN MIAMI & OUR OTHER SCHOOL. We took the choice ones whom we saw had what it took & could teach, & we turned right around & started them teaching the next class that came in! And as soon as they developed some more leadership & trainees with teaching ability, we turned them around to teach the next class & sent the veterans, the six & nine-monthers, out into the field! We sent them in teams to Jacksonville, Tampa, West Palm Beach, Key West & Caribbean mission fields by faith, with as much support & help as we could give'm. Well, we're better able to do that now than we were then! We could hardly give'm a thing, we were just barely getting by ourselves in our little school. But they went out by faith, road teams went to those cities & got themselves houses, witnessed, litnessed & raised money by faith & stuck & they did a good job!

       44. SO I THINK THAT OUGHT TO BE OUR SYSTEM NOW, TO TAKE THESE RAW GREEN RECRUITS FROM THE NORTH, let'm stay in the Combo long enough to learn the ropes there & be able to take it over & teach the next group of recruits. By that time they've had enough experience in the field & litnessing & knowledge of the people that they can give the next absolutely green ones at least rudimentary knowledge of the situation & the field, the customs, the witnessing, the people & all that. And by the end of that six months, D.V., maybe they'll be ready to go to the field, at least locally, to test'm & see how they come out. By maybe nine months or a year they ought to be making good pioneers! My goodness, in our early history we turned right around & made people Shepherds of new Homes who had just barely gotten through the first course!

       45. PETER IS A GOOD EXAMPLE OF THIS: THREE MONTHS IN THE FAMILY & HE WAS IN CHARGE OF AMSTERDAM! That's the way we did it, boy! I mean, once you were saved & you'd been in three months, you were an old-time veteran!--Ha! You were ready to pastor a new church yourself, shepherd a new Home! Well, that's a tried-&-proven method!* It worked in what were new fields then. Those were new fields at that time with raw green recruits, people who'd never been saved before & didn't hardly know beans from peas! *(Lk.10:1; Acts 14:23; Tit.1:5)

       46. WE FIGURED AFTER THREE-TO-SIX MONTHS THEY WERE READY TO PASTOR A NEW CHURCH, SHEPHERD A NEW HOME! We put'm right to it & if they didn't already know, they learned, & I think we ought to use the same method on the mission field! We don't want these Combos growing to be big blobs like we did in our early history. That's another thing we learned, don't let those Combos grow to be big blobs that keep pushing out the green raw recruits!

       47. THAT'S ANOTHER MISTAKE SOME OF THEM MADE, THE OLD FAT SHEPHERDS SETTLED DOWN IN THE COMBOS, in the big blob, & they sent out these raw green recruits as road teams & pioneers into the field! But the guy who knows most about pioneering & road-teaming is the guy who pioneered the place to begin with! It's time to let the green raw recruits take it over & for him to shove off & into the field! Right?

       48. THE EXPERIENCED LEADER & MISSIONARY BY THIS TIME, HE IS THE MAN WHO SHOULD DO THE PIONEERING, not the green raw soldiers that have never had hardly any battles or any conflict experience! It should be the guy who's been around for three, six, nine, twelve months & who has done his best where he is & has trained people to take over & then can shove off & start doing some new pioneering.

       49. A REAL PIONEER, ONCE A PIONEER, IS ALWAYS A PIONEER! He never settles down, he's always pioneering! I've written on this before. When the thing gets to where somebody else can run it & he's built the machine & trained other people to run it, a real true pioneer with a true pioneer's heart & a heart for the field & a heart for the battlefront is not satisfied just to sit down & rock along! If so, well, he's an old bottle, he's a dead duck!

       50. HE OUGHTTA HAVE SUCH A PIONEER SPIRIT HE CAN HARDLY WAIT TO LEAVE HOME & GET BACK OUT THERE IN THE FIELD WHERE HE CAN PIONEER AGAIN & start a new Home, a new church, get a new group together, a new fellowship! They're the ones you ought to send out, the old experienced veterans!--Not let them sit down there & grow fat & cold & die on the vine! Let the new young raw green recruits take over & the vet takes off to new horizons!--That's where we're going to get our manpower.

       51. WE'VE GOT OUR HARROWING, DISKING & FEEDING GOING ON RIGHT NOW, ALSO THE WATERING & FERTILISING, & WE'RE ALREADY BEGINNING TO SEE SOME LITTLE SPRIGS & SHOOTS & BEGINNINGS OF THE CROP! I can't say we've really got a harvest yet, but I would say we've got a crop, I can see it growing! The fields are turning green, but it's going to take some people to get out there so that by the time it's really white & ready to harvest, they can be harvesting! Maybe some of it's "already white unto the harvest!" (Jn.4:35) Maybe we're behind the times & we don't know them as well as they know themselves!

