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LOST OPPORTUNITIES!--Don't Give Up the Fight!       DFO 1425       28/2/83

       1. THANK YOU LORD FOR HELPING US GET OUT ALL THESE NEW LETTERS, MAKE THEM A BLESSING! Help people not to be discouraged by us talking so much about the Devil & his work. We've refrained from this, Lord, & for years we haven't said these things & published these things, but now You've put the screws on us & You've leaned on us, Lord, to get them out, that they're needed. (See GNs 25, 26, 27 & 28.) IJN, amen.

       2. WE DON'T LIKE TO TALK SO MUCH ABOUT THE NEGATIVE & THE DEVIL'S WORK, but we've almost had to in order to expose him, Lord, & to forewarn these people & forearm them against his dirty work, so we would not be ignorant of his devices, so we'll know how to pray, how to get the victory & how to keep it!

       3. SO WE ASK THEE, IN JESUS' NAME, TO ENCOURAGE US & BLESS THESE LETTERS! Make them what You want them to be, Lord. Help them to enlighten peoples' minds, not to frighten them but to enlighten them, not to make them fearful, but to keep their eyes on You, Jesus, & to know that we have power over all these things. They have no effect on us unless there's something in our lives, Lord, that leaves a little chink, a little bit of disobedience like mine which caused my trouble. A lot of disobedience to You, Lord.

       4. THERE'S NO LITTLE DISOBEDIENCE TO YOU, ANY DISOBEDIENCE IS A BIG ONE! And now we're trying to do our best to obey & get out these Letters & reveal these things to the Family, Lord, & we're expecting complete deliverance eventually. We thank You for the deliverance we've had already, in Jesus' name. PTL! Amen! TYL! Hallelujah! PYL!

       5. I GOT A LITTLE DISCOURAGED LAST NIGHT LOOKING THROUGH THESE UGLY-LOOKING LETTERS WITH ALL THESE UGLY-LOOKING MONSTERS & STUFF! I thought, "My God, I'd like to chuck the whole thing!" I told Maria last night, "Maybe we just ought to forget it all, it's such a negative subject & it's so horrific & horrible & I don't like the ugly pictures!" But how are you going to tell people these things without telling them the whole story? It's an unpleasant subject & unpleasant pictures, but I don't know what else to do. How are you going to illustrate it if you don't show'm vividly & graphically, just the facts?

       6. NOT EVERYTHING ABOUT OUR LIFE IS NECESSARILY ALL GOING TO BE PLEASANT! We have battles, we're at war, & there are some pretty ugly aspects to a war, especially your enemy, the worst enemy of all, evil spirits that try to plague us! I mean, how are you going to dress that up to make it look pleasant? How are you even going to make the pictures look pleasant? I don't know! Have you got any suggestions? You've been reading about all these horrors & monsters & terrible revelations, what kind of effect do you think it's going to have on the Family? Do you think we ought to junk it?

       7. I HAD A LITTLE ATTACK LAST NIGHT & I THOUGHT, "WELL, IT'S A POOR TESTIMONY! It looks like maybe the Lord didn't heal me after all. I'm not delivered, so maybe I might as well chuck all the Letters & forget the whole thing!" I was about to recall the whole works, but Maria kept trying to encourage me. And the one thing she got through to me on was that I know the Lord told me that He wouldn't completely deliver me until I had gotten these Letters out! She doesn't know it maybe, but the thing she said to me that had the biggest effect was: "Well, you haven't gotten them out yet!" That hit home! It's the truth!

       8. THE LORD SHOWED ME SOME TIME AGO, AS FAR BACK AS "THE TALISMAN," THAT HE WASN'T GOING TO LET ME BE COMPLETELY DELIVERED UNTIL I GOT THE WARNING MESSAGE OUT ABOUT ALL THIS, my confession & all the rest. Then I think it was about the time of "Ashraf" that I said that I thought the Lord wasn't going to do it till I told the whole story. In other words, apparently the Family needed it! Do you really think so? (Family: Amen!) You don't think it's going to have a bad effect on them?) (Family: No!)

       9. MY MOTHER REFUSED TO DEAL WITH THESE SUBJECTS, SHE SAID, "YOU SPEAK OF THE DEVIL, YOU BRING HIM UP!" It's not so good to deal with all these negative subjects & talk about the Devil's work & all that, & although she knew plenty about it, she didn't like to talk about it & she never preached much along this line. Well, maybe the hour's come!

       10. I KNOW THAT THE FAMILY NEEDS TO KNOW THAT THESE THINGS ARE VERY REAL, but I don't want these things to instil fear in your hearts or make you afraid of every little thing, to where you become animists yourselves & you're afraid of every superstitious thing, little objects & all kinds of superstitious things! (Gem: It helps us to be more on the attack & in prayer about things!)

       11. WELL, THAT'S WHAT THE LORD SEEMED TO INDICATE, TO BE FOREWARNED IS TO BE FOREARMED & TO NOT LEAVE YOURSELF OPEN TO ATTACK!--To know that the Devil is active & to keep fighting! (James: Just like the Letter "Hong Kong Goolagong" made such a revolution in the Family, praying over the mail, people really saw...) These things are real! Yes, that had a good effect! And I almost didn't put that out. I thought, "Boy, that's the craziest thing, they'll think I am nuts now for sure!" But I knew I got it from the Lord, I knew it was real. (No.980.)

