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       1. IN HUNTINGTON BEACH WE WON THE YOUNG UPPER-CLASS INTELLECTUALS WHO HAD MONEY & FUNDS & WERE THE REAL REVOLUTIONARIES & ALREADY FED-UP! They not only had the brains & the intelligence & the education to swing a Revolution, but had the funds to finance it! Where would we be if we'd just gone after the poor bums & the Skid Row characters?--We'd be where Fred is, still running a downtown Mission for old sots & bums who never will be able to do anything but take a nosedive for coffee & donuts! You can parade them on television & a lot of people go for that, but how inspirational is it? All those old invalids & shut-ins he caters to probably figure, "Well, I was a bum once upon a time, or I might be a bum some day, so I'm going to be sure his Mission is still runnin' when I land out there in the streets!"

       2. WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN, & MAY BE ALREADY HAPPENING, IF THE FAMILY IS GOING TO START WINNING THE PEONS & THE PEASANTS & THE POOR--these very very poor who haven't got the intelligence or the drive or the know-how to probably even reach their own people?--They're going to be so poor, so pitifully poor, they're going to be nothing but dependents & hangers-on with no potential for self-support or leadership whatsoever!

       3. LET'S FACE IT, WHAT HAS SUPPORTED OUR MISSIONARIES & OUR PEOPLE EVERYWHERE? One of the first things that supported them was their own money, forsake-alls when they joined--not only supported them, but us--& then winning others that also could do the same. I remember Joel figured out one time how many disciples we had to win with an average forsake-all every month in order to keep the whole Colony going at TSC! That's a terrible way to look at it, strictly financially, but that was the fact because that was the way it was mostly supported in those days.--By kids joining that had something to contribute!

       4. IF THEY'RE GOING TO GO AFTER THE POOR, THE POOR'S WHAT THEY'RE GOING TO GET! They're going to get people who are dependent on them instead of people that can support'm! (Maria: On the other hand, if they get the University students in these poor countries, even if the students themselves don't have a bit of money, they have brains & talent that's going to be able to generate support! Even if they themselves don't have support, they're going to be able to be a help that the Family needs to bring in support.) They wouldn't be in University if they didn't have something!--Or their folks!

       5. TAKE JESUS, HE MINISTERED TO LOTS OF PEOPLE--because He spoke their language, for one thing--& He healed the sick & He preached the Gospel to the poor & all that. But who did He pick for real disciples, labour leaders & soul-winners to carry on the work? He picked some fishermen who were well-to-do enough to own their own boats, & a tax-collector whom people hated because he made so much money, men who could contribute something & could earn their own living if they had to! They could even go back to it like some of them did after He was crucified!

       6. THEY HAD SOMETHING TO FORSAKE! "They forsook all & followed Him", so they must have had something! What was the "all"?--A boat? It was quite something to own a boat! That would be considered upper-middle-class! They always make fun in church about the "poor stinking fishermen" & all that stuff, but they weren't so poor! Look at the rest of the people. Look at the rest of the people around here. I mean, any dear fisherman who owns his own boat is pretty well off, he owns his own business. And Matthew the tax collector, he had his own business, & a good business it was, too!

       7. SO WHEN JESUS WENT TO PICK DISCIPLES, HE PICKED DISCIPLES WHO DID HAVE AN EDUCATION! They may not have been theologians, they were called "ignorant men" compared to the Scribes & the Pharisees with all their education & all that theological knowledge, but they were smart enough that they owned their own businesses, were self-supporting, & they could read & write! They wrote Epistles, very intelligent Epistles! I think the Family is barking up the wrong tree!

       8. IF THEY CAN'T SUPPORT YOU, AT LEAST THEY CAN SUPPORT THEMSELVES! They can at least be intelligent & smart enough to have a good job & support themselves if they can't do anything else, if they can't get support. But the poor peons out in the rice paddies, my God, they'll never have the time nor the strength nor the intelligence nor the education--can't read & write--to ever have a minute to do anything! Sure they'd like to listen to music if they ever had time, & maybe they carry a transistor radio in their back pocket, but if you give them a piece of lit, they can't read it! You ask them to write in, they can't write! It's ridiculous!

       9. THE FAMILY IS AIMING AT THE WRONG STRATA OF SOCIETY TO EVER REALLY ESTABLISH ANYTHING THAT'S GOING TO BE ABLE TO LAST & SUPPORT ITSELF & BE INDIGENOUS, SELF-SUPPORTING, SELF-GOVERNING & SELF-PROPAGATING! (Maria: And what about the thousands of school children they're performing for each month that are getting saved?) That's one way to stack up the salvations, but how many years are we going to have to wait till they're labour leaders, till they can be real disciples & really bear fruit? That's fine, I believe in getting all the kids saved we can, but in the meantime, where are the disciples? (Maria: They have a choice in whom to reach, so what should be their priority?)

       10. JESUS OCCASIONALLY PREACHED TO THE MULTITUDES, BUT THOSE OCCASIONS ARE BLOWN UP OUT OF ALL PROPORTION! I remember Fred used to preach about that. I've forgotten what the actual stat was on that that somebody had figured out--& it must have been some theological student in Bible College that had enough brains to do it--that of all the so many sermons Jesus preached that are recorded in the Bible, the vast majority of them were preached to individuals who had disciple potential, whereas only a few times were there times when He fed the multitude or He preached to the masses.

       11. YOU KNOW, THEY'VE GOT A FUNNY IDEA ABOUT THE SERMON ON THE MOUNT! They've always got Him pictured sitting up on a hill preaching to thousands of people, but just read the text! (Mt.5:1) The first MO Letter ever written was about "Mountain Men", that He went up into the mountain just with the 12! (No.B) The Sermon on the Mount was preached just to the disciples, not to the masses of thousands that He fed who came for the loaves & the fishes! I mean, the real teaching sermons, preparing disciples to carry on the work & go out & go into all the World & preach the Gospel, He spent most of His time talking to the 12! The Sermon on the Mount was preached to the 12! The Last Supper sermon was preached to the 12!

