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THE WAR COMES CLOSER!       DFO 1419       28/2/83

       1. THE RUSSIANS NOW HAVE MISSILES IN SYRIA THAT CAN COVER ISRAEL & SHOOT RIGHT OUT INTO THE MEDITERRANEAN! The minute I heard that I got a flash! When I saw that picture of their range extending out there over the Eastern Mediterranean, do you know what I remembered? (James: "Ivan Ivanovitch"?) Exactly! (See No.279.) (Paul: The same Letter mentions Kissinger too, & it was on the news that Reagan is thinking of sending Kissinger to the Mideast to deal with the [EDITED: "Israelis"].) I don't know about Kissinger, but they've got the missiles now & somebody can start it!

       2. I DON'T THINK IVAN IVANOVITCH EVEN KNEW WHO FIRED THE FIRST SHOT, DID HE? Somebody shot a missile, then somebody else shot a missile & then they all started shooting back & forth between Israel & the Arabs & the U.S. Navy & that was it! There is no major war that hasn't involved Israel, it was involved in both World Wars.

       3. (MARIA: I THOUGHT YOU MIGHT WANT TO COMMENT ON WHY THE [EDITED: "AC"] MEDIA IS PLAYING UP THE MASSACRES IN INDIA.) Well, that's obvious! They're trying to show how "the Indians have massacred 2 or 3,000 people, all we massacred was a few little hundred! Look, there are other people in the World worse than us!" Well, I grant you, I'd almost say the Hindus were! They're the ones doing all the killing, those demon-possessed Hindus! They're always the ones who start it & go on rampages, absolutely Devil-possessed!

       4. THAT BUSINESS OF THEM HAVING MASSACRES IN INDIA IS AS OLD AS THE HILLS, those Hindus have been doing it for years! They get stirred up like the old Indians on the warpath & whenever they get mad at somebody they just go berserk & massacre'm! This time it happens to be the Bengalis, usually it's the Buddhists. And the dear Buddhists, they're kind of pacifists, you know, really kind of a peaceful people.

       5. ... But the poor Lebanese, especially the poor PLO, [EDITED: "have had bigger massacres proportionally"]! Let's see, how would that compare proportionately to the population? The Palestinians claim to number about four million throughout the entire World with about two million left right there around Israel & the other two million scattered all throughout the Earth. So what's 3,000 killed in the Beirut massacre to two million?--Say, one out of 800. Now that means a lot to the poor Palestinians! You've got to do this thing proportionately! If the Hindus had killed & massacred as many in India proportionately to what the [EDITED: "Israelis"] allowed to happen, they would have had to kill a million Indians! They'd have to kill quite a few more Indians to come up to Begin's standards! So Israel's really playing up the massacres over there in self-defense!

       6. SHARON IS STILL THERE & HE'S JUST AS POWERFUL AS EVER! They just relieved him of the Defense command, so now he's got all the more time to politic for premier! He's got just as much influence in the Cabinet as he ever had & he apparently tells Begin what to do nowadays. Well, you can't blame Begin too much, he's an old man & he knows he's going to kick the bucket pretty soon. He's already kicked his bucket of blood! Boy, I'd hate to face what he's going to face in Hell soon!

       7. WHEN I FIRST HEARD ABOUT THIS OIL GLUT that they've been promoting for a year now, knowing what good propagandists the [EDITED: "ACs"] are, I wouldn't put it past them for it to be a complete propaganda spiel, that they have convinced the World that it is now absolutely glutted & overflowing with oil, to bring down the price! Even if there was an oil shortage, the [EDITED: "ACs"] could convince you that there is an oil glut! I'm not kidding!

       8. I THINK THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT'S HAPPENING! THE [EDITED: "ACS"] HAVE CONVINCED THE WORLD THERE'S AN OIL GLUT! Therefore one thing it has done, it has relaxed the countries so they're not worrying much about buying oil. They used to stockpile oil & strategic materials & try to stock up a whole lot that they didn't even need, but now they're not worried about that because according to the propaganda there is supposedly an oil glut! So of course, when there is a surplus of anything, it knocks the price down, & knocking the price down is almost knocking OPEC & its reasons for existence out of existence! It's helping to destroy the power of the Arabs!


       10. THE BIG [EDITED: "AC"] BANKERS, THE BIG MONEY BOYS WERE NOT THE ONES WHO GOT WIPED OUT IN THE DEPRESSION, THEY MADE BILLIONS ON THE DEPRESSION! Because in the Depression there was this devaluation, the nosedive of the dollar & nosedive of prices which immediately made the dollar do what? Does a depression make the dollar more valuable or less valuable? (James: More valuable.) What's happening right now on the Exchanges? (James: It's more valuable.) The dollar's going up! What's going down?--Gold for one thing, oil for another. Serious commodities are going down.