       12. I THINK ONE REASON MY MOTHER DIDN'T LIKE TO ATTACK THIS SUBJECT IS FOR THE SAME REASON IT WAS A BATTLE FOR HER TO EVER GIVE HER TESTIMONY, & for the same reason that she didn't like to battle the [EDITED: "ACs"]. Because when you hit the Devil head-on, you come out & start attacking, you go over the top & start shooting & trying to invade his territory & conquer, naturally he gets mad & he gets angry! He's trying to defeat you before you even get started.

       13. I CAN SEE NOW THAT WAS PROBABLY JUST AN ATTACK OF THE DEVIL LAST NIGHT when I got so discouraged about these Letters I almost decided to junk the whole bunch! I got to thinking, "Oh, they're too negative & too much about the Devil & talking too much about all this stuff, I'd almost rather forget it!"

       14. BUT I'M QUITE SURE OF WHAT THE LORD WARNED ME ABOUT SOME TIME BACK, that I was going to have that problem as long as I didn't get that Letter out, "The Talisman" particularly. Then He gave me another warning two years later with the "Ashraf" Letter, & now it's been two years since then! This problem's been hanging fire for four years, & apparently that's the only way the Lord can kind of put the squeeze on me! Whenever He doesn't deliver you & He allows the Enemy to still plague you & to leave a thorn in your flesh for some reason, it's for a purpose, & He won't deliver you until you obey.

       15. YOU REALLY DON'T THINK IT'S GOING TO DEPRESS THEM TOO MUCH OR MAKE THEM FEARFUL? I think if they have the right attitude of mind & heart & spiritual attitude, it simply ought to put them more on their guard. (James: It reminds me a little bit of how we put out all those Letters on the [EDITED: "ACs"].) The [EDITED: "ACs"] don't like to be exposed, so naturally they get mad. Look how mad they got at Jesus when He exposed'm! The Devil doesn't like to be exposed, he gets angry, because exposure leaves him vulnerable to defeat! You can't fight an unseen unknown enemy. People are more afraid of the dark & fear of the unknown, but at least if you know who your enemy is & where he's at & what he's up to, then you can face him & fight it out!

       16. DO YOU THINK IT'S SAFER FOR THE FAMILY TO BE AWARE OF THESE THINGS, EVEN IF IT'S A VERY UNPLEASANT UGLY SUBJECT & WE'VE HAD TO SPEND SO MUCH TIME ON IT? Or would you rather just let them live on in ignorance, never having heard anything about the Talisman or anything? I don't think we've ever really discussed this subject before with the Family, have we? I can't remember any particular outstanding Letter except "Hong Kong Goolagong." That was more or less spiritual, but it was a little bit literal, about praying for the mail & things like that. "Chinese Spirits" was one of the first warnings we had, & "Demonography" about the same time. (Nos.273 & 275A.)

       17. YOU HAVE TO KIND OF WEIGH THE BITTER WITH THE SWEET, & the point is to expose the Enemy & to hit him head-on & to show exactly, in at least my own case, how the Lord has allowed the Enemy to work because of disobedience, because I didn't tell them all about that "Talisman" incident & I didn't expose it right then. Now why didn't we? Just because the Letter was so long! (Maria: 43 pages!) About the longest one we ever have published! But if we balance the good against the bad & the positive against the negative, do you think it will do more good than evil?

       18. WELL, DEAR MARIA & SALLY HAVE DUG OUT A FEW OTHER LETTERS ALONG THESE LINES & she wants me to publish them too, & I think they might be helpful. There's an old Letter about Francisco & our time in Portugal. ("Supernatural Portugal!", No.1415.) That was a real dark country spiritually, that's where we got "Lady Luck" (No.602) about the Witch of the Casino, etc. & Francisco. Sue knows a lot about him! We had that little "Horror House" dream (No.1414) about him, & then this is a sort of general discussion of him & how the Enemy works in those cases.

       19. I DON'T LIKE TALKING ABOUT THOSE THINGS! Those are the most unpleasant Letters I've ever had to read or work with & I almost get sick of them, fed up with them! I don't like to talk about the Devil & his work, but it's just almost like something you have to do! You don't like changing diapers & emptying garbage either! You don't like to deal with the Devil's dirt & his dirty work, but you just almost have to in order to expose him & reveal what he does & how he works, & to arm the Family against this sort of thing & let'm know, as in my case, that not everything is necessarily your fault & your mistakes & your sins, not even necessarily that you're being punished always, but sometimes it's just an attack of the Devil trying to defeat you, trying to discourage you, trying to make you quit & give up!

       20. MARIA KNOWS I HAVE THESE FITS OF DISCOURAGEMENT SOMETIMES AFTER AN ATTACK OF THE ENEMY, which of course is what he intended to do, to try to discourage me & make me quit & defeat what is happening! I think he's afraid of this series of Letters! I never had such a battle over any series of Letters we ever got out before! I've had quite a battle over this for some time. (Pearl: You look so much better!) PTL! I feel fine, thank the Lord!

       21. I ATE MY WHOLE DINNER YESTERDAY & ENJOYED IT & WAS GULPING IT DOWN--TILL I CAME TO THE LAST BITE! Now look how the Lord was merciful! He let me get the whole thing down & let me eat at least, but of all things, it got stuck on the next-to-the-last bite! I had one bite left in the dish. I already had it on the spoon ready to eat it. I told Maria, "Well, that's a great testimony in front of my top man here, dear Peter!" (Maria: That's exactly why the Devil did that, to discourage you from putting out the Letters!) I thought, "What a testimony that is! Here I'm testifying that the Lord's delivered me & I get socked right in the stomach, another solar plexus blow to try to stop me!"