       12. MOST OF HIS SERMONS & NEARLY ALL OF HIS TEACHING & TRAINING WAS DONE WITH JUST A HANDFUL OF MEN WHO WERE SMART ENOUGH, INTELLIGENT ENOUGH & EDUCATED ENOUGH TO BE ABLE TO BOTH READ & WRITE! Every single one of them could read & write, which wasn't exactly the most common thing in the World in those days, in the days of poor people then. He picked the ones that had enough education to read & write, & read & write intelligently! They knew the Scripture! They must have had copies, & you had to almost be rich to have a copy of the Bible! And they could write intelligently, intellectually! Even Peter, who said that Paul was a little hard to understand, writes a very clear intellectual discourse himself! Jesus spent most of His time working with people who could carry on, who could be indigenous, self-supporting, self-governing & smart enough to take care of themselves & to get out the Gospel to the masses!

       13. (MARIA: OUR KIDS REALLY HAVE THE WRONG IDEA! In "The Seven Courses" from one country they go through all the ministries possible & almost as a footnote they say, "And of course the Universities are very fruitful too, that's where most of our disciples have come from!" The last thing after the whole big array of ministries, we finally get down to the Universities where most of our disciples come from! And in others they don't even mention the universities!) When are they ever going to learn? How many times am I going to have to say this? I guess I have to say it again in a different way!

       14. GO TO THE CITIES! (No.927) How many times have I said that? Not the boonies! Go to the intellectuals, go to the Universities, go to the people who already speak your language & the native language as well & win them to the Lord, & then let them go out & evangelise their own people! Does that have a familiar ring? Does that sound familiar? I don't know how many times I've said it! (Maria: Well, somebody said maybe they got sidetracked by the "millions for the billions" vision of lit.) My God, it takes people at least who can read to read the lit! (Maria: But if the intellectuals speak our language, then we don't necessarily have to put the lit into all the languages of the peasants, just into the language of the top intellectuals.) And most intellectuals today in most countries speak English! It is the most coveted popular language, the most international.

       15. DON'T YOU THINK THE LORD KNEW WHAT HE WAS DOING WHEN HE PICKED A BUNCH OF YOUNG RICH CALIFORNIA INTELLECTUALS TO LEAD THIS REVOLUTION TO BEGIN WITH?--Smart college students! There was hardly a one of them that wasn't a college student except the ones who were too young & were in high school, but they were smart kids! The Lord knew what He was doing! He picked the country, He picked the language, He picked the people that could do it, & they have gone out into all the World into over a hundred countries & preached the Gospel to people that spoke 40 different languages that they didn't!

       16. IF THEY DON'T AIM FOR THE STUDENTS, THEY'LL GET BOGGED DOWN & GET NOWHERE JUST LIKE THE ALLIANCE & SOME OF THE REST OF THEM FINALLY DID! And where's the Alliance today?--Still piddling back there where it was when I left'm. Where is "2,000 Tribes" today?--Still trying to translate the Bible into 2,000 different dialects, bogged down, you've practically lost sight of them. They've got people sitting out in the jungles of the Amazon trying to learn the language, & then trying to figure out how to put it into some kind of writing so the people can learn to read & write their own language, for which they didn't even have their written language, so that they can finally get around to reading the Bible on their own! (Maria: It seems so ridiculous, doesn't it?) It would have been easier to teach'm English!

       17. LOOK AT THE LOADS OF LITERATURE & BIBLES THAT ARE ALREADY CHEAP IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE! It would have been a whole lot easier to teach those poor people English & to be able to read English than to try to put it in their own language! (Maria: That's right! Why didn't they?) For the same reason so many of the Family are pushing the local language! Now we've got this red herring across the trail: "We've got to get everything in the local language now so that the poor peons & peasants & ignorant uneducated people out there in the rice paddies bent double with that back-breaking work can get the Gospel!"--Even though they haven't got time to ever possibly spread it hardly!

       18. THEY MIGHT TELL THE GUY WORKING NEXT TO'M ABOUT JESUS, BUT THAT'S ABOUT ALL THEY COULD EVER DO! Because they can't read, they can't write, they'll never reach anybody else but other peons! And how many of them are they going to reach if they can't even read & write their own language, much less any other language? (Maria: And after all, that's what the Protestant missionaries who are so plenteous in many of these countries are supposed to be doing. If they don't reach'm it's not our responsibility or our fault!) And that's where they're at! That's why they haven't gotten any further than they have. (Maria: It's their responsibility to reach all these small school kids with the Gospel, too, that's their job & their ministry, & if they don't reach'm, then we're not responsible. And I think the Lord will take care of the children. We even had to make a choice when we first started the Revolution in California, & we didn't go to the children, we went to the University students. I mean, we've got to get our priorities straight, we can't do everything!)

       19. THERE'RE PLENTY OF RICH YOUNG INTELLECTUALS EVEN HERE, JUST LOOK AROUND! These kids go to Universities, they're smart, they own cars, motorcycles, they've got money, they've got brains! Another decade & they're going to be running this country if the World would last so long! They're going to be the leaders! Why not win'm now? (Maria: It'll be too late if we don't.) Why go into the Old Folks' Homes all the time & win people with one foot in the grave & the other on a banana peel, who could never possibly do anything for the Lord? All you're doing is throwing them a last-minute life-saver to get'm saved, which I think is worth it, if they're not neglecting something more important.

       20. OR THEY'RE GOING INTO THE ORPHANAGES & THE SCHOOLS & WINNING THE LITTLE KIDS TO THE LORD WHO HALF THE TIME DON'T HARDLY KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING! But they're doin' it & we hope that it's effective & we trust that they really know what they're doing, that they understood the message of the Gospel, the Love of Jesus, & they're taking Jesus into their hearts & not just raising their hands because somebody told them to raise their hands! And not just repeating a prayer because somebody said "repeat after me" & it's like reciting a lesson, but that they know what they're doing.

       21. AND LET'S TAKE IT THAT THEY KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING--IT'S GOING TO BE TEN YEARS BEFORE THEY CAN DO ANYTHING IN RETURN FOR THE LORD! (Maria: Without any training, without any growth, the parents will stifle that.) How are they going to grow unless we feed them? Unless they're old enough to read, in order to be fed, & smart enough to write in order to respond & keep in communication! (Maria: And if their parents let them get away with it, which is another potential stumbling block.) No Revolution was ever led by either children or old folks or the peasants, the extremely poor! (Maria: But did you know that our Family's major ministries now all over the World are small children & the very poor?)

       22. WELL,THEY'VE GOTTEN AWAY FROM THE ORIGINAL PLAN! They have gotten away from what I taught'm & told'm. They see all these poor starving hungry dying pitifully poor people & they feel so sorry for them they want to get them the Gospel. Well, the fastest way to get them the Gospel is not to sit down there with'm & try to learn their language & teach'm to read & write! That takes a lifetime, & a lot of missionaries & missionary organisations have gone to pot while they're spending generations trying to do that! And still where are they at? How far have they gotten? But they would have gotten further if they had won the intellectuals & those that had some brains & had some know-how & some education--at least could read & write--they're the ones that are getting someplace! That's how we got someplace.