       11. THE DOLLAR IS BOOMING & THE NEW YORK STOCK MARKET HAS SKYROCKETED & BOOMED THE HIGHEST IN ITS HISTORY! And do you know what happened just before Black Monday, October 1929? What condition had the Stock Market been in just before that?--It hit the highest it had ever gone! There had been a Stock Market boom, it had skyrocketed! You ought to see that movie, "The Crash of '29!" Those guys were buying stocks like mad, borrowed money to buy stocks, every nickel they could get their hands on, buying stocks on credit, anything, because the Stock Market was just skyrocketing! But then came the day of reckoning & it was all on paper!--And crashed!

       12. THEY PUT THEMSELVES OUT ON A LIMB WITH ALL THESE DEBTS & PAYMENTS THEY'D MADE, promises to pay for all these stocks they'd bought, & all of a sudden, boom, the bottom dropped out! Not only were the stocks worthless, but they couldn't pay their debts! That's why they were jumping out the windows! Just watch & see, that Stock Market boom's not going to last. It just follows the same pattern, & it's so much the same it's almost funny! I almost have to laugh every morning when I read the paper! Even tho' the news is so sad, I have to laugh because it sounds like I'm reading the paper back in the '30s! Exactly!

       13. RIGHT ALONGSIDE ALL THESE ARTICLES ON THE DEMISE OF GREAT COMPANIES & GOVERNMENTS GOING BANKRUPT ON EVERY HAND ARE THESE GREAT PROCLAMATIONS THAT "PROSPERITY IS HERE! We're having a recovery right now!" Reagan says, "Aha, it's back again, everything's fine & everybody's happy & employment is up!"--It sounds like the same old kind of story! (Maria: Everybody's buying.) Yes, everybody is buying.--And everybody's lying, is what I thought you said! The facts are that it's getting worse all the time.

       14. THE FACTS ARE BAD!--BUT THE STATEMENTS & PREDICTIONS OF GOVERNMENTS & THE PEACE PROPHETS ARE ALL ROSY! Does that remind you of anything? All you have to do is go back & read the Bible. What was going on in the last days of Israel when Israel was about on its last legs? There was only one Prophet of doom & all the others were prophesying "Peace, peace & everything's going to be better & don't worry!"--All the Devil's false peace prophets! (Jer.8:11,15)

       15. IT'S ALMOST FUNNY READING THE PAPER, IT SOUNDS SO MUCH LIKE WHEN I WAS READING THE PAPERS WHEN I WAS YOUNG. I started reading papers & making scrapbooks of articles when I was 12, 13, 14, those old news-pulp scrapbooks you bought cheap, 10 cents apiece! (Joseph: They just averted a huge collapse in Brazil too, they had to loan them another 8 billion dollars!) Yes, & Mexico has gone broke! I mean, some of the biggest companies in some of the richest countries are bankrupt. Can you imagine AEG, the biggest firm in Germany going broke, where the government had to bail them out? Can you imagine Chrysler in the U.S. going broke, where the government had to bail them out? There are so many people & companies & countries gone broke! It's ridiculous when they keep grasping at a straw in the wind like that, the straw that's in a lot of hot air out of Government mouths & a few others!

       16. THEY TRY TO STOP IT, SAYING, "PROSPERITY IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER! RECOVERY IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER! Oh my, 30% increase in new home construction & buying & a sudden increase in buying of automobiles & new homes!" Well, do you know what people do when they figure a big depression is coming & they're soon going to be out of a job & with no money coming in? If you thought like the Americans, what would you do? They don't save money over there, they buy everything on credit & everything on time, & the smart thing to do, just like I said before, if you're going to buy something, now is the time to buy it! It's not ever going to be any cheaper & it may not even be available. So that's what they're doing, they're buying their last new car, their last new home, & God knows it'll probably be the last one!

       17. BUT OF COURSE THESE POLITICIANS, THEY GRAB THE SLIGHTEST LITTLE STRAW IN THE WIND & try to say, "Look here, we've got us a straw almost an inch long, we must be gonna have a tremendous harvest this year from this little piece of straw!" It's just so ludicrous, it's ridiculous! But it's funny! All the bad news, it's so bad, but they make it sound so good, it's actually a farce! It's a laugh! (James: One-third of Detroit is out of work, they don't have food & it's like a disaster area, yet you never see that anymore & you think everybody has work in America.)

       18. EMPLOYMENT GOES UP A FEW HUNDRED OR EVEN A FEW THOUSAND--& WHO KNOWS BUT WHAT THE GOVERNMENT'S FAKING IT? I mean, they can manipulate numbers, they can manipulate stats, just like we could manipulate stats if we wanted to!--Ha! Sometimes I wish I could when things are going bad! But I figure I don't dare! If I don't tell the truth, we'll never know what's going on! So here we are. But we did recover, thank the Lord!