       52. MAYBE THEY'RE ALREADY RIPE & READY TO BE HARVESTED RIGHT NOW & I THINK PROBABLY A LOT OF THEM ARE! We just need to get labourers! "Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest that He will send forth labourers into the harvest! ... Say not ye there are yet four months & then cometh harvest, for they are white already to harvest!" (Mt.9:38; Jn.4:35) So let's get'm out there! Let's get the benefit of this crop! Let's get out there & harvest the fruit so it'll remain & it'll in time bear fruit of itself & we'll see this carry on!

       53. THAT'S WHAT I SEE FOR THE SOUTHERN FIELDS, BUT I DON'T SEE MUCH HOPE LEFT FOR THE NORTHERN FIELDS. If after whoever survives recovers & they get organised & start receiving mail again, well, you call us, we won't call you! We won't even know who's alive till they write us, if they can. When they start writing in again & saying, "Hey! Where're my Magazines?" Well, okay, we'll start trying to send them if we can, if they can get through. Amen? Even if it means we have to go back to letter-size so they're inconspicuous & just look like normal letters.

       54. THEY USED TO OPEN SUSPICIOUS MAIL DURING THE WAR, & ANYTHING FROM SERVICES & BASES, ETC., THEY OPENED IT ALL & CENSORED IT! Some of it looked like paper dolls when they got done with it! Well anyway, that we don't need to worry about. All we have to be concerned about is our major responsibility which is these Southern fields where the action is, where it's going to continue, & if anybody in the other fields survive & if it's possible that we can continue to minister to them, fine. PTL! GBY! We still love you!--And your help!

       55. OTHERWISE YOU'VE GOT TO BE PREPARED FOR WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN HERE & DON'T LOOK BACK! "Forget the things that are behind, press forward to the things that are before"--right here! (Ph.3:13,14) And one of the things you're going to have to remember is that we're going to lose two of our major supporters, Europe & the U.S.A., & that income. We're going to lose most of the income probably of EUROCRO & NAACRO, & we ought to be working on & trying to figure out a survival budget as I outlined to you once before.--How we can get along with the income that we will be getting just from the Southern fields, remembering also that a lot of their income comes from the North.

       56. SO WE MAY BE WHITTLED DOWN PRETTY FAR AS TO WHAT WE'LL BE ABLE TO PRODUCE & CONTINUE WITH AT THAT TIME, with the Northern fields pretty well wiped-out & income discontinued, & thereby probably much lower income of the South that had been coming from the North. We'll have to try to get along as best we can with what little we've got left, so it might be good preparation to work on estimating a survival budget. This is the way the governments do, they have a budget not just for next year, but for the next five years! The U.S. works out budgets for two or three years in advance. They have to do that on estimating future income. We need to prepare for survival now!

       57. IT MIGHT BE VERY WISE FOR US TO HAVE A SURVEY NOW OF ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE SOUTH, AS TO HOW MUCH OF THEIR INCOME COMES FROM THE NORTH & how much they're going to have left when the North is gone! In other words, to get a little general idea of some kind, perhaps, of what kind of a budget we might be able to work out after the North is gone, & their income from the North is gone.--Figure out what's going to be left & plan now to get along on it even if we're whittled down to nothing but me, thee, thou & no other! Thank God Maria can still write shorthand & type, if necessary, with carbon copies just like we started! Who knows, we might have to whittle it down to that! We may not be able to afford more than a cottage of a few rooms & almost no staff!

       58. NOW IS THE TIME OF GREAT PRODUCTIVITY! We have great staffs & we've got hundreds of people busy with this tremendous production & publication push right now, & now I agree with you is the time to get out the bulk of it if we can. Because as far as I can see, after the War, with the North gone at least for awhile, a lot of our Southern income is going to be gone too & our income is probably going to take the biggest drop it has ever taken! If there's enough left for you & me & thee & thou to get along on & survive on & live on & eat on so we can still continue to at least write Letters, well, we can be very thankful. Amen?

       59. WE'LL STILL HAVE THE LORD, WE'LL STILL HAVE THE WORD, & I trust the Lord'll leave us with at least the basic personnel & one manual typewriter or maybe two--although I presume we're going to still have electricity in most of these Southern countries just like we have had & it's not going to be much different. In fact, with the North knocked out, the South probably will be flooded with oil & it's gonna be dirt cheap! Nobody else to buy it!

       60. SO I DON'T THINK THERE'S GOING TO BE ANY SOUTHERN FUEL SHORTAGE AFTER THE WAR! All the big consumer nations, the big huge wasteful nations that have been wasting it for years, are going to be knocked out & the South is going to be able to keep its products to itself! There'll be plenty of fuel, plenty of oil, plenty of raw materials, plenty of grain, plenty of everything, really, 'cause they won't have to be sharing it with the North who are just gobbling it up & wasting it!