       23. NEARLY ALL OF OUR FIRST DISCIPLES FOR AT LEAST THE FIRST TEN YEARS BEFORE WE GOT IN THE MISSION FIELD WERE YOUNG WELL-EDUCATED MIDDLE-CLASS, OR EVEN UPPER MIDDLE-CLASS, FAIRLY WELL-OFF YOUNG PEOPLE! They were the intelligentsia, intellectuals, educated, whose folks had money. Now their old folks are dying off & leaving them that money, which is helping them on the mission field! But what's going to happen when these peons die off? Will they leave'm a rice paddy? They don't even own it! I mean, they're never going to get anywhere that way! The time is too short, we've only got ten years to go. What are they going to do? It would take our people ten years to learn a language enough to proficiently be able to be missionaries, & then what are they going to get?--Peons & peasants & the pitifully poor that can't do anything!

       24. THAT'S NOT WHAT JESUS DID, HE GOT SOME BOYS THAT WERE AT LEAST MIDDLE-CLASS, OWNED THEIR OWN BUSINESSES & WERE EDUCATED ENOUGH TO BE ABLE TO READ & WRITE FLUENTLY, PROFICIENTLY, & PREACH WELL & WIN THEIR OWN! They even knew several different languages. Think of that! Nearly every one of Jesus' disciples could speak three different languages, their own--Hebrew, Greek--the common international language of the day--& Roman or Latin--which was the official business governmental language that they had to be able to speak in to do business with the government. Three languages! (Maria: Wowee! They must have been really smart!) They spoke Hebrew, the local language of the local yokels, they spoke Greek, the language of intelligentsia & the intellectuals, of education, & they spoke the language of the government, Roman or Latin. They could talk to anybody! They could witness to anybody in almost any language, the most popular prevalent languages of the day.

       25. SO LET'S GO OUT & GET SOME JOHNS & PETERS & PAULS & MATTHEWS & SOME GUYS LIKE THAT!--Some smart young fellows that, even as young as they are, are smart enough to own their own businesses or be in college, maybe supporting themselves or being supported by their rich families, & who have time to learn & study & read & then get out & preach the Gospel to others, & have enough money to do it! We can't support'm! We haven't got it! I mean, from the very beginning the disciples supported us, we didn't support the disciples!

       26. THEY'RE GOING AFTER THE WRONG CLASS OF PEOPLE! It's a kind of a Marxist hang-up & it's a sort of a hippie hang-up, you know, "Gung-ho for the poorest, the lowest, the most ignorant classes, raise the Negro to our level, raise the poor to our level, blah blah blah!" Well, some people have been trying to do that for the past 6,000 years & they haven't made it yet! "The poor ye have always with you," Jesus said, "Me ye have not always with you!" (Mt.26:11) He could have been saying that, or any one of them could have been saying that!

       27. (MARIA: I THINK ANOTHER REASON IS THAT THEY THINK PERHAPS THAT THEY'RE NOT QUALIFIED TO REACH THE UNIVERSITIES BECAUSE OF THEIR WITNESSING TOOLS, which are mostly slide shows, puppet shows & children.) That's ridiculous! Those are useful with any age audience! But what was our tool in the beginning? Our major tool was music, which was the major attraction to the young high school, college & University students. It was our music that was our magic! They haven't read the old Letters! They apparently don't pay any attention to the old Letters, they think they're old hat! But that's what made us, that's how we got where we've gotten! And that's what continues to capture them. And most of our Family knows how to sing & play, & if they don't, they've got even better, the recorded MWM & MCV Music & Shows!

       28. THAT'S WHO THEY WERE! THE COLLEGE & UNIVERSITY STUDENTS, LET'M FACE IT! LET'M FACE THEMSELVES! Who were they? What were they? What got'm? What hooked'm? The music attracted them, the love attracted them & the lit attracted them! And they liked the Message & they could read it & understand it! My God, how many of these peons, even if they could read their own language, could even understand some of this lit, even the Komix? I'd say most of them are too deep for them. They're sure barking up the wrong tree, the wrong rice stalk!

       29. (MARIA: NOW WE'VE GOT BABIES & CHILDREN THAT WILL ATTRACT THEM TOO! These college students that are just about to get married are thinking, "What kind of family do I want?" Here they see an ideal Family that has love, the children are disciplined, trained, that's a real attraction for'm to see how we do it! Plus, they can use their slide shows & puppet shows. Just like you pointed out, the Muppets for example are watched by more adults than children!)

       30. LOOK AT OUR EARLY SKITS IN THE PARK, SOME OF THEM THE SILLIEST MOST RIDICULOUS THINGS, COMEDY, CLOWNS & WHATNOT, & THE ADULTS PACKED IN, NOT JUST THE KIDS! They packed around & they got the Message! "Except ye become as a little child ye shall in no wise enter into the Kingdom of God!" (Mt.18:3) Everybody's got a little child in him, is a little childish, & they just packed the parks to watch our little skits etc.! (Maria: There're always more adults in those pictures of the Holy Ghost samples than children & the children are at least school-age kids that can understand!) Even in these poor countries.

       31. MY GOD, HOW LONG HAVE I PREACHED THAT? How many times have I preached that? I said, "Don't try to stop & learn a language!" Now if incidentally in the course of being in a country so long doing what they're supposed to be doing & winning the people who know all the languages already & are intelligent, smart enough, affluent enough & have enough drive to be able to be real genuine disciples & get out there & accomplish something & be labour leaders, having put that priority first where it belongs, to win the kind of disciples Jesus did, young men who were middle-class & owned their own businesses & were well-educated & could read & write & speak in about three different languages, if in the course of all that they happen to learn the local language & the language of the poor as well, well, fine, that's OK!

       32. (MARIA: ALL THOSE LETTERS YOU WROTE ABOUT LEARNING THE LANGUAGE & BECOMING ONE, THOSE WERE MORE DIRECTED AT LATIN AMERICA BECAUSE SPANISH IS THEIR MAJOR LANGUAGE! They hardly even speak anything else, so you have to learn Spanish.) You only have to learn one language, & it's the most widely-spoken language in more countries than any other language in the World, even English! So once you learn Spanish you've got'm all! You could go internationally from country to country over a whole continent & half of another continent, & part of another continent! Spanish is widely spoken on 3 or 4 different continents. Of course! That's a language worth learning. That's a language as international & almost as widespread as English!