       22. AND DEAR MARIA, SHE IS AN ANGEL! SHE ALWAYS KNOWS! SHE COMES TO THE FORE & FIGHTS & HAS THE ANSWERS! With her little childlike faith the Lord always gives her the answers! She's my Caretaker & the Lord gives her just whatever I need. She said, "It's just an attack of the Enemy & the Lord allowed it as a test to see if you'd still go ahead & obey & get out the Letters! The Devil doesn't want them out, he's trying to stop them. If you quit now & withdraw those Letters & don't publish them, that's just exactly what he wants!" And it made sense! She knew just the right thing to say! See how weak I am? It takes a little woman like that to give me the right answers & encourage me when I get discouraged. So do you think I ought to get them out? (Family: Amen!) You don't think it will depress the Family too much or discourage them or frighten them? (Family: No!)

       23. WELL, PTL! I WAS ENCOURAGED TODAY! I FEEL BETTER! It was only a momentary attack, one of the lightest ones I've had, but it was just enough to sort of make me feel bad, & it happened right in front of the boys. But I got over it right away after I went to the bathroom & prayed & the Lord delivered me! Of course the Enemy can't lay a finger on you unless the Lord lets him, so you've always got to find out why. I guess the Lord was testing me! That's what Maria said & I think she's right!

       24. THE DEVIL CAN'T ATTACK YOU UNLESS THE LORD LETS HIM, & HE ONLY LETS HIM FOR SOME REASON! The Lord was still testing me to see if I was still going to get the Letters out, even though I had them all approved already. In other words, like dear old Dr. Mitchell used to say, "The Lord lets some things happen to you to make you humble, & then He lets other things happen, tests & trials, to see if you're still humble!" I guess he wanted to see if I was still going to get those Letters out! So God bless dear Maria, she had all the right answers at 3 or 4 o'clock this morning!

       25. OH, THE DEVIL SURE LIKES TO ATTACK ME IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT WHEN IT'S THE DARKEST & I'M THE LONELIEST! He really tries to get me alone. He likes to get at me when she's asleep & she's not there to help me, in a sense. But then the Lord always wakes her up! It's just amazing! Just when the Devil is trying to get me down & really really bearing down, she'll just wake up like that for no reason, not a sound, nothing!--Just like the Lord's spoken to her, & right away she says, "What's wrong? What's the matter? Is everything OK?" And I start spilling the beans of what's the matter & she starts giving all the answers! PTL! Problem solved!

       26. SHE SAID, "WELL, YOU HAVEN'T GOTTEN THE LETTERS OUT YET! IT'S JUST THE DEVIL TRYING TO KEEP YOU FROM IT!" Do you think she's right? (Family: Amen!) Do you still want to get them out? (Family: Amen!) Well, you helped with them, so you're going to be just as much to blame as I am if they don't have the right effect! Of course, that's true of God's Word anytime. If people don't take it the right way, it doesn't have the right effect, it might even have a bad effect on them if they screw it up or misinterpret it or misunderstand it. These Letters are not intended to frighten the Family & make them fearful or worship the Devil. (Gem: Maybe the reason your Mother never dealt with these things so much was because of her congregation, the people that would hear it might not obey it. But what you've given out to the Family, because of their obedience to it, it wouldn't be something that would make them fearful.)

       27. WELL, I'LL TELL YOU, COME TO THINK OF IT, FROM THE TIME SHE REFUSED TO GO ON & FIGHT THAT FIGHT IN MIAMI, EVERYTHING BEGAN TO GO DOWN FOR HER THERE! The FBI came to her & said, "We've got the culprits! But you're going to have to be a witness, you have got to prosecute & file the charges & it's going to mean a lot of publicity, it's going to hit the newspapers, it's going to be in the headlines! You're going to be like another Amy Semple McPherson!" You saw in that movie what happened to her out there in California with all of her bad publicity & her supposed kidnapping! There was always a lot of scandal about it & her enemies were always trying to smear her--the [EDITED: "ACs"], by the way! Have you ever seen that movie about Amy Semple McPherson? The [EDITED: "ACs"] were really out to get her--& they almost did! They just almost finished her off!

       28. WELL, WHEN THEY NEARLY FINISHED US OFF IN MIAMI, MOTHER SAID, "I'M NEVER GOING TO GET IN A FIGHT LIKE THIS AGAIN!" You know, I never thought about that before! That was at the height of her ministry in Miami when the Devil was attacking the most, when she was getting attacked by the "Black Hand" & the Communists & the [EDITED: "ACs"]--& in Miami they seemed to be all one & the same in that day. The [EDITED: "ACs"] were both Communists & they were also Mafia. A strange combination, huh?

       29. THE FBI SAID, "WE'VE GOT'M! WE'VE TRACED'M & WE CAN NAIL'M, but we've got to make sure that you're going to be willing to bring charges & go to court & testify & identify your attackers. We don't want to go & get into all this scandal & everything & get involved in it unless you're going to stick with us & see it through! We don't even want to go & arrest'm & then be made fools of if you refuse to testify & you're afraid to identify'm. It's going to be a fight! It's going to be headlines! Because some of these people are bigshots here in Miami, City Councilmen, etc., who are involved. It's going to be a big fight & they're going to be out to get you even more if they can." I think they even told Dr. Koger, "It may even cost you your life, because you're fighting a big organisation!"