       61. IN SOME WAYS WE MIGHT EVEN BE BETTER OFF WITHOUT THE NORTH! The South may not be as industrial, although it might encourage them to be industrial. Since all the industrial North is gone & manufacturers are gone, the South may begin to industrialise more than ever--sad to say, in some ways--but for awhile it could be a help.

       62. I'M CERTAINLY GLAD TO SEE ATARI AND OTHERS ARE MOVING THEIR OPERATIONS TO THE SOUTH! Boy, they're smart! I wonder where they got that idea? They're closing up all their U.S.A. plants & opening up in Taiwan, Singapore & Hong Kong! Somebody might have put a bug in their ear, you know? It just could be that they read some of our stuff & are convinced! You don't have to be a Prophet to see the handwriting on the wall in the United States, plenty of people are beginning to get scared!

       63. THE SMART ONES, THE ENTREPRENEURS, THE INNOVATORS, THE GUYS WHO ARE DEVELOPING THE COMPUTERS, ETC., THEY'RE SMART ENOUGH TO SEE IT & SEE THAT THE FUTURE IS HERE, NOT THERE! That's the past, & pretty soon it's going to be the dead past! If they're smart they don't want to be a part of it, so they're moving South & East! I run across articles like that all the time where folks & companies are moving South & East, investments & everything.

       64. WE'RE WHERE THE ACTION IS, EAST & SOUTH! Of course, South America hasn't got near as many people, so naturally it can't develop as fast. It's got plenty of our people though, too many! As I started to say, TRF Homes are almost exactly divided between East & West, & almost exactly divided between North & South, which is not too good. Population is also divided almost exactly between East & West, but between North & South, nearly two-thirds of the TRFers are in the South, showing they're going Combos, Co-ops & larger Homes!

       65. BUT ANYWAY WE'VE GOT TO PLAN FOR THE FUTURE! We don't need to worry or fret about tomorrow, but the Bible has plenty of verses about planning & "look to the ant, thou sluggard" & a few other things. (Pr.6:6) Ants plan for the future! They store up for the Winter, squirrels do too! Lots of different creatures God has made plan for the future & they get it when the getting is good.

       66. THE FARMER'S GOTTA PLAN FOR THE FUTURE & WE'RE FARMERS OF SOULS! He has got to plan his crops & his flocks & his herds & he has to count on the future. He doesn't have to worry or fret about it, although probably a lot of them do, but as a Christian he's got to trust the Lord for it. He's got to work on it & plan for it, & his whole prospect of any kind of prosperity, any kind of growth, any kind of harvest is for the future. He works all year long on the future, at least from Spring through Summer to Fall. Three-fourths of the year he works on the future, then in the far Northern cold places he can sort of take a little time off in the Winter time when he's snowed in. There's not much he can do then but feed his flocks & herds.

       67. WELL, WE'VE GOT TO PREPARE FOR THE FUTURE! You know me, you've been working with me long enough, & Maria certainly knows me well enough that I've always been thinking about the future & what's the possible alternative. What might happen & what would we do in case it did? Where would we go from here, what would we do, how would we do it?--And then plan on it just like it's going to happen!--And usually it did! Thank God we were prepared for changes, & because we planned ahead & we kept ahead, when the time came we were ready!

       68. I THINK AS THINGS REALLY GET HOT THERE IS GOING TO BE A LAST-MINUTE FLOOD, A REAL REFUGEE FLOOD, A LAST-MINUTE MASS MIGRATION FROM THE NORTH if they can get out of the country at all! If they can't do anything but jump in their cars & drive to Mexico, they are going to be getting out of the States fast! It's just like a foregone conclusion: "Of course there's going to be nuclear war, of course we've got to prepare our SAC & our different nuclear war headquarters, our Strategic Air Command & all these things, we've got to get them ready because they're already vulnerable now to atomic attack & we're expecting it & therefore we need to mobilise it & diversify it & vary it & all kinds of things!"

       69. THEY'RE PREPARING FOR IT JUST AS PLAIN AS ANYTHING, & THEY'VE NEVER PREPARED FOR A WAR YET THAT THEY DIDN'T HAVE! They are going to have this Atom War just as sure as you & I are sitting here--& thank God we're sitting here & not there! Amen? I pity the folks that are still sittin' on their butts in the North, I'm sorry for them. But I think there are some places up there that are still fairly safe, & we've got some very necessary people in some of those safer places, thank God, especially neutral countries & countries that are prepared for it & will still survive!

       70. COUNTRIES UNLIKELY TO SUFFER ATOMIC ATTACK MIGHT BE IN DANGER OF A LITTLE FALLOUT, & OF COURSE WILL BE TAKEN OVER MILITARILY, governmentally & all that before long, but they'll survive for awhile. I mean, they're still there & will still be useful to us as long as the North is still there or any of it's still there, praise God!