       33. (MARIA: LOOK WHAT KIRSTY DID IN THAILAND!--SHE PRAYED SPECIFICALLY FOR AN UPPER-CLASS INTELLECTUAL RICH DISCIPLE THAT COULD BE A REAL LABOUR LEADER, a leader of the whole country, & look what she got! She got Bert, who's one of the main Thai leaders there now!) Yes!--Who can not only support himself, but even perhaps somewhat help support them! And one thing for sure, you won't have to eventually be supporting his poor old indigent helpless hopeless father & mother & his whole family, they've got their own support. That's what you're going to wind up with if you start winning these pitifully poor. One of them gets in & pretty soon you have the whole family coming in for the coffee & donuts, what they call "Rice Christians", for the "loaves & fishes"! (Jn.6:26)

       34. (MARIA: SOMEBODY JUST WROTE IN & SAID, "PLEASE WARN THE FAMILY TO BE VERY CAREFUL ABOUT TAKING IN PEOPLE until you're sure what they're there for.") Some of these people would be happy to be a disciple just for room & board, they're that poor, & some of these girls just for a husband! (Maria: And then some of them turn out later to be very weak & very much of a problem, & then you're stuck with them! A lot of them have turned out to be good disciples, but you just have to have a lot of discernment.)

       35. EVEN GOING FOR THE MIDDLE-CLASS INTELLECTUALS YOU'RE GOING TO GET A FEW BAD APPLES, but at least we've got mostly good ones who had the drive, the intelligence, even the education, & most of them the funds to not only do the job but even help support us! I mean, I'm surprised at some of these leaders barking up the wrong tree, encouraging these people to learn the local language! (Maria: In a way, it's real nationalistic, divisive, encouraging the nationals so much almost to the point of being against the American leadership!)

       36. IF THEY CAN'T TAKE AMERICAN LEADERSHIP TO BEGIN WITH, SUCH AS THE WHOLE WORLD HAS DONE, GHU! It's the American leadership that has brought the World at least to some point of development!--What kind or what it's like, that's a matter of your opinion. A lot of it's bad, but let's face it, a lot of it was good. The Americans & British evangelised the World, they're the ones that sent out the missionaries, believe it or not! The Americans, the British & the Germans were the main ones that had Missionary Societies.

       37. IN THE FAMOUS MISSIONARY CENTURY OF THE 1800'S, THEY EVANGELISED THE WORLD EVERYWHERE THE BRITISH FLAG FLEW, & THE SUN NEVER SET ON THE BRITISH FLAG! There were missionaries & missionary schools & missionary hospitals & missionary clinics & missionary doctors & nurses & teachers. They were missionaries teaching Christianity, to say the least, & preaching Christ & salvation to say the most, throughout the World! They were British & Americans who spoke English, Germans who spoke German, & the Dutch too. The French didn't do much along that line because they're so solidly Catholic. The French are kind of selfish too, they kind of keep to themselves.--The French are very French, GB'M!--Till saved!

       38. MAYBE IF YOU GO OUT IN THE RICE PADDIES & TALK TO THE PEONS & THE PEASANTS WHO WILL NEVER BE ANYWHERE BUT IN THE RICE PADDY, MAYBE THEY DON'T SPEAK ENOUGH ENGLISH, BUT WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BET THEIR KIDS DO! Look at this family where our one boy went to their home to witness & there was only one girl in the family that spoke English, but he won her to the Lord & she finally won her whole family to the Lord! She was a smart girl, had a good job, knew English, had a little education, was smart enough, & he was able to win her to the Lord & she won her family, even though not a one of them could speak English. Time is too short, it's such a waste of time!--We haven't got time to stop & learn these local languages, it's ridiculous! Preach to the ones who already know yours!

       39. NOW I HAVE BEEN WILLING TO ALLOW MWM UNITS &ENCOURAGE THEM, IN FACT SUPPORT'M, TO PUT THE MUSICAL SHOWS IN THE LOCAL LANGUAGES, to get local response from people who know the local language, but I'm beginning to wonder if we did the right thing there! Maybe the thousands of dollars we've put into those Local Language Music Shows would have done a lot more & gone a lot further if we'd bought more time on stations in some of these countries where there are people who speak English--if we'd have bought more time where we couldn't get free time--or if we'd have put that money into local follow-up & local Units to push it & reap it!

       40. IT TAKES THEM MONTHS, NEARLY A YEAR, REALLY, FROM THE TIME THEY START WORKING ON A LOCAL LANGUAGE MWM SHOW UNTIL THEY'RE READY TO REALLY ROLL & get on stations & push it & book it, & it's at least a year or so before they even start getting follow-up! (Maria: Then we have to put all the lit in that local language to do the follow-up!) One thing we could do is turn all of these local MWM Language Units into Follow-up Units to push & follow-up the English Show!--Harvesters!

       41. WHAT ARE WE DOING WITH LOCAL LANGUAGE SHOWS & ESTABLISHING A WHOLE COMPLETE NEW UNIT WHICH NEEDS A LIT-PIC & AN MWM & AN OFFICE FOR FOLLOW-UP & ALL THE REST? Why are we doing that when we haven't even plumbed the depths of the English potential & the English-speaking people? We're neglecting the follow-up of all the thousands who've already responded to the English Language Show! We're not even following them up! If we'd take all that money & put all those people to work on following-up the people who have already responded to the English Language Show, we would have scores of Minstrel Teams out in the fields, scores of harvesters & reapers out there! We'd have scores of them out there following up the MWM Show! (Maria: I bet if we'd emphasise just three ministries: 1) MWM & Minstrel teams & follow-up, 2) Universities & 3) FFing--& of course lit to all these--it would be a real revolution & would get the labour leaders, if we just abolished everything else but those!)

       42. OF COURSE THE STATIONS WOULD LIKE ANOTHER FREE SHOW IN THE LOCAL LANGUAGE! You give it away, it doesn't cost them anything, why not? They've got lots of time slots where they need to fill the holes & they haven't got the money to buy shows. If we give it away free, naturally they'll take anything to fill it up just for stuffing! They're not interested in preaching the Gospel or what class of people we're reaching. If we're stupid enough to make a show for the local peonage, then that's up to us, they've got another hole in their programming they can fill! But what good is it going to do? How many of those people are going to be real labour leaders? How many of them are going to be organisers? How many of those people are going to be able to lead a real revolution in their country, a real Gospel Jesus Revolution?