       19. THAT'S ANOTHER THING, IF ALL THE PEACE PROPHETS & ALL THE POLITICIANS ARE ALL PREACHING EVERYTHING'S HUNKY-DORY, EVERYTHING IS RECOVERING, EVERYTHING IS GOOD, THEN YOU KNOW THEY'VE GOT TO BE LYING! Somebody's lying, because it couldn't be that good with all these huge corporations & governments folding & going bankrupt! I mean, they're desperate to try to get money. The International Monetary Fund & the World Bank are desperately trying to rake up enough money to loan to some of these countries so they can at least meet their interest payments, because if they don't do that, things will really collapse!

       20. BECAUSE AS LONG AS THOSE BORROWERS CAN MEET THEIR INTEREST PAYMENTS TO THE BANKS--not even paying back any of the capital at all, not the money they borrowed at all, but just the little bit of interest--then the banks can keep paying their interest payments to their stockholders & depositors. They don't have the money, the banks can't pay it back, they've loaned it to those bankrupt countries. So the World Bank is desperate & has had big finance meetings.

       21. JUST A FEW OF THEM LIKE DEAR BRANDT & SCHMIDT & A FEW OTHERS HAVE BEEN HONEST ENOUGH TO TELL THE TRUTH & tell them that they're on the verge of collapse! They told them three years ago that they were going to collapse if they didn't do so-&-so, & now it's happened! So all these governments are going broke & John Doe just keeps on muddling along, he doesn't even know what the score is because nobody tells him! Who's telling them the truth? (Family: We are!) One of the few! I've been tellin'm for 20 years!

       22. SO I THINK EVERYTHING POINTS TO A FAIRLY-SOON WAR! Particularly if the Americans keep pushing those missiles for Europe, I think that they're going to precipitate it, possibly before the end of the year, except for the mercy of God! He could stall it off somehow, could cause negotiations or even the European nations themselves to rebel against those missiles. If the people just really get angry & refuse to let them in, the people themselves could give those governments a lot of trouble. The Greens are getting pretty strong in Germany, the peace movement is getting strong in England, & there are a lot of Europeans who don't want those missiles, don't even want the ones they've already got!

       23. SO IT COULD BE THAT THE PEACE MOVEMENT, THE ANTI-NUKE MOVEMENT, COULD STALL THAT THING OFF AWHILE. Two tests are going on right now. One of them is in England, which of course is further off & we don't know how strong it's going to be. But if the Labour Government gets back in again, Michael Foote is pledged to not only not take the new ones, but kick them all out! And in this coming election next month in Germany, if Kohl gets booted out & Vogel gets in, he hasn't exactly said he wouldn't, but he said it's going to be subject to reconsideration & negotiation as to whether they will take the missiles or not. In other words, he's not in favour of taking missiles.

       24. SO IF KOHL LOSES & VOGEL WINS, THAT WILL BE VERY ENCOURAGING! Vogel is like Brandt & Schmidt before him, trying to have détente with Russia & a little more peaceful attitude to try to avoid war, but Kohl is a pro-U.S. Hawk! So I think maybe we ought to pray that Vogel wins the German election & they kick Kohl out!

       25. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE GERMAN PEOPLE ARE DOING IN THIS ELECTION?--THEY ARE VOTING EITHER FOR OR AGAINST THEIR OWN DESTRUCTION! If they vote for Vogel, I think maybe God's going to have a little more mercy on them & not quite so much destruction. It might be too late already, but I'll tell you, if they vote for Kohl, they are finished! A vote for Kohl is a vote for the missiles & all the new missiles that Reagan wants to put in there. So I'd say they're voting for their own destruction. So, we shall see. I believe the Lord knows what He's doing, don't you? And He'll make sure things work out the way He knows they ought to be, the way He wants them or the way they deserve to be, so about all we can do now is do our job & pray.

       26. WE THANK THEE, LORD, THAT ALTHOUGH THE OUTLOOK SEEMS TO BE GETTING BLACKER, THE UPLOOK IS MUCH BETTER & BETTER THAN EVER, LORD! The future is just as bright as Your promises & we believe you're going to see us through--we know You're going to see us through, Lord! There wouldn't be any point in Your keeping us here till You come unless You're going to have something for us to do, & we're going to be here, some of us, till You come, Lord, & we're going to be busy doing something for You! We believe we're going to continue to be a Family until You come, & we trust we're going to be able to communicate until then--& then we'll really be together, Lord! We won't even need any communication anymore then because we'll all be with You! Bless & keep us & have Thy way!--In Jesus' name, amen.--Amen? GBAKY!

       27. P.S. THE MORE LIBERAL ANTI-NUKES, ANTI-U.S., PRO-ISRAEL LABOR PARTY HAS WON THE AUSTRALIAN ELECTION against the Conservative, pro-U.S., pro-nukes, anti-Family Party, so we hope that's good news! However, Kohl's party of Germany came out with a [DELETED] smear campaign against his liberal anti-nuke opponent Vogel, accusing Vogel of having been a member of the "Hitler Youth" as a boy, so Vogel, who was way ahead in the polls until then, immediately lost his lead over Kohl & has lost the election as a result of that [DELETED] smear! They really know how to do it! So that's bad news for the Germans!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family