       30. THEY TRACED DOWN THE AUTHORS OF THE THREATENING NOTES TO [EDITED: "A PARTICULAR"] ASSOCIATION! [DELETED] The FBI said, "We've got'm! We've traced down the authors of those threatening notes [DELETED]!" It looked like somebody's name, my Mother thought it was some strange foreigner's name. [DELETED]

       31. THEY SAID,"IT REACHES INTO SOME PRETTY HIGH-UPS AROUND HERE IN MIAMI, SOME BIGSHOT[EDITED: "S"] & IMPORTANT PEOPLE! We don't want to get into it unless you're willing to fight it through & see it through. You'll be our star witness & it will be dangerous, but we've got'm & we can get'm if you'll fight with us!" Now that's what the FBI came & told her & Dr. Koger.--And she was on the run! You can read in my diary of "Teenage Secrets" (No.1365) that she was staying at the Haas's & she was staying over at Mrs. Smith's, she was staying at Shultz's. The reason for that was because the [EDITED: "ACs"] were trying to find her! They were out to get her! And do you know what she said? I was really disappointed in Mother when I heard about it.

       32. SHE SAID, "NO, I DON'T WANT ALL THAT NOTORIETY & SCANDAL LIKE AMY HAD IN LOS ANGELES! I don't want to be in the headlines, I'm tired of this fight with the [EDITED: "ACs"] & these people & all! If it's going to cost that much & I'm even risking my life to do it, I don't want to get into it, I don't want to see it through." They said, "OK, we can't push it through unless you're willing to identify them." These [EDITED: "ACs"] had kidnapped her, taken her out for a ride in their car demanding a list of the men who promised to defend her & all that.--Literally kidnapped her! That's why years later when she was in Detroit & attended Gerald L.K. Smith's meeting, they left her that note on Shultz' doorstep: "Stay away from these people unless you want to be taken for another ride!" In those days, those gangster days, do you know what that slang meant?--They took you out & shot you & dumped you!

       33. I'VE BEEN READING THIS BOOK ON AL CAPONE & it's really interesting to read the stuff that was going on when I was young, & I didn't really know what was going on behind the scenes! We had very little contact with the Underworld except through Mother & what was happening to us there, this personal contact we had with Al Capone, etc. So it's really interesting to read what was going on behind the scenes & actually happening & how we were actually related to it in a way. And I discovered something interesting that I didn't even know enough about his life to know!

       34. I THOUGHT AT FIRST IT WAS WHEN MOTHER WAS FIRST BUILDING THE TABERNACLE IN 1925 OR '26 THAT HE APPROACHED HER, but it was in 1927 or '28 when he was at the height of his power in Chicago & was looking for a place to retire & he'd just picked Miami. That's when he had bought his home there on Palm Island & that's when he heard her on the radio & came over & tried to give her the money for the sidewalk, not after he was out of prison & retired. That's when I thought it must have been, but then when I looked up the dates I saw it was impossible, it couldn't have been later--it was 1927!

       35. BUT SHE GAVE UP THE BATTLE, SHE GAVE UP THE FIGHT! She said, "I don't want to fight any more, it's costing too much & I've suffered too much already & they nearly killed me several times already. I quit! I'm going to go back to just preaching the good old Gospel. I don't want to fight with anybody, I don't like this fight business!" She said it was too much like "Amy's sensationalism," she called it. Amy relished it! She loved it! She loved to fight! She was a great big ox of a woman, 6-foot-6, a giant, & she could take it & she loved it! The more publicity, good or bad, she got, the better she liked it, the bigger the crowds! Probably the same thing would have happened to Mother in Miami & maybe she wouldn't have lost her ministry there if she'd really finished the fight!

       36. BUT NOW IT COMES TO ME, FROM THE TIME SHE REFUSED TO GO ON WITH THE BATTLE & FINISH EXPOSING THAT OUTFIT & TAKING THEM TO COURT & PROSECUTING THEM, HER WHOLE WORK & MINISTRY IN MIAMI DWINDLED DOWN TO NOTHING! And it didn't really take'm off our necks, except when she declared a truce & more or less surrendered, refused to fight'm any more, they sort of laid off. They laid off until once or twice later when she had some of those preachers like Winrod come who were still attacking the [EDITED: "ACs"] & exposing the [EDITED: "ACs"], & boy, they pitched into us again! They hadn't forgotten & they weren't any more friendly, they were just as bitter enemies as ever! But as long as we surrendered & we didn't carry the fight through & we didn't expose'm any more & we didn't attack them any more, they sort of eased up on us awhile. She gave up the battle, she gave up the fight, she didn't want to fight any more, but her ministry went down from that time on.

       37. I'M BEGINNING TO SEE NOW THAT MAYBE THE LORD WANTED HER TO REALLY FIGHT TO THE DEATH IF NECESSARY! If she'd have died a martyr, that would have been quite a testimony!--Especially if it had exposed that outfit then! Who knows? It might have delayed their plans for years if the FBI had put some of those [EDITED: "ACs"] in jail & exposed their dirty work & how they worked! It could have maybe put a stop to them for awhile or slowed'm down before they completely took over the U.S. as they have now!

       38. WELL, I HAVEN'T WANTED TO TALK ABOUT THE [EDITED: "ACS"] EITHER OR GET OUT LETTERS ON'M! When we were in Portugal I can remember pacing up & down the bedroom of that house in Cascais when the Lord showed me it was the [EDITED: "ACs"] who were behind Stern Magazine, Interviu & all those nasty articles about us. (Kills mosquito!) God damn you, you little demon of the Devil! I got you that time! Thank God! Hallelujah! Symbolic! Ha, ha! I swatted her & missed her, but I never gave up & I socked her again & got her!