       43. THEY COULD PRETTY SOON BE GETTING OVERLOADED WITH THESE VERY PITIFULLY POOR IGNORANT NATIVES, NOT DISCIPLES, BUT FAMILY MEMBERS! They're glad to come in just to be fed & not starve to death, have a place to lay their heads & something to eat. (Maria: Or have an American husband!) So-called "Rice Christians"! I wouldn't say that's what we've got or that's what they are, but that's what they're going to get if they keep on this same tack of going after nothing but the poorest of the poor who can't even read & write their own language, much less English!

       44. WE'RE LOOKING FOR LABOUR LEADERS TO GET OUT IN THE FIELD, INTO THE HARVEST! The Lord said, "Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest that He shall send forth labourers into the harvest!" (Mt.9:38) Instead of that, we've got'm sittin' around for a year cookin' up Local Language Music Shows & lit for it & this, that & the other, when the harvest has been out there for years from the MWM English Language Show! They could have been out there following that up!

       45. I'VE GOT A NOTION TO DO TO THEM WHAT I DID TO THE NITWITS! Dear Deb & her outfit, they were bogged down in what you might say was getting the lit into the local language of the Americans--in other words, a fancy magazine, fancy colour paper blah blah, catering to just certain people. I finally gave'm a choice, "Either you can go to work for me & stay on the staff & get out the MO Letters, or you can go with Deb & get out your Nitwit Magazine, your "New Improved Truth", you have a choice." Well, some of them stuck, like dear Eman, God bless him, & Sally & some of them, & some of them left, like dear Barkos & a few of them. And where is Barkos today?--Nowhere! Sally & Eman are still going strong! TTL!

       46. I'VE GOT AN IDEA TO GIVE THOSE LOCAL UNITS A CHOICE: Listen, we've got millions of people in India already who've been hearing MWM in English for years, we've got tens of thousands of them that have even responded & written in--contacts, what a salesman would call "hot leads"--but we've got nobody to go out there & reap'm, nobody to go out there & contact'm! Maybe we should close up shop on some of these Local Language Shows & some of these Local Language Lit-Pics & send all those people out into the field as harvesters, & put all that money into supporting'm! The reason they can't do it is they haven't got the support because they've gotta go out in the field, & it's pretty hard to support themselves that way.

       47. I'D RATHER PUT ALL THIS MONEY INTO SUPPORTING SOME OF THESE MISSIONARIES IN THESE POOR COUNTRIES WHO NEED THE SUPPORT, to spend their full time at really reaching the kind of people they ought to reach, like the intellectuals & the college students & the high school students & the people who've really got what it takes, to whom we can preach in English & they can understand English & they can read it & we can educate in English & we could train as real disciples in English! They know their own language, we don't have to learn it. Let them speak it! Let them preach it! (Maria: You know where a lot of our high-class intelligent Indian disciples are?--They're all tied up in the Hindi Music Show & the Lit-Pics in India!)

       48. AND YOU KNOW SOMETHING ELSE? HERE ARE ALL THESE BRAND NEW MISSIONARY RECRUITS LANDING OVER HERE IN A POOR FOREIGN COUNTRY, coming in by the scores, & the first thing they tell them is, "Sit down here & now you've got to learn the local language!"--And that's going to be the fastest way in the World to discourage'm, because there's nothing more difficult, hardly, than learning some of these languages! They had a tough enough time learning English in high school back in the States! But now they land over here & the first thing you tell them is they've got to learn these little rinky-dink local languages! And they've not only got the six or seven major languages, they've got about 200 dialects in some of these countries! "Take your choice now, which one of these seven major languages do you want to learn? And if you're going to go out in this boony little village over here, you're not only going to have to learn the language, you're going to have to learn the local dialect & bury yourself in one little village, the only place that they speak it, for the rest of your life to make your language study worthwhile!"

       49. I'M SURE THIS MESSAGE IS GOING TO OFFEND A LOT OF NATIONALISTIC PEOPLE & PEOPLE WHO THINK EVERYTHING OUGHT TO BE JUST YOUR OWN WAY & YOUR OWN LANGUAGE. Well, that's fine, but we don't speak your language, I'm sorry!--And we don't have time to learn it. We already know English & we can sock it to them in English. We know our language & they already know it too & they can understand it, so why the Hell should we learn their other language? If they can understand enough English that they can get the idea & get the training & read the lit in English, let'm read it in English! And then if they want to translate it for others in their own language, that's up to them.

       50. FRANKLY, I'D RATHER SEE'M GET OUT & WIN SOME MORE INTELLECTUALS & COLLEGE STUDENTS & UNIVERSITY STUDENTS, REAL LABOUR LEADERS! Don't worry, the Message will filter down to the lower strata sooner or later, but how many of them are really going to be great pioneers & really be able to get out & win the people who really count? Let's face it, it was never the peons & the peasants who ever led this Revolution, it was always the intelligent, smart, intellectual, educated, even home-financed people.

       51. WHAT'S THE PROBLEM THEY'RE HAVING WITH SOME OF THESE MISSIONARIES THEY'VE GOT OUT HERE NOW? Apparently some of them must have been from such poor families they can't even finance them on the field, can't even help support'm! Whereas others of them have good support from home. A little means a lot on these poor fields. It only takes a little bit from Mom & Dad & Aunts & Uncles & Cousins or even Brothers & Sisters back at home to support them fulltime here, so they don't have to worry about earning a living on the field & scrounging & scrunching & doing everything they can to try to earn a few cents in order to survive! They've got people back home, families that are smart, intelligent, got good jobs, earn plenty of money that could support'm!

       52. YOU SAY, "AH, THAT'S RICH CHAUVINISM, THAT'S CLASS TALK & THAT'S NOT THE GREAT LEVELLER, BLAH BLAH!" Well, let me tell you, the Gospel will level people enough, & certainly the Lord will level them enough without having to bow & kowtow & scrape & scrounge for every single penny to manage to survive & to eat & pay the rent on a foreign field! The job is tough enough without worrying so much about your support! They need people back home who are earning money, & good money, & can afford to support'm so they don't have to worry so much about support on the field! And for God's sake, they're certainly never going to get their support from the peons & the peasants in the rice paddies, they're going to be supporting them if they join! They're going to have nothing, no forsake-all, & contribute nothing but their hungry flesh!