       71. BUT OTHERWISE I HAVE AN IDEA WE'RE GOING TO HAVE A FLOOD OF REAL IMMIGRATION WHEN THEY SEE IT'S REALLY ALMOST HERE--& our folks are going to be the ones who are going to see it & know it first because they've got their eyes & ears opened! The Lord has already warned us & said it is only going to cause a mighty widening of the eyes amongst those who have not discerned the signs of the times! (No.655)

       72. WE ARE DISCERNING THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES! WE KNOW IT'S HAPPENING! We know it's going to happen, & so as it comes closer we're going to see it & know it! And if we're too dumb to see it & hear it & know it, God is going to yell at us & tell us! He's already yelling, been yelling for years! But I think we're going to have a last-minute flood of immigrants from the North if they can still get out at all, when they see that Russia & the U.S. are really at swords' points!

       73. I HAVE A FEELING IT'S GOING TO COME TO THE CRUX OF THE MATTER WHEN THE U.S. STARTS SHIPPING THOSE MISSILES TO EUROPE THIS FALL! It's already building bases for them. That's what that "Green Protest" is doing outside of London there. They're trying to keep the workers & the equipment out because they're in there preparing pads & launch sites & stuff like that for these new missiles. They're smart! So are the Greens in Germany, God bless them!

       74. THEY WANT TO KEEP THEIR COUNTRIES GREEN INSTEAD OF BURNED-OFF BROWN, seared brown or plain grey ashes! But I'm afraid most of them aren't going to be successful, it's too late! I just think that the minute the U.S. really tries to start to ship those missiles in, in spite of everything--if they are that stupid, that dumb, that crazy--Russia would be stupid, dumb & crazy not to strike first! So I believe it's that close.

       75. IN THE MEANTIME, WE'VE GOT TO DO OUR MAJOR BUSINESS OF WHAT WE'RE HERE FOR, & THAT'S TO FOLLOW-UP THESE MINISTRIES, TO GET OUT INTO THE FIELDS THAT ARE ALREADY WHITE UNTO HARVEST & REAP THEM! This is to be a part of the NRO Combo Ministry, another one of their Combined Ministries, & we need to get our Combines moving! We've had our tiller & sower going for quite awhile, now we need to get a Combine out there to start harvesting that grain! Amen? (Amen!) PTL!

       76. MAYBE WE CAN CALL'M THE MMM COMBINES! I like to have nice visual illustrations to give people a picture, an idea so simple even a child can understand it! We've had a rototiller & seeder out there for some time, now let's get the Combine in there & start reaping the grain, praise God? (Amen!) Even stacking up the straw! You can feed livestock on straw, & with some straw at least you can build houses, roofs & shelters. Even straw is useful, even the chaff, so to speak. Well, actually chaff is the hull of the actual grain itself & there's really not much use for it.

       77. THERE'S LOTS OF USE FOR THE STALKS, THE STRAW! They use those throughout the poorer Southern countries of the World to build houses & especially roofs. They put it down as beds for the livestock & they even use it for beds for people! I remember sleeping on things like that on the farm when I was a kid! If they didn't have enough beds they had straw ticks, mattresses stuffed with straw! They put the kids on that when they had guests on the farm & not enough beds. So there will be a use for every part of it somehow, some way!

       78. SO LET'S GET BUSY! LET'S GET THE MMM COMBINES ROLLING! PTL? Hallelujah! TYJ! "Where there is no vision the people perish." (Pr.29:18) I'm the guy who has to have the vision to inspire their faith to have the courage to get out there & do the job! PTL! So let's roll it! Hallelujah! Chug-a-chug-a-chug, it's starting to roll! At least we've got the engineers busy getting it built & I want to get it rolling! PTL! Some places have been really rolling away on a small scale for a good many years, like India, & they're doing it in a few other fields, but I want to see them rolling all over!

       79. LET'S BUILD THE COMBINES OF THE INTERNATIONAL HARVESTERS!--INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER COMBINES!--THE GREATEST ON EARTH!--Amen? HAL!--Wanna be a driver! Get on board! Here we go! Chugalug, kachunk kachunk, clank clank, a bagabag, abale-abale! Reap'm! Pile'm up! Stack'm! Get'm in the Barn of God's Great Kingdom! Amen? Let's go Reapers!--We been plowin', waterin', fertilisin' long enough! Now let's get in there & reap'm! Amen? Wanna help?--C'mon! Let's go!--Into all the World! We've preached'm the Gospel!--Now let's reap'm!--With International Harvester Combines!--IHCs!--Are you with us?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family