       39. I COULD HAVE LAID OFF THE [EDITED: "ACS"] & NOT TOLD YOU WHAT I TOLD YOU THEN IN THOSE LETTERS ABOUT STERN MAGAZINE & INTERVIU. I fought all day to try to dictate that Letter in answer & to try to keep from saying anything about the [EDITED: "ACs"] or against the [EDITED: "ACs"], but every time I opened my mouth, out came a blast against the [EDITED: "ACs"]! I don't even remember which Letter it was. ("Interviu's 202 Lies!", No.585.) I said I'd had a real battle to try to write that Letter, & as long as I kept my mouth shut & refused to say anything about the [EDITED: "ACs"] the Lord wouldn't give me a thing, I couldn't get anything, I just couldn't write it! Every time my trap flew open, out flew the [EDITED: "ACs"]! And I finally just gave up. I went on nearly all day battling that subject!

       40. I TOLD MARIA, "I'M LIKE MY MOTHER, I DON'T WANT TO GET IN A BIG BATTLE WITH THE [EDITED: "ACS"] NOW! We've got enough problems without taking on the biggest enemies in the World, the ones that run the place! If I come out in the open & attack them & blame them for our problems, boy, are they gonna attack us!"--And they did! But I obeyed the Lord & went ahead & attacked'm & exposed'm anyhow & they didn't stop us, thank the Lord! They attacked us more bitterly than ever, we got more bad publicity than ever. [DELETED]

       41. [DELETED] They're anti-Christ because they don't accept the Lord. So they're just as much to blame because they're blind followers of blind leaders!--Jesus said so! (Mt.15:14)

       42. SO HOW ABOUT THAT! I NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT THAT TILL NOW! I THINK THE LORD MUST HAVE WANTED HER TO CARRY THAT CASE THROUGH & PUSH IT! The FBI said, "This is going to be a national scandal if you carry this through & expose these people. It's gonna rock this country! It's gonna be headlines if you expose them now, who it is that has actually been attacking you! But it's dangerous, it could cost you your life & it's gonna cost you a lot of trouble because you're gonna have to witness & go to court. But we'll give you 24-hour guards, FBI men to guard you full-time, 'cause you'll need it! Because you're attacking some pretty big important powerful people, a powerful organisation!" But she said, "No, I don't want to. I don't want to have any more trouble. I'd rather just make peace & forget it." So that's what she did! But her ministry went down from there on!

       43. I THINK MAYBE NOW THE LORD WANTED HER TO FIGHT & EXPOSE'M & MAKE IT A NATIONAL SCANDAL, & because she wouldn't & refused to, He just sort of withdrew His blessing from her ministry there. Her influence was gone, it just dwindled down to nothing. Because she gave up, they won the victory! But it didn't help her ministry any. I think a lot of other people were disappointed too. Quite a few people knew what was going on. I think Dr. Koger was disappointed, he really wanted her to fight it. I don't remember exactly what position my father took, but I think he was afraid too.

       44. WELL, I JUST COULDN'T HELP IT! DON'T GIVE ME CREDIT FOR IT! I was like Balaam in reverse. The king wanted him to curse the Jews, but every time he opened his mouth he blessed'm! (Nu.22) The Lord wanted me to curse'm, but every time I opened my mouth I tried not to & couldn't help it! You dig back & read those Letters & see if I didn't really blast'm? I think I did. Maria was even a little worried about it! On top of everything else with all the rest of our troubles, why do we have to fight the [EDITED: "ACs"] too? But I can't help it! I just can't help it, I have to do it, that's all!

       45. [DELETED] It's no new thing with me. I mean, we learned enough when I was a kid in Miami with all the trouble we had there to know what's going on, & from then on, so it's nothing new! But we have never come out quite as blatantly as we have lately. [DELETED] They hate those Protocols more than almost anything that's ever been published. That's the greatest exposé of their international conspiracy of almost anything that was ever written!

       46. (JAMES: I WAS DOING RESEARCH ONCE & I JUST HAPPENED TO NOTICE THAT IT SAID THAT HENRY FORD ACTUALLY PUBLISHED THEM ONCE, but he had so much pressure he retracted it & had to make a public apology.) Oh, I don't believe that! I can't picture Henry Ford ever making any public apology. I think that's a lie! That would suit their purpose to lie about a thing like that, because the last I ever heard of Henry Ford, he was still fighting them, he went down fighting! He still hated them & he still blasted them! Boy, they hated him! They were out to get him!

       47. SO PRAISE THE LORD ANYHOW, THAT JUST SUDDENLY CAME TO ME THAT IT WAS FROM THE TIME THAT SHE REFUSED TO CARRY THE TORCH & BEAR THE BANNER & FIGHT THE FRAY & go into all-out war with them, it just seemed like her ministry collapsed from then on. And we finally had to get out of Miami anyhow, it didn't help any to stop fighting them, they kept fighting us anyway. But it was all the Lord & the Lord allowed that. If she wasn't going to go ahead & really perform what He wanted her to do in Miami & hit it head-on & have an all-out fight, then the only thing left was for her to leave Miami, hit the road & go back into Evangelistic work where she really had her best ministry.--But never as great again. I think in a way, if she'd gone through that battle, it might have, in a sense, put her on the map & maybe the work there wouldn't have collapsed like it did. A lot of people were disappointed that she didn't fight it out.