       53. TO SUM IT ALL UP, THEY'D BETTER DO ON THESE FOREIGN FIELDS JUST WHAT WE DID ON THE HOME FIELDS & WHAT JESUS DID ON HIS HOME FIELD, & WIN THE SAME KIND OF DISCIPLES! Go after the rich young intellectuals, the educated & the smart & the fed-up! They've had it all already & they're not just trying to come for the rice bowl! They've had it, but they're looking for something better--soul satisfaction! They already know English, they've already got an education, they already have got the drive & the know-how & the intelligence & the aggressiveness to be able to meet other people & get out & witness to people of their own kind, not just in the rice paddies! They've already got even home support as students & can do something & accomplish something. You only have to preach to them in English & get them won, then they can carry on & be indigenous, eventually self-supporting, self-governing & self-propagating! Pray for these & seek them out!

       54. QUIT WASTING TIME ON TRYING TO WIN THE VERY LOWEST STRATA OF SOCIETY, the pitifully poor ignorant uneducated labourers who can neither read nor write & can hardly understand their own language, much less English, & waste thousands of hours & tens of thousands of dollars & hundreds of lives trying to win a strata of society who are never going to be able to get anywhere until the Millennium, & I wonder then! That's probably what we're going to be doing in the Millennium! Well, let's leave that for the Millennium, OK? (Maria: Let all the Protestant missionaries do it in the Millennium, the job they failed to do when they were here when they were supposed to do it.) Or let the Protestants do it now! (Maria: Well, since they're not doing it now, maybe they can do it then.)

       55. BUT LET'S GET OUT & GET THE LABOUR LEADERS LIKE JESUS DID & LIKE WE DID IN OUR EARLY DAYS & do it the way that has always proven effective & the way that we have always had the greatest success & the most rapid progress & the greatest increase & fastest growth! Let's go where it counts, where every word is going to really count! Let's go after the young independent & financially well-off educated intellectuals, University students with families who are rich enough to support them, even if they become a missionary, & it will eventually filter down to the peons & the peasants! In the meantime we're going to get there a lot faster, firstest with the mostest! (Maria: Not only families that can support them, but families that can be kings & queens to the Family! They've won some like that, it's wonderful!) Exactly! PTL! Lord help us!

       56. NO WONDER THEY'RE GETTING BOGGED DOWN IN THESE POOR FOREIGN COUNTRIES, they're falling prey to the same kind of tripe that some of the other denominational missionaries fell for: "Oh no, you've got to learn the local language, & not only the local major language, but the local dialect that's just spoken in these 3 or 4 villages!" Then they spend the rest of their lives sitting out in the jungle under a tree trying to teach the natives how to even learn their own language & learn to read it & write it & invent a system of writing for it! They spend the rest of their lives doing that instead of getting out & winning tens of thousands of young University students! If some of them want to have that burden to do it, well let them do it, but we haven't got time, we haven't got money, we haven't got the personnel for it!

       57. (MARIA: DO YOU KNOW WHERE THEY MASS PASS OUT THE LIT IN INDIA?--Not at Universities, but at bus stations, train stations, sports stadiums & movie houses where all the poor guys in India are.) All the little nobodies! Can you imagine us doing that in our early days? Never! I don't ever recall when we hardly ever did that. Although we did go to University stadiums & I'm sure we must have witnessed in some train stations too, Victoria Station in London where all the intelligent educated intellectual hippie rich kids were passing through! (Maria: The rich in India don't take trains or buses, either. The ones we want to reach drive in cars!) Good! Hitchhike!

       58. IT'S JUST RIDICULOUS! THEY'RE JUST BARKING UP THE WRONG TREE!--OR I SHOULD SAY BARKING DOWN THE WRONG ROOTS, DOWN AT THE BOTTOM! Where did they get that idea anyhow? They certainly didn't get it from me! (Maria: That's happening in South America too, they're going to the elementary schools. To be honest, I don't recall hearing for a long long time of any Universities that have been hit. Maybe so, maybe some have been, but I haven't heard of any.)

       59. DID YOU KNOW THAT THIS WAS A COMMON COMPLAINT IN THE CHRISTIAN MISSIONARY ALLIANCE? I heard missionaries come back from the field & others who were with the Soul Clinic who said, "You know what? Our people get out there & they themselves are not as well-educated or as well-off as some of those University students, so they feel inferior, they don't feel like they are their peers intellectually or socially & they are shy about witnessing to the upper classes & the intelligentsia, people who even know the English language. And because they can't yet speak their language fluently they're embarrassed about it & feel inferior." But the people themselves, the intellectuals, can understand English very well & speak it almost as much as their own! So they said, "Our missionaries have gone instead to the peons & the poor & that's all they're winning!"--Not the upper classes that could support'm!

       60. THEREFORE THEY'RE NOT WINNING LABOUR LEADERS & PEOPLE WHO CAN REALLY BECOME REAL DISCIPLES & LEADERS, they're not winning people who can support them as these upper-classes & rich can do. Oh yes, they're getting more decisions, they're winning more souls, they're getting numbers, but where are they? What are they doing? They've gone back to picking rice in the rice fields! They've gone back to peons growing tomatoes out in the garden! They've gone back to nothing out there in the cornfield, because they haven't got time to preach the Gospel. They've got to spend all their time just earning a living feeding themselves!

       61. IT SEEMS TO HAPPEN IN EVERY DENOMINATION THAT THE MISSIONARIES GRADUALLY BEGIN TO GRAVITATE DOWN TO THE LOWER LEVEL, lower strata, because with them they can feel superior, with them they can feel like they can tell'm what to do & they can preach to them & they'll listen, instead of trying to shoot higher. They're not aiming high enough, their aim is too low. They're not aiming for big game, they're shooting for the little game down on the lower level, the easiest ones to get that there's the most of, instead of shooting for the big game, the higher-ups that could really do them some good & who could really do some good!

       62. (MARIA: JUST THINK BACK OVER THE VIDEOS WE'VE SEEN, WHERE HAVE THE WITNESSING SHOTS BEEN? None of them have been at colleges & few have been at high schools either. They've been out in the parks, the train stations, downtown.) Mostly children's schools, Orphanages & Old Folks' homes! Is it an inferiority complex they have because they don't feel like they're equal to the upper classes & the intelligentsia &the educated & the rich? (Maria: It shouldn't be, because people in these countries look up to Westerners.) Of course they do!

       63. I THINK IT'S JUST TAKING THE EASY WAY OUT! They'd rather preach to children who are simple & readily accept & believe, & old folks who are glad if anybody loves them at all, instead of going out & preaching to what really amounts to their peers, in a way, the intellectuals, the educated, the high school, college & University students, those on their own level to whom they can speak with knowledge & understand each other. (Maria: It's a lot harder to get that kind of disciples, because not only do you have to work to get'm, but then you have to really work for months to get'm in, really feed'm & really take a lot of time.) Right! But once you get'm, you've got something!

       64. LOOK WHAT JESUS DID, HE WORKED ON HIS FOR THREE-&-A-HALF YEARS BEFORE HE FIGURED THEY WERE READY TO BE ON THEIR OWN! They weren't the poorest of the poor, they weren't the ox-cart drivers! I guess if a guy even owns an ox-cart he's pretty well-off in some of these countries! They weren't the poorest of the poor, but the disciples He picked were good, strong, healthy intellectual middle-class fairly well-off guys who even owned their own businesses & boats & tax tables! Luke was a doctor. He wasn't of the original 12, but he was an important disciple, a writer, the author of his Gospel!

       65. WELL, ENOUGH SAID, I HOPE THEY GET THE POINT! If they can't get the point, Lord help them! But I see very little future in a work composed of nothing but peons & peasants in the rice paddies who can't even read & write their own language, much less English, & who will never become real flaming disciples & flaming evangelists, labour leaders, leaders of a Jesus Revolution! And they'll certainly never support you, they can't even support themselves! You'll wind up supporting them, & not only them but their families! What do you want to bet some of them are already doing it?--That they've gotten in some of these poor kids or poor girls & are already helping out their poor poverty-stricken families. Well, that's fine, that's kind, that's sweet, that's love, but it's never going to get you anywhere, it's never going to get the Kingdom anywhere or the Gospel anywhere! It's never going to reach the kind of people who are going to win the World!

       66. I HAVE A NOTION TO JUST CLOSE UP ALL THESE LOCAL LANGUAGE LIT-PICS & LOCAL LANGUAGE MUSIC SHOWS! If we would confine them to English & the English shows & English lit, they would have to go & find the people who can speak & understand English, & then they'd have to go to the kind of people that can accomplish something if they win them, they'd have to go to the Universities & the middle-class & upper-classes. They would have to! And we wouldn't be getting responses from anybody but people who can read & write English & speak it & have got something on the ball, who can become indigenous & carry on! (Maria: Look at China! When we just speak in English with our two English disciples going into China, what did they get? They got some disciples who could speak English! And then those English-speakers have won others!)

       67. YOU KNOW WHAT THEY'RE GOING TO SAY, "OH, DAD'S ONE OF THOSE UPPER-CLASS SNOBS, one of those smug intellectuals that doesn't give a damn for the poor, doesn't care for the poor peons & the rice-paddy workers & the pitiful starving millions, he just wants to win the rich that can support him!" Well, I'd like to see'm win, if not the rich, at least people who are well-off enough to support them, so I don't have to support'm & we can put our money into things that will reach others & do more good!

       68. (MARIA: EVEN WITH THE CHINESE SHOW, WE SAW THAT THERE'RE A LOT OF UPPER-CLASS CHINESE THAT ARE SPEAKING & LEARNING ENGLISH NOW. So maybe the Chinese Show & all they're putting into that isn't even necessary--except that we can't get an English-speaking show on there, so if we want the show on radio we will have to have Chinese. But in these other countries where we can get English on, I don't know why we need the other show.) Well, in English-speaking countries where the intellectuals & the middle-classes & the intelligentsia & the students nearly all speak & learn English & read it & write it, we shouldn't fiddle around with Local Language Shows, & I mean by that India & the Philippines & a few places like that! Especially where the local language is not the only language spoken but they do speak English!

       69. IN THE LATIN AMERICAN COUNTRIES, FINE, HERE'S ONE LANGUAGE, SPANISH, AN EASY LANGUAGE TO LEARN, THAT CAN BE SPOKEN IN SCORES OF COUNTRIES THROUGHOUT THE WORLD ON THREE CONTINENTS! That's a very valuable language to learn, an international language like English, spoken actually in more countries than English! So there's a language worth learning, you can speak it in almost any country on about 3 different continents! That's worthwhile! But the idea of going out into a poor foreign country & learning a little local language of the poor that's only spoken in about one county, that's a terrible waste of time!--Forget it! We haven't got time!

       70. WELL, I'VE GOT A NOTION TO PUT IT UP TO THEM LIKE I DID TO THE NITWITS! "Okay, if you want to go ahead & publish your paper, go ahead & publish your paper, but you're on your own. You'll have to have the faith for it & raise the money for it & you'll have to do it, I'm not going to do it!" I'm going to put my time & my personnel & my money where I think it really counts the most, take those people off those jobs & send'm out in the fields, get'm out of the barns!--Especially in countries like India & the Philippines where English is spoken nationwide by the people who really count & who could really become leaders & carry on after we're gone! I mean, if they're only winning these poorest-of-the-poor rice-paddy peons, those people aren't going to be able to carry on! When we vanish & stop feeding them the rice, they're going to go back to the paddy!

       71. (MARIA: IT'S AMAZING HOW FAST THE FAMILY'S GOTTEN OFF THE TRACK!) Well, the Devil always uses some "good reason", you know, "Oh, we've got to win everybody, we've got to win the poor, we're not becoming one, we're not reaching the millions!" Well, Jesus didn't reach millions either! He didn't even really train or gain thousands of disciples, He only had 12 He could count on, & some of them weren't very reliable! But He spent most of His time teaching them & training them & preaching most of His sermons to them & giving them most of His lessons & class hours, until by the time He was ready to leave them behind 3-1/2 years later, they were well able to carry on with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit! And they did a terrific job or we wouldn't be here today!

       72. WHY DIDN'T GOD PICK SOME POOR IGNORANT ILLITERATE PEASANT TO LEAD THIS REVOLUTION? Why did He have to pick me, a guy with an I.Q. of 176? Huh?--And a pretty good broad education! I went through a lot of colleges, spent a few months in each one! That's what you call a broad education! Like the guy said, "I went through a lot of colleges--in the front door & out the back!" But I really had an education, let me tell you, I was well-indoctrinated & well-trained & well-taught by literally hundreds of preachers, including my own parents & grandparents! And I was saturated in the Word, saturated in teaching & training & experience!