       48. YOU CAN'T DO BUSINESS WITH THE DEVIL! YOU CAN'T DECLARE A TRUCE WITH SATAN & SAY, "OKAY, YOU LEAVE ME ALONE & I'LL LEAVE YOU ALONE!" The Lord doesn't approve of that at all! That's almost like animism, these guys who try to please the Devil so he won't bother them. That's what it amounted to! She gave up & as good as told the [EDITED: "ACs"], "I'll leave you alone if you leave me alone!" Well, they sort of left her alone, they didn't come out in the open attacking her any more, didn't try to kill her any more, but her ministry just went down from then on.

       49. MAYBE THAT'S ONE REASON THE LORD'S BLESSED US, WE'VE COME OUT IN THE OPEN & REALLY SOCKED IT TO'M & EXPOSED'M & WE'VE BEEN FIGHTING'M & EXPOSING'M NOW FOR YEARS! They certainly don't love us any more for it, they hate us more than ever & they'd kill us, I'm sure, if they could find us, but the Lord's blessed us. We've been honest, we've been truthful, we've come out in the open & called a spade a spade [DELETED] & apparently the Lord has been pleased! We're doing better now than ever! They haven't been able to stop us. The Lord's prospered us, blessed us, increased us, enlarged our tents & lengthened our cords & strengthened them & spread us out all over the World to where we're doing more now than ever! PTL! Amen? Has it been worth it? (Family: Amen!)

       50. WE DIDN'T PULL ANY PUNCHES! One of the secretaries the other day got the wrong meaning for that! If you know anything about a prize fight, to pull your punches means you don't hit quite as hard, & in the fight racket--which is pretty crooked & ruled by the mob--they'd often pay a prize-fighter to lose a fight by pulling his punches. In other words, "Don't hit quite so hard, lose on purpose, because we're bettin' on the other guy!" That's pulling your punches. In other words, don't hit so hard, just sort of punch a little softer. But we have not pulled any punches that I know of, I think we've hit pretty hard!

       51. [DELETED] They're probably declaring like they did about Jesus after He exposed them, 'Well, now we've gotta kill Him!'" But I'm still here, thank the Lord! (Joseph: I got the verse, "When a man's ways please the Lord, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him.") (Pr.16:7) Hallelujah! Well, I can't have quite enough faith that they're going to be at peace with me, but at least that they won't be able to find me & that I can stay in one piece! Ha!

       52. WELL, THAT'S INTERESTING, I NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT THAT BEFORE, BUT THAT'S REALLY WHEN HER MINISTRY BEGAN TO DECLINE, WHEN SHE REFUSED TO FIGHT THE [EDITED: "ACS"] & EXPOSE'M! The FBI told her, "This is a big thing, these are important people behind this thing, this is going to be a battle! You've either got to see it through & be willing to risk your life & be our star witness, or we don't even want to charge'm or arrest'm or anything! You've got to see it through!" Well, we haven't arrested'm yet, but we sure have charged'm!

       53. PTL! HALLELUJAH! THANK YOU JESUS FOR SEEING US THROUGH! We've spoken the Truth, we've hit'm hard, Lord, & we have come out in the open & attacked evil as we have seen it & as You have shown us & as is obvious, & we have exposed Thy enemies! We know they don't like it, we know the Devil's angry & he has tried to attack us in various ways, but Lord, we have stayed close to Thee & You have blessed us & kept us & protected us & prospered us & made us more prolific & plentiful & fruitful than ever! You've blessed us, Lord! We know the Devil hates us & his people hate us, but they haven't been able to stop us yet. They cannot stop our rain! (No.128) TYL! You promised us that a long time ago & it's still true!--As long as we're willing to tell the Truth & enlighten the people so they won't be ignorant of the Devil's devices!--To tell the facts & expose him & his dirtywork, as we have in this series of Letters, Lord.

       54. WE KNOW THE ENEMY IS ANGRY & WE NEED TO BE ON OUR GUARD EVERY MOMENT, CLOSE TO YOU! We need to stay in Thy will, obedient & constantly dependent upon Thee, Lord, prayerful & careful & cautious & watch our security & do our best to give You all the cooperation we can. But we believe it's better, as these have agreed here tonight, that we need to enlighten the people's minds & hearts to let them know the facts & expose the Devil & his demons & their dirtywork, in Jesus' name, & let him have it with these Letters to show them how he works & how they work. And You let'm work sometimes, Lord, if we're disobedient & neglectful. You let them annoy us as Thy chastening, chastisement, to nip at our heels & scorch us a little bit to get us back in line. (See "Sheepdogs," ML #1439, GN Book 3!)

       55. SO LORD, WE'RE OBEYING YOU IN GETTING OUT THIS INFORMATION, THESE LETTERS, EXPOSING THESE THINGS & MAKING OUR CONFESSION! Just like we attacked the [EDITED: "ACs"], the anti-Christ human forces, we're attacking now the anti-Christ spiritual forces. But You have protected us in both cases & we expect You to continue to keep us & protect us, Lord, in Jesus' name. Thy Word promises, "All power is given unto Me in Heaven & in Earth" & You have given us power over these powers. Even the devils are subject unto us! (Mt.28:18; Lk.10:17) TYL! That demon had to obey when we commanded it by name! TYJ! And we know You let us go through that test last night, no doubt to see if we're going to continue to obey & finish the job! So help us to do it, Lord, in Jesus' name!

       56. HELP US NOT TO GIVE UP THE FIGHT, NOT TO GIVE UP THE BATTLE, ESPECIALLY WHEN IT GETS HOT, LORD, & the Enemy's doing his best to stop us & discourage us & depress us & cause us to quit. That's exactly what he wants us to do. He doesn't want to be exposed, he doesn't want to be attacked, he doesn't want to be revealed in all his dastardly dirtywork, he doesn't want the Family to know. We can see it now, Lord, & we recognise it as an attack of the Enemy to try to stop us & to try to keep us from finishing this job. Now help us to complete it in Jesus' name!

       57. PROTECT EVERY ONE OF US, KEEP US SAFELY FROM THE ATTACKS OF THE ENEMY! Bless the Creations Units & help them to continue the job, & help Mordy & his folks & printers & all to be able to continue their task & get these Letters out to the Family to enlighten their minds & hearts on these unpleasant subjects, that they might not be ignorant, but be wise & beware & know how to handle these situations themselves, especially in these dark countries which they're entering now, in Jesus' name.

       58. BLESS & KEEP US ALL CLOSE TO YOU, OBEDIENT, WISE AS SERPENTS, HARMLESS AS DOVES, constantly in prayer, Lord, & close to You & in obedience, in Thy will, the hallowed protected center of Thy will, Lord, doing what we know is right & what You want us to do, knowing therefore, that You will take care of us & protect us & You will take care of the consequences! PYL! Hallelujah! TYJ! In Jesus' name!

       59. IN Jesus' name, LORD, WE AGREE TOGETHER RIGHT NOW TO BIND THE FORCES OF THE ENEMY & SET US FREE & THY FORCES FREE, THE FAMILY FREE TO SERVE THEE IN SPITE OF ALL THE DEVIL TRIES TO DO! Give them great courage & great faith with this knowledge, to be able to have the tools & the proper weapons to fight, with a clear knowledge of who & what they're fighting so they will not be fighting in the dark, they'll know what they're doing & how to do it, Lord, how the Enemy works, so they'll know how to fight him & not give up, to have faith to know that You are the Victor & we cannot lose! As long as we keep fighting, it is impossible for us to lose!--Unless we give up & quit! Help us, Lord, not to give up, not to quit, but to keep fighting until we win the victory!--The final victory, Lord, the War!--In Jesus' name, amen! PTL! TYL! Amen, amen!

       60. AMEN! ARE YOU WILLING TO KEEP ON FIGHTING? PTL! WELL, IF WE KEEP FIGHTING, WE CAN'T LOSE! We do get some attacks & some tests & sometimes it may even look like seeming defeat, but that's when Jesus gets some of His greatest victories, when we refuse to quit, even when it looks like we've lost. It's happened a few times when it looked like all was lost, but out of that we won some of our biggest victories! PTL! I think sometimes the Lord just enjoys testing us to see if we'll really fight it through! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! Amen?

       61. I THINK WE WON A VICTORY TONIGHT! I almost suffered a defeat last night, that's why I wanted to come to the table with the Family tonight & denounce the dirty old Devil & get the victory! I wanted to eat another meal right in front of you & win the victory!--Even chew on that tough chapati & everything went down fine! TTL! I guess he sort of gives up when he sees you won't quit! But don't think he's given up forever by any means! Be on your guard! "On guard!" That's a good old fencing warning or challenge: "On guard!" PTL! God bless you all! Well, I'm sorry for you that I had to keep you up so late, but I really think it was important! Maybe you didn't need it, but I did! GBY!

       62. I THINK IF MOTHER HAD ENCOURAGED AL CAPONE RIGHT BACK THEN & GIVEN HIM SOMETHING TO FIGHT FOR, HE MIGHT HAVE GONE TO BAT FOR HER THERE IN MIAMI AGAINST ALL THAT OTHER OUTFIT! I mean he could have played it rough like they did, you know, & we might have had a different ending to that Miami story!--And his story too! (Maria: Yes, she could have really FFed him, huh?) I mean if she had really encouraged him, inspired him, given him something to live for, the Lord could have even healed him!

       63. JUST THINK WHAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED IF SHE HAD ACCEPTED HIS GIFT & MADE FRIENDS & GOTTEN A BURDEN FOR HIM & PRAYED FOR HIM & GOT HIM THROUGH & SAVED & HEALED! He was probably already saved, but if she'd gotten him healed & given him something to serve God for, look what a marvellous testimony it could have been!--Greater than the Horace Alderman story! (No. 993)--If she had carried it through!--Then he could have gone to bat for her there against that crowd of anti-Christ[EDITED: "s"] who were mostly a bunch of Communists!--& he hated them!

       64. I MEAN HE COULD HAVE REALLY FOUGHT FOR HER THERE! It could have been a different story instead of ending in humiliating defeat with the forces of Antichrist totally victorious! Her work went down to nothing, absolutely nothing! Well, it had accomplished a lot in the past. There were lots of souls saved & healed & all that in her past ministry. But as far as whatever she left there, the Christian Missionary Alliance took over the little handful that were left & took them out to the North side, & not even a church was left there named after her or anything, they even changed the name of The Church of The Open Door to the Northside Christian Missionary Alliance, or something like that.

       65. BUT JUST THINK IF SHE HAD WON HIM OVER & GOTTEN AL HEALED & FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT, ON-FIRE & SERVING THE LORD, WHAT A TESTIMONY THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN! (Maria: Yes, really!) It could have been all over her refusal of that cheque that from then on he went downhill too, just almost like God had rejected him! He must have been really inspired by her radio talks to come roaring over there with his bodyguards & beamingly hand her this cheque, thinking she was going to be thrilled, "Well, here's the answer to your prayers!"--& then she turns it down! (Maria: Like a slap in the face!) Of all the terrible things, I mean it must have really been a blow! He'd already had so many discouraging things happen, it could have made him cry, really! Pitiful! (Maria: Yes!)