       73. GOD DIDN'T GO OUT & PICK SOME PEON OFF THE RICE PADDY OUT OF THE HEART OF INDIA OR SOMEWHERE TO DO THIS, HE PICKED SOMEBODY HE KNEW COULD DO IT & could lead a Worldwide Revolution & capture disciples in scores of countries! He didn't pick some bum off of Skid Row! I may be a bum & I may have skidded a few times, but I didn't stay there in the gutter! Whew! Oh boy! It's pitiful! They're really getting off the beam! And it's amazing, in spite of all I've told them it's the same old story! You've got to keep telling them again & again! They think if the Letter's a year old it's passe' & they don't have to live by it any more.

       74. EVERYTHING I SAID ABOUT GOING TO THE CITIES & GOING TO THE INTELLECTUALS & GOING TO THE UNIVERSITIES & going to the people who could speak your language & understand it & the ones that had the money to help support you even, everything I said about that has gone in one ear & out the other & now they're back to the peons again! How many times have I said "Go to the leaders of the country, win them & they'll lead their own people"? You can't go to every little podunk-center hicktown town-pump & little village out in the boonies & learn not only a major language but an insignificant dialect to try to win the people!--We haven't got time! It's late!

       75. GO TO THE CITIES! GO TO THE UNIVERSITIES! Get the leadership & they can win their own people! (Maria: Pray specifically for it like Kirsty did for Bert! She didn't know a word of Thai, but he spoke fluent English & was educated in the U.S. & everything!) You're going to get what you go after! You get what you ask for! (Maria: But if you ask for it, then you have to give the Lord a little cooperation by going to the places where those people are!)

       76. IF YOU ASK HIM FOR BREAD HE WON'T GIVE YOU A STONE! If you ask Him for a fish He won't give you a serpent! But also if you ask for fish He's not going to give you bread, if you ask for bread he's not going to give you fish! He'll give you what you ask for! (Mt.7:9,10) If that's as great a faith as you have, to win a few rice-paddy peasants who'll never be able to lead anything or anybody or do anything but be dependent on you, then you're not going to get anywhere! You're going to get so bogged down with dependents & people that you have to take care of instead of taking care of you, you'll never get past that village!

       77. IF YOU HAVE TIME IN YOUR SPARE TIME TO LEARN THE LOCAL LANGUAGE, OK!--If you have any spare time, I don't! And if you have enough extra money that you can spend on local language lit & local language shows & specialising in just the local language of the poor--& I don't know how many of our missionaries have that kind of money or time or energy--but if they have it for their spare time & spare energy & spare funds, well that's fine, OK, let'm go ahead.

       78. BUT FRANKLY, I DON'T SEE ANY SPARE TIME OR SPARE FUNDS OR SPARE ENERGY OR SPARE PERSONNEL TO SPARE FOR IT! So I've got a notion to close up shop on some of these Local Language Units & send them out into fields that are much more fruitful & profitable & where what they can win & train will really count! That's where we can get our International Harvesters! If we take that money right now & that personnel & invest it in sending out harvesters into the fields that already speak English, I know of at least two fields right now where we can save thousands & we'd have scores of personnel freed & liberated to do it, instead of piddling around trying to make music shows & lit in the local language! Meanwhile we can still do the other too a little bit, fine, but why not give'm a choice?

       79. IF THEY'VE GOT SUCH FAITH FOR THESE LOCAL LANGUAGE MINISTRIES, LET'M HAVE THE FAITH FOR IT! Let them raise the support for it! But let's take our funds & our personnel & let's give'm a choice: "We'll support you if you'll go out in a profitable fruitful ministry that really counts amongst the people that really count & follow-up the English-language shows & the English-language lit & follow-up the hot leads, contacts & response we're getting from them! Fine, we'll support you, but we can't support both!" Amen? (Maria: Amen! I agree!) PTL!

       80. LORD BLESS'M & HELP'M TO GET THE POINT! We haven't got enough personnel, manpower or funds to do everything, we've got to specialise in what counts, which will accomplish the most & win & train the real labour leaders, real disciples that can do the job, Lord, just like we did in the beginning & like You did in the beginning! And help people to understand that we're not being smug, we're not being snobbish, we're not being exclusive, but we can only do so much & we can only support so much, Lord, so we have to do it where it counts & where it will go the furthest & accomplish the most, be the most fruitful & most profitable & eventually reach the most through the people who already know the languages & have the leadership potential to lead'm & reach'm & teach'm & spread it, in Jesus' name. Amen!

       81. IF WE DON'T SUPPORT THOSE LOCAL LANGUAGE MINISTRIES, THE PEOPLE WILL HAVE TO GO WHERE THE PEOPLE SPEAK ENGLISH, MOSTLY THE UNIVERSITIES, COLLEGES & THE INTELLECTUALS! They'll have to go where the people can read their English lit! They'll have to book the shows on stations where the people can understand English if we just don't support'm, if we take that money & put it into Harvesters instead who can go out & follow-up what we've already got!--We've already got tens of thousands of potential disciples who have responded to the English shows for years, but whom we can't even follow-up because we're paying so much money out to try to reach the local peons in the local language!

       82. LET'S SEE HOW MUCH FAITH THEY HAVE FOR IT! If that's the Lord's will, let them have the faith for it & let the Lord support it! But I'll have to support ministries that I have faith for & that I believe the Lord has given us the funds to help support!--And that's the ones where we can reach the intellectuals, the intelligentsia, the young people that Jesus reached & we reached in the early days & who really got somewhere & really accomplished something!

       83. JESUS DID IT & IT DID THE TRICK!--IT REACHED THE WHOLE WORLD! We did it & it did the trick!--It reached the whole World in English before we ever got bogged down in these local languages! But pouring all this money into those shows & Lit-Pics is not accomplishing as much as it should accomplish, that's all!

       84. C'MON! LET'S TAKE THE PERSONNEL, FUNDS & TIME & ENERGY & EQUIPMENT & GO OUT & FOLLOW UP ENGLISH-SPEAKING INTELLIGENT EDUCATED DISCIPLES we've already got out there, but who are being neglected & lost to the cause while we're spending it all on the poor rice-paddy peons who'll never be able to lead their country in a nationwide Revolution for Jesus! Let's go to those who count & can do it, even without us if that time comes!--And let's do it now before it's too late!--Amen? GBY & help you to get those who can finish the job!--Amen?--IJNA! WLY all!--Go to the leaders of tomorrow!

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