       66. WHAT A DIFFERENT STORY IT COULD HAVE BEEN IF SHE HAD REALLY WON HIM OVER & GOTTEN HIM HEALED & INSPIRED TO SERVE THE LORD & FIGHTING FOR HER ON HER SIDE! Boy I tell you, he knew all the tricks! He could have really given them a run for their money, those God-damned anti-Christ Communist[EDITED: "s"] who were fighting us there! Well, it was one of those golden opportunities sadly lost, & "The clock of time is wound but once!" (See 1421:84.) (Tongues) (Maria: Thank You Lord. Then he wasn't on the side of the [EDITED: "ACs"]?)

       67. HE USED MAFIA-STYLE TACTICS & HE SOMETIMES WORKED WITH THE MAFIA, but he was a Neapolitan, & the Mafia strictly never takes anybody close right inside as one of them unless they are from their family of Sicily. (Maria: Really?) Yes. They've had other gangsters working with them, but they never really take them in on the inner circle, because they've got to be Sicilian family, absolutely related! They would work in cooperation & have others cooperate with them, & he did. He even sat on their council & had a delegate on the council of their international organisation, & some even lamented that he could have even become the head, the next President of the Mafia if he hadn't gotten involved in that tax deal!

       68. THE THOUGHT JUST SUDDENLY STRUCK ME, THAT'S ALL! It just suddenly struck me about that one little thing about the cheque, though it seemed so insignificant & yet it was so important, that that might have turned the whole tide, not only for his life but hers too! It could have saved his life, & what a testimony! I mean, if Al Capone had come out really wide open saved, serving God, preaching the Gospel, defending Mother & fighting with the [EDITED: "ACs"]! What a sensation that would have been! [DELETED] (See "The Al Capone Revelation", No.1421.) [DELETED]

       69. I THOUGHT HE WAS CONNECTED WITH THE MAFIA SOMEHOW BECAUSE HE WORKED WITH THEM & he did work with the Mafia sometimes, & of course he used Mafia tactics & he even helped to organise the Mafia at the end when the "Young Turks" took over & got rid of the "Moustache Petes," the oldtimers. They were getting all the mobs together, see, all the various mobs & factions & Mafia & Neapolitans & everything, they were finally getting them all together in peace treaties, organised together to cover the country, so they wouldn't fight & lose so much fighting each other. And--

       70. AL WAS THE LEADER OF THAT PEACE MOVEMENT, TO BRING PEACE AMONGST THE GANGS & THE RACKETEERS & TO GET THEM ORGANISED so they would work together & cooperate so they wouldn't fight anymore. He was right at the height of that very thing when they nailed him for taxes! I mean, the Government couldn't have caused themselves more trouble than by nailing Al Capone & putting him away when he was just bringing peace in gangland! If they'd only have let him go ahead & organise & bring peace! Because he was about the only one who could have done it, because he was not on either side, & he could have been a peacemaker & was trying to be. He had claimed he was, that if they had just let him alone, he said, "I could bring peace!--Why don't they want me to?" Instead of that, all the Government wanted was war with him, to put him away!

       71. BUT JUST THINK WHAT MOTHER COULD HAVE DONE IF SHE HAD BEFRIENDED & HELPED HIM! But see, she was at the height of her Miami career & he was at that time at the height of his power, & she was afraid to be connected with him, afraid it would spoil or besmirch her garments, like the Scribes & the Pharisees, you know, that she would be a little soiled if she had anything to do with him. But just think, that would have been one of the biggest pieces of news & greatest victories in history if she had really gotten him over on the Lord's side serving the Lord! She might have saved his life & gotten him healed & serving the Lord & everything! I mean it would have really been something!

       72. BUT JUST BECAUSE SHE DIDN'T WANT THE STIGMA OR ANY CRITICISM FOR RECEIVING THAT MONEY, SHE NOT ONLY LOST THE MONEY BUT SHE LOST HIM & HE LOST HIS LIFE & SERVICE & WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN A TESTIMONY FOR THE LORD! She also lost a friend too, who could have befriended her there with those rascals, those [EDITED: "AC"] lizards! But, praise the Lord! It's water under the bridge! But it's just one of those lost golden opportunities that we'll only know over there just how much we missed & what he missed & what she missed & what we all missed because she really didn't get him all the way through! Look what a blessing she could have been to him in those last years after he got saved & received the Lord in prison just before he was released!

       73. SHE COULD HAVE GOTTEN HIM HEALED & FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT & ON FIRE FOR THE LORD SERVING THE LORD! What a testimony, what a witness that would have been!--If she just hadn't been so damn self-conscious & conscious of the opinions & criticism of men & worried about her reputation! She was afraid of losing the respect of the people, but she went ahead & lost everything anyhow!

       74. WELL, WHO KNOWS HOW MUCH HAS BEEN LOST THROUGH SUCH NEGLECTED OR LOST OPPORTUNITIES! Well, we'll know some day!--That's probably going to be why we're going to shed a few tears the Lord is going to have to wipe away on the Other Side! (Rev.7:17) And why some are going to be ashamed, some even in contempt! We'll all have something to be ashamed for, I'm sure. I hope not too many of us are going to be in contempt, but I'm sure we'll all have a few tears to shed for the things we missed, opportunities we lost, mistakes we made. Well, praise the Lord anyhow! He's going to wipe away all those tears, & there will no longer be any sorrow or pain, so He'll make up for it all somehow! Amen? But may God help us to learn from our mistakes!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family